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  1. luckily one of them deleted me because i kept reporting all her fake news bullshit stories. i do miss her rants when she was booted off facebook for 5 days.
  2. i had a stay at home mum who lives in ashby declare herself safe and it made my blood boil! i have friends that do work in london that it told me to ask if they were safe and they replied but people marking themselves safe even though they werent there just so they can score a few points on facebook and "hope you're ok babes" makes me furious!
  3. so i guess this morning was the first sale date for tickets? only went on to check the sunderland game and been in a queue for 5 minutes!
  4. http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/live-huge-plume-of-smoke-spotted-over-leicester-city-centre/story-30217909-detail/story.html A large plume of smoke has been spotted in Leicester city centre - with the fire service confirming they have been called out to a blaze at an electricity sub-station. It isn't known when the fire broke out but it is known that it is in the Ravensbridge Drive area. Related: Your pictures of huge plume of smoke in Leicester city centre A spokesman for Leicestershire Fire and Rescue said the resulting power cut is affecting 45,000 homes in the area. We'll be publishing live updates as the incident unfolds. Read more: Fire at city electricity sub station affecting 45,000 people
  5. where the heck you read that? he is still going.
  6. how much is their high speed train from barca to madrid?
  7. barca is only £111 return....may go there and train over.
  8. rather just go the £60! if i did £140 the mrs would kill me!
  9. Madrid prices were always going to be high. Will have to wait to see what thomas cook offer.
  10. How is everyone getting there? looks like the flights are already selling out.
  11. yes they did!
  12. today is the day i make 31k off my super heinz...wishful thinking maybe but a man can dream.
  13. Vardy wont get in. predicting it now.
  14. as someone that suffers from this you have done well to speak out about it. all you can do is challenge yourself a little every day.