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  1. decided i will buy it when i can get it for below £35. sadly CEX dont have any in stock nearby for me to trade sniper elite 4 in.
  2. nothing to protest really. We should do some ranieri chants but leave it at that. If the press is to believe the players need to see that they can force the manager out of the club to stroke their ego's but cant erase the memories. And who we believe was the mastermind behind the league win.
  3. off topic but i hate collymore and everything he says! in regards to pearson. I honestly can't see them bringing him back. The owners are a proud bunch and to bring Pearson back after what his son did in Thailand i cannot see them forgiving him.
  4. This sounds like a great idea I'll see what I can do.
  5. hospitality, telemarketing, warehousing and recently aftersales.
  6. good idea but i dont know of any that let you do it from home casually is the issue.
  7. you got the joke in!
  8. Money moving on Hiddink now.
  9. ah...so they polled the mrs....
  10. mancini now as low as evens after sky saying the idea has been pitched about him but no formal approach.
  11. Thank you i will pitch it!
  12. computers are usually ok but some times it can be that bad she cant focus on a screen. when she can i usually tell her to get some of her younique stuff done.
  13. Thank you. Effected me getting to games too as we are gold members so instead of them going to waste i set up the LCFC face value ticket exchange on facebook and that has over 1400 members now so thats a win. made me think there may a twickets like website for sports fixtures. again money means i cant take that further than this idea! If im honest shes all make up, she is brilliant at it and thats why she sells younique where she can. As a bloke i didnt realise how high priced her products were until i met my sister on a lunch hour and she took me down the make up aisle! Thank you for your help. We are looking at them but she doesnt want to go back and get worse if that makes sense and have another black mark on her CV. her previous job sacked her for being ill and because she had not been there 2 years she couldn't take to tribunal. May be a cleaning service she can do to ease back in ill give her the names. thanks.
  14. and don't make the obvious joke! long story short my girlfriend is still awaiting diagnosis for a problem she has. We first thought it was labyrinthitis since she was always dizzy and then she was sent for an MRI and now we are on CT scans as she may have miniears disease. She is fine some times but at other points she is so unbelievably dizzy she cant even move without the room spinning. She likens it to being drunk constantly. She has been suffering from this since june last year and it has cost her her job so far and her only source of income is the little bit of younique make up she sells when she can. shes trying hard to make decent money out of it but you know how them pyramid things are. She is on ESA for it and awaiting a result on her appeal on PiP but we are struggling. To put it bluntly im struggling to support her, me and my daughter and keep everything ticking over. I suffer with depression and social anxiety myself and its getting me down trying to keep her head up as she is understandably getting down. I worry however if i fall ill, we are screwed as that is no income coming in at all and that gets me down. Our friends and family help where they can but she just wants something she can do to earn a bit more money. I did pitch the cam girl idea and got so many things thrown at me I am lucky to be alive! So here is my plea: If anyone has any sort of paid job/work a 23 year old housebound female can do can you please get in contact? at this point we are willing to look at anything, whether it is online, packing envelopes, calling people, anything. She just feels useless and wants to work to help us out. I await the replys of "do porn" but thought it was worth an ask of you guys since i know some of you are the salt of the earth. Also i have sent her CV into the club already......rudkin said he will call her back if there was any vacancies.......that joke fell dead.
  15. Some people are happy. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk