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  1. Owners want Mancini Ceo wants Mon Players want Pearson Stan collymore interview
  2. So Mancini just tweeted this?
  3. Vardy leading the revolt and as I type this twitter has gone mad saying Ranieri is stepping down come from inside the club. It's gathering pace quickly (it is at this point a rumour obviously)
  4. Thanks for the sarcasm, my 14 yr old daughter is amazing at it, and it even comes with an eye roll. Maybe I should have been more specific. The 6ft tall black man stood next to claudio
  5. Mods feel free to delete if needed, but does anyone recognise this guy
  6. In my mind last season was built on the back of the great escape, Ranieri came in high profile lovely chap, the players responded well to his appointment, the team picked itself week in and out. The problems started in the summer as we all know. Big contracts and not everyone got them, egos rubbing people up the wrong way. Our recruitment was awful. We all know that prior to the Great escape that Morgan and Huth were not up to task, but somehow they managed a last hoorah, but we all know that it's gone. Seeing either of them throw themselves infront of a shot which was common place last season has stopped. We stand off the ball allow crosses into the box, closing down is none existent at the moment. We lost Walsh and Kante and I believe that Walsh had a big hand in what went on tactics wise and that's why Ranieri let things play out without too much interruption at the beginning. The owners after seeing 70-80 million literally wasted in the summer are not now gonna splash the cash in the position were in. No player would want to come now if they see how negative we are. Claudio can't fix this, he's done. I reckon he's lost the players confidence.
  7. Only a few on twitter at this point so I take it with a pinch of salt, but my thinking is that the Thais can see the difference in the team the same as us and we are in a relegation battle no doubts, especially after this window. When you think how many times some thought he should go already, the owners must of thought the same at some point.
  8. A few rumours circulating that the LCFC camp is an unhappy one at the moment and that the owners want rid of Ranieri in the summer, could this be why we seem to be doing so badly this window and our huge drop in form. As I say rumour Mill only at this point. But a good point to discuss.
  9. Schmeichel Albrighton Huth Morgan Fuchs Ndidi Mendy Drinkwater Musa Chilwell Vardy I reckon this is what he's upto, Albrighton has been identified now as better on the right?
  10. What an odd topic to start ? With little or no explanation as to what you are going on about
  11. Linked with Roque Mesa Spanish midfielder in the mercury as well as Spanish sources
  12. I have seen it mentioned loads about Kante and it's bang on. How he played gave our defence confidence, they all threw themselves into tackles and blocks, held the defensive line, swarmed attacks, so far I have seen glimpses off that from Morgan, but the defensive togetherness hasn't clicked. Kante allowed drinkwater the freedom to ping balls to the flanks or straight to Vardy quickly in a counter attack, that's not happening. Remember watching them play and being proud of how tight the defence was and thinking 'they ain't getting through". I really hope Pappy gives us some stability in midfield, when he comes back. In the meantime time to drop the underperformers.
  13. Just thought I would chuck this on here, it's pretty smart, what do you reckon?
  14. I live in cowes and I know of 2 more supporters on the island so far, one I work with, the other I met in a pub opposite aldi in Newport. If I can get a pass I will be in there
  15. Ulloa for okazaki please, I reckon vardy and ulloa can unlock this