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  1. I hate the term "on his day he's unplayable" just sounds like he's suspended to me. Crap phrase.
  2. If you've had a season ticket for 3 years min you'd have 150. (50 per year to a maximum of the last 3 seasons) Guessing Jacafox has had a season ticket for the last two seasons or something.
  3. Wednesday 26th has been confirmed.
  4. Sleaford Mods album is brilliant and just got Depeche Modes new one on and it's sounding impressive too.
  5. Ain't feeling that track.
  6. We would still be in the game if that happened.
  7. Glad I don't use your bookies.
  8. Yeah there would, not every Leicester game is live on Sky
  9. I found out this news today as i streamed Sky Sports News through my kodi box.
  10. Shakespeare whoah Shakespeare whoah he came from Stratford and now we're dead good
  11. Just realised we have a Champions League game next month. After ten tickets.
  12. Id go for a few drinks near the ground and offer a member of staff in there some money to go buy them for you.
  13. We'll sing it till May! We'll sing it till May! CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND ! We'll sing it till May!
  14. That was a one off as they'd not renewed the licence yet I was led to believe.
  15. Anyone know what time the counting house is open in the morning? Been trying to ring then but no one answers.