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  1. Got to as far with the main game as ea access will let me. Story is ok so far and i am intrigued by some of whats happened. It isn't awful or amazing, just abit bland. Compared to HZD it just feels that bioware weren't that into making it. In some ways it just feels like mass effect 3.1 and something that could have come out last gen.
  2. The performance issues and talk of poor characters in reviews has me worried a little bit. Love the original games and been waiting for this for ages but sounds like i am going to be underwhelmed after spending lots of hours on HZD.
  3. There's a site of them on the way to sunfall. Just got the platinum trophy. One of the most fun and exciting games i have played in a good while.
  4. I swear alli wasn't even in the box for that dive, yet still gets a penalty.
  5. Completed the main story today, amazing! Now working on the platinum.
  6. Love reading the datapoints on this. The background story and depth to information is great. Find one on deep secrets of the earth.
  7. First time fighting a rockbreaker and its 2at the same time. ****ing bastards!
  8. Fought 2 behemoths and 2 longlegs at once earlier, that was tense. Got back onto the main story today as i was level 29 and main quest was 14. Story is amazing and same with the side quests.
  9. Well that dread will became alot worse with these things. They are huge, quiet capable of taking you out with 1 hit on some attacks.
  10. Took down my first stormbird and thunderjaw. The robot designs are so awesome.
  11. Just got sent this . Hearn just mentioned bellew going after a heavyweight world title, off his head!
  12. This was all set up from the start for 2 big pay days. May aswell just call it wwe
  13. Been enjoying horizon so much that i thought i may wait a little to pick this up but this has just made it a harder decision.
  14. If that was vardy, everyone would be saying it was a dive. Jones actually missed him with the slide but he fell into jones to get the penalty.
  15. Absolutely addicted. Played over 13 hours since it got delivered tuesday. Took on my first flying monster earlier, so much fun.