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  1. Looking at who is at CR's disposal I'm not surprised. Away from home hoping for a draw or a narrow defeat !! Foxes never quit
  2. Teamsheet looks promising. Attacking ability at least! Up the foxes
  3. Exciting line up . Looks like 5-3-2 /3-5-2 . Think its a clever idea to minimize the space in front of the central defenders. ! Up the foxes
  4. Wonderful memories
  5. Historic achivement I'm so proud !!!!
  6. Lets stay positive !! We can make history tonight, remember that this is perhaps once in a lifetime so lets enjoy it . Foxes never quit
  7. Interesting line-up. Looks promising
  8. Ready !!
  9. RIP Glenelg Fox. We did it .
  10. Foxes never quit !
  11. I totally agree, but I also remember a certain Frank McLintock back in 77-78 his failings also cost the club massive.
  12. You can tell it to Wasyl yourself, I wouldn`t !
  13. Vardy, Hammond, Was, Huth, ......................and Cambiasso