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  1. So it turns out nothing was wrong with him, it's just that no one passed him the ball...
  2. We'd still pose as much attacking threat as we do now!
  3. Not sure how to describe how I feel after today's game. We played well in the first half and apart from a couple of scary moments, were in the ascendency. Their tactic to make a mess of the pitch worked, this was actually a ground where hoofball may have worked. Wague and Benny looked pretty solid at the back and as soon as Wague went off I started getting worried. The Kapi substitution was mind boggling, he was playing well and linking midfield and attack and actually PASSING the ball to OUR OWN PLAYERS. He should have stayed on and Shinji should have made way. Mendy and King (I'm going to get slated) looked good in the first half, apart from Mendy's cross field "passes". Musa is in and out, man he could be good if he thought about what to do. Same with Demarai, I was saying it all game, and have been all season. If that lad could pass he would be amazing. Shinji was woeful, Chilwell's worst game for the club. Albrighton was shocking, waste of a sub. Vardy at least had a shot but by that point we had no one passing the ball when he game on as Kapi and Gray went off. Embarrassing substitution to be honest. Ranieri once again set up the team and then changed it from 4231 to 442 and we stopped working. He should have kept formation and swapped personnel, it was clear at half time Shinji, much as I love him, should have been taken off. Sending off was a non-issue, not sure what we were doing as Millwall hardly parked the bus when they went down to 10, and we had some good breakaways. Really worry where the next goal is coming from. If we bring on Albrighton, we need a big man, otherwise, don't bring him on. I'll be glad that I'm at work when we play Sevilla, I'll avoid the result but am worried to press play to be honest...
  4. And three fouls
  5. Millwall totally deserved it from their second half.
  6. Knew it. Stupid substitutions
  7. Kapi off, Albrighton on. Ranieri with a random sub. Foxes talk meltdown begins.... Oh, and back to 442
  8. Still look sketchy at the back. Think Zieler is a vampire, such a fear of crosses.
  9. Awful decision by Zieler and the ref.
  10. Two bookings all game. Same dude. Nice play from Kapi to get it to Musa who had a nice touch.
  11. He is either sublime or ridiculous, and often both in the space of 2 mins. His 2 goals against Everton were great. His pace and verve gets him in positions, but needs to refine his end product. Sometimes, I think he just gets too excited and tries to do too much. Symptom of not playing every week? Still think Luis Hernandez was our worst signing, maybe Mendy too. Not sure anyone was a disaster, just not a league winner. Mistake was getting squad filler for the XI that won the league, rather than quality to take us to the next level. Lots of love, you may have missed some of the posts. Taggart giving him a lot of love on Foxes Player at halftime too. The lad's looking good, finding a nice little pocket of space and linking play very nicely
  12. Wague getting stuck in to defend Zieler. #Like
  13. Definitely! Bags of potential and time to grow. Ranieri or Walsh buy?