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  1. No one's are! What a thought to start a Friday... actually based on the number of soft goals he conceded, beginning to think it is Zieler's wrists that are soft as well as his hands!
  2. Shut it you! 😘
  3. Chill out Babs, it's Friday my man! I'm in the camp of actually hoping it isn't Ake for that much. He's been decent but mainly as a left back and at 5'11 (shorter than both Fuchs and Chilwell), is he tall enough to play CB in a back 4, or has he played there enough? Don't really see us going to a back 3. Paying £18M is probably steep for him still, and I don't think we will be one of the teams to do that if he does go for that much. Just my my opinion but I don't think it's him. Hoping it is someone and soon though. End of the month is coming up quickly.
  4. Predict we'll stay up with 43 points and crap ourselves until May.
  5. Cool, thanks for the reply and detailed notes! Not sure still if he is who we really need but your 433 talk peaked my interest. Possibly that he could play with Ndidi and Drinkwater in the middle and be more of the link. Might work better than Mendy who seems to be more Drinkwater like. Ranieri sure loves his inverted wingers too. If he went for Mahrez and Ramirez either side of Vardy/Slimani, that might be interesting to have two left footers...
  6. Totally agree. If we pull off another top half finish (not looking likely) then we'll become more established. I also think we were pretty selective in signings over the summer as to not break up the team. Maybe didn't go for it enough in hindsight. Especially depth for CB (even FIFA tells you to look for a CB when you start as Leicester in career mode FFS!)
  7. Thanks for coming and sharing. Interested as an non-city fan, when you say improve us, who do you think he could / would replace? I always like another fan's perspective on our team, as we tend to have a very blinkered view of the Leicester world within our echo chamber. On the highlighted bit in bold from your quote, we already have Vardy for that! 😂 Cheers and good luck for the rest of the season.
  8. @RoyFox - do you really think Riyad is off this summer? On form he is in now, who (big) would cough up for him? Not being picky or anything but can anyone name me any effective CAMs in the Prem? I'm at work so really can't think of any who are true midfielders. Sigurdsson, Alli, and Eriksen spring to mind but none, with the exception of Alli, would work in the 442 that we have decided on, and I really think moving to 4231 would be a major shift as it would displace Vardy or Slimani, and Drinkwater, who doesn't seem as effective when more constrained or in a 3, when he he has to play a DM (as he's not a CAM for sure). How far away do peeps think we are from upheaving our formation?
  9. Pinged Geoff, and despite his top holiday, he replied, but he's not telling.... It's really down to journalistic integrity that you have to respect, and his tweet, was a Fan Geoff, rather than Reporter Geoff. Plus, they'll never tell him anything again! Looking forward to finding out either way, as if nothing happens, I'm sure he will share more on Feb 1 at least!
  10. OK, found them, and read through everything, even the southampton article that was posted earlier but I didn't grab. Read a lot of "goes missing", "dodgy agent" etc. Also read a lot of "first line of defence" and "without him Boro would be fooked" (although that's a WHOLE DIFFERENT MATTER). Really not convinced he is what we should go for, or what we need. I stand by comments I've made in other threads that we don't need a pure #10 and we certainly don't need another winger (yet, different if Riyad is off). We need a midfielder who can carry the ball and pass it, to create space and create openings, much like DD does but less statically, and reliant on THE killer pass. Before I say anything, I can't think of anyone right now. Maybe 442 is the option with DD and NDD in the middle, Riyad / (Cafu?!), and Marc / Demarai on the other, and Jamie and Slim up front. We desperately need a CB, and I think RB (cover or starter, that is better than DS, and can pass), and it will make the world of difference.
  11. No, he said that Gaston Ramirez is not in the same class as PFA Player of the Year, Riyad Mahrez.... Less said about that one, the better! (Apart from Man City game, and AFCON, Riyad!)
  12. Any links to that? I've seen him a few times in person and on tv and he's never been that much of a grafter. If you are talking about their reaction to his loan spell last season, when they were in the championship, that's a different story. Happy to be proved wrong. Maybe I've only seen him on off days!
  13. You know it
  14. Totally agree. Some of those passes to their right winger (Bernardeschi? Who has a touch a of the Mahrez's about him) we immense. If we had a centre back that could control the ball, look up and pass it, I would have an absolute lob on for the rest of the season. He's gotta defend too. Not too concerned about his age as we are not looking for Mr Right, but Mr Right now.
  15. This!! See my post above (tried to combine but it wouldn't let me...