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  1. Tears of joy watching that. What a ride the last few years have been!
  2. I think we could get in there and mess up Juve with our pace and aggression. Obviously Madrid, Barca and Bayern would be the big names but also they terrify me. Monaco blow hit and cold, as do Dortmund. Atleti, also scare me. That would be a counter attackfest and I might die of a stress induded heart attack. Juve also my second team but I reckon we could ruffle them up
  3. Bit harsh, how many is a few? What if they aren't available? The comment was that he enquired about 40, surely you enquire after some minimal scouting to see if it is worth your time to continue or not? We've all heard stories that Allardyce enquired about >100 players in Jan. That seems more scattergun to me. 40 is pretty reasonable, 3-4 per position, with first and second choices and back ups plus probably youngsters in the mix. Anyway, the one we did sign, Ndidi, seems to be doing pretty well!
  4. Actually feeling confident about this one, almost that last season feeling! Same team, keep the momentum going, the players will not want to stop after the last few games. Will be interesting to see if Shakey makes any tactical (vs personnel) changes for his first away game in charge. I don't think he will. The LFC and Sevilla games were almost like away games, with the exception that we dominated possession for the first 15-20. I think this approach will be the same on Saturday. Get into them, rattle them and build our confidence. Then settle into our counter attacking style, hopefully once we are a goal up.
  5. Repped @shen from both you and me...
  6. Amazing player and miss him so much. ? Really hope he wins the league with Chelsea and then moves on to another club in the summer. I would really laugh at that. Yeah, I'm still bitter...
  7. At least Drinky sang we are staying up rather than we are the champions. Means his mind in the right place. Love Top, with his, alright calm down lad... Shinji once again proving he is a legend
  8. Interesting watching this again, but now he's one of our players... Seems a lot more rubbish than good, whereas when we were signing him it was all "raw" and "potential"
  9. Fair enough, but I don't think we resorted to hoofing only after conceding this season, but totally agree, we stayed totally composed. Lovely to see!
  10. GERRIMIN! Definitely deserves til the end of the season. Would be interesting to see who / how he would recruit if he did keep it. Anyway, who cares about that and let's just let him get this season done first...
  11. Oh, and WORRA GOAL FROM RIYAD!!!!
  12. Not just about effort, we're playing with cohesion and keeping it on the deck. Anyway, we can we move on from what ifs now and just back Shakey and the team and enjoy the wins?
  13. Massive result. Always looked like we would win, even when 0-1 down. That's the biggest difference today. Fantastic!
  14. I did the predictor on the Merc which also has our opposition's games. Pretty good. http://m.leicestermercury.co.uk/will-leicester-city-avoid-the-drop-try-our-relegation-predictor/story-30171693-detail/story.html This is what I came up with