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  1. pm stream please - on the Ontario alert one
  2. Right, I have a spare ticket in the sponsor hospitality. You would be joining me my dad and a mate - have 4 but a mate dropped out. Need to be at the ground an hour before ko - smart casual clothes, no colours. Free food and drink but no shenanigans or I get in big trouble. Pm if interested. Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
  3. Dead & buried unless something changes. Can't see a goal yet alone a result.
  4. Pretty sure Ndidi will be gone in summer. Reckon we'll get more for him than Riyad.
  5. BBC we want to watch the live games not fvcking replays or the crowd. Why does all TV coverage do this now
  6. ??? May as well have pointed at where to put second, so slow for first...
  7. Awful. Worst thing is its starting to taint last season for me, which I thought would be impossible. I loved Shinji & Fuchs for example, now they look dog sh1t every week. As for Claudio, don't know what to say...
  8. He worked at Nissan 18 months or so ago as I got in touch & he kindly agreed to sign our Wembley programme which I posted to him. Will keep another few years then sell on eBay for a couple of grand.
  9. Ticket in home end Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
  10. OK, I have a ticket in the Sponsor area due to a drop out. I'm leaving at 5.30AM for flight - will need to meet me a couple hours before KO. PM if interested - cost me 70 euro so looking to get that back.
  11. I may have a spare ticket in the home/sponsor area for Porto away. will sell at face value - £68. Would need to be in neutral colours & not get carried away...
  12. Any idea how to check train times & book in advance? sites I've found only have odd times...
  13. Jeff bossed by Moses. Tried the knock it past and power through routine and was second best every time so gave up.
  14. glad I couldn't find a stream. still looking though