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  1. Pleased I spelt Wasilewski first time but spent ages over gunnlaugsson, and I forgot Nuge
  2. Ulloa is someone I would trust to come in and give his all and of course Kingy. You would hope that playing in a team giving their all would bring the best out of players like Gray and Amartey. In his games so far though Craigy is doing a very good Pearson impression with his subs. We can manage players fitness with clever use of subs not just rotating the starting line up. In 4 games he has failed to use the full quota of subs twice and has only subbed off Okazaki before the 70th minute. Also considering Drinkwater has an ongoing issue that needs to be managed he has played every minute under CS.
  3. This is where Craigy boy will earn his money. There is one key issue we are forgetting here, if Ranieri has been ignoring the advice of the sports science team then these players have not had the world class conditioning programme that they benefitted from in the last 2 seasons. We have had more niggly injuries this season than the last 3 combined. I suspect that Morgan was rested on their advice and Craig listened to it knowing how important they have been to our success. Drinkwater is having his fitness managed. I would be in favour of keeping the same team for the rest of the season, but I don't know if they will be able to cope physically. What we can't afford is key players breaking down at the wrong time. If that means playing Chilwell and Gray vs Sunderland Amartey and Slimani vs Stoke then go for it. I trust Craig and our Sports Science team to make the right call. They know we will need our whole unit fit and firing for both legs against Atletico to stand a chance of going through.
  4. Re: Musa and Slim whilst I wouldn't have used them as subs, I prefer Gray and Ulloa at the moment. I think we need to give them some more time. The change since Craig took over must be like them joining a new club. For everyone else it was like putting on a pair of comfy old slippers. They have had 6 months of turmoil and confusion with CR pushing them in one way and now Craig telling them to go out and play like last season. These boys weren't here last season. This season has been a mess and both have had niggly injuries and haven't benefitted from years of conditioning by our excellent sports science dept. Give them time and get behind them, they are Leicester players and all players deserve unconditional support.
  5. 2 glaring omissions there, I hang my head in shame I recall shite like Stephen Hughes ahead of Thommo and Claridge.
  6. Good shout, although not the one I was thinking of, Steve Lynex in there as well
  7. How about Steves: Guppy Walsh Agnew Corica Clemence Hughes Howard ...Dammit I had another centre back in there but I've forgotten him. Can I have Steffan Freund? And Stefan Oakes.
  8. Where's Wes Morgan?
  9. Ranieri, whether through instruction or choice or circumstance came in last season and did his best to slot into a well oiled machine. He made some changes but his main role was chief cheer leader motivating the players and getting the press and football watching public onside. This season I don't know how many things he did wrong, but the reports of him ignoring the sports science team was when I got worried. Our sports science department is one of the best in the world, we have invested a lot of money in recruiting people that know their stuff and buying the best equipment to help them. We have been held up as an example in the industry of how to get an edge by looking after the players. To start ignoring that, for whatever reason, was very worrying. You look at this season and we have had so many more nightly little injuries and longer term injuries and we have been unable to get our new recruits up to the fitness levels they need. Our summer recruits have all looked out of sorts, Slimani, Musa, Hernandez, Mendy all suffered injuries all under performed. Kaputska not physically ready yet. I don't buy that Ranieri as a specialist was no longer needed and we needed someone else. Ranieri for whatever reason, stopped doing the things that had brought us success. Only he knows why. We didn't need someone else, we didn't need a new specialist we just needed to carry on as we were.
  10. Mike Stowell, who also didn't bugger off to Hull in the middle of it.
  11. As a winner takes all stand alone game it is one of the biggest in my Leicester supporting life. You can't compare this to any league game in our title wins because we won them all with points to spare. The only league games it could compare to is relegation games like Oxford or Stoke, or final games of the season against Watford and Forest to sneak into the playoffs. Most other seasons our standing was decided before the last game. 4 season saving final games of the season, 3 league cup finals, 4 play off finals, or a CL last 16 game. I think our first league cup final was a bigger game, a chance of actually winning something for the first time in a long long time. This is very close though, to get to the QF would be incredible, look at the names already there, Barca, Dortmund, Real, Munich and the names that could be added, Atletico, Juventus, for Leicester to be in the pot with those teams is incredible, but it isn't bigger than winning a trophy, just ask Arsenal.
  12. Even if all he did last season was manager the media, then he did it perfectly he kept the pressure off the players generated this feel good factor around the club and with the fans and the players. His experience and media handling should not be underplayed. So many unfancied teams have fallen away after a great start, it is so easy to crack under the pressure. He managed the atmosphere around the club incredibly. He obviously did a lot more than that and was one vital cog in the machine along with Shakey, Walsh, the players, the fans, sports science dept, club psychologist, the owners... He was a vital cog, made even more evident by the chaos that happened when it stopped working with the other cogs. Everything else fell apart. Ranieri's tinkering in training last season may have annoyed Phillips and Shakey but may have had a positive impact on the players, kept them on their toes and maybe even taught them a few new things. Whatever anyone says about last season it all came together perfectly and everyone involved is a hero. Likewise those that are responsible for this seasons debacle should be held accountable.
  13. Mahrez talents are many, but running his bollocks isn't one of them. He was often poor last season, but the formation and style of play gave him the license and the space to produce moments of genius that won us many games. Watford last season Mahrez did nothing except score the goal to win the points. In an under performing team he will look terrible because nobody else is creating space or backing him up and if he is constantly isolated and doubled up on then he can't influence the game.
  14. We do need to address the aging centre backs issue. It would seem a good time to do that. We also need to be giving young players, like Chilwell, Gray, Kaputska more playing time or they will leave. Slimani, Mendy, Musa also deserve the chance to play in a fired up hard working team to prove themselves. I wouldn't make wholesale changes just give the squad players a chance to prove their worth to the fans and their teammates before the end of the season.
  15. Vardy in Garth Crooks team of the week interesting comments on CR: Fair play to GC