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Johnny Duncan

Full name: John Duncan
Birthdate: 14.02.1896
Birthplace: Fife
Nationality: Scotland
Honours: FA Cup runners-up: 1948-49
Other clubs as manager: None
Serving Period: 18.03.1946 - 11.10.1949
Games: 166
Wins: 58
Draws: 43
Losses: 65
  • Manager profile

    Scottish-born Duncan goes down as one of the City greats - not just for his days as a player at Filbert Street, but also for his time as manager of the Foxes.

    He could play as an inside-forward or wing-half playmaker and highlighted his talents in his debut for Lochgelly United as a teenager when he scored a hat-trick. His form for Lochgelly alerted Raith Rovers and manager Peter Hodge, who duly in-turn brought him down to Filbert Street when he became manager. John actually arrived at City alongside brother Tom, for a joint fee of £1,500.

    His first season was a good one, netting 20 goals as City missed out on promotion only on goal average. Ironically, the only match he missed in that season was the final and decisive one, where Leicester fell to defeat against Bury - it cost them promotion.

    It wasn't long before Duncan was firing City to promotion, netting 30 goals along the way. Remarkably, six of those goals came in one match when the Foxes thrashed Port Vale 7-0 on Christmas Day. His form in the blue and white was also enough to see Duncan selected for his country, winning his first Scottish cap in October 1925. He netted in that game against Wales but, frustratingly, didn't get much of a look-in after.

    In 1928 and 1929 Duncan's goals, and his creative work, saw City twice miss out on the title. But his best days as a player at Filbert Street were to come to an end due to a disagreement with the club. Duncan was keen to run a pub whilst he was still on the playing staff, something the board refused him. A loan away from the club was a possibility, but Duncan's desire to run a pub and pick his matches soon saw interest die down.

    After years of running his pub, playing Sunday League football and also setting up a City Supporters' Club in 1940, the Foxes turned to Duncan to manage the club in 1946. It went relatively well, with City playing attractive football in the tough return to peacetime football. He also led his Second Division side to their first-ever appearance at Wembley before leaving the club in 1949 after further disagreements with the board - mainly down to differences in transfer policy.

Competition Total Won Draw Lost F A Win %
League 138 47 36 55 208 221 34.06%
FA Cup 18 9 6 3 35 26 50%
League Cup 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
Europe 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
Other 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
All matches 156 56 42 58 243 247 35.9%

All matches(156)

Date Competition Opposition Result Pos Stadium
131.08.1946Division Two (old) Manchester City (H)0 - 322Filbert Street
204.09.1946Division Two (old) Birmingham City (A)0 - 422St Andrew's
307.09.1946Division Two (old) West Ham United (A)2 - 019Upton Park
412.09.1946Division Two (old) Birmingham City (H)2 - 112Filbert Street
514.09.1946Division Two (old) Sheffield Wednesday (H)3 - 515Filbert Street
619.09.1946Division Two (old) Chesterfield (H)0 - 117Filbert Street
721.09.1946Division Two (old) Fulham (A)2 - 419Craven Cottage
828.09.1946Division Two (old) Bury (H)0 - 019Filbert Street
905.10.1946Division Two (old) Luton Town (A)2 - 116Kenilworth Road
1012.10.1946Division Two (old) Plymouth Argyle (H)4 - 113Filbert Street
1119.10.1946Division Two (old) Coventry City (H)1 - 012Filbert Street
1226.10.1946Division Two (old) Nottingham Forest (A)0 - 214City Ground
1302.11.1946Division Two (old) Southampton (H)2 - 013Filbert Street
1409.11.1946Division Two (old) Newport County (A)3 - 212Somerton Park
1516.11.1946Division Two (old) Barnsley (H)6 - 010Filbert Street
1623.11.1946Division Two (old) Burnley (A)0 - 08Turf Moor
1730.11.1946Division Two (old) Tottenham Hotspur (H)1 - 18Filbert Street
1807.12.1946Division Two (old) Swansea City (A)4 - 37Vetch Field
1914.12.1946Division Two (old) Newcastle United (H)2 - 48Filbert Street
2021.12.1946Division Two (old) West Bromwich Albion (A)2 - 48The Hawthorns
2125.12.1946Division Two (old) Bradford Park Avenue (A)2 - 18Park Avenue
2226.12.1946Division Two (old) Bradford Park Avenue (H)2 - 18Filbert Street
2328.12.1946Division Two (old) Manchester City (A)0 - 18Maine Road
2404.01.1947Division Two (old) West Ham United (H)4 - 08Filbert Street
2511.01.1947FA Cup 3West Ham United (A)2 - 1-Upton Park
2618.01.1947Division Two (old) Sheffield Wednesday (A)3 - 16Hillsborough
2725.01.1947FA Cup 4Brentford (A)0 - 0-Griffin Park
2830.01.1947FA Cup 4 repBrentford (H)0 - 0-Filbert Street
2901.02.1947Division Two (old) Bury (A)3 - 25Gigg Lane
3003.02.1947FA Cup 4 rep 2Brentford (N)4 - 1-Villa Park
3108.02.1947FA Cup 5Newcastle United (A)1 - 1-St James' Park
3215.02.1947Division Two (old) Plymouth Argyle (A)0 - 46Home Park
3320.02.1947FA Cup 5 repNewcastle United (H)1 - 2-Filbert Street
3401.03.1947Division Two (old) Nottingham Forest (H)1 - 15Filbert Street
3515.03.1947Division Two (old) Newport County (H)3 - 05Filbert Street
3622.03.1947Division Two (old) Barnsley (A)0 - 16Oakwell
3704.04.1947Division Two (old) Millwall (A)0 - 17The Den
3805.04.1947Division Two (old) Tottenham Hotspur (A)1 - 28White Hart Lane
3908.04.1947Division Two (old) Millwall (H)5 - 07Filbert Street
4012.04.1947Division Two (old) Swansea City (H)0 - 17Filbert Street
4119.04.1947Division Two (old) Newcastle United (A)1 - 18St James' Park
4226.04.1947Division Two (old) West Bromwich Albion (H)1 - 18Filbert Street
4303.05.1947Division Two (old) Luton Town (H)2 - 18Filbert Street
4410.05.1947Division Two (old) Coventry City (A)1 - 29Highfield Road
4517.05.1947Division Two (old) Chesterfield (A)0 - 29Saltergate
4624.05.1947Division Two (old) Burnley (H)1 - 49Filbert Street
4726.05.1947Division Two (old) Southampton (A)1 - 19The Dell
4807.06.1947Division Two (old) Fulham (H)2 - 09Filbert Street
4923.08.1947Division Two (old) Leeds United (A)1 - 317Elland Road
5025.08.1947Division Two (old) Plymouth Argyle (H)2 - 115Filbert Street
5130.08.1947Division Two (old) Fulham (H)0 - 216Filbert Street
5203.09.1947Division Two (old) Plymouth Argyle (A)0 - 016Home Park
5306.09.1947Division Two (old) Coventry City (A)1 - 014Highfield Road
5408.09.1947Division Two (old) Luton Town (H)3 - 27Filbert Street
5513.09.1947Division Two (old) Newcastle United (H)2 - 210Filbert Street
5617.09.1947Division Two (old) Luton Town (A)1 - 213Kenilworth Road
5720.09.1947Division Two (old) Birmingham City (A)0 - 117St Andrew's
5827.09.1947Division Two (old) West Bromwich Albion (H)1 - 116Filbert Street
5904.10.1947Division Two (old) Barnsley (A)0 - 217Oakwell
6011.10.1947Division Two (old) Nottingham Forest (H)3 - 115Filbert Street
6118.10.1947Division Two (old) Bradford Park Avenue (A)2 - 011Park Avenue
6225.10.1947Division Two (old) Cardiff City (H)2 - 19Filbert Street
6301.11.1947Division Two (old) Sheffield Wednesday (A)1 - 110Hillsborough
6408.11.1947Division Two (old) Tottenham Hotspur (H)0 - 311Filbert Street
6515.11.1947Division Two (old) Millwall (A)4 - 09The Den
6622.11.1947Division Two (old) Chesterfield (H)1 - 210Filbert Street
6729.11.1947Division Two (old) West Ham United (A)1 - 110Upton Park
6806.12.1947Division Two (old) Bury (H)2 - 19Filbert Street
6913.12.1947Division Two (old) Southampton (A)1 - 310The Dell
7020.12.1947Division Two (old) Leeds United (H)2 - 010Filbert Street
7125.12.1947Division Two (old) Brentford (A)2 - 28Griffin Park
7227.12.1947Division Two (old) Brentford (H)1 - 212Filbert Street
7303.01.1948Division Two (old) Fulham (A)1 - 313Craven Cottage
7410.01.1948FA Cup 3Bury (H)1 - 0-Filbert Street
7517.01.1948Division Two (old) Coventry City (H)2 - 213Filbert Street
7624.01.1948FA Cup 4Sheffield Wednesday (H)2 - 1-Filbert Street
7731.01.1948Division Two (old) Newcastle United (A)0 - 215St James' Park
7807.02.1948FA Cup 5Tottenham Hotspur (A)2 - 5-White Hart Lane
7914.02.1948Division Two (old) West Bromwich Albion (A)3 - 114The Hawthorns
8028.02.1948Division Two (old) Nottingham Forest (A)0 - 116City Ground
8106.03.1948Division Two (old) Bradford Park Avenue (H)2 - 013Filbert Street
8213.03.1948Division Two (old) Cardiff City (A)0 - 316Ninian Park
8320.03.1948Division Two (old) Sheffield Wednesday (H)2 - 317Filbert Street
8426.03.1948Division Two (old) Doncaster Rovers (A)1 - 115Belle Vue
8527.03.1948Division Two (old) Tottenham Hotspur (A)0 - 016White Hart Lane
8629.03.1948Division Two (old) Doncaster Rovers (H)3 - 213Filbert Street
8703.04.1948Division Two (old) Millwall (H)3 - 014Filbert Street
8805.04.1948Division Two (old) Barnsley (H)4 - 19Filbert Street
8910.04.1948Division Two (old) Chesterfield (A)3 - 29Saltergate
9017.04.1948Division Two (old) West Ham United (H)1 - 311Filbert Street
9119.04.1948Division Two (old) Birmingham City (H)0 - 09Filbert Street
9224.04.1948Division Two (old) Bury (A)2 - 09Gigg Lane
9328.04.1948Division Two (old) Southampton (H)0 - 09Filbert Street
9421.08.1948Division Two (old) Leeds United (H)6 - 24Filbert Street
9526.08.1948Division Two (old) Queens Park Rangers (A)1 - 48Loftus Road
9628.08.1948Division Two (old) Coventry City (A)2 - 15Highfield Road
9730.08.1948Division Two (old) Queens Park Rangers (H)2 - 39Filbert Street
9804.09.1948Division Two (old) Sheffield Wednesday (H)2 - 29Filbert Street
9906.09.1948Division Two (old) Brentford (H)0 - 08Filbert Street
10011.09.1948Division Two (old) Lincoln City (A)0 - 215Sincil Bank
10115.09.1948Division Two (old) Brentford (A)2 - 110Griffin Park
10218.09.1948Division Two (old) Chesterfield (H)2 - 211Filbert Street
10325.09.1948Division Two (old) West Bromwich Albion (A)1 - 216The Hawthorns
10402.10.1948Division Two (old) Bury (H)3 - 211Filbert Street
10509.10.1948Division Two (old) Luton Town (A)1 - 110Kenilworth Road
10616.10.1948Division Two (old) Bradford Park Avenue (H)2 - 212Filbert Street
10723.10.1948Division Two (old) Southampton (A)0 - 614The Dell
10830.10.1948Division Two (old) Barnsley (H)1 - 114Filbert Street
10906.11.1948Division Two (old) Grimsby Town (A)0 - 118Blundell Park
11013.11.1948Division Two (old) Nottingham Forest (H)4 - 214Filbert Street
11120.11.1948Division Two (old) Fulham (A)0 - 117Craven Cottage
11227.11.1948Division Two (old) Plymouth Argyle (H)1 - 117Filbert Street
11304.12.1948Division Two (old) Blackburn Rovers (A)0 - 218Ewood Park
11411.12.1948Division Two (old) Cardiff City (H)2 - 218Filbert Street
11518.12.1948Division Two (old) Leeds United (A)1 - 318Elland Road
11625.12.1948Division Two (old) Tottenham Hotspur (H)1 - 220Filbert Street
11727.12.1948Division Two (old) Tottenham Hotspur (A)1 - 119White Hart Lane
11801.01.1949Division Two (old) Coventry City (H)3 - 119Filbert Street
11908.01.1949FA Cup 3Birmingham City (A)1 - 1-St Andrew's
12015.01.1949FA Cup 3 repBirmingham City (H)1 - 1-Filbert Street
12117.01.1949FA Cup 3 rep 2Birmingham City (A)2 - 1-St Andrew's
12222.01.1949Division Two (old) Lincoln City (H)5 - 316Filbert Street
12329.01.1949FA Cup 4Preston North End (H)2 - 0-Filbert Street
12405.02.1949Division Two (old) Chesterfield (A)1 - 117Saltergate
12512.02.1949FA Cup 5Luton Town (A)5 - 5-Kenilworth Road
12619.02.1949FA Cup 5 repLuton Town (H)5 - 3-Filbert Street
12726.02.1949FA Cup 6Brentford (A)2 - 0-Griffin Park
12805.03.1949Division Two (old) Luton Town (H)1 - 120Filbert Street
12912.03.1949Division Two (old) Bradford Park Avenue (A)3 - 320Park Avenue
13019.03.1949Division Two (old) Southampton (H)1 - 320Filbert Street
13126.03.1949FA Cup sfPortsmouth (N)3 - 1-Highbury
13202.04.1949Division Two (old) Grimsby Town (H)1 - 120Filbert Street
13306.04.1949Division Two (old) Barnsley (A)1 - 320Oakwell
13409.04.1949Division Two (old) Nottingham Forest (A)1 - 220City Ground
13511.04.1949Division Two (old) Sheffield Wednesday (A)1 - 020Hillsborough
13615.04.1949Division Two (old) West Ham United (A)1 - 420Upton Park
13716.04.1949Division Two (old) Fulham (H)0 - 320Filbert Street
13818.04.1949Division Two (old) West Ham United (H)1 - 121Filbert Street
13921.04.1949Division Two (old) Blackburn Rovers (H)3 - 120Filbert Street
14023.04.1949Division Two (old) Plymouth Argyle (A)1 - 120Home Park
14130.04.1949FA Cup fWolverhampton Wanderers (N)1 - 3-Wembley
14204.05.1949Division Two (old) Bury (A)2 - 120Gigg Lane
14305.05.1949Division Two (old) West Bromwich Albion (H)0 - 320Filbert Street
14407.05.1949Division Two (old) Cardiff City (A)1 - 119Ninian Park
14520.08.1949Division Two (old) Sheffield Wednesday (A)1 - 320Hillsborough
14624.08.1949Division Two (old) Bradford Park Avenue (A)2 - 216Park Avenue
14727.08.1949Division Two (old) Hull City (H)1 - 218Filbert Street
14829.08.1949Division Two (old) Bradford Park Avenue (H)4 - 113Filbert Street
14903.09.1949Division Two (old) Brentford (A)1 - 011Griffin Park
15010.09.1949Division Two (old) Blackburn Rovers (H)3 - 312Filbert Street
15112.09.1949Division Two (old) Chesterfield (A)0 - 113Saltergate
15217.09.1949Division Two (old) Cardiff City (A)4 - 211Ninian Park
15319.09.1949Division Two (old) Chesterfield (H)0 - 111Filbert Street
15424.09.1949Division Two (old) Tottenham Hotspur (H)1 - 213Filbert Street
15501.10.1949Division Two (old) Bury (A)0 - 318Gigg Lane
15608.10.1949Division Two (old) Luton Town (A)0 - 118Kenilworth Road

Johnny Duncan transfers in

Player Club Fee Date
Jim Dawson Polkemmet Unknown May 1946
Jim Garvey Northampton Town Unknown June 1946
Dave McCulloch Derby County Unknown July 1946
Tom Eggleston Derby County Unknown July 1946
Alf Barratt Stewart & Lloyds (Corby) Unknown September 1946
Tom McArthur Neilston Victoria Unknown January 1947
Jim Johnston Peterhead Unknown February 1947
Sandy Scott Lochgelly Albert Unknown March 1947
Bill McGregor Mossvale YMCA Unknown April 1947
Derek Hines Derby County Unknown June 1947
Jack Haines Swansea City Unknown July 1947
Eddie Moran Coltness Unknown September 1947
Tom Paterson Lochgelly Albert Unknown March 1948
Peter McKennan West Bromwich Albion Unknown March 1948
Jimmy Ayton Third Lanark £7,750 October 1948
Johnny Anderson Arthurlie Unknown December 1948
Walter Edwards Southend United Unknown December 1948
Ian McGraw Arbroath £4,200 December 1948
Ken Chisholm Leeds United £11,000 December 1948
Reg Warner Anstey Nomads Unknown April 1949
Willie Corbett Preston North End Unknown August 1949
Norman Kirkman Chesterfield £8,500 August 1949
Tom Godwin Shamrock Rovers Unknown September 1949

Johnny Duncan bought 23 players for £31,450

Johnny Duncan transfers out

Player Club Fee Date
Albert Woodvine Released Free May 1946
Arthur H Smith Released Free May 1946
Frank Sheard Southend United Unknown May 1946
Danny Liddle Mansfield Town Unknown July 1946
Frank Soo Luton Town £3,000 July 1946
Jim Campbell Walsall Unknown October 1946
Bill Towers Torquay United Unknown October 1946
Alick Grant Derby County Unknown November 1946
Dave McCulloch Bath City Unknown December 1946
Stan Mercer Accrington Stanley £750 January 1947
Eric Smith Bath City Unknown January 1947
Vernon Chapman Leyton Orient £550 July 1947
Bert Howe Notts County Unknown July 1947
John Grogan Mansfield Town Unknown September 1947
Dai Jones Mansfield Town Unknown October 1947
Joe Calvert Watford Unknown January 1948
Dennis Cheney Watford On loan January 1948
John Osborne Watford £950 January 1948
Tom Eggleston Watford Unknown January 1948
Jack Haines West Bromwich Albion Unknown March 1948
Arthur E Smith West Bromwich Albion £5,000 June 1948
Jimmy Hernon Bolton Wanderers £14,750 September 1948
Peter McKennan Brentford Unknown September 1948
Dennis Cheney Bournemouth £2,500 October 1948
Ray Iggleden Leeds United Unknown December 1948
Sep Smith Retired Unknown May 1949
Les Major Plymouth Argyle £1,800 May 1949
Walter Edwards Workington Unknown May 1949
Jim Dawson Portsmouth Free June 1949
Jimmy Harrison Aston Villa £12,000 July 1949
Bob Anderson Coalville Town Unknown August 1949

Johnny Duncan sold 31 players for £41,300
Manager 7 of 37 ordered a-z

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