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Frank Womack

Full name: Francis Womack
Birthdate: 16.09.1888
Birthplace: Stannington, Sheffield
Joined from: Grimsby Town
Nationality: England
Honours: None
Other clubs as manager: Worcester City, Torquay United, Grimsby Town (2), Notts County, Oldham Athletic
Serving Period: 12.10.1936 - 04.05.1939
Games: 123
Wins: 48
Draws: 29
Losses: 46
Competition Total Won Draw Lost F A Win %
League 116 45 28 43 177 195 38.79%
FA Cup 7 3 1 3 12 15 42.86%
League Cup 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
Europe 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
Other 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
All matches 123 48 29 46 189 210 39.02%

All matches(123)

Date Competition Opposition Result Pos Stadium
117.10.1936Division Two (old) Coventry City (H)1 - 019Filbert Street
224.10.1936Division Two (old) Doncaster Rovers (A)0 - 019Belle Vue
331.10.1936Division Two (old) Fulham (H)2 - 015Filbert Street
407.11.1936Division Two (old) Burnley (A)0 - 016Turf Moor
514.11.1936Division Two (old) Southampton (H)2 - 217Filbert Street
621.11.1936Division Two (old) Swansea City (A)3 - 111Vetch Field
728.11.1936Division Two (old) Bradford City (H)4 - 110Filbert Street
805.12.1936Division Two (old) Aston Villa (A)3 - 19Villa Park
912.12.1936Division Two (old) Chesterfield (H)3 - 17Filbert Street
1019.12.1936Division Two (old) Nottingham Forest (A)3 - 06City Ground
1125.12.1936Division Two (old) Barnsley (H)5 - 15Filbert Street
1226.12.1936Division Two (old) Blackpool (A)2 - 66Bloomfield Road
1328.12.1936Division Two (old) Barnsley (A)2 - 15Oakwell
1401.01.1937Division Two (old) Sheffield United (A)1 - 37Bramall Lane
1502.01.1937Division Two (old) Blackburn Rovers (H)1 - 06Filbert Street
1609.01.1937Division Two (old) Bury (A)1 - 04Gigg Lane
1716.01.1937FA Cup 3Bristol Rovers (A)5 - 2-Eastville Stadium
1823.01.1937Division Two (old) Plymouth Argyle (H)3 - 23Filbert Street
1930.01.1937FA Cup 4Exeter City (A)1 - 3-St James Park
2004.02.1937Division Two (old) West Ham United (H)2 - 23Filbert Street
2106.02.1937Division Two (old) Norwich City (A)2 - 13Carrow Road
2213.02.1937Division Two (old) Newcastle United (H)3 - 22Filbert Street
2325.02.1937Division Two (old) Coventry City (A)2 - 02Highfield Road
2427.02.1937Division Two (old) Doncaster Rovers (H)7 - 12Filbert Street
2506.03.1937Division Two (old) Fulham (A)0 - 22Craven Cottage
2613.03.1937Division Two (old) Burnley (H)7 - 32Filbert Street
2720.03.1937Division Two (old) Southampton (A)1 - 12The Dell
2827.03.1937Division Two (old) Swansea City (H)0 - 02Filbert Street
2929.03.1937Division Two (old) Sheffield United (H)1 - 22Filbert Street
3003.04.1937Division Two (old) Bradford City (A)2 - 12Valley Parade
3110.04.1937Division Two (old) Aston Villa (H)1 - 02Filbert Street
3217.04.1937Division Two (old) Chesterfield (A)5 - 22Saltergate
3324.04.1937Division Two (old) Nottingham Forest (H)2 - 12Filbert Street
3401.05.1937Division Two (old) Tottenham Hotspur (H)4 - 11Filbert Street
3528.08.1937Division One (old) Derby County (H)0 - 010Filbert Street
3630.08.1937Division One (old) Sunderland (H)4 - 03Filbert Street
3704.09.1937Division One (old) Manchester City (A)0 - 311Maine Road
3808.09.1937Division One (old) Sunderland (A)0 - 115Roker Park
3911.09.1937Division One (old) Arsenal (H)1 - 114Filbert Street
4015.09.1937Division One (old) Birmingham City (A)1 - 419St Andrew's
4118.09.1937Division One (old) Blackpool (A)4 - 217Bloomfield Road
4225.09.1937Division One (old) Brentford (H)0 - 119Filbert Street
4302.10.1937Division One (old) Bolton Wanderers (A)1 - 620Burnden Park
4409.10.1937Division One (old) Huddersfield Town (H)2 - 117Filbert Street
4516.10.1937Division One (old) West Bromwich Albion (H)4 - 114Filbert Street
4623.10.1937Division One (old) Liverpool (A)1 - 116Anfield
4730.10.1937Division One (old) Leeds United (H)2 - 416Filbert Street
4806.11.1937Division One (old) Portsmouth (A)1 - 118Fratton Park
4913.11.1937Division One (old) Preston North End (H)1 - 015Filbert Street
5020.11.1937Division One (old) Middlesbrough (A)2 - 416Ayresome Park
5127.11.1937Division One (old) Chelsea (H)1 - 016Filbert Street
5204.12.1937Division One (old) Grimsby Town (A)1 - 217Blundell Park
5311.12.1937Division One (old) Stoke City (H)2 - 017Filbert Street
5418.12.1937Division One (old) Charlton Athletic (A)0 - 217The Valley
5525.12.1937Division One (old) Everton (H)3 - 112Filbert Street
5627.12.1937Division One (old) Everton (A)0 - 315Goodison Park
5701.01.1938Division One (old) Derby County (A)1 - 013Baseball Ground
5808.01.1938FA Cup 3Mansfield Town (A)2 - 1-Field Mill
5915.01.1938Division One (old) Manchester City (H)1 - 414Filbert Street
6022.01.1938FA Cup 4Preston North End (A)0 - 2-Deepdale
6129.01.1938Division One (old) Blackpool (H)0 - 118Filbert Street
6202.02.1938Division One (old) Arsenal (A)1 - 318Highbury
6305.02.1938Division One (old) Brentford (A)1 - 118Griffin Park
6412.02.1938Division One (old) Bolton Wanderers (H)1 - 117Filbert Street
6519.02.1938Division One (old) Huddersfield Town (A)0 - 017Leeds Road
6626.02.1938Division One (old) West Bromwich Albion (A)3 - 113The Hawthorns
6705.03.1938Division One (old) Liverpool (H)2 - 212Filbert Street
6809.03.1938Division One (old) Preston North End (A)0 - 012Deepdale
6912.03.1938Division One (old) Leeds United (A)2 - 010Elland Road
7019.03.1938Division One (old) Portsmouth (H)3 - 311Filbert Street
7102.04.1938Division One (old) Middlesbrough (H)0 - 115Filbert Street
7209.04.1938Division One (old) Chelsea (A)1 - 416Stamford Bridge
7315.04.1938Division One (old) Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)1 - 1019Molineux
7416.04.1938Division One (old) Grimsby Town (H)1 - 017Filbert Street
7518.04.1938Division One (old) Wolverhampton Wanderers (H)1 - 115Filbert Street
7623.04.1938Division One (old) Stoke City (A)2 - 114Victoria Ground
7730.04.1938Division One (old) Charlton Athletic (H)1 - 014Filbert Street
7807.05.1938Division One (old) Birmingham City (H)1 - 416Filbert Street
7927.08.1938Division One (old) Stoke City (H)2 - 211Filbert Street
8029.08.1938Division One (old) Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)0 - 013Molineux
8103.09.1938Division One (old) Chelsea (A)0 - 317Stamford Bridge
8207.09.1938Division One (old) Birmingham City (A)1 - 221St Andrew's
8310.09.1938Division One (old) Preston North End (H)2 - 117Filbert Street
8412.09.1938Division One (old) Birmingham City (H)2 - 18Filbert Street
8517.09.1938Division One (old) Charlton Athletic (A)0 - 115The Valley
8624.09.1938Division One (old) Bolton Wanderers (H)0 - 013Filbert Street
8701.10.1938Division One (old) Leeds United (A)2 - 818Elland Road
8808.10.1938Division One (old) Liverpool (H)2 - 217Filbert Street
8915.10.1938Division One (old) Sunderland (H)0 - 218Filbert Street
9022.10.1938Division One (old) Aston Villa (A)2 - 116Villa Park
9129.10.1938Division One (old) Everton (H)3 - 012Filbert Street
9205.11.1938Division One (old) Huddersfield Town (A)0 - 213Leeds Road
9312.11.1938Division One (old) Portsmouth (H)5 - 010Filbert Street
9419.11.1938Division One (old) Arsenal (A)0 - 011Highbury
9526.11.1938Division One (old) Brentford (H)1 - 110Filbert Street
9603.12.1938Division One (old) Blackpool (A)1 - 111Bloomfield Road
9710.12.1938Division One (old) Derby County (H)2 - 313Filbert Street
9817.12.1938Division One (old) Grimsby Town (A)1 - 616Blundell Park
9924.12.1938Division One (old) Stoke City (A)0 - 119Victoria Ground
10026.12.1938Division One (old) Manchester United (A)0 - 320Old Trafford
10127.12.1938Division One (old) Manchester United (H)1 - 120Filbert Street
10231.12.1938Division One (old) Chelsea (H)3 - 216Filbert Street
10307.01.1939FA Cup 3Stoke City (H)1 - 1-Filbert Street
10411.01.1939FA Cup 3 repStoke City (A)2 - 1-Victoria Ground
10514.01.1939Division One (old) Preston North End (A)1 - 219Deepdale
10621.01.1939FA Cup 4Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)1 - 5-Molineux
10728.01.1939Division One (old) Bolton Wanderers (A)0 - 420Burnden Park
10804.02.1939Division One (old) Leeds United (H)2 - 017Filbert Street
10909.02.1939Division One (old) Charlton Athletic (H)1 - 517Filbert Street
11018.02.1939Division One (old) Sunderland (A)0 - 219Roker Park
11125.02.1939Division One (old) Aston Villa (H)1 - 119Filbert Street
11204.03.1939Division One (old) Liverpool (A)1 - 118Anfield
11308.03.1939Division One (old) Everton (A)0 - 419Goodison Park
11411.03.1939Division One (old) Huddersfield Town (H)0 - 121Filbert Street
11518.03.1939Division One (old) Portsmouth (A)1 - 021Fratton Park
11625.03.1939Division One (old) Arsenal (H)0 - 221Filbert Street
11701.04.1939Division One (old) Brentford (A)0 - 221Griffin Park
11808.04.1939Division One (old) Blackpool (H)3 - 421Filbert Street
11910.04.1939Division One (old) Middlesbrough (A)2 - 321Ayresome Park
12011.04.1939Division One (old) Middlesbrough (H)5 - 321Filbert Street
12115.04.1939Division One (old) Derby County (A)1 - 120Baseball Ground
12222.04.1939Division One (old) Grimsby Town (H)0 - 222Filbert Street
12304.05.1939Division One (old) Wolverhampton Wanderers (H)0 - 222Filbert Street

Frank Womack transfers in

Player Club Fee Date
Eric Stubbs Nottingham Forest Unknown November 1936
Jack Bowers Derby County £7,500 November 1936
Bert Davis Sunderland Unknown December 1936
Bert Howe Leicester Nomads Unknown February 1937
Maurice Reeday Accrington Stanley £900 March 1937
Matt Moralee Aston Villa Unknown November 1937
Albert Woodvine Pilkington Recreational Unknown November 1937
Stan Baines Coalville Town £125 November 1937
Arthur H Smith Bury Unknown May 1938
Mal Griffiths Arsenal Unknown September 1938
Charlie Adam Strathclyde Unknown September 1938
John Osborne Linwood Thistle Unknown September 1938

Frank Womack bought 12 players for £8,525

Frank Womack transfers out

Player Club Fee Date
Bert Davis Crystal Palace Unknown June 1937
Owen McNally Racing Club de Calais Unknown August 1937
George Ritchie Colchester United Unknown August 1937
Gene O'Callaghan Fulham Unknown October 1937
Willie Muncie Southend United Unknown May 1938
Tony Carroll Luton Town Unknown June 1938
Pat Clarke Bristol City Unknown July 1938

Frank Womack sold 7 players for £0
Manager 37 of 37 ordered a-z

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