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Peter Hodge

Full name: Peter Hodge
Birthdate: 28.06.1871
Birthplace: Leith
Joined from: Manchester City
Nationality: Scotland
Honours: None
Other clubs as manager: Raith Rovers (2), Stoke, Manchester City
Serving Period: 15.03.1932 - 31.07.1934
Games: 100
Wins: 34
Draws: 26
Losses: 40
Competition Total Won Draw Lost F A Win %
League 94 30 26 38 151 178 31.91%
FA Cup 6 4 0 2 15 11 66.67%
League Cup 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
Europe 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
Other 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
All matches 100 34 26 40 166 189 34%

All matches(100)

Date Competition Opposition Result Pos Stadium
119.03.1932Division One (old) Sheffield United (A)2 - 220Bramall Lane
225.03.1932Division One (old) Newcastle United (A)2 - 320St James' Park
326.03.1932Division One (old) Birmingham City (H)3 - 120Filbert Street
429.03.1932Division One (old) Newcastle United (H)4 - 219Filbert Street
502.04.1932Division One (old) Sunderland (A)1 - 420Roker Park
609.04.1932Division One (old) Everton (H)0 - 120Filbert Street
716.04.1932Division One (old) West Bromwich Albion (A)2 - 119The Hawthorns
823.04.1932Division One (old) Blackburn Rovers (H)1 - 019Filbert Street
930.04.1932Division One (old) Portsmouth (A)1 - 019Fratton Park
1007.05.1932Division One (old) Middlesbrough (A)1 - 119Ayresome Park
1127.08.1932Division One (old) Sheffield United (H)1 - 112Filbert Street
1229.08.1932Division One (old) Huddersfield Town (A)1 - 419Leeds Road
1303.09.1932Division One (old) Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)1 - 118Molineux
1405.09.1932Division One (old) Huddersfield Town (H)3 - 110Filbert Street
1510.09.1932Division One (old) Newcastle United (H)0 - 318Filbert Street
1617.09.1932Division One (old) Aston Villa (A)2 - 419Villa Park
1724.09.1932Division One (old) Middlesbrough (H)1 - 119Filbert Street
1801.10.1932Division One (old) Bolton Wanderers (A)0 - 521Burnden Park
1908.10.1932Division One (old) Liverpool (H)1 - 221Filbert Street
2015.10.1932Division One (old) Blackpool (A)1 - 221Bloomfield Road
2122.10.1932Division One (old) Everton (H)2 - 221Filbert Street
2229.10.1932Division One (old) Arsenal (A)2 - 822Highbury
2305.11.1932Division One (old) Sheffield Wednesday (H)0 - 021Filbert Street
2412.11.1932Division One (old) Leeds United (A)1 - 121Elland Road
2519.11.1932Division One (old) Blackburn Rovers (H)1 - 121Filbert Street
2626.11.1932Division One (old) Derby County (A)2 - 321Baseball Ground
2703.12.1932Division One (old) Manchester City (H)1 - 222Filbert Street
2810.12.1932Division One (old) Sunderland (A)1 - 222Roker Park
2917.12.1932Division One (old) Birmingham City (H)2 - 222Filbert Street
3024.12.1932Division One (old) West Bromwich Albion (A)3 - 422The Hawthorns
3126.12.1932Division One (old) Portsmouth (A)1 - 222Fratton Park
3227.12.1932Division One (old) Portsmouth (H)2 - 121Filbert Street
3331.12.1932Division One (old) Sheffield United (A)2 - 521Bramall Lane
3407.01.1933Division One (old) Wolverhampton Wanderers (H)2 - 221Filbert Street
3514.01.1933FA Cup 3Everton (H)2 - 3-Filbert Street
3621.01.1933Division One (old) Newcastle United (A)1 - 222St James' Park
3704.02.1933Division One (old) Middlesbrough (A)1 - 122Ayresome Park
3809.02.1933Division One (old) Aston Villa (H)3 - 022Filbert Street
3911.02.1933Division One (old) Bolton Wanderers (H)2 - 022Filbert Street
4018.02.1933Division One (old) Liverpool (A)2 - 121Anfield
4108.03.1933Division One (old) Everton (A)3 - 622Goodison Park
4211.03.1933Division One (old) Arsenal (H)1 - 122Filbert Street
4318.03.1933Division One (old) Sheffield Wednesday (A)1 - 422Hillsborough
4425.03.1933Division One (old) Leeds United (H)3 - 122Filbert Street
4530.03.1933Division One (old) Blackpool (H)3 - 022Filbert Street
4601.04.1933Division One (old) Blackburn Rovers (A)1 - 122Ewood Park
4708.04.1933Division One (old) Derby County (H)4 - 021Filbert Street
4814.04.1933Division One (old) Chelsea (A)1 - 421Stamford Bridge
4915.04.1933Division One (old) Manchester City (A)1 - 422Maine Road
5018.04.1933Division One (old) Chelsea (H)1 - 122Filbert Street
5122.04.1933Division One (old) Sunderland (H)4 - 221Filbert Street
5229.04.1933Division One (old) Birmingham City (A)4 - 019St Andrew's
5306.05.1933Division One (old) West Bromwich Albion (H)6 - 219Filbert Street
5426.08.1933Division One (old) Aston Villa (A)3 - 26Villa Park
5528.08.1933Division One (old) Sheffield United (H)4 - 01Filbert Street
5602.09.1933Division One (old) Manchester City (H)0 - 01Filbert Street
5704.09.1933Division One (old) Sheffield United (A)1 - 23Bramall Lane
5809.09.1933Division One (old) Tottenham Hotspur (H)1 - 311Filbert Street
5916.09.1933Division One (old) Liverpool (A)3 - 15Anfield
6023.09.1933Division One (old) Chelsea (H)1 - 13Filbert Street
6130.09.1933Division One (old) Sunderland (A)1 - 29Roker Park
6207.10.1933Division One (old) Portsmouth (H)2 - 14Filbert Street
6314.10.1933Division One (old) Huddersfield Town (A)1 - 512Leeds Road
6421.10.1933Division One (old) Arsenal (A)0 - 216Highbury
6528.10.1933Division One (old) Everton (H)3 - 111Filbert Street
6604.11.1933Division One (old) Derby County (A)1 - 214Baseball Ground
6711.11.1933Division One (old) Blackburn Rovers (H)1 - 215Filbert Street
6818.11.1933Division One (old) Newcastle United (A)1 - 116St James' Park
6925.11.1933Division One (old) Leeds United (H)2 - 216Filbert Street
7002.12.1933Division One (old) Sheffield Wednesday (A)1 - 117Hillsborough
7109.12.1933Division One (old) West Bromwich Albion (H)0 - 117Filbert Street
7223.12.1933Division One (old) Middlesbrough (H)1 - 219Filbert Street
7325.12.1933Division One (old) Stoke City (A)1 - 220Victoria Ground
7426.12.1933Division One (old) Stoke City (H)3 - 119Filbert Street
7530.12.1933Division One (old) Aston Villa (H)1 - 119Filbert Street
7606.01.1934Division One (old) Manchester City (A)1 - 119Maine Road
7713.01.1934FA Cup 3Lincoln City (H)3 - 0-Filbert Street
7820.01.1934Division One (old) Tottenham Hotspur (A)1 - 018White Hart Lane
7927.01.1934FA Cup 4Millwall (A)6 - 3-The Den
8001.02.1934Division One (old) Liverpool (H)1 - 016Filbert Street
8110.02.1934Division One (old) Sunderland (H)0 - 017Filbert Street
8217.02.1934FA Cup 5Birmingham City (A)2 - 1-St Andrew's
8321.02.1934Division One (old) Portsmouth (A)5 - 316Fratton Park
8424.02.1934Division One (old) Huddersfield Town (H)1 - 013Filbert Street
8503.03.1934FA Cup 6Preston North End (A)1 - 0-Deepdale
8608.03.1934Division One (old) Arsenal (H)4 - 112Filbert Street
8710.03.1934Division One (old) Everton (A)1 - 113Goodison Park
8817.03.1934FA Cup sfPortsmouth (N)1 - 4-St Andrew's
8924.03.1934Division One (old) Blackburn Rovers (A)0 - 314Ewood Park
9028.03.1934Division One (old) Birmingham City (A)0 - 314St Andrew's
9131.03.1934Division One (old) Newcastle United (H)3 - 214Filbert Street
9202.04.1934Division One (old) Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)1 - 114Molineux
9303.04.1934Division One (old) Wolverhampton Wanderers (H)1 - 113Filbert Street
9407.04.1934Division One (old) Leeds United (A)0 - 814Elland Road
9514.04.1934Division One (old) Sheffield Wednesday (H)2 - 014Filbert Street
9619.04.1934Division One (old) Derby County (H)2 - 011Filbert Street
9721.04.1934Division One (old) West Bromwich Albion (A)0 - 213The Hawthorns
9823.04.1934Division One (old) Chelsea (A)0 - 213Stamford Bridge
9928.04.1934Division One (old) Birmingham City (H)3 - 715Filbert Street
10005.05.1934Division One (old) Middlesbrough (A)1 - 417Ayresome Park

Peter Hodge transfers in

Player Club Fee Date
Archie Young Dunfermline Athletic Unknown April 1932
Jim Paterson Cowdenbeath Unknown May 1932
Danny Liddle East Fife Unknown May 1932
John Philp Inverkeithing Unknown May 1932
Joe Calvert Bristol Rovers Unknown May 1932
Ted Lowery East Fife Unknown May 1932
Arthur Maw Notts County Unknown July 1932
Idris Miles Yeovil Town Unknown October 1932
Sandy McLaren St Johnstone Unknown February 1933
Percy Grosvenor Evesham Town Unknown February 1933
Sandy Wood Brooklyn Wanderers Unknown February 1933
Dai Jones Leyton Orient £200 May 1933
Fred Sharman Loughborough Corinthians Unknown May 1933
Billy Frame Shawfield Juniors Unknown October 1933
John Grogan Shawfield Unknown October 1933
George Dewis Nuneaton Town £220 November 1933
Jack Liggins Hyde £780 December 1933
Archie Gardiner Heart of Midlothian Unknown February 1934
John Summers Tunbridge Wells Rangers Unknown April 1934
Pat Clarke Dundalk Unknown May 1934
Tommy Mills Leyton Orient Unknown May 1934
Billy Coutts Heart of Midlothian £950 May 1934

Peter Hodge bought 22 players for £2,150

Peter Hodge transfers out

Player Club Fee Date
Percy Richards Coventry City Free May 1932
Leslie Edwards Folkestone Unknown May 1932
Ernie Hine Huddersfield Town £4,000 May 1932
Billy Jackson Bristol Rovers Unknown May 1932
Jim McKenna Bath City Unknown May 1932
Norman Watson Notts County Unknown June 1932
Billy Findlay Watford Unknown June 1932
John Beby Ashford Town Unknown June 1932
Jim Bulling Wrexham Unknown June 1932
John Calder Falkirk Unknown August 1932
George Carr Stockport County Unknown August 1932
John Duncan Solus FC Free May 1933
Ernest Keeley Retired Unknown July 1933
Len Barry Nottingham Forest Unknown August 1933
Walter Langford Queens Park Rangers Unknown August 1933
Jim McLaren Watford Unknown October 1933
George Dumbrell Bournemouth Unknown November 1933
Reg Osborne Folkestone Unknown November 1933
John Campbell Lincoln City £1,250 December 1933
Ted Lowery Yeovil Town On loan 1934
Idris Miles Leyton Orient Unknown May 1934
John Philp Rhyl Athletic Unknown July 1934
Joe Wiggins Gillingham Unknown July 1934
Ted Lowery Torquay United Unknown July 1934

Peter Hodge sold 24 players for £5,250
Manager 13 of 37 ordered a-z

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