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Nigel Pearson

Full name: Nigel Graham Pearson
Birthdate: 21.08.1963
Birthplace: Nottingham, England
Joined from: Hull City
Nationality: England
Honours: Championship winners: 2013-14
Other clubs as manager: Carlisle United, West Bromwich Albion (caretaker), Newcastle United (caretaker (2)), Southampton, Hull City
Serving Period: 15.11.2011 - 30.06.2015
Games: 182
Wins: 85
Draws: 38
Losses: 59
  • Manager profile

    After a year-and-a-bit with Hull, and after Mandaric and Hoos left City, Pearson returned for a second stint with the club. Sven-Goran Eriksson had been sacked and City's Thai owners looked to Pearson, seemingly after failing to lure former boss Martin O'Neill back to the club. It took some negotiations with Hull for his services, but Pearson rejoined in November 2011 and promptly won his first game back in charge, a 3-0 win over Crystal Palace.

Competition Total Won Draw Lost F A Win %
League 160 73 36 51 246 182 45.63%
FA Cup 12 6 2 4 19 14 50%
League Cup 8 5 0 3 20 15 62.5%
Europe 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
Other 2 1 0 1 2 3 50%
All matches 182 85 38 59 287 214 46.7%

All matches(182)

Date Competition Opposition Result Pos Stadium
120.11.2011Championship Crystal Palace (H)3 - 09King Power Stadium
226.11.2011Championship Portsmouth (A)1 - 19Fratton Park
329.11.2011Championship Blackpool (H)2 - 06King Power Stadium
403.12.2011Championship Hull City (A)1 - 210KC Stadium
510.12.2011Championship Peterborough United (H)1 - 19King Power Stadium
617.12.2011Championship Doncaster Rovers (A)1 - 211Keepmoat Stadium
726.12.2011Championship Ipswich Town (H)1 - 112King Power Stadium
831.12.2011Championship Portsmouth (H)1 - 114King Power Stadium
902.01.2012Championship Crystal Palace (A)2 - 112Selhurst Park
1007.01.2012FA Cup 3Nottingham Forest (A)0 - 0-City Ground
1114.01.2012Championship Barnsley (H)1 - 215King Power Stadium
1217.01.2012FA Cup 3 repNottingham Forest (H)4 - 0-King Power Stadium
1323.01.2012Championship Southampton (A)2 - 013St Mary's Stadium
1428.01.2012FA Cup 4Swindon Town (H)2 - 0-King Power Stadium
1501.02.2012Championship Middlesbrough (H)2 - 213King Power Stadium
1604.02.2012Championship Brighton & Hove Albion (A)0 - 113Falmer Stadium
1711.02.2012Championship Cardiff City (H)2 - 112King Power Stadium
1814.02.2012Championship Watford (A)2 - 312Vicarage Road
1918.02.2012FA Cup 5Norwich City (A)2 - 1-Carrow Road
2023.02.2012Championship Derby County (A)1 - 012Pride Park
2103.03.2012Championship Coventry City (H)2 - 011King Power Stadium
2206.03.2012Championship Bristol City (A)2 - 311Ashton Gate
2310.03.2012Championship Reading (A)1 - 312Madejski Stadium
2414.03.2012Championship Birmingham City (H)3 - 111King Power Stadium
2518.03.2012FA Cup 6Chelsea (A)2 - 5-Stamford Bridge
2621.03.2012Championship Blackpool (A)3 - 312Bloomfield Road
2724.03.2012Championship Hull City (H)2 - 111King Power Stadium
2827.03.2012Championship Nottingham Forest (H)0 - 011King Power Stadium
2931.03.2012Championship Peterborough United (A)0 - 112London Road
3007.04.2012Championship Doncaster Rovers (H)4 - 09King Power Stadium
3109.04.2012Championship Ipswich Town (A)2 - 19Portman Road
3214.04.2012Championship Millwall (A)1 - 29The Den
3317.04.2012Championship Burnley (H)0 - 010King Power Stadium
3423.04.2012Championship West Ham United (H)1 - 210King Power Stadium
3528.04.2012Championship Leeds United (A)2 - 19Elland Road
3614.08.2012League Cup 1Torquay United (A)4 - 0-Plainmoor
3718.08.2012Championship Peterborough United (H)2 - 03King Power Stadium
3821.08.2012Championship Charlton Athletic (A)1 - 210The Valley
3925.08.2012Championship Blackburn Rovers (A)1 - 217Ewood Park
4028.08.2012League Cup 2Burton Albion (H)2 - 4-King Power Stadium
4101.09.2012Championship Blackpool (H)1 - 010King Power Stadium
4216.09.2012Championship Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)1 - 216Molineux
4319.09.2012Championship Burnley (H)2 - 110King Power Stadium
4423.09.2012Championship Hull City (H)3 - 18King Power Stadium
4529.09.2012Championship Middlesbrough (A)2 - 15Riverside Stadium
4602.10.2012Championship Huddersfield Town (A)2 - 02Galpharm Stadium
4706.10.2012Championship Bristol City (H)2 - 02King Power Stadium
4820.10.2012Championship Birmingham City (A)1 - 11St Andrew's
4923.10.2012Championship Brighton & Hove Albion (H)1 - 01King Power Stadium
5027.10.2012Championship Crystal Palace (H)1 - 22King Power Stadium
5103.11.2012Championship Watford (A)1 - 24Vicarage Road
5206.11.2012Championship Bolton Wanderers (A)0 - 05Reebok Stadium
5310.11.2012Championship Nottingham Forest (H)2 - 25King Power Stadium
5417.11.2012Championship Ipswich Town (H)6 - 05King Power Stadium
5524.11.2012Championship Sheffield Wednesday (A)2 - 03Hillsborough
5627.11.2012Championship Leeds United (A)0 - 14Elland Road
5701.12.2012Championship Derby County (H)4 - 13King Power Stadium
5808.12.2012Championship Barnsley (H)2 - 25King Power Stadium
5915.12.2012Championship Millwall (A)0 - 15The Den
6022.12.2012Championship Cardiff City (H)0 - 15King Power Stadium
6126.12.2012Championship Hull City (A)0 - 05KC Stadium
6229.12.2012Championship Burnley (A)1 - 05Turf Moor
6301.01.2013Championship Huddersfield Town (H)6 - 15King Power Stadium
6405.01.2013FA Cup 3Burton Albion (H)2 - 0-King Power Stadium
6512.01.2013Championship Bristol City (A)4 - 03Ashton Gate
6618.01.2013Championship Middlesbrough (H)1 - 02King Power Stadium
6726.01.2013FA Cup 4Huddersfield Town (A)1 - 1-Galpharm Stadium
6831.01.2013Championship Wolverhampton Wanderers (H)2 - 12King Power Stadium
6909.02.2013Championship Peterborough United (A)1 - 22London Road
7012.02.2013FA Cup 4 repHuddersfield Town (H)1 - 2-King Power Stadium
7119.02.2013Championship Charlton Athletic (H)1 - 25King Power Stadium
7223.02.2013Championship Blackpool (A)0 - 05Bloomfield Road
7326.02.2013Championship Blackburn Rovers (H)3 - 05King Power Stadium
7402.03.2013Championship Ipswich Town (A)0 - 15Portman Road
7505.03.2013Championship Leeds United (H)1 - 15King Power Stadium
7609.03.2013Championship Sheffield Wednesday (H)0 - 15King Power Stadium
7712.03.2013Championship Cardiff City (A)1 - 15Cardiff City Stadium
7816.03.2013Championship Derby County (A)1 - 26Pride Park
7929.03.2013Championship Millwall (H)0 - 17King Power Stadium
8001.04.2013Championship Barnsley (A)0 - 27Oakwell
8106.04.2013Championship Brighton & Hove Albion (A)1 - 17Falmer Stadium
8212.04.2013Championship Birmingham City (H)2 - 28King Power Stadium
8316.04.2013Championship Bolton Wanderers (H)3 - 26King Power Stadium
8420.04.2013Championship Crystal Palace (A)2 - 27Selhurst Park
8526.04.2013Championship Watford (H)1 - 28King Power Stadium
8604.05.2013Championship Nottingham Forest (A)3 - 26City Ground
8709.05.2013Championship sf leg 1Watford (H)1 - 0-King Power Stadium
8812.05.2013Championship sf leg 2Watford (A)1 - 3-Vicarage Road
8903.08.2013Championship Middlesbrough (A)2 - 15Riverside Stadium
9006.08.2013League Cup 1Wycombe Wanderers (A)2 - 1-Adams Park
9111.08.2013Championship Leeds United (H)0 - 09King Power Stadium
9217.08.2013Championship Derby County (A)1 - 06Pride Park
9324.08.2013Championship Birmingham City (H)3 - 22King Power Stadium
9427.08.2013League Cup 2Carlisle United (A)5 - 2-Brunton Park
9531.08.2013Championship Charlton Athletic (A)1 - 25The Valley
9614.09.2013Championship Wigan Athletic (H)2 - 04King Power Stadium
9717.09.2013Championship Blackburn Rovers (H)2 - 11King Power Stadium
9821.09.2013Championship Blackpool (A)2 - 23Bloomfield Road
9924.09.2013League Cup 3Derby County (H)2 - 1-King Power Stadium
10028.09.2013Championship Barnsley (H)2 - 13King Power Stadium
10101.10.2013Championship Yeovil Town (A)2 - 13Huish Park
10205.10.2013Championship Doncaster Rovers (A)0 - 13Keepmoat Stadium
10319.10.2013Championship Huddersfield Town (H)2 - 13King Power Stadium
10426.10.2013Championship Bournemouth (H)2 - 12King Power Stadium
10529.10.2013League Cup 4Fulham (H)4 - 3-King Power Stadium
10602.11.2013Championship Watford (A)3 - 02Vicarage Road
10709.11.2013Championship Nottingham Forest (H)0 - 22King Power Stadium
10823.11.2013Championship Ipswich Town (A)2 - 12Portman Road
10930.11.2013Championship Millwall (H)3 - 01King Power Stadium
11003.12.2013Championship Sheffield Wednesday (A)1 - 21Hillsborough
11107.12.2013Championship Brighton & Hove Albion (A)1 - 33Falmer Stadium
11214.12.2013Championship Burnley (H)1 - 13King Power Stadium
11317.12.2013League Cup 5Manchester City (H)1 - 3-King Power Stadium
11421.12.2013Championship Queens Park Rangers (A)1 - 03Loftus Road
11526.12.2013Championship Reading (H)1 - 01King Power Stadium
11629.12.2013Championship Bolton Wanderers (H)5 - 31King Power Stadium
11701.01.2014Championship Millwall (A)3 - 11The Den
11804.01.2014FA Cup 3Stoke City (A)1 - 2-Britannia Stadium
11910.01.2014Championship Derby County (H)4 - 11King Power Stadium
12018.01.2014Championship Leeds United (A)1 - 01Elland Road
12125.01.2014Championship Middlesbrough (H)2 - 01King Power Stadium
12228.01.2014Championship Birmingham City (A)2 - 11St Andrew's
12301.02.2014Championship Bournemouth (A)1 - 01Dean Court
12408.02.2014Championship Watford (H)2 - 21King Power Stadium
12520.02.2014Championship Nottingham Forest (A)2 - 21City Ground
12622.02.2014Championship Ipswich Town (H)3 - 01King Power Stadium
12701.03.2014Championship Charlton Athletic (H)3 - 01King Power Stadium
12811.03.2014Championship Barnsley (A)3 - 01Oakwell
12915.03.2014Championship Blackpool (H)3 - 11King Power Stadium
13022.03.2014Championship Blackburn Rovers (A)1 - 11Ewood Park
13125.03.2014Championship Yeovil Town (H)1 - 11King Power Stadium
13229.03.2014Championship Burnley (A)2 - 01Turf Moor
13301.04.2014Championship Wigan Athletic (A)2 - 21DW Stadium
13404.04.2014Championship Sheffield Wednesday (H)2 - 11King Power Stadium
13508.04.2014Championship Brighton & Hove Albion (H)1 - 41King Power Stadium
13614.04.2014Championship Reading (A)1 - 11Madejski Stadium
13719.04.2014Championship Queens Park Rangers (H)1 - 01King Power Stadium
13822.04.2014Championship Bolton Wanderers (A)1 - 01Reebok Stadium
13926.04.2014Championship Huddersfield Town (A)2 - 01Galpharm Stadium
14003.05.2014Championship Doncaster Rovers (H)1 - 01King Power Stadium
14116.08.2014Premier League Everton (H)2 - 27King Power Stadium
14223.08.2014Premier League Chelsea (A)0 - 214Stamford Bridge
14326.08.2014League Cup 2Shrewsbury Town (H)0 - 1-King Power Stadium
14431.08.2014Premier League Arsenal (H)1 - 115King Power Stadium
14513.09.2014Premier League Stoke City (A)1 - 010Britannia Stadium
14621.09.2014Premier League Manchester United (H)5 - 37King Power Stadium
14727.09.2014Premier League Crystal Palace (A)0 - 210Selhurst Park
14804.10.2014Premier League Burnley (H)2 - 29King Power Stadium
14918.10.2014Premier League Newcastle United (A)0 - 113St James' Park
15025.10.2014Premier League Swansea City (A)0 - 216Liberty Stadium
15101.11.2014Premier League West Bromwich Albion (H)0 - 117King Power Stadium
15208.11.2014Premier League Southampton (A)0 - 218St Mary's Stadium
15322.11.2014Premier League Sunderland (H)0 - 017King Power Stadium
15429.11.2014Premier League Queens Park Rangers (A)2 - 320Loftus Road
15502.12.2014Premier League Liverpool (H)1 - 320King Power Stadium
15607.12.2014Premier League Aston Villa (A)1 - 220Villa Park
15713.12.2014Premier League Manchester City (H)0 - 120King Power Stadium
15821.12.2014Premier League West Ham United (A)0 - 220Upton Park
15926.12.2014Premier League Tottenham Hotspur (H)1 - 220King Power Stadium
16028.12.2014Premier League Hull City (A)1 - 020KC Stadium
16101.01.2015Premier League Liverpool (A)2 - 220Anfield
16203.01.2015FA Cup 3Newcastle United (H)1 - 0-King Power Stadium
16310.01.2015Premier League Aston Villa (H)1 - 020King Power Stadium
16417.01.2015Premier League Stoke City (H)0 - 120King Power Stadium
16524.01.2015FA Cup 4Tottenham Hotspur (A)2 - 1-White Hart Lane
16631.01.2015Premier League Manchester United (A)1 - 320Old Trafford
16707.02.2015Premier League Crystal Palace (H)0 - 120King Power Stadium
16810.02.2015Premier League Arsenal (A)1 - 220Emirates Stadium
16915.02.2015FA Cup 5Aston Villa (A)1 - 2-Villa Park
17022.02.2015Premier League Everton (A)2 - 220Goodison Park
17104.03.2015Premier League Manchester City (A)0 - 220City of Manchester Stadium
17214.03.2015Premier League Hull City (H)0 - 020King Power Stadium
17321.03.2015Premier League Tottenham Hotspur (A)3 - 420White Hart Lane
17404.04.2015Premier League West Ham United (H)2 - 120King Power Stadium
17511.04.2015Premier League West Bromwich Albion (A)3 - 220The Hawthorns
17618.04.2015Premier League Swansea City (H)2 - 018King Power Stadium
17725.04.2015Premier League Burnley (A)1 - 017Turf Moor
17829.04.2015Premier League Chelsea (H)1 - 317King Power Stadium
17902.05.2015Premier League Newcastle United (H)3 - 017King Power Stadium
18009.05.2015Premier League Southampton (H)2 - 015King Power Stadium
18116.05.2015Premier League Sunderland (A)0 - 014Stadium of Light
18224.05.2015Premier League Queens Park Rangers (H)5 - 114King Power Stadium

Nigel Pearson transfers in

Player Club Fee Date
Danny Drinkwater Manchester United £750,000 20.01.2012
Nathan Delfouneso Aston Villa On loan 23.01.2012
Wes Morgan Nottingham Forest £1,000,000 30.01.2012
Ben Marshall Stoke City £750,000 31.01.2012
Jacob Blyth Leamington Unknown 10.05.2012
Matty James Manchester United £1,000,000 15.05.2012
Ritchie De Laet Manchester United £1,000,000 15.05.2012
Jamie Vardy Fleetwood Town £1,000,000 18.05.2012
Marko Futacs Portsmouth Unknown 18.07.2012
Zak Whitbread Norwich City Free 24.07.2012
Anthony Knockaert Guingamp Unknown 01.08.2012
James Pearson Free transfer Free 19.09.2012
Jesse Lingard Manchester United On loan 06.11.2012
Michael Keane Manchester United On loan 06.11.2012
Chris Wood West Bromwich Albion £1,250,000 01.01.2013
Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur On loan 21.02.2013
Zoumana Bakayogo Tranmere Rovers Free 22.07.2013
Ignasi Miquel Arsenal On loan 09.08.2013
Dean Hammond Southampton Unknown 30.08.2013
Ryan Watson Wigan Athletic Free 16.09.2013
Marcin Wasilewski Anderlecht Free 17.09.2013
Gary Taylor-Fletcher Blackpool Free 20.09.2013
Riyad Mahrez Le Havre £350,000 11.01.2014
Kevin Phillips Crystal Palace Free 15.01.2014
Jonny Maddison Crawley Town Free 05.05.2014
Ben Hamer Charlton Athletic Free 22.05.2014
Matthew Upson Brighton & Hove Albion Free 23.05.2014
Marc Albrighton Aston Villa Free 23.05.2014
Jack Barmby Manchester United Free 23.05.2014
Leonardo Ulloa Brighton & Hove Albion £8,000,000 22.07.2014
Esteban Cambiasso Inter Milan Free 28.08.2014
Danny Simpson Queens Park Rangers £2,000,000 30.08.2014
Tom Lawrence Manchester United £1,000,000 01.09.2014
Nick Powell Manchester United On loan 01.09.2014
Mark Schwarzer Chelsea Free 06.01.2015
Andrej Kramaric Rijeka £7,000,000 16.01.2015
Robert Huth Stoke City On loan 02.02.2015
Christian Fuchs Schalke Free 03.06.2015
Robert Huth Stoke City £4,000,000 24.06.2015
Shinji Okazaki Mainz 05 £7,000,000 26.06.2015

Nigel Pearson bought 40 players for £36,100,000

Nigel Pearson transfers out

Player Club Fee Date
Adam Smith Lincoln City On loan 06.01.2012
Moreno Released Free 13.01.2012
Chris Weale Northampton Town On loan 20.01.2012
Yuki Abe Urawa Red Diamonds Free 22.01.2012
Michael Ball Released Free 23.01.2012
Tom Parkes Bristol Rovers On loan 31.01.2012
Bruno Berner Retired Unknown 01.03.2012
George Taft Karlstad BK On loan 01.03.2012
Franck Moussa Chesterfield On loan 16.03.2012
Matt Oakley Released Free 20.03.2012
Steve Howard Released Free 27.04.2012
John Pantsil Released Free 01.05.2012
Franck Moussa Released Free 30.05.2012
Sol Bamba Trabzonspor £750,000 18.06.2012
Chris Weale Released Free 30.06.2012
Darius Vassell Released Free 30.06.2012
Aleksandar Tunchev Released Free 30.06.2012
Matt Mills Bolton Wanderers Unknown 04.07.2012
Lee Peltier Leeds United £850,000 04.08.2012
Tom Parkes Bristol Rovers Unknown 20.08.2012
Tom Kennedy Released Free 29.08.2012
Paul Gallagher Sheffield United On loan 13.09.2012
Tom Hopper Bury On loan 14.09.2012
Jermaine Beckford Huddersfield Town On loan 28.09.2012
Richie Wellens Ipswich Town On loan 04.10.2012
Adam Smith Nuneaton Town On loan 24.10.2012
Neil Danns Bristol City On loan 14.11.2012
Jacob Blyth Burton Albion On loan 20.11.2012
Neil Danns Huddersfield Town On loan 08.01.2013
Jacob Blyth Notts County On loan 13.02.2013
Liam Moore Brentford On loan 20.02.2013
Marko Futacs Blackpool On loan 05.03.2013
Sean St. Ledger Millwall On loan 28.03.2013
Jermaine Beckford Bolton Wanderers Unknown 17.07.2013
Richie Wellens Doncaster Rovers Free 23.07.2013
Jacob Blyth Northampton Town On loan 09.08.2013
Ben Marshall Blackburn Rovers £1,000,000 28.08.2013
George Taft York City On loan 29.08.2013
Marko Futacs Diósgyori VTK On loan 02.09.2013
Martyn Waghorn Millwall On loan 12.09.2013
Neil Danns Bolton Wanderers On loan 26.09.2013
Zak Whitbread Derby County On loan 29.09.2013
Paul Gallagher Preston North End On loan 30.10.2013
Adam Smith Stevenage On loan 11.01.2014
Zoumana Bakayogo Yeovil Town On loan 17.01.2014
Martyn Waghorn Wigan Athletic On loan 31.01.2014
Michael Cain Mansfield Town On loan 21.02.2014
James Pearson Carlisle United On loan 11.03.2014
Martyn Waghorn Wigan Athletic Free 04.04.2014
Adam Smith Cambridge United On loan 25.04.2014
Neil Danns Bolton Wanderers Free 28.04.2014
Kevin Phillips Retired Unknown 03.05.2014
George Taft Burton Albion Free 30.05.2014
Lloyd Dyer Watford Free 12.06.2014
Marko Futacs Mersin Idmanyurdu Free 14.06.2014
Zak Whitbread Derby County Free 25.06.2014
Sean St. Ledger Released Free 30.06.2014
Paul Gallagher Preston North End On loan 05.07.2014
Conrad Logan Rochdale On loan 18.08.2014
Jacob Blyth Burton Albion On loan 27.08.2014
Ryan Watson Northampton Town On loan 01.09.2014
Harry Panayiotou Port Vale On loan 20.10.2014
Michael Cain Walsall On loan 20.10.2014
Gary Taylor-Fletcher Sheffield Wednesday On loan 25.10.2014
James Pearson Wrexham On loan 27.10.2014
Tom Lawrence Rotherham United On loan 27.11.2014
Jack Barmby Rotherham United On loan 08.01.2015
Tom Hopper Scunthorpe United On loan 08.01.2015
Adam Smith Mansfield Town On loan 09.01.2015
Gary Taylor-Fletcher Millwall On loan 20.02.2015
Liam Moore Brentford On loan 26.02.2015
Chris Wood Ipswich Town On loan 27.02.2015
Jonny Maddison Leamington On loan 13.03.2015
James Pearson Peterborough United On loan 26.03.2015
Anthony Knockaert Standard Liege Free 05.06.2015
Paul Gallagher Preston North End Free 16.06.2015
James Pearson Sacked Free 17.06.2015
Tom Hopper Sacked Free 17.06.2015
Adam Smith Sacked Free 17.06.2015
Zoumana Bakayogo Released Free 30.06.2015
Conrad Logan Released Free 30.06.2015
Gary Taylor-Fletcher Released Free 30.06.2015
Matthew Upson Released Free 30.06.2015
Esteban Cambiasso Released Free 30.06.2015

Nigel Pearson sold 84 players for £2,600,000
Manager 29 of 37 ordered a-z