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Jock Wallace

Full name: John Martin Bokas Wallace
Birthdate: 06.09.1935
Birthplace: Wallyford, East Lothian
Joined from: Rangers
Nationality: Scotland
Honours: Second Division winners: 1979-80
Other clubs as manager: Berwick Rangers, Rangers (2), Motherwell, Sevilla, Colchester United
Serving Period: 24.05.1978 - 12.07.1982
Games: 189
Wins: 69
Draws: 51
Losses: 69
Competition Total Won Draw Lost F A Win %
League 168 62 48 58 197 205 36.9%
FA Cup 12 6 2 4 21 14 50%
League Cup 9 1 1 7 5 11 11.11%
Europe 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
Other 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
All matches 189 69 51 69 223 230 36.51%

All matches(189)

Date Competition Opposition Result Pos Stadium
119.08.1978Division Two (old) Burnley (A)2 - 210Turf Moor
223.08.1978Division Two (old) Sheffield United (H)0 - 115Filbert Street
326.08.1978Division Two (old) Cambridge United (H)1 - 116Filbert Street
430.08.1978League Cup 2Derby County (H)0 - 1-Filbert Street
502.09.1978Division Two (old) Wrexham (A)0 - 016Racecourse Ground
609.09.1978Division Two (old) Notts County (H)0 - 119Filbert Street
716.09.1978Division Two (old) Blackburn Rovers (A)1 - 119Ewood Park
823.09.1978Division Two (old) Brighton & Hove Albion (H)4 - 114Filbert Street
930.09.1978Division Two (old) Leyton Orient (A)1 - 011Brisbane Road
1007.10.1978Division Two (old) Newcastle United (A)0 - 113St James' Park
1114.10.1978Division Two (old) Charlton Athletic (H)0 - 317Filbert Street
1221.10.1978Division Two (old) Cardiff City (A)0 - 118Ninian Park
1328.10.1978Division Two (old) Bristol Rovers (H)0 - 018Filbert Street
1404.11.1978Division Two (old) Luton Town (A)1 - 016Kenilworth Road
1511.11.1978Division Two (old) Burnley (H)2 - 115Filbert Street
1618.11.1978Division Two (old) Cambridge United (A)1 - 116Abbey Stadium
1722.11.1978Division Two (old) Wrexham (H)1 - 115Filbert Street
1825.11.1978Division Two (old) West Ham United (H)1 - 217Filbert Street
1902.12.1978Division Two (old) Stoke City (A)0 - 014Victoria Ground
2016.12.1978Division Two (old) Crystal Palace (A)1 - 318Selhurst Park
2123.12.1978Division Two (old) Preston North End (H)1 - 118Filbert Street
2226.12.1978Division Two (old) Sunderland (A)1 - 118Roker Park
2301.01.1979Division Two (old) Oldham Athletic (H)2 - 016Filbert Street
2406.01.1979FA Cup 3Norwich City (H)3 - 0-Filbert Street
2520.01.1979Division Two (old) Blackburn Rovers (H)1 - 116Filbert Street
2603.02.1979Division Two (old) Brighton & Hove Albion (A)1 - 317Goldstone Ground
2710.02.1979Division Two (old) Leyton Orient (H)5 - 316Filbert Street
2817.02.1979Division Two (old) Newcastle United (H)2 - 111Filbert Street
2924.02.1979Division Two (old) Charlton Athletic (A)0 - 114The Valley
3026.02.1979FA Cup 4Oldham Athletic (A)1 - 3-Boundary Park
3103.03.1979Division Two (old) Cardiff City (H)1 - 216Filbert Street
3210.03.1979Division Two (old) Bristol Rovers (A)1 - 116Eastville Stadium
3321.03.1979Division Two (old) Fulham (H)1 - 014Filbert Street
3428.03.1979Division Two (old) Luton Town (H)3 - 012Filbert Street
3531.03.1979Division Two (old) West Ham United (A)1 - 112Upton Park
3604.04.1979Division Two (old) Millwall (A)0 - 212The Den
3707.04.1979Division Two (old) Stoke City (H)1 - 113Filbert Street
3814.04.1979Division Two (old) Sunderland (H)1 - 213Filbert Street
3916.04.1979Division Two (old) Oldham Athletic (A)1 - 215Boundary Park
4017.04.1979Division Two (old) Preston North End (A)0 - 415Deepdale
4120.04.1979Division Two (old) Crystal Palace (H)1 - 114Filbert Street
4224.04.1979Division Two (old) Notts County (A)1 - 012Meadow Lane
4328.04.1979Division Two (old) Fulham (A)0 - 315Craven Cottage
4405.05.1979Division Two (old) Millwall (H)0 - 015Filbert Street
4508.05.1979Division Two (old) Sheffield United (A)2 - 215Bramall Lane
4611.08.1979League Cup 1 leg 1Rotherham United (H)1 - 2-Filbert Street
4714.08.1979League Cup 1 leg 2Rotherham United (A)0 - 3-Millmoor
4818.08.1979Division Two (old) Watford (H)2 - 03Filbert Street
4921.08.1979Division Two (old) Cambridge United (A)1 - 14Abbey Stadium
5025.08.1979Division Two (old) Queens Park Rangers (A)4 - 11Loftus Road
5101.09.1979Division Two (old) Luton Town (H)1 - 33Filbert Street
5208.09.1979Division Two (old) Notts County (H)1 - 03Filbert Street
5315.09.1979Division Two (old) Newcastle United (A)2 - 35St James' Park
5422.09.1979Division Two (old) Fulham (H)3 - 35Filbert Street
5529.09.1979Division Two (old) Swansea City (A)2 - 03Vetch Field
5606.10.1979Division Two (old) Shrewsbury Town (A)2 - 24Gay Meadow
5710.10.1979Division Two (old) Cambridge United (H)2 - 15Filbert Street
5813.10.1979Division Two (old) West Ham United (H)1 - 26Filbert Street
5920.10.1979Division Two (old) Oldham Athletic (A)1 - 16Boundary Park
6027.10.1979Division Two (old) Sunderland (H)2 - 16Filbert Street
6103.11.1979Division Two (old) Watford (A)3 - 13Vicarage Road
6210.11.1979Division Two (old) Burnley (H)1 - 15Filbert Street
6317.11.1979Division Two (old) Preston North End (A)1 - 15Deepdale
6424.11.1979Division Two (old) Wrexham (H)2 - 05Filbert Street
6501.12.1979Division Two (old) Birmingham City (A)2 - 14St Andrew's
6608.12.1979Division Two (old) Leyton Orient (H)2 - 23Filbert Street
6715.12.1979Division Two (old) Charlton Athletic (A)0 - 24The Valley
6821.12.1979Division Two (old) Cardiff City (H)0 - 04Filbert Street
6926.12.1979Division Two (old) Chelsea (A)0 - 14Stamford Bridge
7029.12.1979Division Two (old) Queens Park Rangers (H)2 - 04Filbert Street
7101.01.1980Division Two (old) Bristol Rovers (H)3 - 04Filbert Street
7205.01.1980FA Cup 3Harlow Town (H)1 - 1-Filbert Street
7308.01.1980FA Cup 3 repHarlow Town (A)0 - 1-Harlow Sportcentre
7412.01.1980Division Two (old) Luton Town (A)0 - 04Kenilworth Road
7519.01.1980Division Two (old) Notts County (A)1 - 03Meadow Lane
7602.02.1980Division Two (old) Newcastle United (H)1 - 01Filbert Street
7709.02.1980Division Two (old) Fulham (A)0 - 01Craven Cottage
7820.02.1980Division Two (old) Swansea City (H)1 - 11Filbert Street
7923.02.1980Division Two (old) West Ham United (A)1 - 31Upton Park
8001.03.1980Division Two (old) Oldham Athletic (H)0 - 14Filbert Street
8108.03.1980Division Two (old) Sunderland (A)0 - 03Roker Park
8215.03.1980Division Two (old) Shrewsbury Town (H)2 - 03Filbert Street
8322.03.1980Division Two (old) Burnley (A)2 - 12Turf Moor
8429.03.1980Division Two (old) Preston North End (H)1 - 23Filbert Street
8505.04.1980Division Two (old) Chelsea (H)1 - 04Filbert Street
8608.04.1980Division Two (old) Cardiff City (A)1 - 04Ninian Park
8712.04.1980Division Two (old) Birmingham City (H)2 - 12Filbert Street
8819.04.1980Division Two (old) Wrexham (A)1 - 01Racecourse Ground
8923.04.1980Division Two (old) Bristol Rovers (A)1 - 12Eastville Stadium
9026.04.1980Division Two (old) Charlton Athletic (H)2 - 11Filbert Street
9103.05.1980Division Two (old) Leyton Orient (A)1 - 01Brisbane Road
9216.08.1980Division One (old) Ipswich Town (H)0 - 113Filbert Street
9319.08.1980Division One (old) Everton (A)0 - 119Goodison Park
9423.08.1980Division One (old) Liverpool (H)2 - 016Filbert Street
9526.08.1980League Cup 2 leg 1West Bromwich Albion (A)0 - 1-The Hawthorns
9630.08.1980Division One (old) Leeds United (A)2 - 111Elland Road
9703.09.1980League Cup 2 leg 2West Bromwich Albion (H)0 - 1-Filbert Street
9806.09.1980Division One (old) Sunderland (H)0 - 114Filbert Street
9913.09.1980Division One (old) Manchester United (A)0 - 518Old Trafford
10020.09.1980Division One (old) Nottingham Forest (A)0 - 520City Ground
10127.09.1980Division One (old) Tottenham Hotspur (H)2 - 117Filbert Street
10204.10.1980Division One (old) Arsenal (A)0 - 118Highbury
10308.10.1980Division One (old) Stoke City (H)1 - 119Filbert Street
10411.10.1980Division One (old) Coventry City (H)1 - 319Filbert Street
10518.10.1980Division One (old) Crystal Palace (A)1 - 220Selhurst Park
10621.10.1980Division One (old) Middlesbrough (A)0 - 120Ayresome Park
10725.10.1980Division One (old) Wolverhampton Wanderers (H)2 - 019Filbert Street
10801.11.1980Division One (old) Aston Villa (A)0 - 221Villa Park
10908.11.1980Division One (old) Manchester City (H)1 - 120Filbert Street
11012.11.1980Division One (old) Everton (H)0 - 121Filbert Street
11115.11.1980Division One (old) Ipswich Town (A)1 - 322Portman Road
11222.11.1980Division One (old) West Bromwich Albion (A)1 - 322The Hawthorns
11329.11.1980Division One (old) Norwich City (H)1 - 222Filbert Street
11406.12.1980Division One (old) Birmingham City (A)2 - 121St Andrew's
11513.12.1980Division One (old) Middlesbrough (H)1 - 021Filbert Street
11620.12.1980Division One (old) Stoke City (A)0 - 121Victoria Ground
11726.12.1980Division One (old) Brighton & Hove Albion (H)0 - 121Filbert Street
11827.12.1980Division One (old) Southampton (A)0 - 421The Dell
11903.01.1981FA Cup 3Cardiff City (H)3 - 0-Filbert Street
12010.01.1981Division One (old) West Bromwich Albion (H)0 - 222Filbert Street
12117.01.1981Division One (old) Leeds United (H)0 - 122Filbert Street
12224.01.1981FA Cup 4Exeter City (H)1 - 1-Filbert Street
12328.01.1981FA Cup 4 repExeter City (A)1 - 3-St James Park
12431.01.1981Division One (old) Liverpool (A)2 - 121Anfield
12507.02.1981Division One (old) Manchester United (H)1 - 021Filbert Street
12614.02.1981Division One (old) Sunderland (A)0 - 121Roker Park
12721.02.1981Division One (old) Tottenham Hotspur (A)2 - 120White Hart Lane
12828.02.1981Division One (old) Nottingham Forest (H)1 - 121Filbert Street
12907.03.1981Division One (old) Arsenal (H)1 - 020Filbert Street
13014.03.1981Division One (old) Coventry City (A)1 - 420Highfield Road
13121.03.1981Division One (old) Crystal Palace (H)1 - 121Filbert Street
13228.03.1981Division One (old) Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)1 - 020Molineux
13331.03.1981Division One (old) Manchester City (A)3 - 320Maine Road
13404.04.1981Division One (old) Aston Villa (H)2 - 421Filbert Street
13518.04.1981Division One (old) Southampton (H)2 - 221Filbert Street
13620.04.1981Division One (old) Brighton & Hove Albion (A)1 - 221Goldstone Ground
13725.04.1981Division One (old) Birmingham City (H)1 - 021Filbert Street
13802.05.1981Division One (old) Norwich City (A)3 - 221Carrow Road
13929.08.1981Division Two (old) Grimsby Town (A)2 - 212Blundell Park
14005.09.1981Division Two (old) Wrexham (H)1 - 07Filbert Street
14108.09.1981Division Two (old) Barnsley (H)1 - 04Filbert Street
14212.09.1981Division Two (old) Derby County (A)1 - 36Baseball Ground
14319.09.1981Division Two (old) Luton Town (H)1 - 211Filbert Street
14422.09.1981Division Two (old) Rotherham United (A)1 - 111Millmoor
14526.09.1981Division Two (old) Blackburn Rovers (A)2 - 07Ewood Park
14603.10.1981Division Two (old) Crystal Palace (H)1 - 111Filbert Street
14706.10.1981League Cup 2 leg 1Preston North End (A)0 - 1-Deepdale
14810.10.1981Division Two (old) Bolton Wanderers (A)3 - 08Burnden Park
14916.10.1981Division Two (old) Chelsea (H)1 - 16Filbert Street
15024.10.1981Division Two (old) Queens Park Rangers (A)0 - 211Loftus Road
15128.10.1981League Cup 2 leg 2Preston North End (H)4 - 0-Filbert Street
15231.10.1981Division Two (old) Sheffield Wednesday (H)0 - 010Filbert Street
15307.11.1981Division Two (old) Charlton Athletic (A)4 - 19The Valley
15411.11.1981League Cup 3Aston Villa (H)0 - 0-Filbert Street
15514.11.1981Division Two (old) Leyton Orient (H)0 - 19Filbert Street
15621.11.1981Division Two (old) Cardiff City (A)1 - 314Ninian Park
15725.11.1981League Cup 3 repAston Villa (A)0 - 2-Villa Park
15828.11.1981Division Two (old) Cambridge United (H)4 - 19Filbert Street
15905.12.1981Division Two (old) Norwich City (A)0 - 09Carrow Road
16012.12.1981Division Two (old) Watford (H)1 - 19Filbert Street
16128.12.1981Division Two (old) Oldham Athletic (A)1 - 19Boundary Park
16202.01.1982FA Cup 3Southampton (H)3 - 1-Filbert Street
16323.01.1982FA Cup 4Hereford United (A)1 - 0-Edgar Street
16430.01.1982Division Two (old) Luton Town (A)1 - 214Kenilworth Road
16506.02.1982Division Two (old) Derby County (H)2 - 112Filbert Street
16613.02.1982FA Cup 5Watford (H)2 - 0-Filbert Street
16720.02.1982Division Two (old) Blackburn Rovers (H)1 - 013Filbert Street
16827.02.1982Division Two (old) Bolton Wanderers (H)1 - 013Filbert Street
16902.03.1982Division Two (old) Newcastle United (H)3 - 012Filbert Street
17006.03.1982FA Cup 6Shrewsbury Town (H)5 - 2-Filbert Street
17109.03.1982Division Two (old) Chelsea (A)1 - 412Stamford Bridge
17213.03.1982Division Two (old) Queens Park Rangers (H)3 - 212Filbert Street
17317.03.1982Division Two (old) Rotherham United (H)1 - 010Filbert Street
17420.03.1982Division Two (old) Sheffield Wednesday (A)0 - 211Hillsborough
17523.03.1982Division Two (old) Crystal Palace (A)2 - 09Selhurst Park
17627.03.1982Division Two (old) Charlton Athletic (H)3 - 17Filbert Street
17730.03.1982Division Two (old) Shrewsbury Town (A)1 - 16Gay Meadow
17803.04.1982FA Cup sfTottenham Hotspur (N)0 - 2-Villa Park
17910.04.1982Division Two (old) Newcastle United (A)0 - 010St James' Park
18013.04.1982Division Two (old) Oldham Athletic (H)2 - 16Filbert Street
18117.04.1982Division Two (old) Cardiff City (H)3 - 15Filbert Street
18220.04.1982Division Two (old) Wrexham (A)0 - 04Racecourse Ground
18324.04.1982Division Two (old) Cambridge United (A)2 - 14Abbey Stadium
18401.05.1982Division Two (old) Norwich City (H)1 - 48Filbert Street
18504.05.1982Division Two (old) Barnsley (A)2 - 04Oakwell
18608.05.1982Division Two (old) Watford (A)1 - 38Vicarage Road
18712.05.1982Division Two (old) Grimsby Town (H)1 - 28Filbert Street
18815.05.1982Division Two (old) Shrewsbury Town (H)0 - 08Filbert Street
18918.05.1982Division Two (old) Leyton Orient (A)0 - 38Brisbane Road

Jock Wallace transfers in

Player Club Fee Date
Dave Buchanan Loughborough Dynamo Unknown July 1978
John Ridley Port Vale Unknown October 1978
Martin Henderson Philadelphia Fury Unknown October 1978
Bobby Smith Hibernian £85,000 December 1978
Alan Lee Philadelphia Fury Unknown January 1979
Willie Gibson Easthouses Unknown March 1979
Ian Wilson Elgin City £30,000 April 1979
Paul Edmunds Troston Welfare Unknown April 1979
Gregor Stevens Motherwell £125,000 May 1979
Alan Young Oldham Athletic £250,000 May 1979
Pat Byrne Shelbourne Unknown July 1979
Derek Strickland Rangers Unknown September 1979
Geoff Scott Stoke City Unknown February 1980
Kevin MacDonald Inverness Caledonian Thistle Unknown May 1980
Norman Leet Shepshed Charterhouse Unknown June 1980
Nicky Walker Elgin City Unknown July 1980
Jim Melrose Partick Thistle £250,000 July 1980
Stewart Hamill Pollok Unknown September 1980
Steve Lynex Birmingham City £60,000 February 1981
Ian Andrews Mansfield Town Unknown September 1981
Keith Robson Norwich City Unknown September 1981
Trevor Hebberd Southampton On loan 27.11.1981
Eddie Kelly Bournemouth £50,000 December 1981
Alan Smith Alvechurch £22,000 14.06.1982

Jock Wallace bought 24 players for £872,000

Jock Wallace transfers out

Player Club Fee Date
Jeff Blockley Notts County Unknown June 1978
Alan Woollett Northampton Town Unknown July 1978
Lammie Robertson Peterborough United Unknown August 1978
Steve Bicknell Torquay United Unknown August 1978
Geoff Salmons Chesterfield Unknown August 1978
George Armstrong Stockport County Free September 1978
Steve Kember Crystal Palace £50,000 October 1978
Dean Smith Brentford £20,000 October 1978
Dave Webb Derby County Unknown December 1978
Derek Dawkins Mansfield Town Free December 1978
Steve Sims Watford £175,000 December 1978
Nev Hamilton Mansfield Town £25,000 January 1979
Keith Weller New England Tea Men Unknown February 1979
Winston White Hereford United £15,000 March 1979
Steve Whitworth Sunderland £120,000 March 1979
Roger Davies Tulsa Roughnecks Unknown March 1979
Trevor Christie Notts County Unknown June 1979
Kevin Reed Released Free July 1979
Kevin Farmer Northampton Town Free August 1979
John Ridley Chesterfield Unknown August 1979
Billy Hughes Carlisle United On loan September 1979
Gregor Stevens Rangers £125,000 September 1979
Dennis Rofe Chelsea £250,000 February 1980
Billy Hughes San Jose Earthquakes Unknown April 1980
Eddie Kelly Notts County Free July 1980
Malcolm Munro Retired Unknown July 1980
Mark Goodwin Notts County Unknown March 1981
Alan Lee Kidderminster Harriers Unknown May 1981
Mick Duffy Enderby Town Unknown May 1981
Paul Edmunds Bournemouth Unknown May 1981
Derek Strickland Heart of Midlothian Unknown May 1981
Pat Byrne Heart of Midlothian Unknown July 1981
Everton Carr Halifax Town Unknown July 1981
Martin Henderson Chesterfield Unknown September 1981
Geoff Scott Birmingham City £50,000 February 1982
Bobby Smith Peterborough United On loan February 1982
Neil Grewcock Gillingham Unknown March 1982
Stewart Hamill Scunthorpe United On loan March 1982
Peter Welsh Hibernian Unknown July 1982

Jock Wallace sold 39 players for £830,000
Manager 36 of 37 ordered a-z