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LCFC vs Mansfield Town

All-time stats vs Mansfield Town  
Goals for23
Goals against7
Season 1960-1961
Goals for4
Goals against0

Last 5 games

05.01.20022 - 1FA Cup 3
08.03.19691 - 0FA Cup 6
12.10.19604 - 0League Cup 1
08.01.19382 - 1FA Cup 3
04.04.18943 - 0Midland League

Largest Victories

21.10.18934 - 0Midland League
12.10.19604 - 0League Cup 1
22.04.18935 - 1Midland League
04.04.18943 - 0Midland League
05.01.20022 - 1FA Cup 3

Largest Defeats

17.09.18921 - 4Midland League

Top 5 players with most appearances

Harry Bailey50
Billy Dorrell52
Jimmy Thraves50
Arthur Henrys40
Jack Lord41

Top 5 players with most goals

Jimmy Walsh13
James Priestman23
James Scowcroft12
William Lowe22
Billy Dorrell52

Official games against Mansfield Town


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Date Result Competition Stadium
05.01.20022 - 1FA Cup 3rd roundFilbert Street
08.03.19691 - 0FA Cup 6th roundField Mill
12.10.19604 - 0League Cup 1st roundFilbert Street
08.01.19382 - 1FA Cup 3rd roundField Mill
04.04.18943 - 0Midland League ?
04.11.18931 - 0FA Cup 2nd QualifierFilbert Street
21.10.18934 - 0Midland League Filbert Street
22.04.18935 - 1Midland League Filbert Street
17.09.18921 - 4Midland League ?

Players who have played with Leicester City against Mansfield Town

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Harry Bailey50
Billy Dorrell52
Jimmy Thraves50
Arthur Henrys40
Jack Lord41
George Smith40
Jacky Hill30
William Miller31
Tom Seymour31
Jimmy Brown21
Harry Edwards21
William Lowe22
Ernest Nuttall20
James Priestman23
Alf Slack21
Harry Taylor20
Ade Akinbiyi10
Colin Appleton10
Jack Bowers11
Alf Carter10
Albert Cheesebrough11
Allan Clarke10
Graham Cross10
Brian Deane10
George Dewis10
Rodney Fern11
Billy Frame10
Levi Freeman10
David Gibson10
Len Glover10
Percy Grosvenor10
Matt Heath10
Andy Impey10
Muzzy Izzet10
Ian King10
Tony Knapp10
Ken Leek10
Danny Liddle11
Andy Lochhead10
Lee Marshall10
Sandy McLaren10
Frank McLintock10
Matt Moralee10
David Nish10
Richie Norman10
Maurice Reeday10
Jack Rickus10
Howard Riley10
Bobby Roberts10

Players transfers between Mansfield Town and Leicester City

To Mansfield Town

Player From/To Fee Date
Charles Barnett To Unknown September 1920
George Greatorex To Unknown May 1922
Danny Liddle To Unknown July 1946
John Grogan To Unknown September 1947
Dai Jones To Unknown October 1947
Charlie Adam To Unknown July 1952
Norman Plummer To Unknown July 1952
Bill McGregor To £2,500 September 1953
Reg Warner To Unknown March 1955
Brian Jayes To Unknown July 1956
Barrie Thomas To Unknown June 1957
John Ogilvie To Unknown January 1960
Nick Sharkey To Unknown March 1968
Jimmy Goodfellow To Unknown March 1968
Bobby Roberts To Unknown September 1970
Paul Matthews To Unknown December 1972
Pat Kruse To On loan September 1974
Derek Dawkins To Free December 1978
Nev Hamilton To £25,000 January 1979
Steve Wilkinson To £80,000 02.10.1989
Scott Eustace To Free 09.06.1995
Matthew Piper To On loan 20.11.2001
Damien Delaney To On loan 06.09.2002
Stephen Dawson To Free 28.06.2005
Alan Sheehan To On loan 08.09.2006
Levi Porter To On loan 11.09.2009
Luke O'Neill To Free 01.08.2011
Michael Cain To On loan 21.02.2014
Adam Smith To On loan 09.01.2015

From Mansfield Town

Player From/To Fee Date
Alf Slack From Unknown 1892
Billy Bell From Unknown February 1926
Mike Stringfellow From £25,000 January 1962
Malcolm Partridge From £50,000 September 1970
Ian Andrews From Unknown September 1981
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