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LCFC vs Glossop

All-time stats vs Glossop  
Goals for47
Goals against55
Season 1914-1915
Goals for6
Goals against4

Last 5 games

13.03.19153 - 2Division Two (old)
07.11.19143 - 2Division Two (old)
21.02.19141 - 3Division Two (old)
18.10.19132 - 0Division Two (old)
21.03.19130 - 3Division Two (old)

Largest Victories

18.10.19132 - 0Division Two (old)
12.03.19103 - 1Division Two (old)
05.10.19073 - 1Division Two (old)
12.12.19034 - 2Division Two (old)
18.02.18993 - 1Division Two (old)

Largest Defeats

09.03.19120 - 6Division Two (old)
09.04.19040 - 5Division Two (old)
21.03.19130 - 3Division Two (old)
26.12.19121 - 4Division Two (old)
21.02.19141 - 3Division Two (old)

Top 5 players with most appearances

Bob Pollock111
Walter Robinson100
Sam Currie90
Billy Bannister80
Teddy King80

Top 5 players with most goals

Jimmy Donnelly34
Tom Belton44
Norman Whitfield12
Alf Watkins22
Sam Eaton22

Official games against Glossop


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Date Result Competition Stadium
13.03.19153 - 2Division Two (old) North Road
07.11.19143 - 2Division Two (old) Filbert Street
21.02.19141 - 3Division Two (old) Filbert Street
18.10.19132 - 0Division Two (old) North Road
21.03.19130 - 3Division Two (old) North Road
26.12.19121 - 4Division Two (old) Filbert Street
09.03.19120 - 6Division Two (old) North Road
04.11.19111 - 0Division Two (old) Filbert Street
11.02.19111 - 1Division Two (old) Filbert Street
08.10.19100 - 1Division Two (old) North Road
12.03.19103 - 1Division Two (old) Filbert Street
30.10.19090 - 1Division Two (old) North Road
24.03.19083 - 2Division Two (old) North Road
05.10.19073 - 1Division Two (old) Filbert Street
16.03.19072 - 2Division Two (old) Filbert Street
10.11.19062 - 2Division Two (old) North Road
03.03.19060 - 0Division Two (old) North Road
28.10.19052 - 1Division Two (old) Filbert Street
21.04.19050 - 0Division Two (old) North Road
26.12.19040 - 2Division Two (old) Filbert Street
09.04.19040 - 5Division Two (old) North Road
12.12.19034 - 2Division Two (old) Filbert Street
10.04.19032 - 1Division Two (old) North Road
14.03.19033 - 2Division Two (old) Filbert Street
01.04.19021 - 1Division Two (old) Filbert Street
14.12.19010 - 1FA Cup Intermediate roundFilbert Street
07.12.19011 - 1Division Two (old) North Road
21.02.19011 - 2Division Two (old) Filbert Street
06.10.19001 - 3Division Two (old) North Road
18.02.18993 - 1Division Two (old) North Road
22.10.18984 - 2Division Two (old) Filbert Street

Players who have played with Leicester City against Glossop

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Bob Pollock111
Walter Robinson100
Sam Currie90
Billy Bannister80
Teddy King80
Tommy Benfield60
Arthur Collins60
Jamie Durrant61
Arthur Randle60
George Swift60
Jimmy Blessington52
George Douglas50
Arthur Hadley51
Jimmy Harrold50
Archie Hubbard52
Rab King52
Arthur Roulston50
Walter Smith50
Tom Belton44
Horace Burton40
Teddy Daw40
Billy Henry40
Billy Leech42
Billy Mills42
Andy Mills40
Billy Morgan40
Fred Shinton41
Andy Aitken30
Tommy Allsopp30
Harry Ashby30
Horace Bailey30
Godfrey Beardsley30
Joe Blackett30
Tommy Brown31
Dick Butler30
Tommy Clay30
Jimmy Donnelly34
Billy Goldie30
George Harrison31
Shirley Hubbard30
Percy Humphreys32
Archie Ling30
Fred Mearns30
Billy Oakes30
Fred Osborn30
Tommy Shanks30
Jonty Starbuck30
Fred Threlfall31
Charles Webb30

Players transfers between Glossop and Leicester City

To Glossop

Player From/To Fee Date
Jacky Hill To Unknown May 1895
Archie Hughes To Unknown May 1895
Rab King To Unknown April 1900

From Glossop

Player From/To Fee Date
Jamie Connachan From Unknown May 1900
Rab King From Unknown August 1901
Claude Stoodley From Unknown August 1913
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