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    ______________ Been said numerous times before but he really is a legend of the club. Fallen out of favour in last few years but can't question his loyalty, professionalism and respect for the club despite playing less. A consummate professional.
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    Let's see how this plays out on Twitter
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    For those not fluent in Italian, Di means From and Marzio means Enderby.
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    I can only tell you what I know my friend. I work very closely with the club and like you, I am also a fan. Through working in the UK and abroad (all football based) you create contacts (the real ITKs) and they share info. It’s mainly accurate at the time. I was told by a very good source that YT was keen to stay and he did. I have been told by another extremely reliable source that contact, including prospective wages, was made with Dennis Praet ( not an official bid, but contact with agent or agent contact with us... he is looking fir a move). I know we are looking for another winger and Perez is not that winger. We have made enquiries to clubs and agents during this window. As for Harry, I know as much as you. There isn’t a bid close to our requirements (at time of typing!) and therefore he is a Leicester player and will get his head down and play. He isn’t unhappy. I was told that the deadline was Sunday just gone, but who knows. Ive also been told that Tarkowski is the replacement of choice and then Dunk. Burnley and Brighton aware. All things I have been told/I have asked about/ I have worked out, based on discussions with those in the game, linked with said players and clubs. I am aiming to help and not lead people on....but it gets difficult when people get personal. Im off to cry into my Andros Townsend pillow.
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    Sad way to achieve it but congratulations I'm sure you deserve it and would have earn't eventually Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha is today confirmed as the Chairman of Leicester City Football Club. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha Khun Aiyawatt succeeds the late Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and will continue to lead the Club in the pursuit of a vision he and his father began when their Leicester City journey started nearly a decade ago. It is a vision the Srivaddhanaprabha family, the Board of Directors, management, players and staff remain wholly committed to turning into Khun Vichai’s legacy. Khun Aiyawatt’s previous role of Vice Chairman will be filled by his brother, Apichet Srivaddhanaprabha, who retains his position on the Club’s Board of Directors alongside Vice Chairman Liu Shilai and Chief Executive Officer Susan Whelan. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha said: “It is a privilege to become the next Chairman of this great Club and to lead the Leicester City family into the next chapter of what has already been an extraordinary story. It feels like there is so much more to come. “As we approach the start of the new season, there is genuine excitement and positivity among our supporters and in the football community about what we can achieve. We have an exciting young squad, an outstanding manager and backroom staff, and a well-structured and sustainable off-pitch operation, all backed by an energised and engaged supporter base. “Next summer, our football operation will move to a brand new training facility that will be among the best in Europe, while the process of consulting supporters and our community on the proposed expansion of King Power Stadium has also begun. “These developments were all part of my father’s dream for Leicester City. It’s a dream that belongs to all of us now and it will be my honour to lead the Club as we pursue that dream together.” On the eve of Leicester City’s 10th season under King Power International’s stewardship, Khun Aiyawatt becomes the 31st Chairman in the history of the Club, which remains wholly owned by the Srivaddhanaprabha family.
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    I've been watching City for something like fifty years now and I've seen hundreds of players come and go, but there's been a bare handful as reliable as Mark Albrighton. He always gives his best, even when he's not at his best, never moans when he's dropped, just knuckles down and works hard to get back into the side. When we look back on the 2016 legends, it will be Vardy, Mahrez and Kanté who will first come to mind, but MA is every bit the legend that they are. He is a consummate professional.
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    ^This Enjoy the fun. Hopefully see you all after.
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    Well Puel sounds like a cvnt.
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    I've had a nibble back at that bloke on twitter
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    He's an.... M&S attacking midfielder?
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    Could have done with generating more chances.
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    Sky Sports News have just spoken for 5 minutes about Maguire's desire to join Utd and that "his camp" are now going to change tactics because they are frustrated about a deal not being sorted yet. Utd know the price. Pay it and he's yours. It's Utd that are the problem here. THE VERY NEXT ARTICLE from them was about Lukaku's proposed move to Inter Milan. Utd want £79m but Inter have only offered £65m... "They're going to have to do better than that, they know the price". There wasn't even an ad break between them. You literally couldn't make this stuff up!
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    It is lunchtime at the Leicester City squad’s pre-season hotel, booked so the players can eat and then sleep between the day’s two sessions, although for one member of the squad the idea of a siesta is as alien as letting an opposition defender dawdle on the ball. Jamie Vardy, the striker who never rests, the non-league footballer turned England international, and the top Englishman among Premier League goalscorers last season, is strolling round the lobby. As lean as ever, he has enjoyed his first full summer off in five years and we are on the lookout for a member of staff with a laptop who can call up his pre-season fitness statistics. They do not lie: at 32 he has recorded his fastest-ever pre-season performance, beating by 21 per cent his score in 2012 - the summer he joined Leicester. There was a personal best on the cycle ergometer test which measures the heart’s response to varying demands. Monitoring has revealed his lowest heart rate response on record. His body fat is at 7.5 per cent. His GPS unit has registered sprints in training of 9.3 metres per second, close to his high of 9.6. The sports scientist’s notes conclude with the observation that “whilst Jamie might be getting older, the majority of players can only dream of running that quick.” A reserved character, with a dry sense of humour, Vardy has been honest in the past that his early non-league days were often played under a hangover but that “having-a-party” persona has been old hat for some time now. These pre-season results were no coincidence. He has always adhered to the close-season fitness programme that Leicester tailor for all players. He has long since installed a cryotherapy chamber at his home to protect fatigued muscles and spare himself the agony of the post-match ice-baths. “You don’t want to be taking the mick and going out every other night,” he says. “It is not going to help your performances. If we have a day off after games there is no harm in having a couple of drinks. My couple of drinks will be sat at home. Hopefully there will be something on TV and that’s me sorted. Jamie Vardy of Leicester City celebrates scoring his sides second goal during the Pre-Season Friendly match between Leicester City and Atalanta at The King Power Stadium on August 02, 2019 Vardy has been honest in the past that his early non-league days were often played under a hangover CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES Follow your club now for first access to all our news, views and analysis Leicester “When I first came into the professional game I wasn’t young but I was living like I was. It was a learning curve. I am glad it happened the way I did because I am here in the situation I am but it’s just one of those things as you get older.” He sits back and reflects. “To be honest, I don’t think further than next week – even that’s probably too far.” His hunger for the game is undiminished. It was just eight years ago he quit his job in a factory and went full-time with Fleetwood Town in the Conference Premier. Since then he has won a Premier League title, played at a World Cup finals and scored 80 goals in the top-flight across five remarkable seasons. Under Brendan Rodgers, Leicester look like the best bet to challenge the top six and Vardy remains central to how they play. He is one of the most famous footballers in the country, his story an everyman dream of getting to the top from nowhere and he appreciates it more than ever. There are also ways that he has stayed resolutely the same. The same friends who knew him when he was playing non-league still fit their own jobs around watching him, and they were there for a pre-season friendly at Scunthorpe. When his agent John Morris jokes that his eating habits have improved since his arrival at Leicester, Vardy shoots back that there was nothing wrong existing on a diet of Domino’s pizzas. He is joking this time. He has adapted but he does not want to lose that raw pace and aggression that make him a unique player. “The good thing about Leicester is a lot of the onus is put on ourselves. We know if we don’t do it [close-season] then it will probably backfire on us. So everyone just gets on with it. I never do gym. I don’t see the point in changing. I am a bit worried if I put on a bit more muscle mass it would make me a bit slower. I would be annoyed. Who knows? In a few years when the legs start going, and I have to play defensive midfield, I might need to put a bit of timber on. Until then I am alright. Still fine at the minute - and the speed will still be there.” We chat about the price of fame, in his case a trip to Euro Disney with his family that ended up being anything but a treat. He does not mind the picture requests but he draws the line when he is with his children. Most people understand but this was an exception. Some of the attitudes he encountered took some believing, he says. “You get people who say ‘Well, give your kid to your missus then’”. It still amazes him how far his story has spread. Playing for England against Brazil at Wembley two years ago he caught Neymar on the ankle when he thought the ball was there to be won. “When we came out for the second half I just said to him ‘Oh, soz about your ankle’. He [Neymar] went, ‘It is what it is - swap shirts after?’” Vardy was pleased to do so, although he was reluctant to tell his friends in the players’ lounge afterwards. “I’m not one of them … you know you see a lot of people constantly asking to swap a shirt. I don’t really ask.” Jamie Vardy of Leicester City photographed at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester The Sheffield lad from the wind-blasted non-league pitches of the north could still be underestimated CREDIT: ANDREW FOX The recent Manchester City Amazon Prime documentary featured Sergio Aguero seeking out Vardy for his shirt on behalf of his son after the Argentinian scored four against Leicester last year. “He’s a phenomenon,” Aguero explained with a shrug. Vardy is looking through pictures on his phone to remind himself where he hung Neymar’s shirt in his man-cave at home. He thinks it might be on the sloping ceiling. Either way, everyone’s shirt, from his Championships days to the Brazil No 10, get the same treatment. Leicester’s third game of the season is away to Sheffield United at Bramall Lane, or as Vardy – a lifetime Sheffield Wednesday fan - likes to call it, “Abuse Vardy day”. “I can’t wait for that,” he says. “It does not bother me at all. At away games I get dog’s abuse and if anything it just spurs me on a bit more. You would think the fans would realise to stop. I might not play as well.” He was on the bench for a League Cup game at Bramall Lane two years ago and relished the hostility. “I made sure my celebrations were very over the top when we scored,” he says. “It’s all looking like that will be a good day.”
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    Good luck Shinji at Malaga. Thanks for the memories and that smile. A true Leicester legend who played a massive part in making our dreams come true.
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    Harry Maguire still waiting for that increased Utd bid
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    Now, first of all, my apologies for starting a new thread as I am aware there are other threads about the First King of Filbert Way and feel free to merge if you think it’s appropriate. However, I wanted to find a way to say thank you to a true legend of our club and arguably the first legend to grace our new stadium. As the user name suggests I won’t be there, but I was wondering if at the Bournemouth home game coming up, in the 62nd minute, we can stand and sing Andy Kings song to say thank you. I don’t think as a club we always recognise our heroes that have left and I for one think it would be a fitting way to start recognising those players who have contributed to our joy over the years. For anyone who doubts his status as a legend: 379 games (10th in all time records) 62 goals (18th all time) Leagues won: League one Championship Premier League Joined the club aged just 15 scored at least one goal for us in 10 consecutive seasons. young player of the year 08/09 Players player of the year 09/10 Captained the club Kept playing through a billion different managers Gave his squad number to Madders when he realised it was for the benefit of the whole club 50 International caps played in both the Football League Trophy and the Champions League - how many other players have done that? And so many vital and great goals along the way. So please get behind this, or come up with a better idea to say thank you to an instrumental part of our squad for so long. Long live the King
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    In light of Rudkins appreciation thread, it looks like the wrong person was getting the majority of the credit. “Sports Agenda understands that Leicester chief executive Susan Whelan was entrusted with dealing with the process for the club, and that the figure she commanded for the defender is seen as recognition of her sterling efforts. Whelan, who has a close relationship with United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward, does not usually look after transfers, but took the lead here — and she and the club will be satisfied with the outcome. The fact that a female chief executive played such a key role in a world record transfer for a defender also represents a substantial step forward for football.”
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    Clever bit of Man management from Rodgers here. Trying to boost Kels confidence whilst also trying to get the fans on his side and stop match day grumbles every time Kelechi is brought on. Never agreed with anything but a cheer when bringing players on.
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    Wow, where to start with this? Firstly, Congerton has a dodgy reputation and we have or had every right to be concerned about his appointment, however I highly doubt he's having any effect on recruitment this window. Your criticism of our signing of Ayoze Perez is nothing shirt of astonishing based on what you've said! Felipe Anderson prior to joining West Ham scored 4 and 4 in his previous 2 seasons in Serie A and West Ham chuffed up £35-40m for him, last season he got 9 in the Prem in a full season. Richarlison cost Everton £40-50m and this was on the back of 1 season at Watford where he didn't score or assist in the 2nd half of the season, he scored 5 goals that season and they broke their transfer record on him. Last season he scored 14 goals and had a very good season, 1 goal more than Ayoze Perez scored for a very defensive Newcastle team. Jota scored less than Perez for a very good Wolves team. How are any of those players in a class above Perez? Ayoze's form in the PL in the last few seasons has been very good and is as close to a proven PL players as we could possibly get, with age on his side, versatility and more importantly plays exactly how Brendan Rodgers wants his forwards/wingers to play. Explain yourself please, I'm astounded.
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    Some people will always bang on about his past but he's been a proper professional here and I think he's probably grown a lot as a person. Everyone deserves a second chance, imo. Simpson properly took his and made the most of it.
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    Buckle up. Tomorrow could be like a rollercoaster. Were working hard on bringing players in. Confident this will happen.
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    If Ghezzal goes there in a part exchange Rudkin and Susan are getting a statue outside the ground The most outrageous deal since getting our money back on Musa.
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    Posted by a knowledgeable Man Utd fan on Red Cafe “Hope we drag this till 10th of august and then make a final bid.” Me too mate. Window shuts at 5pm on 8th August
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    Great deal for all, made even sweeter when Chris Sutton realises a Leicester reserve player has scored the winner in an old Firm Derby.
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    Leicester City have been dominating the news recently, but not for matters on the pitch! So let's put that right! On Friday evening we take on the highly impressive Atalanta from Serie A, coached by the shrewd operator Gian Piero Gasperini who performed a miraculous feat in 18/19 to guide the Bergamo club to their first ever Champions League campaign, scoring more goals than any other team in the division! Make no mistake, this is a brilliant team who pack one hell of a punch. Atalanta typically line up like this, and surely what will grab your attention straight away is that they line up with 3 centre backs and 2 wingbacks. A very similar system in fact to Wolves in the Premier League, who our opponents on game day one. Brendan Rodgers was quoted this week as saying: "Part of our plan was that Wolves will most likely play with a back five and Atalanta play with a back five, so this is our final detail in preparing for that game. It's a good test for us Atalanta", he added. "They have been over here and they've played a few games, so we have watched some of the games and how they play. They are a very good side which is why they finished third and qualified for the Champions League." Another interesting aspect of their play which is very unusual for Italian teams is their style of play, which is dare I say it - Rodgers-esque? Atalanta employ a high pressing game, though they often take this to extremes with their front 6 players often man-marking their opponent in the offensive phase. Imagine the legendary Pontus Kamark's fabulous job on Middlesbrough's Juninho in the 90's and stretch that across almost the entire team. ^ Here you can see that not only are the Atalanta front three pressing their opponents, but even their central midfielders are marking their opposite number, effectively reducing Fiorentina in this case to playing the ball long as no safe option is on. In this match, despite going one down, the Bergamo outfit would recover to win 3-1, showing they stick to their guns even if faced with an early setback. It's clear to see why Rodgers has favoured such opponents. This will be an acid test for our team in dealing with a team that put you under so much pressure that you have to pass your way out of a press and keep the ball. Against Man City at the end of last season, this was something that impressed many neutrals - teams that go to the Ethihad and try and play their way out of trouble are few and far between. But if there was a criticism there, it was that for all our fine play we created very little of note. Can we put this right on Friday night? It will make for a very interesting game to watch, with all eyes on Turkish international Caglar Soyuncu who may well be auditioning for the part of "first team centre back" this season should our beloved Slabhead leave us for the plastics up north. Very much looking forward to our final open friendly of preseason, and our first at the King Power. COYB!
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    I'd avoid you two .
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    I much prefer this to things like the PL Asia Cup or the International Champions Cup or whatever they’re called.
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    Well worth that extra quid per ticket we're paying each game. Class from the club as per, best club in the world. Class.
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    OGS - ‘Any news on Harry? EW - ‘I was at the game yesterday, he wasn’t on the team sheet. So good news perhaps? OGS - ‘Where were you? EW - ‘Rotherham’ OGS - ‘Twat’
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    Vichai had a dream To build a football team He'd shake their hands And let them go in a year. He never did that United fans are just daft Champions of England More recently than you.
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    Rangers to win the league. League 1, Championship, Premier League and SPL winner, Andy King. Next move, the Welsh and Northern Irish leagues. KING OF BRITAIN.
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    This is so cringe, what goes through your mind to think that slagging your own players off on social media is a good idea
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    Wish him all the best. Great with the ball at his feet and class in the air. But gets turned easily and can drift out of position. Good deal for both clubs. Hard to replace but not irreplaceable.
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    Disagree regarding Albrighton. He's already won the league and is so consistent. I'd have him in the match day squad regardless. Workhorse and so very underrated.
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    So I said on here the other day that my anxiety stops me doing even basic things sometimes. I feel like I have to meticulously research some things to make sure I’m making the right decision for me - choosing my therapist took ages and I had to do a ‘dry’ run to the location before even contacting her. Even buying clothes, I loathe actually shopping so I’ll have to research online beforehand. Anyway. I’ve been wanting to get into video editing for a long time, but I’ve just never had the opportunity and ended up in unrelated dead end jobs for far too long. I settled on doing an internship in Cape Town 3 years ago, saved up for almost a year, and had the best time ever. When I came back though I still had the same problem - shite technology with no access to the right software. No way to prove my ability. The internship place offered me a job back in South Africa in 2017 but they had to retract it (and I had a major breakdown). Since then I’ve been in a rut. Depressed, anxious, still in a dead end irregular job that I’m starting to loath (I got assaulted last week!). Still living at home, no money, no way out. For the last couple of months I’ve been formulating a plan, accelerated somewhat because I’m going to be an uncle next year and I don’t want to be in this state when it arrives. Step one, a new laptop. Step two, get the software. Step 3, join local filmmaking groups. Step four, make a decent showreel. I’ve found the laptop I need, which will be basic but still gives me access to industry standard software, but way, way out of my price range. It would give my chances of finding work such a boost in terms on creativity, confidence and actual output. No other laptop or affordable software would provide me with that. So I’ve been meticulously researching how to pay for it, and settled on applying for the manufacturer’s financing scheme, which is 0% over a year. I can just about afford that. Or at least my belief is, by getting this I am ‘speculating to accumulate’; because it will give me a better chance of getting work I will hopefully have a job and be able to pay it off quicker. Planning this has caused me a great deal of anxiety especially as I’ve kept it to myself - mentioning it once or twice to family members months back without much comment (mainly because it’s so difficult for me to explain why it will be so important to me). If I’d mentioned it to them soon they wouldn’t have understood and would probably have tried to talk me out of it, or just a modicum of negativity would have put me off. So on Monday I finally settled on actually doing it and to take pressure off I decided to do postpone the process until Thursday and enjoy the rest of the week. I had dinner with my mum earlier, just me and her, and I was feeling quite relaxed about it and decided to tell her. I explained why it was so necessary, that it would be purely for professional reasons, and that I’d researched the shit out of it and could just about afford the repayments. She was still concerned about the cost though, but I told her I could do it. That this is what I needed to do, and I had to do it on my own terms. 4 hours later and before she goes bed she tells me she’s put the money in my account and to pay it back whenever I can, and got emotional. Then I got emotional because she really didn’t have to do it, but it’s taken such a huge ****ing weight off my shoulders. She told me that she believes in me, I said that’s so American. I tried to get her to take it back but she wouldn’t. I realise this makes me unbelievably lucky but to be honest, I’m due a bit of ****ing luck after the last few years. So tomorrow I’m heading into town and getting my new tech, installing the free trial software, and joining some filmmaking groups in the next week. I’m fighting back against this depression. TL;DR: urban.spaceman is a bit emotional but feeling a tiny bit positive for once.
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    Caglar Soyuncu emerges as new cult hero at Leicester City as Harry Maguire replacement John Percy Caglar Soyuncu received a standing ovation from Leicester team-mates in the dressing room following his performance against Wolves Credit: Getty Images There is a huge tattoo of a lion covering his back, while he has the chiselled jaw one might expect of a Marvel superhero. Çağlar Söyüncü is already proving there is life after ‘Slabhead’. The Turkish centre-back has swiftly emerged as a new cult hero at Leicester City, just a few weeks after Harry Maguire became the most expensive defender in the world with that £85 million move to Manchester United. Maguire’s departure to Old Trafford could have been a daunting scenario for Leicester, a damaging blow to Brendan Rodgers’s hopes of gatecrashing the top six, yet the plan was already in place last year for Söyüncü to be the long-term successor. Against Wolves last Sunday, in only his fifth Premier League start, the giant defender known as ‘Cags’ seized his opportunity and received a standing ovation from team-mates in the dressing room after the final whistle. He is poised to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge this weekend alongside the vastly experienced Jonny Evans, aiming to enhance his reputation further. It is a challenging task for Caglar Soyuncu to fill the boots of Harry Maguire Credit: Getty Images Follow your club now for first access to all our news, views and analysis “All the players were so happy for him last weekend because it’s not easy to replace someone of Harry’s quality,” Rodgers told Telegraph Sport. “With Harry going, of course ‘Cags’ is now going to have his chance. He is a modern-day centre-half and there were teams willing to sign him [this summer] if he wasn’t going to play here. “He was outstanding last weekend and now it’s about sustaining it and showing consistency over the course of the season. He’s a wee bit quirky with his hairdo and everything, and the fans have taken to him.” It is certainly a challenging task for a 23-year-old to fill the boots of Maguire, a player who transformed his career at Leicester and became a World Cup hero with England, but Söyüncü replacing Maguire was always in the thoughts of Leicester’s recruitment team. 50 people are talking about this He made his senior Turkey debut as a teenager and became sought after across Europe during his spell in the Bundesliga with SC Freiburg, where he was watched consistently by Leicester’s scouts for 12 months. United had been considering a move for Maguire last summer, when Jose Mourinho was still in charge, so Leicester were aware that contingency plans had to be made. Söyüncü was signed for €20 million last August while another young centre-half, Filip Benković, was signed from Dinamo Zagreb on the same day. With Benković quickly loaned out to Celtic - then managed by Rodgers - it was, at times, a frustrating season for Söyüncü with Maguire, Evans and Wes Morgan the usual picks at the heart of the back four under first Claude Puel and then Rodgers. “I spoke to him at the end of last season as he hadn’t played much, but I liked what I’d seen,” said Rodgers. Harry Maguire left Leicester for Man Utd this summer Credit: Reuters “I put him in against Huddersfield [on April 6] because I wanted to give Harry a bit of time off to be with his wife and child. He's had that first year where he had to adapt with a lot of players in front of him, but he’d made a great impression.” United finally completed their protracted pursuit of Maguire on the morning of August 2. It may have been a world record fee for a defender, but Leicester’s stance was purely dictated by market forces, with the £50 million paid out by United to Crystal Palace for Aaron Wan-Bissaka - who made just 46 appearances for the club - reinforcing their position. Leicester did consider moves for either Burnley’s James Tarkowski or Bournemouth’s Nathan Ake, who have both been on the radar for some time. However, when it became clear that the fees demanded were unrealistic, the original plan to promote Söyüncü fell into place. After last weekend’s man-of-the-match performance against Wolves, it already appears a shrewd move. Söyüncü’s idols are Carles Puyol and Mats Hummels, and there are easy comparisons with Maguire in that both players possess a wide range of passing and good temperament. He is low-maintenance, unfailingly polite but with a rock-solid handshake, and “just gets on with the job”. Some Leicester staff have compared him to Marcin Wasilewski, a popular Polish defender from a few years back, and this weekend on the BBC’s Football Focus Ben Chilwell and James Maddison both revealed Söyüncü is under constant scrutiny due to his unique haircut. There is nothing questionable over his abilities as a player, however, as underlined by the round of applause last Sunday. Gerry Taggart, the former Leicester defender who now covers games for the club’s TV station, said: “Other ex-Leicester players have put question marks around him but I’ve always been telling people he has something. “This guy has what it takes. He has been thrown in at the deep end but I think he keeps it simple. He has the ability to see who is in the better position and pulls it off with his passing. He’s been a bit rash in the past but he has many of the same attributes when I was young, and I think he’s given himself a tremendous start.”
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    "Last January, with Puel still in charge, King had a chance to go to Nottingham Forest, Leicester’s rivals. “Forest are a great club, history, tradition, really good stadium, great fans, but I don’t think you can wear Leicester for so long, make all those memories, and then go and play for Forest. It was hard enough going to Derby (that January) because there’s a little rivalry there. Forest was always going to be a no, no.” He really is one of us isn't he?
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    100 years on since LCFC’s debut game coincidentally against Wolves at home we marked this with a tifo paying homage to both the football club and the centenary of the city of Leicester gaining city status. The display cost in total £906. Without donations they can’t take place. Donations can be made via the below: ufsdonations@gmail.com - is the PayPal 400917 - 42218275 is the bank for transfers. We hope enjoy the video. Up The City
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    so he's 1/3rd Ndidi, 1/3rd Tielemans and 1/3rd Harry Kane?
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    No.....keep hold Remain excited Go **** yourself
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    He wasn’t last season mate. Deary me. He was behind Vardy, Pereira, Tielemans, Ndidi, Maddison, Evans and Schmeichel in performance terms. I’m hoping that if he does sign for you, with the higher line you tend to play at the back, his lack of pace will be exposed by Vardy when we play you. One thing for sure, Maguire alone isn’t going to fix the problems at Old Trafford.
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    Also can someone change the bloody thread title? WE are "City", no one else.
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    Posts like this make me laugh, there is not a single shred of evidence for a single word you have said here.
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