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    Scored our first goal back in the Prem Scored our first winning goal back in the Prem Stepped up when it mattered A Champion Thank you Leo
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    All the best, Leo. You had some big big moments in your few years here.
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    Another immortal bites the dust if true. I suppose it was about time, he’s had a good run. Whatever you say about the guy he’ll live forever fondly in the memory of many a city fan including myself.
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    Helped us stay up, helped us to win the title and was in that team that embarrassed Man Utd 5-3. Forever part of a team that is legendary.
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    Hello Leicester Fan, I just wanted to post my insight of your new player Ghezzal. I'm an Olympique Lyonnais supporter, so I've watched every single game of my team, therefore every single game of Ghezzal with our shirt. Well, something is amazing with this player it's that a lot of supporters rage at him even when he his the best player on the pitch, maybe it's his style or way of running. During the 2015-2016 season, he was really good, I would say one of our best players. He has a really good left foot, can score nice goals outside the box. He was our free kick and corner shooter. I think he always was talented but lacked a coach who really trusted him, it's a player who needs a coach trust and attention to really get the best of him. Maybe he lacked that during his season at Monaco, the competition to start was important, and he joined as a free signing so the coach is not pressured to use him. At the end of the 2016 season at OL, our president wanted to extend his contract with us but the negotiation was not conclusive, so our president pressures him by putting him in the reserve squad so he doesn't leave as a free signing. The coach tried to keep him in the squad, but difficult to stand against our president. That's why he has really poor stats in the 2016-2017 season, hard to play your best in this situation. This boy is not a problem in a team, he always worked hard in training and waited for his chance to get a shot in the team. I don't think he is a bad boy, just his agent(brother) doesn't work for his best interest. Claude Puel signed ben arfa when he coached Nice, Ben arfa is was really a talented player but his attitude was known as really bad. He played in the premier league(Newcastle, Hull City..) and his stats were dog shit. So when Claude Puel signed him in Nice, everyone was shouting that Ben Arfa was a bad boy with shitty stats, and it would destroy the locker atmosphere. Ben arfa in Nice with Claude Puel it's 34 games, 17 goals, 6 assists. The best season in his entire career. If Puel can do the same with Ghezzal, u can almost triple his value by the end of the season. I don't think Ghezzal lost his football, but his confidence surely. And you can't find a replacement for Mahrez because he is a world class player. It would cost you way more than what u sold him, would be also hard to convince them. I don't say that Ghezzal is world class, but if Puel can restore his confidence. He could be easily one of your best players.
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    The Burnley in Europe looks like it’ll be good too
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    Posters leaked. I can’t wait!
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    Puel showing banter and charisma for once. Puel In
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    Pop two Tramadol on your tongue and let them slowly dissolve. You should be fine in about 45 minutes.
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    What's that I see ? A pie in the sky? Well that would be a Hazard to a plane. Talks going on but this one could go to the wire. A central Defender also in talks. That's all I have.
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    This kind of sentiment makes me laugh imagine how mad someone like you would be if we replaced Riyad Mahrez with Riyad Mahrez... aka a player who had scored 6 goals in 60 appearances for a French second division side and who had failed a trial at St Mirren. Or heaven forbid if we replaced Jamie Vardy with a striker who was playing in the conference.... Stop bitching and moaning all the time and let the professionals who are paid a lot of money to spot something in players others have missed do their jobs. There is no blueprint for success in the transfer market Gokhan Inler came with a huge reputation and vast international experience yet was terrible. Danny Drinkwater was playing for Barnsley and.... You know the rest. Surely history has taught you to judge a player on what they do in a city shirt not before?
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    This is how I see Ghezzal turning out. He'll have an unbelievable game at Old Trafford; everyone will be creaming themselves that we've got a better player than Riyad. A few poor games later we'll realise that he's actually the second coming of Zsolt Laczko. We continue to slide down the table. Puel gets the boot before Xmas. We employ Pardew as a replacement who then loses his first 4 games. Vardy gets pissed off with Ghezzal being a lazy diva in training and lays a Red Bull and cocaine fuelled headbutt on him, breaking his jaw. Ghezzal sues the club and we are forced to sell Maguire for an undisclosed fee on January deadline day to balance the books. Ghezzal walks out on his contract to join a bigger club - Brighton. Vardy gets an instant ban and 12 months inside for ABH. Last day of the season Ghezzal scores a last minute winner (assisted by Jahanbaksh) for the Seagulls, sending us down to the Championship. The owners are seen leaving on their helicopter shortly before the club announces it has gone into liquidation and folds completely. Everyone blames Richie Wellens. The stadium is knocked down and redeveloped into flats. Andy King refuses to leave and buys flat no.10 with Bernie as a lodger. Joachim and Iwan Roberts also buy a flat each. Claude Puel is given the PSG job and makes Ghezzal his first signing. Ghezzal goes on to displace Neymar from the team and wins 3 consecutive Ballon d'Or's.
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    The Thais came in with lofty ambitions - mainly to get us out of a hellhole of a league. Yes they've made mistakes. But these guys learn from their mistakes. Sven was a big name with very little domestic success in the preceding decade. They'd given him a shitload of money and it left us in a worse situation - dreadful football, stuck in mid-table with a huge wage bill. He was a huge mistake. They fixed that by bringing back Nigel. And then they gave Nigel time. Even though some of it wasn't fun and we struggled for a bit. They had a great relationship with him and allowed him to build a team rather than buy names, and to ship out the deadwood on high wages. For me they deserve a huge amount of credit for keeping Nigel after Deeney Day. We'd snuck into the play-offs after a dreadful run, and it would have been so easy to pull the trigger. But Nige had a plan, and they trusted him enough to keep that squad together, revolutionise the club's training facility, backroom practices and the technology behind it. And we walked the Championship the next season. When we got promoted they outlined their ambition to turn us into a top 5 club. Ranieri said at the start of his reign that he and Vichai shared the ambition to help the club "grow up". The thing is, winning the league sort of took us by surprise. We'd been planning for surviving relegation again, and maybe top 10. Not winning the actual Premier League. 2016 was one of our worst summer windows ever. Our head of recruitment had left, and we had a bucketload of money to spend on long-term targets who had been targets while we were aiming to just stay up. A truly dreadful window, that we're still reeling from. BUT, the recruitment since has been good IMO. Ndidi, Maguire are the backbone of our team and will not be allowed to leave for less that £100m each. Iborra has been great, Silva needs more time after our **** up last year, Iheanacho started to show some real promise at the end of the season. This summer so far - I'm very pleased. Highly rated young right back, a position we've needed for ages. Quality, Premier League winning centre-back. Highly rated young creative midfielder with some of the best stats in Europe. Mahrez gone for a club record fee and a £60m profit. Last season they made the mistake of sticking with Shakey. He deserved the job after his long service and exploits as a caretaker. But full-time was a stretch too far and it was a shame to lose him completely. Puel started off very well, but the second half of the season was appalling. But people forget we had a squad with suspensions, injuries and Mahrez's mardies. Not to mention 9 players with one eye on the World Cup. The squad simply wasn't good enough to implement Puel's system and he should take some of the blame for that. People also complained about missing out on the Europa League but personally, I'm fine without Europe this season. We don't need the distraction, travel or disruption to the season when we're not ready for it. There's no rush. I'm confident that we could qualify for Europe this season. Though we do need another quality creative player. The main thing Puel needs now is time and trust, just like the Thais gave to Nigel. Off the field - the training ground looks amazing and will without a doubt push us forward as a club. The stadium expansion sounds amazing too. In short, we're in the best position we've ever been and the future looks brighter than ever. I think we should all be a bit patient though and trust in our owners.
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    Can we all try and do something that may seem a bit radical for FT Lets maybe give the lad a chance in the shirt.
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    Well, he was our director of football when we performed the great escape, won the premier league and reached the quarter finals of the Champions League.
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    We picked up Ndidi in the last two seasons. We picked up Maguire in the same time frame, and though you could argue he was Prem "proven," he was on a relegated side and was targeted as a back-up to Huth/Morgan with long-term potential. What did we pay for them again, 30 mill or so combined? What are they worth now, 125+ combined? If you have a good scouting team in place, and a manager and staff keen to teach, you can do quite a bit with raw talent and a good attitude. Prem-proven is pricey AF. FFS, we won't take SEVENTY FIVE MILLION for flippin' Harry Maguire, a player we could've replaced with Ben Gibson (before he sold) and probably not noticed much of a dropoff. That speaks to what prices are these days for defenders who can dribble a bit and who have proven themselves in the crucible of the Prem/WC, even for defenders. Looking back, last season we crushed the summer window, bringing in 5 players who were starter quality out of 6 (Maguire, Dragovic, Silva, Iborra, Iheanacho, non-starter being Jukupovic, thonobv he was "Prem proven"). Plus we're killing it with our u-23s, we suddenly are seeing these young players like Hamza and Harvey Barnes and George Thomas. The club is as well-stacked with talent as it has ever been in it's history. Let's appreciate that and stay the course.
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    Very best of luck to him. One of our true heros over the last few years and a very important player for us during our most successful time ever. Always came up with important goals and although the last 18 months or so have not been great for him here he will always be one of my favourite players. Also gonna miss his song which was one of the best ever for one of our players. Good luck leo
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    Most of those synonyms could be used to describe your post.
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