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    While I have been posting, I have been fighting a shocking depressive operation. I have had my own " great escape"..the Doc, told me,99% sure they got it all out. unfortunately. It was cancer of the kidney, so the tumour has meant , it took my kidney with it. The 1%...control they still have to clarify. I just want to say a big thankyou to this forum, and all posters..It was/has been my outsiders relief. Whether , I disagee, or agree with opinions, its great to see other perspectives and opinions!! I obviously worried about my wife and our children, when , it was thought to be a simple kidney stone or absess, Then I have to tell them of the true diagnose, the pain which they try and hide, comes through, but we got through, also with our wry, crazy humour, but when I was alone the depression was eased, by using , reading this forum.. fearless Leicester fighters,..we cant lose....Thanks guys n gals. Mods if I posted wrongly, then just move it, to another topic. I still hope to carry on with my weird posts and opinions but for the next month, I will be drifting in and out..
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    A few months ago I was resigned to us getting relegated and the club having to rebuild again as a championship club. Things were looking really bleak! Massive praise must go to the owners for making a brave and globally unpopular decision! Whether you agree with the way we did it or how the players reacted to Shakespeare ultimately it has saved us. Well done Top and Vichai and thank you
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    Fuchsy...Good to read this. I'm about to commence my own battle....6 months of 'chemo' starts next week and, as I've already been 'signed off' from work for some weeks, I'll be facing, at best, near enough a year at home/in hospital. Luckily my treatment is mainly 'takeaway' with a little bottle and pump strapped to my forearm so the time at home will far outweigh the 2 days per fortnight I have to attend the oncology unit. The trouble is that boredom can too easily kick-in and I, like you, find that reading through the forums, contributing occasionally, is a decent antidote to it! Here's wishing you a full recovery and a resumption of normal daily life !!
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    You should just be grateful that you had the pleasure of seeing him in a Leicester shirt. The most naturally gifted player I have seen play for us in the 52 years I have been supporting.
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    Those slagging Mahrez can do one.
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    Is a c unt. That's all.
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    Still, can't believe people actually want him to leave or claim they aren't bothered. He's by far the most naturally gifted footballer we have, and by a long way. He needs to adapt better to being marked out of games, which has been his problem this season, but to want him to leave is just pure stupidity. Anyone notice how close Jamie and Shinji were to Marc all game yesterday, brought Mahrez the space he needs, and look how he profited.
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    Am I reading this right....... he's gone from a god to cannon fodder in the space of 12 months He hasn't said anything derogatory about the Team, The Players, Fans or the Owners. In fact he's been the same on nearly every interview he's been on..... Quote:....... It's football He gave us a place in history with the team, the fans, backroom staff and the owners OK, he didn't get it right and we're in a better position than we probably would have been had he stayed But come on, he deserves nothing but our gratitude for last season alone. As for the Kante thing, we don't know the actual facts but we do know Ndidi came in under his tenure. In my world, he still holds a piece of my heart and I have nothing but respect for the man who gave me so much joy last season. The man on the left will always be in the picture.............. Nobody can take that away Ps: We all know Rachel had a supporting role as well
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    Really struggling to understand not putting on Wasyl for the last 5 mins or so.
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    A lot of people seem to think that every chant is the gospel truth with no tongue in cheek aspect whatsoever. Chill out, enjoy it. It's football.
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    True Leicester fans will go to salute a true Leicester legend.
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    Guys, lay of the dude. He's given his point of view in a respectful, non derogatory way and TBH, I agree with a lot of what he's said.
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    Tomorrow a year ago it was night none of us will ever forget. Go ahead please use this thread to reminisce about that special night. For me I had chosen against meeting up with most of the lads I go to games with in Leicester. I also opted to not watch it with anyother Sheffield Foxes either, instead opting to take in a potentially wondrous ocasion on my own. In the end my girlfriend joined me at a pub in Hillsborough. The place was willing a Chelsea win all except for a lone Spurs fan. At 2.2 I was a rocking mess and looking in danger of hyperventilating. Full time and I went bannans, tears then flowed and I had to be practically carried home in sobbing extacsty. That night I sat bashing champaigne back watching the news, twitter and facebook just trying to take it all in. A night we will never see the likes of again. Following day I went to work in full kit, no shame and a round of applause ensued.
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    We signed a CB last window... some of my finest work
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    found a wallet in glasgow with a father and son season tickets. Bank cards cash and credit cards. Names James Price. Like to get it back to the owner before I hand it in to the train station
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    The final game at a Filbert Street was 15 years ago today! For those of us of a certain age, Filbert Street was where we grew up. It wasn't pretty - it was often called a shithole by visiting fans. But it was OUR shithole. It had character - the cheers every time an errant shot or clearance went over the North or East stands and onto the street. The even bigger cheers when occasionally that ball was kicked back over by residents. Bentley's Roof (something I never had the privilege of experiencing). The Double Decker. Even the sterile Carling Stand. My favourite stand - the East Stand, with its low roof that would partially block the view of those at the back, but it really kept the noise in. The banter with away fans - separated only by a 3ft fence - who'd be noisy and confrontational but at least you could go and have a chat with at half time. My favourite ever game in our history (that I attended) was that game against Atletico Madrid. It's notorious now because of the referee, but I will always remember that atmosphere. Madrid sent 800 tickets back so me and my dad were sat in the East Stand, right next to the Kop. They never shut up all night! The noise, the passion that shone through it - simply amazing. Something that has only just been surpassed by the KP. Other memories of mine include - 7,000 Glaswegians turning up in Leicester for a pointless friendly vs Celtic. 18,000 Leicester City fans standing for the last 10 minutes of the game vs Manchester United, condemned to relegation and leaving Filbert Street, singing "Stand Up If You Love Leicester" - still utterly spine tingling. One very, very drunken night after the demolition, I broke away from my friends on the way home and found myself at Filbert Street. I climbed over the fence and stumbled across the rubble, finding my way more or less to where I used to sit, and had a quiet few minutes to myself. I couldn't resist stealing a roof tile: I had a season ticket for the last 3 years at Filbert Street and the first 3 years at "The Walkers", and there was absolutely no contest - Filbert Street was home and this place was not. But in the last few years the atmosphere at the KP has been utterly amazing. I don't have a season ticket anymore thanks to circumstances, but I relish every time I do get a ticket not just because we've been amazing, but also to share the atmosphere with my fellow Foxes. I was at the Sevilla game in March, once again in the Away fan area after they sent back tickets. Nobody sat down, nobody shut up. Everyone sung, shouted, cheered and clapped the whole night. It's difficult to describe to the unitiated but that noise still reverberates in my ears - it's surpassed that night against Atletico in 97. To have been part of that atmosphere was an immense privilege. I'll always love and miss Filbert Street. But the KP really is home now! After all, it's where Leicester City lifted the Premier League trophy.
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    Leicester City personified. Unfashionable, a bit rough round the edges, plucked from obscurity. Success built via hard work rather than an abundance of natural talent, and ultimately, a winner.
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    I'm quite comfortable with them not speaking to radio Leicester. The root cause of it was stringer making hugely inappropriate gestures after a couple of years of inflammatory interviews and a campaign to try and remove our manager. He's sneaky and serpentine. My question is why would you WANT him involved with our club?
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    I fvcking hate Arsenal and everything to do with them.
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    Jim Thanks again for finding my wallet and making such an effort to try to find me. I really appreciate it. I hope you won't mind accepting a bottle of something good when I pick up the wallet later. And let me know if you're ever near Leicester and want to see a match. James
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    just a massive shout-out to them for their constant attention to the pitch and keeping it to such a high standard all year round. The patterns over the last few years have been superb. Time and time again they excel themselves and just produce stunning pieces of work. The latest effort... https://twitter.com/lcfchelp/status/862301889484005378 Surely we have the best staff in this department in the country?! Or the world?
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    What evidence do you have that he is a 'bad apple'? He's a popular member of the squad, not to mention the most gifted player we'll ever have play for us. He's had a crap season, yes, but have a bit more respect for the guy after all he's done for us. You'll miss him when he's gone.
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    Fvck that, whether he gets phased out as a starter or not he's our leader and club legend, absolutely don't let go.
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    Boo fcuking hoo. Wenger needs to do one. This is a pathetic attempt to cover up how he has failed to adapt as a manager over the past decade. It's also worth noting that supporters of Leicester, Chelsea and the like don't seem to be moaning about the brand of counter attacking football they're "subjected" to. Yet I'm always hearing Arsenal and City fan moaning about their lack of cutting edge or overplaying in the final third.
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    Albrighton. Legend. If you're going to keep ignoring him then it's probably time he reveals his Welsh granny.
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    I'd hope that it comes with serious plans for the club itself and not just a scheme to get us a feeder in Europe. That club will have it's own history and fans and I'd hate the ownership of our club to be part responsible for damaging that club. If they're given the infrastructure promised and allowed to progress as a club then it's a win-win, and as of now I trust the Top & Vichai to do the right thing.
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    I can't believe how much a few dead rubber games with an injury crisis can actually alter peoples opinions. What went on before that is far more important and he did a grand job.
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    I'd only ever known us to be shit, slowly descending into championship mediocrity. Eventually we got relegated after having one too many shit managers and a few too many shit players. Then Nigel Pearson the lord and saviour got us promoted out of league one at the first attempt whilst building a squad of determined and hardworking players that wanted to be here. Then we were a penalty shootout from a play off final after being promoted with a squad that had no business overachieving so much. Pearson left for Hull that summer as he didn't feel wanted at the club and the Thais took over and appointed Sousa. Then he came back after Sven abd Sousa spent a shitload of money and inexplicably managed to dismantle all of the good work done by NP, the squad was full of overpaid egos and a bunch of cúnts which had resulted in underachievement. We we had difficulty with FFP too so Pearson had to rebuild the squad and cut our cloth yet he still managed to sign a lot of our title winning squad - Vardy, Drinkwater, Matty James, De Laet and Morgan came in and eventually we got promoted after playoff heartbreak once again. The top flight pushed him to his limits but as a result of the team spirit and a change in system we pulled off the great escape. I don't think he's the same manager without Shakespeare and Walsh but if the background team are any good he'll be brilliant for you. Gibson seems like a fantastic chairman to have so I'd imagine you'll be in the hunt next season.
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    The mighty Leicester City ranked 7th best team in Europe by UEFA Who would have thought this possible on the anniversary of Knockys penalty 4 years ago. Also weren't we meant to ruin the Co-Efficient Always proud to be a fox
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    I did a quick calculation on how we would do next season based on our form since Shakey took over. In 9 league games ( excluding the CL), we have got 19 points. Over a 38 game season that would give us 80 points and in the top 4 with a chance of winni g the league. I know it is only for fun but it maybe gives us an idea of how we might do next season. With no euro footie as a distraction, maybe the miracle part 2 could happen?
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    We didn't really need them to 'do us a favour' and I'm sure they don't need us either but let's just beat Spurs for ourselves.
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    My love for Fuchs knows no bounds. I'm in my mid forties, married for 20 years with 2 kids, but I'm starting to think that I may actually be in love with our Austrian legend. What he did to Sanchez with that throw in tonight was inspired. Instinctive, clever, funny and well deserved. No other Leicester player I know would have had the nads to do that. What a class act Fuchs is. Even though we lost, that moment when he owned Sanchez and showed him who's boss will live with me for a long time. When Fuchs eventually does leave us it will be a very sad day in our history. One of the greatest signings we've ever made for me...
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    Couldn't agree less. He assisted our only goal, but should have had two assists. Was clearly playing as a target man to knock the ball on for Mahrez or Vardy, why can nobody seem to understand this?
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    I noticed that for some reason, we do not have a 'general' thread for Vardy, or at least there hasn't been any posts in it for over 6 months. Threads on players typically pop up on FT in the heat of the moment and usually when we've got something negative to say about them. I just wanted to start this thread as I really admire what Vardy has achieved throughout his career and with us especially. He's now into his into his thirties and he's still lightning quick and better than ever on the ball. I remember watching the videos of a lower league player able to run in behind and finish 1-on-1's and it's comforting and satisfying to see him do it at elite level too. Many questioned his dedication and worried that his pay rise would affect performances. Personally, I think his effort levels have been consistently high this season, even when we were playing terribly, and that it was just a matter of his teammates giving him some service. His chance conversion rate is, frankly, phenomenal for a player who never struck me as technically gifted. Over the past month he has been lethal and everything he does is effective. Even when he hasn't touched the ball for an hour he will be sharp and alert. Our club took a gamble on him and it's possibly the best gamble it has ever taken. I hope that we get to enjoy his endless harrassing and sharp actions for a couple more years yet.
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    It was the right decision. I felt bad about it at the time, I still do but it had to be done.
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    Honestly we are so lucky when it comes to our Owners, Top and Vichai have been great all round. Football aside, It was an amazing gesture, when they donated £2million to Leicester City Hospitals.
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    Yeah but Dave and Steve who support West Ham say we are long ball
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    Slimani running to open the space for Marc to score, or as they say here, "an okazaki assist"
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