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    I feel sorry for Simpson. It was clear with all his off the pitch troubles the game was a lifeline into normality. And he rarely put a foot wrong in our title winning season. He was integral to the team spirit. The man beemed happiness and joy in our goal celebrations. And he did legitimately try to adapt to Puel's style too. I think we've stepped up with Pereira but I don't fancy joining in any schadenfreude. He's our title winning right back.
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    wow, just wow. I don't know how the owners of your club managed to get a glamour pre-season friendly against us and to top it off, at our state of the art stadium as well it's a fantastic achievement from the owners who have done nothing for your club and for that I applaud them , for you all ,to see a glamour match during their reign is a truly remarkable one, I don't think you will ever see one again if your owners leave tomorrow after their dreadful few years in charge, at least you can all say ' they got us a friendly against the Anglo- Italian cup winners' a great day for leicester city, what will surly see you on the front page of the mercury for a change and not the back page **** forest and cheating cov
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    Each book is better than the next! That Steve is some writer! He’s also very handsome and polite— he’s a great catch for any ladies out there. What a talented young man! Did I mention that he’s handsome?
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    Hey Leicester fans.Just registered to tell you guys a bit about Ricardo. Everybody is p*ssed off at the Chairman for letting him go , specially for 20M€ - bargain.But we need to sell,as some of you know ,we are under Uefa pressure to make a certain amount of money. In my opinion and i´ve watched Porto´s games for a very long time,he´s one of the best rb´s we´ve had and we have had amazing right backs in our history.Don´t expect him to score 15 goals per season,he´s very attacking but more towards the line. He started his career as a right wing , and i think this is why he´s turned into a great right back , very quick , very strong at recovering his defensive positioning. Whoever is playing on his side ,Mharez , if he plays on the right occasionally , won´t have to worry about defending as much as like i said , Ricardo is so fast at recovering his positioning. Saw someone mentioning Telles , in my opinion he is twice as good as Ricardo , check out his stats.Crazy number of assists.I hope you don´t get this one , but if you do it will probably cost you double.For the ones who fear that Mahrez may leave , i would replace him with Brahimi.Different players but both skillful as f*** Seems like i´m here to sell our players but came to read your comments after we sold Ricardo and just thought you´d like to know more about him as it´s always unsure what to expect from a new signing.I´l just say by the end of the season his topic will be full of posts and you will be amazed with his performances.He got MOM a few times this season. It´s always sad to see our good players leave but at same time you just have to be happy they are going to a club that pays 10 times better. Good luck for the next season , any questions , don´t hesitate.
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    Hi everyone, Norwich fan here in peace just thought I'd give you a bit of info about James Maddison. Our main journalist has tweeted that the deal now is agreed between our two clubs its just a case now of you moving Mahrez on. Think it's only a matter of time before this move happens as he's always very reliable (our local journo that is, no idea how reliable Mahrez is on Norwich City related transfer news). Maddison has been an absolute revelation here this season. Before the season started Norwich fans were excited about the prospect of him getting more game-time, as he'd only been involved sporadically in the 18 months or so since we signed him from Coventry, and for half a season he was even inexplicably loaned out to Aberdeen by Alex Neil who had started to lose the plot. Scotland was too easy for him to be honest but in the handful of games he had played for us before last season you could see he had ability. He got his chance a bit fortuitously to be fair, due to Pritchard and Hoolahan, our main attacking midfielders, being out injured, and Steven Naismith being a fat Scottish ****. But once he got his chance he grabbed it with both hands, and without him this season we would've almost certainly been in a relegation scrap. He's an attacking midfielder, and when he's played on the wing this season he's been pretty much anonymous, so if you're planning on putting him straight in on the right hand side where Mahrez played then it won't work. Play him as a CAM though and I'm sure he'll be a very good player for you. He likes to come deep to collect the ball and then look to either make a forward pass or drive into the opposition half with pace. You can tell at times he's been frustrated this season because he'll look to clip a ball in behind the defence but our strikers just aren't clever enough to make the right runs. But with a player like Vardy up top I think he'll have a field day. He won't usually try and force the issue. Some people will see that as a bit of a negative perhaps but if he can't see a run on then he'll play it simple and knock it 6 yards to someone close to him. If you can get him in that area though between the opposition midfield and defence then you'll really get the best out of him. Obviously I'm biased but I haven't seen a better player either in the Championship this season or in a Norwich shirt in the 25 plus years I've been watching us at creating something once he's in those positions. He has 15 goals this season and nearly all of them are 20-25 yards shots that he's placed inch perfectly in the top corner. Even if the shot isn't on as long as you have runners getting into the box he's very capable of playing a lovely little ball through or chip over the top to pick them out. As you've probably seen on the highlights videos, he's very skillful. He's got a great ability to keep hold of the ball in tight areas and his set-piece delivery is outstanding. The thing that gives him such ability though is he has a massive amount of confidence. The first game of the season last season, despite the fact he'd made less than half a dozen first team appearances for us before, he was on every corner and free-kick, and you can tell from the interviews he gives that he's a confident lad. Not arrogant in the slightest though. He's been asked about his future several times this season and every time he's said that he's really enjoying being at Norwich and that he's not thinking about his future. I know I've literally just waxed lyrical about him in this post but he is honestly a really impressive young man and all Norwich fans will tell you the same, hence the reason he walked our player of the year. I know obviously its a big step to go from mid-table Championship to an established Premier League side, but I've never seen a player in a Norwich shirt more capable or more prepared to do it. One thing as well to consider when is that he's got 15 goals 11 assists this season, despite playing in, what for most of last season, was a pretty poor side. Numerous times last season he would put chances on a plate for our strikers only for them to mess it up. If he had better players around him, say played for Wolves or Fulham for example, he would've got unbelievable numbers. I think this is a really good move for all parties. All Norwich fans now are resigned to losing him due to our financial situation, and to be honest it wouldn't be fair on him to stop him moving on when he is far too good for the Championship. I think this is the perfect move for him. As much as it would look good on us selling him to a Spurs or Liverpool, he wouldn't get as much game time as I think he would want or need. Whereas Leicester are a well-established Premier League side now, and one that he can not only get plenty of game time with, but hopefully nail down a first team spot and really show what he has to offer. Really wish him all the best, and I'm sure a lot of Norwich fans will have an eye out for your games next season. I hope he signs for you now at least or I've just typed all that out for no reason. I could always copy and paste it onto the Everton forum I guess. PS, you can mock the 6 fingers but this was a long old post and I typed it in about 45 seconds
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    No-one on here knows me from Adam (sorry, no personal reference intended!), nor would give a damn if I left the forum. I have a life, a job etc, and don’t live on the internet. I’ve enjoyed logging on to Foxes Talk over the years, a few times a day, posting the odd thought. I left another forum years ago (they wouldn’t remember me, I don’t remember them) when it got to the stage that every little post of mine brought forth abuse of one kind or another (what do you know?,etc), such that the only sane thing to do was get out. I hope we’re not heading in that direction here, but it does seem to me that every poster who might know anything of interest to most readers is now almost automatically subject to (at least) interrogation or (at worst) abuse or ridicule. I’m sure there are some posters on this forum for egocentric reasons, but surely we’d want this forum to be an environment in which people with some/a little knowledge would be happy to share that, without fear of abuse or recrimination? In short, could we lay off both the ITKs and those that wish they were? It’s only a chat forum, after all.
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    I've lived in Norfolk for nearly 40 years, and I can count on one hand how many people I've seen with extra fingers......6
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    Over the course of the 2017-18 season, FoxesTalk visitors have been able to cast votes after each Leicester City fixture. I will post a summary of these over the next few days and they will be in three parts. Part 1: Referee and Opposition Awards Part 2: Manager and Team Awards Part 3: Player Awards Manager Best Managerial Performance : Southampton (A) Southampton 1-4 Leicester City : 8.59 (Claude Puel) Chelsea 0-0 Leicester City : 8.30 (Claude Puel) Peterborough 1-5 Leicester City : 8.05 (Claude Puel) Leicester City 2-0 Everton : 7.58 (Claude Puel) Leicester City 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur : 7.51 (Claude Puel) Worst Managerial Performance : Crystal Palace (A) Crystal Palace 5-0 Leicester City : 2.12 (Claude Puel) Leicester City 0-2 West Ham United : 2.34 (Claude Puel) AFC Bournemouth 0-0 Leicester City : 2.81 (Craig Shakespeare) Leicester City 1-1 Stoke City : 3.71 (Claude Puel) Fleetwood Town 0-0 Leicester City : 3.73 (Claude Puel) Manager Confidence Highest Manager Confidence : Brighton & Hove Albion FC (H) 19/08/17 - Leicester City 2-0 Brighton & Hove Albion FC : 99.44% (Craig Shakespeare) 28/11/17 - Leicester City 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur : 98.86% (Claude Puel) 13/12/17 - Southampton 1-4 Leicester City : 98.20% (Claude Puel) 22/08/17 - Sheffield United 1-4 Leicester City : 97.03% (Craig Shakespeare) 29/10/17 - Leicester City 2-0 Everton : 96.43% (Claude Puel) Lowest Manager Confidence : West Ham United (H) 05/05/18 - Leicester City 0-0 West Ham United : 11.96% (Claude Puel) 28/04/18 - Crystal Palace 5-0 Leicester City : 15.12% (Claude Puel) 16/10/17 - Leicester City 1-1 West Bromwich Albion : 32.62% (Craig Shakespeare) 30/09/17 - AFC Bournemouth 0-0 Leicester City : 37.74% (Craig Shakespeare) 19/04/18 - Leicester City 0-0 Southampton : 50.97% (Claude Puel) Biggest Confidence Rise : 29/10/17 - Leicester City 2-0 Everton : 63.81% (Transition between Shakespeare and Puel) The biggest confidence rise excluding the managerial change would be 45.58%, which came on 09/05/18 - Leicester City 3-1 Arsenal The longest run of consecutive increase in manager confidence was only two games, which occurred on four separate occasions Biggest Confidence Drop : 28/04/18 - Crystal Palace 5-0 Leicester City : -35.85% The longest run of manager confidence decreasing was four games, 22/08/17 - 19/09/18. Team Best Team Performance : Southampton (A) 13/12/17 - Southampton 1-4 Leicester City : 7.45 13/01/18 - Chelsea 0-0 Leicester City : 7.29 02/12/17 - Leicester City 1-0 Burnley : 7.22 28/11/17 - Leicester City 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur : 7.21 19/08/17 - Leicester City 2-0 Brighton & Hove Albion FC : 7.13 Worst Team Performance : Crystal Palace (A) 28/04/18 - Crystal Palace 5-0 Leicester City : 3.47 06/01/18 - Leicester City 1-1 Stoke City : 4.14 10/02/18 - Manchester City 5-1 Leicester City : 4.19 05/05/18 - Leicester City 0-2 West Ham United : 4.28 16/12/17 - Leicester City 0-3 Crystal Palace : 4.33 Leicester's Premier League Team Performance Table (Premier League matches only - shows who the best team performances were against in the league over both games played) Brighton : 6.82 Southampton : 6.69 Chelsea : 6.57 Tottenham Hotspur : 6.53 Swansea : 6.47 Arsenal : 6.43 Burnley : 6.34 Manchester United : 6.24 Newcastle : 6.05 West Brom : 5.98 Huddersfield : 5.97 Watford : 5.9 Everton : 5.75 Liverpool : 5.61 Stoke City : 5.6 West Ham : 5.03 Bournemouth : 4.97 Manchester City : 4.88 Crystal Palace : 3.9
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    You've copy and pasted Elyounoussi's name haven't you
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    Yessssss. Evans signing means we will now line up: Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Maguire Chilwell
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    A of bunch people jumped on the bandwagon when we won the PL & now feel that it's ok to call our players utter dross. John Terry could not make the first team at Chelsea in his last year but fans never called him dross. Ulloa was huge for us for two seasons but is approaching the end of his career. Same for Morgan, Fuchs etc. We do need to move on but these players have been admirable for us.
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    'Nick Mashiter' sounds like a mancunian who has had his toilet stolen... is it a reputable source though?
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    His goals and assists and ability to win games for us on his own marks him down as the greatest of all time with Vardy. So many times in 15/16 season he was the difference, he is a gift of several generations. We've been blessed with him and Vardy. Incredible, the pair of them.
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    I’m happily married. posted by my wife using tapatalk.
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    Over the course of the 2017-18 season, FoxesTalk visitors have been able to cast votes after each Leicester City fixture. I will post a summary of these over the next few days and they will be in three parts. Part 1: Referee and Opposition Awards Part 2: Manager and Team Awards Part 3: Player Awards Most Man of the Match Awards : Riyad Mahrez Riyad Mahrez : 9 Jamie Vardy : 6 Kasper Schmeichel : 6 Harry Maguire : 5 Aleksandar Dragović : 3 Shinji Okazaki : 3 The most consecutive man of the match awards went to Riyad Mahrez, who won it three times in a row for his performances against Sheffield United (H), Stoke City (H), AFC Bournemouth (H) and West Bromwich Albion (A) Best Individual Performance : Shinji Okazaki v Southampton (A) Shinji Okazaki @ Southampton 1-4 Leicester City : 9.21 Fousseni Diabate @ Peterborough United 1-5 Leicester City : 8.70 Riyad Mahrez @ Southampton 1-4 Leicester City : 8.65 Riyad Mahrez @ Chelsea 0-0 Leicester City : 8.61 Wilfred Ndidi @ Chelsea 0-0 Leicester City : 8.44 Worst Individual Performance : Kasper Schmeichel v Manchester City (A) Kasper Schmeichel @ Manchester City 5-1 Leicester City : 2.46 Ben Chilwell @ Everton 2-1 Leicester City : 2.67 Kelechi Iheanacho @ Fleetwood Town 0-0 Leicester City : 2.78 Adrien Silva @ Crystal Palace 5-0 Leicester City : 2.87 Demarai Gray @ Crystal Palace 5-0 Leicester City : 2.87 Most Consistent Performer : Yohan Benalouane Yohan Benalouane : 0.79 Danny Simpson : 0.86 Christian Fuchs : 0.86 Ben Hamer : 1.03 Fousseni Diabate : 1.07 Minimum of 5 games played. The number represents the standard deviation in the player's rating throughout the season - the lower the number the less the player's average rating varied throughout the season  Most Inconsistent Performer : Riyad Mahrez Riyad Mahrez : 1.51 Kelechi Iheanacho : 1.48 Islam Slimani : 1.32 Adrien Silva : 1.32 Andy King : 1.29 FoxesTalk Player of the Season : Harry Maguire Harry Maguire : 6.47 Riyad Mahrez : 6.3818 Wilfred Ndidi : 6.3817 FoxesTalk Flop of the Season : Andy King Andy King : 5.01 Leonardo Ulloa : 5.05 Yohan Benalouane : 5.13 Player by Player Analysis A few stats on each player in order of their performance 1st : Harry Maguire Rating: 6.47 Best & Worst: 8.42 - Brighton (H) | 3.49 - Crystal Palace (A) MOTM Awards: 5 2nd : Riyad Mahrez Rating: 6.38 Best & Worst: 8.65 - Southampton (A) | 2.95 - Crystal Palace (A) MOTM Awards: 9 3rd : Wilfred Ndidi Rating: 6.38 Best & Worst: 8.44 - Chelsea (A) | 3.59 - Crystal Palace (H) MOTM Awards: 2 4th : Vicente Iborra Rating: 6.34 Best & Worst: 8.3 - Tottenham Hotspur (H) | 3.88 - West Ham (H) MOTM Awards: 2 5th : Jamie Vardy Rating: 6.34 Best & Worst: 8.34 - Arsenal (A) | 4.01 - Manchester City (A) MOTM Awards: 6 6th : Eldin Jakupovic Rating: 6.25 Best & Worst: 7.51 - Arsenal (H) | 5.26 - Tottenham Hotspur (A) MOTM Awards: 1 7th : Shinji Okazaki Rating: 6.13 Best & Worst: 9.21 - Southampton (A) | 4.04 - Everton (A) MOTM Awards: 3 8th : Kasper Schmeichel Rating: 6.04 Best & Worst: 8.03 - Brighton & Hove Albion (A) | 2.46 - Manchester City (A) MOTM Awards: 6 9th : Aleksander Dragovic Rating: 6.01 Best & Worst: 7.58 - Chelsea (A) | 4.09 - Watford (A) MOTM Awards: 3 10th : Fousseni Diabate Rating: 5.99 Best & Worst: 8.70 - Peterborough United (A) | 4.19 - Crystal Palace (A) MOTM Awards: 2 11th : Daniel Amartey Rating: 5.96 Best & Worst: 8.2 - Leeds (H) | 3.13 - Manchester United (H) MOTM Awards: 1 12th : Marc Albrighton Rating: 5.88 Best & Worst: 7.89 - Huddersfield (H) | 3.37 - Southampton (A) MOTM Awards: 2 13th : Adrien Silva Rating: 5.85 Best & Worst: 7.59 - Huddersfield (H) | 2.87 - Crystal Palace (A) MOTM Awards: 2 14th : Christian Fuchs Rating: 5.82 Best & Worst: 7.14 - Southampton (A) | 3.66 - Manchester City (A) MOTM Awards: 0 15th : Wes Morgan Rating: 5.80 Best & Worst: 7.49 - Everton (H) | 3.00 - Crystal Palace (A) MOTM Awards: 0 16th : Danny Simpson Rating: 5.75 Best & Worst: 6.98 - Tottenham Hotspur (H) | 4.03 - Tottenham Hotspur (A) MOTM Awards: 0 17th : Demarai Gray Rating: 5.53 Best & Worst: 8.34 - Everton (H) | 2.88 - Crystal Palace (A) MOTM Awards: 1 18th : Islam Slimani Rating: 5.52 Best & Worst: 8.07 - Huddersfield (H) | 3.45 - Fleetwood (A) MOTM Awards: 1 19th : Ben Chilwell Rating: 5.50 Best & Worst: 7.4 - Southampton (A) | 2.67 - Everton (A) MOTM Awards: 0 20th : Ben Hamer Rating: 5.50 Best & Worst: 6.33 - Southampton (H) | 3.39 - Crystal Palace (A) MOTM Awards: 0 21st : Hamza Choudhury Rating: 5.41 Best & Worst: 7.61 - Arsenal (H) | 3.38 - Crystal Palace (A) MOTM Awards: 1 22nd : Kelechi Iheanacho Rating: 5.33 Best & Worst: 8.23 - Peterborough (A) | 2.78 - Fleetwood Town (A) MOTM Awards: 0 23rd : Matty James Rating: 5.22 Best & Worst: 6.88 - Brighton (H) | 3.48 - Manchester City (A) MOTM Awards: 0 24th : Yohan Benalouane Rating: 5.13 Best & Worst: 6.44 - Peterborough (A) | 4.53 - Fleetwood (A) MOTM Awards: 0 25th : Harvey Barnes Rating: 5.12 Best & Worst: 5.73 - Peterborough (A) | 3.23 - Fleetwood (A) MOTM Awards: 0 26th : Leonardo Ulloa Rating: 5.05 Best & Worst: 6.54 - Newcastle (A) | 3.55 - Liverpool (H) MOTM Awards: 0 27th : Andy King Rating: 5.01 Best & Worst: 7.23 - Southampton (A) | 3.19 - Bournemouth (A) MOTM Awards: 0
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    Thank you to everyone who's sent me a DM on this, I really appreciate it. I'm sorry I derailed someone elses thread but this has been boiling up for ages and I snapped last night. I also appreciate all the advice and ideas people have suggested. I know we all use humour a lot on here to make a point and it's all with the right intentions, so I'm sorry if I got a bit over sensitive. The good news is that my daughter has only got one more term there before leaving to a different secondary school where these kids won't be attending and she's got a chance to start again. We've managed to get her into a CofE secondary school where there is huge focus on student care and well-being and strict Christian values where bullying is not accepted in any form. And bullying isn't always physical. Believe it or not the 4 kids who target my daughter are high achievers, passed the 11 + exam and are top of the class. They're nasty, vindictive and cruel and bully by intimidation, manipulation, fear and public humiliation. We like her current school in general and they've have tried there best to address it, but there's no easy fix. To any other parents going through this, my heart goes out to you. There's nothing more important to us than our kids and me and the wife feel we've failed but we can't be there to protect her 24/7. Ultimately I hope my daughter grows from this experience, learns to be the better person and continues to treat others with love and respect by role modelling what kindness and decency looks like.
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    Taking account of 2018 games only, the Premier League table would be this : + Leicester would be 12th, 5 points ahead of the relegation for only 21 games played (that's 9 points for 38 games). That isn't even close to relegation battle. There is the same gap between Leicester and WBA (17th) and Leicester and Arsenal (5th). So it's funny to see people drawing conclusions that aren't even true even with their irrelevant data. That means with a team he didn't mould and that was in its worst form, he managed to be midtable. Imagine now a whole season with also periods of good forms AND the players he wants... Everybody has the right to be uncertain about Puel's competence or his adaptation to City or to just straight think he's a terrible coach, but please don't hide yourself behind false facts and dishonest arguments.
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    This Ricardo Pereira signing has impressed me. There's method in the madness. Puel was the one demanding we got it done quickly for reasons that could save us a lot of money, as well as potentially missing out on him altogether. That's good management. I also think he could completely change the way we attack. Do people really think we're going to struggle at breaking down these weaker sides with proper attacking full backs in the side as opposed to the likes of Simpson and Fuchs? I think Puel made a lot of errors - and ultimately demanded a bit too much from players who just aren't quite capable of what he wants. But if he can get signings like Ricardo in then I'm happy to see him given time. I'm even more sure Benitez and Silva won't come here now and I don't really see any obvious alternatives. Not confidently saying it but I'm prepared to give him a chance.
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    Greetings from Turkia and sorry for my poor English. Abdulkadir's running and dribbling style looks like Messi but he is not Messi of course. He is very short 168 cm but not terrible at high balls. He shown as a winger or right midfielder but he is currently playing there in Trabzonspor because lack of players in the team. He is originaly a centeral midfielder box to box. (Much look like Emre Belezoglu you should remember him from Newcastle) Trabzonspor has a poor passing accuracy percentage but he has a high rating. He has a good stamania but i think his best ability is stability and discipline that he shows on the field. He has a good work rate and has a modest personality. That discipline and professionalism is a very big problem most of the Turkish players. Anyway, Trabzonspor has a new chairman and he is starting to reduce players salary. Abdülkadir and also new star Yusuf Yazici getting a very low salary. Both players born in Trabzon, the city of Trabzonspor ofcourse and it's not look possible that day let them go. Instead of these talented young players, he is going sell high paid players like Sosa, Kucka, Burak Yılmaz exc. Is he had a value around 20 million paunds? I don't think so. Maybe 10-15... But within the 3-4 years, or maybe after the next world cup he sure going to double it.
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    Great post. Simpson was another player instrumental to our title winning season. A player who hardly ever put a foot wrong during our title campaign. It’s astonishing how quickly ‘fans’ turn on such important players for the club. Defensively, Simmo will go down as one of our most successful right backs. He isn’t a wing back and never can be. And it’s not his fault Puel has asked him to play that way. One of the reasons why Mahrez has been so amazing for Leicester is because Simpson has been so solid behind him. There have been many times Simpson has had to do ALL the defending down that right side.
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