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  1. After 8 games, Leicester City sit top of the league! An incredible achievement given our end of season collapse last tine round and the general pessimism it brought out in many fans (myself included!) on the forums. And whilst there are many factors in this turnaround, one of the most obvious ones is the use of a new system from Brendan Rodgers, a 343 system. Here are two examples of lineups using the system, on the left the game against Wolves, and on the right against Braga: The hallmarks of this system are: Three centre backs. Two wingbacks that provi
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  2. I'm not sure how much anyone wants a progress report on Josh Knight's loan spell with us (Wycombe), but he is an absolute Ferrari at this level. We had a rough start adjusting to the jump up between L1 and the Championship (7 straight losses to open, though with horrific refereeing decisions taking points off the board four games in a row at one point), but have found our feet a little more with Josh in the side - in the last five, we have won two, drawn two, and lost one. Obviously we are still going to struggle against relegation all season, but Josh is an absolute standout performer, week i
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  5. Great that he's going to be hanging around the club beyond his playing days. Quite clearly a massive character well respected at the club.
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  6. The game against the Portuguese outfit will mean we will see if we can translate our blistering away form to wins at home... ...and of course we have this Braga game before that.
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  7. "All Leicester do is park the bus!" Too right mate, but we are parking this ****ing bus:
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  8. Listening to Kasper Effing and jeffing all game was a joy to behold tonight. Non stop shouting, encouraging and moaning at the ref. I know he has his faults but for me he's worth his weight in gold to us as a leader of men. He'll leave a huge void and big gloves to fill when he eventually leaves . Long live our Viking warrior.
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  9. And Lo, He cuppeth His ears in derision of The Baggies, for He smiteth greatly and repeatedly the Western Kingdom of Bromwich Albion. Amen. Let us cup our ears in prayer....
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  10. Right, so... I've reached the age of 65 and had a decision to make: should I carry on, because I could if I wanted to, or do I take the decision to give up a profession and career that has meant so much to me for 34 years? I'm now at the point of reflection over my career. I have to admit that Covid has been an influence on my decision. I want to be involved in responding to and helping those that need ambulance intervention regardless of how trivial (although those calls are so frustrating). However, I have increasingly found that having to wear mask, apron and gloves to every call and t
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  11. Nice touch naming the building after him. Long may his name be cemented in foxes history.
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  12. 16,000 extra seats gentlemen. 48,000 when completed with a new section of hospitality. plans shown have moved on. exciting times indeed.
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  13. Always thought it'd be more of a shock if he didn't turn to cage fighting.
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  14. We’re fortunate enough to possess one of the best crests in the world, the detail down to the Leicester coat of arms, cannot be topped or improved in my opinion.
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  15. Great result, and for once my stream wasn’t too far behind. Dickov was sublime, as was Scowcroft, and what a strike from Lilian Nalis.
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  16. Failure to prepare for the looming pandemic in January and February Failure to lock down fast enough Failure to provide protective equipment for health workers Failure to protect care homes Failure to deliver an efficient test and trace system which he's slung an unqualified mate in charge of. A system the fate of the nation supposedly hinges on Failure to devise a plausible alternative to A-levels Failure to use the summer lull to prepare for the imminent second wave Rewarding cronies with cabinet jobs, peerages and untendered contracts Scapegoa
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  17. As with any request from Mark... Just ****ing do it? We have the best looking/functioning fan forum in the country. This is his business and we use it for free. Don't put any of that in jeopardy.
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  18. You might have heard of these "rumours" of Leicester City signing a phenomenal centre back who at just 19 years old is taking the Premier League by storm. I am here to categorically shut down this rumour. It's simply not true. Wesley Fofana is in fact a Rugby player who plays for ASM Clermont Auvergne in France. Besides even if we did have a player by that name, you wouldn't be able to find him. And he most certainly would not be making tackles like this: FAKE NEWS! So please move on and disregard any rumour
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  19. If anyone needs me I'll be doing a Q&A on twitter. I DO BANGERS NOT ANTHEMS.
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  20. Top of the league Spurs second Grinding out 1-0’s Dodgy Penalties PED’s .... hello 2015/16 it’s been a while.
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  21. For a fraud who is too rigid in his approach and who can't lead a team once the players see through him... Brendan is doing alright
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  22. Finger's crossed the meaningless internationals get scrapped...
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  23. My Fiance suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and PCOS, we have been trying for a baby for 7 years without success, as chances are very slim. We had begun the process of going down the IVF route as she is at the prime age for CFers to carry full term. Yesterday, we found out she was pregnant, all natural!! Had to tell somebody, so why not the forum I read every day?
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  24. Interesting article about Fuchs, and Leicester in the Times this morning (I've always wondered how he manages to balance living in New York with playing for us) - but colour me suprised to note that they are directly quoting FT contributors! Christian Fuchs: It’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to my kids when they return to New York The Leicester left back talks to Henry Winter about life in America, how his stay in the Midlands was not supposed to last this long, and his goal to emulate former NFL player Toni Fritsch -------------------------------- Christian Fuch
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  25. Don't boo your own players. It never ever helps. It's that simple.
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  26. Don't you just love that feeling when you're at work, or going about some mundane business on a Thursday, and you forget for a moment that the game's on, then remember again and get really excited? Or wake up on a Sunday morning and as your brain's booting you suddenly remember you've got the game to look forward to and get that excited feeling again. I absolutely despise the international break with a passion, I think it's even more magnified how much I hate it due to lockdown...
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  27. Go ahead It's pretty telling that we have only had one other 3 goal defeat under Bielsa that I can recall and it was against a team set up exactly as Leicester did last night. It's absolutely no secret that the most effective way to counter Leeds' domination of the ball is to play that way, the difference between Leicester and most championship clubs that tried it is that Leicester have the caliber of players to make it work. You were frighting on the counter attack and in vardy and Barnes, you have an electric couple of players who would worry any defence. I said before the game
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  28. An away win in Europe with a patchwork team, an injury list like the end of an episode of Casualty, on a ploughed field of a pitch? I'll take that. Bravo, lads. Well done Brendan shuffling the pack.
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  29. https://www.planetfootball.com/in-depth/leicester-city-a-club-thats-truly-in-touch-with-its-fanbase/ The only team to vote against PPV: How Leicester City became the fans’ club November 3, 2018, was an incredibly emotional day for Leicester City, as they played their first match since the death of their chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. Before kick-off, it wasn’t just the starting XI who stood around the centre circle, they were joined by the club’s entire playing and coaching staff. The fans, who were occupying one corner of the Cardiff City Stadium, stood in solid
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  30. Interesting how Ross Barkley, having been a regular starter for England when he was a reserve and off form at Chelsea, now finds himself out of the squad altogether, despite playing every week in the PL for Villa - and playing exceptionally well. Would have been a far better option than Winks.
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  31. We opened TEN intensive care units at my hospital alone on the last surge. TEN. Each bedspace designed for 1 patient had 2 and sometimes 3 in it. We are fast ramping up again now, more and more come in every day. You and everyone else who complains about the measures or masks or whatever, DONT HAVE A ****ING CLUE. You have no idea how close we came to collapsing. Do you have any idea what happens when a country's healthcare system ceases to cope and provide a basic service to it's population? Don't you understand how many people will die? One person gets fined for going
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  32. I'd have liked a bit more detail Strider but this will have to do
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  33. He will be in my thoughts. Nigel Pearson made me proud to be Leicester for the first time ever so after this tough time for him there is still a lot to owe afterwards. Legend.
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  34. I genuinely have no idea why people are travelling when you cant get into the stadium and chances are you may have to self isolate when you get back. I know my employer would not be best pleased if I had to take 2 weeks off because I went abroad to watch a game of football in a pub. Bizarre!
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  35. Ricardo Castange Wilf Soynocu All training Massive
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  36. Parking the bus 😂😂 amazing
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  37. Poor bloke has had less success finding his way to New York than the titanic!
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