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    From what I've heard hes a really sound bloke. Rumours of him having his head turned and he wants to leave sound pretty far fetched to me, he signed a new 6 year contract last year. From what I can see hes a massive confidence player and is struggling with that. Some time away from the firing line may help. Booing him / claiming he wants out are hardly going to help him.
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    Some perspective here. In out last 22 games we have only lost 4 , (or 5 in 29 games if you wanna include the defeat to man u away). Twice to Liverpool, once at home and once away, the away one we lost in last minute. Once to man city away. And one to Southampton at home. Surely every team has a bad game every now and then and more than 1 bad one in 22 games. We are still in a strong position with 16 league games to go. Semis of the league cup. And an fa cup tie lunchtime on a Saturday. If we get top 4 we would of had an amazing season. If we can add a cup or even a Wembley trip or 2 trips then it's a phenamanal season. Let's get behind the lads now. 4 huge game in a row and a nice week off for the players after a gruelling spell of fixtures. P.S our under 21's have a quarter final of an efl trophy to look forward too and they could end up at Wembley too with 2 more wins. U23s going steady in 3rd place in development league too. Let's all cheers up a bit and look forward to our next set of fixtures with 4 crucial games. 😀
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    June 2009: - Premier League and World Champions Manchester United receive a world record fee for Christiano Ronaldo. - League One Champions Leicester City are preparing for life in the Championship with the signing of Dany N'Guessan. August 2019 - Manchester United pay a world record fee for a defender by signing Leicester City's 3rd best centre back. January 2020 - Leicester thrive without Maguire and sit 14 points above Manchester Utd. - Manchester United are now desperate to sign Leicester's 3rd choice striker who flopped as Leicester City's record signing.
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    BuT wHaT iF vArDy GeTs InJuReD?!?!??
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    This is a common argument in these situations but I think you've missed the point. No one would have minded "that's a weird team, I don't feel overly confident and I don't agree with so many changes but let's see how they go". It's not criticism people mind, it's the "moron" "getting relegated" "fvck this fvck that" stuff that at is ridiculous.
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    Merih Demiral is a tremendous player with great potential. He suits well in physical aspect of the EPL and has great desire to play in the Premier League. I would say a less expensive alternative would be Ozan Kabak of Schalke 04. IMHO, here is the comparison of these two center-backs, who are Turkish internationals, to LCFC's Caglar Soyuncu: Merih Demiral and Caglar Soyuncu were discovered by Lucescu, the manager of Turkish NT at the time, prior to Euro 2020 qualifiers over two years ago. Demiral, two years junior of Soyuncu, has been the first choice for the CB position and he's played every minute of the 10 matches in the Euro 2020 while Soyuncu was usually a third option and alternated with Kaan Ayhan of Fortuna Dusseldorf for the second CB position in a 4-2-3-1 formation which Turkey has mostly utilized in the Euros. After Merih Demiral has moved between a couple of youth rank teams, Fenerbahce in Turkey, and Sporting B in Portugal, he played for Turkish super league club Alanyaspor for the first period of last season. He, then, ended up in Serie A's Sassuolo in the January transfer window where he was immense and received high praise from clubs and pundits in Italy despite the fact he only played the second half of the season in Serie A at the age of 20. Some of the top clubs around Europe followed his progress but Juventus was quick to sign him though only after Juventus had already decided to bring Matthijs de Light in, who cost three times the value of Demiral. Meanwhile, Juventus paid twice the transfer fee for Demiral than Sassuolo paid to Alanyaspor. The price tag and the salary of De Light might have played a role why Demiral didn’t get much playing time for Juventus even though De Light hasn’t played exceptionally well at times. Merih Demiral was superb at Sassoulo and flawless throughout the Euro 2020 matches for Turkey. In contrast, Caglar Soyuncu was error prone for Euro 2020 except in the last two important international games which he played after being regular in LCFC this season. Maybe, it was something to do with Soyuncu being a young and an inexperienced player at the time who spent the last year on the bench while Demiral was regular at Sassoulo. Anyhow, the roles have changed for the ongoing season. Soyuncu has been a regular player for LCFC, and Demiral has been mostly on the bench understandably except in the last month prior to winter break after his superb performance against Bayer Leverkusen in the European Champions League. Demiral has put on the MOTM performance in a star-studded Juventus FC in each game he played. Following the Euro 2020, Turkish football fans were asked about the best performers in Turkish NT. After the manager, Merih Demiral was the unanimous choice of the fans, trailed by Roma's exciting young winger Cengiz Under. Caglar Soyuncu came 5th or 6th place among the players. However, Soyuncu's astounding performance in LCFC this season has allowed him to pair with Merih Demiral in the last two very important Euro games, away vs France (1-1), and home game vs Iceland (0-0). Turkey had 8 clean sheets out of 10 games, and conceded only 3 goals. Demiral is taller, 6'3", so he is much better aerially. His timing, positioning, and reading of the game is excellent. He is as fast and even appears to be faster than Soyuncu. He is a "beast" in the defense. Even though he is only 21, he has leadership quality, and the fans love him for his tenacity. Sarri said of Demiral following the win against Sampdoria “he has this great positive energy that he transmits to his teammates." His teammates and the Turkish fans feel more at ease and less panicky when he is in the middle of the defense. He is a superb tackler though looks a little rough at times even though he generally avoids any card. Probably, the referees think it's only a fair play. In comparison to Soyuncu, Demiral appears to be less technically gifted. I was annoyed by his horizontal and reverse passes in the past. Notwithstanding, as an understudy of Chiellini and Bonucci, he has exhibited he’s made improvement during his most recent performances with the Turkish NT and in the Champions League vs BLeverkusen, and in the Serie A matches. Another thing he improved greatly was that, unlike Soyuncu, he used to look more nervous with the ball in his feet under pressure in big games last year. Probably, that has partially contributed to reverse or parallel passes. That has completely gone since he has been at Juve bar his very first game which he played months ago. It shows he is a quick learner. On the other hand, his long forward straight and diagonal passes have been always pinpoint to the address, either finding his teammates running into the penalty area or are in the wide area. Although Demiral's passing accuracy is very high, he still might be inferior to Soyuncu in forward passing efficiently or silky and crafty Cruyff like moves Soyuncu exhibits quite often. Another quality to Demiral's game is his ability to score or provide assist through dead balls. He is more like VVD. Ozan Kabak of Schalke FC is alternative to both Merih Demiral and Caglar Soyuncu. At 19, Kabak is another highly gifted center back whose qualities are at par with both players, Demiral and Soyuncu. Kabak is a product of Galatasaray. He was promoted to Galatasaray senior squad last year at the age of 18. He played only a dozen games and was immediately brought into Stuttgart during the January window last year. He was regular there and he scored a few goals as well. At the end of the season, Kabak was named the young rookie player of the year in Bundesliga at the age of 18. There was a clause in his transfer agreement that he would be allowed to transfer out if Stuttgart relegated, which he activated and Schalke 04 signed him. He was injured prior to the start of the season, when he return from his injury, he became regular in Schalke 04 since November. He scored and provided assists (I believe 3 goals+1 assist) in consecutive games. He was named the player of the month in November in Bundesliga at the age of 19 after playing a month of football following his recovery. Ozan Kabak is very technical, calm under pressure, excellent tackler, can dribble well and pass accurately, and a threat in dead ball possessions. His technique is similar to William Saliba. IMHO, he can even play a CDM position when needed. Though, he might not be as fast as the other two. Demiral's value has skyrocketed recently; mainly, it is due to his brilliant performances in the limited time with Juventus; and also, many top clubs are interested in him. On the other hand, Ozan Kabak may be valued a lot less at the moment.
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    They may only be playing 1-2 competitive matches a week, but that week also includes: Physical Training 3-4 times per week Mental/tactical coaching, including research on opposition teams/players Travelling to/from games, including hotel stays for long away journeys. Some players will also have to travel long(er) distance for training, as well. Media/Community outreach duties For national-team players they will have additional commitments related to that which take up a lot of time/energy Plus outside of work they'll have plenty of other commitments: Language courses or other university degrees (like Soyuncu and Ndidi are doing, respectively) Keeping on top of nutrition (which requires a lot more effort than it does for you and I) Many players have young families which take up a lot of their time and energy They may also be 'walking the dog' or 'surprising the missus' - that's not something that disappears for them. Their own social lives, which they're entitled to. Of course, there's also huge amounts of mental fatigue and stresses that these players go through which are a world apart from those of us on this forum, so that will impact them in different ways as well. And on a slightly separate note to all of that: as laymen we have very different definitions of what constitutes for 'tired'. This is an industry which is all about maximising every last bit of performance and really working the percentages, so whilst I might only consider myself to be tired when my energy dips below a hypothetical 70%, for instance, the sports science guys at LCFC may well have data that shows that anything less than 95% is "tired" and will cause significant drops in performance. All it takes is one relatively minor (or indeed major) trigger point in their personal lives and the very finely balanced system which governs them during their career can fall out of sync and leave them under-rested for high-level performance sport.
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    If you're a Leicester City supporter with that attitude, you need to give your head a wobble. Last time I felt pre-match nerves like last night was the Champions League knockout fixtures.
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    Well he hasn’t been to Eindhoven to scout him .... 😄
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    A certificate that shows the authenticity
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    A video rather than photo but hope you enjoy this as much as I did !! video-1579874245.mp4
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    But the global voice has spoken on our behalf
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    Time: 14.02. New record. Congratulations
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    Chilwell needs to sit a few games out.
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    Would love a Grealish straight red
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    Rodgers deserves a massive amount of credit for this. When you have some 'transition' you need the ability to keep lots of people happy. Rodgers came in and immediately worked on the many disaffected players, especially the more established ones. He's an excellent man manager.
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    Found this on the Watford forums
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    Bit disappointed you removed names from the quotes to spare blushes, there's so many reactionary knobs on here it's embarrassing. Imagine ending the year 2nd in the league and through to the semi final of the league Cup and calling Rodgers a moron before the match because you think you know better, that's absolute ****wittery of the highest order!
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    Would just like to point out that not all players mature at the same age. He could quite easily be a late developer who really progresses from 21 to 24. He’s hardly past it is he?
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    He just posted a couple of short videos on his Instagram stories. Sounds like a fair group of fans were close by singing "true fox is a w@nker" and "you can stick your fvcking camera up your arse"
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    Its been said to death but im gonna say it again, the form and difference in nacho since Rodgers took over is genuinely outstanding, a player reborn and looking back i think its safe to say how glad we all are that we didnt ship him out, came on and did a class job, brilliant hold up play, his run to win the penalty was superb and his assist for ayozes second was different class
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    People who troll Chilwell are far from world class fans. Perhaps Rodgers is right to play him and rate him. The negativity of some fans about some players is mind-boggling. We are fortunate to have Chilwell.
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    One of my mates said it as well. I couldn't believe it. If you don't care or aren't disappointed that we've missed out on a major final at Wembley then you've completely lost touch with every generation before you that has followed this football club.
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    Still wouldn't allow him near my kids
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    We've got a very young squad who - despite having a recent blip in form - are still comfortably in the top 4 of the Premier League. We're on track for our second-best finish since 1929. We've (finally) found a striker who genuinely seems capable of taking over the reigns from Vardy when he eventually starts slowing down. We have a manager who despite some tactical errors has proven to be a good fit for the club and is getting the best out of a lot of young players, as well as engaging the fans. We have three academy products in the first team (two of whom start consistently). We've got a state-of-the-art training facility being developed that will be one of the best on the continent, and a stadium expansion (plus surrounding area development) in the pipeline not long after that. Despite faltering in a painful way last night (due to some clinical finishing and an excellent GK performance) that was still our best cup-run since we won the league cup 20 years ago. In terms of game-play, we were definitely the better side over the two legs. Obviously the result doesn't reflect that, but still a lot of positives to take from the performances. Lots of reasons to be optimistic going forwards. This very moment feels deflated, but as a club we're in an excellent position and we're looking at a very bright future ahead of us.
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    Don't know why Man United fans are upset. They are complaining about a "lack of investment" when they have a team that cost 830 million pounds. The real problem is that they are a load of glory hunting babies, who want two things from "their" club. 1. Win everything, all the time, so they can use their association with Man U to infer some kind of superiority in their otherwise meaningless lives. 2. History of winning everything, so they can be smug about their glorious past. Since they initially chose Man Utd as their club because they fit these 2 reasons when they were a young child in the 90s from Torquay/London/Coventry/Wales/whereever, then the answer is simple. Just go and support Liverpool. Offers them everything they want from their club, and they can put their dummies back in and resume their life of being pathetic little spoilt children who are an embarrassment to football as a whole. Plus they will be reunited with all the people of a similar mindset, who happened to grow up in the 80s instead of the 90s.
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    Our league position is great but question marks must hang over Brendan in the big games
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    In tomorrow’s squad!
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    Members of UFS will be at the lower tier turnstyles pre game dishing out bags of confetti and balloons.
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    Despite our rocky form, only Liverpool and Man City have scored more goals than us in the last 10 games . The problem is, only Aston Villa, Norwich, Burnley and Bournemouth have conceeded more, so i'd argue that our problems are at the back rather than going forward. Goals Scored Man City 26 Liverpool 24 Leicester 17 Goals Conceeded Aston Villa 23 Burnley 20 Norwich 17 Bournemouth 17 Leicester 15
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    Because it goes towards the Xmas pot.
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    Reports that Man city have offered €45m for Leicester defender. Guardiola wants player at all cost...... Sorry dont know how to do links "Got it on the One football app" Hopefully/probably Bullsh1t......
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    Me, trying to remember at the start of each window who is an ITK:
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    Reject then offer 10 million plus Matty James for rashford.
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    I think Lingard is quite good actually but still a bad deal.
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    Was slow on getting a ticket and some bastard has had my seat, so in turn I've had some other bastards seat two rows up and will flick Bovril at them all game.
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    Narh, you know what, **** that. Said it a few times really, if there's one place people have got to be allowed to be hysterical and reactive, it's the match thread. You know what it's going to be like, if it doesn't appeal, don't bother. If you choose to read it, just ignore those comments. Good for you if you're a well balanced and emotionally numb individual that doesn't have strong reactions to things but leave people be who aren't. I agree that this place can be absurd, polarised, eccentric, full of some of the stupidest views and I'm all in favour of trying to fight back to maintain some middle ground. I've often tried to argue the neutral point of view and I've never enjoyed the fanatical PEARSON IN, PEARSON OUT, Haters vs Fanboys rubbish that's filled this place over the years. But match day? In the heat of the moment? Eh, sorry, football fans aren't robots, especially fans of a club like Leicester for whom supporting we all know is a bit of a roller-coaster. Ask me mid week my thoughts on a game and I'll give you a balanced and reasoned view but just before kick off? Or when we go one nil down? I'll sulk and be melodramatic with the best of them. It's just a byproduct of being extremely emotionally invested in something. I've got no problem with that tbh.
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    Don't think Arsenal have ever recovered from winning the league in Feb 2016
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    Would normally hope for a dour 0-0 in Liverpool v Man U but hope Liverpool hammer them to keep the gap open to 5th.
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    I get that people are unimpressed with his recent performances, but when has booing, jeering and ironically cheering ever, ever made a player play better or try harder?
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    If we win by one goal I'll be grateful. All this talk of expecting comfortable wins reminds me of the attitude of teams during our title win where they were playing little old Leicester and then got beat. A lot of our fans suddenly think we're on the same level as Liverpool or Man City, we're not, we've just had an awesome half season.
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    polite request - maguire has been gone for over 4 months now ……. can we move on ? its soooooo boring
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