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    Cast your mind back Phil... Only 6 teams have ever won the Premier League in the last 25 years: Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Leicester City. Only 3 of those teams did so after being promoted from the division below: Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City and Leicester City. Only 2 of those teams actually won the division below to earn promotion: Manchester City and Leicester City. Coincidentally they share the record for most 2nd division titles. Manchester City won the Premier League 11 seasons after promotion, with a squad consisting of zero players from that promoted side, and a new squad that had cost almost £400m to put together. They won it on goal difference in a £120m stadium paid for by the taxpayer. Leicester City won the Premier League 2 seasons after promotion, with a squad consisting of 11 players from that promoted side, and an overall squad that cost around £35m to put together. They won it by 10 clear points in a stadium they owned outright. No contest really. OH, and - Wolves won the Championship last season with 99 points - 3 fewer than our tally in 2014. So shurrup Phil Neville. U knob.
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    This forum astounds me sometimes. We've spent virtually the whole time under Puel's tenure in and around 8th position in one of, if not the, best domestic leagues in the world and people are moaning. Our position pretty much reflects our level of Net spend over the past few seasons yet some seem to think that we are underperforming. I loved the title win as much as the next person but on reflection it was an anomaly and was never going to be repeated with that team. Taking that season out of the equation, we're making progress year on year and we've consistently achieved the heights in this league (PL not old Div 1) only previously achieved by Martin O'Neill who many rightly regard as one of our best managers since the formation of the PL. Let's be clear I'm not suggesting for one moment that Puel has pulled up any trees since his appointment, but conversely he's pretty much performed in line with the resources available to him which are those of a top half mid table side. Those complaining about possession based play and sideways passing in my view are either part of the PlayStation generation, relatively new to football, or simply haven't played the game at a high enough level to understand its necessity in the modern day game. Suffice to say I'd much rather us have control of the ball than hand over possession after every opposition attack by launching the ball aimlessly down the park. I love this forum and read it daily but some poster's agenda to constantly criticise the manager is becoming tedious and its getting to the point where if it continues much longer I'm seriously going to contemplate stepping away from the forum for a while until the dust settles. This used to be a platform for open and interesting debate with some very good contributors offering insightful and fair opinions, but over the past 12 months it seems to be overrun by so called fans seeking instant gratification from the side, constant moaners, and trolls.
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    He's french, he still hasn't won the Premier League, he lost games sometimes and some people are just bored when players just don't pass the ball the faster way they can in the direction to the opposite goal even if it accomplishes nothing. Also they want better results than what the counterattack style got for 3 years but don't want possession football. They want the legends of the club to be respected but don't want Morgan to play because he is too old and bad and are very vocal about that even if it's largely exaggerated. They want new talented players in the squad but want to bin them as soon as they had 2 bad games and don't give them time so set up. They want young players to build a squad for the future but play Simpson, Fuchs or Okazaki as soon as a youngster make a mistake. Still, they want to have the same line-up weeks after weeks because otherwise it's the sign the coach has no idea what he is doing. In other words, they want everything, they want it now and if they don't get it, it's not because football doesn't work that way, it's because Puel is bad and should be replaced with litterally anyone as soon as possible. That's what some Southampton "supporters" thought too...
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    How do guys, i am a Glasgow Celtic fan living down south, i follow AFCB as it is my local club, i left the game on saturday and met a Leicester fan and his son as i was heading towards my car, he asked for directions to the local train station and as i was heading in that general direction i offered them a lift, plus on a selfish note i wanted to find out what it was like from a personal perspective on Leicester winning the title, how it felt etc, sounded unbelievable from what the fella and his boy told me. What i hadn't noticed was the boy was carrying a pair of boots and when asked he told me Jamie Vardy had gone across to the Leicester fans and pulled the kid out of the crowd and gave the kid his boots and his top, i thought this was a brilliant gesture, it probably didn't mean a huge amount to the player but the impact his actions had on the kid and his dad was massive, certainly cheered them up for the long journey home following a disappointing result, me on the other hand was very impressed listening to the stories from your amazing title winning season, all the very best for the rest of the season guys HH
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    I've been watching Leicester games for 50 years and I have never ever understood the 'beat the traffic' argument - and never will. If it's more important for you to get home - or be somewhere else - than to watch the last few minutes of the match (during which anything could happen - this is live sport after all), then honestly, why bother going in the first place?? If we're getting stuffed, then I sort of get it, but if the game is tight or we're winning, then it is beyond comprehension. Also, I sit by the aisle and am fed up with having to do yo-yo impressions for several minutes when I'm avidly watching the game. Plus, the players - if they have performed well - deserve our post-match appreciation and applause. I am sure some people have a valid reason for leaving early, but 'beating the traffic' is not one of them. PS When Maguire scored that late equaliser v Man United last Christmas, I confess that part of the thrill for me was in knowing that so many of the 'beat the traffic' crowd had missed it (a lot of the seats around me were empty).
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    Pick a back four, preferably one that doesn't include Fuchs, Morgan, Simpson or Amartey and stick with it. Not because I "hate" or disrespect any of those guys but just because they aren't our future. Clearly they are done, however much they may have contributed. Stop ****ing changing every couple of games because someone has a wonky game, defending is about awareness, communication, experience. We know Evans is good enough, why did we drop him after one wobbly performance? Stop moving Ricardo up to play on the wing every other game on a whim. Let them actually gel and get used to each other for christ sakes. Accept that there'll be mistakes in the process and just roll with the punches. And if it turns out that Ricardo and Chilwell can't be trusted together in a back four then let's get another centre half in there and play them as wing backs because to be honest, they look like our best wide players at the moment.
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    good game in the end after a slow start. think these players are nervous and just need more confidence. still think Puel will get it right with a bit more time - there are positive signs, I continue to support him. I'm sure plenty of people will revel in tearing apart the first half instead of just enjoying the win - some people have forgotten completely how to do that. up the foxes. edit - also:
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    As a coach myself, it's clear to me what is happening and in time we should improve considerably but patience will be needed. Increasingly in the past, we faced teams like Huddersfield sitting deep ( initially) and staying compact in fear of our counter. Games like Saturday may well have ended 0-1 Or 0-0 In the past. Puel is trying to get us to retain possession more but also attack at speed either via quick passes to break central lines or via the counter. The issue is that when you try to get players to focus more on keeping possession, reduce the % game longer balls, players often go too far the other way. This is what we started doing last season, at times this season and what Southampton did the Season before. To please the manager you choose not to lose possession, recycle, recycle, recycle bit you've missed much of his message. The result is we play sideways, we isolate Vardy etc and deny any kind of service. From being fast and furious, we go to the opposite extreme and play a too measured ( boring) game. In other words, players start to go too far in the opposite direction as possession becomes key.and they fear losing it too much. Albeit not overly enthralling to listen to, Puel has always maintained the desire to play quick attacking football, not retain possession at all cost, to be brave etc but players on the pitch are a little too afraid at first to do this as it may result in lost possession. Equally, it relies on good movement infield from your advanced midfielders and striker. Yes it means Vardy sometimes has to offer himself up to hold up as a 10 not play constantly as a 9. On Saturday, early on I saw Schmeichel grab the ball and look long for Vardy. On a few other occasions, I saw us try a more direct approach. I was impressed on Saturday as it was the 1st time in a while I saw us trying to move back to the centre ground we need to be at. A mixed game where sometimes you switch play to create space to break lines and other times where you look longer. This makes us more unpredictable and is key for breaking down stubborn teams who park the bus. There was good movement at times in the pockets of space but all too often it's Madders. Nacho, Guezzal etc need to come narrow at times to create forward opportunities more often too. At 2-1 up, Huddersfield had to gamble and play a higher line which makes Vardy a greater threat again. Mendy and Wilf are looking great but need to look for those line splitting balls more. Maguire is crucial as he breaks lines with passes more than anyone. Other than him, Amartey also finds those line splitting balls which is why he's preferred to Simpson who could only really play safe or go long down the line. We've gone from 1 extreme of play to the other over the course of last season but the owners held their nerve. Its easy to panic and pull out halfway through a transition but we are now showing signs of gradually making better decisions more often and showing greater movement to enable those line breaking moves forwards. There is a fair way to go and with younger players we need to be patient. With older players accept change is hard to adjust to as they may have played a certsin wsy for years and for some just not conduisive to their skillset.(Simpson) I just hope we forgive the lapses and allow the progress to continue. Puel bores me shit less but that's no reason to discount the progress he is slowly but surely making. I don't post much so apologies for the essays when I do. 🤣
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    Morning boys. So after I randomly opened up on here last weekend I weirdly felt a bit better. Thought I'd share what happened next with you even if it's a bit mushy. I popped over to see my folks back in Leicester on the Sunday and me and the old man took the dog for a walk. For whatever reason it all spilled out a bit (in a controlled way), I told him about how I'd been feeling and he just listened although at one point I could see him welling up a bit. Anyways, when we got back to the house my dad disappears for a bit. As I'm leaving in the evening he gives me a a sheet of A4 paper. He says to read it Monday morning or whenever I'm feeling low. Basically, he'd written two sides on why he's proud of me....and this is from a guy who doesn't give much away. I didn't even know he could write I guess I'm sharing this with you because it made me realise that a) if you're lucky enough to have people who love you unconditionally then maybe being honest with them might not be the disaster you think it might be (I've put it off for a decade ) and b) I was so bogged down in self-hate and regret, it was actually really liberating to hear the opposite being said of me (if that makes sense!). I've still had some significant lows this week but I've kept that letter in my laptop bag and just looking at it every now and again has helped me manage the lows a bit better. My dad is the most honest bloke I've ever met which is what I tell myself when I feel my mind starting to question the positive things he has written.
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    Anyone wishing us to loose so we can sack the manager really should just piss off and support another team.
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    Anyone suggesting they can't understand what he's saying is either stupid or flat out lying. His English is absolutely fine, he expresses himself perfectly well as shown in last nights interview. Sure he's a tad monatone and wastes a lot of words in his answers that aren't really necessary, but as far as understanding what he's saying then there are no issues. https://www.lcfc.com/tv/862272/cup-progress-pleases-puel
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    Which pubs? asking for a friend.
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    https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/leicester-city-caglar-soyuncu-debut-2045148 Claude Puel has revealed that Caglar Soyuncu is yet to make his Leicester City debut because the centre-back’s lack of English is making it difficult to communicate with his team-mates. The Turkey international is yet to feature for the City first-team since joining the club in a £19million move from Bundesliga side Freiburg on deadline day. “For the moment, he has some problems communicating with his team-mates because he does not speak a lot with all the good words and sentences,” said Puel. * Irony Klaxon
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    Puel the jester commenting on the Gray injury... “So out on the pitch he was scared but fortunately it wasn’t a break, it was an injury high on his left ankle. “It’s still not a good thing but hopefully we won’t be without him for long. “He will have a scan tomorrow morning and we will see how it is. Of course I hope it will not be a serious injury and he was positive in the dressing room. “I said to him: 'This is the first time you have defended and look at what happens.' :)
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    His head just might be turned by Villa. They’re a bigger club with higher ambitions than us. According to Jordan Veretout anyway. That went well.
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    Game we should win, we won. Story of the season so far. Iheanacho was great Maddison and Vardy very good Mendy, Amartey and Chilwell good. Puel made the changes and we won.
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    Puel and Soyuncu in the manager's office. "Look, the players are struggling to understand you and you're struggling to understand them. You really need to work on your English and grammar and constructing a sentence that makes sense. This is a major problem for the team and for the club as well..." ...said Soyuncu.
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    Oh I hope not. You should keep on watching
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    This forum honestly baffles me. In the years since the title win everyone's said we can't keep playing as we were, that we were being found out, that we were being neutralised. The manager has totally revamped the team. New formation and tactics, a radical shift in service upfront from Mahrez to a younger and inexperienced (yet extremely talented) Maddison and the team as a whole has had a few years shaved off it. He's given the fans what they want and after 5 games they want him out. Soyuncu clearly isn't fit/ready yet. Evans was clearly unfit at the start of the season and Benkovic is clearly a long term project. Perreira needs to adapt his game and Maddison needs to make the full step up although his door his halfway through the door already. It's clearly going to take time to get this team at 100% and there's tactical issues to iron out, but what did we expect. You can say we were 'lucky against Wolves (despite winning 2-0 with ten men??) or lucky to get a winner at Southampton, but if you want to play that game then by the same token we were dead unlucky got to get points if not wins from Liverpool and Man U when we bossed them for large portions of the match. People wanted young, people wanted new, and they've got it. Shockingly, it's gonna take time for the team to gel and become an effective unit, ask Pep and Klopp about that. In all honestly it may never work out, but you can't know that 5 games in and if by the end of Match Day 10 we're still struggling to get the basics right the fair enough send Puel packing. But I'm sick of every. fvcking. year. the same moaning that we've not changed, not adapted and when someone comes along and puts their head on the block to risk giving what we've asked for, its the same people swinging the axe the fastest.
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    He was bought as a prospect and he's learning his trade. Why yet again is there all this vitreol for one of our young players, I really don't get it? Did people really think that from where he came at the price he was purchased that he was going to be the next messiah within a few weeks? Really? Give the boy a break. Not only a new club but a new country. These lads aren't robots or images on a games console.
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    It's 7-8 of the same team as last season and the exact same style of play, therefore if we're still just as crap there's no evidence of improvement and it's appropriate to consider this seasons poor start as an extension of last seasons atrocious final few months.
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