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    Puel took one for the team - he was willing to do the dirty work most managers would never have been willing to do. He'll never get anything but hate from most "fans" but he's a big part of the reason why the club is set for a potentially excellent run in the next few years.
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    My favourite stat after today
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    He raises some good points here, refreshingly honest. I think it was the right thing to get rid but he has definitely built a decent base for progression just a bit too stubborn in his methods and didn't do enough to get people onside. http://sportwitness.co.uk/resentment-claude-puel-quizzed-player-power-leicester-city/ Speaking to L’Equipe this week, Puel has been asked how he felt about being sacked by Leicester, and told the French newspaper: “It’s part of the job. When I sign in a club, I invest in a project and I try to bring it to an end. There are sometimes incidents of course or misunderstanding. Or simply, at some point, the results are not good enough. The Premier League is very demanding on the results, the concept of construction does not exist there. I am ambitious and I do not understand my function without the development of a team and players. It needed a minimum of construction. Afterwards, these concepts are shared or not.” L’Equipe then asked the manager if his will to change things at Leicester had been met with ‘some hostility’ by senior members of the squad, with them naming Vardy, Schmeichel and Morgan, Puel replied: “When I arrived, they had won the title, a year and a half earlier. It was something exceptional, which will remain exceptional. They did it with a high performance style: a low defensive base, a very direct counter game, second balls. But this team soon found themselves in trouble with opponents who had evolved. “There was a lot of work to be done on group balance and player profiles. It was necessary to integrate more technical elements to perform in placed attacks and the game on the ground. That’s what we did and yes, there was resentment. In Southampton, Leicester, Nice or in Lille, I put myself in difficulty knowingly. I took teams with a style of play that needed to evolve and I’m proud of what I achieved in these clubs. “When we change, it hurts players who have been there for a long time. But it must be done, I have no regrets. I’m happy with the job done at Leicester. It was an ageing team that needed to be regenerated. Today it is the second youngest team in England with great players for the future.” Puel is clearly proud of some of the work he carried out at the Premier League club and believes the changes will benefit the Foxes going forward. When asked if he feels he had enough support from those in charge at Leicester City, the manager explained: “When you take players out of comfort or ask something else, there are tensions. It can affect two or three players, but after I left, I received about fifteen messages from players that I did not expect. I got on very well with players who are now in Espoirs Hopes – how the French refer to the national U21 team), or holders in the England team. And then the results were not bad: after the first half we were seventh in the Premier League.”
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    Youri Tielemans is rubbish. Monaco loaned us a dud. For all the Spurs and Man United scouts on the forums scouring for talent, don't bother he is a a waste of space. Adrien Silva is the one you are after - he is very good. We'd begrudgingly see him leave our beloved city for a transfer fee of around 25m and wouldn't stand in his way, despite his huge contribution to our club. He would be a great replacement for Herrera or Dembele. As for Monaco, because we Leicester fans are very generous and we feel bad for you having to sack Jardim and Henry mid-season and then bring back Jardim again, we will take Tielemans off your hands. He is a waste of space, but we have a proven track record of paying over the odds for poor players such as Islam Slimani and Ahmed Musa. We are a very charitable club and our owners often give away free beers, t-shirts and hats to fans, so we will be charitable and give you 25m for Tielemans, even though he's no good and won't work out. Thanks in advance, LCFC / Top
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    A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking my four year old son to his first football game when Leicester played Fulham. Digressing, having been born and brought up in Suffolk, sadly I have the lifelong affliction of supporting Ipswich Town, something I briefly considered inflicting upon my son. However, having lived in Leicestershire for ten years, and my son being born here it seemed more prudent that he should support his local team, hence taking him to the game. Back on topic, owing to my poor admin I left buying tickets to the last minute and wasn’t in the family area and was somewhat nervous given that my experiences from seeing town play many times over the years haven’t always been great, However, I needn’t of worried, whilst clearly the result helped, I have rarely seen a nicer group of fans who generate such an enjoyable atmosphere in which a young child can have such fun, I genuinely think the club should be proud (and I am sure is) of having a team that is so well supported. As a side note, selfishly it was also nice to watch a game for a change where the team I wanted to win actually did! I hope the rest of the season continues in the same vein and wish the club the best of luck over the coming months. And again thanks for making my sons first ever football experience so much fun.
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    I have absoloutely no hatred towards him and some of the stuff he had to put up with here, some of which personal, was awful. He introduced youth and a better style of football than we played under Shakespeare. At the end of the day he took us from 18th to mid table. I think we're in a better position with Rodgers now but he wouldn't have left Celtic if we were in 18th place.
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    I have been very, very impressed by Brendan Rodgers. I thought he was well worth a shot when we appointed him, but was also a bit fearful because of his past reputation and ability to often comes across as a smug git. But WOW, I am starting to swoon over our new manager pretty hard right now. Aggressive, high tempo, exciting football The entire team seems fitter, sharper and more up for it Good changes showing understanding of how to change the tempo of the game at the right time The same set of players under Puel now seemingly able to cut through a staunch defence. I give Puel enormous credit for "the changing of the guard" but we never played at home like we did today in 18 months under his tenure. Vardy scoring for fun again Barnes, Maddison and Gray have notably improved Dealt with the Wes Morgan situation fabulously who has somehow become a 20 goal a season striker in defender form There is a buzz back around the team, fans and stadium again I am already bracing myself for a few seasons time when he inevitably leaves mid-season to go to Chelsea or similar, but you know what? I don't even care! This is the first time in ages that I can't wait to see the next match! Brilliant stuff!
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    I'm in a somewhat privileged position and often get to see such designs. This is next years suggested kit. A bit too much red for me, but other than that I really like it.
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    Imagine him in this team instead of Gray though. Jeez
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    Nine months on from his goal against Sweden. That must have been quite some celebration...
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    If you were not at the game or couldn't tune in/watch, here is a video of the tribute to Vichai courtesy of Radio Leicester.
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    Sometimes you've just got to doff your cap to the opposition and give them credit for the perfect away performance. We were doggo but fair play to Rafa and the Geordies. They did a job on us tonight.
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    Why do so many people have to relate everything to Puel being a sh1t manager. He's brought and set us up with an immensely talented young squad and navigated us through an extremely tough period in the club's history. Yes he failed to get the best out of them but just leave it at that; no need to continually chuck shit at him.
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    Bloody Fraud and his coherent plans. It's a shame he never got it to click properly on the pitch as I still think he goes about things the right way with his team building.
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    It's like the club are trying to hang out with the school bullies just because we managed to beat up a wimpy kid once. Totally out of step with the mentality that made our success so great in the first place.
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    Has there ever been a more effective, dynamic and game-changing player on our books? Others have had impact in a season, but he’s done it repeatedly over an extended period. As good as we’ve ever had. Legend.
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    If one thread should sustain a degree of unity on FT, it should be this one… it was was one of the most memorable moments for me to be a City fan and I’ve seen us beat Palace with a last minute shinner, raise the PL trophy and I sang my heart out at Cardiff… i was hugely proud to be a Leicester fan and didn’t give a second to think of how original our song was and whether we should use clapper banners… i watched rhe sky extended coverage and seeing Top stand and clap with (with his clapper banner) visibily moved by our fans tribute to his Dad was extremely moving…. We shared our love and if that brought him a crumb of comfort, I’d take great heart from that…
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    A total waste of time being a top 10 finish and taking an aging squad in dire need of a complete over haul and doing so, leaving us with a squad filled with huge potential? Said top 10 finish and us being top half for almost the entire season this year, other than near his end justified keeping him here as long as we did. So did the job he was doing with the squad. I'm thrilled we've got Rodgers, he's a better manager and a better fit for the fans and the club. But the over the top absolute crap written about Puel is still just that. We are 8th, that's great and the football yesterday was probably the best all season. But we've relied on some awful misses by the opposition and some things going our way to manage to beat four teams who are in woeful form and the manager is benefitting hugely from the Tieleman's loan, something Puel never really got... and he's had us sat in 7th a numer of times.
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    Dennis Wise was only a hard man when the other guy was asleep. Little rat faced cvnt
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    its ok. By the time the page fully loads, the rumour has been disproved
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    Interesting read this, Rodgers done exactly this to Scott Brown, completely simplified his role when he came in and it led to him being completely re-born as a player and winning player of the year and having some of the best stats for a midfielder in the CL the following season. The season before Brown's legs looked to have gone and be on the way out. I'd wager he'll turn Ndidi into a beast of a player, given he's a lot younger and a lot more athletic. That's how I read this anyway and not as a shape up or ship out threat.
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    If you were at the game today, this is for you: You were all absolutely fantastic and did the city, the club, and Vichai proud. Thank you all so much for being brilliant.
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    I’ve never understood the negativity toward Nigel. Absolutely great manager and bloke. So he p*ssed off a few old hacks. Good on him they, as a profession, are a proper bunch of *****.
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    Really buzzing for this, flying over to watch the game with my two boys. First time we have all been together since beating stoke when we won the league. One son lives in Sydney and me in Spain so difficult to all get together. COYB
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    Matty Piper on RL says that if CP was in charge he would be getting a battering.
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    my favourite ever player. I continually make this point, but he is a much better player than people give him credit for. Great touch, good movement, superb passing, It's not all about the pace and finishing. He is a phenomenal forward
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    I think some of us had doubts as to who they'd go for but they identified their target and did everything to get him as quickly as possible and I credit them hugely for that.
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    Going into this season, many of us worried about replacing Mahrez's output - last season, he scored 12 goals and assisted 13, involved in 25 of our 56 goals. Obviously it is a little early to make an analysis of how Leicester City has fared without him, but seeing as the vast majority of the season has come and gone we can start to look at it I feel. The consensus was, that we would never be able to get a player of his calibre to join so we would have to spread as many of those goals and assists as possible across the squad (relying on a new, creative 10., a real attacking RB and our existing wingers to step up) whilst simultaneously tightening up at the back to ensure we would not concede an awful 60 goals again. Attacking wise, our new signings Ricardo and Maddison have added a combined 9 goals and 13 assists, whilst the likes of Barnes and Tielemans have come in after the winter window and added 2 goals and 7 assists. Creatively, we have replaced him, it seems, although we lack the same goalscoring knack from open play that he has. Defensively, we sit on 44 goals conceded with 5 games to go. With some tough games coming up, we could concede anything from 4 to 9 goals in the upcoming games, but either way, we won't be conceding the same amount as last year bar true disaster. I think the team has dealt reasonably well with Mahrez's departure, and although there can be no question that we would have performed much better with him this season, we have certainly not regressed.
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    He didn't find his 40k a week wages in a cereal box! He earned them mate. I wish you moaned as little as he does! You don't like him. We get it. Well done. But at least try and show a bit of respect for the 11 years, 330 games, 55 goals especially as he will never play for the club again.
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    No need to bring Oliver into it. He was doing his job. If he wouldn't have booked him then it'll open a can of worms as to further incidents and "well Maddison got away with it so why didn't I".
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    Bit of Sunday fun. What threads would appear on a players version of Foxestalk.. The 'Our fans' thread..... Username 'Vardy' posted 'fans have been so f*****g frustrating this season. Username 'Chilly' calmly replied 'It's a fan base in transition'. Setting up the perfect opportunity for Username 'Iheanacho' to chime in with 'to be fair they're pretty vocal when I come on' Other possible threads *'Do the fans mean me?' Pt 1,2,3,4,5 *Post match fan ratings - Vote now *Thailand summer 2015 memories' *Europe - are we arsed? *Ever slept with a fan?
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    I was a semi-inner, and I admit that Rodgers is doing a much better job. Now it is your turn to accept that what Puel did during his tenure was indeed for the benefit of the club, just that he did not possess the necessary skills required to progress the project any further.
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    I'd take one for the team.
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    I just feel sorry for the bloke. Hes a premier league quality player who's confidence is absolute ground zero. Any fan who boos a player coming on in a LCFC shirt should just hang their head in shame. He stands no chance of finding his form when the very people who are supposed to back him dont.
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    Had to laugh at Linker's tweet earlier.. "If only I'd been on penalties at Leicester"
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    Well it was a long term project, wasn't it? Look at the state we were in when he arrived- an ageing and one-dimensional squad who could barely string 3 passes together before we hoofed it long and were in danger of getting drawn into a relegation scrap. He left us comfortably midtable, having secured a top half finish last season, with a young, talented, more valuable squad capable of playing in different ways. That doesn't happen overnight. He had his faults, nobody denies that, and whilst he had probably taken us as far as he could in the end, most will realise that he did a good job of reshaping the club in difficult circumstances. Rodgers has a bit more tactical nous and seems a much better man manager and should hopefully be able to do what Puel couldn't and take us on to another level- looking forward to what the future holds!
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    I was a Puel inner but we are in a much better place without him and the time was probably right for him to go. I take no joy from anyone losing their job and I still believe Puel did lots of things that benefitted the club but he was fighting a losing battle and, in the end, it was right to get rid. Most of what you say above is complete strawman stuff. I wanted us to back Puel for longer but never said the players were shit, and was never blind to his faults. You are arguing with the small percent of Puel inners who were OTT just as many of the inners argued with the "outers" who resorted to hyperbole and personal insults rather than fact based criticism. I am always happy to admit when I was wrong and it looks like a very good decision in removing Puel. Your comments about strength of character are very weird. Most people who wanted Puel to stay felt he needed more time but I doubt many argued he was the Messiah. As always on this forum, the most vocal people work in blacks and whites but most of us could see the grey. X
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    I'm getting married on Saturday so won't get to watch my beloved Leicester live. So a welcome gift to me would three points and free, flowing attacking performance! Up the Foxes!
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    Me and my mate are in Bangkok at the minute and we've just been to the shrine where Vichai is laying. There's huge preparation works being done for his cremation at the moment. Went there in my shirt (it's absolutely roasting here) to see the shrine, etc. But we were really lucky and one of Vichai's workers came over and told us that Top was currently in the room visiting his dad and that if we waited a few minutes he would come out and we could go and visit too. Top came out and left in his car with his security and we were allowed to go and pay our respects. The room was beautiful with a very grand gold pagoda type coffin and the lovely picture of Vichai that we've seen down at the KP. We knelt and bowed and signed the book and then left. Now having a cold Chang on the balcony of our hotel. What a special priviliage and amazing that we were there exactly as Top was as well. Wow!
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    Feel incredibly sorry for him on a human level. Imagine how buzzed you'd be after Euro 2016, young guy, just been a stand out at the tournament, compared to Lewandowski in terms of potential, get a move to a Premier league club on the up. Then you struggle to adapt, the club is in turmoil, you get sent everywhere on loan, you're out of the national team and then your leg is absolutely ****ed with one of sports worst injuries. Good god. Best wishes to him, good thing he's still so young.
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    Thankfully the players and coaching staff will be approaching it rather more seriously than that. It's dangerous for any team in this division to turn up at a game with that sort of attitude, let alone us. We've dropped points to Burnley, Cardiff, Brighton, Fulham, Palace and Southampton already this season and we lost away at a mid-table League Two team. I imagine their players found getting relegated in March thoroughly humiliating and will want to give their home supporters a response. It's definitely a game we should be looking to win but if we take it for granted and saunter into Huddersfield sneering at how pathetic they are, we'll be opening the door for them to potentially make us look very silly.
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    Spitters are the worst. The ironic thing is I had him pegged as a swallower.
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    I'll probably get called boring but I actually thought Carragher's outburst was sufficiently inappropriate that he should be suspended for a couple of weeks by Sky and docked wages to make an example of. I mean, they won't, they'll think it's great banter etc. But it's ludicrous, if you can't be impartial you shouldn't be anywhere near a mic during commentary. I don't mind players having an allegiance in the studio as long as they can play it fairly cool. I don't mind Wrighty saying "we" when he's talking about Arsenal and looking disappointed when they lose, Lineker grinning when we were top of the league, Ferdinand clearly being annoyed at the state of United, whatever. I think that's fine, football is tribal and they're allowed to feel it. But actively grabbing the mic to cheer and scream because your team has scored? ****ing wildly disrespectful to Man City and Tottenham fans. Sky should at least attempt to ****ing hide the fact they blatantly want Liverpool to win the league.
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