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    got some free time on my hand so i thought i would rewatch some of the match, this post gonna be a bit long but trust me, if you are interested in our tactics and why riyad played good this match/didn't play as good the past season, give this post a try. let'š start with thé most obvious: the overlapping fullback see here how amartey overlapping prevented mahrez of being doubled. the second player was too afraid to commit to mahrez because there is another player that can run to space. now, the overlapping CM: granted, drinky overlapped sometimes but james does more, he was ready to offer support and receive the ball from mahrez if he was doubled. and as soon as he saw that the left back (i think nyom) commited to riyad, he reacted fast and went to the space ...ok ok, i understand. having an overlapping fullback can leave you exposed defensively, except there is something called "pressing upfield".not allowing the other team to build the play from the back so they are forced to hoof it. like what amartey did here what i loved about the ndidi-james CM partnership is the space they provide. ndidi and drinky stayed back a lot last season, but here, n'didi pushed forward to recieve the ball in the middle and james pushed right so if mahrez wanted to come there, he would find him and amartey. one to recieve the ball and the other to overlap here is another example of how an overlapping fullback can provide space and stop mahrez from being doubled or being ready in space to offer help still, people will still have doubts about the space left, but wilfred proved that he can cover for amartey just fine now, if you still not convinced, see those two. see how the fullback stayed back instead of doubling and my favourite one of them all. i'm not gonna say anything, you can see for yourself what i'm trying to say is, i don't believe that mahrez is putting more "effort", it's just that he found the players that can compliment his playing style and attributes. yes it was a preseason game so who knows hope you enjoyed the work
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    As a Manchester City fan (although a prodigal one) I have seen a lot of Kelechi for the past few years, and feel he's only shown about 50% of what he can do; he's going to be a mega star and will be the perfect foil for Vardy as a second striker in a 4-4-2, of even as a focal point/false 9 in a front 3 with Vardy further wide. The kid is top class, and his treatment/almost exile under Guardiola allegedly has more to do with his refusal to sign with Pep's brother's agency than his potential/talent/attitude. Most City fans are too far up the Catalan charlatans arse to see how the club's few remaining elements of authenticity are being torn apart by his moronic decisions, because his presence makes them vindicated in their desperation to be a big club rather than a wealthy one; Hart's shameful treatment wouldn't have been tolerated back when the fans still had dignity, and the same goes for Iheanacho's sale. While you're at it, I'd throw some money at Patrick Roberts as well, another uber-talent who's being ignored so Pep can fill his team and bench with £45m forwards to try to disguise the fact he's simply Roberto Martinez with historically better resources. Like everything else about the man, the perception that he's some great developer of youth is pure mythology.
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    spotted him lads, here's kelechi inmenachos
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    I think you are lost. This is not the forum you are looking for. You think odds checking is bad. Wait till that plane moves.
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    Well, his actual quote says: "Shakey (Craig Shakespeare, Leicester manager) has always been there for me at Leicester. He always spoke to me one on one. With him getting the job now I am happy with that and hopefully I will get more of an opportunity." So no.
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    Oh ffs everyone take off your blue tinted specs, Ulloa is dog shit and as for nice guy, yeah he has loads of respect for the fans when he's refusing to play for the club ever again despite picking up a wedge each week. He's old, slow and not very good, not the kind of guy I'd be throwing pound notes at in the fight for a top 8 finish. Meanwhile Slimani is a nasty guy because he cost a lot of money. Didn't realise he set his own price tag? As for all the comments in his bad attitude?! Where in god's name is the evidence? So he shouts a bit now and again? I'd have been shouting like fook for 6 months of last season too! Check out his stats; anyone who wants Ulloa over that is crazy.
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    He might not have been comfortable but he was competent enough to help us win a title and more...playing in every game. Much of this is just FT members wanting to see their new toys in action. Morgan's better than some Premiership centre-halves with a bad back, blindfold and standing on one leg. Year on year he's given absolutely everything for our cause. I remember Hernandez, a few months before his unlamented departure ducking out when someone whacked the ball fiercely towards him, threatening to part his immaculately groomed hair. Then there was Benny getting climbed all over by Benteke and looking like a schoolboy among stormtroopers as we were whacked by Kane. Benny had good days too and I don't doubt Hernandez as well in the warmer and gentler surrounds of Spain but I've never seen Morgan bullied once. He's put his body on the line time and again for our club and often as the last man standing. Morgan's never been quick but he's been there, big, strong and immovable like our very own rock of Gibraltar when the bullets were flying. This isn't a promotional exercise. I don't know Morgan's current state but am happy to let Shakespeare decide who should play where and when, according to everyone's merits when the time comes. Morgan and Huth have already proved themselves heroes - any new centre-back has got to make their name to make and I see no sense in pre-judging anything.
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    Rudkin: Aaaannnnnd just sign here, yes, that's it great. Welcome to Leicester City Kelechi. Kelechi: Brilliant, I'm so excited, I can't wait to play for this wonderful football club. Thanks for making it happen Rudders, it's been so easy and smooth going thanks to you. Rudkin: No problem my friend. Go home and get your things together say your goodbyes and we'll see you some time next week. Kelechi: What about the announcement? The photo Shoot? Rudkin: Hold your horses young man. Those wankers on foxestalk give me so much shit, thread after thread of bullshit about how crap I am at my job I like to make them wait a couple of weeks, leak a few rumours about west ham hijacking the bid, release clause ect. It's comedy gold reading the meltdowns after meltdown. Both: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
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    This is how we win the league.
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    I was in Rome in my Leicester shirt a few weeks after we sacked him, I was attacked by two people with a hammer shouting "Forza Ranieri" and died in hospital two days later
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    Goal ratio for Manchester City: 1 goal per 99,9 minutes Goal + assist ratio for Manchester City: 1 goal or assist per 72,3 minutes If true then there should be some noticeable drop-off in his goals ratio when playing for other teams... lets see... Goal ratio for Nigeria NT: 1 goal per 116,5 minutes Goal + assist ratio for Nigeria NT: 1 goal or assist per 77,8 minutes Goal ratio for the Man City EDS: 1 goal per 133 minutes Goal + assist ration for the Man City EDS: 1 goal or assist per 66,5 minutes (Not to mention 6 goals and 7 assists in 7 games at the U17 World Cup) No. No drop-off. So maybe he performs worse against top opponents in the Champions League? Goal ratio for Man City in Champions League: 1 goal per 87 minutes The only thing that becomes so apparent is that he's been consistently scoring goals no matter the competition or what team he plays on. Also: If its all down to his teammates then how come no one else ever came close to his stats save for Aguero, the second most prolific striker in EPL history (behind Iheanacho)? Sergio Aguero: 1 goal per 110,7 minutes Edin Dzeko: 1 goal per 158 minutes Stevan Jovetic: 1 goal per 169 minutes Wilfried Bony: 1 goal per 181,9 minutes Leroy Sane: 1 goal per 289 minutes Raheem Sterling: 1 goal per 314,7 minutes Still no... You could say Gabriel Jesus is close, but we'll see if he keeps up the consistency of Iheanacho over 2100 minutes (as compared to 740 Gabriel Jesus has played so far): 1 goal per 105,9 minutes --- One last thing: To disprove your theory that its thanks to his teammates. Kelechi Iheanacho does not score because he has many scoring opportunities, but because his conversion rate was the highest in Europe's top leagues (for example in 2015/2016). His 12 league goals came from 19 shots on target.
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    oh yeah how did nobody notice that, weird
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    All this Rudkin bashing is tedious in the extreme. Presumably it's some of our younger fans that think winning the premier league and challenging in Europe is the new norm. This is the most successful period ever for our football club. The ' idiots ' that some of you ridiculously say are in charge behind the scenes, not fit for purpose blah blah have taken this football club to one of the worlds top 20. When I was watching at Filbo we were nowhere near the top 500. We have great owners who have an eye for talent and it's their call who runs our club and how it's run. some of the criticism of so called ' small ' clubs like west Ham, West brom and any other club not in the top 8 is cringeworthy. enjoy your holes let the club do what they do best and enjoy the football next season and try to keep a grip on reality!
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    That's killed it. Genuinely enough to stop me buying one. Dreadful. What were they thinking?
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    Welcome to 24 hours ago
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    Any attempt move for Shinji would probably fall through anyway...
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    Unbelievable the negativity surrounding this one. Hate these new generation Leicester 'fans'
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    Massive ethnic Croatian goalkeeper. Worth the money just to sub him on in the dying stages of extra time of the fa cup final to distract the opposition while Shinji shins in a winner from 18 yards.
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    Looks like we've held back the number 72 shirt. #WelcomeKelechi
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    Been told we've had put a bid in of £27m and a buy back clause of double that which has been accepted. Well documented we didn't want one in the first place so have settled for thay buy back clause. Original buy back Man City wanted was between £30m-40m. But because the original asking price so high, we weren't going to accept that proposal. Apparently we offered to loan him last sunmer for a season and have first option on him this summer but that was rejected.
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    But but but Shakespeare can't attract top quality players we need a high profile manager instead.......
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    I'm a Colchester City fan and signed up for the wrong bloody forum!
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    No idea about the medical but it's a done deal.
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    So if we don't get 50 million for him, we end up with one of the leagues most skilful players working his nuts off and trying his hardest next season in order to build his stock back up. Blimey, I feel so sorry for us.
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    Morgan is one of the best club captain's we've ever had, shocking how many fans are desperate to take the role away from him.
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    What's his shooting like?
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    “Hello, Everton fans, look at your Club, now back to ours, now back at yours, now back to me. Sadly, your club hasn't won the Premiership, but if you stopped buying midfielders and built some team spirit instead, your club might be a bit like ours. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re in the King Power Stadium looking at a team and a pitch yours could be like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s a 5 year contract for Gylfi at Leicester. Look again, the contract has now turned into a wet tissue of Evertonian tears. Anything is possible when your Club has won the Premier League and is not a Rooney player pasture field. We're on a King Power horse.” Best I could do at short notice @Babylon!
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    yes obviously that's a photoshop here's the original
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    Technically superior to the majority of our midfield, can play CDM, CM and CAM. Wins the Europa League 3 out of the last 4 seasons. "Not good enough for Leicester". You couldn't make it up
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    Maybe when he comes off the bench he should actually try and do something then. He's not better than Mahrez or Albrighton Therefor he shouldn't start.
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    I wouldn't find that funny at all I hate Spurs much more than Arsenal
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    He came, it didn't work out. We've made a profit. Good luck to him.
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    I bloody love it when a thread goes "hot" for an actual reason instead of copious Nigeria/Rudkin Jokes
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    You sign one you get rid of three... I said you sign one you get rid of three
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    An early suggestion for his song: I wish I was a little bit taller I wish I was Iborra I wish I was a feisty midfield brawler
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    We've just earned £100m from winning the Premier League, £66m from reaching the Champions League quarter final, earned around £124m for this season's league position, made a £12m profit on Jeffrey Schlupp, and stand to make a 10,000% profit on Riyad Mahrez. And people are are spitting feathers about a potential buy-back clause on a potential superstar? Just get the deal done, and spend the next two years convincing him that Man City are evil and that they will literally eat him alive if he goes back. Simples.
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    Easy to say Mahrez was shit when he was being marked by 3 men all game but demmi did **** all at nearly every opportunity he was given
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    Kate U‏ @Liveorangejuice Jul 5 We couldn't get Mahrez so we spent the remaining transfer budget on transforming Walcott into Mahrez. Ladies and gentleman,Thiyad Wahrez(с)
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    Schmiecal Simpson Morgan Huth Fuchs Mahrez Kante Drinkwater Albrighton Okazaki Vardy There will never be a better City side
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    All our "ITK's" were asleep on this one weren't they, too busy making stuff up in the Mahrez thread probably.
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    Got to be a reality tv programme in this somewhere. Send a casual from each of the London firms to a rock somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic and see who pairs up with who. Working title: Stone Island
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    Not sure what's happening with Iheanacho, apart from it seemed very close. Re transfers... You hear all sorts from all areas involved. Some things you can't say publicly. The 'mystery man' in January, which I took plenty of stick for, was on the understanding I didn't mention Deeney's name. I very nearly didn't bother but then decided lcfc fans might be interested that stuff was going on re possible incomings. They were looking at Domagoj Vida earlier in this window, I don't think he's moved anywhere yet, I shared it on Twitter and here and even though it probably won't come to fruition, it doesn't mean they weren't looking at him. Also, one club can tell you one thing because it suits them for it to be public, the other club denies it because it suits them for it NOT to be public. Some people involved in a deal can ask you to hold back on a name and will give you something else in return, like another deal etc. Trust me, journalists hear a hell of a lot more stuff than they actually publish. That's the way it is. I appreciate some fans don't understand the complexities of how journalists operate with transfers - especially when you get people saying "you're talking bullshiiiit" and "what's your source" etc - but hey ho, onwards and upwards.
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    Breaking news: EMPLOYED MAN GOES TO WORK
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    The he's not worth 50 million quid box?
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    Medical jokes,Afcon jokes,Rudkin jokes i bet half the this forum laugh at Mrs Browns boys!
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    This is either an Italian website trying to make a name for themselves or it's Arsenal trying to force the hand of clubs such as Monaco who they are also dealing with. Regardless, if we sell for less than £50M we are fools. Talk today of Coutinho being worth £86M. Coutinho who is a similar age but with zero Ballon d'or nominations, PFA Player of the Year awards or Premier League Winners medals. Mahrez has 3 years left on his contract and, let's be honest, if he has to stay we won't see any difference in motivation compared to last season. Be strong, hold out and get a good price.
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