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    An Open Letter From Andy King To my LCFC family, Today it’s been announced that I’ll be leaving the Club and writing this was never going to be easy, even though I know it’s been coming for a while now. After all, all good things come to an end, but what a journey it’s been and I feel nothing but pride and happiness writing this statement. I came as a 16 year old boy in 2005 chasing a dream of playing one game of professional football for Leicester City. I leave a Premier League champion, having played 378 times. I’ve given you my all every time I stepped on the pitch and, in turn, the amount of love and support you’ve shown me over the years has been unbelievable. You’ve been there in the bad times and the very best times and I will never be able to thank you enough. I’m so happy the Club are allowing me the opportunity of showing my thanks to you at a later, safer date and that is something I’m already looking forward to. As a city, you’ve given me a life, a family and somewhere I now call home. There are too many thank yous to place on record however, I have to say how Khun Vichai changed my life. The way he transformed not only the Club, but the mentality of me as a player and a person is immeasurable. The same should be said for Top, who I have nothing but gratitude and respect for in how he has treated me since he arrived at the Club. To the lads, I can only thank you. It’s been a joy to pull the shirt on with you and together we’ve achieved things many people thought not possible. The Club is an amazing place and I take great comfort knowing I’ve had the privilege of playing a very small part in that. I’m now looking forward to the future, I’ve still got huge desire to play at the highest level possible, both at club level and in my international career, and can’t wait to see what the future holds. I look forward to seeing you soon and, from now on, I watch and celebrate on as one of you. Kingy
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    JAMIE VARDYS HAVING A friend in the garden in keeping with lockdown rules
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    Someone has far too much time on their Hands.
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    A brilliant result for us and I'm absolutely delighted. Sky Sports, Martin Tyler and Alan Smith can get in the ****ing bin.
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    That's on Brendan. To set up like that is one thing but to not touch a single sub until the 70th minute when we have five to use is bordering on criminal.
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    When I see comments like this I stop reading and your point is lost. If any player we have now is the most limited player you have ever witnessed, you haven’t been watching us very long. Please let me know if you’d like a list of more limited footballers.
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    Kasper has been outstanding since the restart.
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    This has to be the most frustrating thing about the Premier League, you can just buy your way back to the top. Not faulting Fernandes, he's the real deal and it's hilarious to think now Man U were squabbling over an extra 10m at the start of the season, when if they had him from the start, they would most likely be clear in 3rd. But it's just so galling that teams like ourselves and Wolves can have great seasons but you are just so up against it with the financial firepower the top teams have. Even if we wanted to buy Fernandes with the Maguire money, we still wouldn't be able to do it either. Chelsea are bringing in Ziyech and Werner minimum next season too, so will likely be uncatchable too. That's why it's important to have some perspective as to where we are as a club. If we did miss out on the Champions League it would feel like a massively wasted opportunity, but look at Man United who this season alone brought Maguire, Fernandes, James and Ighalo. Chelsea with their transfer ban still got Pullisic and Kovacic in alongside having an already strong squad. To be 3rd with our resources is phenomenal. Only one club in the last 10 seasons that isn't Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or Spurs has made it to the Champions League, and that is us. And we might even pull it off a second time too! We are punching massively above our weight, especially when you look at the sort of money clubs like Everton and West Ham have spent in the same period. For me the thing we should all feel optimistic about is that the club is improving year on year. Vichai (and now Top) had a long-term strategy and it's working. I think it's being proved in front of our eyes that slow and steady really does win the race. It wouldn't surprise me for example if in Top's plan, he has it down for us to regularly compete for the title in 20 years time or something like that, such is the sort of planning the King Power group do. Slowly improve the infrastructure, the brand, the commercial deals, etc. You need it all to truly compete consistently at the very top of the game.
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    Not being a football fan, this is probably in the wrong place but could someone post it for me 😁 My dad 83 has been to Leicester football since he was 10 years old, a season ticket holder for as long as i remember and like all your fans has missed it. He recieved through the post a flag and a clapper thingy ready for the match which made his day.... such little things mean so much, so from both myself and my dad, who doesn't do technology A Massive Thankyou for caring 🥰🥰🥰👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😘
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    I don't care if we can't be at Wembley to see it, I want Leicester to win the FA Cup. If Chelsea are going to play their reserves, we need to put out a strong team. Every game matters now, wether it's in the league or the cup
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    I'm telling you now, fcuk Nigel Pearson tomorrow. I couldn't give a monkeys chuff about how much we still love him, we have a soft underbelly running through this team and we could well do without the mindset being a chance to catch up with an old colleague. Thankfully our fans can't be in the ground to blow kisses at him and sing songs, I hope we batter him and his team tomorrow. We need to be more ruthless and tomorrow is a fine opportunity to do so. I want him seething with what we've done to his team, hope the ref tucks them up as well.
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    "Good evening, and welcome to Question Time"
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    he was also the only playing running forward for most of the game. Criticism he gets is a joke.
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    I get quite emotional when I think about what Andy King has achieved. He's always been there through a massive stretch of my life and for a time he was the linchpin of the club. He will without question go down as a Leicester great, his story and record is unlikely to ever be bettered by an individual at the club in terms of where it started and ultimately finished. What a legend, the master of arriving late in to the box to score goal after goal. That winner he scored vs West Ham that sparked the great escape just summed it all up, this was a lad who refused to let the renaissance that he and all at the club worked so hard to do after years in the wilderness. Scoring vs Everton when we were presented with the Prem trophy was just perfect too, nobody deserved it more. What a man, would love him to manage us one day.
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    His time has come. We all knew it was coming, but it's worth reiterating: what a f**king legacy. A player with League One, Championship and Premier League winners medals. Unlikely that English football will ever see that again.
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    I prefer him to Maddison in the role behind the striker- Iheanacho doesn't piss about with the ball as much, very good at controlling and laying off. Goal was straightforward but absolutely crucial. Had an impressive season for the time he's played.
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    Not handball. Not dangerous play and a penalty. No foul or penalty. Not handball. Not handball. not handball.
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    People just don't give a shit. How many people wear masks? Hardly any. Add to that people having parties, Eid celebrations went ahead with no control etc etc Mixed messages from the government don't help. It's a complete mess and an international embarrassment.
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    If we lose that CL place, it wasn't lost here tonight. That was a good point.
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    Looked much better in a central position. Created 3 wonderful chances: - First half tackled the palace player and played Vardy through who tried to square it to Kelechi. - First half again, controlled the high ball and one time pass to Vardy but unlucky final touch. - Second half puts Vardy through, but the shot hits the side netting. His positioning was also excellent and he won the ball back a few times in the opposition third. Would like to see him more involved in the penalty box, but apart from that I thought he put in a good performance.
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    Two assists hopefully do the world of good for Barnes.
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    I really wish people would stop parroting this shit before it just turns in to some commonly accepted, straight up racist rhetoric. There were protests all over the world. In the US, they had massive BLM protests in a lot of major black communities and massive anti lockdown, conspiracy theory protests in lots of MAGA communities and where are they getting spikes? Yup, the red states. Statistically, it would be naive to ignore the demographic of the locations with spikes in cases, of course it would. But you've got to look at cultural components like, for example, we've got more over crowding and multi generational occupancy in those postcodes. Yeah, some of that is just cultural, almost all Asian cultures take more direct responsibility for their older generations than we do. More population density, higher levels of occupancy per household, obviously going to be more risk of spread and more cases. Other people have pointed out that there's been more testing in Leicester than elsewhere. What are the numbers of tests on the population from one demographic to another, are the BAME population more likely to get tested? Are white British or white European residents less likely to go get tested if they're experiencing symptoms? Some of this shit we might never know, certainly not without extensive survey. One thing we DO know is that simply blaming ethnic minorities for not taking lockdown seriously or not socially distancing and pretending that all white people are angels is just plain wrong. Vast majority of people I've seen wearing masks to go shopping, Asian. Vast majority of people round the world refusing to wear masks for petty bullshit reasons? White. The 5G conspiracy theorists tearing down masts? Whites. The anti lockdown protesters crying about gyms, pubs, haircuts and invasions of freedoms? Whites. The aforementioned groups of youths getting shit faced blaring out their music having all day picnics in the park with their mates? Whites. Find yourself a picture of Bournemouth, Brighton, Devon, Skeggy, wherever, beaches full of retard crowds? Yup, whites. And that's not to say there AREN'T idiots from ethnic minorities being wildly irresponsible, of course there will be, it's just the colour of their skin or their culture isn't the thing that all lockdown idiots have in common. What they DO all have in common is a massively ineffective government that have been sending mixed and confusing messages for months, have offered dreadful leadership throughout, have never lead by example. We've a prime minister who bragged about shaking hands, then got sick. Who even afterwards couldn't consistently offer sensible direction, whose staff openly take the piss out of the lockdown rules. Because ultimately they don't want it, they don't want us indoors, they want us outside spending. Yeah, people need to individually show more responsibility and common sense but that doesn't absolve the government and blaming minorities before you blame your prime minister is a fast track to exposing yourself for what you are. Edit: really didn't mean to make this look like it was all aimed directly at UniFox21, sorry kid
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    Who would’ve thought you would feel worse once the football starts after 3 months of lockdown
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    Not seen too many chocolate teapots notch up 7 goals and 5 assists in about 20 starts
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    Easiest team selection of the season. Schmeichel Bennett - Evans - Soyuncu Justin - Tielemans - Ndidi - Albrighton Perez Iheanacho - Vardy Of course if Chilwell is fit he’ll probably start, if Maddison is fit he can stay on the bench. Bring Barnes on around 60-70 minutes and have him terrorise the shit Arsenal defence.
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    I'll give it a miss mate, cheers.
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    If we end up in Europa League places I hope nobody on here ever calls another team “bottlers”.
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    "Sueng low, sweet Thanawat..."
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    There's so much wrong with this. If it was to do with his mental health then even those closest to him might not know if he has any issues, let alone a ****ing radio presenter he's met a few times and at a push sends a text now and again. But its just Stringer being his sycophantic self and showing everyone he knows the frontman to Leicester's biggest band.
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    Fret not. Yarmolenko will bang the 3rd one in for WHam. 90th minute, a curled left foot shot from the edge of the box.. I see it clearly
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    Kelechi has done more in 45 minutes than Vardy has done in 6 months.
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    I think Rodgers would definitely want him as he's worked so closely with him and developed a large part of his career. My own opinion on him is that he is absolutely different class. Moussa Dembele was a star for us, unreal, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that he was the best we had in the striking department since Larsson but the second-half of last season Edouard eclipsed anything even Dembele done for us, he was breathtaking. He's going to leave Celtic, he's too good for us, as much as it pains me to say it and too good for Scottish football. The word as I mentioned previously however is he's signed a new deal on mega money (by our standards) to stay for one more season and deliver the 10 then will go with everyone's best wishes. What will happen this summer though ultimately I guess no one knows. When Dembele left he made a wise choice in moving to Lyon, somewhere he would play and score goals and will now move to one of Europe's top clubs where he'll probably start every week. Edouard in my opinion the way he's come on in the last season doesn't need that stepping stone move though and could go and hold his own at a top club already. I'm not saying starting every game week in week out but in the squad alongside an experienced striker he could make a real contribution over a season and in not too long become the main man. We got burnt a bit selling Dembele on the cheap and I don't think we'll do the same with Eddy, £30-35m will be our asking price and if there's a number of clubs after him we may get a little bit more. In my mind he's undoubtedly now the best we've had since Larsson. He is such a cool finisher, never seems to miss a 1 on 1, electric pace, strong, deadly from free kicks, good with his back to goal, always delivers in the big games. Ibrox, cup finals, Europe. Pretty mcuh useless in the air is the only weakness I can see in his game and the frightening thing is he'll only get better. His temparement also is so laid back that nothing fazes him and I think this would really help him when he moves to a top league. There's people on here who watch Iheanacho most weeks and will be in a better position than me to judge. However I watched a lot of Leicester last season myself, practically every tv game and as good as Iheanacho was as an impact sub the games I saw him, relying on him regularly starting matches and delivering, I don't know if he's what you guys need if you want to be a perennial champions league club. Again purely based on what I've saw Edouard is in a different class to him. I don't mean this in any sort of disrespectful way but if you guys do sign him and he develops how I think he will he won't be at Leicester for too long either.
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    If anyone thinks he's meant to kick him in the face there. Close down your account, get off the internet and go for a walk and have a long hard think about how you've ended up the way you are.
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    Kasper won that point ! We could have been 3-0 down early on he was outstanding tonight
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    Best atmosphere by the arsenal fans I’ve ever heard
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    Bit surprised about Johansson, I thought he was a keeper.
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    This is defo going to happen lads, asked the bookies how likely it was that Edouard was going to sign and they said "Odsonne?"
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    Don’t sell at any price.
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    If we forget a lot of 2020 and just focus on that performance tonight on the back of Saturday and we are a much better outfit. I simply loved how direct and fast we were, even of we left ourselves open. Right now we have to take risks as we are on the verge of it being out of our hands and the slow possession based football wasn't remotely troubling teams. We now have Vardy suddenly amongst the goals and don't be surprised to see him getting another 5 or 6 before the end of the season, if he does then we will likely be celebrating CL qualification. These next 2 games have to be wins. I've a feeling Man Utd will slip up against Villa (although relying on them arseholes is pathetic). All we can now do is end the season really positively, if we do that then the future at least feels bright. If Chelsea and Man Utd win every game until the end of the season then just like us when we went on that run you have to hold your hands up, but it is still in our hands. These next 2 games are so massive. Win those and at worst we go in to the final game where we are a win away from the top 4 and that is incredible. Proud of them tonight, its easy to hark back to the substandard football and results of 2020 but we are turning a corner and as a fan we cannot seriously dismiss that. Justin was superb tonight, Perez much much dangerous centrally and I honestly haven't felt we've missed Maddison. Bennett was solid but Vardy was the absolute bollocks tonight. The crosses for Iheanacho in both halves as well as that finish were why he is the greatest man to ever grace the city of Leicester. 4 cup finals to go, it feels like we can still do it. The zip and confidence is there. Come on you fcukin Blue Boys.
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    This is what pisses me off as well. No complaints with the decision but I DO have complaints about the clear lack of consistency. Just a few examples here to refresh people's memory:
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    Just found this gem on the LCFC Youtube channel. Full match replay of the Everton game and Andrea Bocelli’s performance!
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