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    Got offered the opportunity to get a free Premier League medal, play in one of the most highly acclaimed squads in the history of the Premier League for a manager that's somehow made Raheem ****ing Sterling look world class. Imagine what he'd do with Riyad. Forgive me a bit of shameless rep-point grandstanding but he's helped us get promoted, helped us win the league, helped us get to the quarter finals of the champions league. Just like Drinkwater, he had every right to look to progress his career and do so with our support and gratitude. That's football, folks. All he did was request a transfer. There's been no downing of tools, no flouncing off, no refusing to play, no kicking up a fuss. He was a consummate pro after the summer, got his head down and got back to his very best. Nothing to suggest he isn't going to do so again now. He's probably leaving in the summer and when he does, cest la vie. Until he does, he's one of ours and he's a big part of our push to get back to our European tour. I for one can't wait to see the bright lights of Tallinn, Kharkiv, Warsaw and Tirana in the tin pot cup. So please, stow the childish bitterness, stop buying in to the pathetic Sky Sports narrative that he's causing disruption in the squad, don't believe the melodrama and just ****ing support him and the rest of the lads.
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    I love this forum (and God knows I waste a disproportionate amount of my free time contributing to it) but one thing really pisses me off and that's the battering some posters give our young lads. It's the same at the ground to the point where I regularly get into disagreements (albeit friendly-ish) with some of the miserable feckers who sit near me. Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion but for the life of me I can't understand why some sections of our support are so keen to criticise our young players when we have probably the most promising group of youngsters in our history. There's a reason Gray, Chilwell, N'didi and Maguire are being linked to other clubs, it's because they're ****ing good players who we should cherish rather than berate the minute it's doesn't go so well. The thing with young players is that they're, well, young. So by definition they're going to make mistakes and poor decisions sometime because you only get experience by playing and making those errors. When I read people in the Peterborough thread saying we should flog Gray I wonder if we saw the same game because what I saw was a guy that Posh just couldn't live with but who needs to just refine his game a little. Likewise, if you not excited by the potential in the likes of Chilwell, Maguire and Iheanacho then I wonder if you're just a miserable sod. Similarly, at times this season, Chilwell, N'didi, Amartey, Iheanacho and even Harvey Barnes (after one bloody appearance) have taken some heavy stick which seems not only disproportionate but massively counter productive to me. I'm not saying people should say they've been wonderful when they haven't been and of course they're not beyond constructive criticism....it's more the 'he's shit'/ 'sell him' / 'should have sold him' / 'he thinks he's better than he is' comments that piss me off as they just smack of jealousy. It's probably those fans who will be first to call them a traitorous cvnt when they move to a bigger club. Sorry to rant but I think we've got it good right now and as I say, I think we should be excited about the team's potential.
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    Six years ago today. We signed Westley Morgan from Forest for £1m. Nigel Pearson's second signing since returning (the other being a certain Mr Drinkwater). Six months later, as a result of his strong performances, he was awarded the captaincy of Leicester City Football Club. Since then... Captain when we pushed for that play-off spot. Captain on Deeney Day. Captain when we set a new club record for consecutive wins (9). Captain when we were promoted to the Premier League. Captain when he lifted the Football League Trophy. Captain when we overturned a 3-1 deficit to beat Man Utd 5-3. Captain when we were rooted to the bottom of the league for 6 months. Captain when we couldn't buy a point. Captain when we looked doomed at the start of April, 7 points off safety. Captain when we turned it all around. Captain when we won 7 out of 9 to pull off the Greatest Escape. Captain when we surprised everyone with our great start. Captain when we kept it up. Captain for 36 games without a booking. Captain at the Etihad when shit got real. Captain at the Emirates when Arsenal won the league on Valentine's Day. Captain when we ground out every 1-0. Captain when we just. kept. going. Captain fantastic equalising at Old Trafford to take us within a point of winning the league. Captain when he was being dragged around Jamie Vardy's kitchen floor after Chelsea equalised. Captain for every minute of that season - every 3420 of them. Captain when he lifted the Premier League Trophy with Claudio Ranieri. Captain when he paraded the trophy to 250,000 people. Captain when it went wrong again. Captain when he put us ahead against Sevilla. Captain when he rushed back from injury to put in a proper captain's performance in the Champions League Quarter Finals against Atletico Madrid. Captain still, as we evolve into a top team. Scored at Old Trafford to take us a point within winning the Premier League Title Scored at the King Power to help take us to the Quarter Finals of the Champions League. Here's Wes, looking for his competitors for Leicester City's best ever captain: £1m. Leicester City legend.
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    I noticed on a Guardian thread today that an old Spurs myth about 2015/16 had reared its ugly head once again. That old canard about TV scheduling in the title run-in. I'll quote the post verbatim: Leicester played first something like 6 weeks in a row due to TV schedules. Didn't come to it of course,but would have been interesting to see what might have happened had Spurs had the opportunity to apply some pressure by playing first occasionally Now it's true that we did play first several weeks in a row in the title run-in. Four times in a row in fact, with our games against Sunderland, West Ham, Swansea and Man U. We also played first the following weekend too (the Everton game), but we were already champions then. So although the guy exaggerated a bit, it looks like he has a point, right? Well, he says would have been interesting to see what might have happened had Spurs had the opportunity to apply some pressure by playing first occasionally. But if you look at the four matchdays immediately before the run of games above, you see that in three of those four, Spurs did have precisely that opportunity to apply pressure by playing first. Why doesn't our Spurs fan mention those fixtures? Well, it's becaue they don't fit the theory. Let's have a look at the detail: 1) With just 10 games to go, Spurs had the chance to finally go top if they could beat Arsenal in the Saturday lunchtime game. Despite being 2-1 ahead for that famous 14 minutes, and despite Arsenal being down to 10 men, they allowed a late equaliser, and later that day we took advantage at Watford, going five points clear. 2) With just 8 games to go, they had the chance to reduce the lead to two points if they could beat Bournemouth. They did - they won 3-0. But what was our response to this pressure? We beat Newcastle on the Monday night to restore the five point lead. 3) With just 7 games left, Spurs had the chance again to get within two points by beating Liverpool in another Saturday lunchtime fixture. They failed, with Poch famously beating the Anfield turf in frustration. We responded by beating Southampton and moving seven points clear. To sum up, in the title run-in, Spurs dropped points in four crucial games. Two of those were in fixtures where they played before us (as mentioned above), two were in fixtures where they played after us (West Brom and Chelsea). So the theory is basically bollocks. They bottled it when they played first, they bottled it when they played second. The only constant is not the scheduling, it's the bottling.
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    Hello people, I'm French, not a Leicester City fan - sorry- but thanks to Puel I'm following your team. Some informations from France (I mainly follow Ligue 1 and I spoke with Puel in two occasions): 1. Puel is a very calm person. Even if he were fluent in english, he would be very calm and quiet. Some people hate him for that as football today is more about idiocy than football. Some of your fans will hate him for that. It's quite normal in our era. That's how he speaks in French: 2. Puel is passionate. Truly passionate. He doesn't care much about the media. Have a look at him when someone from your team scores and you will understand how he really is. 3. Puel loves discipline. He is disciplined towards himself and wants discipline from players. He built his own career around discipline (when he was a player at Monaco, it was his main quality). It's not only about yelling against players. Puel creates structures inside the club to make the players more disciplined and professional. 4. Puel can show a lot of love toward a player (it was the case with Ben Arfa and will certainly be the case with Mahrez). Yet, there are no free-pass for those players. 5. Puel is one of most respected French technician. Technicians from the French Federation of Football know he is one of the best technician in France right now. Actually, if he was not that quiet, he could have been the French national coach for the World Cup (that's what people say in football circles... sadly, not in the media). 6. Puel is known in France to take an average team with some potential and make it a lot better: Lille/ Nice/ Monaco (even if Monaco was a fairly big club at the time). 7. In big clubs he can struggle. With Lyon he struggled a lot. He spent 124 million euros in two transfer windows (which was a lot at the time) and still struggled. Lyon was like the PSG of today (in France) and he couldn't win the league. He is hated in Lyon for that. That semi in UCL was not that big for Lyon supporters. 8. Puel is stubborn. More than Wenger (I think it's natural for you to compare with another French coach, so... I'm doing it). If the board doesn't follow him, he can stop at the end of the season (he never abandons his teams like that, which I think is a good point). 9. Puel is a very hard worker. He dedicates his free time to football. 10. Puel is very demanding towards himself. It's not obvious like that, but he is physically a beast. You will often see him running with the players for kilometers or even playing football with them. He doesn't like being a spectator during the trainings. 11. Puel doesn't care about age. He will put the best player on the pitch. If this player is 16 years old, so be it. He gives many chances to young players. 12. Puel does like fresh players. Turn-over is very important for him (it's even more important in England because of the Boxing Day). 13. Puel loves trying new players. He can buy a lot of small players and make them good (or good enough to play league games). He takes some calculated risks and can sometimes win (or lose). 14. In terms of tactics, Puel likes possession. He can also do a kind of Catenaccio à la Française (same as Raniery), when he doesn't have the quality in his team. I think he is the best French coach right now (above Zidane as Zidane is managing egos). A lot of French people won't aknowledge it. I'm a PSG fan since decades. I've never been a fan of his teams. Still, I can aknowledge the quality he brings to his teams. I think Puel is the best French coach. P.S: Sorry for my poor english. I'm doing my best.
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    First Time poster so apologies if this isn’t the right place for my point. For many years prior to promotion we all marvelled at the cash in the Premier League and we all desperately wanted a piece of it , so much so once we got it seems we would sell our soul to remain in this league , the rise of player power and the rise of cash in the league is intrinsically linked , neither has been good for football. Football, its history and culture are and always have been indivisible from its blue collar supporter base, us the working men of this island , Our Kop Spion , Liverpool's Kop End , Manchester United's Stretford End, Arsenal's North Bank, and Aston Villa's Holte End were just a few of the legendary fan strongholds within the grounds that are almost as famous as the players that graced the stage before them, now the average working class man on minimum wage can’t afford to sit with his family in these grounds, all because of the lust and greed for money. It looks like the Chelsea boss Conte is going to be sacked or replaced at Chelsea and if that happens it will be the 3rd season in a row that The Manager of the champions of England has lost his job within months of wining the title , that is a shocking indictment on football and us all that make up the football community. It seems in the Premier League Nothing matters more than Money , the Mahrez situation is a key point to how money consumes all , right or wrong no one wins in the Mahrez situation and ultimately one way or the other the only people paying for that mess is us the Fans. Out most gifted player ,probably ever, is Now openly hated by many of us , the same people I believe owe him a huge gratitude for helping delivering us to paradise , he is a young man who is obviously very poorly advised , he has behaved terribly, but none of us know the full story , but what ever the background I can tell you this mess has been caused by one thing ...MONEY We won the league with a squad that cost 1/3rd of what Man City offered us for Mahrez , Pause and think about that , we won the premier league with a squad that cost the current price for Mahrez’s torso !!! Right now every lower league club is sinking , how can that be happening ? In a football world that an agent can be paid £40m for helping to arrange a transfer (pogba), how is possible that so many clubs are facing financial ruin ? it’s obscene and that’s just my opinion and I make no apology for that, but it seems you cannot criticise the Premier League these days , we are conditioned to be accepting and not to challenge the carnival of filthy cash that the EPL has become. 3 or 4 decades ago I regularly stood on the Kop eating a nasty burger after supping a couple of pints of flat Carling soaking up the heady intoxicating atmosphere of professional football, it was a time where your footballing hero could still be found in the local nightclub smoking Marlborough and drinking a Bottle Of Two Dogs, Back then I near dreamed that one day Money would make me so disillusioned and awkward about following a premier league club , I fear elite professional football has lost its soul , our communities connect with our football club is all but eroded , it’s now a business offering entertainment for an inflated fee no different than the Odeon charging £13 each for a movie that you can stream online for free. And where does this all end ? I fear in melt down , Because money is the glue that is holding all this together right now when that money dips , runs out or dries up I believe LCFC and many clubs like ours will be left Line Dancing at a funeral. Love is a readily traded commodity these days , and because of that it dies all too easily , my love for elite professional football is dying and I’m afraid it is being killed by greed and money. And I suspect I’m not alone
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    Manchester City’s Greed Has Thrown Leicester’s Season Into Chaos Simon O'Keeffe February 2, 2018 The story of a player being denied a move to a bigger team is not a new one, but as Leicester are now discovering, the fallout can be all too real. When news broke on Tuesday that Manchester City had either lodged a bid for Riyad Mahrez, or fully intended to do so, it came as a surprise. Granted, Man City’s previous pursuit of Alexis Sanchez had come to nothing but at least they had been tracking him for months, that at at least made some degree of sense. But when that deal didn’t go through, it looked as though Pep Guardiola would just have to plod on with the vast array of attacking talent available to him. Imagine, then, the surprise that Leicester must have felt when the Premier League champions-in-waiting came storming in with offer after offer, seemingly determined to take the Foxes’ star player with no prior warning before the last 48 hours or so of the January transfer window. Leicester, mindful of the fact that they had little or no time to replace the Algerian were he to be allowed to depart the club, initially resisted any form of deal before eventually relenting and agreeing to sell the 2016 PFA Player of the Year if Man City came back with a package worth £95m (subsequently lowered to £80 when Patrick Roberts was taken out of the equation). In the midst off all of this drama, Mahrez had suddenly decided that he no longer wanted to be a Leicester player and duly handed in a transfer request, just as he did last summer. He also took it upon himself to skip training on Wednesday (and has not been back since), so adamant was he that he wanted to play for Guardiola and win his second Premier League title in three years at the end of this season. And so to the take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum that Leicester offered Man City. Having barged in and disrupted the Foxes’ camp and probably threw the remainder of their season into chaos, the league leaders were set to emerge with a new player. And yet it was at this point that the same moral quandary befell them that had previously sen them pull out of the Sanchez deal. Clubs like Man City tend to speak the language of money and are quite prepared to throw it around when they need to, and yet they balked at Leicester’s demands as if they were being unreasonable. They ended up walking away from the table on deadline day, passing through the King Power like a hurricane and leaving Leicester and Mahrez to deal with the fallout, with the relationship between player and club in tatters. Man City had decided, having spend almost £60m on a French U21 international centre-back, had decided that a Premier League winner and Ballon d’Or nominee was not worth £20m more than that. The fact that Man City wanted Mahrez should not grate too much – after all, he is one of the best players in the Premier League, it stands to reason that he should be a man in demand from the upper echelons of the division. However, it’s plainly obvious that neither City nor Guardiola actually needed him. With Leroy Sane injured until March, Mahrez would effectively have been signed as cover for the German. A gilded stopgap, if you will. Could Guardiola really not have been expected to carry on with David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva, Brahim Diaz the soon-to-return Gabriel Jesus and, if a change of formation was required, Phil Foden, Yaya Toure and Ilkay Gundogan. Rather than offer Patrick Roberts to Leicester, couldn’t they just have recalled him from his loan spell at Celtic and used him, as was surely the long-term intention when they paid Fulham £12m for his services in 2015? Guardiola made his name off the back of bringing through promising youth products at Barcelona, prospects who would go on to conquer Europe, and yet in the past month he has shown signs of being drawn into the money-based instant gratification-hungry world of Premier League capitalism. Had the Mahrez deal gone through, Guardiola would have spent £500m in his time at the Etihad. Granted the squad was in serious need of redevelopment and investment and while he has great success with the likes of Sane and Gabriel Jesus for fees that look relatively modest in today’s market, the last-minute hunt for Mahrez just for the sake of it was crass and needless, spending just for the sake of it. It’s crossing the line between obscene and outright vulgar. And so Man City move on. They will still win the Premier League this year, will be favourites to win the FA and Carabao cups and stand a good chance of winning the Champions League. All of this would have been true without or without Mahrez so this whole ordeal has had a negligible impact on their season, bar the slight inconvenience of having an important player out of action for a few weeks. But for Leicester, as they now attempt to handle Mahrez’s continued absence from training, they now have to deal with the aftermath of daring to command a player to commit to the long-term contract he signed 18 months ago.
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    I think I'm going to throw up. Cringiest thing I've ever read.
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    I'm aware he has a thread stating his move to Swansea. But let's face it, he'll be gone in the summer. (Certain FTs will be on my back no doubt) 😉 I just wanted to start a thread dedicated to the sort of player the modern game is missing. Yes his form/overall influence deteriorated in the last 4/5 seasons but we can't deny his legacy. 3 league titles in the top 3 divisions, you could argue the Premier League title run started with his winner against West Ham the season before that ignited the team's form. I'm not going to state he's our greatest ever player, he's not. But what he's accomplished with the club, with such an admirable attitude, deserves recognition. Not to mention being our top scoring midfielder! Best of luck Andy King!
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    FA Cup semi-finals should not be played at Wembley to my mind, it never used to happen and belittles the competition.
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    For sticking to your guns & not letting Mahrez go for well under his true value. The days of us being a selling Club are well & truly behind us A contract was signed until 2020 & possibly for the first time that contract is actually worth the paper it's written on. Riyad may have a bit of a Paddy about all this but after a couple of games of possibly being frozen out he will surely return to doing what he does best, playing football to the best of his ability for Leicester City. This is a huge result for us & proves we are not in awe of the bigger clubs. The most naturally talented LCFC footballer of the modern era is staying 👍
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    Close your eyes for a second. Go back to the moment you fell in love with Leicester City. For one minute, forget that we won the Premier League (if you can). Just think. Ten years ago tomorrow (Feb 2nd), we lost 2-1 to Blackpool to leave us 20th in the Championship. That season we were relegated to League One. 10 years later, we've won League One, we've won the Championship, we've won the actual Premier League, we've reached the QFs of the Champions League. Today, the richest football club in the world tried to sign one of our greatest ever players. And Leicester City said no. To £65m. On the same day, they announced that they were building a state of the art training complex for £80m. We may have lost tonight, but we still have a very good chance of reaching the Europa League through the league or cup this season. Our future looks very, very bright. I honestly believe we have the best owners in football. And we have a good manager with a great track record of developing youngsters, improving training facilities, and evolving almost every club he's been at. So I have to ask... Did you ever think any of this would happen to us? Cos I never did. But it's happening now. I've never felt more positive about the future of Leicester City Football Club. What a time to be alive! (Dry January's just finished. Happy New Year everyone)
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    Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/feb/01/west-ham-suspend-tony-henry-racism-claim-sign-african-players According to a source, attempts to sign Slimani were hindered because Brady, the club’s vice-chairman, offended Leicester’s owners with comments about the club’s chairman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, in her weekly column for the Sun last year. “A fellow Premier League director reports that last night he bumped into the Leicester chairman at London’s most expensive wine shop,” Brady wrote. “The Leicester owner told him they’d sacked Claudio Ranieri. “He then casually settled his bill for wine and champagne. Since the sum was close to £500,000 I guess the compensation to his old manager is pocket change. At least the owner can drown his sorrows in style!” The source suggested Brady’s comments ended up becoming a PR own goal when Leicester refused to consider West Ham’s interest in Slimani, paving the way for Newcastle United to sign the Algerian forward on loan. It is claimed that despite repeated apologies from West Ham, attempts to make peace with Leicester fell on deaf ears. It is understood that Brady apologised to Leicester some time ago and thought the matter was considered by both parties to be closed.
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    He is under valued otherwise we'd have had more than an Arsenal offer for him in the last two seasons. It's the same with Mahrez, it's quite scandalous how dismissive the media and the elite clubs are over our top players. It just shows the sheep mentality that rules the top level of football, southampton's best players attract grotesque transfer fees and they've achieved the square root of fcuk all. We embarrass the world of football, break records and produce the biggest sporting story in the modern era. We then get to the Champions League quarter final, yet Mahrez is derided as a one trick pony who's been found out and Vardy can't play football except kick and run. Fine by me, let people think that and we'll keep them and stand a great chance of winning more trophies. Whilst dog shit clubs like Everton and Southampton will produce a mediocre player and they'll be labelled a superstar and all the top clubs will blindly bid stupid dough for them. There's not a better English striker than Vardy, bar Harry Kane in the last few seasons. Goals, assists, big game player, talisman and the lynchpin behind unbreakable team spirit. Forget his age, the money that is wasted in football on players with less than 10% of what Vardy can produce, he's priceless.
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    I know we get lost in the expectancy after 15-16 sometimes, but when things like this come out really puts into perspective how times have changed over the last 10 years. Imagine being told when we lost 3-2 at Brighton in league one, 'Don't worry in 10 years we will have won the league and be the 14th richest club in the world!" The doctors in white coats would have been out!
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    Why don't we just go all out to win the FA Cup ourselves?
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    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Stuck here in Leicester, No escape from reality Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy Because I'm easy come, easy go A little high, little low Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me Mahrez, just killed a man Put a gun against his head Pulled his trigger, now he's dead For Vichai, life had just begun But Riyadh’s gone and thrown it all away Fox fans, ooo Didn't mean to make you cry If I'm not back training here tomorrow Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters Etihad, my time has come Sends shivers down my spine Body's aching all the time Goodbye everybody I've got to go Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth Puel, ooo -ooo (anyway the wind blows) I don't want to die I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all I see a little silhouetto of a man Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango Appleton and Rudkin very very frightening me Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo Figaro - magnifico But I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me He's just a poor boy from a poor family Spare him his life from this Manchester City Easy come easy go will you let me go Bismillah! No we will not let you go - let him go Bismillah! We will not let you go - let him go Bismillah! We will not let you go let me go Will not let you go let me go (never) Never let you go let me go Never let me go ooo No, no, no, no, no, no, no Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go Guardiola has a devil put aside for me For me, For me So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye So you think you can love me and leave me to die Oh baby can't do this to me baby Just gotta get out just gotta get right outta here Ooh yeah, ooh yeah Nothing really matters Anyone can see Nothing really matters nothing really matters to me Anyway the wind blows
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    ....Unless it's Vardy of course.
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    He has denied any involvement in match fixing and hopes that any ban or suspension won't see him miss next weekends 2-2 draw.
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    We are trying to finish 7th and/or win the FA Cup. We aren't going to do that if the fans go all "West Ham" and start booing our own players.
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    Like Harold shipman telling my GP to look after his elderly patients
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    Iborra whoaaaaaaaa Iborra whoaaaaaaaa Match fixing money flowed Now he lives on Welford Road
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    He had a bad game, shit happens. Still our best option IMO and I’ll back him to the hilt. He’s saved our ass so many times. He’s having a dip in form and it happens to all players. Get behind him and give him our full support.
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    Still have a go on her though wouldn't you.
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    Sorry mate, I'm not going to beat around the bush here - I'm sorry that your friend has passed away, but this trend worries me. There are around 30,000 people who follow Leicester regularly - and thousands more like me who count themselves as lifelong fans but can't get to see games. It doesn't take much calculation to work out that if every fan who died was given a minute's applause, we'd need to commemorate about 15 or 20 people at each and every home game. Yep - about one every five minutes of every match at the KP. Each and every one of those people has no doubt devoted a huge amount of time and emotion to their life long passion - and each and every one will leave behind bereaved friends and relatives who would like to see their loved one commemorated in a special way. But as it simply isn't feasible to do this in the way you suggest for large numbers, it's surely better to keep the bereavement process a private matter. Everton (and other clubs?) recognize this and have an annual day of remembrance, where the names of all those that passed away in the past year (it's several hundred) are shown on the big screen. It seems the appropriate way to do it, and maybe we should do it at Leicester too.
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    Who's being childish, the fans who are annoyed by the timing of his strop or the 26 year old going on 6 year old who's being held 'ransom' by Leicester City? Rob Dorsett doesn't report crap whatever anyone says.
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    He’s here for at least 5 more months. Anyone saying he should “rot in the reserves” is more of a child than what they claim Riyad is.
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    "Listening to Talksport" was where you went wrong here, mate
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    I have seen yet another article today say 'they can't get Europe for the league, so might as well go for the Cup'. This is wrong as we have all established here. 7th could be a qualifying spot for the Europa League Second Qualifying Round, it is dependent on three potential scenarios, possibly four. 1) League Cup is won by a top five team with Man City and Arsenal in the final, failing a collapse by Arsenal. This gives that spot to 6th position. 2) FA Cup is won by a top six team - 3 teams remain from the top six, this gives the FA Cup spot to 7th position (albeit 5th gets the Group Stage qualification). 3) A English team who finish outside the top four win the Champions League or Arsenal, finish outside of the top four and win the Europa League. 7th opens up. 4) Now this is a possible, it's not clear in UEFA regulations if a team win the CL or EL and are in the Top 4 whether England gets another European spot. Now I have researched the last 13 Premier League seasons. The mean average to get 7th is 56, the highest ever needed was 62 and the lowest 47. Therefore Leicester would require on average 21 points, at its lowest 12 more points and at its highest 27 points. The current table stands as:- 7) Burnley -3 36 8) Leicester -1 35 9) Everton -14 34 10) Bournemouth -10 31 If you use the past six games form as indicative as the next 11 games, it would finish 7) Bournemouth 51 8) Leicester 50 9) Everton 47 10) Burnley 40 If you use the past ten games form as indicative for the next 11 games, it would finish 7) Bournemouth 48 8) Everton 47 9) Leicester 45 10) Burnley 42 Obviously this takes nothing into account regards the teams playing each other or the strength of their opponents. This weekend, the fixtures are:- Leicester v Stoke 12.30 Bournemouth v Newcastle Burnley v Southampton Watford v Everton 5.30 This weekend is pivotal for the league as whole as you have a set of fixtures where the majority of the lower clubs all play each other and 4 of the top clubs are facing each other. I will update this upon every weekend of fixtures being played.
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    Obviously weve done well with hiding him, now its time to find him.... this pic was taken at The KP today....
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    This is not going to end well for Mahrez. If push comes to shove, the owners can afford to take the financial hit and let him rot for the next two years. The grudge they bear against Brady and West Ham shows how important 'face' is to them, and they are not about to be shown up by a spolit, mardy kid and his tantrums. I, for one, applaud them for that.
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    Life’s too short for hating. Watch it go by, be bemused, enjoy the ride.
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    He was a major part in helping us win the top flight title. I'll always clap all of that team. I'm pleased with the reception he recieved yesterday. There were a couple of idiots a few rows back from me that booed but majority clapped.
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    Couldn't find Riyad but I found Ben Chilwell.... (Only joking Ben)
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    He has a champions medal, he’d have bugger all at Arsenal. At least he’ll play at Leicester and has about the same chance of winning something as if he was at the Arse.
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    Ulloa went on Tele and said he'd never play for us again and didn't get the abuse our best ever player does. Mad mate
  42. 17 points
    Back in 1997, I was sending regular Leicester updates to a friend who'd gone to live in America. Before he left the UK he was a pen 3 regular. For some reason, there was one letter that didn't get sent, and instead, it now sits in a file of old stuff that I found last week. I thought it was worth reproducing here: Hi, CUP DRAMAS! The Chelsea game finished 2-2. It was live on TV - there was loads of trouble in the first half, and at half time Jimmy Hill had his usual disgusted face on. At the start of the second half, as the ball went out for a goal kick, the cameras zoomed in on a mother and young son to try and restore a family-friendly mood. But what happened? The cameras captured perfectly the moment as the mother and son shouted 'Ooooooohhh Twat! You're ShIt AAAHHHH!!!' Magnificent stuff. Then the replay. It was 0-0 with three minutes of extra time left. Then - remember 'Speedie dived'? - this was much worse. The worst penalty decision in history - cheating b****rd Erland Johnsen fell over, and here we are 11 days later and still the papers are full of it. Atter the match, City fans attacked the ref's car, then chased him down the street and attacked it again when it stopped at traffic lights. That evening, Danny Baker called on fans to go round to the refs house and sort him out. For his comments, he was SACKED by the BBC. Then two City fans sued the FA for 'missing two days work beacuse they were so upset'. City took out their anger on their next two opponents. the following Saturday they went to Wimbledon (who'd only lost at home to Man U all season) and were 3 up inside half an hour. Then they beat Villa and are now, yes, 9th in the table. The media was full of calls for video replays to be introduced, FIFA even had a meeting to discuss the idea, but decided against it. The replay of the incident is still being shown on TV every five minutes (or so it seems). And to bring you right up to date, Danny Baker has been snapped up by Talk Sport - and the first callers on his new show were the two City fans who are sueing the FA! Late News! We beat Wimbledon in the semi-final of the League Cup! City fans outnumbered home fans, and were dead loud the whole match (including 'F*** Off Mike Reed' - the ref at Chelsea). So it's Middlesbrough at Wembley on April 6th! First Cup Final for 28 years! Europe beckons!!
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    Vardy is allowed to initiate contact to try and win a penalty because he plays for Leicester. Dele Alli is a cheating, diving cvnt who plays for Spurs. There's a massive difference, and if you can't see it you really need to be on a different forum
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    This sudden James hate is fvcking stupid. MOTM worthy performance at Chelsea, decent shift against Watford, one dodgy performance against Everton and suddenly he's the new scapegoat. Idiots.
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  46. 17 points
    I wish my wife went down as easy as these Swansea players
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    Not actually sure this will get the rep you expect mate, this is the third time now, and it always goes down the same way. He'll suddenly turn up and play for a couple of months before a window, then be up and down for the rest of the season. If this started on Jan 1st i'd have a world of sympathy for him... but yet again his reps (and himself) have tried to make it as awkwardly late as possible to try and force our hand. We're going to have to get used to playing without him so why not start now?
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    Hi. Chester FC a fan owned club had a meeting tonight where our board informed the owners of the club - the fans - that £50,000 is needed in the coming weeks or the club could go out of business. That's right just £50,000. One of the items that was brought up was the subject of our ex player Sam Hughes. Your next installment of the transfer fee in the sum of £55,000 is due in June. The Chester board are in contact with Leicester to see if you could possibly bring forward the said payment as soon as possible. Apparently we are also thinking of selling you the sell on clause. This I hope will not be needed. So from a small fan owned club we hope Leicester will help us in our hour of need. Cheers.
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    Dunno probably people being able live their life and love whomever they want and express their identity however they want without being judged and victimised for it hopefully.
  50. 16 points
    Really wish they had just done up the old Wembley and kept things as they were. Semi finals at grounds like Hillsborough and Villa Park just added an extra dimension to the competition, and there used to be a certain awe around the old Wembley. These days, it's just oversaturated and soulless- a cavernous, unatmospheric corporate venue.