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    Greeting from Turkey... So, i read almost all messages in the thread and it seems like some of you guys have no idea/confused or not so sure about Cengiz right now. So let me try to help you about that... First things first; Cengiz is the best Turkish attacking player right now BY FAR. And we have Hakan Calhanoglu in our team and yes, Cengiz is a lot more better than him. When he doesn't play, we automatically start to think we can't win that game. Some information about him; when you get Cengiz, you actually get two wingers because before Roma, we was a left winger. And he was still an inside winger/forward. That means, he can use both of his feet pretty good and play on both sides. He is not a "winger". When you want him to play as a winger, you basically kill all of his potential. His main objective is to score, then killer balls and finally crosses. With a player like Vardy, that's a perfect combination. Because of Dzeko, they wanted from him to cross high balls, because they prefer headers. But when you want him to cut inside, he can shoot from distance OR he can do killer balls to Vardy easily. Before Roma, he was more used to play counter-attack type of football. Basaksehir played almost exactly like when Leicester win the trophy. So with the players like Barnes and Cengiz, you will enjoy your time when you get the ball and counter attack. He is not very good at defending. He can do defence as much as Salah can do. So you have to understand, you are getting a very attacking minded player. About his last year performance, that's simple; he was injured. He injured at the beginning of 2019/2020 season and he missed 2 months. He missed pre-season training and missed his place in the team. And then Covid happened. So if you judge him based on the statistics of last year, you make a big mistake. Sure that injury still can effect him but after his return, he seems pretty good and he is not an injury prone player (generally speaking). So in my opinion, with the price tag of 25, you nailed an amazing signing. Of course this is coming from a Turkish person but i wouldn't tell the same things for any other Turkish player. Cheers
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    Amongst all the doom and gloom and transfer hype I've just read that Lloyd Dyer is retiring. Obviously we've gone up a few levels since he left but he played a massive part in getting us from League One to the Premier League. Still sad he didn't sign on for a year in the PL, he deserved it but obviously wanted more. Probably not worth a new thread but I just bloody loved Lloyd and I'm pretty sure he loved us.
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    Welcome to the club, Cengiz!
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    Am I the only one who likes it?
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    Let's show some love for Justin, yes he's raw and he can and am sure will improve defensively. He works his backside off and is a great outlet. He's a young lad that is playing more games than he probably thought he would at the top level
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    "[Çağlar and I] had a dream when we were kids to play in Europe together. That dream is now coming true with Leicester."
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    Got to have it in this thread as well
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    Don't mean to be confrontational but I disagree with a lot of this. Selling 1 key asset every summer doesn't make you a selling club imo, nor does it inhibit your ambition to break into the top 6. In fact I'd argue the exact opposite in that selling a player for a lot of money every summer and being clever in how you replace them (Maguire and Soyuncu being the most recent and obvious example) is the only long term strategy that will see a club like Leicester establish themselves as a top 6 side. The main reason for this being the traditional big 6 clubs are typically always going to be able to outspend you so you need to be creative to be able to trade blow for blow with them and compete with them season in season out. Done well this model is pretty effective, look at a club like Sevilla for example. I think the whole notion of a "selling club" is in itself a bit of a fallacy. Going by the definition in the OP it basically means there are only a handful of clubs in world football that aren't selling clubs according to this logic, probably Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus and Bayern Munich, I guess you could argue exactly who but you get my drift. Even clubs like Man Utd, Liverpool, etc are at the mercy of these clubs for their best players if they come calling, see Ronaldo in previous years, Hazard last season with Chelsea, etc, etc. Knocking back the £80m you got for Maguire last season or an amount in the same region for Chilwell this summer would be madness and short sighted and would inhibit the ability to improve the squad overall going forward.
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    Can't Sky Sports help this one along, You know how they do when someone wants one of our players, perhaps a picture of him photo shopped in a Leicester shirt or some of their pundits explaining how he's too good for St Etienne, that kind of thing.
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    Going off topic from Lewis but since people are discussing Solhekol who saw this drivel he came out with last night?
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    Timmy or Barnes Man of the Match... Looking forward to these two next week
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    How good would it be for JJ to take Chilwell's place in the England team straight away?
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    Good luck to the lad. Every one of us would have made that jump from a career/security perspective. Wish him nothing but good luck.
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    Probably sick of Leicester fans with accounts called Titwank Tavares messaging him on insta so he deleted it.
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    Looks like films this year...
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    Class today. Along with Youri and Praet. Worked well and combined together nicely.
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    The madness when he dresses up as the undertaker and Cags appears as Paul Bearer clutching the Europa League trophy as the "urn"
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    Hi guys, I’m a fan of As Roma, sorry if my English is not perfect, but I’m italian :) I registered on your forum because I wanted to tell something about Cengiz Under. He arrived in Rome as an unknown, at the beginning of his first season he struggled to show is talent, but then in the second part he surprised everyone, giving us impressive performances. Probably if you had sold us mahrez we wouldn't have bought him (we bought Javier pastore, an economic disaster for us ). The following years he was often injured, especially this last year he was injured at the beginning of the season and our coach Fonseca never liked him, we had zaniolo on his position and later we used carles perez. Your team shouldn't have much competition as a right winger, if he will play continuously and stop getting injured, I am sure that for us Roma fans he will become a great regret. Our coach is so bad with young players, Under only needs a good coach who believe in him, he's potentially worth more than 27 million, we got a bad deal. I will follow his games at Leicester with interest, hoping that he will become what I thought he would become in Rome, good luck.
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    At least he's taken a pay cut. Never understood why people get so angry about what others get paid. Also considering he had a whip round himself to save the club I think this thread is in bad taste. Thanks.
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    I don't think I've seen a sky sports news 'breaking news' bar sum up modern day football more. First one says Macclesfield Town have been wound up in the high court because they owe £500,000 and the second one is about Spurs being linked with re signing Bale who is reported to be earning that amount in 7 days. Something has to change.
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    U19 Polish goalkeeper. You'd know that if you weren't a plastic.
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    😩 You're welcome to my name....it's shit
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    Really!? That's quite interesting! Fuchs I think was a class act for us from his first appearance! How can anyone not rate someone who did this?
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    I can't be the only one who thinks it's absolute nonsense that these internationals are still going ahead, surely?
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    Long time no see. Starting an Open University course in Oct on the Social Sciences. Waiting for student loan to be approved. Just looking at the assignment book is frightening. It covers and can lead to others things such as criminology cosmetology so not a meaningless degree as some think Good thing is I dont have to pay the loan back unless i get a job paying over 26k. Companies will be lining up to employ a 70 yr old or if i go further 75 tr old. :Seriously it is for my own satisfaction and acheiving something before Mr GR comes for me. Also moving flats soon. Not far. Same street but its ground floor. Hoping thats sorted ot soon.
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    Seen a lot of stick for Justin over the past 24 hours. A shaky first 10 or 15 aside I thought he was very solid. Granted he wasn't tested all that much but let's not forget he won the penalty, played the ball to Barnes from which that penalty arose, and also got the assist for Praet's assist. As farfetched as all that may sound, it amounts to a key involvement in all 3 of our goals. He played well. Positioning will come in time.
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    I have been TOLD he’s been at the training ground. No reason not to believe it.
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    OK, here goes. Ben Chilwell cannot defend very well, going forward he wasted so many dangerous openings and his crossing, shooting and passing felt like a lottery. A lot of fans were happier when Fuchs, Justin or Thomas played instead of him. Barnes had some of his best games on the left when Chilwell didn't play. We have James Justin who fans think is unique in that he plays better on the left, like a young Andrea's Brehme. The cameo vs Watford at home where he got an assist and his performance vs Villa at home where he and Barnes ripped them apart further supports this notion. Luke Thomas is viewed by the club as being a bigger prospect than Ben Chilwell, his end product going forward seems to support that too. Provided a number of accurate passes and crosses, gets his head up and his technique seems to be solid and in control of all faculties, unlike Chilwell. Timothy Castagne is one of the most versatile full backs and wing backs out there, his stats show he's played over 50 games on the left out of about 130 odd and his goals and assists from both left and right look impressive, he is also renown for being a better defender than attacker so that is also impressive in itself. With Ricardo looking increasingly likely to go in to next summer with just 2 years left on his deal aged 27, its a real possibility that he is sold unfortunately. £50-70m for a 27 year old next summer will be good business, but none of us want him to go. However, if he does and we have Castagne and Justin already here then it's one less immediate concern. I think this is going to be a transition in to a new style of play and Castagne has a CV to back up being able to come in and help us do that. I don't see him being a jack of all trades but more of a player who will be an important cog in navigating 50-60 games next season and flexible enough for us to play the way we want to play week in, week out. This isn't a panic signing either, we were linked pre Rodgers and Congerton and they both wanted him at Celtic so its a target the whole club are happy with and that reassures me as well. Welcome Chestnut! Got a feeling he will do well, like his style of play.
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    Nothing yet on how long, but I imagine 4 years minimum
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    We're a really good side and anyone who doesn't rate Praet can fck off.
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    What type of mutant can play DM or RW. Sounds to me like when someone claims Armartay can play all these roles. based on the fact that’s ruined my lunch, it’s a no from me
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    His profile picture is a mirror selfie mate
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    Good interview. Sad to see how he's dropped off. Just shows you though - he had chance to leave and didn't as Kante went and we are not aware of that. People forget how good Drinkwater was for us. Hope he recovers and goes somewhere where he can play regular. Still weird to see Kante get treated differently to the likes of Drinkwater yet Kante fvcked off at the first opportunity.
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    When i was sat near him he was talking to SFE saying things like, "my god puel is so ****ing shit I hate him so much. He's so bloody boring and all the lads hate him. Don't worry though Seany babes, me and the lads will get him sacked soon like we do, always works. We are untouchable, we run this town. Oh also here's the team sheet for the next one, gotta get back to the team, love you." Not surprised they binned him off after that sort of nonsense.
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