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    I'd be all for it as he'd have his summers free from tournaments and will get a good rest.
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    Champions of South-East Asian airports, you'll never sing that
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    To call Albrighton "dross" is borderline ridiculous!
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    No, looks like a leaflet to me?
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    reports in belgian newspapers saying a deal with Leicester will be reached very soon. They are pushing hard to get the deal done. Silva will be part of the deal. United en Spurs showed interest but did not make any offers yet. Tielemans does not want to wait.
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    Booing our own players onto the pitch at a substitution
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    Close ups of our fans when we're live on TV. Makes people from Chernobyl look sexy.
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    Schmeichel Simpson Huth Morgan Fuchs Mahrez Drinkwater Kante Albrighton Okazaki Vardy
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    £14 million quoted. He’d be a bargain at that price and would naturally fit on the right hand as a left footed right winger we’ve missed since we lost Mahrez. Unfairly written off by the majority on here.
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    The treatment of Claude Puel from hire to fire. Every narcissistic 'he hasn't connected with ME' type post, as if the primary (or even tertiary) responsibility of the manager is to make the fans feel like it's their mate coaching. 'But his press conferences are so dull!' Gregg Popovich (NBA) and Bill Belichick (NFL) are two of the greatest coaches in their respective sports and offer notoriously stingy and boring interactions with media, because the whole thing so rote with no upside for actual honesty or flair. English wasn't his native language, his fluency was laboured. He was pilloried for this by a sizable percentage and it put into tailspin his entire tenure in my view, from which he could not recover.
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    "Champions of England, you'll never sing that". To clubs with more titles than us.
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    The fact that my season ticket has remained at £415 for the past 5 years while other clubs charge double or more for a similar ticket.
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    Why would he reject Chelsea to stay at Leicester? Chelsea offer him European football every season and the chance to win trophies. Yeah, in hindsight, it didn't work but every player takes a chance when they move clubs. People said the same thing about Kante when he left but it worked out for him. Either way, just let it go. He's not our player or our problem anymore.
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    Is what you get when you put your e-mail address as your username.
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    Absolutely loving it. This is everyone else telling the so called Big clubs to go **** off and find and develop your own talent rather than just trying to fleece ours. With the increased TV money clubs no longer have to sell to survive. The clubs that have actually scouted, invested in and developed talent are holding all be cards at present. The only downside I see is that players and their agents will also see what is happening and they ill be more reluctant to sign long term deals without get out clauses. Once the current crop of contracts starts to run down then the power may shift towards the players as the clubs will not want them to go under freedom of contract. Well done and a great bit of foresight by LCFC to get most of their best players on long term deals.
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    Never do a Spurs. In anything ever. Disgusting.
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    Signs new 5 year contract 👍
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    For a bit of balance, let's have the things about the club/ fans that you enjoy. -The Union FS tifos are usually excellent, well thought out and designed. -Getting Andrea Bocelli for the title crowning match against Everton was a classy touch. -Birch's charity run. Been going for decades and a real staple of the end of season game. Well participated on the pitch and excellently backed by the fans.
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    They have been honoured for their bravery ByCiaran FaganCrime Correspondent 04:00, 26 JUN 2019 Heroes: (left to right) Pc Kevin Marsh, Pc Michael Hinton, Pc Steve Quartermain, Sgt Mike Hooper (Image: Leicestershire Police Federation) Four police officers who risked their lives at the scene of the King Power Stadium helicopter crash have been nominated for a national bravery award. Pc Steve Quartermain, Pc Kevin Marsh, Pc Michael Hinton and Sgt Mike Hooper all suffered burns as they tried in vain to rescue the five occupants of the helicopter. They were first on the scene after the aircraft fell from the sky and burst into flames shortly after taking off from the stadium on the evening of Saturday, October 27. They were unable to save the five people inside - club owner and chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, two of his staff, the pilot and another crew member. The National Police Bravery awards are held by the Police Federation of England and Wales and honour officers who have performed outstanding acts of bravery while on or off duty. The four Leicestershire Police officers spoke today after they learned of their nominations. Sgt Hooper said: “The day started as any other day does – we were there to police a football match. "What we faced by the end of the evening was something that we wouldn’t have expected. “It was extraordinary circumstances and something that no police officer would ever want to face in their entire career. "We only acted instinctively how any other police officer across the country would have reacted. “We were just doing our job. "We have had to come to terms with the fact that we couldn’t save the five victims.” Pc Marsh said: “I’ve never really thought about what I actually did that evening but placed in that situation would I do the exact same thing again? Yes, I would.” Flowers laid outside the King Power Stadium (Image: Will Johnston Photography) Pc Quartermain said: “It’s a real honour to have been nominated for the National Police Bravery Awards. "I think being nominated probably represents the actions that we took on that night but also the actions of the other officers who were exceptional in managing the operation and recovering everything else afterwards, as well.” Pc Hinton said: “To be nominated for the National Police Bravery Awards is overwhelming and really honouring. “I feel really proud to have been nominated and to represent Leicestershire Police.” Dave Stokes, chairman of Leicestershire Police Federation, said: “Our four officers acted with real bravery, rushing towards the crashed helicopter. "In the blink of an eye, they risked their own lives in an attempt to get to the occupants. Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha acknowledges the fans during a lap of the pitch after the Premier League match between Leicester City and Bournemouth (Image: Plumb Images/Leicester City FC via Getty Images) “Sadly it wasn’t with a better outcome and our thoughts remain with the loved ones of those who lost their lives that night. “When the officers were told Leicestershire Police Federation had nominated them for The National Police Bravery Awards, they became emotional and said, ‘yes we risked our lives in an attempt to save those five people in the helicopter, but isn’t that just what we do?’ k A silence is observed in memory of Leicester City chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha prior to the Premier League match between Leicester City and Burnley at The King Power Stadium City 'honoured Vichai's memory' “They should be incredibly proud of their courageous actions that night.” The event – the 24th National Police Bravery Awards – is sponsored by Police Mutual. John Perks, chief executive officer of Police Mutual, said: “Police Mutual is very proud to be supporting the Police Bravery Awards for the 11th consecutive year. "My colleagues and I are deeply honoured to be able to show our appreciation for police officers’ bravery in keeping us safe.” https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/heroic-police-officers-were-burnt-3019055
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    Tielemans probably wants a bigger club than us so I'm guessing he'll end up at Celtic or even Celtic reserves...
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    I am by no means ITK, however, a chap I know who is quite pally with 1 of the 1st team squad has been told that it's more likely than not that Youri will join us and negotiations have been very cordial and are at an advanced stage!
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    To see three academy lads involved in a 3-0 mauling of Arsenal.
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    Anyone know how long he's on holiday for? With the amount of money he earns I'll bet it's at least 10 days, if not the full 2 week package. Probably gone all inclusive and still eats out a couple of nights a week, maybe even misses breakfast once or twice. Different world
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    Personally, I like the fact that FT has regular posters from other clubs. It gives us an insight into their clubs and a completely different perspective on our own. As long as they treat the club with some respect as it is an LC forum, as you say, but that cuts both ways and that respect has to be a two way street. Frankly, some posters that take every opportunity to try to belittle a giant club like Celtic and perpetuate some kind of feud because we took BR embarrass me. @henrik_62 doesn't need me to fight his corner, but looking at the numbers, he is a more popular poster than most here.
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    £55m for Ricardo is an insult
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    I just tried to say his name out loud and all the bloody furniture started floating.
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    Never wanted a player to succeed as much as him. He’ll be a legend here one day
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    I know he's got a rep for being a bit of an arse and I know his distribution isn't the best etc, etc... But, he's been outstanding for us and has saved/gained us many, many points and wins over the years. He's a leader and a Leicester legend and if he can maintain his form, I hope he stays another few seasons and makes it to 10 years with us.
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    I have reason to believe he’s staying at the Moon Palace hotel in Mexico. I’ve continuously called their reception but they won’t give me names or room numbers. Looking for cheap flights as we speak. I’ve had enough jibber jabber, time to force this deal through.
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    You wouldn’t be a very good agent if you weren’t trying to get the player you represent (and yourself) the biggest pay day possible. They are single minded in their approach and I guess that’s what they should be. It’s a short career and loyalty is dead. Add a second player to the mix, a second agent, a second family.... Luckily YT is an intelligent young man, has some good/well respected people around him (and I include Roberto Martinez, Brendan Rodgers and........Claude Puel in that list) and will make the right decision for his wallet, his family and his development. Through the smoke and mirrors of the football transfer rumours, from a media with very little to report on in mid June (as is often the case) we remain in an extremely favourable position. We continue to have a good relationship with Monaco (developed over the past few years through common business interests) and I continue to believe (and hear) that YT will become a Leicester player.
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    I could handle that lol! I've never really had a preference over an English team but I feel some sort of connection with Leicester now because I like this forum lol! Which is very weird as in February I had a deep resentment of Leicester and Rodgers but I guess that was the early stages of grief talking lol! Gutted he left and still am but in time I've realised my lasting opinion is that he brought us great success and memories that will last a lifetime so shouldn't complain, he was always going to move on, that's football.
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    People who don't loathe Tottenham.
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    The 13/14 season was probably my most enjoyable as a Leicester city fan. It sounds strange considering we won the league a couple of years later but the 15/16 season wasn’t enjoyable at the time as I was so nervous when at the games. From Christmas onwards in 13/14 we just stream-rolled the league. The Derby game at home in January we were unbelievable they came down here in good form and we just tore them apart with one of the best performances ever at the King Power.
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    Massively under appreciated by clueless twats and memers. Great player
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    First signing sett to be announced early next week. Possibly a winger.
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    We are approaching peak Ghezzal, exciting times.
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    I'm in for a tenner. Who's with me?
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    Our fan base. And it's not incredible either.
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    Still banging on about Danny Drinkwater I see. Left us for a bigger club on a bigger wage to play in Europe, that’s pretty normal. All after helping to take us from the championship to the Premier League champions and Champions league. He was fantastic here. Not quite sure why some fans seem to enjoy him not playing much for Chelsea, he was a great servant at the club who we made 35(?) million pound profit on.
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    a lot of people in here who clearly have no idea of the absolutely relentless dark cloud that depression puts on a person irrespective of wealth, love or health. get educated, please.
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    Look out for: Absolutely nothing happening for a very long time. New names appearing out of nowhere and everyone gets excited. If they’re foreign, a joke or pun on his name. If they’re African, a joke about AFCON. Liam starts tracking private planes (and now yachts). Sheppy has a panic attack over one player. ”Just seen him in Morrisons, he’s deffo signing” Someone’s auntie’s brother’s boyfriend’s son works at the training ground and says this one’s happening. “He’s a beast on FM/FIFA” Everyone is now pissed off about the new name not signing. Dormant threads are suddenly bumped up by people asking if anything’s happened with this yet. Exciting player thread goes hot, you get excited that something’s happening, it turns out people are squabbling over something else. Page 68: “Only 32 pages to go!!!” ”What’s the longest thread we’ve ever had without the player signing” Argument over whether it was Nicky Maynard or Charles Aranguiz. Some idiot shares this video asking if anyone’s shared it yet: Something becomes a meme on the forum for the whole of the next season. HashtagPrayForSheppyFox We’re linked with a player along with Everton and West Ham. Someone’s monitoring twitter and other fan forums sharing any useless tidbit from someone claiming to be ITK. Everyone spends the afternoon following a player’s plane as he’s on the way to sign for someone else. “Didn’t want him anyway, he’s shit” Still nothing has happened yet. Someone unhelpfully points out there’s still two ****ing months of this. ”Get a life Urban” K.
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    Do you do kids parties?
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    Radio 5 describing him as “ Tielemans of Leicester starting in midfield “
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    I shall prepare for this in the same way I have all my Leicester City supporting life, by accepting where we are in the football food chain and hoping we can punch above our weight has we have on several magnificent occasions.
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