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    I swear you see a totally different game to the rest of us! The 1st 10 minutes knocked the stuffing out of you??? We could have quite easily been 2 up! You only ever see games from your own negative outlook and it's getting quite boring!
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    You know I really hope you get in the play-offs and the semi goes to penalties. We'll see how long he's popular for
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    Doesn't play wingers = Criticised for being negative Plays wingers = Criticised for being too attacking
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    If you're going to boo him then don't get all arsey and indignant when he gives a bit back.
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    I didn't realise being a eunuch was such a well paid job .
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    I honestly can't believe this thread, our only striker to score in a competitive game so far, someone who has looked decent to me in the games I have seen him, and now he's written off seemingly because of a couple of misses yesterday.
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    It was a very enjoyable game. We knew the defence would be a weakness as we are having to play a youth team RB at CB, we won't have to do that once St Ledger or Whitbread return. Hopefully our strikers will be slightly more ruthless in future and perhaps Lloyd could ask Morgan for advice on crossing. If you only watched on Radio Leicester I'd calm down, we don't need a DM (football manger and Makalele have a lot to answer for) we just need to keep on doing what we're doing and things will come good.
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    Not a fan of this, he should get on with it and stop moaning on twitter. If he works hard enough in training he will make the starting 11. No one can assume that they are guaranteed a start.
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    Shut up you piece of shit
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    Announced on twitter he's signed a 2 year deal with Bury.
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    We were treated to another classic quote from Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen yesterday, about the on-fire Giancarlo Stanton surrounded by an otherwise terrible lineup: "I need the f__kin' FBI to protect that guy, because anyone else on this f__kin' team, he can't." I love Ozzie: sometimes he's clueless in the dugout, but there simply is no filter between his brain and his mouth. Here are some other classic Ozzie quotes: Ozzie, when asked what he is going to do with his struggling lineup on July 9: "I'm going to kill these sons of bitches." Ozzie on Heath Bell blowing a save in a wild Marlins loss on July 3: "Make sure Miami people don't f__k with Bell. Bell gave up two runs. How 'bout the rest of the f__kin' 10 or 12 runs they scored? That's why this game is not f__kin' fair. Is Ozzie talkin' sh*t? No; Ozzie's talking the truth about how sh*tty we were before that f__king inning. Put that sh*t down! I think that was a very sh*tty big league baseball game, both sides." Ozzie on homphobic slurs (after getting into hot water calling a sportswriter a "faggot" and a "homosexual"): "That was my best friend. He'll say, 'What's up, you child molester?' and I'll say, 'What's up, you fag?' That's how I've said, "Hi," to him since 1985." Ozzie on sports psychology: "Great players don't need psychiatric and psyche and shrinks. Horsesh*t players do ... I grew up in the good era of baseball when Budweiser and vodka take care of the psychiatric thing. That's the best thing to do. You fail, get drunk and come back the next day and you see how good it feels." Ozzie on intentionally walking the diminutive (but red-hot at the time) Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia: "I never thought that I would walk a jockey. I must be the worst manager in the history of baseball right now, walking a guy that just came from being on top of Big Brown to beat the White Sox ... To go from the Kentucky Derby to the Boston Red Sox's ballpark and perform, that's amazing." Ozzie on the White Sox-Cubs rivalry: "We won it a couple years ago, and we're horsesh*t. The Cubs haven't won in 100 years, and they're the f__king best. F__k it, we're good. F__k everybody. We're horsesh*t, and we're going to be horsesh*t the rest of our lives, no matter how many World Series we win. We are the sh*t of Chicago. We're the Chicago sh*t. We have the worst owner. The guy's got seven f__king rings, and he's the f__king horseshit owner." Ozzie on Magglio Ordoñez: "He is a piece of sh*t. He's another Venezuelan f__k. F__k him. He thinks he's got an enemy? No, he's got a big one. He knows I can f__k him over in a lot of different ways. He better shut the f__k up and just play for the Detroit Tigers. Why do I have to go over and even apologize to him? Who the f__k is Magglio Ordonez? What did he ever do for me? He didn't do sh*t for me." And, of course, in the heart of the anti-Castro Cuban émigré community, Guillen said, "I love Fidel Castro ... I respect Fidel Castro. You know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Fidel Castro for the last 60 years, but that motherf__er is still here." That led to protests and calls for Guillen to be fired from Miami's Cuban American community, a five-game suspension handed to Guillen by the team, and--for perhaps the only time ever--an apology from Ozzie.
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    From what I've seen vardy is very promising. IMO if you had beamed in 50 football fans, with no knowledge of where players came from, and asked them their opinion on who looked the likeliest striker my feelings are that Vardy would get the bulk of the votes.
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    Ah, I see what you're doing here. Clever. Making it look like we should all expect to thrash a side who've been PL in all but two of its 20 seasons, and are one of only 5 teams to have ever won it, at their ground, so you can gloat and stick the knife in when we don't hammer them, which we almost certainly won't. Guess what? As incompetent as I and many others think Steve Kean is as a manager, this is still one of the toughest fixtures we'll get this season, and I'd be happy with a draw. I still remain optimistic for the season, though. The last team this woeful side, according to Seenitall, put out: Blackburn Rovers 01 Robinson 02 Orr 05 Givet 16 Dann 06 Lowe 10 Formica (Ms Olsson - 71' ) 12 Pedersen 13 Murphy (Jorge - 83' ) 18 Etuhu 21 Nuno Gomes (Dunn - 71' ) 39 Kazim-Richards Substitutes 34 Kean 31 G Hanley 32 Ribeiro 08 Dunn 14 Ms Olsson 17 Jorge 25 Goodwillie Really woeful, that.
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    Working hard is just a small aspect of ability to pay, lots of people work really hard but earn a pittance because they weren't born with a natural intelligence or ability to learn a skill or gain a specialist knowledge to get them into a high paying job. I've also come across plenty of people who managed to wangle themselves a high paying job through their ability to pass exams but they've been some of the laziest impractical arrogant people I've worked with.
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    Spanish fresco restoration botched by amateur http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-19349921
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    Like Martyn says far too much over analysis going on over this game. We didn't lose because we played 4-4-2 or that because we don't have our own Makelele. We lost because individuals in defence, midfield and attack made basic mistakes. Play that game again 9 time out of 10 and we win. Probably at a breeze! Why people feel the need to spend hours fixing something which isn't broken I'll never know. Like FleckneyMike mentioned earlier on in the thread, IF we can reproduce that display more often that not this season we'll be right up there. So no more of this 4-4-2 doesn't fit our side or we need a DM bollocks. Lets just see how it pans out over the next 10 games or so.
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    You've hit the nail on the head. I have just finished 6th form at a private school after being there for 7 years. My family is relatively poor, my dad is a carpenter and my mum works in a school, so I'm hardly 'filthy rich' but I tore the entrance exam apart and received a bursary, only having to pay 15% of the total fee. Do I or my parents regret it? No, not all. IMO, the teaching is really not much better, but the attitude to learning and environment of the school is what makes private schools achieve better grades. Pupils there WANT to learn, they are motivated to learn and those that don't either leave or are asked to leave nicely. The links that you make are invaluable too.. out of my group of friends, we have 6 medics, 2 optometrists, 2 engineers, 4 economists, an architect and 3 Oxbridge students. These are my friends for life and I couldn't be happier when you consider that in an equally parallel situation it could be drug dealers, murderers, etc. Private schools nurture their pupils as well as possible to keep them on the straight and narrow. I couldn't thank my parents enough.
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    Well because this Private & Public v State schools system just perpetuates the class divide and continues along the whole "who you know, not what you know" shit that this country is run on (look at old Gideon George Osbourne for proof). Suppose you had a child with leukaemia coming from poor, working class parents - should that child expect a lower quality health care because of nothing more than who they were born to? If not, why should it be fine for children to expect a differing standard of education due to nothing more than their parents are? Ultimately, the idea of children being entitled to different standards of education (talking actual schools, not private tutors etc. here) based on the success (or lack of) on their parents behalf is a pathetic, self-serving ideology. Edit: Not at all, privatised health-care is also ridiculous, as for food/housing etc. - that'd more be punishing the parents that have done well for themselves, that's not my argument, my argument is against punishing children for how their parents have done in life.
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    Having been to a supposedly 'red brick' university where I mixed with students from state, private and old type grammar schools I honestly couldn't say that I could point at any particular group and say that they were superior over any of the others and that things panned out for them better than the others. If I think of the people that went on to get proper graduate jobs (with the big plcs and earning shitloads of money) it was a pretty even split, and if we're going on earnings out of all the people I know some of the highest earners didn't even go to university. The highest earner I know personally went to state school, started the same university course as I did and then very sensibly switched to something a bit more meaningful at the same place and now earns about 3 times what I do. The secret for him is that he's willing to work a lot bloody harder than I am, and was also prepared to live and work in f***ing London which you'd have to hold a gun to my head to make me do. I've only talked in material terms so far and if you like the ethos and the values that these places supposedly instill in your offspring then that's fair enough. If you want to get into politics it definitely seems to be an advantage, but who the buggery would want to do that? There's also a real risk that you end up being taught alongside kids called Alfonso and things like that. I'm a big believer that your future to a large extent is determined in your very early years, and agree with my other half's simplistic view that if you're thick then it doesn't matter what education is thrown at you, and if you're clever you'll do well whatever system you go through. She's a good example of it herself - she grew up in a shit area, went to the shitty schools there, but because she was identified as a 'clever one', the schools did enough to get her to university and her own work ethic took her through what she needed to do to become a highly paid and qualified professional in the healthcare sector, and like most people seemingly, earns a lot more than I do. As with most things you've got to take a step back and have a good think about the pro's and cons of sending your kids there rather than just having a fixed idea that it's brilliant and THEY MUST GO THERE AT ALL COSTS, because it's right for some and not others. I know someone from a very modest background who was sent there (again identified as a 'clever one') and on the face of it you'd say it was an unmitigated disaster, in that they were bullied to barely endurable levels, struggled academically and didn't even make it through university when they eventually got there and are now doing a job they could have done if they'd left school at 16, and all at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds that their family struggled to afford. And guess what? They want to send their kids to private school. What this probably boils down to ultimately is that I'm too much of a tight arse and I would need to be much more convinced of its merits than I am to be throwing that sort of money around edit: Used the word 'thing' instead of 'think'. Is it too late for me to go back to school? Yes
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    I have faith in him, it might take a while for him to find his footing and start getting his own goals but I'm sure he will. However, he's already shown how good he is at breaking away from the pack, and the setup for King's goal against Peterborough was great
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    I'd like to see something like 4-2-3-1 away at Blackburn... King and Drinkwater/James can sit, offering that supporting/defensive role. Then the three can be Knockaert (wide right), Marshall (playing behind the striker) and Vardy (wide left). Nugent can then play as the striker.
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    We were never "overrun" at any stage. Charltons plan was to lump it/get quick balls from deep into their front 2. In the 1st half we lost every first and critically, every 2nd ball. Fair play to Powell, he'd obviously done his homework. The only way we would have benefitted from a Genuine DM was in snuffing out the 2nd balls, something King helped to do 2nd half simply by being clever with his positioning. To say at any stage we were being overrun by waves of Charlton attacks would be false.
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    Live Chats not the same unless i'm in there after a solid 10 hours drinking, with my caps lock on to annoy people.
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    No, I find the idea of private schools to be absolutely disgusting, and I'm many things but not a hypocrite.
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    Don't write anyone off!!! No-one....... James and Vardy are NOT simply shite because we lost tonight. Get real people... We became the stronger side and on another night could have won that match. Stay positive, but be realistic. Why do so many people have to swing between brilliant and shite so quickly!!?
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    Vardy whom many voted MOTM against Pboro?
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    Dontcha wish your left back was Kon-ches-ky? Dontcha?
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    The day you said you were leaving
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    The first proposal was rejected so they probably thought f**k it we can't be arsed with the memberships. Still no memberships even after the season has kicked off is amateur. At this rate I might just start a one man boycott and not bother going at all this season as a protest. The worst thing is that nobody can even provide a rational explanation. This is meant to be a professional football club with a multi million pound turnover and they can't get the basics of ticketing and communication right.
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    Touche Col, I've liked what I've seen though, particularly when you think where he's come from! The step up doesn't seem to bother him, he doesn't look out of place and I feel one league goal and his confidence will soar andhe will score plenty. i will stick my neck on the block and say i think he will definitely score more league goals than JB did last season if he keeps a clean bill of health.
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    So again, you're saying he has pace. Like Usain. But his technical ability is so poor that I can only assume he is footballer purely because of his pace. I'm not saying he never makes any impact, but it's very rare and even when he does he ends up fvcking it up most of the time anyway. I wouldn't get rid because we've only got 2 other wingers at the club, but his playing time should be very limited.
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    He even looks like a frog as well.
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    The traditional joke punchline is "No, she went of her own accord." It's a twist of an old joke... but hey, I thought it was funny. It's a bit like... There's two sausages in a frying pan and one says to the other, "Hot in here, isn't it?" and the other one replies, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! A TALKING SAUSAGE!"
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    Eton is a public school, it can, in theory, be attended by anybody that can afford to, in reality it is full of neoptism and cronisim, but in theory it is open to the public but is privately funded and you have to pay to attend, private schools are different because they have an entrance exam, so only admit the best and the brightest and offer scholarships to those that can't afford to send their little genius. State funded are your normal schools. Stupid rich kids go to public schools. Smart rich kids and super smart poor kids go to private schools. Everyone else goes to a state school.
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    After that performance there was no way I could post last night, had I tried it would not have been pleasant..... I had largely suppressed my negative thoughts from the weekend so It was with considerable hope and some optimism that I got the train out to Charlton. It took about 10 minutes for City to knock that out of me.... Right from the off it was clear what was happening, Charlton allowed us to get forward then hit us at pace, our inexperienced and slightly makeshift back line was exposed time and time again but we made no adjustments whatsoever during the first half. Unlike saturday, Drinkwater and James were given more freedom which left our back 4 largely unprotected, the classic one man dropping off, one man on the shoulder left us in a tangle that we were totally incapable of sorting out. We got forward a fair amount ourselves but never really looked threatening, with Dyer and Marshal staying wide the front men were always outnumbered so the half chances that were created were quickly snuffed out. 2-0 at half time did not flatter Charlton, they started the 2nd half at a canter and were somewhat surprised by the energy we showed. King's excellent goal gave us hope and for a while it looked like we might get another. However it didn't take long for Charlton to gain a degree of control that despite lots of effort from City was never really lost. Whilst we pressed forward with plenty of endeavour we lacked any real guile and quality, just a lot of huff and puff really.
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    The amount of blokes i've meet who went to Private School who are fooked up on drugs still astounds me. A good public school every day for me. Seems to give kids a more rounded education and serve them better socially.
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    maybe all of us who didnt attend tonights game should base our opinions on this...... http://www.charltonl...h-views-opinion They believe we looked to have the quality to be up there, and so do i. Just need to play a few games to let the rustiness go.
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    Where was this thread on Saturday?
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    That's what training and friendlies are for. Vardy looked our brightest striker against boro and I can only presume was looking brighter today also considering he stayed on the pitch over Beckford!
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    Typical Leicester fan what do you expect...
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    He mows it He mows it He mows it. And at half time he forks it He forks it He forks it Cuz he is our head groundsman Head groundsman Head groundsman And that is why we love him We love him We love him Woah woaaa Ed Moweeee Woah woaaa Ed Moweeee. (I think you know the tune) What a way to celebrate my 100th post!
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    Cheers mate, great review.
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    You will arrive about 1pm. Probably leave at 9-9.30am. Fox Travel clientele is very clicky. If you sit in one of their usual seats, expect to have a filbert the fox teddy flying towards you.
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