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    Last September I lost my great mate and fellow season ticket holder Neil Palmer due to a stroke aged 39. For me, this night and season is for Neil and all the other City fans, of all ages that never quite made it to this point. It's been a great season and it's time to celebrate but I know the Donny game will be very emotional for me and quite a few others. I hope the're all having a pint ( and a fag in Neil's case) in some bar in heaven. God bless them all Leicester till we die
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    Typical Leicester fans this thread is - just desperate to find the negativity. I can't see any negatives with Knockeart - he wears his heart on his sleeve, loves playing for us, covers every blade of grass every game, he's skillful, he can take free kicks, he's imporved hugely defensively and he's still so young! He'll only get better and has the right manager to get the best out of him. Class act.
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    Charlton fan here .wanted to say well done after 10 years you deserve to win it.hope you have fun in the premier leage
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    Haha, I didn't even notice this when watching the game, how was it not a foul! Good from vardy too http://instagram.com/p/m5AZTtyc3v/
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    Not wishing to come across 'trolling' but - apart from a good-in-a-kind-of-low-fi-derivative-way debut album - Oasis have been spectacularly gash for pretty much their entire existence.
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    They should turn elastic to cunt that would be better. Edit: wow that's not even censored, nice priorities guys.
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    Sorry its late but here is my video from last night check out the rest of my channel for my other videos that I have this season! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruEha3N4dJ4 Link to my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/lcfcliam
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    This whole "fit the mould" thing is beginning to annoy me. Yes I hope we keep our trend of going for so called young hungry players but if you're saying you wouldn't take Micah Richards because he might try 10-15% less than our current players then you're stupid. He is a darn sight better than any defenders we have. That said we couldn't afford his wages obviously.
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    Exactly. We want Blackpool to send you down last day, not you to send Blackpool down. What an odd response, it's hardly to rocket science to work out what Bert meant!
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    Kasper 8 - Kept us in games with some very good and crucial saves. Always vocal. Good to have at the club. RDL 8 - We badly missed him when he was out injured and that showed whilst he was injured and when he came back. Great going forward and steady at the back. Moore 8 - Had a phenomenal start to the season, only an injury prevented him from keeping his place in the side. Miquel 6 - Hasn't really featured a lot. Has been quite good when he played but as he hasn't really featured as much I can't give him a higher than a 6. Konch 7 - You can always depend on Konch, consistent, reliable and experience. Was having a decent season until his red at Forest then the form of Schlupp has prevented him getting his place back. Schlupp 7 - Has been very consistent since he played at left back. Stepped up like he was a seasoned pro. Lack of games prevents a higher score. Morgan 8 - Solid, without hitting the heights of last season. A great captain and you will always pretty get a performance from him. Rare for him to have an off day. Wasilewski 7 - He's been good, as well as being a complete brute and being able to play. Very astute signing whose experience has been valuable. Knockaert 8 - To bounce back from Watford, and add what he has added to his game this season has been fantastic and a credit to himself. Certainly not the finished article yet but will bring you moments of sheer magic and inspiration. One of our match winners. Mahrez 7 - Settled in very well and has made a positive contribution. 3 important goals for us I their own right for one reason or another already, a few nice assists and someone to get very excited about ahead of next season. Dyer 8 - His best season ever for us. Certainly not the most technically gifted of footballers but his pace is a great attribute and you will always get 100% from Lloyd. Fitting he scored the goal that secured us the title. King 7 - The form of James and Drinkwater has meant he'll have played nowhere near the amount of games he would've liked. Always pops up with crucial goals for us and has done so again this season. A very gifted footballer who has been with us from our lowest point, and deserves his shot at the prem. James 8 - How good can this lad be? He's been class for us this season and I'm still convinced that we've not seen anywhere near his best. Hoping he stays injury free next season because he's a massive player for us. Works in tandem with Drinky. Drinkwater 10 - Our player of the season, for me anyway. Dictates the way we play and if he plays badly so do we. Thankfully that's not happened often this season. Added goals to his game and scored some beauties. Been ever so consistent and drives us on so well. Fantastic footballer. Hammond 6 - Has been limited to cameo appearances to see games out and has done that to great effect when he's came on. A good old fashioned central midfielder. Doesn't mind getting stuck in and has that vital experience. Nugent 8 - Contrary to what people say he has had a great season. Our top goal scorer once more, has laid on plenty of goals for others but what people don't seem to realise is that he links the midfield and attack fantastically well. Has play a more withdrawn strikers role this season and for me he's done it to great effect. Vardy 9 - What a transformation. He has been nothing shirt of first class this season. No-one could've predicted he'd have been this good this season, after last season. He deserves the season he's had though. He's clearly worked hard at his game and is now reaping the rewards from it. It'll be harsh that he probably won't win player of the season but that's only because of the heights Drinkwater has hit. Doesn't give defenders a moments peace. My only slight criticism is that he still lacks a tad of composure when through one on one. Wood 6 - Not the season himself or we were expecting from him. It's been very frustrating through injury or the fact that Vardy has been in scintillating form. He has still popped up with some very vital goals for us and remains a good asset to have in the squad. He could flourish in the prem - Only time will tell. GTF 6 - Has found game time limited but has always looked composed when he's featured. A very good footballer. Phillips 6 - Scored the vital winner away at Bournemouth and played a massive part in getting Nuge the winner at Leeds. Two massive contributions from him in tight games. He's been good for Vardy I think. Look at Vardy's goal record since Phillips signed. Management 10 - Masterminded a demoltion of one of the most competitive leagues in the world which has included many record breaking feats including a winning streak from Decemeber through til February and with the possibility of two more records before the season is it. We've been treated to fantastic football all season long and that's detrimental to Pearson and his backroom staff. Shrewd signings, fantastic tactical awareness and league title to boot. Fantastic.
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    When I read the thread title I thought this was going to be Dyche going on about Wood's goal again.
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    This is a dangerous game and normally ends up with too many words being changed, although it would be funny if every time someone wrote bants or banter it was turned into "boring fvck wittery"
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    I'd much rather share my Dad's taste than listen to half the stuff my contemporaries listen to.
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    This is why I want to keep Wasyl. ****ing beast. If he was a pokemon he'd be Aggron.
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    Doesn't make it right. The fact we're not surprised when the club acts like this speaks volumes about the guys behind the scenes......
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    We took a punt on someone in their mid twenties from the conference, two obscure early twenty year olds from Ligue 2, a striker at left back and a 40 year old. I'm confident we would take a gamble on a 19 year old from League 1 should he fit the bill.
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    I have never designed a shirt before, so I decided to make one using the only real tools I had - with an inspirational message that I think all of our fans can agree on. Feedback appreciated.
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