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    He’s here for at least 5 more months. Anyone saying he should “rot in the reserves” is more of a child than what they claim Riyad is.
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    3-5-2 Schmeichel Amartey Maguire Dragovic Albrighton Silva Iborra Ndidi Chillwell Iheanacho Vardy
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    Ndidi has been our best player in recent weeks. Absolutely awesome at getting the ball back. He just needs other people to show for the ball better because we all know he's not a great passer.
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    Didn't want to start a new thread but just wanted some clarification on a few things with Mahrez. So some media outlets and pundits etc are claiming we've blocked Mahrez from moving for 4 transfer windows. So if that's the case, thay takes us back to the transfer window after we won the league. Now correct me if I'm wrong but im pretty sure he signed a new contract that transfer window and there was some kind of agreement where he would give us another year and then we'd allow him to leave the following season for the right money. So the 2nd transfer window in question was last January where we received no bids for him. Again please correct me if I'm wrong. Then the 3rd transfer window was last summer where we only received 1 bid for him from Roma which was way below his value. So at this point we haven't actually gone against our word to Mahrez as we have not received any sufficient bids for him. So the 4th transfer window we also receive no bids until deadline day where Man city bid £60m. So yes someone has finally met his market value but on deadline day where we can't replace him so we choose to increase his market value to stop the sale due to the poor timing. Now I may have my blue tinted specs on but I genuinely do not see where our club has done anything wrong here. Yet most of the media seem to be blaming this whole circus on us and not on Mahrez or man city. Please can someone fill in the blanks for me as I am very confused about others perception of this situation compared to my own
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    I am not bothered about some PR apology which is not meant. He is clearly going in the Summer and if he wants a top club he needs to get his head down and play well. Get back in training, work hard and keep his mouth shut - we need him and he needs to play well! Concentrate on his playing and have clubs throwing £75m at us so he can move on. Sorry situation which has tarnished his image and left a bad taste which is a real shame as he is the best player I have seen in a blue shirt. None of this big apology rubbish just get back doing what your paid to do and win us some games!
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    Mahrez still AWOL? A 3 man midfield a must!... Silva /Ndidi /Iborra.. Please no Fatty James!
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    Honestly he seems like what Gray should be - a skillful TEAM player with a good combination of trickery, dribbling, pace and passing. For the transfer fee we paid, looks highly promising. Against Swansea he was OK first half, then poor in the first 20 of the second (like most of the team), but then when Nacho came off and Diabate was deployed more centrally looked a lot better and had a good chance at goal. Maybe he's better as a 10 than on the wing? Not sure. Good addition to the squad and fits into Puel's style. To be honest I thought he was "one for the development squad" so it's a pleasant surprise to see him integrate so quickly. Part of the future of the club.
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    These two posts sum my feelings up perfectly!
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    I'm becoming less convinced by Gray by the game. Diabate looks to have more about his game to me.
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    Oh piss off you twat. He wasn’t ****ing ‘awful’ he looked like a player still adapting to the English game. At time he showed some lovely touches, and vision unlike yourself who clearly lacks it. He showed a damn site more than Matty James.... give Silva a few weeks and he will be controlling that midfield like puppeteer and you’ll be sat eating your words.
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    Be strong in your belief. He tried to instigate a snidey little move for himself. He didn't care too much for others, as long as he was alright. Stand your ground. Bench him or leave him in the Under 23's until he buys his way out or contract runs down. This sort of behaviour needs to stop. Just because there is money in football, it doesn't mean it should go directly in a players pocket. The club you sign with are making a commitment to you by guaranteeing you your wages for the length of your contract. If you get injured, you are still paid and looked after. Never shit on your own doorstep Riyad! If we make a stand now, player power will diminish and Leicester City will be remembered for bringing some sense of standards back to the game and not just that title win.
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    Shame Algeria didn't qualify for the World Cup, I presume the Algerian fans on Facebook blamed Leicester for that as well?...
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    Just read the Swansea interview with him - genuinely painful to read. He is a true legend. This is one of my favourite photos of him - he is one of us.
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    The first time I forgave him, this time I can’t , I feel bloody hurt by his actions. I love this club and he has took the piss, even if he plays again for us he has lost that respect. I would rather see Diabate play, yes we may get a Europa place, but that’s not guaranteed, and some of the interchange football between Vardy, Inheanacho and Diabate in the first half was breath taking. That at least means we still have a lot to look forward to.
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    I noticed on a Guardian thread today that an old Spurs myth about 2015/16 had reared its ugly head once again. That old canard about TV scheduling in the title run-in. I'll quote the post verbatim: Leicester played first something like 6 weeks in a row due to TV schedules. Didn't come to it of course,but would have been interesting to see what might have happened had Spurs had the opportunity to apply some pressure by playing first occasionally Now it's true that we did play first several weeks in a row in the title run-in. Four times in a row in fact, with our games against Sunderland, West Ham, Swansea and Man U. We also played first the following weekend too (the Everton game), but we were already champions then. So although the guy exaggerated a bit, it looks like he has a point, right? Well, he says would have been interesting to see what might have happened had Spurs had the opportunity to apply some pressure by playing first occasionally. But if you look at the four matchdays immediately before the run of games above, you see that in three of those four, Spurs did have precisely that opportunity to apply pressure by playing first. Why doesn't our Spurs fan mention those fixtures? Well, it's becaue they don't fit the theory. Let's have a look at the detail: 1) With just 10 games to go, Spurs had the chance to finally go top if they could beat Arsenal in the Saturday lunchtime game. Despite being 2-1 ahead for that famous 14 minutes, and despite Arsenal being down to 10 men, they allowed a late equaliser, and later that day we took advantage at Watford, going five points clear. 2) With just 8 games to go, they had the chance to reduce the lead to two points if they could beat Bournemouth. They did - they won 3-0. But what was our response to this pressure? We beat Newcastle on the Monday night to restore the five point lead. 3) With just 7 games left, Spurs had the chance again to get within two points by beating Liverpool in another Saturday lunchtime fixture. They failed, with Poch famously beating the Anfield turf in frustration. We responded by beating Southampton and moving seven points clear. To sum up, in the title run-in, Spurs dropped points in four crucial games. Two of those were in fixtures where they played before us (as mentioned above), two were in fixtures where they played after us (West Brom and Chelsea). So the theory is basically bollocks. They bottled it when they played first, they bottled it when they played second. The only constant is not the scheduling, it's the bottling.
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    That first half performance alone is enough to be excited about. Yes, it is one game and yes there is a long way to go before we can truly see what life is like without Riyad. However, in Claude Puel we have a proper manager. Someone who will "manage" the football side with a safe pair of hands and get us playing a brand of football which at times will be exciting to watch. Disapointed not to have put these to bed. We were a class or two above them. However, we are and under Puel will continue to move forward. Cannot wait to see who he adds in the summer. For now though, no reason why the top 7 is not achievable.
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    All of that is true, but now is not the time for Mahrez hyperbole, I'm surprised you didn't call him that 'sweet Prince' thing that always makes my teeth itch. No, now is the time for pitchforks. Whiny little twat that he is.
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    I must have been at a different game ..........
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    Needs a hell of a lot of making up to do with the players, staff, owners and of course the fans. He's being petulant and made himself look like a full-on bellend Of course he should play again, but he's got to go back to training in full. No training = no playing and hopefully no wages either. He really is a twat and I've lost a lot of respect for him
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    No, let him rot in the reserves and yes, I am more of a child than he is.
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    2-3 away win after Mahrez comes off the bench to score a hatrick and celebrates the winner by running down the touchline singing Money That's What I Want.
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    Old story, I sometimes saw him walking up the A6 past Rothley in full colours. I didn't know who he was and once about 89/90 ish it was raining and I pulled over and offered him a lift. He shouted at me like father Jack.
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    Thank you Mahrez for fvcking up our season you piece of Shit. Man up and get back to the team you little 5 year old.
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    A cruel disease, so glad he witnessed the miracle before that memory will be cruelly taken away from him! A true lifelong supporter and I'm so sad to hear about his demise!