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    So at what point given this is the third manager who is losing the support of these players do we actually think it MIGHT be the players that are the problem? Or because they overachieved for a season, they get a complete free pass forever while all their managers have to carry their collective can? Its three totally different managers too.
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    Don't worry, the players made up for it by delivering the extra L with the loss against Newcastle
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    The owners have entrusted Puel with making training and tactics decisions, and all the rest of the things a manager does. As long as that’s the case, they should shut up, grow up and do the job for which they are paid obscene amounts of money.
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    1. A nod to our past displayed around the stadium including a museum 2. A Safe standing section 3. A Railway Station on the National Forest/Ivanhoe Line
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    Funniest thing about THAT caller on radio Leicester was another fan text in and said Shakespeare would have got us relegated, and the mouth breather who called in without a hint of irony said "Yeah we probableh would have been relegated but Shakehhhh wuld av wunn that game wunt eh". Heard him in the car. And thats the kind of fan youre up against, trying to win over. Ones that make lots of noise on the radio and on online forums, and think their warped view of football and the manager is the majority feeling because they think it. I just love the selective memory people have. The one that forgets all the good performances under Puel and over exaggerates the bad ones, as means to prove they were right to reject him from the beginning. The ones that think Shakespeare is the new Alex Ferguson, because he shared a dressing room with Pearson and loved a good hoof. I wont even mention anything vaguely critical of Pearson either, as 10 foaming at the mouth loonies will instantly queue up to tell me he got us two promotions, he built the title winning team, hes the best manager the clubs ever had. Yadda Yadda i get it, I really get it. Its been said thirty million times. Its also in the past like Ranieri is, and no one is asking him to come back. And he won the Premier League. Any Southampton fan that wants to come on here too, who cares about your opinion? you have a moron in charge and youll be in the championship next season playing Brentford. Bye Bye. We have a group of people on here who didnt want Puel from the start. Theyd already judged him before he had done anything, and therefore will use anything they possibly can to justify why he should be sacked. Regardless of the consequences of who comes in, what it does to us as a club, our reputation to other managers and players.
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    Its a well considered response, but this same group of players are the ones who literally mullered Everton for 60 mins and won easily, mullered Southampton away, Played brilliantly for large spells against Newcastle away and Spurs at home, both wins, spanked Huddersfield, spanked West Brom etc etc They CAN implement new ideas. When Puel first came here, his opening 6 or 7 games were exceptional quality. I just don't buy that you can get fully on board with someone from the get go, yet find them confusing and demotivating a few months down the line. That surely has to come from within the group of players, not the manager? And Puel is also trying to improve the players. Do players like Danny SImpson have a glass ceiling? do they just accept im actually bang average so I wont work at my game? ill just maintain a bang average level which needs no improvement from myself because im likely to be picked anyway? why do they have that attitude where someone like Guardiola can take a failing player like Sterling and revolutionise him? Sterling is also a limited footballer, or was, just in a different area of the field. And on the subject of minimising what they are good at........... what they were supposedly "good at" was failing miserably, and they've most certainly improved under Puel, points wise no question from the latter days of Ranieri and league position wise massively from Shakespeare. So its not like their "strengths" were translating themselves into attributes that could win football matches. Not anymore it seems. I feel really strongly that this is the time to stick with Puel and build on this project rather than binning it for something that is akin to a painkiller. A manager that makes everything feel good for a while, then the pain hurts twice as bad when it wears off.
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    Youre almost the walking cliche angry fan. First of all, why have the last three managers managed to get the best out of the players, but in a short burst, before everything starts to revert to a tepid level? In fairness, Ranieri's burst was prolonged enough that something miraculous was achieved which will live in the memory forever. But then, it all goes flat again. And again with Shakespeare. And now again with Puel. Who are the constants in this scenario? the three managers, or the one group of players? Your point about motivating and inspiring players. Who knows. I dont draw the conclusion that he isnt inspirational because he is French and quiet, which lets be honest, youre doing. So when you can all see he isnt inspirational, no we cant actually. Lots of fans are happy to give Puel time. He inspired Monaco to win a Ligue 1 and Lyon to reach a Champions League semi final, which aint bad for a duffer. Your point about better players leaving. The one better player that will leave will be Mahrez. Definitely not Puel's fault. Mahrez has twice tried to orchestrate his own transfer away from Leicester, so it hardly seems fair to blame Puel for the actions of a player who has tried to force his own move out of Leicester. The other players, who knows. The club has to accept bids it feels are reasonable. thats why a wantaway player cant just up sticks and move, if his value isnt met. Your comment about pressing, high tempo attacking football being the only way a side of lesser ability can win games is just completely wrong. Too many examples to mention. Notable ones would be Greece in the Euro's who relied on pure defensive organisation and resilience, Portugal in the Euro's who used similar tactics but the focal point of Ronaldo, the Chile side who won the Copa America under Sampaoli who at times played a 3-1-3-3 matrix formation no one had ever heard of, The Chelsea team who won the league last season playing a 3 at the back countering system and a focal point striker, the Inter Milan Catennacio team, the list could go on, and on, and on, and on. And anyway, even if it was ALWAYS the best way to get results, what part of our style in the later Ranieri days, and then under Shakespeare, was attacking (??????) or was about pressing (??????) we were sitting deep, sucking teams onto us, and then trying to counter them. We actually DID play with better style in Ranieri's early days like in the wins away at Swansea and Newcastle 3-0, Sunderland 4-2 at home, Stoke 3-0 at home with progression, passing, movement and skill.......and then we became a complete parody of "the Leicester way" by playing a tempo so fast as soon as a player received the ball it was like a grenade had landed at their feet, and by sitting further and further back. Youve also done the walking cliche tactic of ignoring all the good performances and wins, and why wouldnt you, as it makes your non existent argument fail if you did point out weve been excellent in some games, and then used your own confirmation bias to assume we all hold your views. Thank god we dont.
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    Not buying this "Puel is trying to implement a style of football that we don't have the players for" bullshit. If that is the case, why are we paying these one dimensional players so much wonga and why on earth are they playing premier league football in the first place? Are they really that sh*t? There are so many player apologists on this forum it's unreal. Since 15/16 we have had so many 'issues' and the finger inevitably gets pointed at the managers - well, I can't stomach that any more. It's clear to me the issues arise from our billy big bollocks bunch of players that seem to think they know best. Player power, appears to me, to be the rule of our club at present. It stinks.
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    Honestly I ****ing despair at some of our fans. 40% out!!?? Are we just going to keep sacking managers until we get what some of you lot deserve and go down? Yeah the last few games have been shit, but that's football. You go on bad runs and you have some terrible matches, but honestly some of the morons that support this club are putting me off going, far more than the team do. The expectant atmosphere is pathetic and so is the way that you want a manager gone because we won't be in Europe next season. Puel is far from blameless and he's made some weird decisions, but we could easily have been one of the teams that appointed Allardyce, Moyes or Pardew or Mark Hughes if you look at what the last club to sack Puel are doing. He's trying to change us into a team that is actually capable of keeping the ball instead of treating it like a bomb and if he's going to do it successfully, then he'll buy the right players in the summer. The only signing he's made is Diabate who was about £2m and already looks a bargain, so why wouldn't you give him a full transfer window? I'm not saying he's been fantastic, but he's definitely worth backing in the summer and having a full season next year.
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    I should go and see the doctor mate
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    Obviously the players don't get a free pass, and I don't think Shakespeare lost the support of the players, just the support of the board, but that's a separate point. What Pearson understood and Ranieri seemingly forgot in his second season, is that these are limited players with very clear strengths and weaknesses. Vardy is the best in the league at chasing lost causes, putting defences under pressure and being a right nuisance, he is not that great at winning headers against strong centre halves. Mahrez is great at turning a bit of space into a chance, but if you give the defence time to swamp he, he can't do his thing. Ndidi will run all day long and win the ball back, but is sloppy in possession at times. Simpson is the best defensive right back in the league, and the worst attacking right back. Morgan will put his body on the line but don't expect him to dribble the ball. Puel seems to want to play in a style that exposes the flaws of our players, we are not great at passing the ball and keep possession, we are great at attacking quickly and don't worry about losing possession playing a high risk pass. I would start to get annoyed at being asked to do something I'm not good at which has the added effect of minimising what I am good at and makes me look shit. Morgan and Simpson haven't become shit overnight, they are still good at what they are good at, but we are not playing to their strengths and seem intent to expose their weaknesses. If you want your right back to over lap and cross the ball, don't pick Simpson, literally anyone else would be better. Fair play to Puel he did recall Amartey, but when big Dan got injured he should have done something, anything other than ask Simpson to play as an overlapping fullback, it's like asking Morgan to be a ball playing centre half. He isn't and never will be. The frustration is we have a ball playing centre half on the bench or a change of formation to 3 at the back, would allow Morgan to just defend, Albrighton to go wing back and we have a strong looking side that plays to their strengths. Even Vardy, I know he is still scoring, but generally late in the game and it would make more sense to play Nacho for the first 60 minutes as a leading striker, he at least has a chance of winning a header and will give the defenders something to worry about other than Vardy's pace. Then we can unleash Vardy on a tired defence to win the game. The players need to execute the manager's plans and they are doing so to the best of their ability, and that is the problem and why they are getting pissed off, they can't play better because of the system they are in, so you either rebel against the manager or play his way and play shit.
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    I'd be gutted if the manager was to get sacked. I just don't want us to keep sacking managers, In Pearson's second spell I took pride in the fact that we gave him time to see out his vision even though he encountered difficult periods.To go though three managers in the space of a year and a half would make us look like an absolute joke.
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    1. Provision for a rail seating area when legislation changes (designated singing blocks essentially) 2. Railway station 3. A decent fan park type thing with local beers/food
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    Pretty embarrassing all round to be round, the spelling and the veneration.
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    one nigel pearson...
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    I’m getting pretty pissed off with the players downing tools everytime they don’t like a managers methods
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    I think the same and it’s another reason why I’ve not been down this season and posting less on here. I’m just bored of talk about management sackings, player revolts, bringing back Pearson etc etc. Its ‘same shit, different day’ and has been for too long now. We need to clear out some of the older players, sign some good younger ones and knuckle down to playing some football. Puel needs at least a transfer window to try to properly evolve us.
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    I'm a big fan of Puel and don't understand this "boring football" criticism. Against Newcastle we were dreadful and there is no defending it but against Stoke, Swansea and Bournemouth we did enough to win all three of those games by a two goal margin, Puel is trying to transition us into a passing team. Teams that don't want the ball will only ever go so far in the game. There is nothing wrong with having quick counter attacking football in your locker but if that's your main weapon you will struggle to break teams down when the onus is on you to beat them. I see people on this thread have been moaning about Puel not spending in January to bring his type of players in. I would argue that it's the sign of a good manager who was reluctant to spend in January and only spent buttons on a young Ligue 2 player who is already ahead of Gray who we turned down £25m for in the summer. A poor manager never has enough money to spend but Puel was patient and kept his tinder dry. I'd like to think that Puel has given the squad a chance to play his way and those reluctant or incapable will be attempted to be shipped out in the summer and replaced by more suitable personnel.
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    I sometimes wonder if during that title winning season the sum of the parts was greater than the parts themselves ... and some of those parts weren't that great ...
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    Can’t believe it’s even a discussion and a clear example of how shit modern football has become. We will get no one good if we keep sacking managers.
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    1-0 I just love the way our defenders get forward and attack in the u23. Puel needs to bring them through they play his game.
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    A public transport link into town - maybe a mono rail or something. A large Gondola would do. A brilliantly designed space around the ground full of pop up bars with amazing local beers and food ranging from curries to fish and chips but including pork pies, local cheeses and walkers crisps etc - a little nod to our foodie culture. The space should have seating areas covered and uncovered and a massive statue of all the players on that podium holding aloft the trophy with Wes and Ranieri front and centre. The ground should have a safe standing area, 50k capacity, the ability to turn into a venue for concerts/boxing/comedy a roof preferably and an alternative to concrete and shit cladding to mask the generic whiteness of the existing monstrosity.
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    how about turning on them after nearly 2 seasons of them coasting then moaning to get any manager sacked who dares to think we need to change?
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    Not related to the stadium expansion, but most importantly I'd like to see the Filbert Street site cleaned up and have a mural/statue or something to remember it by. It's an absolute disgrace the state it's in.
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    If Puel's still in charge, can we have the seats facing away from the pitch?
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    Pictures of Vichai's head photoshopped on legends around the ground
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    Great shout - less KPFC branding more LCFC branding. And keep the colour theme blue and white, not blue and gold.
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    Middlesbrough at home when it had snowed was one of the best atmospheres for years, and there were barely 10,000 there.
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    Has any other club ever done anything like this for their owner? The spelling error isnt as embarrassing as the flag itself (Inb4 vichai won us the league)
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    Club legend. In terms of Price Tag vs Achievements must be on of our greatest ever signings. I know some people like to make themselves feel better by getting personal and slagging off players in a manner that is over the top, classless and unnecessary so, to counter, I would just like to say it could be reasonably argued, based on achievements, that he is our greatest ever captain. All this whilst never moaning and never hogging the limelight and seemingly being well liked by the entire squad and staff. I shall say it again, club legend. Having said all that ......... ..........it does appear he is not the force he once was and we do need to look at easing him out. Now a note to some posters on here, please notice how it is possible to put forward the notion that a player may be past his best without using words such as "fat, shit, awful, abysmal, finished" or some other hyperbolic nonsense designed to give oneself a semi whilst typing away in your sad, stained little y-fronts. I personally would like to see Dragovic given a run until the end of the season as he may well just be our long term solution at CB but I would also like to acknowledge Morgan's achievements for our great club. Cheers big man. X
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    Oh great, they'll probably stop playing for a few weeks until he is sacked then miraculously the form improves.
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    We're having people saying that Shakespeare shouldn't have been sacked. Don't seem to remember you being so vocal back in October.
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    Poor attitude. Proper fans try to lift their team not sit around quietly waiting for their team to lift them.
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    I was going to say that it was a bit odd showing a Tinky Winky to kids in the first place, then I remembered it was the BBC and it all made sense.
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    Foreign Secretary? I could probably bring some respect back to that office given the last few months. Although if @Sharpe's Fox was holding higher office than me I think I'd last less time than the uncle Kim Jong Un fed to the dogs. I have the image of waking up and 3am with Chris Williamson peering through the window at me.
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    The whole irony of this situation is, when a manager is sacked, they feel stung by the criticisim. So they up their performance level, they want to "show a reaction"....."prove a point" to everyone. And in doing so, all they achieve is simply to prove the point that they could have given more, and prove they have qualities that they dont show often enough. They actually prove their critics right.
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    Saturday looked like what it was - a wander in the park for us and a do or die game for Newcastle - their second goal was a freak and a draw would have been about right. Puel's biggest mistakes for me have been believing the hype around players clearly not good enough for a top level team - Chilwell and James spring to mind (although he sussed Gray out which is a relief) - when he has proven internationals in the squad who he won't give game time to (Silva, Iborra). Dropping players in for the odd game does not build a good understanding between them and this was apparent on Saturday also - not surprised we struggled a bit in defence with no Wilf though and that was probably the difference between the loss and a win. If you are not going to be top 4 or relegation fodder you will end up in the middle and guess what - Puel has us in the middle.
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    To be fair he comes across as a right arrogant prìck on twitter.
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    1) Additional tiers on 3 sides of the ground (East, West and North stands), over-hanging the lower tier as much as possible (like the old double decker), to keep them close to the pitch, taking to capacity up to 45,000+. Add some nice touches such as an old style gable in the main stand roof. 2) A single-tier South Stand with a new lower pitched roof to hold in the noise. Set up some sort of membership making it clear it's ultras only (for want of a better word). Adults prices only. Unreserved seating (until safe-standing allowed) which would help get like-minding fans together and encourage those not interested to relocate. 3) Future proof the stadium by installing safe-standing throughout the South stand, and the back half of the lower tier of the East Stand. Safe-standing is a win/win for all. It's safer than standing in seated areas, the supporters want it, and football needs it. Those that want to stand will be able to, those that don't won't have people standing up in front of them. Something needs to happen to football in general. Nearly every ground is affected by a season ticket base growing older, and needs an injection of new blood but there's no room to fit them in. I've had a season ticket since my teens, and now in mid-40's. Those in their 40's then are now in their 60's or older. Ground are becoming sterile and something needs to change. We have the opportunity to take the lead in what football needs in general, the club could take the initiative and really give us a stadium to be proud of. In reality we'll end up with a huge extra tier bolted on behind the East Stand, miles from the pitch, with the same bland atmosphere.
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    I'd definitely take Rafa but would he come here???
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    1. A railway station. 2. An old steam train to run on it. 3. A fat controller to keep an eye on it. (but really, exactly what davieG said) ...
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    1 - Fan park that encourages fans to get there early and stay late. 2 - An extension to the stadium that gives it character. Something it is lacking currently. 3 - Safe standing.
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    Not a chance. Speaking to a Leicester legend the other week and the owners are not keen on celebrating anything pre-takeover.
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    Too many bad eggs still here dictating
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    Been all over twitter, guess that's why they went with Mr Chairman, if they can't spell football they had no chance with his name
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    Empty seats doesn't automatically mean a drop in atmosphere I've been to plenty of games in the past where there's been empty seats and the atmosphere has been excellent. Don't people always say it's those that are the most vocal that will always attend. Expanding the stadium provides an opportunity for new vocalists to attend on a regular basis, last years kids are next years late teens early 20s and are being denied the opportunity to become long term regular fans Surely the most significant impact on atmosphere anyway is what is happening on the pitch and the status of the team with respect to possible achievements (and incompetent refs)
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    Name the new stand after Ranieri.
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