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    Possibly the most important signing ever for the club. Without him there would be no Great Escape, and without that no Premier League Title. Thank you, Robert Huth
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    AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH Do other clubs fans clamour so much for previous managers over and over again like we do? O'Neill for years and now Pearson. Don't you realise that if teams constantly looked to the past that none of them would ever progress? I know there's an argument for what Pearson built here, he was a proper manager with us and anybody who doesn't give what he did the respect it deserves should be straight in the sea. However, how many times can you keep going back cap in hand trying to rekindle something? It smacks of desperation. Sadly, the bafoons at our club probably don't have the capability of appointing somebody else to build the next dynasty here and bringing him back for a 3rd time might be wiser than giving it some oink like they have with Puel. So much has now changed though for both us and Pearson. He's had a horrible few years, arguably he's nothing without Shakespeare and Walsh (I know both could be available again if the band were to be put back together) and what's he left with here? Most of his old cronies we are desperate to be fcuked off like Morgan, King, Huth, Simpson etc. This club needs to stop looking back, I'd rip the fcuker apart with a brave and innovative manager, a new competent DOF (ideally chosen with the new manager in mind) and a new recruitment director and a better regime within the academy. I'd tell any player who is resistent to change and thinks we should be doing what we did a few years ago to sod off, that includes Vardy, Kasper and Mahrez. It's time for a new era, we've had an incredible past decade of ups and downs. We are heading for a down again though and we shouldn't accept our fate by continuing to make horrendous decisions and wasting obscene amounts of money in the process. There's a common theme right now amongst a lot of this and it's coming from the top downwards. The executives at this club have got to fcukin go.
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    Foxes Prepare To Acknowledge Huth Contribution Robert Huth, a name written into some of the greatest chapters of Foxes folklore, is to conclude his spell as a Leicester City player at the end of the season. Everyone at the Club would like to express their thanks to Robert for his substantial contribution to the most successful period in the Club’s history. Vice Chairman Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha said: “Players like Robert have been so important to our Club in the last three years, not just for his qualities as a footballer, but for his qualities as a character. He’s a leader, a winner and a player whose commitment to the team has made him equally popular among our players and our supporters. His status as a Leicester City great is very much secure.” Signed on loan from Stoke City in January 2015, Huth was an integral part of City’s famous revival during the final weeks of the 2014/15 season, before making his move permanent that summer. He would go on to take his own tally of Premier League winners’ medals to three in remarkable circumstances the following season, as the Foxes shocked the world to become champions of England for the first time. Only Wes Morgan and Kasper Schmeichel started more than Huth’s 35 league games en route to the title, while his crucial winner at Tottenham Hotspur and remarkable double at Manchester City were truly iconic moments in one of English football’s greatest stories. A leader during numerous heroic defensive stands during his 93 appearances in City blue, Robert’s experience was vital during the Foxes’ run to the UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals a year later – solidifying his partnership with Wes Morgan as one of the Club’s all-time great central defensive pairings. Leicester City manager Claude Puel said: “It is a great shame that I have been unable to call on Robert’s experience due to injury this season, but he is a fantastic man and is always a positive influence on the squad and for this I am grateful. I would like to congratulate him on everything he has achieved as a Leicester City player.” Robert will be presented to the Foxes faithful ahead of Wednesday night’s visit of Arsenal to King Power Stadium, giving supporters the opportunity to thank him directly for his contribution during his time with the Club. https://www.lcfc.com/news/683283/foxes-prepare-to-acknowledge-huth-contribution/press-release
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    if that is that then what a way to bow out. the greatest ever.
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    Wenger's Arsenal in the last decade summed up in 2 tweets
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    Can we stop doing this every few days? If your opinion is so fickle that it can be swayed by one game then chances are it's not an opinion worth listening too.
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    Some stats for those who like me, love stats: 26 passes total 22 forward passes: 85% forward passes 84% pass completion 2 tackles 3 interceptions 3 blocks Never dispossessed 20 years old
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    Morgan over Dragovic again... just why.
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    Credit to puel any other manager and he wouldn't have got a look in this season.
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    Makes you wonder why Jakupovic hasn't played more. Looked decent.
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    Yep, get fed up of all these 'Mahrez is our best player' comments. No he isn't. What's the going rate for a top flight striker that looks more likely to score then miss when the balls at his feet? About 150 million quid. At least Vardy turns up every week and displays noticeable passion for the club, and he turned down Arsenal to stay with us. If anyone deserves plaudits from Leicester fans it is Vardy. Biggest legend in the clubs history in my eyes.
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    Don't kid yourself tbh, in 2018 club size is just budget. There are no other criteria anymore. We're a bigger club than everyone we can out spend and we're smaller than everyone else. It makes us bigger than Huddersfield and smaller than only about six teams in the country. It's why I roll my eyes at all of the people on here that desperately have to be seen to be putting the club down because they think it makes them the voice of reason. "We'd never get Dyche", "we're not a bigger club than Newcastle", "wake up the league win was a one off this is our level" is all a load of absolute rubbish tbh. We're not a big club because we won the league, we're a big club because the resources available to us are big and if we told Rafa Benitez he could spend this summer what we spent in the last two summers, he'd be here like a shot. The only mitigating factor in any of that is job security. Someone like Dyche or Wagner is legitimately going to look at our sacking rate and question their ability to do any better than Puel and our patience when they don't. None of this is arrogance or delusion, it's just reality. If Wolves come up and it turns out they really do have the power to out spend us then they're a bigger club. Not because of their stadium or history but just because it's a business and they've got more assets. Any fan that still thinks football club "size" is about history, fame or prestige is a ****ing moron tbh.
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    Please let’s not be all miserable and negative tonight. Life’s too short. Ignore the dreadful managerial situation. It will sort itself out. Two things. This will be Riyad’s last home game. Let’s celebrate his magic. And let’s get behind a man none of us can doubt with a long rendition of Jamie Vardy’s having a party and England’s number nine to send our talisman off to Russia with our loving endorsement. Lestah til I die
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    I appreciate that Wes is way past his best and has been poor lately etc but some of the vitriol aimed at him is a disgrace. The man has been an absolute warrior for us and hugely instrumental in our successes in recent years, deserves way more respect.
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    Can't decide on his greatest ever moment for the club. The header at Spurs - late goal, just plants his feet and twats it in from 12 yards. The "So if you're just joining us.... #lcfc are leading 3-0 and Robert Huth is on a hat-trick" tweet Stoke free kick. This Arsenal tweet: Might do a poll if there's any I've missed.
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    Fair play to Wayne Rooney for visiting Sir Alex Ferguson in hospital. '' His speech his improving and he now can nearly string a sentence together '' said Fergie
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    If we ever want to be taken seriously and be viewed as a big club then we need more posts like this.
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    Will y’all quit wishing for a big defeat for the “noble” purpose of pushing Puel out. How can you get enjoyment watching the footy if you are hoping for poor play from our own, many of whom will be the basis for next season’s squad? The reasonable conclusion is that Puel is already skating toward his severance payment. If by some chance the club mean to retain him, it will be to engineer a complete remake, so crap performances by an injury-ridden squad won’t change that. Any degree of turnaround going into the long summer is medicine we need. This is the Arse, at home! We owe them a few just in the few years I’ve been paying attention. I for one will don the Happy Clapper armband. And will be happy if we see an odds-defying performance, not another abject loss that proves anybody right about a failed manager.
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    It also helps when your right back position is filled by a right back and your left back position is filled with a left back. Call me old fashioned.
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    PLEASE please keep up the intensity and play in the 2nd half. Im so proud right now, i so want us to finish this season on a high.
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    Dragovic was ill last Friday which is why he didn’t feature in the starting line up on Saturday he suffered a nasty looking shoulder injury late in the game - I’m surprised to even see him on the bench its feasible that this could be wes’ last home game so let’s give him some support tonight !!!
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    god yes. it's a match made in heaven. we need a manager to tell all our players and fans that they are c unts, and he is a manager who has genuinely got a track record of telling our fans to fu ck off and die, everyone in the press that they are pr icks, our players to stop being c unts and he'd probably bare knuckle box rudkin to death. ONE NIGEL PEARSON
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    To the players who are deeply confused and cant understand Claude Puel..... If youre capable of THAT, under a manager you supposedly find confusing, dont ever give any of us any of your horseshit excuses for not giving us that on a regular basis. Stop hiding behind your player power and piss weak excuses, and do THAT. People enjoyed the game and reacted positively to what you did. Youre all more than capable, as youve proved tonight. Including Puel.
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    Lovely to see dont get me wrong, I was at Filbo to see the last time we beat this lot home. But reality is, we were still hanging on at times against a ten man bang average team.
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    Dude our season finished 3 months ago.
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    We're never going to get better by going backwards. We need to stop pandering to any players that DO have excessive power and start moving them on. Love Nige but we need to be constantly looking to improve and that includes improving on him.
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    Leicester City 3 - Arsenal 1 **** you Wenger.
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    Listened to an interview with Vardy just now and he said they made a concerted effort to get the ball forward and attack quickly, rather than passing around midfield and defence, as that’s what the manager wants from them. Begs the question: if that’s what the manager wants, and that’s what our players do best, then just what the hell has been happening for the last few months?
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    Almost like we're better suited to counter-attacking than possession football!
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    Arsene Wenger, Martin "missing link" Keown, Lofty off of Eastenders, Roger Daltrey, Aaron "I'm the ref" Ramsey, Ian "Like Zippy on Acid" Wright, the "Who are ya" chanters, your boys took one hell of a beating! edit - And Piers "pigs" Morgan, how could I forget! edit - And Bradley Walsh!!
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    Fcuking hell who are these strangers in the Leicester city kit.
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    He offers literally the complete opposite to Simpson. You always know where Simpson is going to be, hugging Morgan for comfort far too narrow. At least that gives us some consistency in defensive shape. Benalouane could literally be anywhere. Left wing, attacking midfield, stood in goal. Roll a dice, it's anyone's guess. Even he doesn't know.
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    I think a players background absolutely has an affect on how they are perceived on here, I held that belief for a long time and not mentioned it too much for fear of being lynched. The criticism is often disproportionate to that of other players who seem to have bad performances glossed over or excused. There are many things chucked about, whether it's attitude, or lack of brains, moody etc. I don't think it's a conscious thing on the part of most people, I hasten to add.
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    We've scored 2 goals in the last 7 and a half hours of football & 0 goals in the last 5 hours of football so I'm really positive about the Puel revolution going into tonight! In fairness we've played some tough opposition in that time. Especially at home. It's a hell of an achievement to pick up 1 point from an available 12 against such impressive opposition. As a reminder, we faced: Southampton (18th), Crystal Palace (14th), Newcastle (13th) & West Ham (16th). 1 point. 1 goal. Genuinely completely pathetic. Buzzing for tonight!!!
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    Pro: - he knows the club and knows how to rebuild it - fans love him for the most part and are willing to give him time. - he would not tolerate players throwing their dummy out Cons - He's done nothing of note since leaving us 3 years ago - Our ambition is Europa League. Unsure if he's capable of that. I'm leaning towards No but would 100% support him and give him time if he came back.
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    No love for Silva? Thought he was outstanding. 4 tackles, 93% pass completion, 3 shots, 60% forward passes, 1 key pass.
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    I wonder how Turbogre feels
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    First I win Jim White caller of the day on TalkSport and get £100 Wickes vouchers, now this. Beating my wedding day so far
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    They don't make 'em like Big Huthy anymore.
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    his sexy football tweet when he signed for us initially
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    Doesn't mean it's a good look buddy
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    15 million would get you a player from Bristol City these days. Stoke will demand a ransom for Shaqiri. I'm actually underwhelmed by the prospect of Shaqiri. Not convinced by him at all.
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