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    Kasper Maguire Morgan Evans Pereira Iborra N'Didi Silva Chilwell Vardy Iheanacho Wouldn't be surprised if that's how we line up for the most next season.
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    Massive over reaction about his performances for me, before his injury he wasn't doing a lot particularly wrong, he made some mistakes when he came back. But he and Maguire were left without a ball winner in front of them leaving them exposed for quite a few games. He's always been iffy when asked to step out and cover that space in front of the back four. He was hardly to blame for games like Spurs either where everyone else was dropping huge clangers. I don't want him starting, but he's absolutely fine to have around in the squad for next season.
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    Just watched his interview. Our media team are awful. Some of the questions they were asking were absolutely painful. A seasoned pro like Jonny Evans having to answer whether he's going to be watching Love Island.
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    https://www.lcfc.com/news/707350/jonny-evans-signs-for-leicester-city/press-release - Leicester City agree the transfer of Jonny Evans from West Bromwich Albion - The 30-year-old defender signs a three-year contract for an undisclosed fee - The Northern Ireland international has featured for his country 70 times - Evans brings with him a wealth of Premier League experience, having made almost 250 appearances
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    Club legend and absolute donkey in the same paragraph? Most think he is past his best for us, but it doesn't hurt to show the guy respect for what he has achieved here, and the first of those things would be not calling him "an absolute donkey".
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    In Botswana the main concern of drink driving is that you might spill it.
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    Exclusive picture of his arrival via rail station - the chasing driver is out of shot
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    Welcome, VERY happy with this... Very happy with Puel's work thus far
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    They'll finish top 6
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    For the benefit of the person who complained anonymously, Trees refers to Notts Forest. It's not a racial slur.
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    Sounds like a TV show about an ageing crime-fighting duo on ITV3 at 9pm on Thursdays.
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    He's still a hero. I hope he is invited back to the club so we can show him how much we love him.
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    We have 3 more signings to make then?
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    I haven't seen much evidence of Puel favouring three centre halves apart from the odd occasion when we're losing. I expect us to play Vardy up front, three creative players behind him who have goals and assists in their game with two holding midfielders and attacking width from the full backs.
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    I like this return to signing old United academy prospects. It's like Nige all over again.
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    Hopefully they'll get relegated again while we finish in a Europa spot.
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    Good old Claudio- dilly ding, dilly dong! i hope the fans get a chance to give him the thank you he deserves one day.
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    Good riddance. The disgusting idea he helped to promote to take matches around the world, thus distorting the fairness and equality of the league, for a bit more money in a "brand" that is awash with it and now he leaves on a day where the rich get even richer. Add in his patronising and dismissive tone towards the hard work put in by those campaigning for safe standing and he can do one and quickly.
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    Ok so we are early in the transfer window and the feeling is generally we have made 2 great additions. Our chairman thinks obviously the two above are doing an excellent job. I think so also and our owners are too business savvy to think otherwise or they would be paid off. The truth is they and Rudkin in particular get the double end of a shitty stick. Yes we fans say great signing and when said signing don’t work we blame him , yet we are not sure he sourced the signing only got the deal done. i personally think it’s all a bit tiring and we could have the D.O.F or whatever you call it from teams much worse than ours. i expect some idiot to put thank you John buts that’s some of the dicks we have following FT.
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    Me too. If you find one on the thread, let me know please.
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    Tbf to Wrighty he wasn't saying Vardy was shit, he was just saying that when the game isn't going his way he needs to drop deeper and make himself available. I get that, I understand the point. Given Vards does that for Leicester though I'd say he was probably acting under orders. Moreover, I think its worth pointing out what was overlooked at half time which is that he was tying up three defenders at a time and, in addition, the fact he was pushing up and forcing them to keep such a deep line is WHY Rashford had miles of space to operate between the lines. You need to step back sometimes in sport and look with a wider lens at what's happening and what's causing it. It's an inability to do that that left Okazaki wildly under rated by even a lot of our own fans over the years. It's not always what you do with a ball that changes a game and sometimes something subtle has a huge impact.
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    Interview with the best affro in the Premier League! Go on my son!
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    I would. That's not Puel's system. It will definitely be 4-2-3-1. Why do I keep reading about us lining up with 3 CBs?
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    Evans above, King hell, what's all this about (for Fuchs sake)? Amartey old to understand? It's not Gray-t. We'd do well to Drag-a-vic-tory from this one.
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    We dont really need a striker. we only play with 1 striker and Im happy with Vardy and Iheanacho, its a real creative number 10 we need. and we need a replacement for Mahrez when inevitably leaves.
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    It is very tempting to make a joke now at @Suzie the Fox's expense, but it would be poorly timed. I think it's reasonable to say that one or two people had a mare.
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    Pretty stoked with this signing and the window so far. We've made two solid signings to address the two biggest frailties in our team (RB and CB) for under £25mil. Both Pereira and Evans are, on paper, excellent signings and Evans for £3.5mil is a great bit of business.
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    I pray this happens as well as his reputation will only get tarnished if he plays. Every game Morgan plays he is an absolutely donkey and he gets slagged off even more. he should bow out the club legend he is.
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    Sick of hearing this. Personally I think it shows a bit of character. Christ who hasn't done some dumb things in their 20s. It's easy to judge footballers but if it was a mate then you'd agree it was a but dumb but cut them some slack, move on and not judge them for years afterwards. I haven't heard he makes a habit of it so, all in all he will be a wiser, balanced man because of his experience. Now is a time to celebrate.
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    Sell Big Benny and give Hughes his spot imo.
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    Personally not really sure how anyone can defend Vardy tonight. He did one thing of note in the second half when he hustled to set up Henderson’s pile drive. Absent for most of the first half whilst rashford shone above everyone. I’m sick of wathing him for England and being frustrated, no Alli to blame tonight, people tried to pass to him but he was stationary. Sterling was annoying on Saturday with the missed chances but at least he put himself in a position to have chances. Its Kane and Rashford starting for me, Rashford is world class in the making and we need to realise it! Shame mourinho hasn’t if you’re a united fan. Also don’t really understand anyone criticising Southgate, this is the best we’ve played in years, we’re not going to concede many and there’s every chance we will shit house our way to a result. He’s also made England seem approachable and likeable for the first time in years as well!
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    When my grandparents died I took a day. I was really close to them, but both were expected. Also when my dad died I took a day. We weren't close but that doesn't make a difference, but I live alone, my sister lives 100 miles away and my mum (divorced from my dad) would have been at work too. I wanted to keep busy. What was I going to do until my sister came down to sort the funeral? Sit at home and watch homes under the hammer? I took time to sort the funeral, sort his house etc, but I didn't want to sit and wallow at home. I work with good people, they looked after me, gave me leeway on jobs was doing etc and keeping busy was better for me. I did go a stop at my mum's for a few nights though. Back to @Turbogre's posts though. I get it's a tough time, but it's seems he's being hostile to his boss as a default rather than assuming the best intentions. I don't know their relationship so it might be with good reason, but he's yet to tell what's in the texts or how well they get on. If the texts are just asking how he's getting on and he's not replying, and his boss knows he's struggling with this on top of the other stuff he may have popped round as he's genuinely concerned for his welfare.
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    Mad that most clubs, us included, would vote for this.
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    Enjoyed it more than years of dross in the championship
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    Done a good deed today. came out of work and an old lady was lying on the floor. stopped the car and went over to her. She was really shaken,I went through a few bits about did you bang your head,do you hurt anywhere etc she used to be a nurse apparently. picked her handbag up and keys and asked if she had any family or friends I could call. The poor lady said no,and all her friends had died. she refused to let me call a doctor ( where she had just been) and said she just wanted to be home. she asked me if I would help her up,but I told her if she hurts to tell me straight away. Asked her where she lived and she said a mile away!!! Right near my work,gave her my business card to say I worked there and said did she want me to take her home. she said yes but could I walk her to her house from the road. Bless her,she was so grateful to me and I just said that if I’m ever in that situation,I would hope someone would help me. Even put the kettle on for her. Told her to ring the doctors straight away if she suddenly feels ill. Been thinking about her wellbeing all day and hope I did the right thing by just taking her home.said her ankle hurt a bit. Think I might pop in Monday.
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    It hasn't been the unparalleled success that I envisaged. How do you delete a thread, then? (asking for a friend)
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    This perfectly sums up the point I was going to make.
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    Evens? I got odds of 2/1 against last week.
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    They did better when Pardew was booted out.
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    The three-time Premier League-winning centre-back, who can also operate as a left-back, made his international debut for Northern Ireland in 2006, and has established an impressive reputation as a defender.
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44407450 Labour officially now in support of safe standing. I've never heard of Dr Rosena Allin Khan before but she seems to be doing a very good job of pushing this. Great stuff.
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    When we go to London, we stay right in the outskirts and just travel in and out. Not ideal but saves a fortune. There's a village branded hotel in Watford near Stanmore that we got for £18 bed and breakfast back in an offer they had on in March. Has very basic spa and gym facilities too plus full bar and restaurant. Travel time is about 5 minute taxi to stanmore and less than half an hour to the centre on the tube for not much too and they run most of the time. Bit inconvenient but rooms are really nice and so much cheaper. Plus bang off the M1 so really easy drive to / from Leics.
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    I thought Maguire was decent tonight. He absolutely has to start in the first game. Vardy, well. We all know what he can do but it just doesn't really fit with how England play. You can't realistically pick him over Rashford or Kane if they are going to play the way it looks like the will do. He's just a spare part in that set up. He will probably be an impact sub for the last 20 or so if we are chasing a game I expect or looking to see a win out as he is a better outlet when it's a case of making hoofs up the pitch when under the cosh. Vardy is a quality player but only when the system allows him to be. England's just doesn't suit him.
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    There isn’t one thing I don’t love about that man.
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    If you don't think Vardy is a natural finisher you're a ****ing retard. Its that simple. Look at his goalscoring rate in almost every level of football. Oh no, he took a bit of a while to adjust to going from the conference to professional football, what a failure. Man had the same ratio of shots to goals last season as Mauro Icardi for Christ sakes. Scores with his left, his right, his head, with jumping acrobatic volleys, with first time shots from over the shoulder balls, back heels, side foot flicks, you name it. What more are you after? If Vardy isn't a natural finisher there's literally no such thing. He's one of THE most natural finishers in the world.
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    Danny Mills thinks Top Gear "just isn't the same without the boys"
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    Danny Mills stops 17 yards before a red light
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