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    Kasper Maguire Morgan Evans Pereira Iborra N'Didi Silva Chilwell Vardy Iheanacho Wouldn't be surprised if that's how we line up for the most next season.
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    Just watched his interview. Our media team are awful. Some of the questions they were asking were absolutely painful. A seasoned pro like Jonny Evans having to answer whether he's going to be watching Love Island.
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    Imagine a Spurs side with Grealish, Alli and Hoss-face, all doing their pre-planned high five routines.
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    https://www.lcfc.com/news/707350/jonny-evans-signs-for-leicester-city/press-release - Leicester City agree the transfer of Jonny Evans from West Bromwich Albion - The 30-year-old defender signs a three-year contract for an undisclosed fee - The Northern Ireland international has featured for his country 70 times - Evans brings with him a wealth of Premier League experience, having made almost 250 appearances
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    Exclusive picture of his arrival via rail station - the chasing driver is out of shot
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    Welcome, VERY happy with this... Very happy with Puel's work thus far
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    They'll finish top 6
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    But enough about Spurs... what do you think of Grealish?
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    If he's gone to Spurs, great. Hugely dislikable and overrated.
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    He's still a hero. I hope he is invited back to the club so we can show him how much we love him.
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    I haven't seen much evidence of Puel favouring three centre halves apart from the odd occasion when we're losing. I expect us to play Vardy up front, three creative players behind him who have goals and assists in their game with two holding midfielders and attacking width from the full backs.
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    I like this return to signing old United academy prospects. It's like Nige all over again.
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    Hopefully they'll get relegated again while we finish in a Europa spot.
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    Oh boy you must be mad with no X, brother But that hair though. Reject him just for that
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    Good old Claudio- dilly ding, dilly dong! i hope the fans get a chance to give him the thank you he deserves one day.
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    Good riddance. The disgusting idea he helped to promote to take matches around the world, thus distorting the fairness and equality of the league, for a bit more money in a "brand" that is awash with it and now he leaves on a day where the rich get even richer. Add in his patronising and dismissive tone towards the hard work put in by those campaigning for safe standing and he can do one and quickly.
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    Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy Villa and free transfer him over?
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    Sell Big Benny and give Hughes his spot imo.
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    Watch those who were saying he's sh1t change their mind now Spurs are mentioned. Grealish will have a stormer under Poch next year and Puel will be lambasted for not signing him this summer .
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    Personally not really sure how anyone can defend Vardy tonight. He did one thing of note in the second half when he hustled to set up Henderson’s pile drive. Absent for most of the first half whilst rashford shone above everyone. I’m sick of wathing him for England and being frustrated, no Alli to blame tonight, people tried to pass to him but he was stationary. Sterling was annoying on Saturday with the missed chances but at least he put himself in a position to have chances. Its Kane and Rashford starting for me, Rashford is world class in the making and we need to realise it! Shame mourinho hasn’t if you’re a united fan. Also don’t really understand anyone criticising Southgate, this is the best we’ve played in years, we’re not going to concede many and there’s every chance we will shit house our way to a result. He’s also made England seem approachable and likeable for the first time in years as well!
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    When my grandparents died I took a day. I was really close to them, but both were expected. Also when my dad died I took a day. We weren't close but that doesn't make a difference, but I live alone, my sister lives 100 miles away and my mum (divorced from my dad) would have been at work too. I wanted to keep busy. What was I going to do until my sister came down to sort the funeral? Sit at home and watch homes under the hammer? I took time to sort the funeral, sort his house etc, but I didn't want to sit and wallow at home. I work with good people, they looked after me, gave me leeway on jobs was doing etc and keeping busy was better for me. I did go a stop at my mum's for a few nights though. Back to @Turbogre's posts though. I get it's a tough time, but it's seems he's being hostile to his boss as a default rather than assuming the best intentions. I don't know their relationship so it might be with good reason, but he's yet to tell what's in the texts or how well they get on. If the texts are just asking how he's getting on and he's not replying, and his boss knows he's struggling with this on top of the other stuff he may have popped round as he's genuinely concerned for his welfare.
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    Mad that most clubs, us included, would vote for this.
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    Enjoyed it more than years of dross in the championship