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    Scored our first goal back in the Prem Scored our first winning goal back in the Prem Stepped up when it mattered A Champion Thank you Leo
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    All the best, Leo. You had some big big moments in your few years here.
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    Helped us stay up, helped us to win the title and was in that team that embarrassed Man Utd 5-3. Forever part of a team that is legendary.
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    Puel showing banter and charisma for once. Puel In
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    Hi.I'm a big fan of Dinamo Zagreb and i've been watching Benkovic for the last 3 years at our club.You've got yourself a fantastic centre-back , i mean this kid has a potential to be in top5 in his position in Europe.Technically he is superb , very strong in the air , fantastic tackle capabilities , he plays smart and scores lots of goals by his head.The only weakness i noticed with him is that he had lot of weird injuries during season , i mean he was a lot of the court.Now he's ok , but he needs to work in the gym and get more muscles cause he will have to deal with lots of strong forwards here in Premiership.Other cons than that i didn't notice , if he would stay off of this injuries you will be delighted with him.
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    credit to @ben_jacobs96
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    Very best of luck to him. One of our true heros over the last few years and a very important player for us during our most successful time ever. Always came up with important goals and although the last 18 months or so have not been great for him here he will always be one of my favourite players. Also gonna miss his song which was one of the best ever for one of our players. Good luck leo
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    'Agent Mike' didn't have his best window then
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    Everything agreed, work permit the only thing that’s holding it up.
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    The stones on Leo when he took that penalty vs Jonathon Moss and the hammers.
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    Who cares what that rat faced, pea eyed gimp thinks
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    Memorable match for me was vs Swansea when he scored a couple and the stadium was singing "4-0 to the one man team" - Vardy was suspended - what a character, great times, happy memories for us and him - good luck and bon voyage Leo
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    Bloody hell don't say that to a Turk!
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    New contract to be announced next week.
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    He is genuinely, the best signing in the history of Leicester City FC. All our momentum started with him. He dictates our speed and style of play. He defines what we’re about. He scores in literally all the big games. He’s the perfect wind up merchant. Opposition fans and players loathe him. He lead us to a Premier League title. And be he will lead us to more this season. And he only cost us £1m. LEGEND.
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    Expect disappointment and frustration. We've spent almost our entire history bobbing up and down between the top two flights. We're never really boring, we're usually in either a relegation scrap or a promotion race. In 15/16 we got confused. We were supposed to be relegated in 14/15, when we weren't, we realised too late we'd survived and were already trying to get ourselves promoted when we cottoned on. The damage was already done and we ended up winning the league. Nightmare. We proceeded to try and get in to a relegation scrap the next year to balance things out.
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    It’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating: if Drinkwater had never played for us, and was just another ageing, injury-prone Chelsea reject who had previously enjoyed a couple of good seasons at – let’s say - Southampton, how many Leicester fans would want him? Not many. Most would regard it as an unambitious and uninspiring move. So why do so many people apparently think otherwise? Sentiment. And sentiment should play no part whatsoever in choosing our squad players for this season.
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    One time record signing, fantastic squad player for our greatest ever season, scored some sensational goals, some massive moments in a Leicester shirt and thoroughly nice bloke. Wind your f***ing neck in.
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    Claude hasnt thought this through though, how the hell does he expect us to sing the Harry Maguire song now, "Oh Harry Magiure , plays for Leicester with Bankovic and Soyuncu".As per usual, no thought for the fans!
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    But how would we fit them in when we've already got both Wilfred and Ndidi already as defensive midfielders?
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    the Kop will not be swapped with the Family Stand.
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    That summer - when Pearson was appointed - was the day the club turned around. The work he did off field was immense. And don't underestimate how hard it is to get out of League One at the first time, never mind cruising the league.
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    Done! https://www.lcfc.com/news/799283/leicester-city-agree-alar-sync-transfer/press-release
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    Hard to go into the new season with any enthusiasm knowing that Vardy won’t be goading that same collection of fans at the Hawthorns.
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    Never was a contract more deserved...
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    I keep expecting to be notified that I've been transferred to Wolves.
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    I am in Bangkok!!! I’ve got an early train down to Chumpon tomorrow!!! They’ve got good taste in teams ou here!
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    Top trolling by Claude!
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    Not as disappointed as me, when that fat creature was given the England job.
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    It's pronounced "Lie-Chess-Ter".
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    I've decided to start following Leicester City and would like to be filled in on the current team, club history, chants, and anything else you all think I should know. Also, if someone could clear this ignorant Yank up about how Leicester is pronounced, that would be much appreciated.
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    Keep Maguire and then sign two CBs just rubbing it into Mourinho now
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    Thanks for those key moments in the title-winning season, Leo. Will never know how you found the stones to take that penalty against West Ham, I was hiding behind the sofa sobbing.
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    A nice piece on LCFC.com https://www.lcfc.com/news/798764/benkovi-ill-give-my-heart-for-leicester-city/featured - Filip Benković speaks exclusivelyy to LCFC TV following his move to King Power Stadium - The centre-back joined the Foxes from Dinamo Zagreb on Thursday - Benković says he will give his all to be a success at the Club The 21-year-old Croatian youth international signed a five-year deal with the Foxes after a successful spell in his homeland. Benković, an imposing centre-back, laid out his ambitions during an exclusive interview with LCFC TV, explaining why joining a Premier League club is a huge step in his already promising career. Upon being welcomed to Leicester City, Benković said: “Thank you very much – the feeling is amazing to come to such a big club. It’s a big honour to wear this jersey [for the] Club. “I will give all my heart to this club, to all the fans, to everybody. Hopefully we’ll have a very good result this season. “The ambitions of Leicester City are so big. I like the Club very much and I think it’s a very good step for me to the next level. I’m very happy to be here. “On the pitch, I do my best. I fight for the Club and that’s all I can promise to do. The fans will see what I have and fully hope I will do a good job.” Benković has spent a decade at boyhood club Dinamo Zagreb, where he lifted the Croatian cup twice, as well as a league title. “This is my first step and it’s my first move to another club because I was at the same club for all of my life,” he said.
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    Ab-so-****ing-lutely. Not in the sense they make a rumour up out of nothing, but I believe a lot of what is said is just recycled from twitter or other sources and passed off as their own information. I can count on a couple of fingers the times we've been given transfer information on here before it's all over the twitter already. I should add, that I believe many do get information, we see that with kit info or match info, or leaks about bits and bobs. But, I also think there is innate desire to be seen as knowing this information, which leads to people trying to pass off things they have no knowledge, taking flyers based on rumours that already exist etc. I'm pretty active on twitter and love trawling for news. It's pretty obvious that if I stumble across something on there, come on here later in the day and someone ITK is saying "we're in talks with a defender", when we were linked with a defender three hours earlier. My bullshit radar starts twitching, and I can't help wonder why this information is rarely offered up before it's available elsewhere. If I was half arsed, I could post everything I see on twitter, every rumour and I'll be right enough times to look like I know what I'm talking about. That's just one persons opinion, the site owners opinion (I think) is that it stirs up debate, creates traffic and that each person is free to believe whatever they want to believe. The last bit of course is absolutely true, I don't like it but others seem oblivious to it, so they can knock themselves out. Anyway, I'd best stop before Finners tells me I'm being sanctimonious again.
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    It's not the craziest thing ever to think this. It's true that in a lot of games last season we only started playing when we went behind, but in theory if we are really sure we are good defensively then we can afford to be more courageous going forwards. I would personally say that although we lost a world class player, in terms of overall team and squad balance it's potentially as good as we have ever seen. We can literally name a first 11 now where everyone is pretty good technically. Also the old adage of "goals win games, but defences win Titles" is true. When we won the title, I'd argue that the sequence where we won four games 1-0, and the next 2-0 was the moment we did it. We just grinded out result after result despite having all of the pressure on us. It wasn't nearly as exciting or high quality as earlier in that year but damn was it effective and Ranieri has to take amazing credit for creating a Leicester city side that lost just 3 league games and just 5 competitive games in an entire season. That's what wins you trophies - being hard to beat.
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    Just when you think you can't love the bloke any more. Legend!
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    When you look at Pearson's spells in context of historical league finishes it's incredible the progress we made. We would never have won the league under him but we'd be continuously improving to the point of where we are now, at least in my opinion. If you look at Burnley as an example they've stuck by their manager and had a clearly defined transfer strategy which has paid dividends. Pearson was a slow learner but he usually got there in the end. I'm aware this is speculative but we were in a healthy position under his guidance, I'm not advocating for him to return but it baffles me that some still refuse to even grudingly admit he did an outstanding job.
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    We go down I'm blaming you and that sentence.
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    Credit to Top Load say we should sell for silly money. We get offered silly money. But he's the businessman and doesn't sell. He's got a vision that rises above the pound notes.
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    I'm just hearing "Yanny". Or is it "Laurel"?
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    Fvcking hell, banter, charisma, smile and a laugh. Who the fvck is this guy.
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    I think like the Drinkwater situation we've told Man Utd our price and they don't want to pay it. Assuming we have both Benkovic and Soyuncu signed up we're in a good position to let Maguire go for an eye watering offer. I'm at ease with it all, if he stays then we've got one of the best selection of centre halves in the PL with Maguire, Evans, Soyuncu and Benkovic and if he goes for somethling like £80m then that's fantastic business by us. To bring in two of the most highly rated young centre halves and about £40m is superb. I'm a great believer in selling players at their peak values for clubs like ours, we done it with Drinkwater and we might do it with Maguire.
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    Did he ask for a "Wogan".
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