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    Celebrate one of our legends missing a penalty? I'm not that bitter. Get a grip.
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    Well if anyone can forgive, surely it's Jesus.
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    To play devils advocate here and try to put all the tooing and frowing between yourself and @Lizhanginto a little more perspective. A couple of points spring to mind. How many of the OHL games have you been to or at least watched in full? Is your love for Pearson and his time at Leicester, slightly clouding your judgement? How would you feel if some supporter kept harping on about a manager who was good for their club but was totally sucking the life out of LCFC? I dont want to cause any arguments, and this is all based on my opinion, but Lizhang is posting in the way he sees it, week in and week out and is giving explanations (in a second language) of his league and his club. I don't think any of what he has posted has been out of order and is born from frustration about being bottom of the league. I know 100% i would be feeling exactly the same and to be honest would not be as civill or have held the restraints as he has. Now i know i've quoted your good self and i'm not saying you have done all of the above but to be fair you have mentioned how Pearson did for us many many times and tbh that was in the past and yes he was a great manager for us but he isn't doing it NOW. Its all good and well saying 'give him time' but its been a year and they are bottom of the league. I would love to be able to stream these games so i could have more of a reasoned perspective in this thread but sadly i can never find any. If you can i would be grateful for a pm. Again and just to reiterate, i'm not trying for an argument, just my opinion and hoping to put a little perspective in the debate.
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    The Soyuncu situation is very strange. I'm not sure why he hasn't seen any minutes yet but I'm certain it's nothing to do with the fact he can't speak English- that's bullshit. Half the players in the PL can't speak English Players routinely get thrown into the action despite not having a grasp of the language. All very weird.
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    Would of done if he was set up to take it, but the fact he pushed Jesus out the way to take over and skied it, serves him right.
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    Why bother commenting if you’ve clearly not watched him just to be negative very good defender thats capable going forward more so than an attacking one who can’t defend.
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    As we've seen so far this season, it seems that any team with pace in the forward areas are going to constantly batter us. Marco Silva got it tactically spot on today, he obviously took note of our game against Bournemouth and instead of going with Tosun, he decided to go with pace and power in Richarlison as the striker and give Bernard his first league start, unsurprisingly they were the two players who caused us the most problems today, everytime they attacked us our defence shit themselves, Bernard ripped us open for the first goal, Richarlison gave Wes a hard time all game which resulted in Wes getting sent off...again. Every single team we've played so far with pace up front have caused us problems, battered by Bournemouth, punished by Everton, we were extremely lucky that Wolves didn't take their chances. It's funny how comfortable we've looked though against the teams who played with a target man and lacked blistering pace out wide, see Huddersfield and Newcastle. There's been positives so far this season; however the biggest negative remains the defence, we are only eight games in and we're already talking about a defensive crisis, we've spent £30+ million on three defenders, one of which is slower than Morgan and Maguire, one is too busy taking English lessons, the other is out on loan, it's absolutely laughable. Pre season was the key to fix our defence yet it's still shite. Any team we play from now till January who possess pace in attack are gonna have a field day. Is there actually any solution because I can't think of one
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    Close this before a Man City fan comes and copy and pastes it. embarrassing
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    I know it does our nut when you get an obvious big club bias on the TV. But imagine being a Man City fan. Best team in the league, bottomless wealth, greatest manager, best players, reigning champions and you've still got two ex Liverpool players in the studio just banging on about Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool
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    I think our main issue is whilst Mendy and ndidi are great at working hard and retrieving the ball, neither are going to unlock a defence with a pass or switch play 40/50 yards. No creativity from them. I think we need to play one with either Iborra or Silva. Personally I quite like silva and his style of play so would give him a go. Looks like he isn’t in Puel plans though.
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    I mean we probably would have picked up at least a point if Morgan wasnt stupid enough to get sent off. Bournemouth benefit from having patience with the team and manager. They have nearly all played together for years under the same manager. Our team is being rebuilt and we are midtable, so yea let us sack the manager every time we lose see where that gets us.
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    big screen, big success
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    Good topic for discussion this one! I was going to post something about this in the Tactics thread, but this thread is more relevant. Our current formation is definitely guilty of all of the things the thread title implies. Players in positions that aren't their natural positions and literally a system of playing that is unbalanced. We literally have one true raiding full back in Chilwell who has to do double the work as the player in front of him in Maddison drifts infield when we have the ball. Rather than praise or criticise the system I think it's important to think about why Puel might choose to play the system first. What are his team goals and what is his footballing philosophy? I think understanding that allows us to understand why he kept the same team lineup when this is something he has rarely done since being in charge of Leicester. Puel's gameplan (and a word he uses often) is "control." It's something he has done historically at Lille, Nice and Southampton. He wants his teams to get on the ball and control the game such that the opposition doesn't get much possession and that we as a team attack and defend together. When we have control of the game, then we look to drag players out of position and play the intricate passing stuff to open the door. I think if you look at the second half of the Huddersfield game and especially versus Newcastle this plan succeeded. Newcastle had one shot on target in the entire game and that was from inside their own half! That's why I think he chose the same lineup because it was the first time this season the team has executed the "Puel gameplan" down to the smallest of details. I think it's also important to think about what changes Puel has made as the season has gone by and why he might have made these adjustments: - Maddison started off as our 10 early in the season, but moved to a left inside forward so that Nacho, Maddison and Vardy can all play in the same team. Against Huddersfield, these three linked up very well indeed and created one of our best attacking displays of the season. - Ricardo when played at Right Back left us really vulnerable at the back. Too vulnerable! So Amartey came in so that Ricardo or another player can play as a traditional winger. It also meant that we could have three at the back so that Chilwell doesn't have to worry so much about things defensively, which is important because the player in front of him Maddison will drift inside when we have the ball, meaning he often has to occupy two opponents. - Another change I noticed today and at Newcastle was that of the midfield two, whereas Ndidi started off as the one that stayed further forward, now Ndidi is doing that role and Mendy as more licence to drive the game in midfield. Mendy must be a contender for our player of the season as he has done a fantastic job and I think in today's game he was even more influential now that he can drive forward as his passing is often forward, faster and more accurate than Ndidi. - (There's a lot more we could talk about such as the experiment with Gray up front against Liverpool and dropping Evans for Morgan, but I don't think these are as relevant for today). It's clear that several of our players aren't playing in their best positions, but if it improves us overall as a team, then it can still be a good call. To evaluate our formation and today's performance... whilst we did lose, I would say that before we had Morgan sent off we controlled the game again (I appreciate this is a subjective opinion). Between minutes 45-60 Everton were really penned back and we were passing between the lines, playing side-to-side and dragging players out of position. We were building up a head of steam and looked the more likely to score. After we lost a man we fell apart though. Yes we had a man disadvantage, but we stopped doing what we had been doing and conceded the ball and control of the game for Everton who ultimately punished us. If you are the manager of Leicester City and with the squad we have, you could opt to play any number of ways. Whilst we have some flaws in our squad (e.g. we haven't 1 for 1 replaced Mahrez with a player of equal quality), we do have a number of options and could choose to play in all manner of systems and formations. So it is interesting to see why he chooses this system specifically. As you imply in the first post, we could play a more traditional system rather than this weird hybrid / hodge-podge system. Personally I don't have a strong opinion on what system or formation we should play. However, as a fan I like to see exciting football of high quality and most importantly an entertaining game. If the Newcastle game is an example of Puel's ideal gameplan then personally I'm quite happy. Though our goals came from a set piece and a counter attack in that game, we played good stuff and looked like we could score from open play. We controlled the game and hardly gave Newcastle a kick and still looked exciting and threatening on the ball. You are right in that against a much better side than Newcastle in Everton today the system didn't look nearly as good. But do remember we have a very young team and they all need to learn how to play with one another. To make the sort of changes that Puel is trying (changing our style of play, changing the player profile of our squad and bringing through young players) is very tough to do in a short space of time and I think it's important to remember that. Sarri at Chelsea has done a great job in a short space of time in trying to change their style of play, but they have players that cost a hell of a lot of money recruited from around the top leagues and clubs. It will be interesting to see how we play against Arsenal, but I think we will simply replace Evans for Morgan and continue with the same system. Ricardo scored today and for most of the game we were quite decent. Certainly in an 11 on 11 game you'd have thought we would have got a point at least from the game. I think 10 games into the season is a good time to judge where we are as a team. I personally see us as a team in transition and as a work in progress. That can't be used as an excuse forever (which is why Man United are a joke right now), but this is a super competitive league with a lot at stake. Everton have spent a lot more money than us in recent seasons but our relatively young team went toe-to-toe or better than them for large parts of the game today. There is definite potential in our squad.
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    For me 5.5 is average. Only Chilly and Mendy were better than that. Other players were just under or well under. Disappointed in Vardy, Ndidi and Morgan. Kasper was never in charge of his 6 yd area and at fault for the first - which cost us the game. Ricardo scored a great goal and was good going forward but very poor covering Amartey which is his job, plus he was sent a sucker for the first goal Amartey was okay but nothing more - he needs too much time to decide on his forward pass. Morgan was a bomb scare killed for pace, indecisive when he should've just booted it away and his only pass is across field to Amartey who he doesn't give enough time. Maguire was okay but made at least one terrible pass which should have cost us a goal, better second half than first Chilly really was very good Ndidi, was giving the ball away or giving hospital passes more often than not. I love him as a player but he's young and still has a lot to learn. Mendy saved us many times and worked very hard in both directions, made a few incisive passes Iheanacho passed backwards to marked defenders and miscontrolled too many balls today. Rarely found a decent pass. Maddison worked hard and was okay but could have done better with a few passes and that shot! Vardy had more chances today than in 6 games this season and was found wanting, not quite on his game and it cost us. He should have scored at least once, on his day he'd have had a hat-trick. Albrighton came on and unusually lost the ball and was found wanting. Ghezall came on and stunk the place up Shinji came on and did nothing. We needed Gray to come on as a sub. 2 above average marks seems about right to me. We should have won this game and I thought we would until Morgan got himself sent off. He was an idiot today. Everton have some skill and speed but we didn't take advantage of their defence or of our chances. They only won because of a wonder goal and Morgan's foolishness. I don't blame Puel at all. The team is in flux at the moment, I like the way we're going but he does need to sort out the central defence. I can accept conceeding once a game because we are set up to score at least once every game. Our experienced players let us down today and hopefully this second red will give Puel the excuse he needed to move omd Wes on. Sadly we can't play a high line because the defence apart from Chilly is too slow but we can't play deep because Kasper cannot control his 6 yd box.
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    I desperately wanted him to score & was gutted he missed I want to him to do well at Man City. There are better ways of leaving a club, but I wish him well all the same
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    Why not, thats what people are repeatedly doing to his opinion!
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    Far too long a post for me to even start reading, but I admire your passion and enthusiasm as always mate
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    I honestly can’t believe Guardiola, the sort of man he is, would let that happen. That’s poor preparation, poor research, amateurish decision making. There should be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd penalty taker and Mahrez would not be on that list.
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    So many posts are spouting we're making 0 chances, which is utter cr4p. We're creating, just not finishing. I'd be more worried if it we were creating nothing at all. I said on another thread, we have 5 or 6 great chances to score yesterday, on another day several more fly in.
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    It's the 2nd time we've lost at home, the first against a very good Liverpool team. How is it throwing points away? Why should Puel sub our captain of 270+ appearances off after a booking, Wes has enough experience to know to avoid fouling. Some of you really do blame Puel for players mistakes
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    This is the biggest problem for me. It’s obvious to get the best out of Maddison he needs to be playing central so he can dictate. But him playing central also leaves Vardy so isolated. Maddison likes to come deep and get a feel of the ball, but that leaves Vardy on his own. We need a change of formation which allows Maddison to play centrally and Vardy to play alongside a strike partner.
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    i would sum up our problems thusly, were set up as a possession based attacking team that isn’t very good in possession or at attacking.
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    What did it say I wonder? 'play with qualitee '?
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    The problem is it’s too easy to work out how to play against us. We start with pretty passing, but we have too many poor passers in the team. Morgan and Ndidi are the worst culprits, Morgan is uncomfortable on the ball and Ndidi is sloppy in possession. Which means that the opposition can just block the balls to our play makers, force the pass backwards and then put pressure on Morgan and Wilf force the mistake in an advanced position and start the attack high up the pitch. By this point Ricardo and Chilwell are high up the pitch trying to give an option. Mendy is tidy in possession but not going to hurt a team Nacho needs to get more involved if he is playing in that role and one of the double pivot needs to take more responsibility. If you block the ball to Maddison then we only have wide options and our wide players are good but they are not the quality of Mahrez
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    Not trying to add a downer as I think they could be good if set up properly but whoever has calibrated them needs shooting. The sharpness needs reducing as the image looks too noisy. Also the refresh rate needs adjusting as the lag is very noticeable. Also, what's with the aspect ratio? I assume some numpty in the office has set them up thinking they know what they doing. It'd be absolutely criminal to spend all of that money on those screens then not get a pro in to optimise them for live sport.
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    Maddison is not playing on the left wing at least not the extent that it can be considered to stifle his ability to create. When we have don’t have possession, his job is to offer some protection to Chilwell. When we have possession he comes inside and plays as a number 10. The left wing role is played by Chilwell, not Maddison. Somebody else mentioned it in another thread but we play 4-4-1-1 in defence and 3-4-1-2 in possession. Iheanacho is the man behind the striker in defence and Maddison in attack.
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    It strikes me that a number of the people talking about the number of shots and shots on target are also the same people who refuse to engage with the concept of expected goals. Shots and shots on target are almost entirely meaningless. They don’t give you the context of the chance at all. Saying “we had half as many shots on target as Everton” as if that is a failing of the team or the manager is totally reductive. It ignores the fact that Vardy and Amartey both missed absolute sitters. Im perfectly happy for us to have half the number of shots on target as Everton as long as we continue to create that quality of opportunity with that regularity.
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    When was the last time we put in a performance for 90 mins? Maybe Southampton away (1-4) last year? Im really starting to develop dislike for Puel, I understand his vision but executing his ideas is another thing. Maddison LW Buys a RB and puts him RW and plays Amartey. Shoe horns Nacho in. Buys 3 defenders but doesn’t play any of them. Wes Ill probably get some stick for this but the football I have watched for the last year or so has been diabolical. How long must we give him for this “transition period” ? Its so easy to play aginst us, we move the ball so slowly that the opposition gets back into shape and we can’t break them down. 2 week break now as well 😩 💙🦊
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    I don't think 4-2-3-1 suits Vardy's game. He gets frustrated. When we play to his strengths we look so much better. Why not exploit an obvious weakness? The manager has one way of playing. He's consistent if nothing else. Yep, agree with all of that. I think we all saw it a mile off. Morgan is one of Puel's blind spots. We saw that last season (cc Dragovic) The tempo does annoy me far too often. Iheanacho is so bloody frustrating. The odd flash of brilliance and too much laziness and lack of awareness. Puel wants us to be a possession based team. But you need the players for that. I get that Puel has a vision but with that comes a stubborness. His demeanour with the players, so I'm told, is similar to that with the press. We don't want a rent-a-quote clown but we do want someone who the players will run through brick walls for. The manager has made up his mind that Danny Simpson doesn't suit his style. He's one of the manager's favourites though. A Cruyff turn and a worldie finish. Maddison will be great - I hope he watched their no10 and picked up some tips. Wolves? Southampton? Less than half as many shots as Everton, and only two on target (to their eight) at home. Again. But at least we won the all-important possession stats... Eight PL red cards in Puel's first year in charge suggests there is a discipline issue. Maybe some of it is down to frustration. You can see players getting frustrated because they're trying to play "the Puel way" and it sits uncomfortably with some of them. As @Lanston said above "It's definitely not all the manager's fault but I can't help but feel someone else could really get something out of this group of players." Obviously I get stick here and Twitter for "negativity" but I call it how I see it. Puel can be successful with us if he's prepared to be more flexible with his beliefs. I want him to succeed because then it means my club succeeds. But we must be honest about the areas he needs to improve.
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    I genuinely don't get people's problem with Wolves.
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    We literally lost today because of a screamer, which always needs an element of luck, and one poor individual display. If you think we were awful today you need your head checking.
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    One game for Christ sake.
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    You mean people old enough to have seen both players & to be able to make a comparison? I'm old enough to have seen Maradona, but not old enough to have seen Pele or George Best. Maradona is the best I've ever seen, but was he better than Pele? I wouldn't have a clue
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    The Leicester thing to do would be win it, then proceed to lose to West Ham and Cardiff.
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    "Since last December, Leicester City have won more games at Southampton's home ground than Southampton."
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    In the great escape season, I started a thread slating Morgan after the Villa FA Cup match and gladly ate humble pie thereafter. Therefore, I'm not going to be too harsh however its pretty obvious he's only having about 1 decent game in 3 for us so its probably time to start Evans (latest performances better than modt give him credit for in my view) and have Wes as back up. Lastly, no need for the disrespectful comments 'fvck off' comments to a guy who will deservedly have a statue outside the ground at some point in the future.
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    We are too easy to play against. Too predictable. No plan b. Not astute or clever enough a lot of the time. Not utilising the squad enough. All adds up to inconsistent.
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    It's worth the read 👍 good and intelligent poster is @StriderHiryu
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    I don't believe for a second Puel is scared to drop Wes. Puel must think that Wes is the best player he has for that position and for all I know he might be right.
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    I've been making this point a while. The thing is I don't even think we're a particularly dirty or aggressive side - we're just incredibly naive.
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    I think they might be better if they swapped the family stand one with the kop one
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    I’m surprised there’s so much negativity on here because up until the sending off we were in complete control and dominated the game. Wes will be crucified but that was a soft decision that the ref bottled and was given more for a totting up of offences than being a blatant foul. Even when being a man down Everton didn’t really create that much and you have to applaud the Sigurdsson goal as it was terrific. He did get too much time and space but that’s the ten man effect. We beat Southampton when we didn’t deserve to but today lost to Everton when we didn’t. And that as they say is Football. I’m disappointed in the result but not performance. Though this result I think indicates that we won’t be getting into Europe through our final league position as we need to be beating teams like Bournemouth and Everton to do that. Some other thoughts: - Poor start again! Got to sort it out! - Vardy had an off day and should really have scored. - Maddison was quiet and played the wrong ball on occasion but was growing into the game. - Ricardo was awful until his goal but it was well taken and he improved afterwards. - Nacho I felt was a tad disappointing but again was growing into the game before the sending off. - Chilwell was very good and Mendy too. - The new screens are awesome!
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