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    Close this before a Man City fan comes and copy and pastes it. embarrassing
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    I think our main issue is whilst Mendy and ndidi are great at working hard and retrieving the ball, neither are going to unlock a defence with a pass or switch play 40/50 yards. No creativity from them. I think we need to play one with either Iborra or Silva. Personally I quite like silva and his style of play so would give him a go. Looks like he isn’t in Puel plans though.
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    big screen, big success
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    It's the 2nd time we've lost at home, the first against a very good Liverpool team. How is it throwing points away? Why should Puel sub our captain of 270+ appearances off after a booking, Wes has enough experience to know to avoid fouling. Some of you really do blame Puel for players mistakes
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    Maddison is not playing on the left wing at least not the extent that it can be considered to stifle his ability to create. When we have don’t have possession, his job is to offer some protection to Chilwell. When we have possession he comes inside and plays as a number 10. The left wing role is played by Chilwell, not Maddison. Somebody else mentioned it in another thread but we play 4-4-1-1 in defence and 3-4-1-2 in possession. Iheanacho is the man behind the striker in defence and Maddison in attack.
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    I genuinely don't get people's problem with Wolves.
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    I can’t believe that they let him take that. But I can’t take any pleasure in him failing, I want him to do well there. He’s been their best player in the second half and that will be forgotten.
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    In the great escape season, I started a thread slating Morgan after the Villa FA Cup match and gladly ate humble pie thereafter. Therefore, I'm not going to be too harsh however its pretty obvious he's only having about 1 decent game in 3 for us so its probably time to start Evans (latest performances better than modt give him credit for in my view) and have Wes as back up. Lastly, no need for the disrespectful comments 'fvck off' comments to a guy who will deservedly have a statue outside the ground at some point in the future.
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    The world would be a much sadder place without people's travelling monkeys.
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    I wonder if he's the guy who used to sit next to me in the Carling Stand who'd complain about black players wearing gloves. Although he also reserved particular vitriol for Kasey Keller ("fooking Americans, too late for the war and too late for that cross").
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    I think they might be better if they swapped the family stand one with the kop one
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    As soon as he stepped up I was thinking I wouldn’t be too confident as a Man City fan. Mahrez was never a clinical penalty taker.
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    Can see us getting a proper pasting at Arsenal. We are not getting anywhere near the top 6 mate, don't waste your time getting your hopes up.
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    I think he’d be a great signing. Always rated him
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    Vardy’s finishing was quite poor today too, I know he’ll score some absolute worldies later on in the season, but no one is exempt from criticism, today he was poor.
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    So frustrating. Until we pick the most balanced side from this squad, I’ll be on Puel’s back. I don’t necessarily want him gone as I think if he got the right players in the right positions we’d see a promising team grow and we could get behind his project. Morgan shouldn’t be an automatic starter now, 2 red cards already this season with his experience is not good enough. He’s cost us the game today, we were comfortable in that 2nd half until he went off and you could see him getting a red quite early one. I don’t get why he’s being persisted with if we are honestly not renewing his contract next season. Give Evans or Soyuncu every chance to build an understanding with Maguire, or heaven forbid a back three together. Maddison needs to be utilised in a more central role which has to be a 3-4-1-2 behind Vardy and Iheanacho. It makes total sense, Maddison is operating at about 60% what he’s capable of right now. We just aren’t getting him the ball enough in dangerous areas. Please Claude, I want to back you but you make it so easy to want you hoying in the sea.
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    I've never ever been anti Wes but you could see that red card a mile off. Maybe Evans would have struggled the same but at least we'd have had 11 men.
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    It's not a tricky one. Morgan is done when he's up against pace. Warning signs were there against Bournemouth. Today he should have gone before he did go. Puel should have brought him off after Morgan took Richarlison into the players tunnel following a challenge. We'll continue as a team in transition until the captaincy is sorted out. As things are, if he's not dropping Morgan, he's not dropping the captaincy. I said before the season start he needs to pick a new captain and stop playing Morgan so consistently in games. Puel has done neither. Expect the inconsistent performances to continue as a result.
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    So poor in the second half, I know we were down to 10 men but that doesn't mean you can't string 2 passes together. It was obvious Morgan would be sent off why wasn't he subbed?
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    Of course but for the first time Silva decided to play him as the lone striker, it was the perfect tactical move, pace and power we couldn't handle him. He changed it up so he could accommodate Bernard too, 7 mins in surprise, surprise, Bernard destroys our weakest side. He needs January and the summer, what an absolutely ridiculous comment. We made the signings we needed to make this summer, we spent £30+ on a right-back and three centre-backs and you're telling me we need another two transfer windows to get it right We signed Ricardo quickly, we wanted Evans in January, we've obviously scouted Benkovic and Soyuncu. We signed the right kind of players for the areas we needed the most; however we still have problems. It's unacceptable.
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    He's been a fine player for us, but sadly he has now become a serious liability. He cost us a point on Saturday. We should have sold him in the summer transfer window..
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    Jesus, didn't realise that That's bloody one sided, even for Sky. Then Neville is also there who hates them both
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    FFS, Had 2-0 for Chelsea, the one time Morata decides to not be sh1te
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    Maguire said that he’s a blue Demari Gray and Chillwell too Vardy we fvcking love you Its Leicester I’m in love Forest you can fall apart James Maddison has won my heart Oh Wilfred don’t even start Its Leicester I’m in love
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    Without doubt. The bottom half of the league is poor. We should finish top 10 with ease. I'd rather us win a cup, mind.
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    We’ve got a chance then
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    Is Antonio Conte still available? Cue "he's crap " or "he wouldn't come here".
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    Lacazette and Ibangyourmum against our defence ain't going to be pretty.
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    Didn't think I would be defending Puel as would have got rid over the summer, but you can see he is moving us in a different direction, to being more of a footballing possession based team, and for our longer term future this has to be a good thing, as long as we learn to mix it up a bit and don't lose the ability to hit on the counter.
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    Should have bought Dragovic, end of. The run of clean sheets at the start of this calendar year is the only time we've looked solid under Puel and that was with Maguire and Draogvic.
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    Visited Rockaboom for the first time recently. Got Favourite Worst Nightmare (new) and Like A Virgin (used) for just over £20 which I thought was decent. Quite a good selection of used stuff in there.
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    You are very positive generally @Fox92 and you are are entitled to your opinion very valid, let’s be fair why is he not getting regular game time presently?
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    I’ve watched the replay of the second booking and I feel for Wes, that was a shocking lack of sportsmanship by Richarlison. Blatant play acting and cheating to influence a weak referee.
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    No, it doesn't. A yellow card may be routine for defenders most weeks and thus no real cause for panic, but a situation where a defender is being run-ragged by the opposing player that he has primary responsibility for resulting in first a yellow card and subsequently in a 'final warning' does not happen week in and week out, and when it does most managers (or at least the successful ones) tend to act to protect the player and the team. Why do you have subs if not to use them? For the avoidance of any doubt, I am neither Puel in or Puel out, but the way Puel was saving up subs yesterday (we still had 3 to make well into the second-half), you would be forgiven to think they were coupons for the local curry joint.
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    Max has some weird ideas. It's not about him getting back on track as quickly as possible, it's about him doing it safely. And Kimi shouldn't have to hold back to allow him back on after he messed up. The little detour off the track and his dangerous attempt to rejoin cost Kimi a place at the time, and he shouldn't suffer for Max's mistake.
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    Except the three fouls Morgan committed he wasn’t in anyway exposed. The first yellow it’s a long aerial ball which Morgan fails to deal with, basically outmuscled. Rather than show him the touchline. His body shape allows himself to be outpaced. Takes him down. The second and half fouls were on the half way line. Morgan had literally no need to go flying through the back of him. This whole sub him thing, I’d agree with if the second half was full of Everton pressure. We had begun to pen them in and there was no need to pressure the ball like Morgan did that far up the pitch.
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    I’m interested in how that goes all of a sudden.
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    I think we can try and find any excuse possible, but in short it wasn’t good enough, and has usually been the case against teams you’d consider more on our level. It’s frustrating because we all know we’re better than what we produce sometimes, and I think it is largely down to Puel. He is far too stubborn, he keeps persisting with the wrong players in the wrong positions. It commonly never worked, so why will it now? The sooner he understands this, the sooner we might improve, however I can’t see it happening.... he will eventually fall on his sword.
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    What are you implying?
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    Not too much between the sides today & could’ve gone either way. Sending of killed i5 for us when were in the ascendancy. I though Maddison was a luxury we couldn’t afford when we went down to ten men & would’ve had Iborra on to strengthen our defence looking to hold out for a point. i saw a lot of movement from Nacho coming deep for the ball but very little creative movement from Vardy and we reall need to work at moving opposition defenders around a lot more if we want to use Maddison’s creativity.
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    Has been out for a few weeks with a minor injury, previous to that the Celtic fans were absolutely loving him and hoping we didnt call him back .. EVER
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    Everyone sees the game differently and it’s a good discussion to have. You say it was all Everton in the first 30 minutes but I recall Chilwell crossing to Vardy who headed it wide, Nacho declining to hit it with his right foot when played in and Vardy putting it wide after beating Keane. Admittedly some of those moments may well have been after 30 minutes but we had multiple good chances to score whereas I felt Everton didn’t. We had good control of the game with Mendy highly influential and Chilwell a constant threat. And it eventually led to our equaliser. Up until the sending off we were building the play from the back nicely with Chilwell being hit on the diagonal multiple times and Maddison drifting between the lines to make space and move the opppsition out of position. In the second half I felt like we turned up the pressure even more with Chilwell very unlucky not to score after a fantastic run. We were definitely in the ascendancy at that point and to me at least we looked the more likely winners. Of course it’s all moot now as we lost! But as others have said that game swung due to one massive decision not going our way. I know it’s disappointing we are not higher in the league but we’re certainly not a bad team but rather a work in progress. Everton were there to be beaten today which makes it harder to take but we have a young side and this is part of their learning curve. Just a bit disappointing that the man sent off was our most experienced CB!
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    Heat of the moment after the game I'm sure but calling him a **** is a bit much, no?
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    Imagine if he'd subbed Morgan off and we'd conceded because of an Evans error something. This place would erupt.
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    It doesn't work like that. Only for relegation you need to finish among the bottom half, not for promotion (top half). You still need to actually win one of two periods first, in order to go through to the play-off final to go up. As i explained already, Belgian football is rather tactical and defensive. Forwards that fail in our league, move to the Dutch league and become top scorers. Top scorers from the Dutch league, that move to our league, are nowhere (as we are currently experiencing with a Dutch "top" 2nd division forward that we bought this summer, he hasn't scored, has one assist, he's basically useless). It's become very clear that Pearson and the owners have massively underestimated Belgian football. As are most of you. Everybody knows the national team, but this is not how we play football in our leagues. We have always played tactically and defensively for the most part (except for the top 3 clubs in the country), because we are a small country, smaller budgets, less technically gifted players historically. In order to stand a chance against the big clubs, because the budgets have always been completely out of whack in Belgium. So Pearsons tactics are easily found out. And to be honest, if you see our players, it's like they have been given no clear instructions, they are just running around randomly, there is no gameplan, there is no automatism between players. Yesterday, we had one... 1... ONE... shot on target. I mean, what the ****. It was also our only "chance created". This guy is clearly out of his depth. Sure thing. i've said weeks ago that this was going to end badly, solely based on what i saw on the pitch, unlike people here going by numbers. And so far my predictions are spot on. Since then, we've got 2 out of 24 points. Obviously, i'm pessimistic without reason. And yes, it would be absolutely dramatic for our youth devision should we get relegated (and lets be clear, we are candidate numero uno to get relegated at this point unless something drastically changes). We are tied in points (of which most we won undeserved) and are trailing -7 in goal difference compared to the other team in last place.
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    I'm the same, and I don't like it either If someone says they're going on holiday and I ask where, and they reply with "Wales", I immediately think "that doesn't count"
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