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    Leicetser manager has them in the top 10 of the Premier League and looks to be developing a real side for the future, but every day more "Puel out" comments. OHL manager has them bottom and showing (apparently) no clue.. and our NFP fans say give him time.
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    At this moment nobody from Leuven has been arrested. BUT: Ivan Leko, who is now managing Brugge, started his coaching career in Leuven. He was brought to Leuven by Dejan Veljkovic, who is one of the football agents that was arrested. In the past Veljkovic also brought some players to Leuven. Mogi Bayat, also an arrested agent and nicknamed "the Godfather of football agents", "owns" a lot of players in Belgium. On average he has about 4 players in every team in the Belgian 1st and 2nd division. In the past, he also had some players in Leuven. I don't know if he has now. So let's just say that some people of the old board didn't sleep well last night... To be honest, nobody in Belgium is really surprised by all this. We all knew about the corruption in our leagues, thanks to those people. This is also the reason why a lot of people are very suspicious about foreign owners. Because most of these foreigners don't give a flying **** about football and the fans, they only care about making money. The last 3 seasons the battle for relegation has been fixed. We relegated 3 year ago because of this: A couple of our own players (mainly our goalkeeper and a central defender) made some "weird" mistakes in crucial games. These players all had 1 thing in common: their agent was Mogi Bayat. As I said before, Bayat own a lot of players in the league and he also had some ties with Moeskroen, one of our biggest rivals for relegation. 4 games before the end of the season we played in Moeskroen. Had we won that game we would have been up 5 points over last placed Moeskroen and we probably would have been save. We were up 0-1, but in the 80th minute our central defender made a huge mistake so Moeskroen made 1-1. 5 minutes later our goalie made a huge mistake so Moeskroen was up 2-1. In injury time Moeskroen scored 3-1 after a clear offside, but referee Bart Vertenten (also arrested yesterday because of his ties with Veljkovic and Bayat) allowed it. Long story short: instead of 5 points clear of last place, we were bottom of the league with 3 games left against 3 top 5 teams. The next week we won at home against Oostende, Moeskroen and Westerlo (our other rival for last place) drawed 2-2. The week after that we had a 1-1 draw in Gent on friday. The next day, Moeskroen won at home against Anderlecht (2-1) after an absolutely terrible game by Anderlecht. Fun fact, Mogi Bayat owned about 6 Anderlecht players who were on the pitch that game and is best friends with Anderlecht director Herman Van Holsbeek. Are you surprised when I say this director has also been arrested yesterday? Long story short, Moeskroen was save, Leuven and Westerlo had 1 more game to save themselves. We lost 0-1 at home against Brugge, Westerlo won 1-0 at home against Beveren so we relegated. Westerlo relegated the next season after a battle with... Moeskroen. Moeskroen were in last place but won their last game in Kortrijk who didn't even put up a fight, while Westerlo lost. Fun fact, Mogi Bayat owned a couple of players of Kortrijk. Westerlo relegated with 23 points, Moeskroen was save with 24 points. Last season it was Mechelen who relegated. They won their last game of the season with 2-0 against Beveren, so their rival Eupen had to win their game with a goal difference of 4 to secure their place in 1st division. They won with 4-0 at home, scoring 3 goals in the last 15 minutes of the game. Who did they play against you might ask? Take a guess... Shit really hit the fan yesterday, boys. Let's hope our justice system does it's job so we can ban these assholes once and for all... My apologies for any grammatical errors.
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    Will show you why.Put the light on in the living room and my 15 year old has put a piece of card in the shade.Twat!
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    We spent £12m on a reserve keeper we didn't even need, so I wouldn't be so sure. What people also need to remember is that we also bought a CB earlier than we needed him, because we clearly thought there was a chance Maguire might go. Benkovic pretty much admitted as much. So we've got players in for the long term in mind as Wes and Benny will most probably leave in the summer. I'm not sure why people are so desperate to see there being something untoward. We have a manager that trusts and promotes youth, but he's not just going to chuck them all in the deep end at the same time, the squad is already very young. It's quite feasible that he just thinks he'd rather give Soyuncu time to bed in to the squad and the country, learn the ropes, learn some of the language and play the lad when he thinks the time is right. What's the rush? We're top 10, we were top 10 last season. For all the bluster about him, Wes has been fine in the main and even if he's out we have Evans who can step in. There is absolutely no need to go chucking people in if you think in the long term there will be more benefit giving them time. Doing what he's doing and then introducing the younger lads further into the season if we're looking comfortable makes perfect sense if you can do it. Many teams aren't in the position to, that's why it looks odd. Liverpool are taking their time to introduce Keita and Fabinho, the latter cost two or three times the amount and he's barely kicked a ball. He's said that he's working on getting used to their style as it different to Monaco, just as ours differs from Frieburg.
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    Excellent news! Anyone want to drive to seagrave to celebrate?
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    I simply can't let this go. I have been a Trustee to a charity and in my experience the people within it were decent folks who were trying to help where society or the state wouldn't or couldn't. The charity I was involved with provided support for pre-school children with a range of special needs. The state didn't provide support until they were five years old but I knew from my own experience that the earlier such a child could receive the specialist support they required, the better their life chances. If the other Trustees and myself hadn't put in the effort to raise funds for these children, and provide an environment where they could progress, they would have been left isolated. My eldest son had special needs, he received the support required after a lot of striving with the authorities from myself. Today he's an adult in his thirties, in full time employment and living independently, something we though impossible when he was an infant. I make no apologies whatsoever for trying to provide the same support for other children with similar problems through a charity. I don't care if anyone thinks it is honourable or not, I can assure them that it is necessary. And I would struggle to find a single parent who felt that the charitable support provided degrades and demoralises.
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    Making a mistake at the U23 level and a mistake at the premier league level are worlds apart. He will be learning English playing U23 but without the pressure of the rabid FT fans waiting for him to make a mistake.
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    What gives grounds like Goodsion, Anfield, Old Trafford and Villa Park character is that they've been developed in different stages over decades. The expansion is going to disrupt the uniformity of the ground, making it different to St Mary's or Pride Park so it will finally be a bespoke ground. My chief concern is that it becomes King Power's Leicester City stadium rather Leicester City's King Power stadium
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    I too met a transvestite yesterday , He looked bloody awful in the micro skirt he was wearing . . . . But you had to admire his balls !
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    My mate married a girl last week who he had met on Tinder, so it's clearly not just for the Des and Stans of this world.
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    Am I missing something? That is what we ended up with. Did you link the wrong video? That's the KP.
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    Shout out to all the self aware people out there. You know who you are.
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    How can a player be a highly rated regular in the Bundesliga but not be ready for a place on the bench in a mid table premiership team? How is he going to become ready if he's not played,even in the league cup? Was Diabate a fluent English speaker when he got here? Was he signed from an equivalent league, but Puel put him in as soon as possible. it's obvious that there is some problem here. I don't know what it is,maybe Puel had him foisted on him and doesn't like it,maybe it's the players attitude or maybe it's something else. That's the club's business and I don't expect them to tell us. It's not the language problem though and its nothing to do with Puel bringing him on gradually.
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    It's absolutely true that at the moment, whatever Puel does, it's wrong with some posters, who have decided they dislike him. They just want to be proved right by telling us all that 'he should have done this, or that'. They can't wait until he is sacked, just so they can tell us all that they were right. I'd be delighted if he proves them wrong. Any excuse to get at him, they hate his press conferences, they hate his substitutions, they hate his English, they hate his hair, they hate if he plays Morgan, they hate if he doesn't play Morgan, they want Albrighton in, they want Albrighton out, they want Evans in, but he's shite so that's Puel's fault too. It goes on and on and on! I'm glad he is trying to build something here, but sad others can't see it and just support the guy. At least our owners are, so far, seeing the bigger picture and long may that continue. The players seem to like him, I noticed Vardy having a good laugh with him against Huddersfield, and the players are certainly trying and playing for him. Puel cannot be blamed for Morgan, our most experienced player, captain and supposed leader, being so naive to get suckered into a stupid half way line tackle, or Vardy, and Armartey missing sitters, or Davies not being sent off after a really nasty high tackle on Vardy. Our most experienced players should be really showing our young team how easy it is to con referees nowadays, but they are the ones that seem to be letting the side down, but it's our youngsters who are showing them up.
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    Found out I passed my final examination and am now a Chartered Architect. I've been working towards this since October 2009 so I'm fcuking buzzin!
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    My wife's taking the kids and leaving me because of my obsession with horse racing. And they're off !
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    I recently went on a barging holiday. I don't own a boat though, I just kept pushing people into canals.
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    A few biers and you may put in a Stella performance as you Chimay down the Leffe wing. Could be a Saison to remember. I'll get my coat.
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    I offered my Gran £5 for a go on her stairlift. I think she's going to take me up on it.
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    Because he hasn't settled? Because he's missing Germany, or Turkey, or his friends or Family? Because he's not good at living out of a suitcase in a hotel? Because he's struggling to adapt? Because he's being given time to learn our style and formation? Because he only signed 8 weeks ago? Because we have an experienced pro already that can sit on the bench in Evans? Because there is no need to rush? He is being played and he's being trained every day. Because one player isn't the same as another, they aren't Robots. Does anyone believe it's just about that. How can you say that? There could be a million reasons that mean that he's chosen to take his time rather than rush him.
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    I personally still think they should have gone for Jeff Schlupp and his thesis on ‘positioning on the field of play’
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    "Rebekah Vardy will now be answering questions on her designer vagina"
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    I've just bought my wife some state of the art garden shears. They're the latest in cutting hedge technology.
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    Nobody debating the gay cake case, then? Maybe it was all debated out last time it hit the courts.... Anyway, the Supreme Court has overturned the appeal court verdict: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-45789759 So, the Christian bakers in N. Ireland ARE legally entitled to refuse to bake a cake with the message "Support Gay Marriage". Although I support gay marriage, I think this is the correct verdict. To me, it's a free speech issue. If they'd refused to serve the bloke because he's gay, that would have been quite different. Those opposed to gay marriage (or any other cause) shouldn't be forced to promote it. Likewise, a gay baker shouldn't be forced to bake a cake bearing the message "Oppose Gay Marriage" or "Homosexuality is a sin", if someone tries to order one....
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    Good job Madders is well liked. Gray would be getting pelters for an interview with that headline.
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    that's not a trialist, his name is Davide Loca and he's living with Ricky Martin
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    I don’t disagree with anything you have said, although you didn’t mention Callum Wilson who surely deserves a spot ahead of Welbeck based on form and not reputation. It just feels a little like it is now fashionable to be a Leicester player with Gray, Chilwell and Maddison following Vardy and Maguire. There are still Leicester fans who wouldn’t put a Gray and Chilwell in our starting 11, Maddison has been great in 7 games but there are English players out there who have been great for 3 seasons and get overlooked. I’m not saying it’s not deserved but it does feel like they have been fast tracked into the squad.
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    Sad I know but hope they put web cams up so we, okay I can watch it being built.
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    well, councilor tassell says if it doesn't go ahead, it could end up as a housing estate. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
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    10.000 in league 1 ?? Our average was 20.000
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    Arsenal's Invincibles were better than last season's Man City, for me.
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    I believe it goes inwards and down towards the pitch that's why we continually get told by the players how great it is. Which suggests to me if you want to hear it more in the stands it will have less impact on the pitch, whether it's too much of one who knows maybe there's a happy medium?
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    Can I just clarify what I meant by souless I am talking about the acoustics and the visual look of the stadium both are very poor; Mainly because it’s was a flat pack stadium following the collapse of the bede island stadium which looked fantastic on plans You cannot hear the other end of the stadium at some games because of its design, the noise goes upwards and out rather than rebounding like Coventry and Derby for example. You can see hands clapping but hear no noise. The former pictures have all been taken down which was a link to the past and sort of made it our him rather than the Ikea flat pack. It’s now a concrete bowl painted blue with King Power written all over it walk into Southampton for example it’s the same but red I’ve had a season ticket for 27 years now and even since I moved to Reading 3 years ago I still travel up for all the home games (although it’s getting very hard to get the passion for it at the minute) so I’ve been there full and empty remember we did exist before 2015 and those fans will remember the lows of Levin Holloway Adams etc my first games were under David Pleatt and then Gordon Lee so christ knows how I became hooked for the first 10 years we sat in a half full stadium watching crap, sitting in almost silence many will remember those glamour games of Yeovil and 10000 in league 1 or the championship mid table with nothing to play for in front of 22000 week in week out, I was there like I’ll be there next week I never a big fan of Filbert Street but it was loud; the European nights of the late 90s the 8 years in the premier league we made some noise and being close to the pitch made people hate to play there but the view was no where near as good as we have now and the game has moved on the last few years the stadium has been enhanced with TVs etc and like them or not the clappers have made the atmosphere better from 2015 with the introduction we have been louder than ever and TV people constantly talked about the atmosphere at the KP but I don’t know if it’s the style of football or the fact after 2016 we are now in a sort of mourning for the past but unfortunately it’s gone back to a library this year for 80 minutes of each game. This potential rebuild with a dome shape roof to bounce the noice back down and a unique design so that people look and say god I wana go to that Leicester ground, this gives us the chance to make this place deafening on a Saturday afternoon again but I fear it will be a Leeds or a Cardiff with a second tier just bunged on one side of the ground I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone so please accept my apologies if I did
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    Last full day of building in Cambodia today. I’ll try and put a decent post together about it when I get back to civilisation but this has been brutal.
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    Charity is enjoyable thingy rich people do for its own pleasure and there is nothing honorable. ya i am sure that she thinks she is actually helping anyone when she is not.for example giving one pure enough food for one day makes him happy for one day and does not change the fact that he is pure and will be pure tomorrow.Yes,you will ask - but at least she does something and helps one erson,but its not the case.she and people like her cant realise that they are prolonging real problem and they are not focusing on fixing it.they chose easier pass which is not helpful Oscar wilde has written about it - The worst slave owners were those that were kind to their slaves, and so prevented the core of the system being realised by those who suffered from it … Charity degrades and demoralises. i dont really care about Vardy's wife tho,she makes no sense for me tbh.just wanted to say few things about charity
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    Are we? A team under reconstruction. Would he have bettered Mads stats? I very much bout it. Once this team fires on all four we won't miss him. Don't forget He wanted out We wanted him to stay. He's made his bed imo we have a younger player that will be better. Would have been great seeing Mads and Mahrez together but one thought he was to good for us. Good luck RM
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    I quite like Vardy's wife. She does a shit ton for charity, although i didnt realise she was a Tv presenter.
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    Are they worried Filbert is going to get into their chicken coops?
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