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    Well, when a player puts the round bouncy thing into the big net thing at the other end of the pitch from their big net thing, it counts more towards winning than kicking it backwards and forwards
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    - The midfield two slow the game down too much and often give the ball away stupidly. - The forwards are too static and thus don’t drag defenders out of position / create space. - Interchange between the front 4 is non existent. No one-twos or combination play. This is probably our biggest weakness. - Maddison falls over trying to buy a foul instead of dictating and directing the play. This is a bit harsh but we play a system with an out and out ten and it’s a crucial position because it’s the primary source of creativity. - Passing between the team is too slow and rarely do we look to break the lines. From an attacking point of view probably the only thing we do well is creating overloads for our full backs. The solution? Either buy more players to play this style, persevere with the crop we have now and endure painfully poor performances for the rest of the season or change our style. It will be interesting to see what happens.
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    Past the point of caring with him - hope we win matches and will support the team at the games (not that there's much point in going anymore to watch this type of football) He's everything I feared when we appointed him. Dull, uninspiring football, one up front without fail, a side devoid of spark. Only City manager ever to make me fall out of love with LCFC. There's just no enjoyment anymore, I don't bother using my ST most weeks. I remember watching his post match interviews at Southampton and thinking "glad he's not our manager" I'm not normally one for sacking managers - even Shakespeare i wanted to be given more time, but not Puel. Time's up.
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    The number of people who wrote a very similar thing when we got relegated under Holloway........
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    All truth is quickly shut down and ridiculed here
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    Harvey Barnes would have scored at least 4 goals by now
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    Well it depends on your outlook, yes we are a bit predictable and boring but I have hope and I can see where we are trying to go. Puel, if you actually listen to what he says often laments our inability to get the ball forward quick enough and is very aware of the poor form of Nacho. I'm sure he is as frustrated as we are about our play. But this is a young team learning the game and each others strengths, abilities and movements and that takes time and the rebuilding of the team is not yet finished . As for having limited options up front well we don't know the background story to that but Ulloa wanted to move on and based on recent reports who on earth would want Slimani back. We also don't know if or how they may have tried to recruit replacements but we do know how difficult it is to identify and get in quality players. Like eveyone else I don't know whether Puel can take us up to Euro games level but I'm prepare to see how it develops based on the recruitment and what I perceive as the way we trying to play. I guess the other predictable thing is the way fans react in that some will see good and hope and others will see bad and despair. Whichever way you view it we really have no significant input into how the football side is run, unless there's a universal anti Puel protest, which at present I don't see he's here to stay until Top decides he needs to go. and that's the way it's always been. Until then I'm backing the team and Puel.
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    I think it’s also worth considering the value of stability after the emotional upheaval this club has undergone so recently. For that reason alone we should be giving it until the end of the season, regardless of opinions on Puel.
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    Ghezzal our best layer since he's been on.
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    How could we not manage to get in anything resembling a replacement? We knew he was leaving for about 2 years.
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    I’ve been sticking up for Puel for yonks, and whilst the most veciforous of his critics are still idiots, I finally lost faith in him today. I’m freezing, wet through and watched the most pathetic 90 mins against a team that haven’t won without their star player in 2 years. How ****ing predictable that Leicester City would roll up and end that embarrassing run for Palace. We offer absolutely nothing. Unless he pulls off a miracle victory on tuesday, I can’t be arsed with him anymore. Get rid.
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    Or bring back big Nige....! 3rd time lucky.
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    I’m sorry but how can you be 65/35 keeping him? Were you the judge who scored the wilder v Fury fight by any chance?
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    If we looked likely to get a good young manager like Nagelsmann or Jardim, sack. Given what we will get (pick one from the numerous out of work English managers), back. Sad times when the argument for keeping him in the position is that we'll invariably appoint someone worse but that's Leicester as a club.
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    Thank you. Has been on borrowed time for months on end ffs. This guy is not for us, never has been.
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    Is anybody really surprised? Dull manager, dull team, dull football.
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    Agree....not entirely for the results but for the football...or lack of it. This is no way to honour Vichais memory...we are dire
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    I'd have gone Shinji instead of Iheanacho. You'd get a better work rate.
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    Is exactly what Roy Hodgson said in his ht team talk
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    Remember when Matt Le Tissier said NO ONE could ever understand Puel's subs...
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    Well I suppose if Bournemouth and West Ham are seriously making bids for a RLC loan with a view to buy in the summer then we should throw our hat in the ring as well.
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    We've peaked. Moaning about what players like on social media. We've gone full on teenager-stalking-their-crush now, haven't we.
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    Mourwhingo isn’t a Manchester United manager Puel isn’t a Leicester manager sometimes things just don’t fit was willing to wait until summer not anymore, Puel Out and now please
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    I think it's true. Ghezzal was good today, and Barnes is playing in a league where he can look good without any defensive responsibilities at all. He will probably take time to adapt to the league.
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    We go on about lack of ambition yet cling to the past in Pearson and O'Neill.
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    It is time for him to go, we are getting worse by the week without any improvement or direction. His constant tinkering, bizarre substitutions, and selling 3 strikers and bringing nobody in was crazy
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    This is true but noone can deny the recent perfomances have been nothing short of terrible. I would classify the following games as terrible Palace Away Fulham away Brighton away Spurs at home Southampton at home in the cup (we've made it throught the last 2 rounds without scoring a goal) West Ham at home (saved by a very lucky deflection to get a point against ten men) I would classify the following games as acceptable given the circumstances Cardiff away Burnley at home the following performance as below average Everton at home The following as decent Arsenal away (1st half only) Watford at home (they were very wasteful though) Overall entertainment somehere around 3 out of 10 As longs as we survive I think Puel will be safe but despite millions invested we really don't appear to be shoiwng any real improvement.
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    That was a horror show. Created 1 decent chance against one of the worst teams in the league who had their best player and another key player out. The last 3 games have been absolutely horrible to watch. We are in big trouble as i cant see where our next goal is coming, never mind our next win.
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    Yeah him and Fuchs are doing well
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    It will be the squad who decide his fate. The thing is, we aren't in serious trouble (yet). We are just an average team. Results haven't been horrendously bad (our longest losing run is two) so they won't sack him based on that currently. My concern is that we'll go on a bad run, then panic. If the people in charge have real issues they should act soon.
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    One bit of quality all half. Unfortunately it came from them. Dross.
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    We are hamstrung by Ndidi and Mendy. We don't even necessarily need a deeper lying ball player, just somebody who can allow us to get the ball quicker into our attacking players before the opponent's set themselves. Gray, Maddison and Albrighton have been anonymous, but I don't necessarily blame them as they never get the ball in dangerous areas as we are so laboured. A bit like Ranieri second season where Mahrez got nullified as he was doubled up, and we were so slow in working the ball to him.
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    The palace ultras are a scary bunch mate, watch your back.
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    Can we give Chilwell Fuch's left foot? we'd probably have one of the best left backs in the world if that was the case
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    Hold tight guys we are doing some football.
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    If we can keep our red cards down to 2 or 3 today we might have a chance for a draw.
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    Start at the Salmon, Globe, Rutland and Derby then finish at the Blue Boar
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    What makes it worse is its the first thing I did this morning Wake up, go on foxestalk and be a tosser
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    Baines best years behind him as opposed to fresh faced up and coming teenager Fuchs? Delph plays left back but doesn’t count rightio ?? Christian Fuchs: Was dribbled past more times (52) than any other defender in Europe's top 5 leagues last season 2017 but he is one of the best 2nd choice left backs
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    Ah yeah the solution to us missing and not creating enough chances is to play with five defenders on the pitch, two defensive midfielders, one winger and an attacking midfielder upfront
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