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    Just not good enough. We are in regression. Puel has had over a year and cannot even get the team to have pride in their performance. The players also need to take a long hard look at themselves
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    My fear if Puel were sacked is that the young core of quality players we've assembled will be broken up and replaced by workmanlike players. We've currently got a team that contains the potential to have 4 players in the England squad. It would be 5 if Vardy hadn't hung up his boots. When's that ever happened before? This is a work in progress. That road isn't easy, but I think the guy needs to see it through. If that means some embarrassing performances along the way, so be it. Not fussed about Europe, I'm patient. Burnley got in Europe and look at them. Softly, softly, catchy monkey.
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    Maybe what it says is that since the title win, a section of our support have got the idea that we are a sleeping giant of a club that belongs in the top six by right. Do you not remember the days before 2016? Be careful what you wish for.
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    Reading this forum you would think that Puel is the only manager on the planet who is able to select young players. Just for awareness- he isn’t. Others can do it too. You would also think that he is the only man on the planet who can coach a team to pass the ball. I have no idea why so many are putting their faith in him. Where is he evidence? What has he achieved on the Premier League? Or his career for that matter? Why back this particular manager! I am dumbfounded that he has so much support despite the clear evidence to the contrary. Anybody who watches the games and enjoys it must be a masochist. Forget the personality complaints, he just hasn’t delivered in almost 3 years in the Premier League at 2 clubs. Evidence says he will never work out here.
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    2 points behind Everton and their squad and manager are being raved about. Give him till the end of the season then assess.
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    Wilfred Ndidi uncompleted passes map
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    Not defending Puel but Maddison was playing shit. Ghezzal did much more than him after coming in. Yet again Albrighton escapes criticism for having no quality because he ran around a lot. We’re so unbalanced it’s unreal.
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    Considering he is useless, we looked miles better with Ghezzal on the pitch.
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    Wilfred Ndidi Player instructions +Shoot less often
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    Can appreciate why fans want to see him back but it's no bother if he stays there. In my opinion the club's strategy of recruiting and investing in youth is really paying off. Lots of great young players already in the team this season and next season we already KNOW that we are getting a cracking centre back and forward both of which are young without having to spend anything and without having to worry. Whilst both Benkovic and Barnes might offer something now, them having the whole season full of games will provide them with massive experience. Benkovic is still in Europe and has already won silverware and Barnes has the chance to win the league with West Brom. Whilst our league position might be midtable and games not too exciting to watch, if you think about the long term strategy then we are really doing a good job. We won't go down this season so sticking with Maddison, Gray, Nacho, Soyuncu, Chilwell, Ndidi and co will only help us. I think this is just so much better than signings like Musa, Slimani, Iborra and Silva all of whom were quite old, on high wages and thus a risk. It will probably take a few seasons still but I really think in the not so distant future we are going to have another crack at the Champions League places... maybe better. All of these players are quite good now and I think the chances of at least one of them, if not more reaching the next level is quite likely. Plus we will likely sign another one or two promising young players again in the summer too. We might lose one or two, but I think we will be able to cope in the long run. Keep the faith! By the time the stadium improvements and new training academy are ready, we will be in awesome shape. The whole strategy of the club is blatantly being planned around it.
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    Sack. His record in the last 12 months is diabolical. He's a clueless charisma vacuum who has sucked the life out of the team. 42 points in 37 games.
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    Palace have been there for the taking but we've been so poor in the first half it's inevitable we'd concede. They don't have a better squad than us but we're just too timid and I think that can only be blamed on Puel. You can't blame a manager for players missing chances, making terrible passes (to some extent) or bad touches but the outlook of a team, the game plan and philosophy are the manager's responsibility.
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    Because we wanted a long term builder who'd bring us to a more sustainable style of play and promote youth? Who would have come at that time? Do you forget where we were? I agree that today was a shit show and just one shot on target simply isn't good enough. The persistence in playing with two ball winners in the middle and relying almost exclusively on the wings to create something whilst lacking a target man is irking me to no end. But on the other hand what choices does he have? - We have a long lasting, massive problem in the midfield and Iborra and Silva didn't work out at all. Both of them didn't adapt to the Pl rhythm and it's not going to change, given their age. So who's going be there if we drop either Ndidi or Mendy? - Vardy is completely out of form, it happens, and I don't buy this "no service" excuse. On his day he'd have buried the chance he got in the second half. - Maddison has been rather disappointing until now, but I'm not forgetting that he's young and coming from a lower league. - Nacho hasn't upped his game and I don't think he ever will. - Gray shows no signs of improvement. Albrighton, while being a hard worker, is too predictable. - Morgan/Maguire doesn't really work, Soyuncu is still adapting. What to do? Drop Maguire and play Evans? Ain't gonna happen. It's still madness to get rid of him right now. Too much people see this team for much better than it is and still don't understand that we can't go back the old ways because we simply don't have enough quality in the midfield and no Mahrez upfront to make things happen. We don't have any outstanding player, some good ones yes, the rest is pretty much midtable. The actual performances reflects this accordingly.
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    No we actually don't. Its the same being said over and over again and its so boring. Its a forum and we all have our opinions, rightly so but why does every new thread have to be a Puel out one, where the outers can repeat exactly what they wrote in the previous 10 Puel out threads. Do you think we didnt read them posts or that if we create loads the club will actually listen? I get it, the football is currently boring and for want of not repeating, what i myself have written x10 times before, its just as tedious to see numerous new threads regurgitating the same shit.
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    Finally lost faith, it’s actually just so boring every week.
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    Well, when a player puts the round bouncy thing into the big net thing at the other end of the pitch from their big net thing, it counts more towards winning than kicking it backwards and forwards
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    Anyone that thinks we aren't sliding into a relegation battle is seriously deluded. We aren't even getting the scrappy results anymore and the teams around us have started to win. How people continue to defend this clown of a manager is beyond me.
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    Gray is actually on our side he just can’t pass.
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    Difficult to out-twit an owl in all honesty.
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    It's not the result ... it's the manner of it.... None of us want this football
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    Get someone in with personality, a bit of razzmatazz, a good Christmas special for christ sake. The manager is the lifeblood of the club, that’s the way- not orthodox, someone who doesn’t live by “the rules” you know. And if there’s one other person I think could influence this squad in that way I think, someone who is a maverick, someone who gives the finger to the system, then, it’s Ian Botham. Because Beefy will happily say “that’s what I think of Claude’s tactics and selection policy, yes I’ve hit the odd copper, yes I’ve enjoyed the old dooby, but will you piss off and leave me alone, I’m walking down the Narborough Road to the King Power stadium for some spastics
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    - The midfield two slow the game down too much and often give the ball away stupidly. - The forwards are too static and thus don’t drag defenders out of position / create space. - Interchange between the front 4 is non existent. No one-twos or combination play. This is probably our biggest weakness. - Maddison falls over trying to buy a foul instead of dictating and directing the play. This is a bit harsh but we play a system with an out and out ten and it’s a crucial position because it’s the primary source of creativity. - Passing between the team is too slow and rarely do we look to break the lines. From an attacking point of view probably the only thing we do well is creating overloads for our full backs. The solution? Either buy more players to play this style, persevere with the crop we have now and endure painfully poor performances for the rest of the season or change our style. It will be interesting to see what happens.
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    Id take Allardyce.Passion a decent record also can switch styles to suit the players available.Also England were happy to appoint him.whats not to like? Defensive solidity allied to attacking with power, pace and aggression, precisely what Allardyce preaches. https://www-skysports-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/18804/10507960/englands-sam-allardyce-his-record-career-in-numbers-and-in-tray?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQECAFYAQ%3D%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.skysports.com%2Ffootball%2Fnews%2F10507960%2Fenglands-sam-allardyce-his-record-career-in-numbers-and-in-tray%3FbasketId%3D18804
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    Season ticket holder,I’ve stopped going to the games ,because it bores me shitless. Puel football is the same as his monotone drawl , i feel for the players,it’s must be like listening to the lonely bloke in the pub
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    it's clear to me that if it was totally up to him he'd want us to pass it around on the floor and basically play like man city, i have no doubt about that from what i've heard from him. But the problem is we don't have the players who can play like that, some of the passing accuracy is abysmal, so it'll never work, unless we ship out most of the players and buy ones who can pass it to feet quickly, whilst attacking at the same time. we just dont have the quality to do that, and i think we're now stuck in no man's land because he's trained the players to be this way, and trained it out of them what they are good at, the net result being that we look clumsy and awkward to watch. the players look confused, the system is confused.
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    We’ve been crawling through the season so far scraping wins with scrappy performances. Puel is squeezing the life out of us and he isn’t right for the club. His visions and his style do not work.
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    If you took all footballing ability out of Mahrez you'd be left with Ghezzal
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    Has it been? Mostly self deprecating gallows humour. Maybe a few 'abusive' posts towards the team but it's been a dour half of football which most players have been dreadful and the manager has totally gotten it wrong with our approach today. What do you want, highly reasonable, balanced posts in a quick moving match thread? Irrevocable support for players clearly not playing well or even getting worse? We're all Leicester City fans here, we all want the team to do well and frankly we're not even playing fairly well. We've got very difficult fixtures coming up and our record against the top 6 (as expected tbh) is horrible but you have to compensate by picking points up against rank sides like Palace.
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    I hope Puel gives them a good whispering to at half time.
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    Was going to be on the bench but they couldn't fit his head in the graphic.
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    Thank goodness that players of yore were never annoying little twerps, and that we on the terraces could get away with overt racism and homophobia and watch REAL men hurt each other whilst we could proudly represent our city by fighting opposition fans. Anything better than limp wristedness...
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    The same stringer who gestured the cut throat sign to Pearson. I know tensions are high after that performance but Maddison couldn't get into the game. Ghazzal did.
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    Nothing changes for me. He gets January and then until the end of the season. If this shit continues then he should be sacked in the summer and we try something else. Only changes if we are in danger of relegation. Maddison was terrible first half but it should have been albrigton off at half time. At least Maddison is likely to score or create something. I like albrighton, I really do, but he should be off as soon as we are chasing goals. Ghezzal did well, Fuchs was consistent as ever and Morgan/Maguire were fine. Again Vardy missed his big chance, he’d usually be scoring them.
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    The number of people who wrote a very similar thing when we got relegated under Holloway........
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    Personally I can't wait for us to sack puel just so we can get on the back of the next manager when we are not challenging the top 4 in 10 games.
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    Just a manger with passion, who can get a squad to fight for everything. I don’t mind losing if we give our all.
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    Claude Puel had a dream, To play with intensiteeee, he came from France and now it’s time to go hommeee. We pass side to side, Vardy hides, Champions of yawning you made us sing that.
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    Don’t see the point in you lot blindly criticising. Ghezzal is looking lively to me and has made some decent passes. At least looks like he’s trying to make something happen. Don’t particularly rate him but come on get behind our own players
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    The midfield two is the root of the problem. They're so inept on the ball that Maddison is basically having to drop all the way back to defensive midfield for us to get any kind of possession going forward. It really is a shame Silva has seemingly flamed out so badly, because this squad is desperately crying out for what he theoretically should provide.
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    Harvey Barnes would have scored at least 4 goals by now
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    I get the negativity around Puel, I’m actual not his biggest fan, however I think there is a much boarder narrative to our current situation than just the manager. Winning the League was fantastic, a once in a life time achievement, however whilst the club basked in the glory of its success, it forgot the key to it and killed the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. The league win was forged, in the dark months of 2011 and the return of Nigel Pearson, under him we had suitability and a recruitment strategy, which seem to have a vision for short, medium and long term success. The days of heavy spending under Sven, replaced by a steady recruitment of lesser known talents, which were developed by Pearson and then later polished by Ranieri into the title winning team of 2016. The departure of Walsh that summer seemed to signal the end of an era; the steady accumulation of talent and the recruitment of round pegs for round hole seemed forgotten. A steady stream of failures followed during next two summers, allied with the decline of key players, some of whom should have been replaced during those closed seasons resulted in the demise of both Ranieri and Shakespeare. I personally think the sacking of Shakespeare was a watershed moment for the owners a realisation that the club had an untenable model, and a general lack of long term strategy. I think the owners have accepted they needed a longer term approach, hence the new training ground, stadium extension plans, and the employment of a manager who history is about building teams and a more rounded football philosophy. Whilst results and performance haven’t been great, I for one can see a change in approach, young hungry talent has been recruited, and areas of weakness have being addressed. The purchase of a number 10 in Maddison, a modern fullback in Riccardo, young up and coming Centre-backs in Söyüncü and Benković, and finally a keeper in Ward who actual seems decent back for Kasper. There has been nurturing of home grown talent in Chilwell, Choudhury and Barnes, whilst clearing out the deadwood in Musa, Slimani, and the rest. Pearson had 4-5 transfer windows to be successful in the championship, Puel has had two, to try and be successful in one of the most difficult league in the world. I remember many a poor performance and results under Pearson, but he was given time to produce the goose that laid the golden egg. I actual think we are moving in the right direction, with a clear plan, let give the manager some time, because evolution takes time
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