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    Tough call for Arnautovic. Play under dictators, getting rich but in a half empty soulless stadium for a team barely anyone has heard of or care about. Or go to China.
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    Only if there is some serious evidence for it, no one ever accuses Wes Morgan or Hamza Choudary of laziness, no one ever accused N'Golo Kante of it. When I grew up in the 90's it seemed to be the other way around, Philpott and Oldfield were considered our lazy players and Mark Blake was a fans favourite and workhorse in midfield. Demarai Gray will look lazy when compared to Mark Albrighton, Kelechi Iheanacho will look lazy compared to Jamie Vardy. Maybe it's just a case of that at this point in time we have a couple of very lazy black players in the squad.
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    I'm sorry but that's just ridiculous. Keeper made a great save from Ghezzal first half when through on goal, Albrighton through again and shot deflected over. Okazaki kicked the ball straight at the keeper from 9 yards, another one he missed a clear header, another one he couldn't connect on a tap in from about 6 yards out, Maddison straight at the keeper from 7 yards, Nacho straight at the keeper. That's before I even talk about good chances from a bit further out.
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    There are some people in the "brigade" whose points of view I can accept. Then there the utter morons who haven't got three brain cells to rub between them, posting such idiotic stuff 24/7 that it totally ruins any decent argument they might have because they look like clowns.
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    Pinching this quote from the Barnes thread as it basically sums up exactly how I see things going for Puel. We've seen how his signings have improved the squad - Ricardo is arguably our best signing since Kanté and came here because of Puel - and we've started to strip away some of the deadwood in the squad. In the summer when the majority of league-winners contracts expire then that'll free up a load of wages and we can look at adding a few more quality buys, as well as bring back loan players. We'll also have Amartey back from injury who was looking much-improved under Puel's stewardship. He's given more gametime to younger squad members than any manager in recent years and it's paying dividends. We've got talent out on loan who look to be an improvement on (at least) the squad players we have currently, and as they mature, improve and gel together we'll see big improvements as a team (and a reduction in naive mistakes, like Maddison's dive). He's got us into one of our highest ever league positions despite performing WAY under par on several occasions, and he's done so whilst dealing with a myriad of suspensions, injuries, and individual mistakes. We could have been favourites to get into the FA cup final for the first time in years were it not for a couple of poor penalties (out of his control). He's helped to guide the team through one of the most emotionally difficult periods our club has ever had sincerely and with dignity. --------------------------- He's not perfect - I think we can all agree that some performances have been pretty dire - but he's absolutely a 'builder' like NP was and his vision is coming together slowly but surely. With a decent end to the season and further astute transfers in the summer months we could be in a very strong position (relative to our history) as a club - be that under Puel's long-term management or otherwise.
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    Also, the couple of moments from Nacho shown in that game weren't bad. That cushioned header for Maddison was class and should have resulted in a goal. He should have 2 assists from the last few games he's played but for his team mates' finishing I also think its a myth he doesnt run and that he has a bad first touch If Vardy had the minutes Nacho has and came on and barely touched the ball, as Vardz does through a lot of our games, he would look just as poor. Obviously most responses to that on here will be. 'Bollocks. He's just pure rubbish, not even a footballer'. I think he's properly scapegoated personally
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    Totally agree Matt and I actually say the ones so offended by this are the ones potentially with the problem. I'm not seeing colour when I see Kelechi as lazy I just see lazy, my opinion and I'm entitled to it!
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    No issues with diversity issues themselves whatsoever, on the contrary, I applaud and agree with the sentiments 100%. However, I'm more than a little fed up with bandwagons and having things rammed down my throat, usually by politically motivated individuals who are more in it for their careerist or brownie point gaining personal agendas. Even people of my older age group get it believe it or not. As for my kids, they are so over it all and most of these predudices and attitudes are looked upon as archaic and rediculous. Are you going to always have a bigoted stupid minority? Yes of course you are and you'll never stop those but they are just that now, a minority. I just think that sometimes these things get overdone and it can do more damage than good as people switch off and stop listening to the message. No offence meant.
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    Why do some groups of people need to be recognised/treated differently?? surley we are all just football fans
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    So, no proper strikers then Saturday headline - Shane Long scores hat-trick against hapless Foxes....
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    Not bad for a player who was recently told by Beaglehole that he "wasn't good enough to play CB as he couldn't head the ball properly"....and has then subsequently been elevated to the Romanian full national squad and been outstanding at CB for LCFC U23s. Certainly knows his stuff that Beaglehole bloke...!
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    I was born and bred in this country of black Caribbean ethnicity. I have heard 'black' players called lazy numerous times over the years where I felt it was a stereotypical thing to say. In the case of Kelechi I would like to see the stats but he certainly looks lazy when playing.
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    he's clearly got something about him but yeah, end product needs work. I kind of like how Puel just chucked him in at the deep end a few times though - it's a risk but imagine if he'd have just clicked and started banging them away. Could have happened. It didn't and now he's off on loan which is what should be the next step. Puel doing things in a rather sensible, measured order, again - imo.
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    Albrighton is 'handy' at right back
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    Thank **** for that. Stop hiding now Rachid, there’s a large body of people hoping you are next.
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    Needs game time so good luck to him
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    I don't think we'll qualify for it because we're not good enough, is my riveting hot take from this one. But if we do, I want it absolutely taking seriously. I am absolutely, utterly flabbergasted that any matchgoing fan could not want us to qualify for the Europa League. I question what you honestly want this club to aspire to, and what you're actually getting out of following Leicester if you actively don't want us to be in it. These things about teams struggling because of Europe - there's a degree of it for sure, but it's very much a Premier League propaganda narrative, just like the shunning of nearly every other competition in the footballing calendar, they're being promoted as hindrances to this promised land of midtable Premier League football where ultimately, the only proper beneficiaries aren't actually the fans. Fans themselves should not be towing this line. I don't expect us to go into it and win it if we do qualify, but if we don't take it seriously, in the quest of... you guessed it, qualifying for the Europa League, then I think I'd frankly start to lose interest in even bothering with it anymore. I also stress that if we do get there and end up in the qualifying rounds, that we've got another thing coming if we think we can arrogantly waltz our way to the group stages just like we think we can waltz past these lower league sides (and sometimes don't). It needs to be taken seriously, cherished, and we really can create some special memories. Hull went out to Lokeren, Southampton went out to Hapoel Be'er-Sheva, West Ham suffered consecutive losses to Astra Giurgiu. It could happen to us if we weren't careful.
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    Channel 414 we are on against Oldham 1983 chasing promotion some blasts from the past followed by the last day decider derby vs Fulham & us Vs Burnley
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    Charlie Austin, Danny Ings and Shane Long are all the same person
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    Another depressing thread....do we now have the worst supporters in the Premier League?, or is it just on FT that most appear to be South of negative? Hopefully I'm looking forward to seeing a result which brings at least one point and possibly three.
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    I'd thought this myself. Effectively 5 attacking outfield players and 5 defensive ones. You can't get much more balanced than that.
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    "Official waste partner, you'll never sing that..."
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    Yeah but the difference is Manchester City and The Spuds aren't battling it out for 7th place!... Isn't that right Claude?
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    The one thing you have to remember when meeting Sting is - don't stand so, don't stand so, don't stand so close to him.
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    With the title of this thread I was expecting 4 pages, 20 posts a page, from Babylon - saying the same thing time and time and time again.
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    Weighing in as I fit the criteria and Rumble has deceived us all Never experienced any direct homophobic abuse, personally. Then again, looking at me/my mannerisms you probably wouldn't assume I'm gay without knowing me, so I guess that sort of homophobia doesn't get aimed at me any more than it would any other fan. I have heard negative, homophobic comments said in general (calling something gay, or calling their mate a f*g) usually by the younger crowd, but it's never seemed vitriolic or an attack on any particular individual. Occasionally a bit of grumbling when its the rainbow laces campaign or similar. Just my personal experiences, mind, so it may be more of a problem in different areas of the ground or for other people. Maybe I'm just blissfully ignorant. I've taken my (reluctant) partner with me to a few cup games and again, no abuse, although I'm not sure I'd be all that comfortable holding his hand or any other light PDA in/around the ground. That extends beyond football though and is the case for a lot of LGBT people in all sorts of public spaces. ... x
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    Tbh if we're not taking either of the cups seriously and don't even want to qualify for the Europa League, you have to ask: what's the point of even being a professional club?
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    Good post. For the record I wrote two lines commenting that people should consider how they use the term ‘lazy’ when commenting upon black players. I wrote this because it’s in my opinion overly used and applied to certain demographics more liberally than others. It wasn’t really anything in reference to the LCFC panel - just something I’ve noticed for years. I didn’t mention any individual players, LCFC or mention any posters. And look 😆 look at the level of protest.
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    I thought Newport was in Europe?!!
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    On another day we win that 6/7-2
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    I get this but I think it's off the mark to assume that fans are being racist because they, for instance, describe Iheanacho as putting in lazy performances. Regarding casual racism/stereotypes, in my experience it has usually been the case that black players are often praised for being "fast, physical, strong" etc but never for having "great vision" or "football intelligence" etc. Some people might not see this, as in both cases they are positive attributes but it's something I've noticed commentators do since I was a kid. Despite this, I wouldn't say that it was wrong to call a black player fast or strong just because there is this historical stereotype. Sometimes it just is objectively true that a player is quick and sometimes it is just objectively true that a player is lazy or puts in a lazy performance. Whether someone thinks that a player is quick or lazy because of their ethnicity is a different question. In Kelechi's case it's honestly hard to say that he is only receiving this kind of criticism regarding his performances because he is black. I don't think his ethnicity has anything to do with it (but maybe that's just because I surround myself with others who don't make racist comments). People say he is lazy because he doesn't put a shift in on the pitch and the stats would probably bear that out. You don't hear that about Ndidi, Mendy, Ricardo, Morgan, Kante etc and there's a good reason why. The only way for us to really know what difference Nacho's ethnicity makes with regards to the perception of him being lazy is if we had a white player who performed identically to him. That is impossible of course but I remember that Bendtner used to get a lot of flack at Arsenal for being both ineffective and lazy (Ozil likewise), people often viewed Berbatov as being a bit lazy too but he always scored and so his perceived lack of effort was always forgiven. In my opinion, the worst way to move forwards on issues like these are to try and clamp down on any criticism of BAME players because of the potential for such criticism to coincide with any historical prejudices. Given that we are all beings of equal moral worth, we should all be equally prone to praise and blame, and to take that away from BAME players is actually to privilege white players over them. It produces a narrative that "only white players can handle criticism", and it simultaneously sets up BAME players as perpetual victims irrespective of whether that criticism is coming from a place of genuine critique or one of bigotry.
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    More an unpopular 'non-action' than an unpopular view - I dont have anyone on Foxestalk on ignore. Dont see the point as nobody annoys me enough to be ignored.
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    Just seen a comment on the West Brom forum that would make sense West Brom could have requested to keep Barnes until after the Norwich game on Saturday, which to be fair is a pretty big game at the top of the table It is also believed we have until Monday to recall him https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/harvey-barnes-transfer-latest-west-15648860 So let him play for West Brom saturday, then recall him as the rest of the West Brom squad goes off to Dubai for warm weather training after the match
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    I don't agree with that Swan, I clearly recall the lazy tag being labelled at Le Tissier, Hoddle and other players of their ilk who didn't run round like mad men. I will go on the record and say I think Kelechi is lazy, that is my opinion and it is not based on colour, age, sexuality or religion!
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    About 5 years ago, I was invited by a client to a charity dinner at Old Trafford (just after Moyes was appointed) It was in aid of Crohn's & Colitis and hosted by fellow sufferers Darren Fletcher & Lewis Moddy and the compere was Jim Whyte from Sky TV (who just took the piss out of himself all night). All the United first team were there including Wayne and his wife Coleen but they were flanked by security so you couldn't really get close to them. There were loads of ex footballers there in support and I was lucky to have a chat with quite a few of them. My favorite was Chris Powell who was just as charming IRL as I thought he'd be and we had a good talk about his time at Leicester. Lennon was O.K. (but well pissed) and spent most of his time propping up the bar with Walter Smith. Most of the 80's Man Utd players were there like Bryan Robson but all sat together drunk and weren't very approachable. Fletcher and Moody had time for everyone and we had a great discussion about how many times a day we each went to the bog But the highlight was dancing with Alex McLeish. He was so drunk but so funny - top bloke. A great night and raised over £250k for charity (Olly Murs bid £50k for a game of golf with Giggs, Fletcher and Scholes )
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    I was in a nightclub in Edinburgh about 8 years ago. I got there pretty late and it just seemed a normal indie club night but apparently MGMT had played earlier in the evening. I was dancing (young Rumble had some moves) and a guy came up to me and asked me if I knew the name of the song that was playing. Turns out it was the singer of MGMT. Luckily I knew the song so didn't embarrass myself. We chatted briefly then him and the other guy in the band and some of the other backing musicians all started to dance with me. I'm not massive (about 6'1'') but they are right wee guys, I must have looked like more of a gangly git than usual. We danced for a few songs then they left. At that point a group of about 7 girls came over and asked me if I was in the band. I of course said yes and they proceeded to take loads of photographs with them standing next to me. At some point after they got home I assume they must have realised they were just stood next to some lanky, nob face nobody. X
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    If I was to face a firing squad I would choose Gray, Ndidi and Okazaki to do the shooting. i’d be comfortable of surviving that ordeal.
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    I told my mate that I was a big fan of Beyoncé. He said, “Whatever floats your boat..." I said, “No, that’s buoyancy”
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    I personally think he's the player that gives us balance. Allows a safe passage for Ricardo to bomb forward without us being completely left at sea at the back. *Side note- I completely stole your user name for my fantasy premier league team name
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    This is a key point for me that I think often gets overlooked somewhat.
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    As far as I know nothing has changed. There has been no conversation between Barnes and the club regarding his recall and I'd expect him to stay where he is. As for people saying the club will be talking to his family I can tell you Paul leaves everything for his son to decide and has never influenced Harvey with his choices he's very much his own man and makes his own choices. It could still change of course but there is no indication that a recall would happen. I said it would be a busy week and expect at least 2 out and a bid in for a forward. The bid has gone in and one has left already. It's going to be a season of containment from now and clearing as much deadwood now and in the summer as we can to free up squad places and wages in the summer. I think if CP can achieve that and and some quality in the summer and deliver us a top half finish this season with the young players all a year older and with more games behind them we will be set for a great season next season.
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    I get that you're trying to provide balance here and I agree with you that there is a lack of intelligent movement throughout the team. but with Kelechi, aren't you trying to defend him by listing his weaknesses? ie it's not his fault because he's no good in the air. It's not his fault because he is not good at running the channels etc. I have to ask, what is he good at? Finsihing? Don't know. Scored very few goals but hasn't missed a hatful either. Pace? Nope. Movement? No Aerial ability? No Positioning? No Tackling? No Pressing? No Heart and desire? You must be joking. After being so comfortably pocketed by a League 2 defence at the weekend, I just don't think he has what it takes to be a number 9. He looks better as a number 10 and has provided some assists, but he is behind Maddison and probably Ghezzal in that role. He is definitely not up to being a lone striker as cover for Vardy.
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    Shock horror a player that has spent the majority of his career at Man Utd is technically very good. Great touch, great vision and ability to read the game. Comfortable on the Ball. It’s such a surprise.
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