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    Absolute, Grade A legend. Whatever happens I wish him the very best. X
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    Bid imminent.
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    Only if there is some serious evidence for it, no one ever accuses Wes Morgan or Hamza Choudary of laziness, no one ever accused N'Golo Kante of it. When I grew up in the 90's it seemed to be the other way around, Philpott and Oldfield were considered our lazy players and Mark Blake was a fans favourite and workhorse in midfield. Demarai Gray will look lazy when compared to Mark Albrighton, Kelechi Iheanacho will look lazy compared to Jamie Vardy. Maybe it's just a case of that at this point in time we have a couple of very lazy black players in the squad.
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    In his entire time playing for us I can only think of a handful of times he's played 'up front'. Shinji has never been about the goals, and the job he has done (despite a poor last season) has been excellent, and has had a great deal to do with our success.
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    There are some people in the "brigade" whose points of view I can accept. Then there the utter morons who haven't got three brain cells to rub between them, posting such idiotic stuff 24/7 that it totally ruins any decent argument they might have because they look like clowns.
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    Pinching this quote from the Barnes thread as it basically sums up exactly how I see things going for Puel. We've seen how his signings have improved the squad - Ricardo is arguably our best signing since Kanté and came here because of Puel - and we've started to strip away some of the deadwood in the squad. In the summer when the majority of league-winners contracts expire then that'll free up a load of wages and we can look at adding a few more quality buys, as well as bring back loan players. We'll also have Amartey back from injury who was looking much-improved under Puel's stewardship. He's given more gametime to younger squad members than any manager in recent years and it's paying dividends. We've got talent out on loan who look to be an improvement on (at least) the squad players we have currently, and as they mature, improve and gel together we'll see big improvements as a team (and a reduction in naive mistakes, like Maddison's dive). He's got us into one of our highest ever league positions despite performing WAY under par on several occasions, and he's done so whilst dealing with a myriad of suspensions, injuries, and individual mistakes. We could have been favourites to get into the FA cup final for the first time in years were it not for a couple of poor penalties (out of his control). He's helped to guide the team through one of the most emotionally difficult periods our club has ever had sincerely and with dignity. --------------------------- He's not perfect - I think we can all agree that some performances have been pretty dire - but he's absolutely a 'builder' like NP was and his vision is coming together slowly but surely. With a decent end to the season and further astute transfers in the summer months we could be in a very strong position (relative to our history) as a club - be that under Puel's long-term management or otherwise.
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    Totally agree Matt and I actually say the ones so offended by this are the ones potentially with the problem. I'm not seeing colour when I see Kelechi as lazy I just see lazy, my opinion and I'm entitled to it!
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    I suspect they'd take £10m up front with add ons but we'll offer £18m up front with more add ons.
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    Correct. This may be a second bid I'm not sure ...or if we are in for 2.
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    LCFC and Che be like...
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    This has to be the first transfer window ever in which I’m more excited about players leaving than arriving!
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    You have no idea how much I want him to move to Vissel Kobe to play in an attack of David Villa, Andres Iniesta and Lukas Podolski.
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    No issues with diversity issues themselves whatsoever, on the contrary, I applaud and agree with the sentiments 100%. However, I'm more than a little fed up with bandwagons and having things rammed down my throat, usually by politically motivated individuals who are more in it for their careerist or brownie point gaining personal agendas. Even people of my older age group get it believe it or not. As for my kids, they are so over it all and most of these predudices and attitudes are looked upon as archaic and rediculous. Are you going to always have a bigoted stupid minority? Yes of course you are and you'll never stop those but they are just that now, a minority. I just think that sometimes these things get overdone and it can do more damage than good as people switch off and stop listening to the message. No offence meant.
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    Why do some groups of people need to be recognised/treated differently?? surley we are all just football fans
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    Albrighton is 'handy' at right back
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    Does he have a WAG?
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    Thank **** for that. Stop hiding now Rachid, there’s a large body of people hoping you are next.
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    Needs game time so good luck to him
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    Some things are worth more than a few quid. I hope we don't sell him after Sunday's game. Let him wear the armband for the last home game of the season. Absolute legend.
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    I don't think we'll qualify for it because we're not good enough, is my riveting hot take from this one. But if we do, I want it absolutely taking seriously. I am absolutely, utterly flabbergasted that any matchgoing fan could not want us to qualify for the Europa League. I question what you honestly want this club to aspire to, and what you're actually getting out of following Leicester if you actively don't want us to be in it. These things about teams struggling because of Europe - there's a degree of it for sure, but it's very much a Premier League propaganda narrative, just like the shunning of nearly every other competition in the footballing calendar, they're being promoted as hindrances to this promised land of midtable Premier League football where ultimately, the only proper beneficiaries aren't actually the fans. Fans themselves should not be towing this line. I don't expect us to go into it and win it if we do qualify, but if we don't take it seriously, in the quest of... you guessed it, qualifying for the Europa League, then I think I'd frankly start to lose interest in even bothering with it anymore. I also stress that if we do get there and end up in the qualifying rounds, that we've got another thing coming if we think we can arrogantly waltz our way to the group stages just like we think we can waltz past these lower league sides (and sometimes don't). It needs to be taken seriously, cherished, and we really can create some special memories. Hull went out to Lokeren, Southampton went out to Hapoel Be'er-Sheva, West Ham suffered consecutive losses to Astra Giurgiu. It could happen to us if we weren't careful.
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    Huddersfield are going down and Shinji won't be able to change that. They won't be offering much money anyway Keep him until the end of the season and give him the farewell he deserves!
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    I was in a nightclub in Edinburgh about 8 years ago. I got there pretty late and it just seemed a normal indie club night but apparently MGMT had played earlier in the evening. I was dancing (young Rumble had some moves) and a guy came up to me and asked me if I knew the name of the song that was playing. Turns out it was the singer of MGMT. Luckily I knew the song so didn't embarrass myself. We chatted briefly then him and the other guy in the band and some of the other backing musicians all started to dance with me. I'm not massive (about 6'1'') but they are right wee guys, I must have looked like more of a gangly git than usual. We danced for a few songs then they left. At that point a group of about 7 girls came over and asked me if I was in the band. I of course said yes and they proceeded to take loads of photographs with them standing next to me. At some point after they got home I assume they must have realised they were just stood next to some lanky, nob face nobody. X