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    All the young players who did well in the second half yesterday. 6 under 23s on the pitch and they were much better than the over 30's
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    Why post this today though when the match was anything but boring!? The game had a sending off, a penalty, we had 23 shots, 6 on goal and 10 corners. We threw everything we had at Southampton who camped in their own half to get the three points, and credit to them for digging in. The result was crap, the individual performances poor, but boring?! We were going hell for leather until the end of the game. To answer your question, yes boring football is the worst kind. Like the sort of shit we had to endure at the beginning of last season under Shakespeare against West Brom, Huddersfield and Bournemouth. Or the shit that we endured after winning the title when every team sat back to counter our counter attack and we kept hoofing the ball up aimlessly to Vardy for 90 minutes. Or any one of the seasons when we were on the decline after entering the doldrums of the lower reaches of the Championship. At least under our current management we are trying to pass the ball around. We might be crap at it, but we at least we are trying to move in the right direction.
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    Really close to just packing it in this season, my tolerance for dickheads is at an all time low and I just can’t be arsed anymore. People are just spinning stories about past realities that never existed, and it’s just ridiculous. “Can’t you see what he’s doing to this football club?!” WHERE THE **** HAVE THESE PEOPLE BEEN FOR THE LAST 18 YEARS?! We could lose every game until the end of the season and it still wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad as the 5 or so seasons of absolute horseshit that was served up after the 03/04 season! As somebody said above, winning the league was the best thing to ever happen to us without a doubt....but it was also the worst.
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    It was a fine post and it sums up my perspective well enough as well. The poll shows how shortsighted and impatient we have become since the title win. Such short memories and a weird underappreciation of how tough it is to be successful. You'd think the club would get a bye with all that's happened this season, including our manager. We're in a healthy position and the club are doing a decent job of pulling through and developing in all areas. Puel is right in that we need stability while our new chairman finds his feet and our young players get invaluable first team experience.
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    My only strenuous exercise at 63, is 5-a-side. Most of the players are between 20 and 40. Keeps me young... and out of breath. And there's the pub afterwards.
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    Don't worry we won't be for much longer
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    Hamza, Gray, Chilwell, Barnes & Maddison could be the new Man Utd 'Class of 92'
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    Why does it seem that anybody we sign we just suck their best abilities out of them. Time and time again we sign players who I think will actually be able to beat the first man at corners (Gallagher, Albrighton, Maddison etc) but they don't. It's as if they purposely fail to beat the first man on purpose. Then we've got Maguire, best header of the ball, sitting on the back post - as if the balls even going to come that far
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    That pretty much sums it up for me - the players seemed to be lacking any confidence at all. Could it be that Claude’s style is telling players not to makes mistakes (negative mindset) rather than go out and express yourself and play above your ability (positive mindset). I saw him have a real go at Barnes after a few mins - and not in an inspirational way. I really don’t know the answer but do know he does not inspire me as a life long fan or make me look forward to coming and watching exciting football. I would swop our style of football with Wolves any day. Claude you are draining out all of my enthusiasm for football and I only hear snippets 3/4 times a week - I do hope he generates more passion when he coaches the players. Oh and we seriously need to sort out the club recruitment policy some really poor buys over last couple of years.
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    That's where I stand as well. He talked the talk but I don't think he can make it work here. I truly believe we peaked under Puel in December 2017 and he won't ever produce a run as good as that here again. Find myself repeating myself on this one a lot but I just don't see the big improvements. We are rubbish more often than we're good.
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    Short version: The transition is still a work in progress. We are not going to be relegated. Some of our young players are thriving under Puel. Cut him some slack, it'll be OK in the end.
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    Make a proper banner then not felt tip and a4. Shocking
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    He’s cleverly distorted the situation by implying the fans think we should be 6th - which paints us as unreasonable. Unfortunately for Puel, that is not the situation amongst the fan base at all. In fact, people are angry at not taking the cups seriously, poor performances at home and constant tinkering. Yes other PL clubs rotated for the FA cup, that’s true... But how many are sure of staying up without competing at the top end? How many used an away tie in the 3rd round to bring back a player who’s been sidelined for 10 months through injury? How many made a ‘sympathy substitution’ (King) utterly unsuited to the game? Puel’s rant yesterday was just an attempt to distract attention from his failings. And anyway, we won’t finish 7th...more like 11-14 or so at this rate.
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    By position in the table. He inherited one hell of a problem and we were in danger of being relegated. You can produce as many stats as you wish, for or against him as they are all relative to what other teams are doing at the time. Do you not recall us being relegated with an almost record number of points gained? It's not about conveniently plucked out of the air stats to suit whatever cause we may want, it's where you finish in the table that ultimately matters, particularly if your the owner of a multi million pound company! Even with Southampton, he finished 8th with a cup final. They've done brilliantly since they sacked him. From near relegation where did we finish last year and where are we now? I'm far from happy too, but as the man himself said and also Pearson alluded to, we have to be realistic. There's lots I disagree with but what could you honestly and realistically expect with the crap he inherited, whilst simultaneously the club is trying to sort out and change the way we play and alter the transfer structure policy they are now trying to adopt. Entertainment I'm afraid realistically comes way down the list in that lot. I and most of us I would suggest don't like it, but hopefully it will change. There are more important agendas to hand at the moment and owners have to be more long sighted than fans.
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    The club is in the most promising position we’ve been in since MON, but people complain like we’re 20th and haven’t won a game all season. Can we please just get some consistency in our club without half our fanbase complaining? The key word is patience, most managers who succeed all had time to develop their team and style. We’re not the first team struggling to break down anti-football teams early in the project. Liverpool always struggled against low defensive blocks when Klopp came in, look at them now.
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    Benali Southampton player in the 90s played over 300 games for them and got 1 goal. You can guess who it was against..
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    Do people SERIOUSLY believe that players on our team... wouldnt pass to Barnes... coz he's not their best friend? Mindboggling
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    Not if we draw CSK Moscow in the Europa League.
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    So let's get a manager in that has his team lower than Cardiff with a higher wage bill? Genius.
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    Fantastic effort from everyone yesterday. Easily 3x the amount of donations compared to last year. So heartwarming to see everyone being so generous and supportive for things like this, sure the Bridge and the people who use the service will be very grateful for everything they receive.
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    Eintracht Frankfurt are a bigger club than us and he’s doing very well, not everybody creams themselves and jumps ship at the the first whiff of The Best League In The World™️. We could probably offer a bit more money than what he’s on but his next job will be at a Champions League regular
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    What the hell does this mean? He seems to hint that we have an imbalanced side and we need to sell a lot of players before we can really look at buying. We cant afford/attract players in their prime who are top quality. We need to buy young and develop, thats the direction the club is going in and you will need to get used to it
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    And Sir Alex Ferguson as DoF
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    Sorry to get in the way of the forum's Puel out circlejerk, you can always put me on block if me backing the manager (or at least making a point that gives him some praise) is so boring and awful.
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    Maybe the steward was embarrassed by just what a pathetic effort that was
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    HECTOR HERRERA and make it fcukin snappy
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    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check The City boss discusses the criticism he has received and the speculation over his future, as well as his public image Claude Puel has called for a reality check at Leicester City as he hit back at his critics. City are seventh in the Premier League, but that hasn’t stopped the Frenchman coming under fire from a section of supporters who have become disillusioned with his style of play and the inconsistencies of his young side. Puel has also been the subject of media reports that his job was in doubt on several occasions, and the criticism intensified after he made seven changes for the FA Cup third-round tie at Newport County, and paid the price as Citysuffered a shock giant-killing. Puel admits it has been difficult to manage the negativity that is around his team, but he believes considering the problems his side has faced in the first half of the season and the fact they are competing against clubs with more resources, his side have done a good job to sit seventh in the table. Puel accepts City’s title triumph of 2016 has raised expectations, but he said it wasn’t realistic to think they should be competing in the top six again and called for his emerging young players to be given more time and patience. “I think it’s a shame because for a club to continue to improve we need stability,” Puel said of the criticism and negativity around City. “Stability is not about the speculation around the club, inside, outside the club. It is important to support these young players who continue to improve and put in a good structure in the club, good basics to perform in the future. “We know the normal difficulties to improve young players and get results. Normally it is not possible to improve young players and have the result at the same time. Normally when we improve the young players they perform later. “There is a lot of pressure around the club, but we try to maintain good results and good improvement of lots of players. Leicester City manager Claude Puel leaves the touchline after the Emirates FA Cup, third round match at Rodney Parade(Image: Nick Potts/PA Wire) “Since the beginning of the season I think we have done some fantastic work. I am happy about the work we can do, the hard work my players have given in training and in games. “To finish seventh in the first half season with all problems we have had, it’s a very good performance. If people believe we have to be sixth, that it should be our place, it is not the truth. It’s not possible. “And if they think eighth is not good enough, it’s crazy. “Of course we have difficulties to get a good atmosphere around the club. We need to be clever.” City made seven signings last summer but after the sales of Riyad Mahrez and Ahmed Musa, they had an estimated net spend of just £25million. Puel said the truth was they couldn’t go out and compete with the top clubs in the Premier League for ready-made players, but instead were invested in youth they feel they can develop themselves. “The question is how can we perform at this club? Do we have the same possibilities and money as Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, or Everton, West Ham or Wolves? Do we have same possibilities? No,” said Puel. “How can we compete against these teams? We can’t buy the same players, experienced and consistent with a fantastic level. “We can perform if we can take some talented players, younger and develop them. Harvey Barnes trains with Leicester City for the first time after returning from his loan spell at West Brom(Image: Plumb Images/Getty Images) “Perhaps we have success. Then we keep them and in three to four years we can compete with the great teams. For me it is the only project we can have. “It was exceptional that Leicester won the title. If not it would be easy all the time to win the title. It was exceptional. If people think that was normal in the Premier League it is not the truth. “This club won the title and the expectation from all around the club, from fans sometimes and from people and journalists, the expectation is more advanced. It’s a higher level. “There’s a difference in the possibilities for Leicester and what people want to achieve and dream of, and what they are expect from us. “I accept this but all the time after a bad result there is pressure, and other teams with more money and more possibilities are behind us don’t have noise, speculation or other things. They can work with calm, without a problem. “We know the difficulties and the atmosphere around the club, for me and the players, for the club. “We have to manage this atmosphere and to try to keep all the time our calm and continue this project.” It was a similar story when Puel was manager of Southampton, who he faces tomorrow at King Power Stadium. He was sacked after one season despite finishing eighth in the table and taking the Saints to a cup final, but Puel was unpopular with sections of the supporters who didn’t like the football they witnessed. “Yes, perhaps (it’s the same), because before they finished sixth and the believed after sixth it would be fifth, fourth and so on,” said Puel. “Perhaps it was the same thing, I don’t know, but if we forget who we are it will be difficult afterwards. It is always important to be clever with ambition. “We need to have ambition but ambition to follow a project because the way is different because we cannot pay, we cannot buy. Riyad Mahrez of Manchester City warms up ahead of his side's clash with Leicester City(Image: Plumb Images/Getty Images) “For example, when we lost Riyad Mahrez how can we replace him with the same level? It’s not possible. “We need to find different possibilities with different talented players and with a different profile to give strength to the team. “It costs a lot of money. A good example is Riyad became a great player but he was not a great player when he arrived in the club. “He made progress and I hope other players in our team have the ability to become great players with passion and hard work on the pitch and in training sessions. “To keep the right mentality is the most important thing and some teams can have an interest in our players because they show the world what we can do and the quality we can put into recruitment of young players and developing them - sometimes to buy young players and sometimes to come from the academy and develop. “It’s the way for us.” Puel also addressed his public persona and how that has affected perceptions of him. As he is asked, he shrugs and offers a weary smile. “Ah, the image! I saw in the past a lot of images with different managers,” he sighed. “They had a fantastic image, but now their teams play in the Championship. “The most important thing is not to be spectacular on the bench, it’s to try to perform on the pitch and develop a club and to have good consistency to compete and to make progress and keep ambition, just this.” It seemed Puel was in fighting mode after weeks of speculation and criticism, but he vowed to continue to soak up any negativity aimed at his young squad and vowed he would not waver from his plan. “My job is to take all this pressure without giving pressure to my team and the club. I take this pressure,” he said. “It’s not a problem for me, but I want my players to play without pressure, with freshness and freedom and this is the most important thing to continue their development. “I can take the pressure. I am solid, I have the habits, it’s not a problem.”
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    mate, they're doing great and mum has been amazing. I think she was in shock when the first one came out. I was just sat here in the kitchen drinking my tea when I saw the pup just lying there! But she soon got the hang of it! Have a camera downstairs streaming up to my phone by the bed - like a baby monitor - so I can keep an eye on them overnight. (Last night I forgot I'd switched my wifi off so it nailed all my data!) I'm feeling more confident now they've survived and thrived the first week that they will be ok. I really hope so. Can't wait until a week or two when their eyes are open and they running round all over the shop!
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    Let's Swap Pearson to Lcfc and Puel to OH Leuven. We get a Englishman and they get a French speaking coach
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    No need to apologise, sounds like you are going through a really rough patch and I can’t begin to imagine having a member of your family just leave. I’m sure the medical stuff will sort itself out and you will get back on it. I haven’t ever been in that situation but when I’m feeling pretty shitty a run can help to sort my head out. Fingers crossed it all goes ok mate.
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    I feel more sorry for her. She had to sit through the game the tree got away
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    Hughton wagner howe solskjaer (if doesn’t get Utd job)
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    Wait, what’s happened to Neville Foulger and Colin Gibson.....are they not doing the football anymore?
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    Yes, get big Marshy in too. Dinosaur football, just look at his last job for Ireland.
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    Well that is the problem...I also have little faith in our Squad has a "whole" Even if it was a Puel problem,you would think the individual players themselves would show some spunk and aptitude,so they could at least Have offers if they have a desire to move on...!!!!.. Now either Puel is the "Pied piper of Hamelin" and he has stolen the players souls,or the players haven t got the skill set,nor the fight and spirit in their blood to take the high echelons of the PL on. Maybe in the summer we have to take stock on the players,and question who were up for the PL slog and grind,and who ups the quality!!! Plus who has a smell for goal,if only it's 1 in 5..... IMO,the defence is sorted...it's the front 6 who should be worrying...!!! Even if one wants to go for Puel out!! what's the use of a profi-pl-player who only wants to play when it suits him,if we choose another "Boring/inept/don't understand us manager.... Or even a soft touch put your arms around me..chef!!! type of usual manager..the players will again f*:k-off Behind the cycle sheds...!! The real-future-men. Stay in the schoolyard...!! I want to see players who show some balls, self-sufficiency,and self belief,even petulance,and game arrogance,not a peacock without the trim!!! Good young/experienced players don't need a good manager every-game!!!! They are getting away with it...fk the manager,who ever it might be...!! Even our young players need a kick up the backside....you player-nancies wanted this level, now earn it!!!! Stop cowering!! Someone send this,as a f:*king open letter...but to the captain and his team-mates!!!! Seems tatoos make the boy into a man,but not into a Pl-Player!!
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    Who's gives a shit? If the lad wants to sell his seat and the other lad wants to buy then what's the issue?
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    Feck me sideways, when do teams play attractive football consistently outside the top 6? I think people overexaggerate as we’re now an established prem team, who are stuck in the middle; no fear of relegation to make things interesting nor are we guaranteed Europe. I can understand frustration; but the reality is the football style is not gonna change much unless we invest in the big players; which as we are all aware isn’t how we do things nowadays. I personally think it’s the quality of players who cost us at the moment; which isn’t something easily changed contrary to belief.
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    First home match (well, overall match) for six weeks after a combination of transport, timings, illness and not going to aways anymore and what a complete waste of time it was. That first half is right up (or down) there with the worst 45 minutes of football I've seen for a long time- simple passes going astray, dreadful first touches and two appalling goals to concede with one soft header on target and bugger all else. The game was done then. No way were our limited, ponderous team going to create enough to get two goals at least against a packed defence. Absolutely rotten. Home games are a real chore and it isn't going to change under this manager.
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    I'm not surprised someone made a Puel Out sign and I'm not surprised the club won't allow it.
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    So why don't you wait until the next win and start a poll? For the record, I think both the poll and all of the dramatic grand standing threads after every result are actually shit. I think they're shit when we win and shit when we lose because right now this place is just full of two teams of absolutist retards that see no shades of gray and are just taking it in turns after every game to go HA I TOLD YOU SO. The Puel In mob that were insufferably smug after the Man City and Everton wins are just as awful as the Puel Out mob that are insufferably smug after games like today and Cardiff. The place is more polarised than it was even when Pearson nearly took us down. But like it or loathe it, that is what foxestalk is. Its a (relative) free for all. There's no iq test or decent poster test before you get to give an opinion or start a thread, else all of the "football intellectuals" that think they're some kind of genius for not being "knee jerk" and wanting Puel out would be be extremely surprised to find their posting rights removed along with all of the idiots starting these polls every loss. But the bottom line is, every single one of them is Leicester, every single one of them has a right to an opinion and every single one of them is here to voice it. There's no constructive posts, there's no purpose to post other than sharing. But getting pissed off with people for being pissed off after a loss or being happy after a win is just ****ing stupid. Nobody is forcing anyone to read this shit. Log off, go play with your kids, take the dog for a walk, go see your mates. And leave those that want to bitch on here bitch.
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    I don't understand why we can't criticise this rubbish. Watching Leicester is now a chore. I still do it because I can't not but it's so ****ing dull. All my mates are Leeds fans. Watching their games this season has been so much more enjoyable.
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    Second game in a row he’s ordered players to give away penalties. Disgusting.
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    A lot of you would be better off supporting a different team.
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    We need another striker but in reality its not going to happen until next season. Think we are stuck with him as back up to Vardy for the time being. Personally I'd like us to get Mitrovic …… young , good player and committed. If Fulham get relegated it should not be too difficult to tempt him here.
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    We skipped the light fandango Turned cartwheels 'cross the floor
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    That blue shirt looks familiar.
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