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    I was going absolutely nuts yesterday. We score by stopping just lumping in crosses and go round behind them. We then immediately go back to lumping in crosses. Unbelievable. The main thing I take from this is that, a year on, the players still don't know how to break down a side. In that situation, Man City would be probing around for a pass between the lines while we're just lumping it at two six five defenders wondering why it isn't working. This is my issue with Puel. Tactics. The idea that he's a passing possession manager is a myth, he isn't at all. He's got no idea how to coach a creative, attacking team. He's not Quique Setien, he's not Nuno Santo, he's not even Eddie Howe. He's a conservative manager, a defensive manager, he coaches tactically rigid, solid sides that keep the ball to be defensive and minimise risk. He doesnt commit bodies forward, he doesn't press high to win it back, he plays patiently organised, rigid football. Its Tony Pulis with a bit more ambition. People have this idea that eventually Puel will be given enough Maddisons that suddenly the tactical plan will make sense and we'll start passing it around like Barcelona. It's not going to happen, that isn't what his teams do and it's not what they've ever done. It's like Ghezzal all over again, the evidence was there in his former clubs but people stuck their fingers in their ears and insisted we be optimistic. We will never rip teams apart with incisive, creative passing moves under Puel. If we were ever going to, we'd see at least some indication of it now even if it occasionally failed while the players adjust. We don't because that's not how he works. Now if that's fine with you and you're happy with mid table and you're not bored by the football we currently play then god bless you, different Strokes, different folks. But if you're backing Puel because you think the way we play is going to change if he gets to sign some more players? Eh, I think you're in for a hell of a nasty surprise.
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    No, but I am OK with that. I actually think we will finish 12th, which is less OK but given this is a transition season and Vichai passed away isn't a disaster IMO. We won't get relegated and have been nowhere near the bottom 3 all season long. There were two ways to go in the summer. Spend money on established players who will make an impact now, the route chosen by Everton and West Ham. Or choose the long term strategy to invest in young players and to develop them. Personally I far prefer our strategy. We are integrating players who have grown up at the club and either support the club or have been here for long enough that they card about the club like the fans do. I'd rather have Chilwell, Barnes, Choudhury and to some extent Maddison than Digne, Wilshere, Nasri and Andre Gomes. The latter are better players right now and more experienced, but are basically slightly above average players that did not make the cut at elite clubs. Our players are LCFC's own! They might also turn out to be highly mediocre (which is what appears to be happening to Gray) but they won't be on mega wages or ready to jump ship at the first opportunity. A lot of people hate Puel which is fine, but what he is doing for our youngsters will likely have a huge impact on the club for the next 5 years. Chilwell, Benkovic, Soynucu, Ricardo, Ndidi, Maddison, Barnes, Gray will likely be in the team for years, only leaving if a mega bucks offer comes in or they can't make the grade. Yesterday we had ALL of our promising young English players playing at the same time. How many other managers in the league would do that? Maybe Pochettino, but not many others. This is a pivotal shift in the club's history. Now instead of hoovering up players from other clubs that are unwanted, we are developing our own that have a route into the first team. West Ham and Everton are stuck in the mercenaries game, whereas we are trying to make our way out of it. I don't see Puel ever being the long term man to win us our next trophy, but he's doing the grunt work to setup the club for someone more charismatic and attacking to come in and reap the rewards. To be honest he reminds me a lot of Theresa May (who by the way I despise) in that essentially no matter what he does, he can't win. He's made a ton of mistakes along the way, but overall what he has started is a very good thing. The thing is that most people aren't good at thinking about the long term, both in football and in life. It's a bit like saving up for a Mortgage, you probably have to give up / cut down on a lot of hobbies and going out for a number of years in order to save up, but if you do it, you have your own place. But is sure as hell isn't much fun at all during that saving up period. Right now as a club, we are setting up for the future, it's the reason why when you are outside the club shop you see the "New Horizons" tag instead of "Fearless." To be honest it makes me very sad as a lifelong fan that despite being in the top 10 of the Premier League, despite having a raft of young English players in and around the first team, despite having the highest number of international players at the World Cup and called up for the England team in years, despite having new facilities on the way and despite all coming together to show our appreciation for a legendary club owner that every single week without fail, all we can do is argue about if the manager should be sacked or not. The irony is that the greatest story in all of football has turned the fan base into entitled whiners. What ever happened to those days when we were 2-0 down at home to Arsenal but roared our team onto draw 3-3? Whatever happened to being 3-1 down to Man United and beating them 5-3? Turning over Sevilla to reach the Champions League top 8 just a few games after Ranieri was sacked? Being bottom of the league for 6 months and still escaping? Beating Swansea 4-0 despite Vardy being suspended? Now it's PUEL OUT! on a day when we start 7th after having beaten the last two Champions in the space of a month. Foxes Never Quit? Never quit moaning more like...
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    What Puel is having to do at this football club currently is similar to when Pearson first took over. Reduce playing squad, get average age down, change attitudes and style of play. Whilst trying to remain competitive at the right end of the table. We know this doesn’t and won’t happen overnight. Moving on high earners with overpaid contracts who are just not good enough just doesn’t happen in 1/2 transfer windows. The finances at the club are good but we don’t have 25-30 million to sign 11 world class players.....we have to look younger and hopefully turn these into better players. The difference between the top 4 and everyone else this season is one thing Consistancy! Man City/Liverpool may have one awful game in 15 Everyone from 6 down currently can have a small run then garbage for 3/4 matches. Every club has some quality in their sides, but these players can’t always turn in on, if they did every week they would be at one of the above clubs. We need patience with these players and manager.....success at the club may be a season or two away with our main starting 11 but add a couple of players Puel wants and I think we’re not far off a very good side once everything clicks. Whoever was in charge, will still have to oversee squad changes, reduced wage bill, sort an unbalanced squad whilst trying to keep most happy. Thats not to add the extremely unfortunate loss of our owner, a stadium increase to come and a top notch state of the art training complex to hone current and future stars of this football club. A lot is happening at the club behind the scenes. The future at the club will be exciting for seasons to come with what they have planned. Wether it’s Puel or not another manager will have to attend to all the current issues with the squad and I don’t think anyone else will do a better job at it now or in the foreseeable future.
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    Im not Puel out but if he does go, we need to ensure we get someone who will carry on working with the youth team and trying to bring through our own players. This is the only way we will be able to compete in the upper half of the league as like Puel said, we cant compete financially with the top 6 or even West Ham, Everton or Wolves. Since the passing of Vichai, we have no idea what financial backing Top/king power will give us and we are spending a lot on the training ground and stadium, meaning money for new signings may not be as much as we would like/need. Hence the need for us to try and develop our own players, which Puel has started to do. So in answer to the question, my shout would be Chris Hughton. Done a great job with a limited budget at Brighton and has experience working with young players. Whilst Puel has his downfalls, he is falling foul of the horrific transfer windows we've seen since we won the league. He has a mix of crap players and ageing players who are way past their best. We have some very good players as well, 2 of which being his signings (Maddison and Ricardo), but until we clear the squad of the deadwood, i feel any manager, be it Puel or anyone else, will struggle. Its not easy to get rid of 10-15 players (especially when other clubs don't want them) and its even harder to replace such a large number of players, which is unfortunately what needs to happen. Beyond our starting 11, I have very little faith in our squad!
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    Nobody who is decent would come to us knowing we have just sacked a manager when we are 8th in the table. Be careful what you wish for.
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    There’s absolutely no positivity at our home games any more and no wonder given the results. Man City apart. 7 goals in 3 and a half months at home. Failed to beat Burnley, Everton, Cardiff, 10 man West Ham and Southampton in that time. Football is a sport which is supposed to be entertaining. There’s zero entertainment under Puel. I’d give the job to anyone with a leicester connection for the rest of the season and start again in the summer before the good young players we do have down tools and decide to progress their careers elsewhere
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    If anyone thinks our current standard of football is the worst they've ever seen, they clearly haven't been watching us for many seasons.
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    As a Season Ticket holder, like many others, the way to our hearts is firstly good HOME performances, and results. If you perform poorly in front of your biggest audiences of Foxes fans (10x more Foxes fans at home, than away) you are going to p@ss off the majority very quickly. Unfortunately for Claude Puel he doesn't have a plan that gives the Home fans anything other than generally relegation performances and results. It's only the Away results that are stopping us freefalling to the bottom three, and out of the Premier League. Our last 19 HOME League games (Feb 18 to date), our results are: Won 5 Drew 6 Lost 8 Points 21 Looking at the last 5 Home/Away Premier League Final Tables shows a stark warning to Puel, and his need to turnaround Home form. 2017/18 - Only the relegated bottom three won 5 Home games, or fewer. 2016/17 - Only the relegated bottom two won 5 Home games or fewer. 2015/16 - Only the relegated bottom two won less than 5 Home games (Chelsea were the 3rd worst Home team, winning 5 Home games, finishing in 13th). 2014/15 - Only the relegated bottom three gained less than 21 Home points. 2013/14 - Only the relegated bottom three gained less than 21 Home points. Sort out the Home form, or you will never have the majority wanting you to manage our club.
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    All the young players who did well in the second half yesterday. 6 under 23s on the pitch and they were much better than the over 30's
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    Guardiola with Klopp as his assistant.
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    Why? Hes had a free pass at Celtic. The minute that Rangers, Hearts and Kilmarnock get a decent team together you end up with what we have this season which is Celtics worst first half of a season in the last 20 years. Most Celtic fans I speak to (which is a lot since I'm from the west coast of scotland) say the same, dreadful football where they don't get the ball forward quick enough or often enough which is exactly why most want Puel out. Celtic fans will also tell you that Rodgers hasn't been backed but that's utter nonsense. Since he took over at Celtic, their wage budget has went up by 50%, he's spent about £30 odd million (which is an insane amount up here) and he's signed about 30 players yet, they have very little to show for it in terms of their squad and the league table. All this for a manager who's on more money than some EPL managers. Rodgers is a bad call. People are losing the nut about us losing to teams like Cardiff and Southampton but want a manager who can't beat teams like St.mirren and Livingston despite having infinate more recourses than them. It's madness.
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    .....He’s 22yrs old, playing his first season at Premier league level & has the added pressure of being the teams main creativity. Give the lad a break! p.s. He’s got more goals & assists in the Prem this season than Dele Ali, Erikson, Lindgard, Willian & Mahrez have....
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    Benitez is not the answer. People hate Puel's defensive style, Rafa has a defensive style way worse than his
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    He used three Dm’s against Man City and two against Cardiff because everyone moaned about changing a winning side
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    Think it is actually, it's banned at our training ground
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    So, it's been a interesting week in our house. You may remember last year one of our dogs had a litter of four but unfortunately one was still born and another died after a day or two. We decided to have another litter with our other dog and on Monday morning she had a long labour (I was up with her all night on the Sunday). On Monday at around 7am she suddenly dropped the first pup and totally ignored it. The pup was lifeless and not breathing. I gave it mouth to mouth and rubbed him whilst shouting my wife to get out of bed. She came down and carried on trying to get him to breathe and he was - but very very slowly. He didn't move at all and half an hour later number two came out - this time the mum did her stuff and pups 2,3,4 and 5 all born over the next hour or so absolutely fine. In the meantime Pup 1 is still wrapped in a blanket and assumed to have not made it. Suddenly he kind of "gurgles" a bit and starts moving. Amazingly he seems to come round although I am still really concerned about him. So we have a litter of five at this point, one of which we don't think will make it. Over TWO HOURS after pup 5 is born and we assume that is it, my missus goes in to check on them and discovers a sixth puppy in the whelping box still in it's birth sack! It looks and feels dead but once again, my missus breathes into it and rubs it and it comes to life. Spent the next four days literally watching them 24 hours a day making sure they were feeding and weighing them regularly to confirm weight gain. So here we are one week in and amazingly we seem to have SIX healthy pups who are all feeding well and gaining weight. Six big fat puppies. I can't believe they have all made it this far! Pup No. 1 and Pup No. 6 are nothing short of a miracle! Some pics attached!
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    Claude Puel Premier League Manager Southampton 2016/17. Home Record. Won 6 Drew 6 Lost 7 Points 24 Home Game record 17th best that season, one place off relegation. Southampton Away Form 6-4-9, 7th best in the Division. This is near identical to what he has done at Leicester over the last calendar year. Question: DOES CLAUDE PUEL KNOW HOW TO PLAY HOME GAMES IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE? Two years Stats for two different clubs, says NO he doesn't and he consistently produces near relegation form at Home. That, in a nutshell, is why the majority of fans of both clubs have never grown to like his football The diehard home and away fans probably give him more credit, because they see 6 or 7 away wins a year, which on its own is top 8 form.
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    Except we played a different setup vs Cardiff than Man City, one he then got slated for because "don't change muh winning team". So, which is it? Changing depending on who we're playing against, or too inflexible?
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    Interesting that a topic on free speech at the KP has been started today and is still open - especially when there are images like the above in it when I had a thread removed today from FT entitled "The Nottingham Forest syndrome" looking at how fans views change after success. I'd be really interested to know which mod removed it and why. I see all of this puel out threads opened several a day and left open for people to say the same things over and over again yet my "innocuous" thread was closed. Just trying to understand why.
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    I think a lot of people are forgetting he is having to cope without Mahrez this season. That is going to take a huge amount of attacking flair from most Premier league teams. Yes you could argue he could have replaced him better in the summer and I know the club desperately did try but truth is nobody realistically near his quality would have come to us he's one of the best we ever had. We are clearly a in transition and clearing the deadwood and freeing up places and wages to improve the squad in the summer is what everyone wanted! As for people moaning we had 3 defensive midfielders yesterday must have been watching a different game to me. Hamza was clearly not deployed as a defensive midfielder. I Say it time and time again we are going with a very young side and young players are inconsistent. Only match day experience will make them better and plenty are going to get that this season while we are in a comfortable position in the table is this not the best time to play them? We are planting the seeds and the future is bright. Too many fans have been spoilt with success these last few years. Believe me it's a great time to be a City fan. We are in one of if not the most successful periods in our history. Enjoy it!
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    Away game, we stand a chance of grabbing a fluke Puel-ball win, and people go back to supporting him again.
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    Precisely this. I hear a lot that we're eighth and that that's amazing but you've only got to take three of our most appalling results of the season and turn them in to wins and suddenly we're a point or two off fifth. I don't consider seventh or eighth amazing. Credible, definitely, Ranieri and Shakespeare both nearly took us down with similar resources. Puel has done much better than they wound up doing, shall we say, post-Ngolo. And he's done it without Riyad. But not exceptional, we're surrounded by other bang average teams in a bang average league and that's what we are. Exceptional means breaking clear of the other dross and securing a comfortable Europa League spot. The idea that Puel is bullet proof because he's got us sat between Watford and West Ham is just silly. Especially when he's consistently lost games to the weakest opposition in the division whilst allegedly being a manager to develop a passing, possession based side meant to beat these teams. I think part of the problem that we have as a fan base when it comes to judging a manager at the moment is that there's an extremely tiny window between realistic and acceptable in terms of league position. There's seventh, eighth and ninth as a tiny little gap of tolerance. Anything more isn't really possible with this squad and anything less is shambolic. It means it doesn't really tell us a great deal when we're sat there. But performances do and that's where I lose some of the most passionate and blind defenders of CP and why I lean towards out. I just don't understand how people can watch this rubbish and say its progressing. I think it was @ttfn that made the point that as good as the results at Man City and Chelsea were, Puel was brought in to help us beat the likes of Cardiff and Southampton at home and he can't escape judgment on that just because we've won impressive underdog games on the counter.
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    If iheanacho had done the same as vardy today he'd be absolutely slated on here. Ghezzal was better than Albrighton today but he'll be slated too.... does make me laugh
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    As in the Thomas Tuchel at PSG you can’t be serious
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    It seems a poor result can affect perceptions tremendously.
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    Pep literally changes and drops players after massive wins. Our fans would be having strokes if he was our manager Anyway, big man needed at home. Unpopular but Vardy is an invisible man against sides that park the bus, need someone else for such games if we want to at least convert one of our 10000 crosses per game
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    Pearson till the end of the season, gove the players a kick up the arse
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    Well said. People need to realise the composition of the Premier League. Top class managers want to manage at the highest level and that means competing for league titles and in the Champions League regularly. In the Premier League, there are 6 teams battling for 4 Champions League spots and those 6 teams are a miles ahead of everyone else in the league. I would argue that there is space for a team to bridge the gap and become the 7th placed team in a top 7. We could do it, West Ham could do it or Everton, but realistically we would be competing to finish 7th in the league every season, perhaps challenging 6th. To gain Champions League qualification, any team would have to fininsh above at least 3 of the current top 6 and that just isn't going to happen again anytime soon. It will be really difficult to attract a manager from anywhere who has a sniff of Champions League football. How do you sell the job to them? Come to Leicester, which isn't in London or Manchester and try to finish 7th in the league every year? I can see that world class managers from all over Europe will be queuing up to get a slice of that action. Not. If you can't get one of the elite, or close to elite level manager then you either have to go for someone with Premier League experience (Moyes, Allardyce, Pulis, Hughes, Pardew, Dyche, Hughton) or take a risk on an unproven manager. And I think we're too big to take a risk, we have too much to lose should we get it wrong. Puel will see us as a solid top half team and in a coupe of years, perhaps we could be knocking on the door of that top 6 club, but until then, if anyone thinks there is a manager out there who can come in and turn our squad into world beaters overnight, on a limited budget, then you are deluded.
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    This is my issue. I think us fans know that 6th place is ambitious but for the manager to come out and say that is showing a lack of ambition and drive. Look what we did 3 years ago. That wasn't realistic and although it was ridiculously hard we did it in the end. The message that Puel is basically saying is that this is as good as it gets. Well, if that is the case why did you play a weakened team in both cup competitions? It's like telling a young footballer at 16 - you're not good enough to go any further. Morale would drop instantly.
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    Here is my rational, sensible explanation as to why Puel has to stay: We are Leicester City and I have followed this club through thick and thin for more than 25 years. Aside from a few wonderful years under MON where we finished 8th once, we have always had ambitions to compete in the premier league. Most of those seasons have been hard work and during the pre-season build up, most Leicester fans craved a boring season of mid-table stability. The last few seasons have been nothing short of amazing. The 2015/2016 started in exactly the same way as many other Leicester City Premier League seasons - with hopes of mid-table consolidation and an avoidance of the drama of the final 9 games of the preceding season. We ended up with winning the title - the greatest sports story in the history of sport. We were 5,000 - 1 to win the league that season. To put that into some perspective, Burton Albion are 4,500 - 1 to win the League Cup and to do that, they, of League One, will have to beat Chelsea or Spurs in the final with their squads of international superstars. And that is if they somehow manage to beat Manchester City 10-0 in the second leg of the semi final first. The stars alligned for us that season and what a wonderful experience that was. Something I shall cherish for the rest of my life. But that title win didn't give us a devine right to mix it with the big boys every year and our league form was abysmal by comparison the following season but still two positions and 3 points better than 2015. In 2018 we improved on the previous season. Take the title win anomoly out of the equation and we have finished on 41pts, 44pts and 47pts. After the title win, we spent some big money and gave some of our stars big, some would say over-inflated contracts. The squad has aged and we are in transition, in need of someone to navigate us through this period. Enter Claude Puel. Puel came in with a clear brief to transform the squad, utilising as much of the youth as possible. Why do we need to do that? Afterall, we are massive. Recent Champions of England. Champions League quarter finalists. We have fabulously wealthy, generous owners. Let's just buy a whole new squad of players! Or perhaps when our late, fantastic, genius chairman hired Mr. Puel, he was told to reduce the wage bill, that there wasn't the huge transfer funds previously available. Maybe to achieve the vision of long term sustainable success in the Premier League, we needed to consolidate a mid table position and build a squad with a solid foundation to keep the club in the Premier League for the next 10 years? All whilst cutting our cloth accordingly. Leicester City PLC is a business that needs to balance its books. And so to transition. From the old guard to the new. Claude Puel, who has spent a lifetime at the elite level of European football has said that our squad is unbalanced. This is not rocket science. Puel also says that there are no plans to bring in a new striker which is odd considering it is plainly obvious to anyone who has a slight interest in football, that we desperately need someone to play the lead striker role, with our current No.9 not showing the world beating form of two or three years ago. Not a huge surprise for a striker who has turned 32 and has a game based on pace who now plays in a system that no longer suits his preferred style of play. How should we go about re-balancing the squad? Well, we could try this: Off load some players in January. A couple of panic buys from other teams might see us get great value for some of the fringe players. On the other side of the same coin, let's not be held to ransom and spend more fortunes on overpriced players in January. Instead, without the threat of relegation, let's see who amongst the youth ranks can fit into the Leicester City of the future. Yes we might have some bad results, but we have 16, dare I say, competitive friendlies in which to hone this. Then, after this season, spend some money filling the gaps. Of course, some will say that Puel has had long enough to sort this out and we should be bearing the fruits now. But I'd argue that there is still a distance to go to get the squad right and in a sense, we are bearing those fruits. Take a look at our squad and the sheer potential that is in there: Chilwell, Gray, Maddison, Ndidi, Amartey, Hamza, Barnes, Iheanacho - all still very young. Add to that Mendy and Maguire who are arguably still to reach their prime and you have the makings of a really good team. In a year or two from now. Puel has put in a lot of ground work but we are close to being able to really progress. And what is the target that fans would like to see us achieve? Another league title? It isn't going to happen. Champions League qualification? Top 6? I don't think the existing top 6 will be dislodged for a few years yet. Meaning that the best we can hope for is 7th. We might even get 7th this season, it isn't out of the question. 7th. Leicester City. In the Premier League. MON didn't quite manage that and Pearson (for all the great things he did) got nowhere near. I say we allow Puel to continue with his long term vision of the rebalancing of the squad. Let him continue to develop the youth players and give him some money in the summer. I'd then review the situation again in December. The alternatives out there are too frightening to think about - Allardyce, Pardew, Pulis, Hughes, Mourinho and even if we poached Pep from Man City, he wouldn't turn us into a Champions League team for quite some time. Football fans are never truly happy and the emotion of a bad result can quickly empty a glass half empty, but look at the bigger picture. Please. I was desperately disappointed with the FA Cup exit last week, but I'll have to forgive Claude for that, there isn't much else I can do. C'est la vie. This journey is generally up but there have been and will be some downs. We just have to ride them out. I'm convinced that the destination will make it all worth while.
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    Just spent £300 on a limousine and discovered that the fee doesn’t include a driver. Can’t believe I’ve spent all that money and I have nothing to chauffeur it…
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    Why post this today though when the match was anything but boring!? The game had a sending off, a penalty, we had 23 shots, 6 on goal and 10 corners. We threw everything we had at Southampton who camped in their own half to get the three points, and credit to them for digging in. The result was crap, the individual performances poor, but boring?! We were going hell for leather until the end of the game. To answer your question, yes boring football is the worst kind. Like the sort of shit we had to endure at the beginning of last season under Shakespeare against West Brom, Huddersfield and Bournemouth. Or the shit that we endured after winning the title when every team sat back to counter our counter attack and we kept hoofing the ball up aimlessly to Vardy for 90 minutes. Or any one of the seasons when we were on the decline after entering the doldrums of the lower reaches of the Championship. At least under our current management we are trying to pass the ball around. We might be crap at it, but we at least we are trying to move in the right direction.
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    I really worry about Harvey coming back. He is such a superb player with flair, imagination, enthusiasm, skill, attacking intent and even goals. Did you see Jeff Stellings' video of his WBA goals? Absolutely stunning - all of the oooohs and aaaahs from the panel. But I remember seeing a very, very similiar collection of highlights from a young man of equal promise - a certain James Maddison. But he has had all that drive and enthusiasm and freedom sucked out by this dour and boring regime; and is now only a shadow of the player we signed. Such a shame - two of the most promising young players in the game being ruined by Puelball.
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    The seven words of the thread title followed by the last four words of your post ...
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    Ah yes. Wagner's Huddersfield. The team that can barely get a shot at goal at home, let alone score.
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    Neil Warnock came out as pro-Brexit. Which is up there with Ricky Martin coming out as gay.
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    We usually do, I said yesterday I knew it was going to be a bad day when the players came out to that. If no one is available to play it they should play the proper version like we used to have at Filbert Street. The camp version was horrific when it was introduced in 2007 or whatever.
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    My prediction: We lose three out of the next four, drop to 12th and the hatred for Puel gets so bad to the point where the board eventually sack him due to fan protests. It's decided that to appease the fans, the dream team of Pearson, Shakey and Walsh is brought back to rescue us. There's a slight bounce and a few good results, but we soon start to nose dive and finish the season in 16th. During the summer there's a huge clear-out and we also lose a few of our star players. We make a couple of average signings but start next season as one of the favourites for the drop. Next season is a disaster and there's no Great Escape this time and we get relegated back to the Championship. There's no stadium expansion, King Power sell up, we go back to the yo-yo Leicester of old and spend the next 20 years wondering why we sacked Puel when we were a mid-table PL side. Something like that
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    That steward would’ve been busy back in the day.
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    Whilst I agree with the first part of your argument, I really don't think Puel has got the type of players to break down the park the bus brigade. When Vardy is nullified at least we used to have Marhez who could perhaps conjure up something special. This is not a new problem for us, it existed pre Puel. I really wouldn't want any of the managers on your list. 1. BENITEZ If you want boring defensive football then he's your man, you'd get more style out of Sam Alladyce. Not wanted by the Liverpool cop at the end of his tenure, he was even more disliked by the players, some of whom are quite vocal about him. With the exception of Torres, his transfer buys were absolutely woeful overall. Won a great trophy with Houlliers team then went down hill. He's been a Spanish Tony Pulls ever since without the nous to buy big strong players. 2. RODGERS A busted flush. Good job at Swansea given. When his goal machine Suarez at Liverpool left so did his ability to manage. Another one disliked by his players due to his arrogance, see Gerrard re this. Having spoken to a Celtic season ticket holder this week, they are of the opinion that he's being found out. Whilst raving about Benkovic, he related how they tried to get him 2 years ago for 3m but the board wouldn't spend the money on an unproven player. Having been scouted by their head scout who also bought in Foster , Wanyama , Van Dyke and a couple of others who I can't remember, Rodgers sacked him to bring in his own man and has been buying shit ever since. He commented that they were looking at what Gerrard has done in such a short space of time with a fraction of the money and beginning to wonder. Well gone are the days of O'Neil and Lennon he commented, they're not convinced. 3.WAGNER Really can't understand this one. Apart from him having a German name and an exotic mate called Klopp what has he done? Got a team promoted from the Championship and kept them there by the skin of their teeth for a year? They'll be going back down this year and whilst in fairness he's had no money to spend to speak of, he's hardly come over as some tactical genius. We may as well sign Warnock! Just because he's mates with Klopp, speaks like Klopp and maybe would even like to play like Klopp, doesn't mean he is Klopp. If we do sack Puel, so be it, but if this is the best we can come up with what's the point. They'd all want another 12 to 18 months to implement their so called 'philosophy'. Would you trust the first two to spend even more money (our most recent signings haven't been bad). The last one may even want to buy and play like Klopp, so would I, but it doesn't mean I have the ability to do it. We have to be careful what we wish for as wishing doesn't equal getting.
  43. 5 points
    Really close to just packing it in this season, my tolerance for dickheads is at an all time low and I just can’t be arsed anymore. People are just spinning stories about past realities that never existed, and it’s just ridiculous. “Can’t you see what he’s doing to this football club?!” WHERE THE **** HAVE THESE PEOPLE BEEN FOR THE LAST 18 YEARS?! We could lose every game until the end of the season and it still wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad as the 5 or so seasons of absolute horseshit that was served up after the 03/04 season! As somebody said above, winning the league was the best thing to ever happen to us without a doubt....but it was also the worst.
  44. 5 points
    Can we have a 'most diabolical fans in the country' poll please.
  45. 5 points
    Even he would struggle to get rid of the dirt from our squad.
  46. 5 points
    Look, there's no getting away from the fact that this was a truly bad result, but I'm still behind Puel. We had three academy products playing in the second half, with 8 out of 11 players being 25 and under. With such a young team there will always be ups and downs. Of course we could have been more positive from the start but for the most part we dominated the game, even before the sending off. Unfortunately, 2 terrible individual mistakes by Mendy gave us a mountain to climb. Despite relentless pressure in the second half, we couldn't quite get a result. Southampton rode their luck with some amazing blocks and poor finishing by us. The thing is that for the first time that I can remember we have a manager who believes in and gambles on young players. In the long term this will pay off. But there is no gain without pain.
  47. 5 points
    Indeed, we laughed and scoffed at Southampton for sacking Puel, but then he came here, and now alot of us can see why they sacked him. He sucks the life out of clubs, he has sucked the life out of our club, there is no atmosphere or expectation any longer down there. The football is boring, and he is making most of our players worse not better. Has Ndidi improved or got worse under Puel, has Iheanacho improved or got worse under Puel, has Gray improved or got worse under Puel, has Maddison who started the season brightly and full of confidence, improved or got worse under Puel, has Puel managed to get the best from Vardy, or is vardy looking like a frustrated isolated player while on the pitch. More to the point, has Puel even tried to get the best out of Vardy by playing to his strengths? Puel can go on about his long term project of developing young players, but the truth is, that most of the players with the exception probably of Chillwell have got worse while he has been manager. I feel for Harvey Barnes, probably another talented player who he will make worse while he is here, in hindsight, maybe he should have stayed with West Brom, until the end of the season, when surely we will get rid of this fraud of a manager.
  48. 5 points
    Like it or not, Piper is far more qualified to comment than virtually every one of us on this forum. Just listen to what he says and take it or leave it.
  49. 5 points
    Actually really rate Matt Piper as a commentator/pundit on the radio station. He says how it is with no sugar-coating applied. Such things as observing that we had three, THREE central defensive midfielders as a contributing reason to why we cannot break teams like Cardiff/Southampton down, was spot on. Not sure what the OP was trying to achieve here but Piper has to be better than the dullard we had before him.
  50. 5 points
    But Choudhury was our best player today. Can we not just slate every pundit who has an opinion? To me he actually cares about Leicester and he was bang on about the fact that we started with 3 defensive midfielders was the reason we lost today.
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