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    Eh? Considering we have no or a very minimal insight in to their private life, that's a very wild assumption. I'm guessing you'd say the same for Gary Speed and Clarke Carlisle? We have absolutely no idea what 'worries' a footballer may have, big or small.
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    This thread is a timely reminder that a lot of our fans are a bunch of hand-wringing, glass half-empty, panicking, twitchy-arsed flappers.
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    Imagine we'd never won a game in our history ...
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    The Cardiff fans collective grief over Sala is very weird given the never met him, really knew him or ever saw him play. Banners saying forever a bluebird are just ridiculous.
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    Schmeichel Ricardo Maguire Evans chilwell Ndidi Tielemans Ghezzal Maddison Barnes Vardy This is how I want to see us line up. Ghezzal deserves a chance after coming on and making a good impact. Would also like to see Muskwe on the bench because why not? Our other strikers aren't producing anything and he deserves it after a good run in the u23s.
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    I had no idea you were called Tom .
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    This is a bit naive. Pressure is a human reaction regardless of circumstance. Maddison as many other professional footballers have excelled at something. It’s very likely that they place a lot of pressure on themselves to do well. Most successful people have this issue. I would be more concerned if a footballer said he didn’t feel pressure to do well. As it could mean they’ve lost that drive to excel at their craft. A heart surgeon feels (immense) pressure I am sure but that’s not to say others in different walks of life don’t. Some of the most successful people you can find go sleepless nights striving to be better at what they do. Just because their job looks great or of less importance doesn’t mean it has less pressure associated with it. Maybe just a different kind.
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    - Ricardo by a country mile. - Chilly - Hamza - Albrighton with his constant work rate. Mr Reliable despite of some limitations. - Evans doing a quiet but solid job.
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    Fuchs has been finished for two seasons
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    Your. If you're going to live in this country, please learn the language.
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    Imagine there's no victories It isn't hard to do Nothing to win or draw for And no points, too Imagine all the supporters Booing Puel as one You, you may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you will join us As we spiral towards League One Imagine no players I wonder if you can No need for loans or signings Club finances down the pan Imagine all the fans Heading out the door You, you may say I'm a nutter But I'm not the only one I hope someday you will join us As we descend into a vortex of misery and paranoia for no fvcking reason whatsoever! J. Lennon / A. Bentley
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    Standout would be performing above expectations for me, so: Chilwell Ricardo Hamza That's about it. Ward in the cups maybe?
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    Don’t think you’re right. Fuchs has been slow for two seasons, but he offers offensive passing that we currently lack throughout the rest of the team. It’s really easy to look at someone getting done for pace and declare them finished. Fuchs’ brain and left foot are still of enormous quality, and if he were a right back he’d be playing every week winning plaudits.
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    You keep telling this lie. I keep pointing out that it is a lie, but you keep repeating it. I keep challenging you to show me where the Vote Leave web site makes it clear that leaving the SM was part of a Leave vote. You keep not doing so. I presume this is based on the assumption that if you repeat a lie often enough, you can con people into believing that it's the truth? Here's the web site: http://www.voteleavetakecontrol.org/briefing.html It's true that Cameron & Osborne made that claim, but they did so as a dishonest tactic, hoping to use the claim to scare people into a Remain vote. It's true that Gove made that claim - and that Boris, when put on the spot 10 days before the vote, said he agreed with him. Most of the Leave side deliberately avoided making it clear, even if they thought it - for the precise reason that Cameron & Osborne used the claim: they feared it was a vote winner for Remain. If Vote Leave made it clear, why is it nowhere to be found on the Vote Leave web site? Here are a couple of your previous replies: - 24 Sept. 2018: "Vote Leave isn't a political party, it couldnt promise to leave the single market as no one in it had that power, hence Cameron and Osborne saying that's what it meant if we voted leave and Michael Gove and Boris saying "we should be" outside of it. It would have been ridiculous for people like Gisele Stuart to make promises on what government policy would be when she was a Labour backbencher. The only people who could make the promise were the people in government as they the ones who were in charge of implementing the decision". - 19 Dec. 2018: "I can't give you an example of VL giving that assurance of it and I won't try" Here's what the Vote Leave site DOES say about the UK economy: - The EU’s failure to conclude just five trade agreements with the United States, Japan, ASEAN, India and Mercosur has, according to the European Commission’s own figures, cost the UK 284,341 jobs. - After we Vote Leave, we will immediately be able to start negotiating new trade deals which could enter into force straight after the UK leaves the EU. As a member of the EU, we are forbidden from striking our own trade deals. - It will be possible to strike these agreements quickly. Oxford Economics has said that ‘an analysis of regional trade deals conducted over the past 20 years found an average duration of 28 months’. - By the next election, the UK will leave the EU’s ‘common commercial policy’, taking back the power to strike its own free trade agreements. The UK will also take back its seat on the World Trade Organization and other international bodies, becoming a more influential force for free trade and friendly cooperation. (That last promise to "leave the EU's 'common commercial policy' " could even be cited as evidence of them CONCEALING their intentions)
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    Whoever has laughed or put an emoji that is anything but agreement is a ****ing idiot Without Albrighton we are usually shit
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    Does anybody really care about this two bob outfit now The King has been sacked?
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    I think it's in his mindset, I don't think he's a CB but that's where he wants to play. I think he looked best at rightback with Hughes and Knight in the middle, whenever he plays centrally I feel the physical side is there but the tactical awareness is not. That's not to say he can't learn, I just think there's more potential as a strong athletic attacking fullback with the ability to defend.
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    I don’t like Warnock but if Cardiff stay up he should get manager of the season.
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    You seem obsessed with this notion that certain posters (including myself) post in order to get a reaction from other posters, when in fact people are mostly just saying what they think. Of course you want some kind of reaction, it's a forum to discuss things, but I know in my case certainly, I'm not posting to push people buttons. People are allowed to disagree, to argue, to put across their point of view, as long as they don't troll or throw personal insults (which you could say fif has done by calling you strange, but also you do every time you accuse someone of being an aggressive poster). I've often seen you disappear when challenged on your view or if someone questions you, and that not what a forum is for, if you stop replying there is no forum. When people challenge your view or question you they are interested to see how you got to the view you did, running away doesn't give them that You also seem obsessed with Webbo quiting and have at times speculated on the reason being certain posters pushing him away. That's pure rumour and find it disrespectful to Webbo as you have no idea what occurred in his private life that may have made him want to take time away from here. Webbo seemed a decent guy, but could also be a massive troll and he knew it, I don't get why you're so hung up on him quitting. Just let him be, hopefully he'll be back, but if not then so be it. All in all though Wymesy, it's just the internet, don't take it too seriously. The only reason I've replied to your post is because you've had a go me directly 4 or 5 times now, otherwise I'd just ignore it as it's not worth wasting time on. You keep posting how you want to post, and so will I and FIF and everyone else, just understand if you make controversial remarks, such as you have regarding homosexuality in the past, people will challenge you on them.
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    I think Simpson been unfairly treated by some on here. OK nothing special but solid at what he does and very rarely let's the side down.
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    Absolutely brilliant seeing two Belgians diplomatically discuss their club in better English and far more commonsense than most debates on here. Just a question here, are the teams in the third tier capable of a professional license?
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    Cracking little article on sky sports that Barnes has done about how hard it is to get the break as a young player and how huge the step up from U23 to Premier 1st team is which is forcing the pool of English talent abroad to get their chance. He then starts bigging up Leicester's / Puel willingness to put faith in youth, says all the young players are seeing this not only internally current 1st team, fringe and development players but also externally. This surely will benefit us in the summer window when those young talented players are looking for their next steps, even those currently knocking around in the big 6 teams and just not getting game time. We have U22s playing regularly in the 1st team and we have a large contingent in all age groups not only for England but Internationally and they must talk about the club and its plans..futures bright futures blue
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    I switch on the computer. I check UK news, mostly brexit and divided country. I check foxes talk, mostly Puel and divided fanbase! Sometimes Thai politics seems pretty tame!
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    FT beggars belief sometimes. He's been one of our most consistent players ever since he got his first run in the team. He seems to up his game each season. No-one whips a ball in like him and he's adding goals to his game as-well. What's not to like?
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    What an amazingly ridiculous viewpoint. World against you is it?
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    Some people seem to think the money takes away pressure. It doesn't. It makes no difference. Any footballer is going to feel pressure playing infront of big crowds.
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    Albrighton whether you like it or not is one of our best players. To perform week in week out to the standard that he achieves is a rare quality in itself. He’s one of the most underrated players in the league and this reflects no more so than within our own fanbase. I think its quite easy to just define him through his graft and industry and unfortunately his composure, drive and football intelligence are often overlooked. Perhaps its because he’s good at everything but doesnt overlly excel at anything (bar his graft and industry) and thats maybe why he gets defined in this way. Either way its a damn shame he’ll likely not feature for the rest of the season as our first 11 is weaker without him.
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    Funny tidbit from Puel today : “I wanted to take him again with us because I think he can bring his quality. I wanted to see a good aggressiveness and he has shown that in his play at West Brom. “Last season when he came back there was not enough in his desire and aggressiveness, his desire to compete with the others. He came back like a little boy. “My first words with him I wanted to see him with the right aggressiveness. He plays with good intensity v Man Utd and started the game well. I believe at the beginning it would be the player who would be afraid to play against United and first game at home, but he was the first player played with freedom, quality and penetration.”
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    Definitely not! If you look at the short term results you might have a point, but we are one of the most forward thinking clubs in the country: Youngest squad in the league All key players tied down to long term contracts; Chilwell, Maguire, Vardy, Kasper, Ndidi New training academy rumoured to be the best in the Premier League if not Europe under development Stadium improvements to increase the size of the stadium to around the 40K mark More young players breaking through; Harvey Barnes, Hamza Choudhury. Another class one on his way back next year in Benkovic Just picked up one of the most highly rated young central midfielders in Europe. Yes it's loan, but it's a start Older players are being transitioned out of the squad If you want an example of a club that is stagnating, look at Burnley, Southampton or Everton. The problem is our fanbase expect us to punch above our weight every season when over the course of time we've spent most of our time in the Championship. May I remind you that the season before we shocked the world, we were bottom for the longest amount of time ever spent by a club who went onto survive. 10 years ago when we were in League One, I dreamed of returning to the days when we were a mediocre Premier League team like when MON was in charge! Even if as a supporter you hate the manager, you should still get behind the club. We are run brilliantly and are going places. Above the club shop, the catchphrase "New Horizons" is put there for a reason. We aren't going to get there over night, but we are building the club and squad slowly but surely.
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    We're not in the top half of the League and we're a week into February. Are we stagnating? I don't think so, this season has seen an influx of new players and the clearout of a few of the old boys, even Wes has been left out of the last two starting line-ups. Bringing Jonny Evans in who has done well apart from missing a couple of sitters against ManU and Maguire who wasn't bad against United at all, certainly not sub-par. Barnes started two games recently too, another vibrant shot in the arm . . . but the fans still grumble, and boo.
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    I have to admit it’s a bit weird getting to play at Wembley without being on the brink of winning a trophy. Then again Spurs have been there for 2 years now.
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    Imagine we'd won at home to West Ham, Burnley and Cardiff, having battered each of them, had more shots and better chances in each game, the table would be great right now! Oh right, imaginary "could have gone the other way" scenarios are only for bashing the manager...
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    An imaginary threat of relegation is a good stick with which to beat the manager.
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    No we won't. Teams around the bottom have not only got each other to play but also the top teams. Cardiff, for example, playing Southampton today and then in April have a run of Manchester City A, Burnley A, Liverpool H, Fulham A. We won't be anywhere near the bottom 3.
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    For me Kasper has to get a mention. Always criticised for his distribution unfairly in my view. He has nothing to aim for upfront and when your having to kick out wide all the time to give us a chance to even compete for the ball you have to be very very accurate and I think he does a fair job. Still made some crucial saves a lot of times towards the end of games that have Won/Saved us points. Been beaten by a few ling range this season but again I think he's been unfortunate that most have been worldies that most keepers would struggle to get near. Gets an unfair amount if stick get for me and we will see how good a keeper he actually is when he's gone. Consistent performer season after season.
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    I presume the thread closure was triggered by my disagreement with @MattP about the Single Market and/or the ongoing debate about Labour anti-semitism, @Mark? I apologise to other posters if my comments contributed to the thread being closed. But, if those were the reasons, I think closing the thread was an OTT reaction. They were issues of interest - to some of us, at least. Pretty much everyone who contributes to politics/news threads is able to agree or disagree and then move on, without it causing problems. The idea of having people discuss anything political (or controversial football issues) without disagreeing is a non-starter. People who discuss politics expect to disagree sometimes. Is repeatedly closing down such threads really the best solution? Surely it should be possible to leave posters to get on with it, unless they're indulging in personal abuse or breaking other forum rules? In which case, a warning would be a reasonable first step - with individual bans for serious outrages (personal threats, serious abuse or whatever) or for people ignoring warnings? There was someone else who posted a bit of silly personal abuse in that thread, but that was untypical of most posters and could presumably have been dealt with on an individual basis, if necessary (or simply ignored as idiocy)? Another suggestion: could the Politics thread come back (closed previously)? Anyone who doesn't like debating politics could ignore it - and could post other news in this thread. Anyone deemed to be indulging in abuse or breaking rules could be warned or disciplined? I don't want to whinge, as this is a great forum and I appreciate the work that Mods/Admin do. It just seems a shame - and unnecessary. Are we really in a situation where the UK is taking its biggest political decision in our lifetimes - and we're unable to discuss it? Mind you, it'll free up some extra time for me, if so....
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    By that logic you'd never be allowed to feel a bit downbeat knowing there are millions of people in the world worse off. Everything is relative.
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    Well that's what happens when you want someone out at all costs. It doesn't mean the replacement is going to be who you want or any good. You seem to have difficulty understanding that you are just a second division Belgian team. You are not going to get a great experienced manager who wants to coach at such a low level of football.
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    If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. A popular maxim of the successful in life. Or to put it another way... There's a special kind of hell for people who conceive to take major action with no idea how to achieve it. I'm right, right?!
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    Gutted. He is one of our most important players imo.
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