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    Seems a silly debate, we should be going for the highest league placing whether we've got people to bed in or systems to try. It's not as if the team's going to go out thinking well it doesn't matter if we don't win this game.
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    12:31 am this morning i became a dad again future fox’s fan in training 😊
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    The sky is blue, grass is green and Fif is still boring us all to death with his weird, unhealthy vendetta against Mahrez.
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    Of course it is ffs. We cherish those memories of playing in Europe and should be trying to win every competition we're in. We've seen Fulham and Middlesbrough reach the final in recent years, we should qualify and then go for it.
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    I met this beautiful woman down at the park yesterday. Sparks flew, she fell at my feet, and we ended up having sex there and then. God, I love my new Taser
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    I’ll clap that moment till the day I die and so should every fan that lived those magical moments, to hold my young one in my arms and watch her face as the trophy was lifted will stay magic forever ! Play that moment at home games every week , forever !
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    Eubank has this year wrapped up.
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    This Twitter account has many https://twitter.com/_DHOTYA
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    As much as it goes against my instincts, I agree. She is a British national and if she has committed an offence in or against this country, she should face justice here.
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    Tbh I find it a little disconcerting that people think the UK can just wash its hands of its international responsibilities. Whether you like it or not she's a British citizen, has rights, but tbh most importantly she is our responsibility.
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    How many of Riyad goal's have come in the dying moments of Man City's games, when the games have already been won?
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    it’s the way that massive bunch of weird assistants and staff members all celebrate every goal like they’ve just secured some sort of weird dodgy business deal that’s gonna set them up for life. does my fu cking nut in.
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    Well I can largely agree with you on some of your points, they were colossal nobs, but talented nobs. I can't agree with the plagiarism tag though. They followed the classic lead,rythm, bass, drums line up but which Beatles or Stones riffs did they recycle? Anyway, coming up with a riff is nothing special. If you have ever tried to write an original song (and as a frustrated and not very good guitarist myself, I have) then you will know it is not easy. Every band or musician has it's inspiration in what has come before. The style, be it any genre you care to mention is not important, you're still starting with a blank piece of paper and turning that into something that is original by definition. I think it is very dismisissive to write them off as formulaic, Noel was one of the best songwriters of his generation with a speciality in anthems. It bugs me that this derivative tag gets applied to Oasis more than any other guitar bands since the sixties including T-Rex that you mention. Now they really were three chord wonders. And why aren't the Stones written off for ripping off their Blues heroes? That britpop thing produced Oasis, Blur, Suede, Pulp, The Verve, Primal Scream,The Charlatans it was a great time. I see originality there. You mentioned that there were some 'great interesting bands loosely associated' with britpop. Out of interest, who did you have in mind?
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    Silva +$15 million is probably a realistic best-case scenario that I would take in a heartbeat.
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    Went to a comedy gig last night with some absolute bell ends on the front row and the comedian pulls out this one to one of them... ”What’s your favourite accent?” ”NOTTINGHUUUMM” ”Can you do one” ”I AM” ”No, I meant can you **** off” howling.
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    Anyone else want to suggest that Puels policy towards more pitch time for young players is why players like him see us as potential permanent destinations
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    So many of these popping up i thought it may deserve a thread. this to start:
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    Took these last winter. Not expecting to win, just always quite liked them myself. Also have a bunch from a private tour if anyone wants to see them.
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    Initial thoughts: - no regrets about anything. - only left because her children died (though there’s no evidence either of them extisted yet) - had seen all the videos of beheadings and was absolutely fine with it - “its Islamically allowed” - she says she’s glad she did go to Isis because that’s where she met her husband and she wouldn’t have met anyone like him in the UK (because he’s a ****ing terrorist love) - the fact she’s so confident that there’s no evidence that she did anything wrong should surely set alarm bells ringing - there may still be an argument that she was “groomed” but there MUST be questions about the beliefs and ideology of her family, as well as the community in Bethnal Green. As far as I’m she surrendered her rights to live in the UK when she left. She never wanted to be “one of us” and still has a callous attitude towards non-Muslims/wrong Muslims. She’s a terrorist with no remorse and therefore deserves no sympathy or help. Make an example of her; take her child into care and never let her back in.
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    God, if I had a penny every time someone whipped out the ol' "Ya know, I'm really feeling a Puel sacking in my bones in (insert time frame here) if we lose the next (insert games here)" I'd have several thousand of them to donate towards a big tifo of Puel with the sunglasses on and "Deal With It" in massive letters.
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    I think we’ll win this quite comfortably 3-1 City Vardy 2, Maddison
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    Watched the Grand Budapest Hotel yesterday, cracking film. Wes Anderson’s cinematography is so enjoyable
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    I wouldn’t be surprised if Puel plays Mendy. When on form (which, to be honest, he hasn't been of late ) Mendy does simple things well - tackles, drops deep to give the CBs an easy 'out' if the opposition is pressing high up the pitch and recycles the ball quickly. I think he is one of our better players when it comes to interceptions, which means in theory he should be suited next to Tillermans. For all that, I hope Puel plays Wilf, since I believe in rewarding a good performance, I'm just saying I can see the argument for seeing how Mendy would fare now that we finally have a deep-lying creative midfielder this club has been crying out for. I also really, really hope he plays Vardy. Vards is in average form tbh but still way more polished in terms of finishing than anyone else at the club.
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    Schmeichel ricardo Evans Maguire Chilwell Ndidi Tielemans gray Barnes Maddison Vardy
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    Just hopefully not Gary Megson / Gary Megsona
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    I'd much rather have journalists on that actually research clubs rather than regurgitating the same storied myths that tell us nothing. There's not many ex players that are worth listening to but Danny Higginbotham and Pat Nevin should get more high profile gigs because they have professional insight as well as the ability to research, write and articulate themselves well. Broadcasters either think the majority of their pundits do well (unlikely, a cursory glance at social media will tell you otherwise) or more insidiously, they consciously select wank pundits as it creates controversy and generates more publicity and clicks. Even people that aren't interested in football would be able to tell that Danny Mills or Dean Saunders are thick twats without knowing anything about the game themselves. 'Spontaneous' banter and disagreeable and mouthy pundits are more of a commodity than genuine insight and analysis. For my money the European Football Show on BT was one was probably the cream of the crop because it avoided all the usual pitfalls but it canned without much reasoning as to why.
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    I think we’re going to see a nice bit of gentrification on Frog Island and it’s probably gonna be a very cool place to be in a few years
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    I know I've been moaning about this a lot lately, but that is exactly what happens. They hoard players to stop teams like us growing and pushing on into their precious 'top 6'. It makes me not want to care about football anymore because what's the point? Anything we build is just going to be financially picked apart by bigger clubs. Mahrez was our best player, he's absolutely wasted at Man City and here we are struggling to pick up the pieces. The same with Drinkwater. Look what Liverpool did to Southampton repeatedly, now they've gone from Europe to relegation battle.
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    I still wouldn't classify it as a dump (and everywhere seems to have it's share of smack heads now, unfortunately) and you can enjoy a good day / night in Leicester pretty easily – but it definitely doesn't seem to have the same sense of community that (for example, because it's up the road) Nottingham does. You can walk around Hockley or the Lace Market and they're bright, vibrant areas full of independents, unique buildings modern and old, and people that seem to take a huge amount of pride in their city – same as the Market Square there. Even Sneinton is enjoying a revival. Of course, there are chains, but it feels like a place that has an identity, and a place where people want to spend their time and money. Retail-wise it's a real shame that ultimately a fair few people in Leicester seem ****ing terrified of life outside the Highcross and I'd wager why most developments that pop-up seem to be flats or living spaces these days. The redevelopment of Fenwicks would fall flat on it's arse like the rest of Market St if anybody turns it into anything other than that which is such a pity. It's not as if Leicester's span is so wide that places aren't walkable. It feels like Market St (for example) should be an ideal place to thrive, it's central and plenty of roads lead to it, but it seems as if it's half-populated by empty units. There are definitely decent areas for food / drink etc, around St. Martins Square is a fantastic pocket of town now – as, you could argue, is the area around the Curve but they shouldn't be such glaring, standout exceptions. Unfortunately every street that immediately comes off the Clock Tower (apart from Silver St and the High Street) is just an absolute mess.
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    When nan died, clearing her house was such fun. Every room, floor to ceiling, with box after box of oxo cubes of every different variety. We could kill that financial adviser who told her to put all her money into stocks.
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    I don't think there's any conspiracy like that – I think they bought him because he's bloody good.
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    White shorts this season would have turned a good kit into a great one
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    Silva played full 90 in a 1-0 win against Nantes
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    We had more than enough chances to comfortably beat them.
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    I don't need to clap it (as I don't) to remember it happened. What we going to do play it every season forever Imagine the reaction on here if other clubs played something they won forever.
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    I don't mind all Blue, it's coincided with some great seasons. Only annoying thing this season is Cardiff having the identical same apart from a slight shade difference, collar feature and the sponsor. Adidas are often too lazy
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    Don't go around buying other clubs' best players then. They didn't "need" him did they.
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    Blue belt to blue shirt – Leicester City’s Youri Tielemans gets to grips with the Premier League Youri Tielemans has no concerns that he will be able to get to grips with the Premier League - thanks to his background in judo. The midfielder has joined City on loan from Monaco until the end of the season and when he arrived there were comments in France that he could be physically knocked around the Premier League. However, the 21-year-old has no such concerns and revealed his entire family are trained in the martial art as his parents were judo coaches. His older brother and sister both compete and Tielemans himself reached the blue belt grade, although he always preferred football and gave up judo when he signed his first professional contract aged 16, shortly before he made his first-team debut at Anderlecht. “I was almost never home because my parents were judo coaches,” said Tielemans, who grew up in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw outside Brussels. “My brother and sister did their own things and my parents were driving from one place to another. They were all doing judo. “I did judo as well until my first professional contract, because of my parents. I was a blue belt (two steps from black belt). “I don’t know, maybe after my career I will go for my black belt, you never know. Football has been my priority.” Family is all important to Tielemans and he has his wife and two-year-old daughter with him in Leicester, so don’t expect him to be swanning around the city’s night spots. “It is different but I think Leicester is a nice town and people are so nice here,” he said after swapping the millionaire playground that is Monaco for a flat in Leicester. “I feel at home, there is plenty of life in the city so it is good here. “I felt at home directly and the players have helped me to get settled in and the club did very well too. I got my apartment very quickly so it is good. “I am not a guy who is going out. You will never hear some stories about me because I like to stay at home as much as I can. “I have my family so when I go home I have my little family waiting for me so it is always nice and a stable life.” Tielemans has had a remarkable start to his career. He joined Anderlecht when he was just five years old and made his debut at 16, becoming the fourth youngest player in the league’s history and the youngest Belgian player to play in the Champions League. He was the Belgian young player of the year in his first two seasons but the awards and the accolades never turned his head. “When you start you are always looking after the games at what people are saying about you and stuff like that but when you get older and you are playing more games you don’t mind what they are saying about you, because you know where you want to go and what you want to do,” he said. “The outside world doesn’t matter any more and it is more easy for me now I have my family and I can switch off after games, and just think about families. It is better now. “It was not difficult to cope with the praise because at the beginning it was very positive about me. I was really young and it was always positive. “I tried to keep going and do my stuff, and keep both feet on the ground. It worked well.” That balanced outlook certainly came in handy when he moved to Monaco in a €25million deal and struggled in his first season, with France Football dubbing him flop of the season. “I didn’t look at it,” he says, matter of factly. “I knew where I was going. The first season in a new country is always difficult, away from Anderlecht. It was different for me. I had to adapt and I knew it was a different life too, so I didn’t care what they wrote. “I didn’t have time to think about it as I had the World Cup too to think about. Thanks to the World Cup, it was fantastic. It was amazing after that.” Tielemans helped Belgium finish third in Russia, beating an England side that contained City team-mates Harry Maguire and Jamie Vardy twice on the way, but although he has bragging rights he is not about to rub their faces in it, even if he is skilled in judo. “No I don’t joke about results because afterwards it can backfire,” he said. “It can be a negative if they win in an important game. It was fantastic for Belgium. “They are a fantastic team and it was very difficult to open them up, and to play through their lines. “They were solid and they all play in top teams. They are very young and will improve. They will have a really good team.” As for City, two things stand out for Tielemans – the title success of 2016 and the terrible helicopter crash last October that claimed the life of chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. “I have some good memories and some sad memories too,” said Tielemans, referring to the tragedy. “The achievement of the championship in 2016 was fantastic. I also had an old team-mate playing in this team, Marcin Wasilewski, and I was very pleased for him to win the title. “He was so hard-working in the gym.” Now that would have been a judo match to savour... https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/leicester-city-youri-tielemans-judo-2549659
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    You are right, It’s the same for any player from that era, would Pele or Eusébio be able to cope with the game today the only way in my opinion that you can compare different eras is how good they was considered at the time Gordon Banks was undeniably world class, you don’t win 6 consecutive FIFA goalkeeper of the year awards if you ain’t
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    The police phoned me to tell me my wife was in hospital. I asked how she was. They said "critical" I said "what's she complaining about now?
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    Not a day to be bitter or twisted but it has always amazed me how Stoke jumped on the bandwagon and treated him as if he was one of their own, I am all for honouring this man ,the Greatest goalkeeper of his, or any other era and appreciate accolades from any club or individual.......but the facts will always remain, SIR Gordon played more games for City than he did for Stoke, He played more times for England as a City player than he did for Stoke, He won the World Cup as a City player and won more trophies playing for City than he did for Stoke.......all in all a LEICESTER CITY Legend...........appropriated Glory is always distasteful.....Rest in Peace...SIR Gordon ........ from a 64 year old little boy for whom you are still and always will be the all time Idol.
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