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    Seems a silly debate, we should be going for the highest league placing whether we've got people to bed in or systems to try. It's not as if the team's going to go out thinking well it doesn't matter if we don't win this game.
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    12:31 am this morning i became a dad again future fox’s fan in training 😊
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    The sky is blue, grass is green and Fif is still boring us all to death with his weird, unhealthy vendetta against Mahrez.
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    Of course it is ffs. We cherish those memories of playing in Europe and should be trying to win every competition we're in. We've seen Fulham and Middlesbrough reach the final in recent years, we should qualify and then go for it.
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    I met this beautiful woman down at the park yesterday. Sparks flew, she fell at my feet, and we ended up having sex there and then. God, I love my new Taser
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    I’ll clap that moment till the day I die and so should every fan that lived those magical moments, to hold my young one in my arms and watch her face as the trophy was lifted will stay magic forever ! Play that moment at home games every week , forever !
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    Eubank has this year wrapped up.
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    This Twitter account has many https://twitter.com/_DHOTYA
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    As much as it goes against my instincts, I agree. She is a British national and if she has committed an offence in or against this country, she should face justice here.
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    Tbh I find it a little disconcerting that people think the UK can just wash its hands of its international responsibilities. Whether you like it or not she's a British citizen, has rights, but tbh most importantly she is our responsibility.
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    How many of Riyad goal's have come in the dying moments of Man City's games, when the games have already been won?
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    it’s the way that massive bunch of weird assistants and staff members all celebrate every goal like they’ve just secured some sort of weird dodgy business deal that’s gonna set them up for life. does my fu cking nut in.
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    Well I can largely agree with you on some of your points, they were colossal nobs, but talented nobs. I can't agree with the plagiarism tag though. They followed the classic lead,rythm, bass, drums line up but which Beatles or Stones riffs did they recycle? Anyway, coming up with a riff is nothing special. If you have ever tried to write an original song (and as a frustrated and not very good guitarist myself, I have) then you will know it is not easy. Every band or musician has it's inspiration in what has come before. The style, be it any genre you care to mention is not important, you're still starting with a blank piece of paper and turning that into something that is original by definition. I think it is very dismisissive to write them off as formulaic, Noel was one of the best songwriters of his generation with a speciality in anthems. It bugs me that this derivative tag gets applied to Oasis more than any other guitar bands since the sixties including T-Rex that you mention. Now they really were three chord wonders. And why aren't the Stones written off for ripping off their Blues heroes? That britpop thing produced Oasis, Blur, Suede, Pulp, The Verve, Primal Scream,The Charlatans it was a great time. I see originality there. You mentioned that there were some 'great interesting bands loosely associated' with britpop. Out of interest, who did you have in mind?
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    Silva +$15 million is probably a realistic best-case scenario that I would take in a heartbeat.
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    Went to a comedy gig last night with some absolute bell ends on the front row and the comedian pulls out this one to one of them... ”What’s your favourite accent?” ”NOTTINGHUUUMM” ”Can you do one” ”I AM” ”No, I meant can you **** off” howling.
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    Anyone else want to suggest that Puels policy towards more pitch time for young players is why players like him see us as potential permanent destinations
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    A poisoned chalice? Verdict on whether Leicester City should be putting all their eggs in the Europa League basket City are still in the race for seventh in the Premier League 10:00, 17 FEB 2019 Updated10:47, 17 FEB 2019 Sport The UEFA Europa League Cup Trophy. (Photo credit should read VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images) Leicester City are locked in a battle for seventh this season alongside a cluster of Premier League teams vying for qualification to the Europa League. The Foxes still have a potential European place very much in their sights as we head into the back end of the campaign. But should Claude Puel and his men pursue a spot in Europe? Should they go all out to give themselves the best possible chance of returning to one of Europe's elite competitions? Here we take a look at the good, bad and the ugly of finishing in seventh place, a position so often referred to as a 'poisoned chalice', and assess whether City should be targeting a another European campaign. Financial rewards Finance makes up so much of modern football and part of the assessment of whether City should go for Europa League football has to be related to money. City are in a very good position financially, but they could still do with Europa league prize money to boost their bank balance with a new training ground on the horizon. The early stages of the Europa league bring little reward in comparison to prize money in, for example, the Premier League, but over the course of the competition, teams can pick up large sums of cash with a good run. Qualifying through seventh in the Premier League gets you into the second qualifying round which is rewarded by €260,000 in prize money. That goes up to €280,000 for the third-round and €300,000 for the play-off round. Reaching the actual Europa League competition nets each qualifying a club a massive €2.92m and from there, every group stage win brings in €570,000, every draw €190,000. Each group winner receives an extra €1m as well as the €500,000 for going through and the group runner-up gets €500,000 rounding the prize money for going through in second place up to €1m. From there, progression to the Round of 16 is rewarded with €1.1m, the quarter-final with £1.5m and the semi-final €2.4m. The losing finalist earns an extra €4.5m from the final while the winner gets another €8.5m in prize money. The potential total winnings for winning the competition from the second qualifying stage is a whopping €16.54m. How do teams fare when battling Europe? Qualifying for Europa League through seventh place is often seen as a poisoned challice. That's because if you achieve it, depending on domestic cup winner, you start your season in the third round of qualifying towards the end of July. That would be the case this season. By the time a team gets to the Group Stage of the Europa League via this route, they have already played six qualifying games, often including lengthy journeys. That's on top of all the Thursday night games during the season if you reach the competition itself. Hence the question of whether it's really worth it. Burnley during their Europa League qualifier with Olympiacos. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images) Burnley qualified via seventh last season, progressing through to the final round of qualifying during the summer, only to lose to Olympiacos at the final stage. Still, though, their season has been effected. They are now battling out relegation, sitting in 15th place. Coincidence? History suggests not. West Ham got off to a disastrous start in 2016/17 after competing in the Europa League qualifiers, though they did manage to steady the ship to finish 11th. Athletic Club went from 7th to 16th in La Liga after competing in two rounds of qualifiers last season. And many argue Sevilla have missed out on a La Liga title race this season, sitting in fourth and looking extremely leggy following an early start to the season featuring three qualifying rounds. European experience Leicester City know first-hand the effect the European football can have on a league campaign. The Premier League win allowed the Foxes to have the time of their lives in the Champions League during the following, 2016/17 season. City, of course, reached the quarter-final of the competition, a fine achievement. But domestically it didn't go so well. League-winning manager Claudio Ranieri was sacked by February and City had to make to with a 12th-place finish. Leicester fans ahead of their Champions League Quarter Final with Atletico Madrid. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images) Those players who remain from that season will know just how big a toll European football can have on the body and City fans will know just how difficult it is to build a squad sufficiently big and indeed good enough to compete both on the European and domestic stage. Are City ready? In terms of the squad, the short answer is no, but that's normal. They weren't prepared for European football this season, nor did they need to be. If they did secure qualification for the qualifying rounds ahead of next season, they would have to build a bigger squad and ensure there are enough layers of quality from the starting players to those who are rotated in. Teams like Burnley and Athletic Club, who were mentioned above, have proven that you must have a large squad to cope with Europe, the league and all the domestic cups. It's the old adage of fail to prepare...and you know the rest. City would have to invest in a bigger and better squad, and they would also need to put in a solid pre-season with a tougher fitness regime. That would have to start earlier, and with that in mind, this is probably a good season to give it a go with international players having no commitments next summer. What going for it means It's all well and good saying 'let's go for it' but it's also important to be aware of what going for it really entails, what the alternatives are. In terms of what City would be missing out on by going for seventh, the main factor would be the development of youth. This is a young squad, one of the youngest in the Premier League and it's one that's full of players who still have so much to learn. Some players learn the most under pressure, some the complete opposite. By not going for it this season, by not applying pressure, the City youngsters have a chance to play with freedom, with expression - manager permitting - and Claude Puel will also have the chance to blood some of the up and coming prospects. If they go all out for seventh, that won't be the case with every point being crucial from now until the season's end. On the flip side, going for it may give Claude Puel a chance. He hasn't got the majority support of the King Power as things stand and playing youngsters, putting development before results is probably going to worsen his position. If he's playing his 'best' team week-in, week-out and manages to put together a run towards seventh, he's got a much better shot at getting at least some fans back on board. Could it all be pointless? Yes. Seventh spot doesn't guarantee you European football, so by going all out to finish seventh, you could be risking a lot for little reward. To qualify via seventh place, one of the top six has to win the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup. There's a tick next to the former with Chelsea and Manchester City in the final. However, City, if they are truly interested in seventh, need to hope one of the three top six teams remaining in the FA Cup can progress far enough to lift the trophy. Manchester City and one of Chelsea and Manchester United - who play each other on Monday - must win the FA Cup, otherwise the winner of the historic competition will qualify for Europe and seventh place in the Premier League means nothing as far as European qualification is concerned. The expert view Rob Tanner Verdict: Go for it "Finishing seventh and, depending on who shares out the silverware, potentially qualifying for the Europa League may seem like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. "An early start to the season, possible treks to far flung and remote places, a heavily congested fixture backlog – it has proven to be a poisoned chalice for many Premier League sides. "Burnley this season are testament to that. Their Europa League ‘adventure’ has impacted on their league season and proven to be a distraction. Now the Clarets face a fight for survival. "It could be argued that City’s Champions League experience provided a similar problem and led to the sacking of Claudio Ranieri. Claude Puel ahead of Leicester City's clash with Spurs at Wembley (Image: Plumb Images/Leicester City via Getty Images) "However, finishing seventh and qualifying for Europe would still be an achievement, one that should be welcomed after a traumatic season. "The late Khun Vichai wanted to see City compete in Europe, to fight against top sides. "After all the issues of this roller coaster of a campaign, to seal seventh and become the best of the rest, regardless of whether that led to European football or not, would be a much-needed tonic. "It would be great for morale amongst Claude Puel’s emerging young side and provide good experience. It would also keep the wolves from the door of Puel’s office for a while longer too." Jordan Blackwell Verdict: Go for it "While the Europa League may be the less glamorous little sister of the glitzy Champions League, a return to European competition for City would be welcomed. "The Champions League run of 2016-17, City's first European experience since 2000, was the icing on the title-winning cake and provided some truly memorable moments. "The draw was kind and City were handed a backpacker's dream European tour, the club heading to Bruges, Copenhagen, Porto, Seville and Madrid. At home, under the King Power Stadium lights, the games were thrilling and the atmosphere exhilarating. The Europa League will not match these heights. "The opponents are unlikely to be European giants, while the destinations won't be so tourist-friendly, particularly in the opening rounds. But it provides new teams for City to face, new countries to explore, a new competition to try to win. "Yes, a Europa League run would undoubtedly affect City's Premier League form, but they have the resources to give it a good go, and it would certainly inject some excitement that has so slowly dwindled since the Champions League effort." Jamie Kemble Verdict: Go for it "Europa League football is often looked down on upon those who are in, or have experienced the Champions League, but that shouldn't be the case. It's come on leaps and bounds and anyone who has witnessed a fixture live, will know that the games can be great occasions. Little can beat a European night. Leicester City manager Claude Puel during his side's match against Manchester United(Image: Plumb Images/Getty Images) "Teams like Chelsea and Manchester United have shown just how much you can get out of the Europa League, benefiting from Champions League qualification, a heap of prize money and plenty of occasions to remember along the way. "City, meanwhile, have proved that, as a club, they are ready for such experiences. In terms of the squad, there's work to be done, they would need to add a good few bodies in the summer to cope with the demand, but with no international competition in the summer, it's well worth going for. "As long as they prepare properly in the summer, City, should they qualify, will get to see all the glamour of the Europa League and none of the domestic consequences." https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/poisoned-chalice-verdict-whether-leicester-2547738
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    Pssst @leicsmac - you're needed here old chap
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    Took these last winter. Not expecting to win, just always quite liked them myself. Also have a bunch from a private tour if anyone wants to see them.
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    Initial thoughts: - no regrets about anything. - only left because her children died (though there’s no evidence either of them extisted yet) - had seen all the videos of beheadings and was absolutely fine with it - “its Islamically allowed” - she says she’s glad she did go to Isis because that’s where she met her husband and she wouldn’t have met anyone like him in the UK (because he’s a ****ing terrorist love) - the fact she’s so confident that there’s no evidence that she did anything wrong should surely set alarm bells ringing - there may still be an argument that she was “groomed” but there MUST be questions about the beliefs and ideology of her family, as well as the community in Bethnal Green. As far as I’m she surrendered her rights to live in the UK when she left. She never wanted to be “one of us” and still has a callous attitude towards non-Muslims/wrong Muslims. She’s a terrorist with no remorse and therefore deserves no sympathy or help. Make an example of her; take her child into care and never let her back in.
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    God, if I had a penny every time someone whipped out the ol' "Ya know, I'm really feeling a Puel sacking in my bones in (insert time frame here) if we lose the next (insert games here)" I'd have several thousand of them to donate towards a big tifo of Puel with the sunglasses on and "Deal With It" in massive letters.
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    I think we’ll win this quite comfortably 3-1 City Vardy 2, Maddison
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    Watched the Grand Budapest Hotel yesterday, cracking film. Wes Anderson’s cinematography is so enjoyable
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    I wouldn’t be surprised if Puel plays Mendy. When on form (which, to be honest, he hasn't been of late ) Mendy does simple things well - tackles, drops deep to give the CBs an easy 'out' if the opposition is pressing high up the pitch and recycles the ball quickly. I think he is one of our better players when it comes to interceptions, which means in theory he should be suited next to Tillermans. For all that, I hope Puel plays Wilf, since I believe in rewarding a good performance, I'm just saying I can see the argument for seeing how Mendy would fare now that we finally have a deep-lying creative midfielder this club has been crying out for. I also really, really hope he plays Vardy. Vards is in average form tbh but still way more polished in terms of finishing than anyone else at the club.
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    Schmeichel ricardo Evans Maguire Chilwell Ndidi Tielemans gray Barnes Maddison Vardy
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    Just hopefully not Gary Megson / Gary Megsona
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    I know I've been moaning about this a lot lately, but that is exactly what happens. They hoard players to stop teams like us growing and pushing on into their precious 'top 6'. It makes me not want to care about football anymore because what's the point? Anything we build is just going to be financially picked apart by bigger clubs. Mahrez was our best player, he's absolutely wasted at Man City and here we are struggling to pick up the pieces. The same with Drinkwater. Look what Liverpool did to Southampton repeatedly, now they've gone from Europe to relegation battle.
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    I still wouldn't classify it as a dump (and everywhere seems to have it's share of smack heads now, unfortunately) and you can enjoy a good day / night in Leicester pretty easily – but it definitely doesn't seem to have the same sense of community that (for example, because it's up the road) Nottingham does. You can walk around Hockley or the Lace Market and they're bright, vibrant areas full of independents, unique buildings modern and old, and people that seem to take a huge amount of pride in their city – same as the Market Square there. Even Sneinton is enjoying a revival. Of course, there are chains, but it feels like a place that has an identity, and a place where people want to spend their time and money. Retail-wise it's a real shame that ultimately a fair few people in Leicester seem ****ing terrified of life outside the Highcross and I'd wager why most developments that pop-up seem to be flats or living spaces these days. The redevelopment of Fenwicks would fall flat on it's arse like the rest of Market St if anybody turns it into anything other than that which is such a pity. It's not as if Leicester's span is so wide that places aren't walkable. It feels like Market St (for example) should be an ideal place to thrive, it's central and plenty of roads lead to it, but it seems as if it's half-populated by empty units. There are definitely decent areas for food / drink etc, around St. Martins Square is a fantastic pocket of town now – as, you could argue, is the area around the Curve but they shouldn't be such glaring, standout exceptions. Unfortunately every street that immediately comes off the Clock Tower (apart from Silver St and the High Street) is just an absolute mess.
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    When nan died, clearing her house was such fun. Every room, floor to ceiling, with box after box of oxo cubes of every different variety. We could kill that financial adviser who told her to put all her money into stocks.
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    The camera angle at Ashton Gate is just weird. It should be far lower so we can see the crowd.
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    I don't think there's any conspiracy like that – I think they bought him because he's bloody good.
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    What an arrogant comment. They are a League 2 side who put up a better fight than Chelsea did against Man City. We lost unfortunately because we weren't good enough on the day and spurned masses of chances. Don't call them shithouses. We were on the day.
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    This is true. People denigrate the north west of the county for being "Coalville" but actually the countryside in that area is quite beautiful. The countryside around the south is also lovely, Market Harborough and the areas around Foxton and Gumley. Lovely places to walk. We might not be the Derbyshire dales or the southern Pennines but we are blessed with lots of very pleasant countryside which is well worth walking though. If your looking to while away a couple of hours where you're wondering what to do or where to go, I'd recommend a walk around Foxton Locks, you'll be surprised if you haven't been there for a while. I my area, Hinckley/Bosworth, visit Sutton Wharf, a nice café with home cooked food next to narrowboat moorings and a pleasant walk along the canal through the woods up to the Bosworth Battlefield. Busy in the summer though.
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    We had more than enough chances to comfortably beat them.
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    I don't mind all Blue, it's coincided with some great seasons. Only annoying thing this season is Cardiff having the identical same apart from a slight shade difference, collar feature and the sponsor. Adidas are often too lazy
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    Club will do anything to keep their copyright so I wouldn't expect anything. People can't even sell pin badges around the ground ffs.
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    Don't go around buying other clubs' best players then. They didn't "need" him did they.
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    Haha you cant have the goalkeeper who was influential in winning us our only Top Flight title in 136 years, as well as being phenomenal in those last 16 CL games vs Sevilla as equal 5th. It's a disgrace, at the very least he is 3rd best.
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    You are right, It’s the same for any player from that era, would Pele or Eusébio be able to cope with the game today the only way in my opinion that you can compare different eras is how good they was considered at the time Gordon Banks was undeniably world class, you don’t win 6 consecutive FIFA goalkeeper of the year awards if you ain’t
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