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    Can't believe the nerve of him, publicly supporting and encouraging his young players. Get him gone
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    Perhaps Silva is what they need, and Tielemans is what we need. Not all situations are the same. Doesn't mean that our collective eyes deceived us.
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    Indeed... @Bajramista: “Adrien Silva keeps it simple and efficient, I like that.” @JeremyMunegu: “Adrien Silva is a master in the middle, excellent at the simple stuff.” We don't need simple and efficent, we already have Mendy who can be simple and efficient. We need vision and creativity, quick and accurate line breaking passes. Not 5 yard passes sideways to someone else who has to take responsibility.
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    I know some of you won't accept this but Jamie Vardy hasn't been that good this season and it's not just about the system, he scored 20 goals in the same system last year he's simply missing chances he should be taking this season. Yet people still insist we should build our game around a 32 year old striker whose main attribute is pace which is starting to go, Vardy needs to adapt for his own sake as well as the style the manager wants to employ
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    Eh? It's bang on. Everyone here agrees he's not clinical and doesn't have the end product, don't they?
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    Puel is spot on here isn’t he? He wants to develop Gray as a striker and is bigging him up. Why not?
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    Completely agree with this RE. Ghezzal. I'm not going to sit here and say he's been great since signing, but he's done okay. The sheer hatred a section of our fanbase has for him is absolutely bizarre. Where I sit in K block, he regularly gets booed when he comes on or if he misplaces a pass. It's absolutely embarrassing and the most counter-productive behaviour imaginable. In what way is that going to benefit him, us or anyone? I know our fans aren't blessed with intelligence but this Ghezzal agenda really is baffling.
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    There are simply some nice and tidy midfield players who never acclimatise to the pace of the Premiership. Inler was another example. Even Iborra to some extent. The Premiership is just quick....we need to avoid signing this type of player again imo. Especially when they are in the twilight of their careers.
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    it's simple, it's Gray so he must just be shit and it's something Puel wants so it must be wrong
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    Pretty minor compared to the thousands that will be available if the current muppet remains in charge.
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    And if you were a fan that watches LCFC week in week out you would say that Puel is talking bollox
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    What do you want him to say? Dimi was totally crap, waste of time? It seems a fair assessment to me. Folk read far too much in these press conferences. They are just the same old chat which is never critical, generally positive and never give any real insight behind the scenes.
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    Not sure if you’re a ST holder already, but if Brendan Rogers ends up as our manager please PM me and you can have mine.
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    Unfortunately posts made between 12 and 9 this morning have been lost. I ran an upgrade last night and only realised this morning that it failed and needed sorting, but then the backup for the site didn't work until the fourth time, sorry about the downtime !
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    Kasper Ricardo Maguire Evans Chilwell if fit (Fuchs) Ndidi Tielemans Gray Iheanacho Barnes Vardy
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    Nothing wrong with bigging up a player, but Puel sadly wishes for Gray to be something he isn't going to be.
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    One start, two sub appearances and 130 minutes, with his only start against a team in 14th = Them being able to evaluate him. 850 minutes in the league, god knows how many in cups and done nothing = We need to re-evaluate because we didn't see him play properly. There is definitely some re-evaluating that needs to happen.
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    Just look for the Serbo-Croatian word for "injury" ("ozljeda") and put "Dinamo Zagreb" next to it, and boom: Benkovic has had a few injury problems in the past two years: Back spasms in 2016, followed by a hamstring injury that sidelined him for months in between late 2016 and early 2017, forcing him to visit former Bayern Munich team doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt; he then suffered some further "muscle problems" in July 2017. But let's not forget the guy's only 21 years old, so it's possible those were natural side effects of the body's growth process.
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    I ****ing love the internet at times like this.
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    By set up countless goals, do you mean set up one goal?
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    But he's right? What he's said is Gray has potential ("all the qualities for the future") but needs an end product and to impact games more ("he needs to learn to have calm, to have the right touch, to finish" and "he needs to have the clinical edge because a striker or winger needs to score"). It's pretty much exactly what every city fan says about Gray and why they criticise him (he's had potential for a while but stalled and not fulfilled it). This is literally people disagreeing purely because Puel said it.
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    https://streamable.com/rjmdl Sherif's excellent volley
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    Couldn't tell if the video was in slow-mo or not when Matty James was in shot
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    Why if we're supposed to be moving towards a more 'passing' game do we continue to lob throw ins as far forward as we can when they more often than not end up with the opposition. We've been doing this for as long as I can remember. Maybe the 1st team struggle to change old habits but surely the u23s should be learning a better more productive way to take throw Ins. It really pisses me off.
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    Marquee matchups is just a waste of time.
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    Not really. The French league isn't as good a standard as the prem. Silva was good in Portugal, will be decent in France and probably decent in most other European leagues but that doesnt mean he'll be good in the prem. He seemed far too slow on the ball in the few games i saw him play and his passing was poor. Whilst we cannot make a thorough judgement on him as he didnt play a great deal, Puel saw him in training every day and clearly thought he wasn't good enough. He didnt have a great start with us after the transfer fiasco and hes clearly never settled here.
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    I foresaw Henry being a great striker, by the way, because I have marvellous hindsight. *BS disclaimer, btw.
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    Love how people talk about how dull and boring Puel is and yet hang on every syllable of his press conferences.
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    This. They have their playmaker in Fabregas, we now have ours in Tielemans. They obviously needed a more well-rounded midfielder, capable of defending and keeping it simple, we needed someone to play forwards at a quicker tempo.
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    My head nearly fell off when I discovered Tony Cozier was white way back when, used to love hearing his commentary, a great voice.
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    That's definitely all us declared racist then.
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    Decent week, in relative terms. I got Nainggolan and Criscito in my player picks, plus I unpacked Douglas Costa, so I’m filling in a solid Serie A unit. I also unpacked an 86 Ballack in my WL rewards and finished I in D6.
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    Celtic fans clash with Spanish police (might not have been their fault given experience) On the same night, Rangers fans aim sectarian chants at Steve Clark, following Boyd getting it from the other side from Celtic. Beyond me how anyone can like either of these 2 clubs. 24/7 Whataboutery
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    Pretty much mirrored the last season there.
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    Hopefully he brings Big Brendan with him when he comes home ?
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    you must look a right bellend
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    You've not come to some great truth - Everyone realises this. Everyone realises there are limits to the English language, there is bias in Social science theory, no matter how well they are peer reviewed and history class is always going to put a country in a better light than its opponents might. Everyone realises this when they're about 12 or or 13 years old and rebelling against their parents, teachers and institutions, thinking they've come to this realisation on their own despite the fact everyone does it and it's an idea filters through society as much as any other - the typical teenage "The government and corporations are all in league to keep the sheeple and masses stupid so they can manipulate them - and I'm the only one who realises the "capital-T truth"" phase that everyone goes through. Most people grow out of it as adults though and realise education isn't perfect but it puts us in good stead as an adult to speak and connect with others and allows us to get a taste of subjects and the world and find what we enjoy - it's not supposed to be permanent though. School is designed to only be a tiny part of education, enough to set you up to explore what you want when you're older.
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    So following on from Mondays post, been to three recruitment agencies today in Nottingham after applying for jobs online yesterday. One interview tomorrow at 2pm, another possibly at 8:30am. Fingers crossed I'll get something quickly.
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    No he hasn’t. Kante is being played completely out of position to accommodate Jorginho is who so off form it’s unreal. Kante may be ok on the right, but he’s won a World Cup and two successive premierships playing in centre mid! Its barmy stuff
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    I agree. He works hard and does his fair share of defensive duties when compared with Maddison for example. He does make the odd stray pass as do many of then but the 'favourites' disgressions aren't highlighted half as much. In fact his vision, directness and passing when in a more central position is very good I think. Having not been here long with few opportunities in a first season he's done fine. First seasons for foreign players can be quite difficult. Such impatience would have seen great players like Drogba discarded for one. We need a squad also, not just the same 11 players for a variety of reasons. If current one match hero Tielemans has a few bad passes against Palace, do we scrap the deal and dump him as well or is the needle of the hypeometre sufficiently high that we make unexplainable exceptions to the rule? Some players, by sheer nature of the fact that we are all different, will take longer to adapt than others. In an increasingly greedy 'I want it now' entitled way of thinking, some supporters, not just our own, seem to forget the encouragement and support elements of the game. Like the big gob dad's constantly on the backs of their young kids telling them they were shit today at grass roots football level, it's rarely productive for the player thrmselves and usually says more about the perpetrators.
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    I'd much rather have journalists on that actually research clubs rather than regurgitating the same storied myths that tell us nothing. There's not many ex players that are worth listening to but Danny Higginbotham and Pat Nevin should get more high profile gigs because they have professional insight as well as the ability to research, write and articulate themselves well. Broadcasters either think the majority of their pundits do well (unlikely, a cursory glance at social media will tell you otherwise) or more insidiously, they consciously select wank pundits as it creates controversy and generates more publicity and clicks. Even people that aren't interested in football would be able to tell that Danny Mills or Dean Saunders are thick twats without knowing anything about the game themselves. 'Spontaneous' banter and disagreeable and mouthy pundits are more of a commodity than genuine insight and analysis. For my money the European Football Show on BT was one was probably the cream of the crop because it avoided all the usual pitfalls but it canned without much reasoning as to why.
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