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    It didn’t work out for you here Mr. Puel and it’s correct that in a results business you must be sacked. you tinkered too much at times , your style of football would possibly bare fruits in time but in this league time is too precious I personally want to thank you for your efforts and your dignity when we lost Khun Vichai , you led us through a dark dark period In our clubs history I hope my fellow supporters can follow with dignity and wish you well Au Revoir Claude
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    i can’t see any reason for waiting.
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    All the best in your future Claude and thanks for getting us this young confident squad together for someone else to lead forward in our clubs future. ??
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    I'll recognise the shift he put in, he's properly cleared out the deadwood and refreshed our squad with young faces. Shame it didn't work, but maybe he's just best for French football. I hope we get someone in to continue that work. Best of luck, Claude.
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    Sad…. He was the wrong man with the right plan
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    People complaining about the style of football yet want the likes of Dyche and Rafa. Couldn't make it up
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    Thank you Claude for how you dealt with the tragedy, you’ll forever have respect for that. Unfortunately though it wasn’t working for you here and the right decision has been made.
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    It's a sport. We're not entitled to anything. We have a great owner and are in the top tier of English football 3 years after the winning the league. It ain't all bad This modern bullshit of 'we must play exciting, attacking football' is the annoying part. When have you known us to be that kind of side?
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    It was inevitable he was leaving in the near future but yesterday's result on the back or a horror 2019 was why we had to act. Our home form has been abysmal for a year but to get back to 1-1 and then simply collapse highlighted how bad it has gotten. We are defending poorly, incapable of getting our noses in front and it's a recipe for disaster. Puel has done a lot of the dirty work which another regime will benefit from and theres a nucleus of decent young players but it has to be blended with some players who have end product and some grit and leadership. We have such a soft underbelly right now. I'm not even rejoiceful he has gone, I wanted it to work for him but it was quite clear it wasnt going to. He led us through the worst tragedy ever to happen to our club with dignity and I can see why we were so reluctant to make this change now. All the best Claude, he wont be shirt of offers back in France and will get a nice couple of million to take back with him.
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    I've no doubt he's a very good manager in France but he's just not suited to the English game. Still think his philosophy was broadly correct and he's done some good work off the pitch but if you can't inspire the players then it's all academic. Maybe I'm deluded but I still think, in the future we might look back on Puel's time and say he set the foundations for something good. Sacking him is sadly the only real option though.
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    Re: Vardy. Never thought I will miss 4-4-2 again after Ranieri's second season. There is no striker in the world who can thrive on his own and supply passes to himself. Before our game I watched Bundesliga game Bayern vs Hertha, in which Lewandowski was exactly as isolated as Vardy, can't remember if he had even one half-chance the whole game, so obviously he couldn't score (it ended 1-0 after DM's header from a corner). It's the same in every team really. When the midfielders aren't supplying balls to the striker you can't expect him to deliver. And when the striker doesn't get any support, he doesn't score a lot. And that's exactly what's happening to Vards. Stats: Tournament Apps Mins Goals Assists SpG KeyP Drb Fouled Off Disp UnsTch Rating Premier League 19(4) 1750 8 3 2 0.8 0.3 0.5 1 0.6 1.4 6.68 FIFA World Cup England 1(3) 157 - - 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.3 0.3 0.3 1.3 6.17 Int. Friendly England 2(1) N/A 1 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A - Total / Average 30 1907 9 3 1.8 0.7 0.3 0.4 0.9 0.5 1.4 6.61 That's 2 (TWO) shots per game. If that lack of support happened to Messi or Ronaldo people would get on their back too. And if you expect a striker to convert a 100% or even 50% of his chances, then I'm sorry you are clueless and should play FIFA instead of watching football games, because in real life it just doesn't happen. Both Salah and Lewandowski had conversion rate of 22% last season. Messi had 17,3. Ronaldo 14,6. Kane 15,7. Vardy? 28.6% . That was only last season. This season, so far, it's arguably worse. 8 (goals scored) / 2 (shots per game) x 19 (games). That's 21%. SHOCKING!!!!... Yes, he is indeed finished and living his past glories. FFS have a word with yourself people. Simply put, he is doing his best, and failing, in a system that doesn't suit him. And we have no player who could replace him at the moment and be more 'adaptive' to whatever Puel wants us to play (a digression: are there any players who adapted really well to puelball in this team and can be set as exaples? It's a rhetorical question, obviously). The problem is not Vardy's inability to adapt and learn new tricks, but Puel's stubbornness and lack of flexibility. Most of the classic centre forwards like Vardy when journalists ask them what is their preferred set up say they like to play off a second, supporting striker. In a system with two strikers opposing defenders' attention is divided and they can play off each other. There's less pressure. Puel thought he will make offensive midfielders do the striker's duty, but evidently, they can't, so we end up watching Maddison, Gray and co. shooting balls into the stands ... It seems playing with a second striker was never in his plans. I think having Vards as a lone striker is almost as criminal as was getting stuck with two anti-creative DMs for most of the season. Since Puel came I have a feeling he's been stubbornly trying to emulate Guardiola's Barcelona or Man City, or Pochettino's Tottenham, while ignoring individual players' qualities and shortcomings. People keep on saying we need to give him time, another transfer window, because we are 'few signings away' from making things click (I heard this song last season already). Let's face it, we will never have enough players to make it work, we don't have Man City's luxury to swim in world class players and bench the likes of Mahrez (or Vardy). Even Puel's new signings aren't making the system work. How many more new players need to be signed before we come to the conclusion it's the manager's fault. At the beginning of the season we were making fun of Wolves and calling them Wolvalona and other silly names, but it seems they will have the last laugh. Either they have better players, or maybe, just maybe, their manager has more clue than ours. Speaking of the defensive side is like opening Pandora's box. We are absolute mess, one of the easiest teams to score against on the counter, always give away an early goal (and then have to chase the result). And Puel was supposed to be the 'safety first', defensive-minded manager As for Maguire. Like with Vardy, Puel is playing to his weaknesses instead of his strengths. England got to 4th place in the World Cup with this lad in defence... but Maguire was always playing in a three. 3-5-2 could be the answer for him and Vardy. But yeah, he's shit/overrated. Let's get rid in the summer. We can always rely on Wes to fill in, can't we. I won't even start about the midfield.
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    I've said this before, no need to turn on the own fans. Even if you don't like the booing, supporters are perfectly entitled to voice their dissent or disappointment if they see it fit. The reality is: With each week, and each new game, there's quite the positivity and fans are giving the team and the manager new credit at the start of matches. Just like today. Only to be let down by performances (opening fifteen minutes) and/or results. The atmosphere only turns sour once we go behind and the lack of scoring threat up front shows the longer matches go on. So, why blame the fans? Do you expect them to cheer and clap after a 4-1 HOME defeat at the hands of Crystal Palace? Seriously. Blame the manager (who doesn't instill neither fans nor players with confidence), the players (who are playing with the brakes on mostly), the management (for failures on the transfer market in the past), the club (for failing to profit from the 2015-2016 season).
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    •Introducing build up play, although the team wasn't incisive enough we were good at carrying the ball to the final third •Giving Chilwell, Barnes, and Hamza gametime and helping them develop •Being part of the reason we managed to convince Ricardo and Maddison to join the club •Increasing Mendys value after 2 horrid seasons •Stabilising us as a mid- table side after Ranieri and Shakespeare ****ed up You may not like the job he did, but no need to disrespect his achievements. Now he's gone because of his failings, fair enough, but he did do things right.
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    Who cares about the players? The only person's opinion that matters for me is Rebecca Vardy's.
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    Not posted here since early January as I needed a break from the madness but seems right to pop back. If anyone cares, my thoughts here...
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    Be careful what you wish for.
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    Amartey did put his usual, 'Thank you God.' On his Instagram, but I don't think that is related
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    No hypocrisy from me. Apart from his dignified leadership when Vichai died, which was immense, he’s done not much at all for the playing side of things imo. A lot of our players have gone backwards and I can’t abide his press conferences. I’m a City fan, not a Puel fan, and I’m glad he’s gone.
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    Thought that said Todgers Out. i mean there’s a time and a place.
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    For me, it was the look on Puel's face after the 4th goal went in, it was a mix of disbelief and relief, he knew there and then that was it. He just looked like "Well, that was that" I was imagining this morning how would he be able to take training today or tomorrow with the mood after last night's game. It just didn't seem feasible and well, he's gone. In the purest sense of the game, it's a shame. His vision and philosophy was good, better than many managers currently in the Prem, but just wasn't working with the team's current influential personnel. I imagine Puel didn't stray too far from what he promised in his interview with the board i.e transition, phasing out old, bringing in new. He has to take credit for that. I still believe that most weeks he selected the best team possible, it was just the way that he couldn't settle and his stranger decisions throughout this season that have caught up with him e:g the continued selection of Vardy in a system not suiting him, the continued selection of Morgan in a year not suiting him, Mendy + Ndidi partnership, Hamza overlook, Ghezall persistence, Gray inconsistency, the Silva conundrum, The Newport game, Maddison position, it all up with him. Like most people are suggesting, a manager with stronger presence and personality is coming into a cracking young squad with so much potential. In-Tray Duties, Sort Vardy, Sort Schmeichel, Replace many outgoing players, fix on a system and believe it.
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    It was more about the lack of class and general unpleasantness. I take your point about the money, but I really don't see the relevance in bringing it into this discussion - we have some nasty people writing on here, and their responses here are illuminating.
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    Some of the responses on here - stay classeh Wahey someone I don’t know, but, have decided is clearly a prlck has lost their job…. Whoop Whoop You can work out who boo our players based on the responses on this thread…
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    No bitterness from me, he tried and didn't achieve what we wanted. Think too much of the criticism has been personal and hopefully we can all move on. Such a shame we couldn't keep up the impressive first eight games of his spell. But the right decision has been made.
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    Nice summary https://www.facebook.com/475367679494376/posts/798822457148895?sfns=mo
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    We are all frustrated seemingly because, amongst other things, we play good football and have a decent squad but yet we don’t look like scoring as much as the number of so called (half) “chances” suggests and we leak goals due to defensive errors. Why do you think that is the case? Let’s break it down. Puel’s playing style and squad selection surely have a lot to do with it. But where exactly is the problem? To be fair, we should say that the football is prettier and we are really starting to “dominate” in the last few months (certainly the last few games). Yet: - On the defensive side, we make far too many errors even when we are “dominating”. I feel MacGuire has a lot to do with this, whilst others like Ndidi has contributed with poor passing and decision making gifting chances to the opposition at vulnerable times. Schmeichel has also not been great letting in goals when he could have done better on a few occasions. - In central midfield, we lacked a creative ball player who can link up play between defence and the forward line and create chances. With Tielemans in and Maddison dropping deeper, it seems like that area has improved. Ndidi is still a liability at times but he certainly seems to have done better since Tielemans has come in. I would not mind to see Hamza or Mendy replacing Ndidi though to see how they play together. - On the wings, I think we are generally ok, although Ricardo is a bit wasted on the right at the moment without Albrington and with balls not going to the right as much. - In the final third, this is our biggest problem. Why? I think it is far too simplistic to blame it on Vardy. He is not getting his chances but why? Barnes having come in has improved the quality in this area but he has been struggling to get the ball in Puel’s system. The main problem I think is till that Puel prefers to play Vardy upfront as a lone striker. That makes it difficult for Vardy to get on to through balls and fast breaks because he is always surrounded by defenders whilst we do not have the personnel who can deliver incisive balls through to him. Maddison has disappointed; hopefully Tielemans can do better; Barnes showed glimpses of brilliance but he only gets the ball when the entire defensive line is in front of him; Ndidi su*cks in this regard; Fuchs can still do a job but Chilwell is our no 1 now and Chilwell still has a lot to learn in terms of the timing and quality of his crosses; so that leaves only Evans and MacGuire who try to put it long for Vardy at times (eg. as they did in the Palace game) but they are our CBs and it shouldn’t be their job! So part of the problem is the lack of personnel to delivering those incisive balls at the right moments. But it is in combination with the system Puel prefers that has dragged Vardy and the quality of the final third down. Effectively, Puel supports Vardy by telling his two wingers to move up during attacks to support - ie. he thinks we have 3 upfront during attacks - but because we lack the personnel to move the ball up quickly, and “quickly” is the important word here, we often are left with a situation when the entire play waits for the two wingers (or two extra players on one side) to have moved up. What this does is to let the defence get back into position so that our forward line is swamped with 7 or 8 defenders behind the ball. This is what frustrates us a lot. It means we are making it very difficult to get through and because we do not have a Mahrez like player anymore, we just can’t get through. Vardy could not play to his strengths under this system. We do have good players so we still create “half” chances but that is it. Is therefore our solution is to stop thinking we are Man City and play two forwards instead of one? This way, we can move the ball quicker to the forward line with the other forward (eg. Okazaki) supporting in one-twos or dragging defenders away to create space for Vardy. Now, Vardy needs to either wait for a through ball that rarely comes or for the entire midfield to move up (which is what happens 90%) of the times (but by that time the defenders are already in position). Thoughts?
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    Yeah but journalists who've been saying stuff like this for the past year clearly have no good sources and are just pushing their own agendas etc etc etc etc
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    He's gone you don't need to find any more reasons for him getting the push no matter how flimsy they are.
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    I think that's harsh. He has improved all of those players and Maddison and Ricardo are both excellent signings. His signings are better than those under Ranieri or Shakespeare but his style of play and home form has ultimately cost him
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    They probably know that damned if they do, damned if they don't, so why bother. You give your regards, you're Puel's pet and won't want to play for the next manager. You don't, then 'clearly' you were undermining his authority and deliberately played bad to get rid of him.
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    Ive always been for him staying but as soon as the fans on mass and, more importantly these days, the players are against you then its only a matter of time. Thats not to say the players downed tools. They were clearly still playing for him. There was just no real confidence he was bringing out the best in them, and the control within the dressing room from the senior players is still a big issue i want to see gone within the next couple of years. Puel has done alot more for the club than he will ever be given credit for. Im saddened he couldn't turn it around but yesterday made his position untenable. We still have a bright future, but the next appointment is crucial as to how bright that future is.
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    Large majority of you guys are delusional. Stevie Wonder could see that Puel was really building something with Leicester. Bringing through exciting young players whilst slowly replacing the aging ones. It takes time to build a team, and it can be hard to have consistency with kids, but given everything that has happened this season it is farcical to expect you to be in a better position than you are currently. Also, Rafa? You can't be serious. There is not a chance he will go to Leicester. I really want to like Leicester, but the insanely entitled views of you guys makes it difficult.
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    For a long time, the 'plan' kept me behind Puel. Unfortunately you can bring youth through, you can develop a style of play, you can cut out dead wood but it doesn't mean anything if you don't win at home for two months. I felt like we were 'nearly there' for too long - we have moved closer to a reborn post-title-winning, more complete club under Puel but he didn't have the leadership and nous to get us all the way. He leaves the club in better shape than he inherited it, but he's not the man to take it forward from here.
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    I don’t understand this fascination with Brendan Rogers.
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    Don't bang your vagina on the door on the way out
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    Terrible manager good riddance
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    The contents of my bowels is an upgrade on Puel.
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    Some lucky bloke was escorted out the stadium today by the cops in L block. Lucky b@stard will be banned for the rest of the season
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    I sincerely hope all you naysayers come back on here and eat your words when this club gets rid of Fraud, gets in a younger, progressive manager, and Maddison gets game time for England.
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    Lets just hope Kasper, Wes, Vardy etc. are all fully consulted and on board before the next appointment
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    Spotted Nige in sportdirect in Leicester - what was he buying - a big **** off pair of white trainers...
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    We got thumped by Palace at home. Why anybody gives a **** about Tottenham's title challenge, that only existed in their own heads anyway, is beyond me.
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    Thought I'd put this in here rather than the Palace match thread because it's not unique to that game. I really hate Zaha. He's such a hypocritical moaning little shit. He dives, a lot. Everytime a player gets within a foot of him he's complaining to the ref like he's had his leg broken. A few weeks ago he was sent off after scrapping with Ward-Prowse. Yesterday alone he raked his studs down Tielimans calf, threw him off the pitch and also threw another player to the ground on the edge of our box and that's just what I remember off the top of my head. In the lead up the first goal he's on the end of a perfectly good tackle from Ricardo and he's straight up remonstrating with the ref like Ricardo had two footed him. He's the dictionary definition of entitled. I wouldn't wish injury on the guy, mainly because it would just add fuel to this idea that he has that's he's somehow harshly treated, constantly fouled but they're never given.
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    New poster on here so expect people to be skeptical of what i say. From what I was told before the Liverpool game, it seemed unlikely he'll be gone before the end of the season but that might have changed now. He's bascially lost everyone apart from Chilwell, Gray, Ricardo, Mendy, and Barnes, plus all staff apart from Bonnevay and Sadler. He hasn't adjusted to English football at all and if the club had listened to some of what was common knowledge from his Southampton days you'd hope they wouldn't have appointed him but Rudkin and Top were keen. He was gone after West Ham but the sad events essentially saved his job. Most of the people that matter are aware he should go but there's kind of a paralysis around the club which if it carries on will also not be good for the summer and beyond. Could be a really sticky period for us. AN.
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    2 seasons wasted because of this guy,thats real shame
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    Home crowd are pathetic at the moment. Cheering the sub at half time, booing players on (not today but in recent weeks) - pathetic for so called fans. It’s always Ghezzal and Nacho who cop for it. The slightest pass astray, moan. Having said that thought the atmosphere was okay at the start. Always back the lads unless it suits nowadays. Loudest boos in a while at the end
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    Good times and the bad....
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