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    McLintock was a terrible manager, Pleat was truly dire, Megson & Levein were appalling, but the big difference with Taylor was he had money to spend and he blew it all on some very poor players and a total @&%$ called Denis Wise. Because of this, Taylor must go down as our worst ever manager. As a side issue, during the end of Puel's reign, a lot of our fans were comparing him to Taylor, which is totally unfair. Taylor took over a good squad, in Europe having just won the league cup and completely ruined it, and very quickly too. Puel took over an aging squad, well past it's best, and brought in some of the most promising players I've seen in a Leicester shirt for many years and had them competing in the P/L top half.
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    In my lifetime, there can be no dispute. I grew up in the 90s with 8 trips to Wembley in 10 years, 2 promotions, 2 League Cup victories, 4 games in Europe, all before we moved from Filbert Street. My favourite player from that era was Stevie Claridge, because of Wembley 96 alone. Jamie Vardy came here for the same amount we signed Claridge for. He’s gone from being so crap that he nearly gave up on football altogether to winning 2 penalties, providing 2 assists and scoring on his Premier League debut against MANCHESTER UNITED, to being the first Fox in 15 years called up for England, to smashing a Premier League goalscoring record at home against the team whose player held it previously, to scoring THAT goal against Liverpool, to leading us to an unprecedented Premier League title, to rescuing us in the Champions League and almost leading a charge into the Semi Finals. He’s scored with every possible part of his body from every conceivable angle, scored more goals at Wembley than any other Fox and managed to wind up every single set of opposition fans while doing it. This guy IS Mr Leicester City. Without a doubt the greatest Fox in my lifetime,
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    He’s the best player in the history of Leicester bar none. He won the premier league for Christ sake being a crucial part. Not only this he has the 11 games in a row record. He also has an unbelievable record vs the top 6. This is under rated imo, proven by Lakaku’s 1/18 vs top 6 record. He also has scored(since his debut) 74 premier league goals - only Kane, Aguero and Lakaku have scored more!(this also includes 2014/2015 season) I can imagine since 15/16 he would be even higher. He has scored at least 1 home and away goal vs all of the top 6 which is incredible to be honest. Arsenal 3 home 3 away Man Utd 3 home 1 away Chelsea 2 home 1 away Man City 3 home 1 away Spurs 1 home 4 away Liverpool 5 home 1 away All this is achieved around a good but not top level group of players. Aguero Kane and Lakaku are playing in some of the best teams in the world. And other than maybe Lakaku, 2 of the best ever in the premier league era! So this just shows the level of our number 9. On top of this you will see that JV scores a lot of 1 goals in games, so unlike others who hit 3/4 often he doesn’t get as many chances or his team doesn’t dominate as many games so he won’t get as many of those pointless icing on the cake goals that others get. Winners at Chelsea, Everton as well as crucial winners vs Fulham and Brighton too get us effectively over the line to safety this season sums him up. If he reaches 100 premier league goals, it will just top off an incredible career for JV. A premier league legend, 1 of the best finishers, and a title and season that will be talked about for years. He will go down as a premier league legend, let alone a LCFC legend. Legend gets thrown around too easily these days but No doubt in my mind JV is a legend. Get to 100 Jamie and crown off an unbelievable career. To think he only made his prem debut at 27 and only at 28 going on 29 did he establish himself makes you wonder how good he could of been had he been given the chance earlier. #JVLEGEND
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    Not calling up Maddison is absurd.
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    Howard last minute v Leeds wasn’t a great goal in the typical sense, but last minute 1-0 and limbs everywhere first time is seen it like that at the KP.
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    Yes and UEFA are warming the balls already
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    Bump thread! This is in the Mercury - not sure it’s Pulitzer Prize winning journalism but some interesting designs https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/leicester-city-concept-kit-home-2639468
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    Pretty interesting to watch!
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    She spelt "Theresa" wrong....
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    England still desparately missing decent midfielders. Loftus-Cheek, Barkley, Dier, Henderson, Delph & Dele Ali The front line is sorted, wingbacks sorted, CB lacking experience but still decent, Goalie getting flakey again but it's that midfield which needs someone to step out of the shadows
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    Plays for Chelsea. Almost surprised Drinkwater hasn’t been called up.
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    Some of you may know that I live and teach in France. At the moment a lot of my hours are in Angouleme. Last night I was chatting to some people in a Portuguese restaurant, wearing my City shirt and they started in full flow about Adrien Silva. I never even realised that he was born here in Angouleme, to a French mother, there are a lot of Portuguese in the city, I thought he was from Portugal. Anyway I didn't learn too much, other than their adoration of the guy, but they have told me about relatives that live nearby, so if we do ever need some inside information I could yet "be the man".
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    Gallagher's second vs Palace. The technique to keep that under control was insane.
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    I get that the club have this looking back article as a recurring thing and all that, but couldn't we have just skipped over this and pretended it never happened like TOTP do with Jimmy Savile for being a paedo
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    Van Dijk played in Scotland so your arguement falls on its arse quite quickly
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    For the people who call him arrogant..... please read.
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    Remember when Lloyd Dyer scored against Real Madrid?
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    Maddison has been in poor form since about October, he's not done enough to warrant a call up. Ward-Prowse is more unlucky not to be included, he should be in instead of Barkley.
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    This is how you do it @Izzy
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    For what he has done for the club I think he is the best I have seen. Shilton went to Stoke then Forrest - so he's out. Keith Weller was my first hero, then Muzzy - but Vardy has to have contributed more to our club's history. On another note; how many strikers on 98/9 goals (depending on whether you count the charity shield) would have squared it to Tielemens - not Harry Kane that's for sure. And he's so effing cool he then went on to score his hundredth goal twice in the same game - just to remove all doubt. There is no one quite like him.
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    you’ve also got to remember they were playing when teams played one defender and he was only in defence cos he was too fat to play up front as well. the fact people claim it might’ve been harder to score in those days is absolutely insane.
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    Still not a fan, is there any chance we can get back to the blue shirts, white shorts, kit ?
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    From the U18's: Thomas starts; Kranthove, Arlott-John & Tavares on the bench
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    He said at the KP not the BP.
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    Depends if people are discussing the best ever player or their favourite, the thread is a bit mixed in terms of what it is we're talking about. (OP was best player) In terms of ability, Walsh isn't close. But in terms of being iconic for this club he's up there with Vardy. His involvement in play off games, cup runs and wins, epic games and comebacks are for me every bit as memorable as Vardy's. With a centre back turned striker story, battling back from career ending injuries time and time again to lead us, it's up there with Vardy's story, if not matching the global appeal. He and Vardy for me are the two biggest icons we've had since I started watching, they have transcended just being bloody good players for us and become almost club defining.
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    Chalobah for Watford in 2012/13 Proper strike
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    He's gone from possibly signing for Preston to us debating where he is in the GOAT list.
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    Are we going to get this Sunday / farmer's / Mickey Mouse league "banter" every time we're linked with someone north of the border? I hope so, dead funny.
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    Lol he's a 21 year old Glaswegian, Celtic supporting Catholic. Who else was he going to sign for at 8 years old?
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    People may scoff at this but I’ll say it anyway. We've never been more attractive in the transfer market, even when we offered UCL football. Firstly because of the manager, on paper he’s brilliant for us and for young players around the world he’ll be a big plus. Secondly because our wage bill is dropping a lot this summer, i can only assume it should free up lucrative contract offers. Thirdly what a place to develop and learn your craft, state of the art facilities, investment on every level, stadium expansions including a hotel. Finally because there isn’t the pressure from our freak season. Players won’t be afraid to come here anymore and our squad is full of huge talent, young talent. I dont see why we cant attract players like Ziyech, Tielemans on a permanent deal etc. edit; font size fail again, sorry
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    I agree I’m 35 so feel I’ve witnessed the best and worst in my time, for me vardy is my all time favourite player and my inspiration in life, where he’s come from, rejection etc,to what can be achieved, though my circumstances are in a complete different working capacity to his
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    Id Rather spend £40 Million on someone we know can already play in the premier league and is settled rather than £20 million 3 times on failures that might not ever settle here. We already have Slimani and Musa and Silva in that list. Its a risk free £40 million in reality.
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    Have been looking at this forum with interest over the last couple of weeks as I'm a Celtic fan and wanted to gauge how Rodgers would be received. I have no axe to grind with Leicester although I must say there's a bitter taste in the mouth with Rodgers directly, not because he left, but how he left and how his actions were very different to what he professed. Anyhow all that aside and leaving personal feelings out of I've seen a lot of playground stuff on this thread, my Dad is bigger than yours type stuff among Leicester and Celtic fans so thought I'd give an honest appraisal of Rodgers during his time at Celtic as a feeler of what's in store for you. The guy is a top class coach, one of the very best, of that there is no doubt, what you will most definitely get with him is he'll bring on the players you already have, particularly the younger ones leaps and bounds, he's done that ad infinitum with our squad. The flip-side of that would be his identification and acquisition of new players to come in and enhance the squad. He falls pretty short here in my opinion in that most of the signings he's made in his time here have been poor bar 2 or 3. The side he has left us with is undoubtedly better than the one he inherited but that is 99% down to his ability as a coach in developing players, not his transfer business, as the majority of the side was players he inherited. His record in this regard was also poor at Liverpool, particularly when he had the Suarez money so I'd beware on this front. This makes it even more critical he doesn't bring his charlatan of a crony Congerton with him who is a disaster. I get the impression if you could keep Rodgers on a leash in terms of transfers under a good DOF/HOR this may be less of a risk. In terms of his style/philosophy it is great to watch when it works and I've witnessed some excellent performances and very memorable moments during his two and a half years. The other side of this is that he's very stubborn in his philosophy and sometimes to his detriment. For example in Europe he insisted on playing the elite sides at their own game and we got a sore face more than once and we ended up with record home and away defeats under him. I get the argument that we can't compete with these teams but we've had managers in recent times who have had a lot less to spend and performed a whole lot better in Europe. All in all his record in Europe with us was pretty poor, as it was with Liverpool. The reason I say this you may end up on the receiving end of a few doings off the big boys at home and abroad due to his stubborness in this regard as he insists on playing too expansively against teams who are a lot stronger. Off the field he was like a breath of fresh air initially, however as time goes on you get the feeling he says too much and as such contradicts himself which lands him in trouble with the media and fans and he doesn't like then being questioned on it. I think a large part of this is that he undoubtedly has a bit of an ego and feels he can just say what he likes at times, prepare for a lot of cliches and quotes in that regard lol! One thing I'm going to find interesting watching from afar is that I've read one of the reasons Puel was bagged was the slow build up play and not getting the ball forward quickly enough to play to Vardy's strengths. I'm not sure how true a reflection that is but if true Rodgers style isn't too much different, prepare for a lot of sidweays passing and backwards passing at times when things aren't clicking 100%. He also seems to like big physical, mobile strikers who play well with their back to goal (e.g. Dembele) so will be interested to see how he uses/fits in Vardy. As said no agenda tried to give an honest and balanced opinion based on watching his team week in week out for 2.5 years. If everything works out it will go brilliantly and you'll be watching great football every week, I get the feeling however if it doesn't there'll be no middle ground.
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    Brexit, Global Warming, Russia's escalating aggression and some people are worried about what colour shorts we wear.
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