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    Remember when Lloyd Dyer scored against Real Madrid?
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    For what he has done for the club I think he is the best I have seen. Shilton went to Stoke then Forrest - so he's out. Keith Weller was my first hero, then Muzzy - but Vardy has to have contributed more to our club's history. On another note; how many strikers on 98/9 goals (depending on whether you count the charity shield) would have squared it to Tielemens - not Harry Kane that's for sure. And he's so effing cool he then went on to score his hundredth goal twice in the same game - just to remove all doubt. There is no one quite like him.
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    There are only 2 routes to Remain: for the Govt to revoke Article 50 (almost zero chance) or for parliament to vote for a 2nd referendum - and there's no sign of a majority for that, quite apart from all the complications and delay required to do that - and the distinct possibility that a 2nd referendum could produce another Leave vote. I reckon Remain is one of the least likely outcomes. No Deal, May's Deal or a Soft Brexit Deal are all more likely, I think. There are other routes to avoiding a hard border: - An alliance between Labour, other opposition parties and Tory moderates for a Soft Brexit deal (permanent Customs Union and a few elements of the Single Market would avoid a hard border). There are already almost enough MPs who'd be happy with that outcome, though it would require a few more Tory moderates to vote against the bulk of their own party and a few hardline Remainers to accept Soft Brexit. Would also require an extension - but the EU would almost certainly agree to that. - In theory, a Canada-type Hard Brexit deal could work if the Tories were prepared to shaft the DUP and accept checks on food/animals crossing between GB and N. Ireland plus some inland checks. No sign of the ERG wanting to do that and the Tories currently have no majority (though a few Labour Brexiteers could support that). If there was an extension for a general election and the Tories did well, it might become more viable.... I didn't dispute the constituency figure. I've not checked it but know that it's true that a disproportionately high number of constituencies voted Leave. That's because there were a small number of areas (mainly London, Scotland and most of N. Ireland) where Remain won big. There were fewer constituencies in which Leave won big, but a lot more constituencies in which it won more narrowly (50-60%). That could indeed be an argument for it to be lunacy that Labour wants an election. I'd agree with that. Though elections aren't single-issue contests, an election any time soon would be dominated by Brexit in a way that the 2017 election wasn't. That, together with Corbyn's unpopularity makes an election a stupid idea from Corbyn, I think (and I'm an inactive party member). The fact that Leave won a lot more constituencies is not an argument against a 2nd referendum, though. Because a referendum isn't counted by constituency. It's counted nationally - you could conceivably get a situation where Leave won more constituencies but Remain won the national vote....in which case, Remain would win. Much as I wish we'd voted Remain first time, though, I'm still opposed to a 2nd referendum, unless it's the only feasible alternative to No Deal/Bad Deal. A 2nd referendum would be so toxic and divisive, so difficult and time-consuming to organise, potentially riven with lies and corruption - and there's a pretty strong chance of another Leave vote, anyway. I'd still prefer a Soft Brexit deal, I think. I accept your point, to an extent. Though supporters of a 2nd referendum could make the same claim if parliament votes for another referendum. Yes, parliament voted for No Deal as the default - and that will happen in 16 days if nothing else is approved (alternative deal, referendum, extension etc.). Hopefully something will intervene, but it's hard to argue that it would be undemocratic if it doesn't. It would be disastrously bad politics, but democratic after a fashion. But, although the ballot paper was no more specific than Leave/Remain, back in 2016 almost nobody anticipated either No Deal or a 2nd Referendum. So, either would be controversial and neither has a popular mandate - even though No Deal currently has parliamentary approval as the default option, and a 2nd Referendum could conceivably obtain parliamentary approval (though I'm not expecting that to happen). The vast majority of the public expected a negotiated Brexit deal of some sort. What should have happened is a cross-party compromise. Instead, May put party unity before national interest (like Cameron before her) and tried to delay and be ambiguous to keep narrow control and then tried to push through a deal with only the support of her own party and the DUP.....and the ERG/DUP shafted her (so far), leaving her - and us - in a pickle. She clearly still thinks that she can get her deal through parliament in extremis, as others bottle out to avoid No Deal or No Brexit. But, to have any chance of doing that, she'll surely need miraculously rapid persuasive powers as the EU won't agree an extension if they think she's flogging the same old deal....unless she can show that she's close to getting it through parliament.....and 149 votes ain't close.
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    Meanwhile, the government overseeing all this increases it's lead to 10 points
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    Let's leave cricket out of this for now.
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    Adam Clayton for Leeds in 2011/12 season when they were playing in that glow in the dark kit. Absolute pearler
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    This thread made me start looking for Vardy videos. It's not just Vardy but this man was integral in this and it just gives me the chills, the music, the voice over, the goals... Thank you Vards.
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    I'm not JUST a random nutter, I'm many other types of nutter too. The Portuguese are a friendly, talkative bunch and I've found the restaurant at the centre of their community, now a few building jobs and hey presto! . Yeah apparently born in Angouleme and left when he was a young kid but he still has family in the area and kids he was at early Primary school with.
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    look its his wife, it’s going to happen occasionally...
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    Bloody hell fire, why is this in the news?
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    I think Mendy is going to be better at what is currently Wilf's role than many think. Of course, while Wilf is pulling up trees (as he is) Mendy isn't going to start regularly, but I think Mendy's form was affected almost as much as Wilf's, towards the end of CP's reign. Imho, they had played almost every game, and were running out of steam over Xmas. I think they are both more than good enough as DMCs, although they go about things very differently. For me, keeping Mendy here to stop Wilf from having to play every game, is crucial.
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    Thanks for the honest assessment. Much appreciated. I think it's rather fair and balanced. I'd like to point out two things: The transfer difficulty argument is a bit nought, when you look at the money available to Celtic and the budget we have (or are likely to be having in the summer). We are indeed working on different levels, I can see why Rodgers feels as if he could achieve more here potentially in the future, as he's very likely to be given more opportunities in bringing new players in. As far as I can tell, you can't just pin down his transfer market failures at Celtic on Rodgers alone, the Celtic board was also influential in blocking incoming transfers due to budget restrictions. It's only logical that you're then faced with compromises and/or cheaper options, which in turn reflects on player/team performances. At Leicester, he'll be in close contact with our DoF Jon Rudkin, and it's unlikely Rodgers will be able to decide on transfers on his own, in particular given our recent transfer history, which is a bit checkered. We seem to have turned the tide for now, but the money previously spent on what you could call "flops" such as Slimani, Musa, Zieler, Adrien Silva or Iheanacho is/was madness - although in the case of the latter, he's still young enough to fulfill his potential. I have fond memories of Liverpool under Rodgers, and if he can replicate that at Leicester with Vardy emulating Suarez for instance, I'm all in.
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    In a largely frustrating season, my single biggest frustration has been our support. Whether it be this unfair and imagined criticism of our brightest prospect, booing Ghezzal, over the top Claude bashing, we have been the club's worst performers this year. I mean, we've only got one job... In a year of tragedy aswell. The thing is, collectively we never learn. I am old enough to remember the shit that O'Neill got and which he never forgave. You would think that perhaps we would think again before turning on the manager. Last year Chilwell was the scapegoat and has had a great season this year. You would think we would learn and give a player like Maddison with bags of talent the patience he needs to develop.
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    Best in my 50 something years and no way is he 'very limited" in any department.He is fast skillful positionally aware.He can score is two footed good on the air.He can defend and is an hard little f....r .His passing is good and he never wastes the ball. His only limitation is his lack of tolerance for managers who are out their depth!
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    I want any player to do well in a city shirt, my opinion of him is exactly that,my opinion, i just think some on here think he’s the best thing since sliced bread, he plays great then is poor more often than not, and I completely disagree with him being player of the year, most overated maybe but in my opinion certainly not player of the year
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    Bang on.In fact you could go back to when freedom of movement became a reality 14 years ago.
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    Him V Iborra in a sprint would be interesting.
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    Well no. He’s been one of the best left backs in the country this season along with Robertson and Shaw and he’s one of the first names on the team sheet. if Rodgers picks Fuchs to deal with Burnley’s physical threat I could understand that but no way does Chilwell deserve dropping outright.
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    I'm not sure I said he deserved a call up? Though if I did please quote me the bit where I said it. I just think it's churlish to be as harsh on him as you seem to be and to ignore the facts so blatantly in front of you because your personal opinion is that he's not been great. He currently has created more chances than Hazard, Salah, David Silva, Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba, Sterling, etc. He has achieved this at 22 in his first full season in the premier league and at a team that by all accounts hasn't been firing on all cylinders. I just don't see how he could have achieved this if he's not had a good game since October? Stats are not the be all and end all but I like them because sometimes they force me to question my own viewpoints and in the past I've realised that sometimes I've been guilty of confirmation bias. Like I said, I don't think he was robbed by not getting a call up but to suggest he's not had a very promising first season seems unfair. X
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    Fromm 442's Clubs worst ever player Leicester (Junior Lewis) By James Sharpe (@TheSharpeEnd) Such is the volume of dross that made its way through Leicester’s doors from c.2001-08, you could easily compile a full starting XI of worst players, a cramped substitutes’ bench and a queue of rubbish pros outside the manager’s office confused by their omission from such a side. Lewis had the incredible ability of being 6ft 2in standing height, and 5ft 8in when jumping There is, however, one man who stands tall in the quagmire when fans consider the worst player ever to wear the fox on his chest. The mere mention of Junior Lewis’s name is enough to bring most Leicester supporters out in hives, thanks to his dismal 30 appearances for the club between 2001 and 2004. City boss Peter Taylor bought the lanky midfielder from Gillingham – the third of six (six) times Taylor would sign him during his career – for £150,000. Even that would prove extortionate. Lewis had the incredible ability of being 6ft 2in standing height, and 5ft 8in when jumping. To his credit, the uncultured central midfielder had one half-decent game in a Premier League victory over Liverpool, but other than that he looked more like a player who fans genuinely thought they were better than. Unsurprisingly, he eventually left on a free transfer. Even more unsurprisingly, it was then-Hull manager Taylor who snapped him up. Read more at https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/your-clubs-worst-player-ever-voted-fans?page=0%2C10#l7qcq2IVuSFJ6Gog.99 Here's another piece on him under the banner of Managers' men: football's 'special' relationships, by those who know best Read more at https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/managers-men-footballs-special-relationships-those-who-know-best#KSZicwYave83tpAB.99 Junior Lewis is surely the ultimate manager’s man, having been purchased six times as a player (for Dover Athletic, Gillingham, Leicester City, Brighton, Hull City and Stevenage Borough) and brought into clubs twice as a coach (Wycombe Wanderers, Bradford City) by Peter Taylor. “I think I must hold the world record,” he tells FourFourTwo. Lewis believes that Taylor saw similarities from his younger days. “We were both two-footed, but mainly left-footed, and we relied on a similar trick - feinting to cross but chopping back onto your right foot. I watched a video of him play once and I thought: ‘I do that’. Lewis: the ultimate manager's man “He trusted me to keep things ticking over. I fitted his philosophy, and he brought the best out in me. But I didn’t assume that when he moved, I’d automatically follow. When he took over Leicester in the Premier League I did really hope I’d join, but I didn’t hear from him for ages.” Now a coach himself at Boreham Wood, Lewis has another theory as to how certain types can become invaluable to their boss. “Operating in a difficult position is one way to become a favourite, and I was always a two-footed holding midfielder. There aren’t a lot of us around, compared to more attacking players, probably because you don’t get as much glory. "So having me in that role meant Peter always knew he had one position sorted.” Lewis, never encountered hostility from team-mates thanks to his status. “I was playing a position which nobody else really did, so the competition wasn’t there. There was a bit of joking, but not much beyond that.” He seems to fancy himself quite a bit.
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    outrageous day today considering i wasn’t even gonna have a punt. 28/1 winner, 22/1 second, 6/4 winner & a 5/1 winner. should’ve had the lucky 15.
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    Remember the good old days when she was getting standing ovations for saying, ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. Could she be the worst politician in history?
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    Maddison is more deserving of a call up than Maguire. IMO.
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    Got Redknapp to thank for turning the job down after he'd accepted it, because it was such a long drive to the south coast.
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    The one I can remember straight off the top of my head without thinking about it are Nalis v Leeds (though there was a great one from Dickov that game too) and Vardy v Liverpool.
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    Nigel Pissoonn awin a partaay
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    The likes of Rob "re-doubling our efforts" Kelly, Levein, Holloway, Martin Allen etc were completely our of their depth but all of those (bar Allen) worked on a shoestring budget and they inherited piss poor teams. Levein and Kelly didn't have a a fiver between them. Peter Taylor had a good team in a healthy position and money to spend. Comfortably our worst manager ever.
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    Would be amazing and long overdue. Pell was/is the NUMBER 3 guy at the Vatican... 0) jesus/god etc 1) pope 2) Other guy 3) Proven child rapist George Pell Number fvcking three and they knew this when they appointed him, they knew when they allowed him to send his Paedophile mates around the country, they knew then, they know of others now and still they allow it to go on. FVCKING CATHOLICS Anyone who is in that church and is not actively fighting to end the entrenched paedophilia is complicit, i hope that all of them have a moment of absolute terror and revulsion when they think they are going to die and they will spend their eternity in their hell.
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    and has protected and moved KNOWN paedophile priests around the country exposing them to more and more children and has fought to silence victims for 40 years and has fought and harassed the LGBTQI community for their "abhorrent behaviour" also our previous PM and a number of our (Fvcking Murdoch) journalists have said they continue to SUPPORT Pell and dont agree with the courts decision. Imagine that, (actually TWO) ex PMs, saying the judicial process is flawed and they still believe and support a child rapist. FVCKING SCUM! and this evil **** is still denying!!
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    Why say many word when few word do trick
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    Steve Walsh for me still edges Vardy. Dictated the attitude of the team, scored some crucial goals, tough in the tackle and a tough S of a B. He also did it for longer then Vardy. I expect Vardy will surpass him soon in my mind too, as he already has in others already.
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    The Swan post refurb looks like it would be the type of gaff to have weird writing on the walls with slogans / phrases on. "JUST ONE MORE!" or "GIN O'CLOCK!" that type of stuff
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    !! That guy must be off his head....
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    Revoke A50 then a GE with manifestos based on EXACTLY what the fvck you ACTUALLY want to do next. No more fudge, no more blind faith, no more smoke and mirrors. Has to be agreed with the EU prior to the election. Option to remain cannot be included neither can no deal. Its time for everyone (not just politicians but the public too) to grow up. The namecalling, petty squabbling, political point scoring, fake promises, bullshit arguments have to stop. If not, we’re stuck in this god damn cycle forever.
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    I like some others have mentioned remember some of the older stalwarts. Funny how everyone mainly remembers the goal scorers. Some of our "greatest" players, whilst not necessarily the most technically gifted (got to a toss up between Mahrez and Worthignton for me) greatness is a combination of so many things and for me loyalty and being the first name on the teamsheet rank highly. Graham Cross is a perfect example of this. Unflappable, solid midfielder 599 appearances but never got the recognition outside of LCFC fans that he deserved. Steve Walsh another great servant. This is where for me Vardy has to be in the all time best hall of fame. Not only does he give his all, score great goals etc. he has shown loyalty, by turning down Arsenal, to the club who took a gamble on him and allowed him to become the player he is today. He truly wears his heart on his sleeve and seems to take pride in the badge. Lets hope he has at least another couple of years at the top in him. Roll on the premier 100.
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    JV is our most important player, he’s been our best ever player. Mahrez ruined his legacy with his airport lingering & hopping. Kante wasn’t here long enough. Nobody comes close from any era IMO.
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    Scraped the Top 40 for just 1 week in 1992, one of the worst music years ever. Saint Etienne's best song. Almost timeless.
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    This is a should win game. They are poor this year, we have a new manager bounce. Put a nail in the Dyche coffin. Ward Ricardo Evans Soyunco Chilwell Ndidi Choudhury Tielemans Maddison Barnes Vardy 9-0 vardy 3, Barnes 3, Tielemans, Evans, Ricardo
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    we've failed to beat poor teams under the previous manager, some positive signs at least
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    So what you're saying is we've swapped a stubborn, possession based manager who struggled to implement Vardy but was good in the transfer market for a stubborn, possession based manager who may struggle to implement Vardy and is poor in the transfer market. Thanks
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    Hope this takes off.
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    I prefer the all blue to blue and white? Love the all black too.
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    Sadly not Muzzett .. only a one nighter to sort a few things out and home today ... feel like a bleedin zombie .. didn’t sleep a wink. zzzzzzzz
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    Isn’t it time we forgave Wise? Technically he set in motion the sequence of events that led us to becoming Champions Of England. Technically.
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    Rudkin and that's been the case for a while.
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