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    No need to bring Oliver into it. He was doing his job. If he wouldn't have booked him then it'll open a can of worms as to further incidents and "well Maddison got away with it so why didn't I".
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    So we decided to shut the door on Europe, but we’ve realised we’re going to trap our dick in the door. Why do you want to slam the door on your dick before asking if you want to open it again. Risking it locking forever with our mangled manhood trapped. Don't shut the door until our genitals our clear and if we can’t clear them maybe we shouldn’t be shitting the door, or at least take some painkillers first.
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    Dont reply to anyone who throes personal abuse anyway. Pointless.
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    Can we stop all this bullshit? Its embarassing enough that those backwards twats in Scotland discuss all that shit without us doing it.
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    Do you think we should swap the Kop and the family stand?
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    Firstly, what Leave or Remain campaigned for is very much secondary. What we voted on is what was on the ballot paper. Secondly, Leave campaigned on many things. Different individuals said different things. If you're claiming that Leave made it clear that we'd leave the Customs Union and the Single Market, that is simply not true. Here's the Vote Leave web site as a guide: http://www.voteleavetakecontrol.org/why_vote_leave.html It mentions "saving £350m per week" for NHS, immigration, border control, trade deals, "our own laws", Turkey "joining the EU" etc. It doesn't mention leaving the Single Market or Customs Union anywhere that I can see. You'd have thought the main Leave web site would have mentioned such an important policy? I accept that immigration was a key concern that needs to be addressed - but that could be addressed through existing EU measures/domestic legislation....though immigration from outside the EU continues to mushroom, and we need migrant labour in many sectors, at least in the short/medium-term). How the hell we voted Leave due to Turkey joining the EU when it isn't or to recover money that we're not paying, I don't know. The trade deals promise isn't going too well so far. There's no mandate to leave the Customs Union or the Single Market because (with the honourable exception of Gove) Leave dishonestly tried to cover up any such plans as a vote-loser. Since the referendum they've lied and pretended it was clear, when it wasn't......but even if they hadn't lied and dissembled, the only thing on the ballot paper was Leave/Remain. The only mandate is to Leave the EU, not to do it any particular way.
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    Scotland wouldn't beat our under 23s
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    The rule is there to be applied consistently. Otherwise you get dodgy grey area between genuine tributes and other political slogans etc. The ref can't police the validity of messages on shirts so the rule is that everyone gets booked for it.. Maddison doesn't have a problem with it, so not sure why it's still up for discussion?
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    I'm not the one who wants to go against a democratic vote. Yes by all means step back and re-evaluate, but you clearly just want to remain, and by kicking the can down the road you think you will achieve that.
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    So what you're saying is the leavers are snowflakes who can't handle having their views questioned?
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    Andreescu beats Kerber again and gets a beautiful handshake after
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    its ok. By the time the page fully loads, the rumour has been disproved
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    He isn't in the England squad because the game isn't played on paper. Define goal scoring opportunity? If it is a sideways pass to Ndidi to blaze over from 30 yards then that could be 20 of the 81! Too many stats in football for me. On current form he should be nowhere near and as for him playing deeper, it reminds me of when Rooney was show ponying around at the end of his England career. Keep him as a 10 and let Tielemans join in from a deeper position like a Muzzy Izzet all those years ago. Hopefully he can get back some of his early form and then let's talk about England again.
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    Some of the shite spouted about him near me is pathetic, just like Mendy the lad can do nothing right in the eyes of some. We were 2-1 up, Ricardo bombed forward so he hung back to cover the space Ricardo had left and the torrent of abuse about him being "useless" and people going apoplectic about him not "getting forward" was ridiculous. We were trying to see the bloody game out FFS.
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    Wowser, the international break really does leave us worryingly empty. Mods: you may need to close Foxestalk for members health reasons in international break
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    What a proper disappointment. I was genuinely expecting some fireworks.
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    I’m in no fit state to deal with you buce, piss off
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    This is an article from Jan 18, which is still relevant: https://www.tifofootball.com/features/strange-swift-miserable-decline-kelechi-iheanacho/ He is a talented player, but he will need to work hard to fulfil his potential. He gives the impression he does just enough to get by; he needs to put in extra work starting now. Rodgers is well known for his man management and I'm hopeful he (and coaching staff) can help bring out the raw talent he has. As he is less than 2 years in to a 5 year contract, I hope so...
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    On a serious note, Bernie’s in care and doesn’t go the footy any more
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    Which means you do condone the shooting of kids. Something tells me you especially condone the shooting of black kids.
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    Transferrable voting or have rounds of voting eliminating the least popular.
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    You're an idiot. Sorry you, clearly didn't take anything I said on board.
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    Remainers did lie, they just lost the vote. It's a pointless debate, people aren't going to accept that others want to leave/remain, so will just throw shit at them. We've had the vote, it's embarrassing that people want to have another one, which will leave us in the same situation. Leave lied, remain lied, end of.
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    End of it really. Twit at refs if they do a shit job, in this case he had no choice.
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    Seeing some of those twee placards from yesterday has made me wince. You Leave lads seriously need to chill out about the idea of a second vote, because the poster boys and girls for Remain clearly haven't learned a fvcking thing in the last three years with that carry-on.
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    Good stuff - to be fair though, we used to have a massive pole in the middle of the Home dressing-room. But then Wasilewski left!
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    Ever heard of Jock Stein? Pretty successful Celtic manager - and a Protestant.
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    Are we seriously bothered about a championship side having a larger stadium than us ??
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    You've changed your avatar and this has deeply upset me.
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    Is this your work? Or did you find and post it? if it’s your work, well done! I have a lot of respect for someone who goes out, finds their passion and finds away of (hopefully for you) making a career out of it. Well done
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    Basically. The abuse is awful. If people want to think they did it then fine, but until that is proven keep your mouth shut. Can't begin to imagine what their lives have been like since
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    So you're saying I was right. Thanks.
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    Damn right.
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    Can you explain away Lee Congerton's appalling failures at Hamburg and Sunderland. Also, why is he vilified by Celtic fans as well, cant all be without reason.
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    With Alderweireld available for £26m at the end of the season, I'm sure Man United won't be spending £65m on Maguire. Just paper talk.
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    He was a key player in what was a perfectly balanced midfield of Parker, Lennon and Izzet, great memories.
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    He should be given more of a chance but he's a year younger than Gray, has 6 goals in 41 top flight appearances compared to Gray's 8 in 105 - the difference is Gray's had enough of a chance and shown that he lacks too much. Lookman's total career apps, mins, goals & assists: 69 3282 13 7 Gray's 182 9341 16 8 So in roughly a third of the minutes Lookman's output is the same as Gray's. I think sometimes on here (I'm not saying you) people forget how frustrating Gray is, it's easy to say he's young, he's only 22 blah blah but he's played over 100 premier league games (admittedly a lot as a sub), he's not some incredibly raw prospect that needs nurturing. Lookman is younger, better and needs more minutes, Gray if anything has probably had too many minutes for us - we can't continue to persist with him in the hope that it eventually pays off. It's 02:29 am, why am I making such a dedicated defence of Ademola Lookman ?
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    People who use facebook and forums to ask questions that would be better answered by typing the same question into a search engine are usually not just seeking attention.
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    welsh is barely a nationality tbf, it’s basically just a village by bristol
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    The word unpopular is not generally understood.
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    Drink drivers annoy me as much as anyone else but this is funny
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    Bang on mate, a problem gambler needs to change not only the physical act of gambling but also the emotional and mental aspects that gambling brings. Us compulsive gamblers are self centred, liars, cheats, unable to communicate, evasive, short tempered, erratic sleepers, up and down personalities, immature, materialistic and obsessed with money. When you stop gambling and try and change, you not only abstain from gambling but you become a better person and your whole life benefits. Suddenly you can communicate with people, you have the ability to be interested in your friends, family and loved ones, you no longer need a false high to pick you up, you no longer obsess over what next you need to buy or what holiday or nights out you need to go on to compete with the other morons living their false lives through social media. You stop lying about everything, however big or small, you appreciate what you have in life and are content and peaceful. You sleep better and you can also look in the mirror and not immediately look away. When I was in the midst of my gambling binges I didn't give a fcuk about anything or anyone, I honestly can't be certain that if my then 2 year old son had woken up screaming in agony and I was engrossed in chasing a load of dough on roulette that i'd immediately have put the phone down and gone and comforted him. I'd have likely carried on ripping the shit out of everything I could get my hands on and either recouped my losses and snapped out of the trance I was in or ploughed through the lot and felt that horror dawn on me that i'd lost everything and was a despicable cretin. It absolutely sickens me to think I was capable of doing that, but it doesn't surprise me. I remember countless times where I missed my train home from work whilst I was blasting pound coins in to the bandit like no man's business, or late back from my lunch break because I was too busy feeding notes in to the FOBT like bits of ham to a dog. I've lied many times to get out of things so I could gamble my day away and when I was like that, in the zone nobody or anything would or could stop me. What a fcukin penis I was. That was the man I was only last May. I won't stop at anything in my pursuit for abstaining from gambling, I may never be able to replace the buzz that gambling gave me like for like but I will continue to try and be a better person, to remain patient, honest, kind and hard working. I will try and make my family feel safe and loved, rather than fearful and neglected. I have long stopped caring about materialistic things, i'll take pride out of achievements and give myself the best possible chance of a happy life. Why on earth would I want anything different to that, I am the luckiest bloke in the world to have what I have and why would I ever gamble again? Gambling is hell on earth for people like me. If anyone else has a problem but doesn't feel like they are strong enough yet to overcome it, please just message me. I was the same, I could see no light at the end of the tunnel. I won't preach or feed you any bull shit, it's all on you and you'll have to be in charge but it's not impossible. We as humans are ruthless beasts, we can and will do anything we put our minds to. FCUK GAMBLING.
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    I think decisions like this actually show that Southgate is a really good manager, chance creation stats are nice, but there's been a number of holes in his game over the last 6 months that outweigh the positives. Keeping him in the U21's for now is the correct decision.
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    This applies to me apart from im 36 and dont have a pension
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