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    We haven't had enough positivity this season so I'm posting this wanky love statement to the main man. 16 goals, 4 assists in an at times uninspired team. That is unbelievable. We're so lucky to have him and we really need to cherish his remaining career with us. The type of striker whose name you scream out whenever you take a swing at a ball in the park with your mates. The type of striker kids growing up supporting Leicester idolise. When I was growing up it was Fryatt or Hume (no disrespect to them). The thought of him putting on another team's shirt makes me feel ill. This probably isn't worthy of having its own topic but **** it. We might not have much to cheer about for the rest of the season but I'll watch every second that he plays. Legend. Also love that he's on the wind up on Instagram
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