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    Born in Nottingham, obsessed with Celtic, awful Norfolk accent. What a sad, confused man he is. Daddy issues, I'd guess.
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    Probably been posted before... I have no idea about the quality of this source. According to Mirror Football via Belgian journalist Kristof Terreur, Manchester United target Youri Tielemans is prepared to shun interest from the Red Devils and Tottenham in favour of a permanent stay at the King Power Stadium, it’s understood that the ace is keen on staying with the Foxes – on the proviso that Brendan Rodger’s side can afford him. https://www.caughtoffside.com/2019/05/25/manchester-united-hit-with-setback-in-pursuit-of-40m-premier-league-ace/ Well, it's nice to hear someone saying positive stuff, even if it is guesswork
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    He's just a mouthpiece for the nonces - ignore him.
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    Penalty shoot-out! Boris, Rees-Mogg, Farage Arlene Foster & Macron are the first 5 to take penalties for Leave. Cable, Caroline Lucas, Sturgeon, Starmer & Merkel to shoot for Remain (Umunna & Soubry forgot the match was on) Grieve is in goal for the Remainers (keeper's physique), Mark Francois for the Brexiteers ("he's fat, he's small, he bounces like a ball.....Sammy Lee Mark François!) Corbyn is still working out which subs bench he should be sitting on. May has been sent for an early bath..... Let's all get in the centre circle, heads in hands, then....
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    Sorry! ? Just being honest
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    What a weird and terribly unfunny post
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    Weirdest thing is he's not even Scottish, not even from Glasgow, just some geezer from Nottingham that played for Celtic for a bit.
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    What about if a little man slaps a strong woman?
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    Without wishing to sound pesamistic, I just don't see that all happening. Even if we sell Maguire I don't forsee a huge spending spree. We're ok for RB cover and wing cover. We do need Tielemans or similar plus a striker. I'd far sooner spend big for quality on those two positions than buy a plethora of more squad players, we've got enough to offload already without any more.
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    Hes going to come good and be our main striker. I have a good feeling about iheanacho. I'm hoping it's much like the vardy situation when he first got to Leicester
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    An attacking Nigerian player for big money you say. That normally works out well for us. Akinbiyi Musa iheanacho
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    Ahahahhaha that's so funny! I haven't seen anybody on Twitter noticing the similarities between this and the Germany shirt!!!! Wait until people find out you can get a blank version of the shirt for less than twenty quid too!!!!! Haven't seen that posted about a mind-numbing amount of times!!!!!
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    RC - "News is breaking that Norwich City have announced a new family season ticket offer. For £2400 you can bring along your father, father-in-law, uncle, cousin, nephew, brother, son, son-in law, brother-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, niece, aunt, stepbrother, step-sister and great Aunt and uncle." RB - "You get four seats"
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    Guardiola was hugely impressed with Tielemans’ performance in City’s 1-0 win over the Foxes at the Etihad this month and made a beeline for the midfielder after the game. so it could be bollocks
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    saw them last year in Hyde Park supporting The Cure. Decent
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    He's trying to carve out a pundit career for himself by being controversial. It's like those idiots on Talk Sport that sucker people in to calling in by making ridiculous points designed to provoke. Sutton wants to ingratiate himself with Celtic fans. I'm sure that most of them are not stupid enough to fall for it. Once a Snottie…..
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    I don't know much about the particulars of Football Training Periodisation but think this should be a factor in our expectations of how well we do and when we do it. Some teams start the season like a house on fire while others don't. Consistency and survival through the grueling schedule of the Premier League has to be taken into account. Especially through the holidays. I'm sure Rodgers is very concerned with this aspect of the game as he doesn't have a squad with very much depth. Sure he'll wring out every last drop of energy by the end.
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    Bloody hell 6 notifications in 11 mins... I'm off on holiday see you all soon
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    Really like this. Peru's away shirt for Copa America.
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    Clever boy ! ... looking away while that bolox is on the tv ....
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    I think that Amartey is adequate cover for Ricardo. We have other priorities to cover first such as centre mid and right wing.
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    It wasn’t really over the computer cable, he wore a bit of a revealing skirt to the conference and she got jealous over all the attention he was getting.
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    Newport v Tranmere today, any common sense and that's played somewhere like Villa Park.
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    I would have been up to 3 wins last night on this one if it wasn’t for silly 92nd min goals ? think the one I will struggle with is the 7 online wins with liga nos team
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    Yes, didn't he say something in the Q&A about not wanting a lamp post ??
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    Wouldn't matter would it? If we get money for Silva we can give the money to Monaco. Having said that I've neither read or seen anything here about Bordeuax wanting Silva yet. Bordeaux are another team in a total mess. Maybe the Macia and Sousa links could help out.
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    I Jumped off the Strat Fun Went last year, amazing place with a million places to see, highly recommend the MLK memorial. Also... you can go for a tour of the White house, its amazing but quite a hassle, but well worth it in my opinion.. if youd like to know more about it... drop me a message ill try to help
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    He looks a good prospect and I hope he goes on to be a success with us. He needs to stay injury free though. There are far more questions against him though than a proven centre back who is one of the best in the league.
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    I do this sometimes to be fair (not in blaby), I’m not trying to gain an advantage, it’s usually because I’m unfamiliar with the local area and didn’t move into the left hand lane before the queue started and people seem reluctant to help me correct my error.
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    It was Sessegnon's first season in the top flight. Players sometimes need time to adjust to a higher level. Look at Vardy for example, both in the Championship and Premier League. Sessegnon is still an outstanding young prospect.
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    Man City fan in peace ?. I’ve read a few of your comments above and can see where your coming from. We know how lucky we are to have the money that’s been invested in the club but we are enjoying the ride because who knows how long it will last. I have seen us play some of the best football the premiership has ever seen and know what a blessing that is. Winning the league has always been the one I wanted. People go on about the champions league but it seems to corrupt for my liking. You guys must know that as your league win was incredible. When Leicester came to the Etihad that season they played Man City off the park. To be honest when we played you this year Rodgers had you set up really well and I liked your style of play. I think you will be a force next season. Finally don’t know if anybody can help however I’m after a copy of the Leicester vs Man City programmes from last season both the league and league cup. If anybody can point me in the right direction of where I can get them feom id appreciate it. Cheers and good luck next season
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    Who would have thought different people would have different opinions on a discussion forum? Bizarre. Whatever next? Bears shitting in the woods?
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    What we do know is that some people seem keen to sell one of our best players. I certainly don’t like doing that.
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    I recently did a dissertation based around Leicester City. I emailed his business enquiries and he came back to me and arranged time out off his day to let me meet him and helped me with my dissertation whilst letting me record it. My point is before you give him abuse just beware you haven’t met him in person, only listened to his commentary. When I met him he was insightful and went out off his day to not only meet me but actually show me around BBCRL. Just a thought
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    Slippery slope there mate, if I defended Puel’s tactics would you accuse me of being Puel? Or Schmeichel if I defended his distribution? By the same logic you must be Alan Young. ?⚽️
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    Traditionally, it's Forest first followed by Derby, but they're years away from being our "rivals" in the truest sense. Even if Derby come up, our aspirations next season will be very different. Forest are irrelevant in a footballing sense. The reality is that we've outgrown our traditional regional rivaries. It's quite conceivable that we'll never play Coventry again, let alone compete on a level playing field, and we're well ahead in the East Midlands. Short of enormous investment or unforeseen success on their part or a decline on our part, it's likely that we'll be devoid of any real rivaries for some time. Let Forest and Derby indulge themselves in a weird love-in they think is El Clásico but is completely ignored outside of the East Midlands. We've bigger fish to fry.
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    I'm not all that keen on the choice of bridesmaids though
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    I went to Liverpool at the weekend and when I popped into the Cavern a guy was on stage doing an acoustic set. He did a superb job of I Am The Walrus but nothing will ever beat John Lennon singing it of course.... .
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    That is based purely on rep rather than ability though. Arsenal, Man Utd and Bournemouths defences would not be any more solid with him in them.
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    Benko benched for the match against Hearts today
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    I wish I could tell you that Rodgers fought the good fight and got us Tielemans....I wish I could tell you that.
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    Heard some sad news today, a friend of my brother in-law killed himself last night. Only 25 you just never know how badly people suffer in silence.
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    Hope he’s sensible and has already started saving for his divorce ?
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