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    Champions of South-East Asian airports, you'll never sing that
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    Good news for Top and family https://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-7089699/amp/Thai-King-Power-wins-duty-free-auction-Suvarnabhumi-airport.html?__twitter_impression=true
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    Never wanted a player to succeed as much as him. He’ll be a legend here one day
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    The selfish side of me is delighted for our club, however i feel more happy for top and the family, after the year theyve had this will be a massive positive for them, amazing news all round
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    Signs new 5 year contract ?
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    Thanks for your input. How miserable.
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    Why would he reject Chelsea to stay at Leicester? Chelsea offer him European football every season and the chance to win trophies. Yeah, in hindsight, it didn't work but every player takes a chance when they move clubs. People said the same thing about Kante when he left but it worked out for him. Either way, just let it go. He's not our player or our problem anymore.
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    I think it was a case of his agent getting him the move and drinkwater thinking he was good enough to play, which you can't fault his belief in himself
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    I blame the lack of LGBT education she had
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    I went to a fetish restaurant last night.I got toed in the hole.
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    The airport they have is enough its like having heathrow and waiting on cov and Doncaster.
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    Forget Drinky, I'll tell you two footballers who just collect their wages: Mezut Ozil & Alexis Sanchez £15 million each a year, and neither of them look bothered to me.
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    Congerton's at the wheel, tell me how scary does it feel
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    This puts a very different perspective onto Sarri. Have to say am happy for him to have won something given all the shit he's had this year
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    Still banging on about Danny Drinkwater I see. Left us for a bigger club on a bigger wage to play in Europe, that’s pretty normal. All after helping to take us from the championship to the Premier League champions and Champions league. He was fantastic here. Not quite sure why some fans seem to enjoy him not playing much for Chelsea, he was a great servant at the club who we made 35(?) million pound profit on.
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    Yes they are mate. I’ve been a bit of a saddo following this story for 6 months now reading everything that’s out there. It’s definitely just for the Suvarnabhumi Airport, though that’s by far the biggest concession out there.
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    Can't wait for the mother of all meltdowns if that happens!
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    Yes, Big Micky, name your source NOW. Who told you? Was it by text or phone call or email? We need screenshot of what was said to prove it. WE NEED DIRECT QUOTES FROM YOUR SOURCE You must name the source. [I'm only kidding ... should make that clear before some here get triggered]
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    I was never entirely comfortable with that chant at the time. 18 years on and it feels prehistoric to me.
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    Massively under appreciated by clueless twats and memers. Great player
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    Someone put the questions without the answers on this thread asap please
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    I don’t know what was wrong with the old way of learning about LBGT. Watching your dog bum another dog.
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    Hmm I quite liked Dire Straits even had a tape of theirs. When my car was broken into they stole a load of tapes but left that one behind.
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    Some players / managers are just the right fit at the right time and sometimes it's the complete opposite. eg Andrej Kramaric has done better away from us. Nigel Pearson hasn't done better away from us. Ian Holloway has had some great moments as a manager... our memory of him is very different. 'Twas ever thus.
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    That's pretty much where I'm at, Beaglehole clearly isn't a clown but his strengths lie in a style of football that is at complete odds with the first team. I'm interested as to why the director has left to go to West Ham, has he been pushed or weren't we happy with him? The fact we are now splitting that role in two might move us forward with the clear pathway from youth football to the first team.
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    That confirms the suspicions many of us have had all along then @Buce @Wortho and @Izzy do infact own the same joke book!
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    To be fair, if you want to say Beaglehole spent less time with Chilwell and Barnes than Hamza: fair enough. Chilwell and Barnes spent about two half seasons each in the u23s. They didn't spent any more because they were already ready for league football early on. About a year ago, you could say our academy successes were already successes by the time they reached Beaglehole. But Hamza (and perhaps Knight) destroys that argument. Hamza only developed into a first team player while he was in the u23s. It's no surprise both Hamza and Knight are physical and defensive: the exact kind of player Beaglehole can develop. You can see Hamza is only now developing his game beyond that. That, to me, is the main valid criticism of Beaglehole: he's good at developing physical and defensive players. I tend to think unless the (frankly more important) younger age coaches give Beaglehole more offensive and already league ready players, they won't really develop their attacking and passing game. I'm hoping the other technical coaches are still working with the u23s alongside Beaglehole.
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    Minus the leaving and playing for spurs
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    It’s a massive win, just not how Ian Stringer has reported it in his tweets. I don’t think we can underestimate the significance of this. The bump in the road for KP was always 2020 and the potential end of the concession cash cow. This now secures their revenue for a further 10 years to 2030. It may not change their approach to how they run our football club financially, but you can at least understand why they might be waiting with regards to further investment.
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    This feels like the Infinite Monkey Theorom. If an infinite number of @Wortho's type away at an infinite number of typewriters, eventually a cracking joke will appear. This one tickled me so I guess the theory works ?
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    I see ms Begum's lawyer is saying she was radicalized due to a failure of uk authorities. I think it's more likely a failure of her parents and family.
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    Me and the wife went to the cinema to watch a film. Half way through my wife whispered to me, "The bloke next to me is masturbating." I told her, "Just ignore him." She replied, "I can't. He's using my hand!"
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    Fantastic news for King Power and of course us by proxy. Top and co have worked hard to make LCFC self-reliant, presumably to protect us in case this didn't happen (as well as, you know, decent business practice), but I wonder if now that KP have a further 10 years guaranteed we might see some further investment. Either the stadium expansion, or possibly an early pay-off of the training ground loan to free up transfer funds in the immediate future.
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    Hello Conrad welcome to the forum
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    I’m not going to quote some post on here, as some still seem bitter towards him. Those that have been around the forum for a while will well know I was never a fan of Pearson, but time’s moved on. The man got us back in the premier league, and for me that’s where he got out of his depth, and imo he couldn’t handle the pressure, that’s why he acted like a loony, he always came across as arrogant imo, but it got silly in the end. His sacking was the right thing, and he left under a cloud, but respect for the guy, he worked for the owners again, and seems to be respectful about city, and probably still has affection for us. I have stated before I think he’s lost without Shakespeare as his no 2, and his career has failed since leaving us, but I would never want him to manage us again, and it’s nice to hear him praise Rodgers, and hope he’s successful again in the future
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    Yeah, but only with a subscription to BT Sport
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    Green has over 650 appearances to his name and was 38 when he signed for Chelsea. Realistically at his age he's only going to be backup. If we're talking goalkeepers, former loanee Stuart Taylor played the grand total of 19 first team games from February 2008 to May 2018, and was still on contract at Southampton a year ago.
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    So shut your face about Wolves.
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    Will score at least once next season, got high hopes
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    Because the only resemblance he has to Frank Bruno is that he’s big and black. It’s a caricature born out of lazy racism.
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    And Heskey hated it himself.....
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    Football isn't all about TV money mate, you don't need to have a lot of TV money income to support a team or enjoying watching a particular league.
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