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    100 today June 13th 1919 George V came to the town of Leicester & declared it a City
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    Very concerned. Boris has refused to dismiss talk about proroguing Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit. Proroguing basically means suspending the legislative body. Quite possibly for an indefinite period. This is what Charles I tried to do 400 years ago. In the absence of the legislative body the government can basically do what the f**k it likes. For all her faults, Theresa May did try the democratic route and actually proposed extending the current parliamentary session in an attempt to arrive at a deal. Boris or whoever else wins the Tory leadership will not have a majority in Parliament, still less for any form of Brexit, no deal or with a deal. Closing down Parliament so you can do what you want is a fundamental denial of democracy. What do you think was the first thing Hitler did when he came to power in Germany? And Franco in Spain. I hope if it comes to this the Queen, who has to approve the measure, advises the Prime Minister that before she is able to assent to this he must call a general election in an attempt to secure a parliamentary majority for his party.
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    A comment seen on the BBC website, which sums up the guy favourite for the top job: 'He's racked up a catalogue of failures (London riots £75m, garden bridge £56m, Heathrow, etc.), has repeatedly failed to disclose external interests and has twice been sacked for lying. Also, his two previous wives both divorced him due to strings of affairs.He simply cannot be trusted.Yet he offers tax breaks for the rich and an unworkable brexit plan and tops the tory leadership poll.'
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    Not going to happen whoever is PM. Brexit has broken this country and the consequences will last for generations until our children take us back in.
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    I was brought up by a never-trust-a-Liberal Labour-supporting type Dad and probably when I was in my early 20s I may have leaned that way. But I'm so put off by the ideology-above-everything bullshit in both major parties now. And in some ways I find Labour even worse in that respect. Maybe I'm becoming more conservative as I get older.
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    FT- "Let's go to Fighting Cock, see what they are saying". FC- "Can't stand Leicester, their fans are obsessed with reading about us". FT- "HOW CAN THEY SAY THAT WE ARE OBSESSED WITH READING ABOUT THEM? I WAS ON THEIR FORUM AND COULDN'T BELIEVE WHAT I WAS READING!" Completely agree with you, didn't the Tottenham thing run its course a couple of years ago?
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    Not at all. I am fully behind the Lib Dems now. Unfortunately they don't seem to attract enough of the blind loyalists from Labour, and fools are still banging on about tuition fees and the fact they went into coalition with the Tories which at the time was the correct thing to do. Labour have also told many lies and continue to tell unfunded lies, Corbyn is a pathological liar its proven with his I was at a wreath laying but not actually present, I was on a full train that wasn't actually full. I will sort past tuition fees. After seeing his mouth frothing speech at the Trump protest I actually think he is insane. The absolute worst thing this country can do, even worse than No Deal - Brexit is to have a Corbyn led Labour government and end up in a trade war with the USA along with all the other negative things it would bring. There is a huge irony that the Labour remain voters believe all of the stories about the doom of Brexit in the press, yet anything printed about the Corbyn government is fear mongering and people scared of Jezzas equal society. I notice now he doesn't claim to make people richer, he claims to offer social equality. Strange.
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    Great if you go the night before
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    Can't just ignore the content without appearing a mite disingenuous, Prussian. As above, I sure he also loved inciting his followers to intimidate the parents of school shooting victims. Of course, that's not the worst exponents of those using Pepe the Frog as a symbol - those would be some of the ones actually taking the guns into schools and opening fire. I wasn't aware being straight was illegal anywhere in history...or anywhere where being so resulted in governmental-level mass discrimination based on the fact? Pride started and continues because of those factors, not out of some misty-eyed idea of "inclusion". Straight people have never, in any place, had to fight for recognition on account of that part of their identity in anywhere near the same way.
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    The Prince of Whales! Just how thick is this twat?
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    That's funny. I was just asking her if she'd say a few words of introduction before my new stage show. She refused. When I asked her why, she replied "Nothing compères to you"
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    At least be realistic. Man Utd ain't got a prayer of top four.
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    Some pretty original choices there from the TV companies I see. Just shows what kind of league it is now.
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    Going for the icon. Think a few others are to. Thats why im trying to keep a running total on here so people dont miss any.
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    Mate wtf. Maybe you've just worded your point badly but it sounds like you're blaming these women for taking desperate measures to ensure some kind of income while our benefits system fails to work adequately.
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    That's probably the end game, that Saudi Arabia and Israel are the major forces in the Middle East, then America will basically own the Middle East. Who is the only country currently preventing that? Iran, who are supposedly propped up by Russia. It's amazing how Iran only become an issue during Republican presidencies. Rouhani is their most moderate and wide reaching president since the revolution (it's still an awfully backwards country), building many diplomatic relations. Why would he suddenly throw all of that progress away and put his own people at risk? The answer, he wouldn't.
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    This Maura is ****ing class,she couldn't give a ****
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    But he still got a solitary assist. Even Iheanacho managed 3, Chilwell 4 and Pereira 6. He doesn’t create enough which would be fine if he scored regularly which he doesn’t
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    People who think it's 'fun' to take a selfie of themselves at tragic sites like Chernobyl and Auschwitz and post in on Facebook etc.
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    I’m frightened.
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    He is unbelievable, I feel like I could play him anywhere and he would still be quality. Always seems to be in the right place as well.
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    Yea he’s unreal my man, as he was last year he’s the best cdm I’ve used in Fifa... although his stats probably don’t look as good as a few tots players his build is something that not many have he’s a man mountain
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    Kanye’s ego has probably tainted his reputation terminally. His early stuff is great, lyrically he’s arguably one of, if not the best rapper ever. The honesty behind what he writes is fantastic, he’s never bullshitted about guns or anything else you can see through - I say this as somebody that’s not even that keen
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    Dublin is Tuesday 30th June and Rome is Saturday 4th July.
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    What does this even mean? I’m sure we are all desperate to watch Burnley vs Southampton...
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    I’m not sure yet. I’ve got a Bundesliga side so I might get Alaba, or the TOTS but knowing my luck I’ll get Werner as I already have his red. I’d like an Icon but I’ll be really annoyed if I get a Keeper. I guess with the icon you can get a 100k pack if it’s rubbish.
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    Leicester v Wolves - Battle of 7th
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    I want the icon again but will see how hard some of the tasks are as if they are win 17 games with scoring with an Albanian defender I might just go with Mordric ?
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    Why did the airline stop the Scottish pilot from flying to the French capital? Because he Disneyland Paris.
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    Fck boston. Fck st louis. But if i had to chose its st louis
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    A difference in skill is what makes all good goals possible
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    Just realised it can be classed as the Benalouane Derby
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    Buzzing with Atalanta at home.
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    I just wonder how it is that Oxford and Cambridge always get to the final...
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    I have both the NFL/NBA packages which means you can watch every single game whenever you want, plus a lot more content - both of these are under £200. The Premier League also has a package like this, just not in this country.
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    The European Union must be seething with us to be honest. Granted another extension and all we've done is gone on holiday, forced the PM to resign and then go back on holiday. Patience for another extension is surely being severely tested.
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    Yeah surely that would annoy the Thai players more as its more patronising.
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    Killing Eve is superb. Jodie Comer is a very talented actress
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    It wasn't about you buddy and you caused no real offence (to me anyway) just challenging this sort of banter which is pretty viral at the moment considering the landscape. All done with now. Just asking some broader questions around male banter and how that might reinforce negative female stereotypes, expectations and aspirations.
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    I think this is for funny images not 1970’s ones. The football is sound. If you go back 10 years the standard has shifted dramatically. It’s part of slowly changing the above sorts of stereotypes for young girls and I think it’s great. I realise that the above image is probably tongue in cheek and that I’m the fun prevention officer and way too politically correct, etc.. I just think the above is well err a bit sad.
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    I think it's probably the fact that every media outlet, pubs and TV channels are now insisting the two sides of the game are exactly alike. In the push for equality we're no longer allowed to acknowledge any form of difference and it ****s people of. It's an element of thought policing and I can see why people get irritated. Personally I couldn't give a ****.
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    China's increasing influence in Africa is extremely bad news for some of Africa's most magnificent wild animals.
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    There's a lad we bought from Portugal He's magical Ricardo Bombing down the wing in Royal Blue Scores belters too Ricardo
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    One game I look out for being Blades away and I'm away on a stag with 25 of their lot.
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    I hope his relatives are sewering them.
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    We've conquered all of England, We're never gunna stop, From Brighton up to Boro, We beat the bloody lot ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ x44 Brendan's at the wheeeeeeel, He loves our Vardy too, With Kingy, Huth and Morgan, We got our Leicester back, ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ x546
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