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    Well said Phil, laying into cameroon, they were a disgrace.
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    Anybody else considered that it's their money to do with what they want. Another case of football fans thinking they own everybody associated with their club
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    Looks a completely different player for England, really direct and is a major threat going forward. Playing for us he’s far less involved higher up the pitch, attempts less take ons and is just genuinely less of a threat. For us he’s probably afraid of getting dogs abuse from our idiotic fan base so might keep things more safe.
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    That's easy for you to say.
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    Cameroon players acting like a bunch of women!
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    Among other things, Peter played in FA Cup Finals for both Leicester City, in 1969, and for Southampton, in 1976, when he captained the Saints to victory. In a career which lasted for 17 years, he faced outstanding opponents such as the Brazilian star Garrincha and the incomparable George Best. Peter began by recalling his days as a schoolboy in Cardiff: “I took part in football, baseball, rugby and athletics. My family were all rugby fans and my rugby master was Welsh international C.L. Davies! For a while, I played rugby on the wing but the football master insisted I played football. I played at right-half for my school team, centre-half for the Cardiff team and right full-back for the Welsh Schoolboys team. “When I joined Cardiff City, they had just been relegated. I played in the reserves at a young age, but once, in a public trial match, I wasn’t picked for the reserves. In the first half, a young reserve, a Scottish full-back, broke his leg. Then in the second half the other reserve full-back broke his leg! “I thought this would catapult me up the ladder, but it didn’t! Cardiff tried all sorts of players in that position, but not me. The team had a bad start to the season. Eventually I got my debut in September 1963 at Sunderland. I was in the same side as (Welsh international icons) Ivor Allchurch, John Charles and Mel Charles! I was awe struck. Nick Sharkey, who later played with me at Leicester, was playing for Sunderland and they were 3-0 up by half-time. Then Allchurch turned on the magic and scored a hat-trick. “I became a Welsh Under-23s international after six games. Tommy Docherty was interested in me going to Chelsea, who had a great side at that time, but Cardiff manager Jimmy Scoular, who didn’t get on with Tommy, wouldn’t let me go! I was given a new contract, but a couple of weeks later, Matt Gillies wanted to sign me for Leicester. They were a good First Division side with players like [Gordon] Banks, [John] Sjoberg, [Graham] Cross, [Bobby] Roberts, [Jackie] Sinclair and [Derek] Dougan so I signed (for a Club-record fee of £42,500). Peter in action for Wales against England at Wembley. “My Leicester debut was on New Year’s Day in 1966 at Filbert Street against Stoke. I remember sitting in the Grand Hotel on New Year’s Eve, listening to the bells at midnight. On my debut, I crossed the ball from the Popular Side (the old East Stand) for Dougan to head it in.” By now a regular Welsh international, Peter was Leicester’s first-choice right-back for the next five years. His sliding tackles and pacy overlaps were outstanding. “Matt Gillies was a softly spoken gentleman,” Peter continued. “I respected him. Whatever he said, went. I got on well with him and his coach, Bert Johnson. The players there were good. I remember [Peter] Shilton working on his angles with Banks. Frank Large was a big bruiser, as was Andy Lochhead. I used to love playing with him. He would clatter the goalkeeper in the first few minutes on the grounds that you rarely got booked early on! Allan Clarke was a good player, very deft. It was an ambitious move for Leicester to break the British transfer fee to buy him in 1968.” The 1968/69 season was a turbulent one for Leicester, as Peter explains: “Gillies, who hadn’t been well, resigned in November on the day we played at Everton. He told us in the dressing room that he had resigned and said: ‘Go out and enjoy yourselves’. We lost 7-1! As a result I never used that phrase in coaching! “At that time, I had an ankle problem. For one game, I had six cortisone injections! I went to Harley Street to get it fixed. In the end they opened up my ankle and cleaned it out. I was still struggling though, in a great deal of pain. The ligament was pulling away from the bone. Then a specialist in Coventry gave me some tablets which acted like a lubricant. It worked and I started playing again.” Back in the side, and with Frank O’Farrell now the manager, Peter was involved in the run to the 1969 FA Cup Final against Manchester City. He added: “We drew 0-0 at home to Shankly’s Liverpool in front of over 42,000, on a dreadful pitch. In the replay at Anfield, Andy Lochhead headed the only goal of the game. I remember Shankly coming out before the game and telling us we would be playing on grass this time! In the Semi-Final at Hillsborough we beat West Brom with a late Allan Clarke goal. We deserved to nick it. “My memories of the Wembley Final aren’t too clear. For years, I thought we had been hammered. It was only recently when a friend showed me a DVD of the match that I realised that the game was really close. Even the chance I missed was nothing like I remembered. “We lost 1-0 but I couldn’t believe how many Leicester supporters came out to welcome us when we got back.” After the Final, Leicester had to play five games to avoid relegation. Peter remembered: “We had to win our last game at Old Trafford. David Nish scored in the first minute, but George Best and Bobby Charlton pulled us apart. We lost 3-2. Charlton came up to me at the end and said: ‘Sorry Pete. It is (United manager Matt Busby's) last game and we wanted to win for him’. “Going down isn’t much fun. That season, I had a clash with O’Farrell when he embarrassed me twice in a week in front of the players, saying I wasn’t performing in training. I wrote a letter requesting a transfer. I moved to Sheffield Wednesday (in October 1970) where I played for five years. However, I really missed Leicester City and I seemed to go back every two minutes! It took me a long while to eventually drift away. I missed Leicester for years.” Whilst he was at Leicester Peter won 16 of his 40 Welsh caps: “Playing against George Best and playing two games in Brazil (in May 1966) were the highlights. In Brazil I marked Garrincha and got his shirt! I wore it summer after summer in places like St Tropez. I eventually loaned it to the Welsh Football Museum. On the tour to Brazil we lost 3-1 and 1-0. We came up against a player none of us had heard of. His name was Jairzinho! Another proud moment was getting back into the Welsh side after my ankle injury. The Queen presents Peter with the FA Cup trophy. “After five years at Sheffield Wednesday, I was nearly 32. I’m a realist. It was time to go on a free transfer. I wanted to get into the pub trade, but in the meantime, Lawrie McMenemy offered me a two-year contract at Southampton as a short-term replacement for his promising young full-back, Steve Mills, who had been injured in a car crash, but he didn’t make it back into the first team. Later, when Lawrie fell out with Mick Channon, he made me captain because I had played 450 league games and won 40 caps.” This led to Peter becoming an FA Cup-winning captain when his Second Division Southampton team beat Tommy Docherty’s Manchester United in the 1976 Final. He concluded: “My Final for Leicester had gone over my head. This time I was determined to take everything on board. Before the game we noticed how nervous Manchester United were. We felt we could win it. When we scored I did something I’d always wanted to do. I ran 40 yards and launched myself on top of everybody in the team, just like the Brazilians did! “Receiving the cup from the Queen, who asked me if I had enjoyed the game, holding the cup aloft, turning towards the Southampton supporters and then being lifted onto the shoulders of the rest of the team... that was awesome!”
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    Tom 0-1 Maura. Tom (OG) 94'.
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    I wasn’t sure if I wanted a new house, but the ad was really convincing.
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    Getting an emergency phone call from the mother-in-law because the dog (totally untrained) has jumped up her & has burst one of her varicose veins. "Can you take me A&E?" "Where's the old man, can't he take you?" "He's gone out" I go round, perform some first aid, shove her in the car & take her A&E. I asked her where he'd 'gone out' & I got a knowing look from her. I know he's gone to his bit on the side. An affair that has been going on for over 30 years that everyone (including the dog) knows about. She thinks she has some kind of social standing to uphold within the village & the church she goes to. She would rather put up with it than face the shame of splitting from her husband. I don't care what you do. It's fvcked up if you ask me & I want no part of it. Pack his bags & fvck him off.
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    Got Countryfox's secret santa gift sorted nice and early.
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    Went to see my Step-Father at the Leicester Royal Infirmary earlier. He's 95 and has suffered from pneumonia and heart problems for a while. He's 'end-of-life'/'nil-by-mouth' status now - so only a matter of time, sadly. He was a well-respected headmaster in Leicester (English Maytyrs). Feel glad to have seen him/say farewell to him, as would've felt guilty in not going to visit (got told by my Mother of the update on him this morning).
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    So sad to read , I hope she can come back again one day I too witnessed stuff like this during the 5000/1 season one of the most disgraceful was the Spoons pub in Watford the morning of the game steroid pumped up inbreds decided to start harassing a Small Black man behind the bar singing the Kante chant at him , trying to pick him up , patting him on the head and the man was embarrassed and quite distressed, the bouncers eventually asked the Ring leader , A well known local city thug who fancies being an actor, to calm down , he was off his head on Bolivian marching powder and then stood on a table ramping the indirect racism up, what shocked me was hundred of city fans laughed and joined in , I put my pint down and went next door, utterly disgusted at what I had just witnessed. That Season had so many highs but it also brought out so many bald fat and fifty retired racist thugs to the party , most of which have thankfull disappeared again. This is the best city in England , but like all cities it has its scum
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    Last time I saw the EDL trying to organise something in Leicester they basically had the piss ripped out of them and got laughed out of town. Don't see much evidence of right-wing support in this city. Just the opposite. And to counteract the view that the 70s was some sort of dark ages, Leicester had a thriving anti-fascist movement back then, who - as I witnessed first-hand - regularly gave the NF a good kicking - especially at what was known as 'the battle of Welford Road' Then, as now, racism attracts the terminally thick. That thick fuggers still exist is regrettable, but slightly unavoidable, unfortunately.
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    France’s kit is like my PJs.
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    YESSSSSSS First ever Elite finish, right on the weekend where I should get the best possible rewards!!! Buzzing **** knows how I managed it because my left eye is ****ed with hayfever.
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    For those who didn’t see it. Excellent from Neville
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    Probably a better shag than her. Certainly better looking. The chicken would have had much firmer breasts and better legs.
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    Used to go in the late 80's & early 90's. I worked there doing catering, working 12 hour shifts. It seems a totally different beast nowadays - the biggest difference being security. We would turn up on the Wednesday morning when it was empty (except for workers). We were given a wristband that you could easily slip off & sell to someone on the outside without a ticket. Most people had tickets, but there were thousands that used to turn up without. They'd congregate in large numbers & when there was enough of them - they'd charge the fencing & hundreds would flock in with a tent under one arm & a case of beer under the other. It was also a drug dealers paradise & there would be 1 or 2 deaths each year..........drug dealers killing other drug dealers. Struggling to remember who I saw, as I worked at Reading & other festivals as well around that time.........Johnny Cash, Pixies, Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys, Charlatans, Spiritualized, Ian Dury, The Kinks, The Fall, Primal Scream, Nick Cave, De La Soul, Happy Mondays off the top of my head. I still enjoy watching it on telly (too old for that roughing it shit) but it does seem to be a totally commercial enterprise now, when essentially it was a religious festival to begin with. I'm not religious, but it did seem more organic. It appears to have become about money & who's wearing the trendiest wellies. I suppose the toilets are still as as bad as ever.
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    Totally disgraceful, Cameroon should be banned from competitions, Ref lost it, VAR bottled it. How that is not a red card.
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    How is that not a penalty
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    He’s awful and sounds just like that fella that used to narrate Robot Wars.
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    Cameroons half time team talk....
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    You did a bit more than 10 minutes didn’t you?
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    But somewhere, an Arsenal fan has stored it away. Forget ever getting that knighthood Izzy.
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    Funny that they showed a clip of her doing exactly that in the pre match great finish. Side note... given we've hit 24 pages... we could probably change the thread title now couldn't we?
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    "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." Not far off it though with Trump and most Brexit supporting rags.
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    Only certain people, mate.
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    Probably not. I'm pretty sure if you posted a link to the guardian saying someone had sold a story to another paper, that would be accepted as proof ? and not laughed off. Love how we've got on the actions of the people reporting it, not the actions of out potential future PM. People will forgive "their team" for ****ing anything.
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    Of course he hasn't, but only you need evidence to prove a point to Matt, he doesn't need evidence, just assumptions.
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    As most of our fans have roots in Leicester... how can you be from our wonderful city and ever grow up to be a racist? Baffles me. One of my proudest moments of being a City fan and from Leicester is when the EDL had a march in the city centre and got mocked by everybody until they just left. I've only ever seen daft 16 year old kids wearing fake Stone Island say anything racist (Southampton away years ago) and a few older lads basically told them to never say stuff like that again or they'd throw them out themselves. Really sad if this stuff is creeping back in.
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    I think the unpopular opinions thread is exactly where this needs to be. Imagine how we’d feel if we suddenly got up rooted and became the Devonshire Foxes. Then set up our own Phoenix club, when we played them it would be more than a little petty.
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    Would play Barnes every week over Lingard
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    He’s 100% my scapegoat this season.
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    Is it still Capita that come knocking at your door insisting they have a signed warrant to search your premises? They're a bunch of ***** who have no rights to enter your property with any warrant (as you mentioned) as it's a civil complaint by a private company, not a criminal one. I remember watching a few videos on YouTube of people standing up to their bullying tactics at their front doors. The police come with them as well, another intimidation tactic, but they can only keep the peace, not do anything on their behalf. Stick to your guns and tell them to **** off!
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    ‘Hundreds of City fans laughed and joined in’ Just shows how ‘easy’ it is when in a crowd to put aside morals, ethics and all that and become a part of the group-think That’s one of the main ways the Nazis rose to power post WW1. Just have to watch the Neurenberg rallies and some of Hitler’s speeches. When fuelled by alcohol and drugs what was possibly meant as ‘banter’ can quickly lead to something much more sinister. I’m glad you moved on mate. So would I. Just imagine how the bar-man must have fookin felt.
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    What a load of bollocks. London is the size of some countries. Its got expensive bits, cheap bits, scummy bits, nice bits, crowded bits, semi rural bits, dirty bits, clean bits. Generalising all of London is as pointless as generalising all of England.
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    It the way it is now. No club in the Premier League needs to sell anymore, they can afford to name a price and play hard ball. It’s the beast the ‘big clubs’ have created by throwing their cheque books about in the past and causing the transfer market to go out of control, now everyone else has got financially stronger and can afford to say it’s x amount take it or leave it the ‘big clubs’ don’t like it. I ****ing love it!
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    Anyways... A dung beetle walks into a bar and says "Is this stool taken?"
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    He doesn’t use his pace well enough. Lloyd Dyer was worse technically than Gray but he could really stretch a defence, Gray cuts inside too often and he’s not a good enough passer or dribbler to carry it off.
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    I'm going to go for albrighton this season
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