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    Harry’s “I ****ing hate it here” face “Running away lol” “I wonder what it’ll be like to share a dressing room with Sanchez AND McTominay” “This is torture” *checking Instagram comments* “Kolo, is it just me or do you miss Celtic reserves too?”
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    Could not see it posted anywhere (Sorry, didn`t look THAT hard) - delete if posted elsewhere https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/11/leicester-premier-league-football?CMP=share_btn_tw
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    I'm a bit worried that all this hubris is going to bite us on the backside. Transfer window isn't closed. Maguire is likely to leave. And as much as I don't rate Arsenal's squad in particular, they finish top 6 every year and we don't. I've supported City for too long to know that one dickie result against wolves is all it takes for the traditional Leicester mentality of told you so, glass half empty eeyores to get going. Let's just go quietly and humbly go about our business rather than sneering at Man U and Arsenal
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    Nope. We are looking to buy a first team winger. It will cost a lot of money if right one interested.
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    “Oh shit, they’re going after someone else now” ”Quick, let’s reduce our fee to make it more easy for them to buy him” ”Yes, the last thing we want to do is to make it difficult for other teams to buy our players” ”Genius”
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    Good article. Though it's funny how it says we've done our business early when this entire forum spent a while month having a ****ing anxiety attack about our lack of signings. In perspective we're having another very good window and the future is looking very, very bright.
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    I can't comment on the general abuse (specifically for Brighton fans) as I don't travel for away games very often at all, but I've not heard anything widespread at the KP. Then again I sit opposite to the away fans, so if there is anything it might be more prevalent that side of the ground. As for the other question, I'm an openly gay man and formerly an LCFC member (now ST holder ) so I've been to most home games over the past couple of seasons and sat in a mixture of seats, usually in the west stand. 95% of the time I hear no abuse whatsoever, other than maybe a few kids using language out of context (e.g. "That's so gay" in response to anything bad, but not directed at any individual). I've even taken my partner to a few cup games and held hands in/around the ground without incident (I know this is setting the bar for acceptance very low, but still...). The 5% of the time where I have heard abuse was on two occasions around Feb/March, where I sat in the same seat in C2 both games and had to put up with a fair amount of homophobic language aimed at James Maddison from the group (mostly adults, some boys) directly behind me. Comments calling him a fairy and saying he kept diving with his arse in the air, wanting other players to 'fall' on him... You get the picture. This happened across both games I was sat there so unfortunately not an isolated incident, akthough as far as I could tell it was just this very small group of individuals involved. I'll add that I'm openly gay but not overly flamboyant or camp most of the time (not that there's anything wrong with those that are), so perhaps the experience might be different for others.
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    I believe that he's played in all of those positions. The fact remains though that with the 30-50m fans are calling for for a winger plus 15-20m for yet another midfielder and the same possibly again for a striker, we're now talking about another investment of up to 90m. Can you honestly see that happening? Would you think it worth it for half of the money to be sat on the bench 'just in case'? A reasonable case can probably be made for each one of those positions but are we going to keep everyone happy, are we going to stunt the development of some of our highly promising young 'free' talent like Barnes and Choudhury (possibly others) ? Do we not need to get rid of some of our surplus to requirement players first. If we're not careful we'll be again falling into the trap like many other clubs of buying risky foreign mediocrity rather than slowly building a team of quality and excellence. I believe we need to trust our owners to do their thing as quickly or as slowly as they deem appropriate. They're doing a good job in fairness I think and are probably already on the case with some of this but we'll never probably know who they have or haven't gone for. Who saw Perez on the horizon ?
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    What's the worst case in reality? We gain £85m and lose Maguire? I like Harry, and would be sad to see him go, but £85m is more than we got for the being in the Champions League. An amazing fee.
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    Probably not the right thread. But what they hey:
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    It was the most enjoyable season as a fan that I've ever had, in the sense of enjoying it without the horrid pressure seen in 2015/16 and other meaningful years. We turned up week in, week out and took over gaffs and shit em. Mark Davies was Tielemans and Kante rolled in to one and Matty Fryatt was Romario.
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    After 25 years of me being the main bread winner and the wife studying/working part time/looking after the kids, she's finally landed a really well paid full time job. Hallefvckinlujah
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    It seems that the western world stands on the brink of a massive extremist cultural step backwards, a reversion to prejudices of the past. The rights of minorities have not, in my adult lifetime, needed more protection. So this is a good thing.
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    God lord no. I just like to look at the pictures
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    That full pitch run against Huddersfield town was epic and so composed. I thought he was going to score. It was then that I realized my love for him. and his 70s hair style.
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    Step away from the picture editing software, it isn't for you.
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    How many of us had to google who Emi Buendia was?
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    League One changed everything. Football became fun again combined with belief and pride coming back. Nigel and the gang really transformed the club and the mentality that season. Oh and then there was Lloyd Dyer....
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    I did nothing. I'm a fairly non-confrontational person anyway, and I was sat on my own so didn't fancy speaking up at the time. Probably should have raised it with the club after the fact, especially when it persisted the second game, but didn't; if a similar situation happened again I'd be sure to make the club aware. If the abuse had been directed at either myself or another individual in the crowd I'd like to think I'd be more proactive, but thats much easier said than done. It's nothing I haven't heard before elsewhere so I wasn't too upset about it, if anything (at the time) I was more annoyed that they were openly criticising our own player rather than supporting him. There was definitely some anger there as well but I try to keep that in check - pick your battles and whatnot. Again though, luckily I'm very rarely a victim of direct homophobic abuse so my experiences are far from universal. The facebook/twitter comments are easy to laugh off or even pity the offenders as its the sort of thing you see on such a frequent basis that any other response isn't worth the energy.
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    It's the 21st century and homophobia is rife still in football.
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    If someone is of the opinion that Harvey Barnes is "garbage" then I don't think their opinion is worth listening to
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    This was the turning point....this was the year.....promoted from League One under Nigel Pearson in 2008-2009, after suffering what at the time was a humiliating relegation the previous season! But for me, that relegation and subsequent title win, was the best thing that could have happened to this great club......the beginning of a new era Just look at this squad....... bloody terrible in so many ways haha! And look what we have now!!!! No. Position Player 1 GK Chris Weale 2 DF Robbie Neilson 3 DF Ryan McGivern (on loan from Manchester City) 4 DF Michael Morrison 5 DF Aleksandar Tunchev 6 DF Wayne Brown (vice-captain) 7 MF Nolberto Solano 8 MF Matt Oakley (captain) 9 FW Steve Howard 10 MF Andy King 11 MF Lloyd Dyer 12 FW Matty Fryatt 13 GK Conrad Logan 15 DF Bruno Berner 16 MF Nicky Adams 17 MF Dany N'Guessan No. Position Player 18 FW Martyn Waghorn (on loan from Sunderland) 19 MF Richie Wellens 20 DF Luke O'Neill 21 FW Ashley Chambers 22 FW Yann Kermorgant 23 FW DJ Campbell 24 FW Paul Gallagher 25 DF Jack Hobbs 26 MF Astrit Ajdarević 27 FW James Vaughan (on loan from Everton) 29 DF Chris Powell 30 DF Tom Parkes 31 GK Carl Pentney 32 MF Aman Verma 33 DF Alex Bruce (on loan from Ipswich Town) 34 DF Jay Spearing (on loan from Liverpool) The above squad was actually not bad in comparison to the previous seasons (lets not even go there) but what we have witnessed in the past 10 years has been incredible I've gone from shouting HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUME to necking WKD at the Vardy Party, and i bloody love it!!! I pinch myself on a daily basis that Leicester City Football Club are now pushing to be one of the elite in this country. Proud doesn't even come close We now come into what i believe could be one of the greatest seasons since you know when! Fasten your seat belts ladies Time for another beer
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    You'd really take Ulloa back now? I loved Ulloa whilst he was here and yes he played a huge part in the title win, but we aren't going to be aiming for top 6 bringing him back. We don't need another striker, Vardy will play most games and Brendan obviously sees Perez and Iheanacho as decent back up. Iheanacho hasn't had the best time here so far but if anyone can get the best out of him, it'll be Brendan. Next summer is when we need to go all out for a top quality striker as this will probably be the last season we can rely on Vardy getting 15+ goals
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    Picture editing software ?!?! ... what the fooks that ?!? And yes, I did print it off and use a marker ... And yes, it is crap ... Wont bother again ...
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    It feels like we've been the band having the difficult second album. One almighty hangover. Three seasons of going through the Premier League motions but I'm feeling the vibes that our mojo is returning.
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    All of these optimistic, excited articles about Brendan Rodgers Leicester at the minute is making me look forward even more to Phil Mcnulty's pre season prediction that we'll finish 17th.
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    Koscielny has refused to travel to USA for pre-season training with Arsenal. He's their captain and refusing to train hardly sets a good example. Arsenal seriously need to offload so many players and start again. They need young, hungry players to come in and show some desire to play for the club.
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    The club and Puel did everything they could to get him fit for the 2nd part of the season (something the former manager already achieved with Ben Arfa at Nice) with the intention of playing him as a starter, which is why he was bought in the first place. We were crying out for a box-to-box midfielder comfortable with the ball and Silva seemed to be exactly what we needed. He certainly could have played alongside Ndidi if he adapted to the league's pace and physicality and I don't think that Puel would have been against it. It didn't work. he didn't really impress when he was given a chance and don't forget that we don't see how he did in training, which is the basis on a manager decides if a player deserves to play or not. I don't know what Rodgers's stance is, but I doubt Silva's part of his project. His wages and transfer price are too high for a bench player, he isn't getting younger and certainly wants to be more than a part-time player. We have a shitload of midfielders and I don't see where he fits at all. No one with half a brain would downplay his achievements with Sporting and Portugal. He's good player, just not in this league. Not the first and certainly not the last.
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    For anyone confused about Perez's position...
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    I'm sure that part of the logic in buying Perez was the fact that he can play as a striker in the event of Vardy being injured or suspended. As he can play in other positions too and will get plenty of game time, we won't have to worry about keeping another unhappy, expensive back-up striker on the bench. We already have Iheanacho and - if he comes back - Slimani to perform that role for us.
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    Why aren't we linked to any strikers you say? Because our hero is BACK
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    Kaveh Solhekol claps when the plane lands
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    If you were berated, it sounds an overreaction and the person concerned has some issues However, i spent my youth being called a Pom or Pommy Bastard by the aussies... the DIFFERENCE is that it is NOT a derogatory term because my past and throughout history i was never considered LESS as a pom, i was part of the ruling class. There were not signs banning me from certain establishments because of my colour There were not places i was not allowed to walk because of my race There were not times that i was not allowed out because of my colour There were not places i was not allowed to work because of my sexuality. My family were not stolen by the government because of my colour
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    I am a parent of a trans child. There are huge rates of suicide attempts amongst trans teenagers. It is easy to be an accepting parent of a trans child. I choose to love my daughter and keep her safe. In her first match at the KP, she saw Mahrez score with his thirteenth consecutive touch.
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    To play a slight straw man........ What about Kick It Out? Pointless because a person's race should have nothing to do with football? You've actually hit the nail on the head without quite meaning to. This is important exactly BECAUSE a person's sexuality should have nothing to do with football, that's precisely the point of the partnership. X
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    I guess it's more to do with the club supporting people in the community who are targeted and treated with prejudice because of their sexual preference when that shouldn't be the case
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    Royal Princes play polo in memory of friend Khun Vichai http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/prince-william-prince-harry-play-3079036#ICID=ios_leicestermercury_ios_AppShare_Click_Other
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    Which is something a lot of people don’t understand. Training isn’t just about running round a few cones and a bit of target practice, you play games behind closed doors against other team members, to do that you need 2 teams of decent players and there no point in having a game against crap players. Players like king are just as important behind the scenes as first teamers are on matchday.
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    To be fair he chipped in with a few crucial goals notably in the great escape and also in the championship year. Not his fault that Puel left him out. It is all well and good everyone saying this player or that is dead wood but we don’t know what contribution they are making on the training ground or in other ways. You don’t have to be a starter to be valued. Loyalty works both ways and too often these days it seems that contracts are just there to be ignored when it suits. That said I do think King would make a good addition to a championship or lower pl side and his time here is done. A legend but his job is done and it is time for him to move on if he still wants regular football.
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    said it before but bury away. he played like he was on a ridiculous cocktail of drugs. he was sensational without doing anything particularly good. you could just tell he was “different”.
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    The best laugh is tho that HM has never said publicly he wants to go there. The deal has always been meet our price and if he then wants to go we will let him. I would just love it if they finally cottoned on, offered the 85mill and then when Top told Harry he turned round and said no thanks boss I would rather stay put. The wailing and gnashing of teeth as their arrogance came back to bite them in the ar*e would be heard all the way down the M6
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    Andy King doesn't get enough appreciation, what a legend
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    Reminds me a bit of Rodolfo Pizzaro, the Mexican midfielder. If you happened to catch the Gold Cup final Pizarro didn't get the assist on the only goal, but he created it almost single-handedly. And he was clearly the best player on the pitch. He's a master of what we call the "hockey assist" in U.S. soccer parlance - the guy who unlocks the defense and sets the table for the assist and the goal. Some people can only see what shows up on the score sheet, but if you actually watch a guy like that play, you know how many goals they create.
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    It's amazing how he's managed to convince them that he's Luton's answer to Nelson Mandela. I wonder if The Specials will do a song about him. Didn't he come 4th/5th in his latest attempt at public office and demand a reccount? He'll be back but I can't imagine his 'powers' will ever evolve past YouTube videos. The bigger concern is the morons he incites.
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    Here's some hard data proving that Man U are one of the stupidest clubs in the transfer market: Basically, Man U recruit famous players at inflated prices (Pogba, Sanchez...) instead of looking for talent they can develop (Maddison, Tielemans ...). So they burn through money and don't get a good return. No wonder they are falling to the mid table. The two clubs with the smartest recruitment? Man City and Liverpool of course. If Man U drop 85 million on Maguire it shows they are as stupider than ever. (Link to original article: https://www.economist.com/game-theory/2019/05/12/how-manchester-city-came-to-rule-english-football )
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    Great news mate, you can kick back, relax and just work when you want to now...oh, hang on...
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    New signing for our club. Tom Van Hyfte signs a 1-year-deal. He's a 33-year-old Belgian central midfielder who recently played for Beerschot (Belgian 2nd division), where he played 80 games in 2 seasons and even was their captain. I like this signing, as it brings a lot of experience to the team. We now have a midfield that is strong enough to compete for the league title this year, but we still need some defending and attacking signings to strengthen the team.
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    Firstly, sexuality and trans are completely different things. Secondly there are, of course, issues with trans women playing CIS women in sports which need to be looked at but..... Thirdly, those issues have nothing to do with trying to stamp out homophobia. Fourthly, it seems churlish to put a negative slant on a positive story. Fifthly, I just wanted to say fifthly. X
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