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    Good article. Though it's funny how it says we've done our business early when this entire forum spent a while month having a ****ing anxiety attack about our lack of signings. In perspective we're having another very good window and the future is looking very, very bright.
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    It was the most enjoyable season as a fan that I've ever had, in the sense of enjoying it without the horrid pressure seen in 2015/16 and other meaningful years. We turned up week in, week out and took over gaffs and shit em. Mark Davies was Tielemans and Kante rolled in to one and Matty Fryatt was Romario.
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    I did nothing. I'm a fairly non-confrontational person anyway, and I was sat on my own so didn't fancy speaking up at the time. Probably should have raised it with the club after the fact, especially when it persisted the second game, but didn't; if a similar situation happened again I'd be sure to make the club aware. If the abuse had been directed at either myself or another individual in the crowd I'd like to think I'd be more proactive, but thats much easier said than done. It's nothing I haven't heard before elsewhere so I wasn't too upset about it, if anything (at the time) I was more annoyed that they were openly criticising our own player rather than supporting him. There was definitely some anger there as well but I try to keep that in check - pick your battles and whatnot. Again though, luckily I'm very rarely a victim of direct homophobic abuse so my experiences are far from universal. The facebook/twitter comments are easy to laugh off or even pity the offenders as its the sort of thing you see on such a frequent basis that any other response isn't worth the energy.
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    It's the 21st century and homophobia is rife still in football.
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    To play a slight straw man........ What about Kick It Out? Pointless because a person's race should have nothing to do with football? You've actually hit the nail on the head without quite meaning to. This is important exactly BECAUSE a person's sexuality should have nothing to do with football, that's precisely the point of the partnership. X
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    Hard to recall a summer when I've been more excited about the new season. Even my inner Eeyore - a constant voice of caution - is not as loud as usual, and I'm beginning to think that even if we don't break into the top 6 this time, we're in for a thrilling ride. Can't wait for August!
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    To the tune of we will rock you.. He's got a smile on his face He loves our place Picking passes all over the place Singing, Youri Youri Tielemans
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    In the weeks following Khun Vichai's tragic passing, I floated a fundraising idea on here and it seemed to be pretty popular. Over the past few months i've decided to go ahead and set up a Just Giving page to make the idea a reality. For those who don't remember, or didn't see it, i was inspired by the generosity of Vichai and the entire Srivaddhanaprabha family. Its obviously very well documented that the family donated vast sums of money to several charitable causes around the city, most notably his £2m donation to our Counties Childrens Hospitals. The man did so much for our city, not just in footballing terms, and there is no way we will ever be able to fully pay him back for this. I want to do a small thing to show our appreciation for his home city in the same way he has benefited ours. I've done some research and have found a care home/childrens hospital that specialises in the care of orphaned and abandoned disabled children in Bangkok. I'm currently in the process of setting up the Just Giving page to give a donation in Vichai's name, but will need the help of everyone on Foxestalk to help in any way you can, be it with your own donations or by simply sharing the page and raising awareness to the cause. The aim at the moment is to set a target (currently undecided) to raise and be ready to donate in time for the anniversary of Vichai's passing. Let me know if there's anything you can do to help. EDIT: The Just Giving page is now set up, I've set a modest target of £200 for now. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/givingbacktovichai This is the first time i've ever done any fundraising like this, and i would appreciate and tips to improve the page i set up
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    @trabuch okay mate fair play I agree now
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    Steve Smith's style is completely mad but works, at the end of it, if your head doesn't move and your feet do, you should be ok.
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    Yep, just this upcoming Ashes series. To me test cricket is vastly superior game, with the Ashes series being the pinnacle of the sport. Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed our turnaround in the ODI game but I don't view the format like the majority of subcontinent teams' fans do. However, saying that I have been more interested in this tournament than previous because the balance between bat and ball has been a lot closer.
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    That's the 2009/10 squad, our first year back in the Championship.
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    Didn’t realise things was so bad
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    How are you getting on now @Izzy ? hope all is going well and you are still enjoying your running and general fitness etc
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    Remember 6 months ago when we were lambasted by the media for sacking Puel.... how times change. The way they talked about us was disgusting and now suddenly we are the media darlings, can't stand journos (excluding our own Geoff Peters of course).
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    Forget about the bloody car park, get the new stand built! If we're about to take off again then many new and old fans will miss out. Gonna need a bigger boat.
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    Highlights of our friendly against Eupen
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    New Zealanders hey!
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    Eventually there comes a point where fans have to take some of the blame. It's a club to support - not a religion. If you don't feel you're getting your money's worth (and it IS expensive for most people) then don't go.
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    I genuinely feel for the fans, especially those that turn up consistently.
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    Runners have been scrapped.
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    We've definitely talked about this one before, and it amazes me how many drivers just don't seem to be able to keep to their side of the road on a bend of any tightness at all. Outside the Hare and Hounds in Anstey is a great place to see this in action
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    Was it? Oh yeah, of course. The 'battle of the bridge', I stand corrected
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    Hard to say - if I was offered the WC or the Ashes now it would be the WC - not sure I'd swop a decade of them and an away Ashes win is always far more importan than one at home. I'm not sure it would mean as much as a footy World Cup as you get carried away with that, but this is as nervous as I've been since that semi final - but also not as nervous as I was for City games in 2016. BTW what a start.
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    My 2nd favourite ever season, the favourite being when we steamrollered the Championship. Both seasons under Pearson, the man was a genius here. Winning the PL was obviously magical but too stressful to be truly enjoyable until it was confirmed.
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    In which case fully agree with your point about VAR. We don't want it to become fully computerised and almost nullify the refs decisions, so if it's so close we should go with them
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    When it is that close it goes with the umpires original decision. Something that VAR could do with for offsides imo.
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    Cheers for the reply. A bit like @David Guiza, I worry it won't suit me. But my sister did make a good point, I'm gonna be bald anyway, so what's it matter I won't have a choice. I'm debating booking some time off, doing it and getting used to it before unleashing it on the world.
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    Mine isn't so much feeling less of a man, mine is more like the @Ric Flair issue. I am not going to suit the bald look if/when that day comes. One thing I am grateful for is that my beard hair goes from strength to strength so I can always go for the Uncle Albert look if all else fails. I noticed definite balding after a haircut around 3/4 months ago, I've always had a pretty high hairline, even at primary school, sort of Denis Bergkamp like, but this was the begining of the end I think. The moment it properly goes I will shave my head though, nobody suits the Barry from Eastenders hairstyle.
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    The sheer amount of people purposely in the wrong lane, looking to gain the slightest advantage. Then when someone lets them in, they end up blocking the lane they’re moving out of. See it about 3 times every day, drives me mental.
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    If you didn't mean it, don't say it. Oz was making the point that whatever abuse white people might receive, we still largely don't have a clue how bad it is for non-whites, and I suspect that's largely the case. I agree with you that all abuse is bad, however. The problem is when we have abusers in positions of power, as we increasingly do now.
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    Epstein should be thoroughly investigated and whoever turns out to have been criminally involved taken down. Whatever their political affiliation.
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    The top stat in that tweet is absurd but the fact they've not had someone bag 20+ top flight goals for thirty years isn't really. They've been a bottom to mid table club when they've actually been in the top flight in that period bar the odd season.
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    You need to register but it’s free.
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    Genuinely not bitter because Lucie has gone but this year has been shite
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    The term coloured was used in a derogatory way in America. Because of its history it is offensive. It was also used in an offensive way in South Africa. The term 'a person of colour ' is totally acceptable. 'Aussie' is an acceptable , friendly term; however a similar shortening of the word 'Pakistani is not. Again it is historical, the term was used as a catch-all insulting term for people of Asian origin. Much to my regret, growing up in Hinckley, some racist terms were part of my vocabulary at a time where there was less awareness. People at the time did not mean to offend, we just were not educated in using language respectfully. You sound very respectful. Respect to you for your charity work. The term 'black' is generally inoffensive unlike the word 'coloured. '
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    (Not mine, seen it somewhere) Youri is a Belgian, he wears a Belgian cap And when he signed for Leicester, he thought Man U were cr*p He'll take us into Europe, We'll rule the ****ing land Cuz we are Leicester City, the kings of Eng(er)land
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    Another disappointing effort. Looking likely that we'll again get the wooden spoon this year. How can you bowl a team out for 117 in one innings and let them get nearly 500 in the second??
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    He's only scored 4 league goals in 2 seasons - still a great player on his day of course, but not close to the force he was at Chelsea.
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    We've finished above them in 1 season since the premier league began, so it's not quite the time to start calling them arrogant. I'm certainly not a doom and gloom merchant, just a realist who doesn't wildly swing from one extreme to the other. I'm hoping (and reasonably confident) BR can bring the huge improvement needed to challenge for the top 6.
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    Well Hesham, Welcome to the new age.
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    Mentality is a big part of football, the top clubs often play to win every or at least most games, and how they setup compared to smaller clubs is night and day. e.g. last season we gave too many teams respect, didnt close them down, and to be frank didnt play like a top 6 side is expected to play. That mentality needs to change if we are to break the top 6. In our title season, there was games towards the end of the season we didnt play great, but a big factor in some wins was teams stood of us, that respect and fear of our team. Its what gave ferguson's man utd so many wins as well, at old trafford they had won before a ball was kicked as opposing teams turned up to "keep the score down". We need that killer instinct against every bottom half team next season, and the belief we can beat the top 6 teams. Even in a bad season chelsea got almost full tally of points home and away against 9th and below last season. I think a lot of our players are better than man utd's but its the approach to games that will be key.
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    The hilarious thing about this is that, club value and total spend aside, nothing has happened in the last three years to suggest that we aren't on a level with Manchester United in terms of our place within the league. They've finished top four once in three seasons (an admittedly good second place), and sixth twice. And, one-off or not, we won the league the year before while they finished fifth. We're both Europa contenders but not realistically breaking the top four, and for the sake of a few good or bad runs could finish anywhere from 5th to 10th. That is the reality of Manchester United in 2019 - the fact they've spaffed hundreds of millions if not north of a billion pounds to end up in a similar bracket to ourselves, Everton and Wolves says far more about them as a club. They're welcome to Maguire at the price they're supposedly going to pay. It's an inflated market, we have other players waiting in the wings, he's underperformed for us for large chunks of the past season and he isn't going to solve any defensive problems there may be at Old Trafford. He's a popular player for his exploits with England, which inflates his price. Bonus for me. He'd leave with my best wishes, but the fact is that he's being outperformed week-in week-out by £3m Jonny Evans. Jonny is objectively a more reliable defender, and we have two others in the form of Benkovic and Soyuncu waiting in the wings to learn from him and get their own run in the team. He'll be popular there if he keeps popping up with goals at the back post, but ultimately it's a sideways step both for him and Manchester United at this point in time. And honestly, I think we can afford to lose him. So let "Yanited" fans be arrogant. They're a circus of a club at this point - I just feel sorry for Solskjær having his reputation at the club dragged through the mud due to the rot having already set in. It's a very different beast to the club he left as a player.
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    it’s literally the perfect move if you hate them both. palace get really upset and realise even “one of their own” doesn’t actually give a shit, arsenal spend their whole summer budget on someone who is quite frankly fu cking rubbish. itll be comfortably the worst deal of the window for both sides. which is pretty impressive.
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    Have you tried Lynx?
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    @Toddybad doesn't see to post anymore, just reacts to others posts. Not sure if he's banned from posting, but if he does come back on here we also need @MattP back posting again to balance the books
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