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    Autism Packs Available On Matchdays At King Power Stadium Published 4 hrs 45 mins ago - Autism Packs to be available on matchdays at King Power Stadium - They are designed to enhance the matchday experience for people living with autism, their families and carers - Packs can be collected on matchday from the Baggage Corner at turnstiles 25-27 in the South East Corner of King Power Stadium Supported by Autism East Midlands, the Autism Packs are designed to improve the matchday experience and are part of the Club’s commitment to being more autism-friendly. The Autism Packs are completely free of charge and will be available throughout the 2019/20 season. They can be collected on matchday from the Baggage Corner at turnstiles 25-27 in the South East Corner of King Power Stadium. Furthermore, the Club have introduced a Sensory Hour from 10am until 11am in the Foxes Fanstore at King Power Stadium on the first Friday of every month in order to create a shopping environment that is more comfortable for people living with autism, their families and carers. Kevin Pakenham, Learning and Development Co-ordinator at Autism East Midlands, said: “We are extremely pleased that Leicester City have introduced Autism Packs to improve the matchday experience for people living with autism, their families and carers. “The Football Club have made a significant accommodation for supporters living with autism by introducing the Autism Packs, and along with the Sensory Hour in the Foxes Fanstore, hearing loops and audio descriptive service of games, they are ensuring that people living with autism, their families and carers are all fully included in the Club. “Leicester City are the first Premier League club to have an autism-friendly environmental audit of their entire stadium and have taken great strides to ensure they are a fully inclusive organisation who provide facilities that meet the needs of the whole community. We are proud to associated with the Club and fully endorse this latest initiative.” People living with autism, their families and carers can arrange to visit King Power Stadium ahead of a matchday to learn more about the Club’s facilities. Please email lcfchelp@lcfc.co.uk for further information.
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    My last free article. You're welcome. Marc Albrighton has spent every minute of his decade-long career playing for a top-flight club. He has won the Premier League. He scored Leicester City’s first ever Champions League goal and helped them reach the quarter-finals of European football’s elite competition. The 29-year-old winger has provided 24 assists in the past five seasons. Only two other Englishmen currently playing in the top flight have provided more: James Milner (28) and Dele All (29). He has created 216 goal-scoring chances during that time. Of English players, only Andros Townsend (219) and Milner (248) have created more. Albrighton even tops the list of Englishmen who have provided the most crosses from open play in the past five years, with 109. The only player who has supplied more is Serbian Dusan Tadic. You might have expected Albrighton to have earned at least one senior cap for his country. However, there is one statistic that Albrighton may not appreciate: he and his former City team-mate Danny Simpson are the only Englishmen to have played 25 games or more in a Premier League title-winning side in the past ten seasons and not earned an England call up. Albrighton knows he is now unlikely to ever receive England recognition. The quiet and grounded player knows the one statistic that has probably gone against him over the years has been his lack of goals. He has scored only 17 times in the Premier League but that has been due mainly to his more unselfish play and simple but effective style. Albrighton is not one to catch the eye with a dazzling step over or moment of individual brilliance. He knows his determination to put the team before his own personal glory has led to fewer goal-scoring opportunities. “There is a certain profile you have to fit these days,” Albrighton told The Athletic. “I don’t know whether you have to be on social media a lot or be a face of a certain brand or you have to do this and that. iI do my job and do what is asked. I love doing my job and working hard. “I get a thrill out of being a team player and helping my team-mates out. If I come off the pitch with ten pats on the back from my team-mates I am more than happy. I feel I have done my job. That is all I care about. “Yes, 100 percent, my lack of goals is the issue. Now, with age against me, to ever get that call-up I would have to be scoring 15 to 20 goals a season, which I can’t see happening any time soon. I hope it does but I don’t think it will. “I am private person away from football. I don’t like to flash myself all over newspapers and internet sites. I have my family and close friends and I am happy with what I do. It has always been my dream to play professional football in the Premier League and I have achieved that and more. “Everything I do, I do with a smile on my face. I am just still happy to be here and be doing this job. It has never bothered me and I hope to keep doing it until the day I decide to stop.” It isn’t just England managers who have needed convincing over the years. Several of Albrighton’s club managers have also underrated him initially but he has won nearly all of them over. Paul Lambert at Aston Villa was the exception and Tamworth-born Albrighton was allowed to leave his beloved club on a free transfer after a promised new contract never materialised. Albrighton admits he felt at the time he would have to drop down to the Championship but Leicester signed him in 2014. He could not break into the side under Nigel Pearson, despite the team’s struggles at the foot of the table during their first season back in the Premier League, which prompted Albrighton to reveal he wanted to move away from the King Power Stadium. But when he did return as a right wing back with nine games of the season remaining, City embarked on a fantastic run of seven wins to secure their top-flight status. Albrighton started the reign of Claudio Ranieri out of favour too, and was still coming to terms with the loss of his fiancée’s mother Sue Davey and her partner Scott Chalkley in the Tunisia terror attack in June 2015. He spent more time with his future wife Chloe and their family, but has spoken about how football also helped with the healing process. Albrighton won over Ranieri as City marched to the title. Claude Puel was another who initially believed others could do a better job, only to turn again to the understated Englishman. Albrighton has become accustomed to having a point to prove. “I wouldn’t say it bothers me but having to prove myself to every manager, that is something a lot of players don’t have to do but I am glad I have to do it because it does push me that extra yard,” he said. “When a new manager comes in they may have fresh ideas of how they want the team to play and people may think ‘Marc Albrighton won’t fit into this style of play. He can’t do that’. “It makes me adapt. It makes me look to add more to my game and it makes me work harder in training to learn off these new managers. With the amount of managers I have had I have learned off each and every single one of them. I am able to put that all together and I feel I have improved year by year as a player and I hope to continue doing that.” One manager who didn’t initially freeze Albrighton out was Craig Shakespeare but the former Leicester boss admitted the winger had some tough times at the club. “He is not only a pleasure to work with but when you look at the rapport he has with team-mates you realise what a down to earth and hard-working player he is,” Shakespeare told The Athletic. “He had some tough times at Leicester and at Villa. “I remember speaking to him and urging him to keep going but even when you say these things they can go home and say, a few months down the line, ‘You said keep going but nothing has changed’. He could be one of the most underrated outside the club but he certainly isn’t underrated by those who have managed him, coached him or played with him.” Simpson has also come to terms with his lack of opportunities at international level but he believes his title-winning team-mate should have received a call-up. “If it was ever going to happen, you would have thought it would have happened during that season we won the title,” said Simpson. “If he had been called up I don’t think many people would have argued against it because of the form he showed. It was a bit different for me as there were so many top right backs around and I was a little older. “Perhaps he hasn’t got as many assists and goals as he would have liked but he has sacrificed his own stats for the team. Maybe his style of wing play isn’t seen as fashionable now. There aren’t that many wingers who get up and down and do all that work for the team, a bit like Ashley Young. “He is a top professional. You only see what he does on a match day but we see how hard he works every day in training. He was certainly appreciated by his team-mates.” Albrighton would love to finish his career where it started, in the Premier League, but he admits there were moments he thought his record would be spoiled. “There have been times when I have doubted myself whether I should be at the top level,” he said. “When I was leaving Villa, (that) was the first time I probably thought I didn’t know whether I would get a Premier League club. “Then the first season at Leicester I was probably looking for a move away and I didn’t think it would be Premier League. But if I can sustain a few more years in the Premier League and then be able to say I played my entire career in the top level, I would be more than happy.” Despite bringing in Ayoze Perez for £30 million and admitting he is looking for another wide player this summer, manager Brendan Rodgers has continued to turn to Albrighton. The winger has scored twice in pre-season as Rodgers’ intense training methods – with a greater focus on training with the ball at your feet and extra summer fitness work – have paid off. But, with the likes of Harvey Barnes coming through, Albrighton is determined to keep developing so he can be a part of what he believes is a bright future for the club. “It is important to keep improving,” he added. “I want to go on the same journey that Leicester are going on. Every season they are refreshing, adding something new and fresh. I feel I need to do the same. I have probably done more work this summer, more work than I ever have done before. “I feel I am at an age where I need to start impressing more and more. Every year I want to get better, improve and that doesn’t come without hard work.”
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    Bloke off the old Crystal Maze I think
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    Sorry everyone. Following some database issues last night we had to recover the forum from earlier yesterday, I tried to get it sorted quicker but it took longer than expected, unfortunately quite alot of posts were lost during this.
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    Occasionally some topics you're advised to steer clear of. As a journalist you make a judgement on whether to probe ... sometimes it's worth playing the longer game and not asking it at that point to help a longer term relationship with the club. I was recently told by a club official (not lcfc) a manager would be happy if a certain subject was raised. The manager was keen to address the issue. It was relevant anyway, a legitimate question so any journalistic integrity wasn't compromised. Don't worry lads (or ladies), I often take the rise out of myself on here (ie the Crystal maze post earlier in the thread) and let's face it, this is a football forum and I'm a grown up with a thick skin so nowt much bothers me. Obviously there are some on here who regularly dig - one even got a ban for trolling me - but that says more about them and their own issues than anything else. And it's funny how thin skinned they can be when you have a little nibble back...
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    [Cautious] [Calm] [Assertive] [Passionate]
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    Like when we suffered second season syndrome.......
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    Wanted out after a year, only here for 2. He is obviously a decent bloke but I'm not really feeling a great sense of loss, especially at that price.
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    Spurs going into the new season full of confidence...
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    This is great for parents/carers of kids or adults with autism. I'm a carer for a young man with autism but sadly he has zero ****ing interest in football!
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    New 2 year deal and loan
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    There was topic I started to reply to tonight - credit to @Silva Fox with "Have we progressed this window?" and I just wanted to start this topic from it. it opened my eyes up a little to the long term goals and high targets that Vichai and Top have set and how we might be reaping the rewards now... When our great owners took over from Mandaric we were a laughing stock. We had thrown money at players like Mat Mills and Beckford and I must admit during that time I felt empowered and excited by it, especially after the decade of what can only be described as "hell". At the beginning I remember questioning why we were doing little things like buying a new pitch, new TVs, new fascia etc.. Why is this ever going to make a difference I asked myself... What a lesson! We have just sold an England international defender for a record fee We have signed a Spanish player that has ambitions for being an international super star and values our family values We have signed one of the best midfielders potentially in the world We are about to move into one of the best training grounds ever built We have this not this Great post @Silva Fox but I think our progress goes far beyond a transfer window and perhaps we sometimes forget the bigger picture?
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    I said early doors the top 6 will be exactly the same and I haven't seen anything that'll change my mind. Arsenal's defence is appalling but there's no way they drop with that quality up top.
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    this is a beautiful thing. I love our club so much!
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    Perhaps he was referring to the interviewer rather than the interviewee? 😉
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    Ayoze Perez interview with GeoffPETERS.
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    I was half-expecting Julio Geordio...
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    Can he claim jobseekers allowance in between?
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    Major credit to Puel getting him in how we have him blows my mind
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    I know this has been mentioned before,but why do the press,pundits etc insist on calling Man City, City. Total disrespect of Salford City,Bristol City and any other City that plays football including ourselves. A small annoyance but it's really starting to grind my gears.
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    I’ll see if I can get them removed, only just noticed them myself
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    Presumably it's things that would help the Autistic person; such as ear protectors if any stadium noise becomes too loud, and/or other useful things that would help them manage other matters they struggle with in their daily lives due to their condition that may occur whilst at the stadium.
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    Ndukwu to Southend United for the season https://www.lcfc.com/news/1299349/ndukwu-extends-leicester-city-contract-ahead-of-southend-united-loan/press-release
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    Like trying to listen to a Claude Puel interview
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    Barnes and Choudhury are the ones I'm really wanting to kick on and force themselves into the starting 11. Barnes just needs to learn to keep his composure in the box which he's shown glimpses of. Choudhury needs to make sure he keeps his discipline although his tenacity is what I like most about him
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    Not a title winning legend for us. Not a local lad. I don't think he was here long enough to have a real affiliation with us. Doest feel like when we lost Kante, Drinkwater and Mahrez for me. Good luck in the Europa this season.
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    You can't win anything without the manager's son having a racist orgy on a goodwill tour of your owner's homeland...
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    I spoke to Perez last week for talkSPORT, will upload the full interview when I get a chance. Won;t be in the same style as Rob's but some might find bits of it interesting.
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    Can't believe this actually bothers/offends people
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    I honestly used to think that we had shocking fans. They pined for the Bloomfield days but forgot that they'd called for him to be fired. They booed Milne. They quite liked Hamilton. When Little revived the club, they spat at him months before we won promotion, to the point where he said 'I decided, there and then, that I'd leave whenever I could'. After 12 weeks of O'Neill - perhaps our best manager - they demanded his sacking. They liked Allen and Ollie and Sven. They constantly whined about Pearson, and still do, even though he took us from the third tier to EPL safety, and assembled a side (and began the run of form) which delivered one of history's greatest sporting achievements. It's nothing new. My granddad told me that fans celebrated the sackings of Willie Orr, who took us to 2nd, and Matt Gillies. In fact, I thought, they seemed to have demonised - at some point or another - nearly all of the club's best ever managers, and worshiped some of the worst way beyond the point when it ceased to make sense. As for players, I heard our fans booing David Oldfield's name every week when it was announced - for years! Okay, you may say, he wasn't much good - so I recommend you do a search of Foxestalk threads about Vardy, Schmeichel, Lineker et al. In Obama's words, we're a circular firing squad at times. It's thanks to social media that I started to look at other forums and truly appreciate the extent to which every fanbase has its idiots. I suppose the error is to judge a whole body of people on what a loud minority has to say. And, looking back, I think our fans' demanding nature, or tendency to have ideas way above their station, was part of our success. That said, some of the views on the Maguire signing have been laughable. All the chest-thumping about us opening the cheque book to get in amongst the big boys, the goading of Man U fans, the over-sensitivity to their fans' arrogance, the misplaced certainty that we'd keep our man, or the insistence that we never needed him anyway. It's daft, but the truth is that you get it everywhere.
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    **** me this place has some pessimistic prunes
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    And we enjoy and appreciate your privileged input @UpTheLeagueFox
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    'Earned the right' wtf ?? It suits the media and hangers on to call the red Manchester club "United" because it removes the reference to where the club represent. Most Man Utd fans don't come from Manchester, or have no associations with or have even been to Manchester, so it might as well be 'World' Utd as anything else. The Manchester clubs, of either colour, have not trademarked 'City' and 'Utd' and do not own them. Just as easy to say Man City as it is to say Newcastle, for example. Sheer laziness and an attempt at superiority. Don't play the game. If I was to say 'c'mon City' would you know who I was talking about ??
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    He works for Talksport... This is just jovial family banter for him.
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    Or buy a K9 burglar alarm
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    If iwobi goes for 40 million then jesus christ, demz is probably worth 50
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    I get your point, but Mills and Beckford were signed under Sven, the first manager appointed by King Power.
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    Getting a few swift boxes put on my new build. They must be ready to go soon.Shame they really don’t stay for long.
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    Anything called Banter page is best avoided at all times.
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    1. Leicester City Don't care about the rest.
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