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    Few years ago, went on a date with a Tinder match. Went for drinks on Brauny gate, started well had a few and went to Soar Point for a few games of Pool. As up to this point I was the gentleman and bought all the drinks, she said she will get us a round. I said I will have a JD and Coke, which she shouted DOUBLE at. I like this woman. Anyway, after a few more hours of drinking, we were both quite drunk and went back to Brauny Gate, where she knocked her drink over which went over my crotch. She flirtily tried to dry it herself, but as it was the first date and she was drunk, I laughed it off and went toilet to dry up. Anyway, we decided to get some late night food. The first food place we came across was closing up, doors locked and the staff mopping. I said lets move on and she started banging at the window, shouting. Ok she is fiesty.. So then she says she wants a subway. I ask her what she wants, Tuna Melt.. 20 mins in she's got bits of Tuna all round her mouth and out of nowhere she grabs my head and kisses me. Breath stunk like a cats arse. Pulling Tuna out of my mouth, I decided I dont actually really like this girl and call her a taxi. She refuses to get in and says she wants to come home with me. 'Ok, we will go to mine'.. I help her get in, seatbelted up, jump back out, slam the door and literally run away...
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    Interviewed Ndidi for talkSPORT today at DMU where he's doing a business degree. Will upload it tomorrow if anyone fancies a listen.
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    Last game of the season, in a winner-take-all, 6th place European-football decider...
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    As a dirty centrist FoxesTalk hasn't half become an echo chamber recently. I would rather we remained in the EU (now) and I think it'll be most likely severely damaging but it's over the top on here at the minute.
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    @Tuna Something you need to share madam?
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    Started as a thread just about a bloke from Canada struggling to get a pink shirt, and in less than a page you already have someone blaming fat people for the strain on the NHS and "what a waste of tax payers money" Bore off
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    23rd of October 1997
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    It was naive in the extreme, was well known the squad dynamic is poor and needs seasons of work.
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    Other clubs said we were mad to build it in a swamp, but we built it anyway. Just to show em.
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    Hear hear. The usual insulters/bullies will of course claim it as some sort of victory, when the simple truth is people aren't going to take the time to post just to be abused by overreactors and eventually have all the posts deleted by the mods.
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    You're a gent. The forum would be poorer without you.
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    tl;dr he wouldn't give me an interview
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    i always thought Slim was a bit shady myself..
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    Yet another bizarre claim from a Leaver - they really do live in a different reality: EU to blame for football's new handball rule, claims Ian Holloway: The European Union has been blamed for many of the serious problems in British society, including the power of vacuum cleaners and the shape of bananas, and a new charge must now be added: football’s handball rule. The former Queens Park Rangers manager Ian Holloway has bizarrely claimed that the EU is responsible for Gabriel Jesus’s late goal for Manchester City against Tottenham being disallowed. The strike was dramatically chalked off after a VAR check established that City’s Aymeric Laporte had handled the ball. Holloway, seemingly unaware of the law changes instituted by Ifab, the International Football Association Board, has no doubt where responsibility lies. “I don’t think that’s our boys making up that new change of law,” he told The Debate on Sky Sports. “I think that’s people telling us what we should do with our game. Now, they should stop doing that. I hope we get out of Brexit, because that’s what we all voted for, and sort that out, because you cannot have someone telling us how to do our own game.” Ifab’s five members comprise the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish FAs and Fifa, which represents its other football associations. The Premier League’s VAR hub in Stockley Park is not – or at least not yet – being controlled from Brussels.
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    I mean Alex Pascanu would make more sense. He outshone Benkovic in the under 21 euros and is in need of first team football to progress. Looks on a similar level to Benk so would probably do well for you
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    Its cos they were all thick and racist but since then they've all been to university and decided to not be racist. Amirite??
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    If you guys happen to come back to Warsaw again give me a shout (PM), drinking vodka for the whole stay may get tad boring so if I'm around we could go for a little pub crawl. I know where they serve the best craft beer. After a Polish wedding/celebration etc your liver would be thankful
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    I agree completely. A note on Kante...... I actually feel sorry for him, he really should be at a better club. For me he is still the best player in the world at what he does. Hopefully he gets a move to a true giant before he retires, he deserves it. X
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    Please please can Rodgers not play Perez or Maddison wide again. I worry, especially against these. You could see how isolated Fuchs was on Sunday. Praet is worth a shout to start, I was impressed with him. We've got to be strong though. These will be up for it and not scared of knocking the likes of Maddison about.
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    Oi !! You still own us.. we just pretend you dont.. see the flag for evidence
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    Or 2-0 to us in the away game. Our problems against teams lower down the table tend to be when we play them at home, not to say this isn't a tricky game. Also, someone mentioned above they can see us going 2 DCM's again, on what planet would that be necessary? If so, I can't see a type of game in this division where we wouldn't play this formation and personnel then. I really hope not.
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    Met this girl on a Monday- just started talking to her at a bus stop and exchanged numbers. Took her for a drink on Tuesday. We were making love on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Saturday. We happened to chill out on the Sunday. Went really well until someone released a bloody song about it!!!
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    6 years ago. Met a girl online, we met up in a local pub and although I wasn't overly attracted to her, I really liked her personality and she did something else in a park after the pub closed so decided to see her again. Second date, over a steak she (out of ****ing nowhere) asks if I'd be up for letting her do me up the arse with a strap on. Safe to say I managed to nope out after letting her do the same thing again in the same park.
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    So if the EU have done their Brexit no-deal preparation like we've been told, they will have a cunning plan for what they will do with the Irish border. Will this plan be any different to what the UK will propose in the next 30 days (or whatever) ?? I suspect not. Seems to me that it's just more and more deliberate can kicking by the EU to allow enough time for the pro-remain lobby to block no-deal and ultimately Brexit.
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    True but enough on here think we could call him back any time we like. Look at the it would be good for him type comments.
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    It was on Sky Sports and it is a direct quote. Even in my decaffeinated state it's clear to me what he said. Maybe trying reading before you start talking bollox.
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    My free trial month is still ongoing but have cancelled my renewal for after that. There hasn’t been enough content I’m interested in at the moment for me to justify the current half price offer, much less the full price. Their articles are pretty good, particularly the one on the Maguire transfer, but still not that much better than the stuff behind the Telegraph or Times paywalls.
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    He came from Germany To live in Enderby!
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    Well we all should care as the NHS, ie ordinary taxpayers, will have to foot the bill for mitigating the unhealthy lifestyles that so many seem in society to expect as a right without payback.
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    How does 1 equate to 25
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    I think a lot of people forget how bad of a position we were in when Shakey got sacked back in October 2017. Have a look at the squad back then and the style of football we were playing. The 1-1 draw with West Brom epitomised our decline since the title win, just watch the match again in case you guys forgot. Compare our squad then, to now and it becomes obvious that Puel had bought us forward in terms of squad building/squad profile despite his shortcomings which I do accept hence his sacking.
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    A particular place that brings me joy was a specific corner of fans at West Brom, he seemed to score that end every year and run over to those fans to celebrate.
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    Because he is already committed to playing in the AFCON with Wes .........
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    Seriously? I know why. It's really abnormal.
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    https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/praat#Pronunciation here's how to pronounce it: PraaaaT not Prat. The 'e' in Praet just makes the a longer.
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    I'm also not really sure on what basis people are saying he looked good or shit, there wasn't nearly enough to go on either way.
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    This is why it drives me mad when some fans absolutely slate our players when they make a mistake like that. I don't expect our players to be perfect but I do expect them to care and it's clear to me that they absolutely do care - a lot. Wilf epitomised that yesterday. Madders had a brilliant second half but he too was very self-critical about the chance he missed and also showed a level of humility when he talked about needing to work harder to score more goals. Those fans claiming he loves himself / he's too arrogant may want to listen to that interview.
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    We’ve gone to the home of the Europa League champions. A team who lost only one home game last season. And apart from the first 30 minutes, we were the better team and probably should have won. Great team effort. Fabulous noise from the supporters at the ground. Some seriously embarrassing comments in the match thread, though. As per. Ninety minutes in a game - not ten. 38 games in the league. Not two.
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    No we need to change how VAR is used. Right now they are reffing a game like an episode of motd, slowing everything down to the nth degree, drawing lines, spending two minutes searching for something that might be wrong. The faintest touch on an ankle, the slightest brush of the ball by an arm, a player 1mm offside. What it should be doing is looking for something obvious that for whatever reason the ref might have missed, a blatant handball, someone wrestling someone to floor at a corner, someone punching someone off the ball behind the refs back, a player clearly offside to the naked eye but missed by the linesman, even someone feigning injury or diving. The rules are fine, and on a whole the refs are ok too, but they are human, their line of sight will be blocked, they'll have their backs to an incident etc, they'll miss stuff, and that what we need var for. We don't need it to spot Laporte handball today, because no referee in the world in spotting the slight brush of the arm in real time on the pitch with the naked eye, so why are we slowing it down to purposely look for it. No linesman is spotting sterlings armpit being 1mm offside, so why are we drawing lines to find it. The rules are fine, the use of technology to implement them currently is not.
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    Well it should be spotting the yard offside ones and making the ref aware, that's no issue. What it shouldn't be doing is looking for a reason to disallow a goal. The jesus goal last week, on the first pausing of video wasn't obviously offside, so imo they didn't need to start drawing lines all over it and should have just let it stand. Had sterling been obviously past the last defender at first glance on the video then I have no problem with them ruling it out. There was a great example today with Monreal, good yard past the defender before squaring it to Nelson to score, was missed, var spots it, rules it out, totally fine. That's exactly what the system should be used for, not armpits offside by 1mm.
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    We've not though. We got one less point last season under Rodgers than we did against the same sides under Puel. And the fixture we just drew at home was a 2-0 win under Puel last season. At the moment Rodgers is four points down on that comparison. There are similarities between the two. Both like to play out from the back and want to evolve our style into something easier on the eye (and they're both willing to play two DMs at home too!). They like to develop youth. I genuinely believe the board looked for a manager with a similar footballing philosophy to Puel's - which was a philosophy they respected - and simply went for one with a better man-management record. In terms of style the main difference I see is that Rodgers' sides press a lot more than Puel's. Their fitness will have to be greater. And he doesn't much fancy Ghezzal or Mendy even though, in contrast to that, he has built his team around Puel's signings and young players that he helped to develop. And Rodgers has another key thing in common with Puel. He's had the same electric start to his reign that all three preceding managers also enjoyed. Whether it ends the way Ranieri's, Shakespeare's and Puel's did when fans and players became disillusioned with his methods and systems, we'll have to wait and see. But it's one win in the past six for us, and three games without a goal. It could well be the familiar story of the Leicester manager who gets off to a flying start, tries to evolve our footballing style, and then suffers for it. Hopefully not. Rodgers, like Puel, is a good manager. Possibly a better manager. Over the next few games we'll get a sense of whether he really has already moved us on to the next level.
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    I personally believe no religion should be forced on a child at all and religious schools should be banned. Especially for kids under 11. It's just a brain washing exercise really which prevents social cohesion and critical thinking.
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    Sorry, what does this mean please?
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