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    Few years ago, went on a date with a Tinder match. Went for drinks on Brauny gate, started well had a few and went to Soar Point for a few games of Pool. As up to this point I was the gentleman and bought all the drinks, she said she will get us a round. I said I will have a JD and Coke, which she shouted DOUBLE at. I like this woman. Anyway, after a few more hours of drinking, we were both quite drunk and went back to Brauny Gate, where she knocked her drink over which went over my crotch. She flirtily tried to dry it herself, but as it was the first date and she was drunk, I laughed it off and went toilet to dry up. Anyway, we decided to get some late night food. The first food place we came across was closing up, doors locked and the staff mopping. I said lets move on and she started banging at the window, shouting. Ok she is fiesty.. So then she says she wants a subway. I ask her what she wants, Tuna Melt.. 20 mins in she's got bits of Tuna all round her mouth and out of nowhere she grabs my head and kisses me. Breath stunk like a cats arse. Pulling Tuna out of my mouth, I decided I dont actually really like this girl and call her a taxi. She refuses to get in and says she wants to come home with me. 'Ok, we will go to mine'.. I help her get in, seatbelted up, jump back out, slam the door and literally run away...
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    Don't suppose you still have her number do you...?
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    Hope its against Man Utd and he beats Maguire to a header to score.
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    All that clout....yet we are giving up membership of a club where this clout and diplomatic skill is at its most potent. Part of the problem has always been the British perception of the EU that France and Germany run it. Not so for other smaller EU countries - who saw us as one of the big three being pandered to
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    But Sovereignity, innit. I've reached the point where I've given up trying to hold rational discussions with Brexit voters. It's the same as trying to hold a discussion with strongly religious people. When it's all about "feelings" rather than facts and logic, then it's impossible to have a meaningful conversation.
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    Interviewed Ndidi for talkSPORT today at DMU where he's doing a business degree. Will upload it tomorrow if anyone fancies a listen.
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    My mates lad was about 19 when he got catfished by his older brother and mates. To cut a long story short he arranged to meet this hot woman off Facebook at a bus stop. He arrives first. Then one of his mates also arrives to catch a bus too. Then me and his Dad turn up for an impromptu bus trip for a few beers in town. Ask him what he’s up to and he says ‘nothing, waiting for a mate.’ Fifteen minutes later approximately ten of his mates are now at the bus stop as well as his Dad and I and we are all piling on a bus into town. He’s last in the queue looking around and saying he’s not getting on the bus as he’s still waiting for ‘his friend’ As the bus pulls away his mates are banging on the windows holding up A4 printout photos of the hot girl he thought he was going to meet. Poor bastard.
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    Still will always appreciate that goal against Porto.
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    Last game of the season, in a winner-take-all, 6th place European-football decider...
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    The word was chose deliberately. In the 60s and 70s we COULD work and study in Europe, but It wasn't a given...but now we have given up a RIGHT to work and study. No conditions. I can't just up sticks and clear off to Canada, USA or Australia. I have to dance for my dinner there. And from November onwards, it'll be the same in Europe. How anyone can celebrate giving up a freedom is beyond me.
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    For me, it's the freedom of movement thing that's the most galling. It's one of the very few pure freedoms we have in life - the absolute right to up sticks and live work in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Denmark... wherever. And the older generation (my parents included) have robbed my kids of that chance and, for me - and i use the word deliberately - imprisoned them career and culture wise in the UK. Even more galling is the fact that ending FOM won't affect immigration... , swapping generally white, Christian, European immigrants (who leavers don't like) for the sort of immigration most leavers despise beyond belief - non white, non Christian immigration When I've challenged my parents on this in that they've voted to reduce mine and their grandkids education, career and lifestyle choices .....they retort back with bizarre vagaries....'Boris will sort it out', 'they'll come begging / they need us' 'we won the war' 'it's democracy' etc etc. And I genuinely think their attitude is fairly representative of many (if not most) leavers. It sickens me, tbh
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    It's difficult to fault Kick It Out, when society is emboldening the hateful to say what they like under the guise of 'I'm entitled to my opinion'.
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    I love it. I think it looks very smart. Then again I love pink and black as a combo so this is definitively one of the better away shirts. I understand not liking the colour but any man whose masculinity is questioned by wearing a pink top is a little bit of a weenie
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    Imprisoned is very over the top but a lot of opportunities have been taken away already for British workers. I see this in medical academia where we WERE a world leader. May I ask why you voted to leave and what benefits do you see to leaving now in August 2019?
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    Only the gullible taken in by the lies and fairytales.. Most of them xenophobics and Little Englanders! Let's hope these people are the first to lose their jobs when the sh1t hits the fan.
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    He's currently our best player. Vardy is my favourite ever LCFC player, but Riccy is just consistently good every game. He's our best attacking player despite being a right back! Feel bad for Danny Simpson, but Ricardo is just levels and levels above him in terms of what a full back can do. The scary thing is Ricardo still has room to improve! He does sometimes make defensive mistakes or doesn't quite deliver on the final ball, but well if every signing was as good as Ricardo, I'd be a very happy man. Great attitude as well!
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    Hope we show our metal in this one. Be nice to see some steel in midfield and a razor sharp attack.
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    I don’t know what you lot are on about with these where you never saw them again, the worst ones are where you end up married. fk that
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    If he hadn't have scored against Porto how far would we have progressed in the CL? How much more did we earn by having an easier route and making the quarters rather than the last 16? Still glad he's gone but he hasn't just cost us money, he's helped bring some in as well.
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    people shouldn't be morbidly obese - the clue is in the word morbidly. the health implications of this do affect the NHS. Whether this is a discussion for this thread is another story. But it wouldn't be FT without weird tangents, unfunny joke replies, shit puns and general whining.
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    I’m with you both and I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks the pink kit is horrendous.
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    CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU You're just too good Soyuncu Can't take my eyes off of you You've got a heavenly touch I wanna hold you so much At long last you've arrived You're just too good Soyuncu Can't take my eyes off you We love you,Caglar , and if it's quite alright We need you, Caglar , to play all night We love you, Caglar, trust in me when I say: Your just to good Soyuncu............... and repeat Just a base idea , sure some lyricists could tweek?
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    Oh well, looks like I’m the only one who dislikes them. In fact loath em. And the Pink bloody socks
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    Honestly if you’ve not made any effort to understand in three years then I’m not going to help you.
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    Can I post a really nerdy answer? (My friend in Leicester is the real expert in this, but he's shared enough with me to be able to answer this one properly. ) The English language has two types of 'conjunctions' - one of which always requires previous reference (e.g. and/or) and one that doesn't, so long as the sentence it starts is then self contained (e.g. if/then/because). So the problem with your sentence has nothing to do with 'because', but because it doesn't fully self contain its reference. It therefore needs the addition of 'is' before 'having' in order to make it a consistent reference.
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    I don't expect people to change their minds especially when they didn't make their decision for rational reasons in the first place.
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    I recall one poster, who went to see England play in Spain, describe Dier make a 'hard, Brexit tackle', in a bizarre, celebratory way.
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    “Training is really intense, a big difference in the Italian way of training and playing so I think I need some time to adapt to the Premier League, But it’s going really well and I feel really good at Leicester. I think everybody wants to start all of the games, so of course that’s what I’m hoping, but I’m happy with the minutes the coach gave me. I have to earn this position to start so I hope I can show him in the next couple of weeks what I’m capable of and then we’ll see.”
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    Well, that's absolutely wonderful for you, but still does not change the fact that so many people are slowly killing themselves with their lifestyle. Yes, that's their choice, but it has implications for them, their family and the whole of society. And if you think I would have anything to do with the Daily Mail or that sort of right wing populist shit - well then,you need to address your own sweeping generalisations. Mate.
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    Piss poor isn’t it footballers and the game in general would be so much better without dodgy agents
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    Well no that is ridiculous Getting involved with Bury would of been a lot more expensive and complicated than taking Salford on, besides it wasn't just the Neville's involved with Salford it was the entirety of the class of 92 bar Beckham (who is now involved). So they picked somewhere that had relevance to them all. Bury were in nothing like the mess they are now when the Salford take over started Lets remember the Neville brothers are individuals and former sportsman not business men, they earn a good whack but I doubt they have enough money or experience to run a club like Bury by themselves, they only own 10% of Salford each, the kind of time and money they would have to invest to as a new sole owner of a club like Bury in the trouble it is would be absolutly astronomical compared to Salford. like I said it was not them who got Bury into this mess I do not see why people are viewing them as the ones who morally should walk out on everything they have spent and all the years of building at Salford take on the mammoth task of sorting it out, it's nothing to do with them.
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    Wait - I lost the rhythm and melody after the fourth line. Maybe if you hum it I can figure out how to sing it?
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    As a dirty centrist FoxesTalk hasn't half become an echo chamber recently. I would rather we remained in the EU (now) and I think it'll be most likely severely damaging but it's over the top on here at the minute.
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    Just for the record, and I'm not suggesting you were saying this, but I don't think Puel is a fraud or the people supporting him are morons. IMHO he wasn't the right fit for us (I don't think he really gets English football) but he's clearly had success elsewhere. And while I disagree with some of our fans and how they perceive (or perceived) him, I respect their right to those opinions. It's good we can have some polite debate on here and long may that continue.
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    sexism, misogyny and homophobia in one line
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    I don't think so Geoff - this sort of effort does you a disservice. None of what I think contradicts all the stuff you said (which I accept and believe). Vaguely calling out 'some people' isn't nearly as bad as the berk who tried to suggest that some amongst us would rather have Puel back, but all it does is help the petty he said / she said between factions on here, when in fact all we have (on this subject at least, I think) is varying perceptions on a similar theme. I trust your perceptions (even if our interpretations might differ at times), but I think you can enable better discourse between us by not posting in the slightly provocative style that you (occasionally) do - you're well respected by many on here, it is perhaps unfortunate for you that our knowing your job somewhat raises the standards you're expected to keep here. So maybe I'm being unfair, I don't know. All said with respect and best intentions etc.
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    The issue is he’s one of the least creative wingers in the league. In his entire Premier League career he’s made 9 “big chances”. Albrighton made 6 alone last season and played 300+ minutes less than Gray. Barnes and Ghezzal both have 3 and they’ve not even played half of season’s worth of minutes. Gray has averaged 0.7 key passes per game over his career Albrighton 1.4 Barnes 1.2 Ghezzal 0.9 Chilwell who “can’t cross” apparently was averaging 1.3 key passes a game last season and got 4 assists to Gray’s 1.
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    No - I'm with you. Pink has no business anywhere near a football pitch no less the dressing room of LCFC. Nor does that awful tacky gold come to that.
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    Started as a thread just about a bloke from Canada struggling to get a pink shirt, and in less than a page you already have someone blaming fat people for the strain on the NHS and "what a waste of tax payers money" Bore off
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    He looks like the player we thought silva was gonna be. He's tough. He can tackle. He can pass accurately. That puts him above some of the other current midfield players. Maddison and tielemans can pass but aren't great ball winners. ndidi and choudrey are great ball winners but not great passers. i think he could be the glue that holds the midfield together if given a chance. Caveat emptor: that's based on 20 mins against a stretched and tiring chelsea midfield.
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    At least he scored and assisted in the Champions League for us that helped us bring in significant revenue. Adrien Silva's output for £25m is beyond belief.
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    Underrated IMO. He’s actually got a good first touch. He can pretty much do everything, it’s just whether he does it quite at the level LCFC need him to operate now. He’s a utility player though and they are a rare commodity these days so would be worth a punt if you have to operate with a smaller squad.
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