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    Surely he can afford his own Amazon Prime subscription? Cheeky ****
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    This season: 11 games, 2 goals and 4 assists Would seem a bit unfair to use his stats from 4 years ago as a 20 year old making his debut to assess how good he is now.
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    Caglar Soyuncu’s agent quizzed on claims of potential Leicester City exit – Gives credit to Rodgers and players
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    If he were to turn it down they should actually do that. It would be completely unacceptable for every leader to be scrutinised by Neil except the Prime Minister - I'll make a promise here, if he doesn't do it. I won't vote for him. A coward can't get my vote to lead the country.
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    Also a 20 year old, making his debut in an awful Villa team, one of the worst in Premier League history.
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    In 2016 Wenger wanted him, He could probabaly see that despite our standing as a club this move would not work. He would have uplifted his family to London, then very likley would have been misued by our then fading manager and worse unloved by many of our self entitled modern supporters. I remember telling my brother I would have loved him at Arsenal he has wrightys street fighter qualities, but feared the timing was wrong not just for us but for Vardy. The club was going through a downward trend at the end of the Wenger era and he would have been in and out of the team under Arsene. I could imagine a frustrated Vardy coming off the bench at west brom for Giroud when we were losing 3-1 in 2018 and us playing the ball around him with no support for example from natural wingers or number 8's like you have. So he stayed , and will now go down a club legend who won the league, and has secured his family for life. Rather than a player who went off and had a difficult time somewhere he was not suited. His relationship with the chairmen and now his son is a one off even before the awful tragedy last year, and he can avoid the daily press attention even with his well known wife that London based players get. Luck has helped as well Puel leaving after what from the outside seemed a difficult relationship,Puel is not a awful manager at all, as again he is currently show at st ettiene, but he just did not fit the clubs dna or Vardy in the way he likes to play. With the more progressive Rodgers coming in Vardy has a new lease of life and is learning a new way to play his position in his 30's. I think its helped Rodgers managing characters like Scott Brown, Suarez, and co coming into your club, that would immediatly gain a player like Vardys and the dressing rooms respect. He has also now probabaly made the right choice to retire from England, to get the best out of himself in his last two or three years in the premier league after being under appreciated by Hodgson and Southgate. Vardy knows after all eh
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    Was hoping for something a bit more detailed.
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    If he pulls a fast one here it's the most shameless piece of political cowardness since Hillary Clinton in 2016 when she wouldn't face her own supporters after losing. Just do it Boris, surely the earlier the better as well?
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    Some new artwork of current players in classic kits!
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    What’s he ever done Jeff? He beat the Punic wars from Armenia or somethink in the UEFA cup. That’s not even in Europe is it? This is Arsenal we’re talking about, a club that’s used to winning stuff. Nuno, he’s the hoover from the teletubbies, I could manage at Wolves where there’s no expectation, there’s no money to spend and they’re playing in front of 24,000 every week. It’s different at Arsenal, you’ve got 70,000 fans making an atmosphere there demanding that the club is one of the best in the world
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    TLDR: says Wes Morgan is the toughest player he's faced. You're welcome everyone.
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    I often think how did I ever get into football when this was the team my dad first took me to see
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    https://www.constructionnews.co.uk/civils/project-reports-civils/inside-leicester-city-fcs-new-training-ground-27-11-2019/ Inside Leicester City FC’s new training ground Ian Weinfass Main contractor McLaren faces a race against time to get the Premier League football club’s state-of-the-art facility ready before next season Project: Leicester City Training Ground Client: Leicester City FC Contract value: £95m Contract type: JCT design and build 2016 Main contractor: McLaren Project manager: Arcadis Cost consultant: Turner & Townsend Structural engineers: ME Engineers Landscaping and design consultant:EDP Steel erector: BHC Architect: KSS Start date: 7 January 2019 Completion date: 29 June 2020 The death of Leicester City’s chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in a helicopter crash in October 2018 sent shockwaves around the world. Thousands of people, including the Duke of Cambridge Prince William, paid tribute to the Thai billionaire, who died alongside four others. The influence of the colourful owner on the football club had been profound, with the Foxes winning promotion to the top tier of English football in 2014 and extraordinarily securing a first league title in their 132-year history two seasons later. Just eight months before his tragic death, the club unveiled a major off-field investment plan, in the shape of a new state-of-the-art training ground designed to offer facilities that should rival any in the world. Before tragedy struck, McLaren had been in discussions with the club about working on the project. After the crash, the plan was placed into uncertainty, but Mr Srivaddhanaprabha’s son Aiyawatt – also known as ‘Top’ – the vice chairman, vowed to continue his father’s legacy and pressed on with the ambitious training ground. The complex, on the site of a former golf course in rural Leicestershire, will feature 11 full-size training pitches including one under a steel roof, eight smaller pitches, five training grids and two goalkeeping areas. The main training centre building will include 35 bedrooms so players can stay at the site. Several other buildings need to be delivered, including one for a turf academy – where Leicester City’s ground staff will train those keeping pitches for other clubs. Other facilities include a pitch for the club’s academy sides with a 499-seater stand, which will host matches on a regular basis. In 2019 the facility went out to tender and McLaren won the job. But that was just the beginning of the contractor’s challenges. Short deadline Leicester City is determined the complex will be up and running for the start of the 2020/21 football season, giving the firm a 77-week timeframe for completion. McLaren project director Martin Burge says: “Perhaps with a different client and a different structure you’d say ‘we need a bit more time’, but here it wasn’t within the client’s gift – they have a hard and fast holding point. “The Premier League season starts when it starts and we have to be ready for that.” Among the features of the training complex is that it has curved designs, to blend in with its rural setting near the village of Charnwood. Conservation: re-homing the site’s great crested newts A former golf course with several ponds dotted throughout, the site was home to hundreds of great crested newts – a European protected species. The amphibians can only be moved under license from Natural England, and only when the temperature is above 5 deg C. The complexities around this early work put off one of McLaren’s competitors for the job, according to project director Martin Burge. The main contractor, alongside consultant EDP, came up with a strategy to manage the early construction works around the removal of the newts so as not to delay the job. In the end, 348 great crested newts were re-homed during the project, along with a further (non-protected) 257 smooth newts and 245 common toads. Early works also saw some 4,000 trees lifted from the training areas of the site and re-planted close to what will remain a golf course. Around that area a further 38,000 trees are being planted. Football teams do not build training grounds very often, and few are on the scale of Leicester City’s premium version, which makes the client-contractor interaction on the project a little bit different. “The relationship is really good. You often push that when you think there’s going to be a repetition of work with retailers, supermarkets, that sort of thing. With this one, it’s very much a one-off,” Mr Burge says. “A different contractor with a different mindset might think - it’s only a one-off so we might as well just get everything we possibly can out of this because there’s not going to be a next job that comes up.” McLaren, he says, aren’t doing this. Mr Burge is a Leicester native who has supported the club all his life. He joined McLaren from Simons Group ahead of starting the job and his enthusiasm for the work was clear when ConstructionNews visited the site. The influence of the club’s owners can be felt throughout the scheme, which includes the retention of nine holes of the former golf course for use by players and staff. Current chairman Top Srivaddhanaprabha is said to be a big golf fan – and personally asked for improvements to the original plans for the course. The turf academy will be made available to those from the world of polo, another sport where the late Mr Srivaddhanaprabha had large interests, both personally and financially. Buddhist blessings. Throughout their time as owners the Srivaddhanaprabha family’s Buddhist beliefs have been felt around the club, with national newspapers reporting that monks were often being flown in ahead of home games to bless the players during their title-winning season in 2016. This approach was similar on the construction job too, with the client looking to hold a blessing ceremony for the start of works on the main training centre building – and requesting a six-week delay to the start to facilitate it. Mr Burge says: “Buddhism is very spiritual. They said it had to be done on a certain day, as some days are luckier than others and in that building it had to be a certain [element of the] steel [structure], as certain areas of the building are lucky and others aren’t. “It went to and fro for weeks about what the date was going to be and then we had to make a compromise in the end because we knew where we wanted to make a start in the steelwork.” In the end, the contractor agreed to delay that work for two weeks so that the ceremony could be held to bless its first steel column. Club officials including Top Srivaddhanaprabha, manager Brendan Rodgers and stars of the playing squad – including Jamie Vardy and Wes Morgan – came to the site for the ceremony which took place in a specially-erected marquee. “It was a really good ceremony. They blessed the steel – tied ribbons round it, and showered it with flowers and coins – and it was cracking to be part of that,” Mr Burge says. “It had to be done at exactly 10.20am, that morning. It was orchestrated to the second. "We had the crane there with the steel basically hanging from the steel erectors, and we had a countdown from five to one then had to drop it down onto the holding down bolts, tighten it up and release it. “It was one of those where suddenly you’ve got loads of people watching and a bit of steel hanging there and you are thinking – this could go so wrong. “There was an enormous sigh of relief when the steel was there and down.” Roof design Having narrowly avoided a six-week delay on the training centre building for the blessing ceremony, the contractor soon had to deal with another potential four-week delay relating to steel work. The largest structure on the project is the roof of the covered full-size training pitch that is to be used by the club’s top academy players to get used to a stadium-type environment. Designers on the project came up with a curved roof structure leaning in to walls covered in grass to give the impression that the pitch is moulded into the rural landscape. The 1,560 tonne roof will feature diagonal braced steel frames, with 13 trusses of 23.4 tonnes each, covered on top by a layer of transparent ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) plastic, and set against concrete walls, which give support to the mounds of earth against the sides. Mr Burge recalls: “We originally thought the steel frame would stand up on its own with the columns that support it all, and then we would follow along with reinforced concrete works after, as that is quite a slow process. “But then the structural engineers at the steel erectors ran a model on it and realised that because of the span, which is over 80 m, without the support of the reinforced concrete walls the truss rafters would drop, the columns at the side would spall outwards and you’d never get them back again. “So we had to change our entire strategy on that and do the reinforced concrete walls first. “At one point we were looking at the jaws of disaster, from a programme point of view on that one,” Mr Burge says. “We delayed the start of the steel by four weeks and pushed on with the concrete in advance.” The roof was made of four parts, with two at each side locked together before a tandem lift was carried out and the structure bolted together at a central point. And, despite starting four weeks later than planned, Mr Burge says the team recovered the time during the process and got that element of the programme back on track, praising the work of steel erector BHC. Planning permission If the external and internal time pressures on the build were not enough for the contractor to deal with, McLaren is also trying to help the club negotiate what could be another hurdle to full operation of the facility. A condition of its planning permission is that the training centre cannot be put into use before improvement work has been carried out at the closest junction of the A46 dual carriageway, to cope with increased traffic. On the face of it, this is a relatively straightforward job which will improve a junction layout to help traffic flow across the central reservation safely, but it is made challenging by the job’s tight timeframe and the bureaucracy involved with roadworks. “As McLaren, we can push this and get all the buildings done and fitted out, but if that road’s not done they can’t take occupation. It’s a big risk, a client-held risk, and we’re helping them to try and get that done as quickly as possible,” Mr Burge explains. The contractor has submitted a plan to Highways England and is awaiting permission for it to be signed-off and has three of its highways subcontractors currently pricing up the job. “[And after the sign-off], you often have to wait up to three months to do road-space booking [to do the work], so our nightmare would be that when we want to do that, you could have Severn Trent [water] in the road or British Telecom or somebody,” he says. “What I’ve suggested to the club is: we’ve got a design we think is okay, we might as well get it out to the supply chain now, pick a contractor that we think is competitive on the basis of the initial design that we’re happy with and get that road-space booking in ahead of Highways England’s sign-off.” While the cost-certainty won’t be there at that time, Mr Burge says this is one of the ways the contractor is trying to help de-risk the job for the client. Staying on target When CN visited the site, it was extremely muddy, after heavy rain over the previous few weeks. It was another complicating factor, which had delayed the suction lift of glass panels for the main training building for a few days, and work needed to be carried out to keep paths around the site passable for vehicles. With all the challenges taking place while Leicester City rides high in the Premier League, will the £95m training complex really be ready to open in July 2020, just 77 weeks after work started? Mr Burge says: “Some bits are ahead, some bits are behind. The weather has killed us recently, it’s been an absolute nightmare – but we are still on target.”
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    Wellens and Gallagher should be nowhere near the same names as Ball and John Paintsill. Wellens was our best midfielder for a while, Gallagher used to get at least 10 goals a season and both contributed to great success under Pearson when we finished 5th and that team shouldn't be forgotten.
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    Logan Paintsill Bakyogo Mills Ball Gallagher Wellens Johnson Beckford Futacs Kermorgant (decent)
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    Of course, contrary to popular belief taxing dividends, changes to capital gains tax, changes to inheritance tax aren't just changes to the tax regimes for the well-off, it will affect many ordinary people. Forced nationalisations below market price and seizing 10% of large companies will also affect loads of ordinary people's pensions too. That's before we even get into economic incidence of taxes wrt capital taxes instead of just legal incidence. It's as bad as 'get Brexit done' in terms of being horribly simplistic and deliberately deceptive. The thing is, with a better leader, they could probably be a bit more honest and tell everybody that they need to pay a bit more tax and people would accept it. But instead we get some nebulous definition of being rich, make them the bogeymen, and pretend that we can achieve everything we want by adding 5% to their income tax bill. Sickeningly low standard of discourse.
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    Anything from the Levein era. What pisses me off most is that I had a season ticket throughout that entire shitty period and since I gave up my season ticket (when my daughter was born) we've been brilliant I blame Levein entirely for that and everything else that goes wrong in my life.
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    Passed my driving test
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    All these "I'm gonna tell my kids person X is actually Y" are pissing annoying now
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    Only change I'd consider making to the OP is swapping Drinkwater for Cambiasso or Ndidi (Tielemans hasn't played enough yet), but Drinkwater is a fine choice too. Can't argue with any of the rest. Choosing Soyunchu over Wes or Tielemans over Albrighton based on less than 30 games is silly - Morgan and Albrighton have had more great game at the highest level this decade than Soyunchu or Tielemans even have had games - not to mention scored some of the most legendary goals in that time. Can someone copy and paste the text article do I dont have to download the app?
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    The title winning side. Sure, we have/had some better players technically than a few of that side but how can you put anyone else in a team of the decade after that?
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    No, it would just enhance the impact.
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    Spiffy modern car headlights that even when dipped are like feckin twin supernovas.
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    I disagree. He always gets there first and gets his foot in. He times it so well. Those little pinched of possession are setting up counters when the oppo are exposed.
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    You get the feeling that Klopp is actually a really nasty bloke to be around when its not going his way.
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    Joke as we might about the newts, I am very, very happy to hear that they and the other wildlife have been rehomed, not to mention the trees moved.
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    651 replies and about 650 call him a nonce. what a city.
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    There's something about Turkish Internationals in 90's Leicester City shirts that gives me a tingly feeling in my trousers
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    Nuno has to go to Arsenal. They play Real Madrid and Juventus in pre-season. Who do Wolves play? Redditch Wanderers?
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    Anyone else receive a letter from Andrew Bridgen? Apparently they are going to get Brexit done...after over 3 years of not getting it done - but what about all the years of trade negotiations? They want better hospitals but what about when you sold off nhs blood plasma? Abolishing bursaries and reducing funds? They want safer streets - what about you cutting over 20,000 police, cutting youth services and pcso's...They want improved schools...but even with the promised funds 80% of schools will have less money per pupil than 2015.....Seems like they want to get us back to where we were (at best) since the Tories made all the cuts...and they want a biscuit for doing it. No doubt it was labours fault though. Not that it'll make any difference, Bridgen is a shoo-in.
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    Nice to show people of all political persuasions showing genuine compassion for victims of racism and totally not just using it as a stick to beat the other side. Heartwarming.
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    Not so sure, I reckon he would chase every ball, just what Arsenal need
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    I lasted up until the Netanyahu part. Hamas are democratically elected as well. The difference is one is backed by the US, and is therefore the 'right' side, and the other isn't, so by proxy it has to be the 'terrorist' side. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy really, unsurprisingly the side that has US aide and therefore a modern state and a modern, functioning military doesn't has to resort to terror bombings like the side with a lot less international support and aide that's constantly encroached by a much more militarily-capable neighbour. Meanwhile, Netanyahu still sets up Jewish settlements in the West Bank, which include a heavy military presence, and forbids Palestinians to even use certain roads. It's akin to apartheid and perhaps, even more chillingly, Lebensraum.
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    Few things more terrifying than seeing Rab Douglas hurtle from his line after hesitating for what seemed like a lifetime.
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    Levein wasn't so bad. Kept us mid table championship with very little resources. Hughes and De Vries weren't complete disasters. I'll never forget De Vries' finish in the cup tie Vs Spurs. 3-2. I watched it with my dad and I remember going mental! A couple of decent cup runs under Levein as well.
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    Me too. The trick is to walk back to the spot that you have just left and then you will remember. Never fails. I have a theory that you leave the thought kind of dangling in the ether and have to go back to pick it up. Now what was this thread about again?
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    2024-25: Liverpool still haven't won the league. Man City still haven't won the Champions League. Leicester have won both at least once. Man Utd are back in the top 4 with Giggs as manager till the end of the season. Chelsea have won the Europa League twice with 15 year olds as they've been given yet another transfer ban. Mourinho attempts to rebuild his reputation after his disastrous time at Spurs, by qualifying for the Europa League with Bolton Wanderers. Spurs are adjusting to life in the Championship but are very excited about possibly winning some actual trophies. Unai Emery has finally rebuilt the mess he inherited at Arsenal, just in time to stave off relegation. Ozil still isn't playing despite signing a new contract for 600K a week. Seagrave Village becomes a ghost town after Frank is discovered to have poisoned the wrong water supply. The Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Training Centre reveals plans for it's new extended Player Village, complete with primary school, Toff Road and pub. The junction on the A46 is closed off permanently. The King Power Stadium is finally expanded. The Kop and the Family Stand still haven't been swapped.
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