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    T here’s a video out there, somewhere, of my first ever football match. Literally first ever match. I was six years old. I was playing for a team called the Woburn Lions, which is the village just over from mine outside of Milton Keynes. We had purple and light blue kits. Kind of awful looking things if I remember correctly. Mine was a few sizes too big because it had been handed down from an age group a few above ours. I was wearing shin pads that cost four pound that my dad and I had gone to buy together. I remember that day … he got me black boots, too. He always said, “Only black boots until you can afford your own.” We were playing a team called Green Lyef. I think I scored five goals. Me and my best mate at the time both did really well that day. We hadn’t ever had a practice or organised kick about — it was just pure football and pure mayhem. Shin kicking. Jersey tugging. Falling. Probably tears. When I think of that video, and that baggy purple kit, I see a boy who had no idea he was any good. And my mate’s dad taped the whole thing on a camcorder. I didn’t actually see it until six years later when I was a bit older. I think back to that video from time to time now. You know, I’ve just had my 11th cap with England — which still sounds crazy to say, and it means more to me than I can put into words. But the even crazier thing is, when I think of that video, and that baggy purple kit, I see a boy who had no idea he was any good. And wouldn’t know he was any good for a long time. I see a boy who almost gave up. I see a boy that, if it weren’t for a hero along the way, he never would have made it. Sometimes the best dreams aren’t yours — they’re the ones someone else tells you, you can achieve. Let me tell you about my hero. In 2012, I was playing for the U16s in the Leicester Academy. I had always been a good player growing up, despite never working too hard at it. I just sort of had this natural talent that propelled me through the ranks when I was quite young. But something happened over the summer going into that season — everyone seemingly caught up with me. I don’t know if it was our group of lads sort of maturing and growing into their bodies, or everyone just put in more work than me. I went, in a single summer, from one of the top players in the side, to one of the worst. It was tough on me, and it was tough on my dad. He drove me, nearly every day, from our home outside Milton Keynes to the academy for training. And on Thursdays after our sessions ended, our manager would read out the side that’d be starting on the weekend. For months and months, I’d never be in it. Not even sat on the bench, either. Just left out. Back to the academy on match days to train with the others who were left out. I hated Thursdays, mate, I really did. Courtesy of Ben Chilwell When I think back to those days, I remember my dad’s car. It was a nice car, but I just couldn’t stand the sight of it on those Thursdays. I’d see it sitting there in the parking lot. And I knew what was ahead for me. I’d start the conversation in my head before I even got in the car, like a boxer weaving back and forth, dodging invisible punches. Not in the team, again. Ben, Son … you’re not working hard enough — you’re not going to go anywhere with this if you keep up this level of effort. Dad, I’m doing my best. We’d go to the park for two hours and just kick the ball against a wall. I’d hit passes and stare at the clock across the street, until exactly two hours would pass, and then I’d go home. He’d make me go running to keep my fitness up. I don’t know what he saw in me. He knew talent, though, and he knew sport. He was a proper good tennis player back in his day growing up in New Zealand. But he never got the chance to go after his dream because he had to start working for his family. I think, looking back, he saw a lot of himself in me. And he didn’t want to me to fall short of my potential. Everything he did was coming from a place of love. He’s my hero. When you’re 15 years old, you never really know the potential that other people may see in you. You have to want it because you want it — not for anybody else. My mum and dad didn’t give up on my football. They saw what was possible — they saw the dream, and what it was made of. And they pushed me until I understood that. Their belief finally forced me out of my comfort zone, my cruise control. I channelled that energy my dad had and put it into my work. Wasted talent…. Just watch me. I used that fire to become the captain of the Leicester U16s the following year, and I was cruising along pretty well. I was comfortable, enjoying my football. But when I turned 18, my mental strength was tested again. Jay Barratt/AMA/Getty Images) I was away with the England U21s, when I got a call from my agent. “Huddersfield want you on loan. They’re a Championship side with a proper manager, and they want to give you some real time in the side.” I was loving my football with the Leicester youth teams, and I felt close to breaking into the senior side — which was in the early stages of the miracle title push, and the buzz around town was incredible. But I heard my dad’s voice in my head, I knew what he’d say if I told him I passed up the chance. So off to Huddersfield I went — a step into the unknown. There’s a point to all this, trust me. I’m not taking you with me back in time without getting you somewhere in the end, O.K.? I got to Huddersfield at half-past three in the morning from the England camp. I had training the next day. I could barely sleep. I had never played on a proper senior men’s side. My heart was just racing lying in bed. I didn’t want the alarm to go off, I didn’t want to wake up. I was petrified. I remember walking into the change room and feeling like everyone was watching me. I felt that self-defeating version of me come back out, the one that didn’t want to work for fear of failure, and wanted to rely on his talent alone. I think everyone can feel that way in a new place, whether it’s a new job or new school — that sort of fear is common. I just had to find a way to push through that at first. David Wagner, the manager at Huddersfield, was the one who really put the confidence in me that I could play at a senior level. He had seen a lot of talents when he was a coach in Dortmund with the youth teams — and he pulled me aside one day and told me I could be one of the great left backs one day if I kept working at it. That’s the sort of thing you hear and it almost makes you nervous, you know. Like, Me? One of the greats? You don’t forget something like that, though. My play went up another level. At Huddersfield, I learned I could play at a professional level. That’s a special club. I went back to Leicester a few months later after being recalled from my loan. To be in and around the club during the title push was really important to me and to a lot of the youth players at that time. We saw, literally, what it took to be a winner. And more importantly we saw what it meant to the longtime Leicester players, like Andy King. He’s a true club legend, and the support he has shown me has meant so much. Seeing him win the Premier League — that’s what damn dreams are made of. He helped me grow so much. And over the last couple of seasons I’ve worked my way into the side and I feel like a real part of the club I grew up watching — which is the best feeling in the world, it really is. Making my Premier League debut in October 2016, with my whole family in the crowd at the ground we used to go to when I was little … it puts all the tough moments into perspective. And now I feel like I’m on my way. I want to be the best left back in the world. That feels good to say. Sam Robles/The Players' Tribune It feels possible, too, because I look at a guy like Andy Robertson at Liverpool. He has a great story, right? Almost quit, like I did, kept at it, pushed himself past the limits he thought he had, and now he’s one of the best in the world. I had a good chat with him a few months back at Trent Alexander-Arnold’s birthday dinner. Anyway, I spoke with Andy for a bit and I told him he’s class and whatnot and he said the same to me. It was really cool to chat with him. And just to sort of pick his brain for a bit about football, it meant a lot to me. Being part of the England setup has been a great experience in so many ways. My debut was an incredible moment for me. The fact that it happened in Leicester at the King Power … I’ll tell my grandkids about that day until I’m blue in the face. But what I remember most — the image that will stick with me forever — was seeing my family in the players’ lounge, right after the match. I took the elevator up to the lounge and the first thing I saw was my three best friends sitting with my mum, dad and sister. I saw the smiles on their faces and stuff, and yeah, I don’t know exactly how to put into words the feeling I had walking over to them. It gets me a bit emotional just thinking about it now. All I know is I had a big grin on my face, and we didn’t talk about football at all. We talked about the road it took for us to get to that point. Because it’s us, not me, who had reached this moment. I think my dad and I maybe even shared a few laughs about the times we used to spend on the road, going to and from training. Looking back, I’m grateful for his belief in me. All those people at the table in the players’ lounge believed in me. Even if I hadn’t yet figured out how to believe in myself. So, yeah, that’s it. That’s my blog. It’s my first time doing one of these, so I hope you like it. And if you’re a kid trying to make it as a footballer somewhere, I hope this gives you another perspective on things. Stay dreaming.
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    Such a good, honest lad. Hate the stick he gets from some of our fanbase. He's literally living the dream. Whatever anyone says the improvement he has made has been massive and long may it continue
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    There is a serious attitude and arrogance which is not healthy in the media only wanting the top 6 (or perceived top 6, being Man U, Man C, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs) to be the legitimate title challengers. It is if, how dare any other team force them to talk about them as contenders. You little teams can't expect us to get to know who you are and if you do well, then hand over those players and coaches that are making you good now for the benefit of those that should be in the upper spots on the table. This blatant media bias to not want other teams to be in Europe contention or more importantly do what we did in 15/16 has to be reasoned by the sports editors and jurno's. Is it because of advertisers only wanting the big 6 to be talked about? Is it because the media haven't got a clue who anyone is, playing for the other 14 teams? is it because the pundits are all ex top 6 players and are there for colour commentary for their old teams? Like our favorite Gary Lineker will always do his best to present the Foxes in a good light. This fixation trying to get BR to leave for Arsenal and our best players to leave for whoever as an example is poor in so many ways. I would have thought the league and the media would love another cinderella story like ours 5 years ago and for the league to be healthy with genuine competition from lots of teams. But NO they think you need to know your place and get back with the rest of your "kind" being cannon fodder for the big clubs, how dare you make them and us wrong!! BR was ridiculed when leaving Celtic for us, now he is not supposed to be our saviour and needs to resurrect the faltering Man U or Arsenal etc. he is now seen to be the best available manager for them. Hang on, he has a great job and is doing it wonderfully, why not praise him and Leicester for it and persuade the ownership of the other teams to do their own homework and find the right person for them. This is beyond lazy journalism to just go hey, Brenden you are to good for the Foxes, so take more money and fix Arsenal!! i for one, have faith the BR won't leave what he has started for a team that is in disarray in more ways than on-field. Rodgers legacy I am sure will be more enhanced by staying and making us not just the best of the rest, but perennial top 4/6. i hope other teams from the mid to lower ends of the League do the same in the near future and show the media they need to rethink the rights of those that have been the top teams to those rights. How about getting behind what is happening in Leicester again (as the only other team other than Chelsea and Man C) to have won the title in recent history, so why is it so hard to believe and accept it could happen again. Long live the Rodgers reign and long live the team we have being a top 4 team and should be going forward.
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    End of subject sigh of relief, He’s here to stay. “I have a contract here until 2022. Thus far, I know managers are losing their jobs, the club have not indicated to me that they are going to sack me. I am very happy so would have no need to look elsewhere. "Why would I want to leave Leicester City at this time? I am working with a group of players who have so much potential. I gave an honest answer about how all managers have some sort of clause in their contracts and suddenly that seems to have thrown a door wide open. "For me I repeat, I am happy here. Very happy here. I feel I want to continue with that. Take from that what you want.”
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    Some people are miserable twats. Thank goodness nobody on here is like that...
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    I’ll say again Everton despite quality in their squad were snide all game. Feigning injuries, trying to get players booked, wasting time, slowing the game down. At 1-1 they were slow walking to throw ins. Any team who overly play on those snide tactics deserve last minute goals against them.
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    Got me wondering... so looked up the rules for the U23 league (PL2) “Each team can field a goalkeeper over the age limit and up to three "over-age" outfield players in every match” Schmeichel, Pereira, Evans, Soyuncu, Chilwell, Ndidi, Perez, Tielemans, Maddison, Barnes, Vardy So basically replace Perez in the starting lineup with Gray/Nacho and it’s genuinely a U23 team Astonishing
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    Surely you need a 0 pts option?
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    Thought I'd get in first, 2 tickets needed for this please!
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    How have people still not let this sink in yet? Journalism is a product and its never been a more competitive market. Sky are competing with BT, the tabloids are competing with each other and there's now millions of blogs, websites, vlogs and apps all trying to push football content for advertising revenue and subscriptions. You sell by appealing to the most people you can and football fans are overly precious, sensitive, delicate flowers. I mean just look at this thread, or our people talking about us thread. Even or thread for pundit predictions or the one about players in teams of the week really serves for people to just moan about lcfc getting overlooked. Football fans want to hear nice things about their team and there's more United, Liverpool and Arsenal fans than anyone else. So that's what they write and talk about, it's just economics. It's nothing personal but little old Leicester don't make them a lot of money beyond pushing the "miracle" line. It's shit that it's that way but you should all be used to it by now. The Big Six is a narrative in itself that makes these people billions as an industry every year, its not going to change unless half the country (or half of China) becomes a Leicester glory supporter. Even Man City suffer from this, the coverage they get compared to United and Liverpool is often a bit dismissive and brief, so even if we ended up being multiple league winners you can bet we'd never get the attention of United and Arsenal even if they've still not won owt.
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    COYB obviously has a obviously been affected by the pain of his team conceding a last minute winner and can’t remember what he tweeted on 24th October COYB @COYB51802902 Why when humanity can be so beautiful and wonderful do we still live in a world full of hate and negativity
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    There is no bigger testament to Rodgers' reign here so far than the fact Iheanacho has now come up trumps like that in a game we absolutely didn't show up in. Iheanacho as a signing has been so poor so far it was bordering on joke figure. I don't know what he's done with him, or said to him, but he looked a totally different player today - confident, hard-working, selfless, and the finish was that of a natural scorer. I've thought ever since we signed him that he's never really had any kind of 'moment' for us. With each passing cameo he had it just seemed to be yet another nail into his coffin here. That earlier was his moment. Without him on the pitch we don't win that. Absolutely delighted for him and really hope that this is what turns it around here. It just sums up the positivity about this club and team at the minute.
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    Best day ever! New baby arrived today. And Leicester win like that!!! Scenes!! Reminded me of Howard's goal against Leeds. Or Dyer's last ditch effort against Villa. Or De Vreis Vs Spurs. Special moments I will cherish forever.
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    Don't worry, just get a dog like I did.
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    I've been massively critical of him and I would argue justifiably so. He's been reactive rather than proactive and often pretty garbage in so many areas. That performance though was the standard I hope he can repeat regularly. Credit where it's due. PS Interviewed him afterwards, too. Very softly spoken lad.
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    Let’s all take a minute to appreciate this bell end and hope he really enjoys his dinner this evening!
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    I don’t want to get carried away in the moment or anything, but it’s about time he had a statue on Filbert Way isn’t it?
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    Should HPF be allowed to make polls again? - No - Also No - Definately Not
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    I have to say I don't think this is the case anymore. It definitely was true when Barnes first came into the team, but for me it's no longer an issue. Those two combine very well on multiple occasions, a great example being the cross Barnes made for Vardy after he and Chilwell combined against Burnley. Barnes gets frustrated when he fails to score or put in a telling contribution from a good position and he seems frustrated with himself more than annoyed at any other player. Barnes had plenty of good moments yesterday, that surging run and pass to Vardy who crossed to Maddison was really slick play and summed up the best of his game in a nutshell. And I think it was Chilwell who played that pass to him to get him going in the first place. Barnes currently has 4 assists which is good going, but 1 goal only is where he's lacking. He's had the opportunities to have had many more and should probably be on the same amount that Perez has. At the same time, compare him to Ayoze Perez who has more goals, but less assists. A lot of the criticisms we have about Barnes you could make for him too. Perez had a good first half yesterday and probably should have scored once, but didn't. But both players contribute a lot to the team in terms of team pressing so it's not like they are passengers. But if we really want to win the title again (!) then both probably need to go up 10-20%. Or perhaps it will be the Nacho man that comes to our rescue as basically we need a few more goals outside of Vardy in our team, despite our extremely impressive goal difference and goals scored. But as I say Leicester are the sort of club where young players get games and can develop. If you look at the level Harvey Barnes is at compared to where Chilwell and Maddison were after 30 or so games, I would say he's probably doing about as well as, if not better than those two.
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    Lets get behind Pardew and hope he gets us off to a winning start.
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    Pearson's probably still calling the shots behind the scenes anyway and telling Rodgers who to pick....
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    Didn't realise that Brendon was that small...
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    I’ve always seen Gary Lineker as somebody who only wants the best for his home town club, I remember he was rooting for us during the great escape season, I admit to not following twitter etc but from my perception of him I’d disagree that he just jumped on the Leicester bandwagon after our league win.
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    It’s not “da medias”, it’s a collection of ex-players who, let’s face it, aren’t going to be getting certificates from MENSA any time soon. Punditry is by and large stuffed full of thickos trotting out glib phrases, at the end of the day.
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    I got home, in Somerset, around 10pm. The end of the game was magnificent. The people in front of me beat the traffic. We beat Everton.
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    As this is a player that doesn't get much love from us supporters (not having a dig, he's not yet lived up to his billing), here are some of his best bits today: ^ Lovely flick for Tielemans here! ^ This was actually my favourite bit from today, and it wasn't even his goal! The determination shown here to keep hold of the ball and then win it back despite being floored, and to then find a pass was brilliant. Typified his performance!
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    Tbf when he made the comment about there's probably a clause in everyone's contract, he was quite clearly being dismissive not inviting an approach. When you read the quote it was blindingly obvious he was fobbing off the question about his contract in the vein of "yeah but so what everyone does." The fact the tabloids picked it up, ran with it as him inviting Arsenal on is basically everything wrong with the football press in this country. Mad that he actually had to reconfirm that.
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    it is really really weird that we are on our way to winning the league almost a year after we literally sacked puel and you still care more about the fact you think you were apparently the only one who didn't like him, and have to remind us every time his name is mentioned on this forum. get over it.
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    I hate the fans that stay right to the end I bet they sit at the cinema and watch the climax of the film as well
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    If Rodgers leaves just give it Pearson at the least the man has a bit of loyalty about him
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    It's 7, it's heaven for Jamie Vardy. Hold the front page, hold the back page,a Leicester player has scored against watford
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    I don't doubt that, but, to paraphrase Super Hans, the mainstream also like Coldplay, Man Utd, Love Island, Primark and KFC, I don't necessarily trust them to be correct all of the time. There is conflicting evidence to suggest that being tougher on punishment actually reduces crimes in any way, and I'd imagine that is even less of a factor when the assailant is willing to die for the cause. There is no doubt that something needs to change in respect of the way we deal with criminals in this country and the awful events of Friday are evidence enough for that, but Patel cannot see beyond punishment rather than cause. Leading legal academics and professionals are in agreement and, with respect, I trust their opinion more than the 'mainstream views of the nation'. As above I don't dispute that something needs to change, but I really don't think she is the answer. Saying things like 'criminals should literally feel terror' play well as a soundbite to those who wish to hear things like that, but won't do anything to deter crime, particular things like gang/knife crime. Furthermore, her opinions on human rights are a huge concern and not in keeping with where I and others would like to see us head. She just seems to be playing to those who you see in the Daily Mail comments section with a sadistic love of capital punishment and want us to introduce Guantanamo style questioning, rather than investing time, effort and money into limiting/preventing the root cause. She has a consistent record for voting against basic human rights which is an appalling fact for somebody in her position in a first world, developed, nation to have. Of course it matters to a degree in terms of the reporting from the MSM and the comments from the PM and other leading Government figures. All they are offering is populist posturing and lying (AGAIN) about their failures. Yes he lost his life as a result of his work, but from what I understand the work that Learning Together do in respect of reform and rehabilitation has been praised by barristers, solicitors and alike and I'm sure there have been countless successes over time. To ignore the work that groups like Learning Together do, and the views of people like Jack Merritt, and throw the baby out with the bath water is not the answer. Why somebody like the killer in this circumstance was in the hands of Learning Together and not the Government in the first place is a far greater concern, as is the reduction in police, overcrowded prisons, lack of funding, links with Saudis etc. You're right, the risk is to great in certain instances, but I would be amazed if Patel's draconian proposals have any positive effect whatsoever. It's about time we listened to professionals and experts again, rather than populist demand. That goes for a wide range of subjects too, not just defence.
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    I will NOT accept any dropped points. Ever again.
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    It won't be long until there is no Big 6. The money coming into all the other teams, allowing them to hold on to their players will create a tighter league. The sooner the better if you ask me. I think I may have said last year that the extra money would level the playing field and apart from Liverpool I think that's being shown. The media are always the last to catch on, it's going to take a while (or for a none traditional big club to win the league again) before they do. The sooner the better.
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    I feel sorry for the two City fans sitting in front of me that left on 90 mins. Actually, I don't. That is why you should never leave early. Perhaps they celebrated on Raw Dykes Road.
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    Someone posted this on the BBC's Man United v Aston Villa match thread. They're quite right, here..; 'You could buy everyone in the country a doughnut for £80million. Man U just spent it buying just one.'
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    By the way... How fuching awesome is Shinji? https://twitter.com/okazakiofficial/status/1201450829913481216
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    Plenty of positive stuff out there too in fairness…
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    No mate. Not at all. My other two sons are blue through and through. Fox blood runs in their veins. He is a statistical anomaly. The proverbial black sheep. Don’t know what went wrong as I thrashed him regularly.
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