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    I got home, in Somerset, around 10pm. The end of the game was magnificent. The people in front of me beat the traffic. We beat Everton.
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    It's 7, it's heaven for Jamie Vardy. Hold the front page, hold the back page,a Leicester player has scored against watford
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    I don't doubt that, but, to paraphrase Super Hans, the mainstream also like Coldplay, Man Utd, Love Island, Primark and KFC, I don't necessarily trust them to be correct all of the time. There is conflicting evidence to suggest that being tougher on punishment actually reduces crimes in any way, and I'd imagine that is even less of a factor when the assailant is willing to die for the cause. There is no doubt that something needs to change in respect of the way we deal with criminals in this country and the awful events of Friday are evidence enough for that, but Patel cannot see beyond punishment rather than cause. Leading legal academics and professionals are in agreement and, with respect, I trust their opinion more than the 'mainstream views of the nation'. As above I don't dispute that something needs to change, but I really don't think she is the answer. Saying things like 'criminals should literally feel terror' play well as a soundbite to those who wish to hear things like that, but won't do anything to deter crime, particular things like gang/knife crime. Furthermore, her opinions on human rights are a huge concern and not in keeping with where I and others would like to see us head. She just seems to be playing to those who you see in the Daily Mail comments section with a sadistic love of capital punishment and want us to introduce Guantanamo style questioning, rather than investing time, effort and money into limiting/preventing the root cause. She has a consistent record for voting against basic human rights which is an appalling fact for somebody in her position in a first world, developed, nation to have. Of course it matters to a degree in terms of the reporting from the MSM and the comments from the PM and other leading Government figures. All they are offering is populist posturing and lying (AGAIN) about their failures. Yes he lost his life as a result of his work, but from what I understand the work that Learning Together do in respect of reform and rehabilitation has been praised by barristers, solicitors and alike and I'm sure there have been countless successes over time. To ignore the work that groups like Learning Together do, and the views of people like Jack Merritt, and throw the baby out with the bath water is not the answer. Why somebody like the killer in this circumstance was in the hands of Learning Together and not the Government in the first place is a far greater concern, as is the reduction in police, overcrowded prisons, lack of funding, links with Saudis etc. You're right, the risk is to great in certain instances, but I would be amazed if Patel's draconian proposals have any positive effect whatsoever. It's about time we listened to professionals and experts again, rather than populist demand. That goes for a wide range of subjects too, not just defence.
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    It won't be long until there is no Big 6. The money coming into all the other teams, allowing them to hold on to their players will create a tighter league. The sooner the better if you ask me. I think I may have said last year that the extra money would level the playing field and apart from Liverpool I think that's being shown. The media are always the last to catch on, it's going to take a while (or for a none traditional big club to win the league again) before they do. The sooner the better.
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    Someone posted this on the BBC's Man United v Aston Villa match thread. They're quite right, here..; 'You could buy everyone in the country a doughnut for £80million. Man U just spent it buying just one.'
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    It's really disrespectful to be asking managers about jobs that aren't even available yet. I'm really surprised more don't tell the press to do one like Joe KInnear did.
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    You seem to know that Geoff Peters chap well, can't you get him to have a word with the club?!
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    By the way... How fuching awesome is Shinji? https://twitter.com/okazakiofficial/status/1201450829913481216
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    Plenty of positive stuff out there too in fairness…
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    It’s almost in the bag it will be Derby home or away, Rooney’s debut for them it will all be built up in the media as Vardy v Rooney. We will win 4-0, Vardy won’t play and Rooney will have a goal disallowed after Our Bec texts the VAR room about Wayne being caught sneaking in around the back.
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    I disagree. Leicester - or any other non "top six" club - challenging with the big boys is a great story for the press and media, as was proved in 2015/16 It was a legitimate question to ask, given the speculation about Rodgers and Arsenal and a recent story appearing about the clause. Spot on Stripey. Not unprofessional at all. All clubs leak stories through the media, it's not just the big six. Amen. End thread.
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    https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/leicester-city-everton-match-reaction-3598856 'Agatha Christie would have been proud' - how the national media reported Leicester City's win over Everton ByJonny Bonell 08:48, 2 DEC 2019 DAILY MAIL There is an argument that says VAR will cost a manager his job and we are now set to find out if that is true. Deep into injury time and Marco Silva, Everton’s embattled head coach, had seen a much-improved performance from his side when Kelechi Ihenancho, the Leicester substitute, dashed through. He put the ball confidently past Jordan Pickford but a flag had gone up to disallow the goal. No guesses for what happened next. A referral to Stockley Park; an agonising wait as little yellow and black lines were dragged around a screen. Then the decision: goal. As the King Power Stadium erupted in joyous celebration, Silva went from being on the brink of a point to simply on the brink. Leicester’s impressively progressive season continues to flourish but where Everton and Silva go from here is a question that only Farhad Moshiri, the club’s major shareholder, can answer. They have suffered some dreadful blows so far but this season but this one may prove fatal. It would take someone with a heart of flint not to have sympathy with the Portuguese, who looked like he had lost his last five pound note in a photo finish when the verdict on Ihenancho’s goal was returned. His side had played well but the bare fact – defeat, again – leaves him looking bankrupt. Thing is, he didn’t deserve this. Everton showed spirit; they fought and they did everything they could – but will it mean anything to Moshiri? If he limps on to the Merseyside derby on Wednesday, another defeat will surely signal the end. ‘I’m not the right person to speak,’ said Silva, when asked if he would be on the touchline at Anfield. ‘We have to stay calm.’ That is something he has consistently managed to do. A week in the spotlight with his future being debated did not distract him. Silva showed the days he had spent at Finch Farm were not idle and his decision to play a three-man defence carried a message to his team: do not lose. THE GUARDIAN They think it’s all over – but it’s not yet. Leicester kept the Premier League title race alive here by plundering a win in stoppage time, Kelechi Iheanacho’s goal keeping Brendan Rodgers’ side within striking distance of Liverpool. Yes, eight points is within striking distance for this impressive Leicester side, who have now scored more goals and conceded fewer than Liverpool this season. As for Marco Silva’s reign at Everton, maybe that will be over soon. His position is expected to be discussed on Monday but if the Portuguese is sacked, it will not be because of this performance. Everton played well, forcing Leicester to show all of their resourcefulness to dig out a victory. Six wins on the trot represents Leicester’s best run since 1962-63. They finished fourth that season but are a good bet to do better this. The champions back then, by the way, were Everton. A repeat of that is not on the cards any time soon, even if they did well here, taking the lead through Richarlison before Jamie Vardy and Iheanacho hit back for hosts who never stop believing. “It was a really harsh result for us, for 60-65 minutes we were the best team,” remarked Silva, who said he would not waste time thinking about the implications for his continued employment. “I’m not the right person to ask about that. I know what is my job. Tomorrow will be another day for me to prepare another training session.” Given the respective form of the teams going into this game, it seemed as if an Everton win would require something close to miraculous. One might have thought that Silva’s strategy, with a new three-man central defence, smacked of a Hail Mary. But in fairness to the beleaguered manager, it turned out to have been immaculately conceived. Leicester struggled for long periods to find openings in the visitors’ defence. Everton’s players certainly did not lie down to sacrifice their manager, applying the gameplan with dynamism and discipline. “I never had doubts about that,” Silva said. THE TELEGRAPH Why would Brendan Rodgers even have any thoughts about leaving Leicester? His revolution is gathering momentum at rapid speed and he is now 12 points clear of Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham, in front of Premier League champions Manchester City and breathing down the necks of his former club Liverpool. He possesses a squad with some of the best young players in the country, a striker in Jamie Vardy who has scored in six consecutive games, and a board who will back him with funds in January. Kelechi Iheanacho’s dramatic winner deep into added time, awarded by the Video Assistant Referee despite the forward being flagged offside by the linesman, piled on the misery for Marco Silva but the feel-good factor around the King Power Stadium is palpable. He did confirm the Daily Telegraph’s story that he has a £14 million release clause, but reiterated his commitment to the club on Sunday. Rodgers has made no secret of his desire to bring European football back to Leicester, admitting that was the target on the day of his official unveiling in February. But the progress under the Northern Irishman has been remarkable and though he is battling to dampen expectations, it would be a huge disappointment if Leicester were to miss out on the top-four now. They were made to work hard for their latest triumph, with Everton threatening to sentence Leicester to their first home defeat since April. After a huge £100 million spend in the summer it was the visitors who had ambitions of hanging on the coat-tails of Liverpool and Manchester City this season. Yet this has been a season of underachievement, with Silva facing the prospect of becoming the fourth managerial casualty in three-and-a-half years. DAILY MIRROR Marco Silva lost his last job as Watford boss after defeat at Leicester and he could suffer the ignominy of history repeating itself after this heartbreaking defeat. His Everton side fought for him at the Foxes but still chucked away the lead to crash to a third defeat in five top-flight games. It leaves Everton hovering precariously above the drop zone in 17th spot to the dismay of owner Farhad Moshiri, who has pumped in millions. And it must be doubtful if Silva will even be in charge for Wednesday's trip to unbeaten Premier League neighbours Liverpool . The Portuguese coach will certainly be fearing the worst after the extraordinary finale here which saw sub Kelechi Iheanacho win it in injury-time. Referee Graham Scott initially ruled Iheanacho's finish out for offside but the goal was eventually awarded after consulting VAR. The remarkable scenes sparked wild home celebrations but saw Silva's cautious game-plan and approach go up in flames in tortuous fashion. He went with a five-man defence for the first time in a year in a bid to stop the in-form Foxes. It limited the supply line in the first half to the Premier League's leading scorer Jamie Vardy. And in Richarlison, the visitors had some real quality to get their noses infront as he headed in his his fourth of the season on 23 minutes. Yet Vardy eventually found his way past the visitors' defence 22 minutes from time with a close-range finish. Brendan Rodgers' Leicester then snatched a sixth successive League win for the first time since March 1963. It left Silva staring in disbelief towards the same exit from where he departed the King Power in January 2018 after a 2-0 loss signalled the end of his Watford reign. BBC Leicester City inflicted the cruellest of blows on beleaguered Everton manager Marco Silva as Kelechi Iheanacho's stoppage-time winner - awarded by the video assistant referee - kept the Foxes on the heels of Premier League leaders Liverpool. Silva appears to be managing Everton on a game-by-game basis after the club's power-brokers met to discuss his future following the dismal home defeat by Norwich City - and it looked like he would claim a precious point here until just seconds before the end of a pulsating game. Iheanacho placed a composed finish past Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford with the linesman's flag raised for offside but after a lengthy wait, the goal was given amid wild celebrations from Leicester's players and manager Brendan Rodgers as they kept Liverpool's lead at eight points. Everton deservedly led at half-time after Richarlison headed in powerfully from Djibril Sidibe's cross, although Leicester had a penalty rightly ruled out by VAR after Ben Chilwell went down in a challenge with Mason Holgate. Silva's side were pulled back after 68 minutes when Jamie Vardy arrived unmarked at the back post to steer in Iheanacho's effort as it flew across the face of goal. Vardy missed a good chance to win it for Leicester but then came that dramatic finale - and now Silva must wait to see if he is in charge for Wednesday's Merseyside derby at Anfield. THE SUN HIS time was up – yet Brendan Rodgers still emerged smiling as his Foxes kept the title race alive. How poor Marco Silva must wish he could say the same! The under-fire Everton boss had survived the regulation 90 minutes. His team had seen out the three minutes of added stoppage time. But in ADDED stoppage time – one minute over - Leicester proved why Liverpool would be crazy to write off Rodgers’ amazing never-say-die Foxes as they struck to leave Silva’s job hanging by a thread. Tom Davies unforgivably gave possession away needlessly and Wilfred Ndidi pounced to thread a precise pass to send kelechi Iheanacho clear of Yarry Mina. The Nigerian striker slammed the ball expertly into the corner of Jordan Pickford’s net for his first goal since September 2019 – only for standside linesman Richard West to raise his flag for offside. However, after a VAR check which must have tortured poor Silva, ref Graham Scott confirmed Mina had fractionally played Iheanacho onside and Leicester’s players went ballistic as they hared off to Rodgers to celebrate a sixth win on the spin. It was an amazing end to an amazing game which saw Leicester throw down the gauntlet – Manchester City may be faltering … Rodgers Foxes appear to be made of sterner stuff! This match had so much intrigue, so many plots, sub-plots, unexpected twists and turns, Agatha Christie would have been proud to have penned this thriller of a script. The curtain hadn’t been raised, yet everyone present knew Silva had a loaded gun pointed to his head.
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    I'm very drunk again, but this is the truth. Jamie Vardy is an absolute Leicester legend. I love him more than any other Leicester player I have ever seen - and there have been some wonderful footballers in that time (40 or so years). He rocks, he rolls (but only when he's been caught by a defender), but he flies. He's a raptor. I really hope there is another Leicester footballer who I love more one day, because that will mean we are interstellar.
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    I can't agree with some posters that say we were poor today. I thought we did ok played some good football and created chances. Granted we didn't look as secure at the back as we have recently but we can't thrash and outplay teams every week. The expectation levels of some people are crazy. Wednesday's game might be more of the same
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    got the proper nathan dyers about that goal yday. last minute winner in a game we weren’t at our best, long pause and confusion after it had gone in as to whether it was even a goal, made the opposition manager cry. probably going to be the only pointless answer in the “leicester city title winners 2019/20”, but involved in one of the most pivotal moments.
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    It's lovely to see. Even Hamza was enjoying that - and if I was him I'd be pissed off I wasn't getting games. But the spirit is there - and good old Fuchs - I want him at this club for a long time. I think his psychology is superb (and I think he had a hell of a lot to do with the title win)
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    There is no greater joy as a football fan than to see your team win with a last-minute goal. God, it feels so good. I disagree with a lot on here. I thought we actually played pretty well today, Everton too in that they were cleverly set up to stifle us (notwithstanding the wretched time wasting) and dangerous in attack too. Some of our build-up play was delightful. We just needed to shoot a bit more often and test the keeper. Ricardo is such a fabulous footballer and today he was awesome, as were Ndidi and Evans, but obviously the man of the match was Iheanacho, who was fabulous from the moment he came on and changed the game. Perez and Barnes are still not quite at the level of others, and I thought Tielemans and even Soyuncu had some dodgy moments today, but as a team we are just immense and Rodgers’ in-game management is in a class of its own. This season is the gift that keeps on giving. Wednesday can’t come soon enough.
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    Whoah....your son. Supports Liverpool?? Not one to judge, but...some seriously deficient parenting going on there.
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    I'd like to be helpful for the unwary - it's an old school 7.30pm kick off.
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    'Why would I want to leave Leicester?' Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers: "I have a contract here until 2022. Thus far, I know managers are losing their jobs, the club have not indicated to me that they are going to sack me. I am very happy so would have no need to look elsewhere. "Why would I want to leave Leicester City at this time? I am working with a group of players who have so much potential. I gave an honest answer about how all managers have some sort of clause in their contracts and suddenly that seems to have thrown a door wide open. "For me I repeat, I am happy here. Very happy here. I feel I want to continue with that. Take from that what you want.”
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    I am shocked that anyone could seriously accuse them of such unprofessionalism when it is obvious that they attend every actual game themselves.
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    We had the briefest of glimpses of what could of been when Collymore partnered Emile in attack vs Sunderland (I think) then Heskey left for Liverpool and that probably made O’Neill’s mind up that he couldn’t take us any further, today it’s very different, we have the infrastructure to have prolonged success (people’s definition of success will always differ) and fantastic owners who always seem to be striving to take us to the next level, somebody wrote somewhere we could become the English equivalent of Servilla, Athletico Madrid or Dortmund, for me as a middle aged City fan that would be success beyond anything I’d ever hoped for.
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    Vardy beating his own record is the last thing on my mind atm. Even if by a miracle he does, it'll never be as magic as the first time. And I'm sure if you asked the man himself, he'd say 3 points every game is more important. What an absurd hypothetical question
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    How many more consecutive games does Ianaecho need to score in to break Vardy's record?
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    Another way of looking at it that by not ruling it out it buys BR some power here whether that be a wage increase or more power in how the club operates. Personally for BR it's foolish to categorically dismiss it out of hand as he loses a bargaining chip.
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    Does anyone else think that the VAR decisions allow the players to celebrate in way that is fans do in the stands or in the pub etc?
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    Properly buzzing for him, you can tell how patient and mentally strong he's had to be to wait for his chance again in the Prem. He's taken the game by the scruff of the neck and dragged us to victory. It's potentially career saving that is for him here, like what Divock Origi did at Liverpool last season. The sign of a player, team and manager and coach ch King staff all working to a common goal that gets players playing out of their skin. Loved how much all the players and staff have applauded him, he deserves that. Vardy was very complimentary about him and vice versa. Love it.
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    The best run clubs in Europe scout managers ahead of time in a similar way they do with players. They identify managers that fit the philosophy and playing style they wish to implement, and often sound them out ahead of time. As I consider Leicester to be one of the best run clubs in Europe, I am pretty sure we will be doing the same. I thought Carragher made an interesting point post match on Sky yesterday - that we were one of the most desirable jobs in Europe for those managers that just missed out on a job at the traditional top teams. So for me, we'd be looking at a similar bracket of managers come the next appointment. If he doesn't get the Bayern job (or Dortmund if Favre goes), then I think someone like Nagelsmann at RB Leipzig would fit the bill perfectly - but I'm pretty sure we'd need Champions League to convince him. Should Rodgers leave - be it next week, next season, or years from now - who do you think the club is keeping tabs on and who would you like to see come in?
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    Is it just me or have they seriously ran out of ideas with these trials? Seems like every day recently it's 'find stars in a room full of [critters/snakes/toads/rats]'. Swear there used to be loads more variety, getting boring now...
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    The thing is that Rodgers might well go, but he might not. I don’t think he should have to categorically rule it out. Nobody knows what the future holds and he doesn’t want to be in a position where he’s accused of lying or misleading people. It’s his career we’re talking about and he’s clearly ambitious. Manager’s stock can rise and fall very quickly and he’s clearly a hot property right now. Look at Mauricio Pochettino as an example of how quickly that can change. If at this stage next season he’s still here and we’re only 3 points above the relegation zone, there will be many calling for his head. We do have form here: great escape - Pearson sacked, won the title - Ranieri sacked, Shakespeare and Puel - gone. I hope that Rodgers sees enough of what’s being built at Leicester to stay, but I’ve always assumed his stay will be short. After what he did at Celtic we’d be naive to think otherwise. I also think that the narrative at Leicester isn’t all about the manager. We’re becoming more stable as a bigger club than we’ve ever been. I don’t want Brendan Rodgers to go, but the club is bigger than him.
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    Great, can turn over now.
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    Well someone's clearly a secret LiVARpool fan. Nailed on Leicester pen.
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    Ndidi’s best on the ball performance for us as of yet.
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    Wes has a forest tattoo. Means nothing. I want his desire to stay coded into his DNA and to see tiny foxes coming out of his arse.
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    Great point. Mainstream sports media is the same as the wider mainstream media - it's far easier to trot out the agreed consensus narrative. This is the age of the 24-hour news cycle. News media has replaced the soap opera, local newspapers are identikit assemblages of the same centralised content and autocue-reading 'news personalities' recite what they see without analysis. Real journalism is all but dead in the mainstream, and football coverage is no different. To offer insightful, challenging, genuine reporting and debate is beyond the traditional news outlets - thankfully there are independent alternatives to the received wisdom, and these can be found online.
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    In anticipation of a lot of moaning, Wednesday is that rare beast - a 7.30 kick off.
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    We have an abundance of young players at the club so the direction is onwards and upwards with new training ground and potential stadium expansion we are a club on the up
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    I'm not defending the Tories on this at all. They are just as complicit as Labour in how soft this country has now become on crime. The thing that pisses me off most about the Tories is how they have talked tough on crime and never followed through, Patel gives me a slight hope that could change but we need actions rather than words. I see absolutely nothing wrong with people feeling terror at committing the most serious of crimes whilst also making sure people who aren't actually a danger to the public aren't locked away for years. That's the perfect balance to have.
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    I'm not gonna lie. I don't like how he's dealt with the Arsenal rumours so far. If he's 100% committed to the job he's doing here he could've completely shut it down. Seems like he's flirting with the idea to me
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    Who knows what the future holds. But in the 80s & early 90s, people wondered whether Labour could ever win an election again......then in the late 90s & noughties they wondered whether the Tories could ever do so.... You grew up to Labour winning landslides. I grew up to Thatcher winning landslides. I think that I'm right in saying that Attlee, Wilson & Blair are the only Labour politicians to ever win a majority? Christ knows where we'll be in a year, though, never mind 5 or 10 years time.
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    Like it or not, Priti Patel is much closer to the mainstream views of the nation than any home secretary for years.
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    He has got to giving the ball away in critical areas. He wasn't bad today, too wasteful, though
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    Arsenal have spent comparatively very little money for years now. Wenger long had them punching above their weight. If they continue with the same model of investment they will become established mid table fodder. In all honesty they are a club on a downward trajectory and we are on an upward one. We can become genuine top 4 contenders, all we need now is a stadium expansion. You are going to be financially supported at Leicester, you have a great young squad, some of the best training facilities in the world coming on stream soon, hopefully a world class stadium expansion, a non toxic supporter base. Surely you would have to be mad. I cant think of manh managers who would want a job like that. Maybe offer Brendan a pay rise. He can be a manager to go down in history here and still get to a real top class club afterwards. Liverpool proved expectations bring added pressure, surely Brendan learnt from that. Celtic was a different ball game even Neil Lennon who could win for shit in the championship can win that league.
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    Two who never expected to die today, one who didn't give a flying ****
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    Have I got Wymsey on mute or has he got me on mute?? I can't see his post above for some reason. EIther way, I had this to say... "Britt Asombalonga went for 5m in the summer ffs. He might not be a goal scorer but we couldn't replace his work rate for 5 bloody million. If we were going to sell then I'd want at least 7. Nobody in the league works as hard as him. For a relegation fighting team, it's invaluable." So I thought I was doing better than most until I came out with... "So effectively Okazaki for Vardy + 3m? Take that every day of the week." I love Shinji as much as the next Leicester fan but jesus.
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