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    As we approach the end of the decade, a 10 year period which will be remembered fondly, mostly for the premier league win, it's easy to forget just how long 10 years is. At the start of this decade we had just come up from league 1. By the end of the 09/10 season we'd secured a playoff spot. Taking a 0-1 loss into the 2nd leg of the playoff final we overturned the deficit to lead the tie. I remember sliding on my knees in my living room as we led the tie 3-2 on aggregate. Chopra scored, a goal in today's game that wouldn't have stood, I'm certain the goal would have been disallowed by VAR. We will, of course, always remember that penalty by Yann Kermorgant. And the hit YouTube sensation of the song that followed. Nigel Pearson left the club, new owners were coming in and apparently wanted a bigger name to propel the Leicester city brand to new heights. Paulo Sousa was appointed, and in came and influx of players none of us had heard of and a style of football that made Claude Puel look like an all out attack mastermind. Sousa didn't last long and a certain Sven Goran Eriksson was appointed. In followed more players, £5.5 million for Mills!!! Michael Johnson tried to resurrect his young career. Jermain Beckford and Yakubu, who did nothing but score goals! But nothing ever clicked. A very narrow diamond formation with 4 central midfielders never took off. Sven lasted just over a year and Pearson returned just over a month later. This is when things got interesting. Pearson bought well, and moulded a team together. Helped by the successful buys of his predecessor Nugent, Schmeichel and Konchesky we added Drinkwater, Knockaert and some lad from Fleetwood for £1million!! The season after we again finished in the playoff spots. This time we took a 1-0 win away with us to Watford for the 2nd leg. With the tie at 2-2 on aggregate we were awarded a more than dubious penalty in injury time when Knockaert went down. With the chance to secure the tie and book our place in the final, Knockaert picked himself up and insisted on taking the penalty himself. He missed and I don't want to talk about what happened next. I spent the whole of the summer of 2013 avoiding anything football, it hurt that bad! The season after, however, was about as good as any of truly thought it would get. The lad signed from Fleetwood found his feet, we signed a young Algerian fella. Nugent finished the leagues top scorer, we broke all sorts of club records and won the championship at what was a bit if a canter, despite an apparent challenge from Burnely. After a 10 year break from the premier league we were returning. Promises of £180million spent and european football within 3 years were laughed off by many, including many of us. The signing of Cambiasso in the summer of '14 got us excited enough. We went in the our 1st premier league season in 10 years full of hope rather than expectation and home draws against Everton and Arsenal were greatly received. The famous 5-3 against Utd was as good as it got for a while though. What followed was a draw against Burnley and things started to go downhill from there. Despite playing some lovely football we couldn't get the results and many of us started to come to a realisation that our visit to challenge Englands elite might be a short one. As April began most, if not all, gave us no chance of staying up. West Ham came to visit and we secured a vital victory. What followed was 7 wins from our next 8 games. A draw at Sunderland turned out to be enough to complete what was the greatest ever escape the premier league had ever witnessed. In the summer of 2015 the team visited Thailand on what was more of a PR visit than anything else, the owners homeland. We all know what happened there. With his son's involvement in the "festivities" Pearsons position became untenable and again left the club. We appointed Claudio Ranieri, an appointment met by many with disbelief, his last position with Greece was a disaster. Known for tinkering and never actually winning anything, it was a strange appointment considering most of us were gearing up for another relegation scrap. We need passion, grit and determination. Not a different 11 every week with no fluidity. Signings like Fuchs and Okazaki arrived at the club having been signed by one manager only to be led by another. This wasn't a good time to be a Leicester fan, there was no plan, no path and everything was rather up in the air. Cambiasso left, despite out pleas to stay and we signed a little french guy to replace him. Ranieri picked his 1st squad and we comfortably won against a poor Sunderland side. Kante finally made his way into the team and things started to happen. We were high in the table, just early season form though, nothing to get excited about. Arsenal came to visit and the 5-2 defeat put us back in our place, it was good while it lasted. However, it started again, the Arsenal defeat was the blip. We kept picking points up. That lad from Fleetwood went on a scoring streak that went down in history, 11 games in a row. We made it to christmas still in the mix, european football within 3 years wasn't so laughable anymore. Still, pundits were writing us off, we wouldn't last. Key players would suffer injury, form would drop off. Neither of those things happened. Another defeat to Arsenal, away this time, temporarily raised nagging doubts but the 3-1 win away at Man City had us all believing. Sat at my friends house watching Chelsea V Spurs, nervously kicking every ball as if I was in the Chelsea midfield, champagne on ice, Hazard puts in his best performance of the season, he had been missing for large parts that year, and scores what turned out to be a very important goal in our history. We were premier league champions!! We were the best in England. Emotions cannot be described in words from that night, and the subsequent ceremony that followed in our game against Everton. The following season, domestically, was disappointing. Ranieri had unfortunately started to live up to his tinker man name. Poor summer signings and a ridiculous pre season schedule seemingly took its toll. We started badly and never really recovered. Rumours of discontent in the dressing room followed and Claudio did not see the season out, much the the dissatisfaction of the footballing world, but we could see we were going down if a change did not happen. Shakespear was appointed in temporary charge and an upturn in feel, tempo and passion happened. We went in the the 2nd leg of our champions league tie against Seville a goal down. That night will, again, live long in the memory. Goals from Morgan and Albrighton coupled with a penalty save from Kapser gave us a famous victory. Shakespear was appointed permanently to lead us into the 17/18 season. But again things turned sour. Our dressing room was getting a reputation as snakes and player power was apparently taking over. Elder statesmen were running the training sessions and picking the team. Our 1 chance to become a top, "big" club had seemingly passed us by. We made another managerial change and brought in a Frenchman, labelled by many as dull, Claude Puel. Our tactics changed to a possession type game and initially we saw an upturn in form. However, this did not last and by the end of the season there were disgruntled fans. A few good results at the end of that campaign seemingly saves Puels job. Claude recruited well in the summer of 18, Maddsion and Ricardo were added. We lost Mahrez and replaced him with the wonder that is Ghazzel. Alright, not all the signings were great, but we had some youth and talent in the squad. Ndidi, signed a year or so before, was finding his feet. Big Harry Maguire had a good first year and we added experience with a good mix of youth. That lad from Fleetwood still doing his thing. A dull season followed, defeat to Newport in the FA cup didn't help, neither did the loss to Man City reserves for the 2nd successive year in the quarter finals of the league cup. Puel was gone and in came Rodgers. The same sort of tactics as Puel but with a different style. We had a manger with charm and charisma who had seemed to unite the squad again and our form again improved. We went into the 19/20 full of hope, tinged with expectation. We finish this decade with a real chance of champions league qualification. Most of us would have taken a europa league spot. That lad from Fleetwood is 4 goals short of 100 premier league goals. It's fair to say that the last couple of seasons won't be remembered as fondly as some of the others in the last 10 years. But 10 years is such a long time really. We started the decade as a sleeping giant looking to become championship promotion hopefuls after a brief stint in Englands 3rd tier. We finish it as a team, hopefully, on an upward curve, mixing it with the big boys, not only in England but in Europe should we continue on this path Thanks to every single Leicester fan for sharing all this. Here's to the next 10 years, hopefully just as memorable as this decade has been, for all the right reasons. Football is full of highs and lows, but to appreciate the highs we have to suffer the lows. Cheers
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    People forget he was playing Championship football until Puel brought him back last January. So he's basically had less than 12 months at Premier League level. Cant expect a 21 year to jump from Championship to a team with top 4/title aspirations. On top of that his general play is actually very good, superb footwork and link up play, decent assist numbers. Harvey Barnes is over achieving at the moment. Cant remember last time someone made such a huge jump in levels and still slotted in quite smoothly. Yes he has room to grow and his finishing is surprisingly not what I expected but overall l am very happy with him so far in his City career.
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    Even £50 million signings sometimes take 2 or 3 years to adjust to new surroundings. Seems Barnes is the scapegoat at the moment,unbelievable considering the run we are on and hes played most of the time during this remarkable run. Seem to remember the same being said of Chilwell about a year ago and look what happened there. Trouble is, now some of our fans have been spoilt and now expect us to have the right of 11 Messi's in the team. Stop the moaning. Enjoy the fact we have an amazing ambitions club, owners, team and manager and enjoy the ride. What a question! How long do you give players to improve? Look at Maddison Ndidi Chilwell Soyuncu Hamza Barnes All improved dramatically over the last couple of years. I think whatever we are doing is working so to even question the powers that be with development of our youngsters is unbelievable.
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    Hipster goal for me is Knockaert scorpion against Huddersfield. I know its forgotten in an era of greatness but that goal was pretty good.
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    At the start of the match the centre circle should flip open and the teams should rise up on a platform whilst the Thunderbirds theme plays.
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    Can’t have any other team apart from the title winning side. Goal of the decade - Vardy v Liverpool.
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    Yeah Jim did a great job doing that to be fair to him.
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    25 points out of 27 2nd in the league separating the two most dominant teams the league has ever seen. Best defence in the league. Top goal scorer( by a distance). Equates to ‘carrying players months on end’ You sir, are an ostrich...,
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    It's a bit of a joke calling it "The Kop" really. It's just a grey haired family stand.
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    This game shouldn't have been given airtime
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    I've had this argument about Chilwell for over a couple of years with my mate. He loves to say "he has no end product". There are only 19 more players in the league across all positions with more assists than Chilwell and out of the full backs it's only the Liverpool pair with more. I'm not sure what he wants from his left back, to defend like Maldini and attack like Ronaldo would be my guess. It's the same with the stick Barnes gets. There are only 9 players in the PL this season with more assists. I think Barnes has the potential to be like Mo Salah but I do think Harvey is a slow burner and it will take two or three years before we see him at his best. He's quick, strong and direct and certainly has the ability to be a 10 goal, 10 assists man a season. Whilst I believe our two attacking wide forwards are the weakest area of the current team I'd be loathe to take him out of the first XI as it's counterproductive. With the most assists in the squad no one can say he isn't pulling his weight whatsoever but he's so good at his best we should be getting more out of him but it will come. I think most of the moaning against our players is people thinking the grass is greener and underestimate our own players and overestimate other teams players. We're second in the table for a reason.
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    But the difference between him and Maguire is that he *does* have the pace to get back and does it brilliantly. Leicester under Rodgers deliberately play a high line and it’s one reason we have the best defence in the league. The whole team in the 4141 formation can remain compact with ~10 yards between every player yet still be so far up the field the front 5 players can press the opposition and force them into mistakes. We look better as a team this season because our pressing is better and because Soyuncu doesn’t get exposed in the same way Maguire did. Rodgers said the team shape and system combined with poor pressing and slow passing led to our lackadaisical play against Norwich. Soyuncu and Evans were caught out a few times but if you look at his positioning he was standing in the right area, it’s just that our pressing traps failed as Norwich played their way out of the press superbly multiple times as they did against Man City. In modern system based football you defend as team. In my opinion, Soyuncu actually played well because he had to deal with the rest of the team not doing their job correctly. This challenge was prime Rio Ferdinand esque!
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    Spurs will get it together, but as he's shown elsewhere he's got a limited time before he pisses everyone off and turn into grumpy Mourinho again.
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    Man City reported to be “fuming” at Arsenal’s pursuit of Mikel Arteta ! What goes around comes around.
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    Granted I've not watched a lot of Leicester games this season but what I have seen the notion that you have been "carrying" Barnes is a bit ridiculous imo. He's done fine anytime I've seen him, do you want more from him, of course but with young players that takes time and perseverance. I could see the point in moaning if this perseverance was impacting results but it's the exact opposite, you've been on a terrific run of form and Barnes has been part of that. If as a club, fan base or whatever you don't want to sacrifice and have the patience to let young player make their mistakes then just don't bother with a youth academy and buy players off the shelf. You can't put a young player into the team and expect them to immediately become consistent, it's a gradual progression. It's maybe lost in today's cash rich version of football but the principle remains the same, young players from 16-22 are undertaking an apprenticeship like in any profession and as such should be allowed to make mistakes and most importantly learn from them along the way.
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    We aren’t carrying anybody…. All players out subject to peaks and troughs in form The tendency towards over reaction, based one draw and a disappointing performance, on the back of a record breaking winning streak is quite remarkable
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    Shocking that. Although look how much Boris is enjoying that pint. Another reason to vote Boris was pint pouring abilities.
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    England getting to a quarter final over out title win, definitely not a Leicester fan
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    There is quite an element of truth in that, particularly in having a team that mainly picked itself week afterweek. We were however extremely fortunate on the injury front. Also, a majority of our players now have been involved during international breaks compared to a minority back then perhaps. We have to learn to effectively rotate our squad if we have any ambitions of firstly getting into Europe next year, putting up a decent show whilst there whilst still competing effectively in the Premiership to make sure that it's not another one year wonder. Qualification, as I see it, is not just about the huge potential financial rewards that can be gained. It's also about making us attractive enough to retain our more talented players who understandably have competitive ambitions and also, attract even more premium up and coming talent to enlargen and complement our current squad. For this year, due to our heady league position, the Premiership top four has to be an absolute priority and something like the League Cup pales into insignificance, it may have been different had we been just a fairly comfortable mid table team. This season has, more than ever, the potential to shape our longer term future. The League Cup, whilst nice, is financially irrelevant and small fry compared to the genuinly attaineable alternatives. We really should have the squad to rest four or even five of our players if our clubs fitness professionals even slightly think it would be advisable. It furthermore gives both reward and vital real game experience to those squad players that Rodgers continually tells us are training hard and taking on board his mantra. To be knocked out would be sad but also be worth nothing more than a quick shrug of the shoulders and certainly not worth criticising Rodgers for whatever team he picks. We need to remain steadfast in aiming high for the benefit of our long term future. Time moves on and Leicester City is a very different animal compared to 2015/16. We have progressed as have our ambitions. If we keep thinking small that's all we'll ever be. Just my tuppence worth.
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    If people want to go full strength for this, fine, but I fully expect some of the same people will be in the match threads over Christmas/New Year moaning about our leggy players being given the runaround.
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    I think we might be over-reacting a bit.
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    It’s funny how policies that are considered just normal in many countries (i.e.) national public transport, which is brilliant and cheap in countries like Germany and the Netherlands, is widely considered “radical left” in the UK now. We actually already have nationalised trains, just that the nations of Germany, the Netherlands and France make loads of money from it and not the UK, which is fine :-/
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    We knew Liverpool were going to do this ages ago due to club World Cup thingy. im more disappointed they put this game on TV knowing this.
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    They absolutely could have managed the situation. I'm not having it that 5 or 6 seniors couldn't have played this game, flown out to Qatar in the morning and be ready to step in for the CWC where they wouldn't have been picked anyway.
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    Tickets now on general sale, block filling up fast. Get your tickets sorted ASAP email - filbospirit@gmail.com
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    The current leader walked past me on Saturday as I was washing my car. I looked up as he approached, did a double take and smiled, and he gave me what I can only describe as a stoical smile in return. I have to say I felt a little bit sorry for him.
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    If it's just a negotiating tactic and we're just pretending to subscribe to a guaranteed no-deal scenario if talks aren't completed on time, all on the basis that the EU will also be incentivised to avoid being hit by the loss of free trade between us, then that's the equivalent of threatening to break our hands so we can slightly bloody the EU's face. Besides, if it's so obvious to you then don't you think the folks at Schumann will be just as aware, rendering the tactic moot?
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    4 years Thats gonna be a big pay off in 18 months time, Everton are a bit like the Milan clubs these days (Inter are actually quite good at the moment tbf). Spend loads, probably get in FFP trouble, sack the bloke that’s assembled an expensive squad, rinse and repeat. Recently I’ve really grown to dislike them, them going down would be stupendous
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    Meanwhile, as ceremonial matters continue at Westminster, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, has given his reaction to the news that Boris Johnson plans to formally enshrine in law a UK-EU post-Brexit trade deal deadline of 31 December 2020. "We will do the maximum," Mr Barnier told reporters, when asked if it was possible to reach such a deal in just 11 months. Even Barnier getting in the Christmas spirit of getting brexit done. To the maximum!
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    He lead an entire campaign for the London Mayoral position almost exclusively based on racism and lost to a man who was both a close pal of Miliband and put Corbyn forward for leader of the Labour Party. I don't think the fact he's somewhat of an environmentalist overshadows that, particularly when he has the wealth of a nation thanks to his Father. Oh, and he holds a pint like this:-
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    Dunno, there's still one year to go yet.
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    See Tottenham coming third in a two horse race isn't included. Lets face it that took some doing.
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    Variant on family stand joke. Thanks for snapping
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    Could someone please explain to me the attraction of Mikel Arteta as manager, beyond people thinking he's going to be Pep Mk II, just because he happened to have been his assistant. Just seems like another moronic decision by a big football club, taking gambles they didn't really need to make.
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    No sweat regarding Everton. In 12 months time they'll be booing their latest £200m batch of recruits when they play a pass backwards during their 2-0 home defeat to West Brom. Rinse and repeat.
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    Absolutely hate the Cronyism that goes on in British Politics where that if you fail miserably as an mp or cabinet member you are rewarded to a seat in the Lords with all the taxpayer funded privelages. it says all that is wrong in British society.
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    No points lost. He lost his seat......though I think most people predicted it, anyway. On another Brexit point, here's the excellent Stephen Bush pointing out why No Deal or a very Hard Brexit is a distinct possibility. I really think those people saying that the big Tory majority means we end up with a softer deal are deluding themselves: "Boris Johnson will redraw the Withdrawal Agreement Bill to make a further extension of the transition period past the end of 2020 illegal, leaving him with just a year to negotiate a free-trade agreement with the European Union. It means another round of EU-UK negotiations against the backdrop of a ticking clock - ending in economic damage for both sides, but with the damage falling asymmetrically on the UK. There is one significant difference: thanks to Boris Johnson's Northern Ireland protocol, which puts a regulatory border in the Irish Sea, the European Union can go for a no-deal Brexit without causing chaos on Ireland's border with Northern Ireland. The average length of a trade deal is three years (if you're being kind about when you calculate the start and end dates of a trade negotiation). The EU's trade deal with Canada took five years to strike. The EU's trade deal with South Korea took four. The US-Canada-Mexico trade deal took six years to negotiate, the preceding accord between the US and Canada took eight years. The EU-UK trade deal is unprecedented because it is the first trade deal in history to involve the creation of new barriers to trade rather than the removal of them. Of course, the main reason why trade talks take so long isn't that trade negotiators type slowly - it's that the political interests of the negotiating partners take a long time to reconcile. If the UK wants to strike an agreement in which it has low market access, remains part of the EU's level-playing field and its labour market is still relatively open to EU member states, that deal could be signed, sealed and delivered in weeks. But can the British government sign that kind of deal? Yes, Labour went down to landslide defeat last Thursday. But landslide defeat doesn't always mean a landslide majority for the winner: it didn't for Tony Blair in 2005 and it doesn't now. Just 40 Conservative MPs can defeat the government - and, of course, the number of Conservative MPs in the ERG is still greater than 40. Yes, Boris Johnson is flush with success, but so was Tony Blair in 1997: but 47 Labour MPs voted against his plans to cut lone parent benefits and 100 more abstained. Margaret Thatcher was at the peak of her powers in 1986: but 72 Conservative MPs voted against her plans to scrap Sunday trading. What both of those rebellions have in common is that they were parliamentary rebellions against leaders as powerful as Boris Johnson is now, and rebellions of sufficient size to capsize his majority with room to spare. Equally importantly they were rebellions that went with, rather than against, the grain of party opinion in the country as a whole. Now, bluntly, Brexiteers have proven themselves to be defeated by detail - they cheered Theresa May's joint report on the Irish border and took the best part of a year to realise the implications of it. It may be that Johnson can similarly present retreat as victory for long enough to keep his majority intact: he's done it before with the Irish border, after all. But if his free trade agreement is seen to be a surrender to the EU's aims and objectives, don't bet anything that a majority of 80 will be enough to ratify his deal".
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    Team of the decade - 15 / 16 Goal of the decade - Huth v Spurs.
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    Stringer absolutely ruined that. Moronic screeching.
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    Best goal is Vardy away at WBA. In fact that's one of the best the club has ever scored.
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    Its not about how this Forum believes whats right..Thankfully!! Its how B.Rodgers decides...and being the manager that has got us this far...and a manager that a high majority of fans in this wanted.. I am more than Happy and relaxed in supporting & encouraging the players he selects...including system!! And IMO the critic of Puels selection was total nonsense...Many just couldnt understand where and what Quality M.city had as a squad,and where we were. Why Risk injury,or tiredness for the rest of the season,there must be IMO in this competition,Rotation. Why Not 4-6 players ?? Wholesale changes of 9-11 players I don't see...but whatever the descision ,this season BR has earnt at least my trust,no matter what some foxestalk heroes,consistently moan on about.... Leicester City is a long project....not something to Crunch into a Short ,One Off season,Chasing only the thoughts ,our presently seen best team( from some fans) must be chosen ,cos they the almighty have spoken..!!
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    That's a great point that the club can't ignore. Man Utd have cleared out a dedicated area for an organised supporter's group and are expanding it in the 2020/21 season. If one of the most commercial clubs in the world can do this and recognise the importance of something like this, then LCFC have no excuse.
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    For the love of God rest Tielemans. Go back to 433, Perez and Albrighton will be completely fresh and I'm not convinced Sharky is much of a drop on Barnes on current form. Praet only played 45 minutes today, put him in for YT, maybe give JJ and Fuchs a run and then keep the spine in tact around them. I'd say that's a pretty decent mix of rotation and first team.
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