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    Is it Chilly? Is it Harvey? Is it Youri? Is it Brendan? Just need some clarification as I need someone to moan at. I'm fuming that we're only second at Christmas and just 10 points ahead of 5th place. I need someone to blame.
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    I love Troy Deeney.. was asked about pressure & says "My Mum working three jobs so she could but Xmas presents, thats pressure. This is just football "
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    2nd in the league and League cup semi final at Christmas what more did you expect?🙈 Everything going to plan in my eyes.
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    Alli clearly offside but VAR doesn't check that, but it will check whether he was fouled inside or outside the penalty area afterwards. Ludicrous.
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    Sometimes managers get the tactics wrong in games - fact. Even the best managers get it wrong sometimes, Guardiola on more than one occasion this season. Don't think we should be digging Brendan out too much as he's got it right a lot more often than he's got it wrong. Remember we don't have the squad depth that the teams around us do.
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    No one's saying you should be "screaming all game". Just make a bit of noise, and get behind the team at appropriate points during the game. Not difficult, really. What has always amazed me is this ... People seem to care about the club ... enough to give up their whole day, travel maybe 300 or 400 miles to follow the team, and fork out anwhere from £50 to £100 in the process. Which presumably indicates a bit of passion towards the club. But then don't seem to think that making a bit of noise or cheering the team on at appropriate points might help the team. I can understand that all clubs have lots of "watchers" for the home games. You've got your season ticket, and you just turn up at home games and have a little snooze every other week, But away games ffs? Weird.
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    One nigel Pearson, there's only one nigel Pearson
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    im not sure tiredness was the issue, Man city were the issue, they were good today
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    We were well beaten today, and Kasper saved us from a really heavy defeat. But lets be realistic, they are a fantastic team, one of the best teams in premier league history with world class players like De Bruyne in their XI. When they are on it they are unbeatable and they were on it today. But remember, we are 2nd in the table at Christmas, have just been on an 8 game winning run and are in a cup semi final. Plenty of reasons to be cheerful right now.
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    We weren’t great but we weren’t allowed to be. Sometimes you’ve just gotta doff your cap and admit you lost to the better team. Man City are champions for a reason and would’ve beaten anyone today.
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    Basically what we've learned this season is that VAR is a great idea but the FA are too incompetent to use it properly.
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    Just came across this video via the BBC Leicester page: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/50868507 The club have created a 'social cafe', in partnership with the Premier League, to allow local youngsters to create a bond with elderly people in the community at The King Power Stadium. Another reason why this club is considered as a 'caring' organisation towards the local community.
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    He's not wrong but that's like being called a great doctor by Harold Shipman.
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    Fcukin scandalous this is, we are 2nd in the league and yet there's about 3 hot topics with players in our team who are supposedly not pulling their weight. Absolutely wild.
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    Whoa hang on a minute there's another one. "Battle of Stamford Bridge cost Spurs a real chance of winning the title". **** off Tyler. What a load of bollocks.
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    Barnes just needs a couple goals, especially at home. He will become a hell of a player in time but at the moment there is nothing that will do him more good than an outstanding game or two and/or a couple of goals. You can see everything from his body language, his desperation to please and be accepted and acknowledged will come as will his confidence once he bangs in a few home goals. He's one player I can see as being on the verge of something special. His time will come.
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    When Mahrez played for us, nearly always our opponents would double up on him to negate his impact. We didn't do that today and we paid the price. Man City benefitted twice from dubious refereeing decisions, one which gifted them a penalty, the other which inexplicably denied us the same. That said, Man City were by far superior and were worth their two goal advantage. Mahrez and De Bruyne were on fire. For us, Tielemans, Perez and Maddison were anonymous, leaving the others to try in vain to paper over the cracks. In our last few matches we've looked uncomfortable and vulnerable playing out of defence when the opposition does a high press. Norwich and Man City both exposed it. We've looked unstoppable at times this season, but today we were made to look ordinary by a team that is the real deal. We didn't do ourselves any favours, but I hope this match gives our players a reality check. The real work to secure a top 4 finish starts on Boxing Day.
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    I'd give Kane a red. Why? Just cuz...Christmas.
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    Behind the smiley façade, Son is a real nasty piece of work.
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    They just seem to be making it up as they're going along
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    How did the ref come to the conclusion it was a foul the other way with his original decision.
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    For those who have not see it here is the Gazzaniga challenge:
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    I know, what a wacky idea it is that if you identify as a 'supporter' then you should support your team! As you say, whatever will these people think of next?
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    We’ve conceded a penalty in every game we’ve lost. 2 of those games were against the best 2 teams on the planet - it’s to be expected
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    We lost tonight and were poor, but Vardy was brilliant throughout. Yet another incredible finish, and almost setup Barnes for number 2. What a brilliant player he is for us.
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    Not bothered so much we lost. Disappointed at the manner of the loss. We didn't look like we were up for the fight. Super super passive and let them do whatever they wanted to really.
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    because we lost at the etihad, and that’s unacceptable Its like I’ve been saying, far too many on here thinking we were in the title race and realisation is starting to set In that we still have a lot to do to even qualify for the Champions League. This leads to frustration a disconnection from reality and over the top Criticism of players who are the reason we are in the great position we are. It’ll probably get worse unless we can upset the apple cart against Liverpool.
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    Prefer a Chelsea win.. Keeps the Spuds further away from a top 4 finish.. Plus.. it's always lovely to see them get beat.
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    I'm speechless, thats almost identical to ours and we got nothing.
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    Great to see Pogba back, he’ll ruin the team spirit if there was one.
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    Posts like this drive me nuts. So long as people don’t go over the top (subjective), then we should be all free to discuss where things might have gone wrong at times. If things had “gone to plan” we wouldn’t have needed to change our shape and players to counteract a team in the bottom three ripping us a new one out wide. It has been a brilliant season but I doubt for one second Rodgers isn’t analysing things and wanting to improve.
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    If he doesn’t start scoring Rodgers will replace him, simple as that. Goes for all of our wingers. He’s stated what he wants from them and there is only so long they can continue not delivering what’s been asked before we just buy someone else. He’s currently got the most end product of all our wingers, but even that’s not enough if we we seriously want to keep challenging in the position we are. Vardy is bailing us out by being world class at he minute. It’s a shame we are in the position of needing a 22 year old to step up and be relied upon. The others should be offering more considering their experience compared to him. That all said, people can’t ignore the issues. I stand by everything I’ve said about his movement and finishing. He needs help from the coaches.
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    So much punditry - and opinion on forums - is just a case of reverse analysis - ie start with the result and work backwards pointing out what went wrong. Effect before cause. Jesus, it's tiresome. Perfection is not something available in this life - especially in retrospect. We're having a great season with every chance it could get even better. Why not enjoy it?
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    If the players are knackered with a few extra games now, how they gonna cope if we were also in Europe?
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    Man City 4 years under Pep vs Us 1 year under Rodgers, for me that was the take home from that game. The tactic of attacking Chilwell worked a treat, I felt sorry for him. Fortunately there are not many of Mahrez's quality for other teams to carbon copy the tactic. They gave us no chance, but we did help them out in possession with the amount we gave it away to them. I've always been an advocate of playing out from the back, but surely Rodgers saw it wasn't working yesterday, what does he write in his notebook? Nothing to panic about, although under normal circumstances, when we lose games like that, there's often an air of "well at least we gave them a good game" I didn't feel that yesterday and that's my only concern. Our goal was wonderful, Barnes and Vardy combo, excellent and speaking of Barnes....oh Harvey...please can you start to score soon, that should have been a goal. It reminded me of Perez vs Brighton, Barnes' chance wasn't as straightforward, but no doubt should have been put away, he knows that though. Evans was superb, again, and Ndidi battled hard, he just wasn't left with many options. Schmeichel MOTM for me, that's what world class looks like in those saves. To maintain our Champions League aspirations, we have to reinforce in the window.
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    If we beat these I'll eat my own shit..............🤨
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    It’s a game we needed. The squad will learn from it and help us to become the team we are yet to be. Man City are a finished article, we are a project...people forget that. Mahrez can go pleasure himself with a rusty pole though.
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    I generally don't have anything against former Leicester players, but I think we can all agree that Mahrez can now fvck right off...
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    These f*****g divs that sit in their cars for ages with the engine running. The other night at my lad's football training, there were 8 cars parked up with their engines running for the whole hour. I can't get my head round it. This is metres from where their own children are running up and down getting out of breath, and they're sitting there giving them diesel fumes to breathe. I don't think it's actually illegal to do this yet, but some councils seem to have the power to fine you for it, though seemingly not in Leicester
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    Pleaaassseee be loud Thursday night. Really loud. Please.
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    Son should know better but Rudigers reaction was a joke and everything I dislike about the modern game.
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    Fully deserved red, can't believe he's acting shocked. Knew exactly what he was doing.
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    Mourinho just described Spurs as an offensive team. Too fvckin right I shouted at the telly.
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    They usually just let Gary Neville go on a 20 minute rant yet he never blames the manager.
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    Take a night off will you? The lad is class - he's just having a dip in form.
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    I regard anyone, of any sex, an absolute moron if they think Grealish is better than Madders.
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