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    as it stands, if we win 12-0 tomorrow, back to second
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    Not only would it be funny, it would be great for football as non competitive leagues are boring. This season is a bit boring because of Liverpool, but if you look past them the rest of the division is very competitive despite massive differences in spending ability between clubs. I particularly enjoy the demise of Man U as their fans were insufferable for years. I am glad that for once they know what it's like to support a really average and unexciting team. I'm sure people think we have become insufferable since the title win, but many of us have been around to experience when we were relegated to League One and / or darker days of the past too.
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    Would be so funny to see Wolves, Sheffield United and Southampton/Palce in the Europa League at the expense of Man Utd, Spurs, Arsenal and Everton.
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    3 clean sheets in 4 games. Probably fair but both teams will feel they should have won. Hopefully you will beat Burnley !!
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    All of Newcastle's players look like they've been paused.
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    The point is we don’t get the chance to make the top 4 every season. Every season we have the chance to win the FA Cup. I think we’d all agree that this squad with a couple of additions would have the chance to be contenders in each of the cup competitions. But if we don’t get Champions League then the Maddison to Man United, Chilwell to Chelsea and Ricardo to Spurs links start to sound less and less ridiculous. This season is a point of reckoning for our club. Either we get top 4, add to what we have and potentially build a golden period. Or we miss it, players want to leave when the Champions League clubs come calling and it’s back to being happy shooting for 7th. Brendan has to prioritise top 4 and I’d even take it now at the price of a defeat at Villa Park. It’s the choice between wanting a trophy this season or giving ourselves a strong chance at a trophy for the next 5 or 6 in my opinion (with the bonus of a European tour).
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    N’Didi back for Villa
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    Our bad run of form could see us 14 points ahead of 5th again by tomorrow night. That's pretty decent.
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    Right, I owe you all an apology 😂😂😂 What an idiot. Your honour, I would like to change my statement to read that my Dad saw “A City Player” at the hospital today. (And he was cute) I reckon it was Daniel, carry on!
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    No, we don’t want United in the top 4. Much more chance keeping Madders around if they ain’t got CL and we have.
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    And more importantly 14 ahead of 5th
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    Definitely need to win tomorrow....
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    It’s absolutely pathetic to slate King and shows both a very short memory and huge lack of class. Hope he does well there and gets his career back on track.
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    Spot on I know a couple of pro footballers and if anyone thinks it’s a doddle, think again. I’m sure I read somewhere that most players at the elite level are fitter than your top soldiers etc. They earn ridiculous money for sure and a lot is provided for them, but Fook they don’t half work hard to maintain their fitness Same with your pro boxers.. the fittest of all I believe Finally, I concur completely with the mental side of things. One of our top young players just has to have a couple of bad games and the media immediately pounces. Just look on this forum for example when Chilwell has a bad run. He suddenly goes from being England’s best young left back to ‘shite’ in the space of two weeks!
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    I personally not convinced that entering the Champions League sees your team gain in stature to players. You only have to look at Spurs, CL finalists but the signings are not many more different to what they were signing without CL football. Their lack of silverware doing more to affect their reputation.
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    Wolves are a great team let's be honest. They buy well in the transfer market aswel. Unlike us they have a plan B and a plan C. If we dont sign anyone we will just have to ride out the remainder of the season with just 1 game plan and it wont work
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    With them 15pts behind us and 16 games left before the match today solitary points don't cut it for Tottenham if they have any hope of catching us. Man Utd are now our biggest threats for a top four place. It would be massive tomorrow if we could beat Burnley and Liverpool win at home against Man Utd.
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    As much of a traditionalist as I am, why concentrate so highly on this game when we have a League Cup semi final 3 days later? For me, it's not a case of prioritising between league and FA Cup but prioritising between a Wembley visit and the FA Cup. I'm not saying wholesale changes but I am sure our sports science and medical staff will have plenty of input over those 14 days and for me Villa Away should be the main priority for them and if that means sacrificing the Brentford game to some extent then so be it.
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    No chance of 9 holes on whats left then ?
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    Sheff Utd vs. Man City Chelsea vs. Arsenal Wolves vs. Liverpool Didn't realise all our rivals play each other this week, so some (or all) will be dropping points. 4 points from our next two games would be huge.
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    He also plays football like a Geordie lad in his 50’s
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    Good side but this is the same Wolves that drew with Newcastle last week, a team we’ve beat 8-0 on aggregate in the league.
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    Well as long as we win it will have !! ...
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    I could see the other side of the coin if I was some marketing bod, rather than a Leicester supporter. But it's just ever so slightly dismaying to see my fellow fans trash a trophy which brought happiness to tens of thousands of us. If wanting to make memories with friends and family that will last a lifetime somehow make me "backward looking", rather than a normal human being, then I'll proudly wear that as a badge of honour. Oh, and bigger clubs can fvck off. If such snobbery towards the rest of the football pyramid is what's expected of us as fans to be part of their club then I'd rather Leicester City were outside the tent pissing in.
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    Yeah so much for that 'big club bias'
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    Dani olmo linked with milan for 25m euros. Surely a player who would be brilliant under rodgers.
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    Favour to big clubs. Man City would have got that. This is the problem for me. It's not "VAR" that's the issue it's the referees. If a ref is poor, put him in front of a screen doesn't make a difference. I've always said it comes down to opinion. BUT it is favoured for big clubs a lot and this is another example.
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    Despite the Deeney miss he really has shown what a great player he is. Hardly ever loses a ball in the air, holds it up and works hard. Would've been a great partner for Vardy. Watford deserve a win here. hope they get it. Very enjoyable game.
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    But then the argument would be "well lose a couple and we could easily slip into a relegation battle". You see it on here every season, no matter where we are in the league, people arguing we shouldn't go for the Cup "this year". Before 2016 it was the most major trophy we'd ever won. A trophy we were proud to win three times. Honestly mental how short some folks' memories are. The attitude among some in our fanbase these days defies belief.
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    Despite your willingness to offer supportive services, I’m beginning to feel this may be the wrong thread for you buddy.
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    On an aside, I woke up early this morning and had a nostalgic sky planner roam and am watching Leicester v Man Utd - from 21/09/14. It was one of the best games of live football I've ever seen - at the KP or anywhere else. As I type, its 3-3 with 77 mins gone - Cambiassso is knackered and has just gone off - we have Nugent, Moore, Hammond and De Laet in the side and Matty James who we signed a couple of years ago from Utd has just come on to make his Premier League debut. Vardy has got away with the most blatant shoulder barge in history and still managed to con a pen out of the ref 3 seconds later, which Nuge will convert before Vardy scoring his first Premier League goal on 79 minutes... oh and our record signing is on the pitch. His name is Leonardo Ulloa and he cost £8 million... and has already scored a bullet header from a Vardy cross. Don't get me wrong we were pretty bad and went on a downward spiral after this game - but what a game this was. And think how far we've come since then. It's also really evident the way we are playing in one touch triangles that the football Pearson was getting us to play was the same style and groundwork that we saw in the following title winning season.
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    Join the bloody dots Jon lad !! ... get out of this thread, go home, have a beer, start wearing a crucifix, and put garlic round your front door. If any of them come calling give me a shout and I’ll be round straight away and hammer an empty beer bottle through their ungodly hearts ...
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    Cup or top 4 is like give a man a fish and he will feed his family for a day, teach a man to fish and he will feed his family for life. Top 4 should be priority, massive for the club.
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    Anyone who would rather finish in the top 4 than win the FA Cup can get in the ****ing sea.
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    Good job we had Thatcher to close all those nasty polluting coal mines, truly ahead of her time.
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    Sport is about winning and trophies not money. The club has never won the FA Cup. I want to see us win the FA Cup. The club get enough money from the PL and Sky, that's why we can do all the things like get certain players in and pay them more to stay. In years to come I want to talk about the time I saw LCFC win a trophy not the time I saw them finish 4th, get 100m and not win a trophy. I'll be at Brentford Saturday just like I'd be at Wembley for the the final. I guess you won't be if you're not that interested in it.
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    We could make 100 million from the champions league and people think we should prioritise Brentford away in the cup. 😳
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    is he allowed to play for them as he didn't play in the first leg?
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    I watched him in the U23's the other week and he most definitely was not shit ! Maybe not top drawer but certainly not shit. Thank goodness it will be Brendan who decides if he can make it or not.
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    Superb post. Mental welfare is the most overlooked aspect of a footballers performance when it comes to fans. No amount of money can toughen your brain to life's difficult times. 1 game with 30,000 people booing and jeering me would break me for sure. Fair play to any person that has to endure that, regardless of what they earn.
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    Good for him. No ill feeling for Harry and despite their current situation thats still a great honor. Id imagine itll piss off Rashford
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    When I last spoke, to my old man he told me he’s seen the next Zidane He plays for Leicester and wins us games surname Madison and first name James
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    They may only be playing 1-2 competitive matches a week, but that week also includes: Physical Training 3-4 times per week Mental/tactical coaching, including research on opposition teams/players Travelling to/from games, including hotel stays for long away journeys. Some players will also have to travel long(er) distance for training, as well. Media/Community outreach duties For national-team players they will have additional commitments related to that which take up a lot of time/energy Plus outside of work they'll have plenty of other commitments: Language courses or other university degrees (like Soyuncu and Ndidi are doing, respectively) Keeping on top of nutrition (which requires a lot more effort than it does for you and I) Many players have young families which take up a lot of their time and energy They may also be 'walking the dog' or 'surprising the missus' - that's not something that disappears for them. Their own social lives, which they're entitled to. Of course, there's also huge amounts of mental fatigue and stresses that these players go through which are a world apart from those of us on this forum, so that will impact them in different ways as well. And on a slightly separate note to all of that: as laymen we have very different definitions of what constitutes for 'tired'. This is an industry which is all about maximising every last bit of performance and really working the percentages, so whilst I might only consider myself to be tired when my energy dips below a hypothetical 70%, for instance, the sports science guys at LCFC may well have data that shows that anything less than 95% is "tired" and will cause significant drops in performance. All it takes is one relatively minor (or indeed major) trigger point in their personal lives and the very finely balanced system which governs them during their career can fall out of sync and leave them under-rested for high-level performance sport.
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    scary how natural zaha makes cheating look. deffo would’ve fooled me in real time.
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