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    Soyuncu is an undisputed improvement on Maguire and we made about 40-50m net profit out of the switch. And to be honest, I'm not even sure we improved a rival when you look outside of the simplicity of "they got a new defender." Think about what chasing Maguire all window and lumping 80m on him did for them. They made almost no other decent improvements and were largely shit all year whilst we got to sign Tielemans and Perez who were instrumental in our charge up the league early season. We had their pants down and, without COVID, would have comfortably beaten them to the Champions League. Even with it we should have really. If they blow 80m again on Chilwell, who is barely any upgrade on Shaw, and as a result they don't do much other transfer business while we spend that cash bringing in more solid parts to the squad, which of the two of us advances more? Anyway, the part I was eye rolling at was the rubbish about not "deserving" Chilwell. Give over. He's hardly some unappreciated world class talent. He's a fast and athletic wing back with a good motor who can neither cross nor has any brilliant defensive positioning. He doesn't attack well enough to be a winger or defend well enough to be a quality full back. He's a decidedly average player whose value is grossly inflated by his nationality and age. I don't hate him, I don't think he's completely shit, I'd be happy if he stayed, the more academy graduates in our side the better. But if you wouldn't personally drive him to Manchester for anything north of 60 then you're the oddity, not all of our evil, mean, nasty fans that don't appreciate poor Benjamin.
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    Name a better English left back? He deserves his place in the England team. His stats for England are impressive. His stats for Leicester are impressive but for some reason he is most fans scapegoat maybe because Ricardo is go good on the other side? Or maybe fans just just don't like him? Who knows. But yeah let's sell him, improve a rival and replace him with someone most likely to have never played in the premier league. But I will say like all of our team he has a price and it's our business model. If we were to get 75+ it's a different argument. But 40 mill like you stated earlier you are not going to get better than what we have without taking a massive risk.
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    Over rated? You obviously havent been around this forum or Leicester fans! If anything he is underrated by most fans. He is a full international English left back that's come through our academy and you think we should flog him for 40m? Honestly I give up with some of our fans! For the sake of him I hope we do sell him as our fans don't deserve him.
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    I’ve got two for you Jay Emmanuel Thomas is a defensive midfielder Lee Clattermole would be better for us than Esteban Cambiclasso Col c. 2014/15/16 ish
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    To give you an example of one pundit, Danny Higginbotham, he speaks to local journalists and club staff as part of his pre match prep to get a better understanding of the teams he's covering. He's outstanding too, one of the very best.
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    I’ll ask my son.......
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    This wasn’t strictly on the street but it’s too funny not to tell. So I went round my mates house and I was chilling out in his bedroom while he madd a drink and I looked over to see a copied DVD that had “BJ 2” on it, and I thought I’m having that. Got home that night, put it in my PlayStation, then the TV on...... Bridget Jones 2. Still knocked one out to it, obviously.
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    I just want go back to 2014. Taps is open. BRod and Pards running themselves a cold Amstel at the table. Pards is talking about how Newcastle were a goal away from the Europa League Semi's and how he nearly challenged the elite at CL level. BRod often sways into Spanish when on one of his taka taka rants. I just nod in admiration at these two fellas. So utterly mid 2010s. Six years later, all three of us are in O'Neills. Told the staff I'm in Pardews bubble. BRod on some non alcoholic bottle. All arms that lad. Pards still shitting himself from Den Haag's ultras running him around their training ground. Making the most of Rishi's deal. So utterly 2020. Sad. They both look broken. BRod that he can't swagger around the Nou Camp in the CL before playing 3-6-1 against Barca. Pards dream of being the next Bobby Robson in Holland shattered.
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    Mate, as Mac & Crinkly have said, you're one of the smartest posters on FT. You're super bright and I really enjoy reading your posts - you've clearly got a lot to offer the world. I feel your frustration and your post screams out to me that you're not content or at peace with your lot. Some of your anger seems directed at the outside world and things you've got no control over, and some of it seems internal anger that you're not living the life you think you should be. IMO, this is your sixth sense/wisdom/gut feel telling you something needs to change. You're not 'centered' and you're 'off-line'. You're not living your 'purpose' and instinctively this feels wrong. You could drive yourself mad in this state, or you could channel this anger to make positive changes. Anger is a strong emotion but it's just natures way of telling you things aren't right. Anger has been the driver for many positive changes in the world over time and you must use it to your advantage - not let it take over you. Notice your generalisations too. Not everyone is a **** and not everything is against you (you just think it is in this angry state). When you say "nothing is as it should be" I'm interested to know what you mean by 'should' be? Should be by who's definition? My guess is that you might be a bit of a perfectionist and perfectionists have a tendency to view things as very black and white. But life isn't black and white, it's just various shades of grey. My advice is to use this anger to get really clear on what it is you want. If you don't feel like you're living, what does 'living' feel like and how will you know when you are living? How do you know your recent decisions have been wrong and what do you need to do to make them right? What needs to happen so you feel like you can cope with the world? How will you know when things will make sense and what does 'make sense' mean? Sounds to me like you're holding on too tight. You're getting wound up over things you've got no control over and it's driving you mad. I used to be like this and it made me ill and I eventually burnt out. It took me years to 'surrender' to life and learn to dance with the uncertainty. Once I stopped trying so hard and eventually got out of my own way, life became much easier to navigate. There's always light at the end of the tunnel and you're self aware enough to get there. Stop being so hard on yourself, learn to forgive yourself and start loving yourself a bit for all the strengths and talents you have. There's a reason you were put on this earth and over time you'll figure out what it is. And keep talking on here. You're a special person with unique talents and deserve an equally rich and fulfilling life like the rest of. Never forget that.
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    We might not win the premier league again, but one of our youth team will win The Masters.
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    I really don't want to lose him but if we get £70m for him and sign Jeff back from palace for £18m, I'll die a happy man. Come home Jeff!
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    Him and Wilf are proper bezzy mates innit. If it means Wilf stays around then Kelechi can stay as long as he wants for me.
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    £80m being spoke of today. I like Chilwell, think he's a good player but for that sort of Wonga I'll drive down and drop him off at Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge myself!
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    The whole 9 yards
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    So disappointingly fashionable to be "down" on Chilwell. He is not a top top level player, but he is a good player, England's 1st choice LB and he is a product of this very club. Our closer exposure to Ben causes us to see his every wrinkle, his every flaw. Surely by now we realise that clips of other players only show the good bits! Not calling for anything other than a bit of perspective
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    Leaving aside current transfer speculation, it is an annoyance when pundits can't refer to Kasper Schmeichel doing stuff in games without referring to his father. Kasper Schmeichel has had (and continues to have) a great career at the elite level. He is an international player of some renown. He has won stuff He's obviously one of the leaders at this club. We all know whose son he is. If he makes a save, he does it himself. No need to mention who his Dad is. It happens less now than before 2016, but it still happens.
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    I'm no expert but it's my view that mental health issues seem to be more acute in the intelligent - I've been reading your posts for some time and am certain that you fit into that category. Your post screams frustration at me, and I've no reason to believe that it isn't justified. And sometimes frustration is good because it drives us to take actions to overcome it. The trick is to make those positive rather than negative actions, and to direct these actions at things that can be changed rather than those that can't.. The advantage that I have over many on here is hindsight. I've lived into my retirement and looking back I can pick out times, sometimes years, that were bad (the first one was when I was in my 20's). There was one particular time which I didn't think I'd get through. From a distance now I can see that however bad I was feeling, and whether or not I could see a way out, there were better times to come on each occasion. Whenever I go through bad periods now I ask myself, did I feel this bad last month, or last year? The answer is usually no, and until I learn that there is no possibility of me ever getting through a bad time again I'll hold out for the tide to turn - because it does.
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    Lineker's a proper sell out about us, I agree about the whole Ranieri debacle. I'd say fair enough if he thought "I personally think he can turn this around, needs more time" etc... (though I wouldn't have agreed) but he was right in the midst of the mainstream "who do they think they are" and he's apparently a Leicester fan! Tell you one I've thought lately about Bournemouth is that people go too far the other way. Yes they were very mediocre in the Premier League but I can't believe how many people pretend Howe did a bad job there. Going from League Two to the Premier League in six seasons IS a very good story, far as I'm concerned.
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    Why am I so obsessed? Because the majority of successful clubs play with inverted wingers and our weakness has been there ever since we lost our elite left footed right winger. It's modern day football mate, don't hate the player, hate the game.
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    "EXCLUSIVE: Man Utd aren't satisfied Leicester had their pants down quite far enough last year and are back for more."
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    Can't say I enjoy running at all ... but the sense of achievement afterwards of actually doing it (and burning calories) is what keeps me going. I've found this thread really helpful, it's a good community of mixed abilities and people have been supportive of each other.
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    Transfer windows wind me up. Yes, signing new players is exciting, but fans get carried away. If you believe half of our fanbase, we need to replace pretty much our entire first team every transfer window. I think we need a little bit of reality check. 1) I think fans (of all teams) have a tendency to under-rate their own team’s players and over-rate every other team’s players. There’s an obvious reason for this. We watch our own players for 90 mins, week after week, and form our opinion based on warts-and-all evidence. Our opinions of other teams’ players tend to be formed on Match of the Day highlights and suchlike, where you’re noticing the most interesting aspects of a player’s game. 2) Don’t pretend you have a detailed knowledge of a Bundesliga or Ligue 1 player. We all know you’ve formed your opinion based on FIFA or FM. And, frankly, if you genuinely have watched enough foreign domestic league football through which to form a valid opinion of a player, what are you doing with your life? 3) All transfers are a gamble. You can apply all the high-tech analysis and informed scouting knowledge to a player, but you cannot know if a player will fit in at a club, or in a team, or in a league. I saw some people on here were absolutely slating our management for signing Silva. This is patently ridiculous. He is a player with a rich pedigree, who everybody thought would be a huge asset. The reasons for him not fitting in are no doubt myriad. Silva has massive international pedigree and didn’t work, Vardy was a non-league player who became one of our all-time top 5 players. It will always be a gamble. 4) Signing players is not like on FM. Watch the Sunderland documentary on Netflix and the Leeds documentary on Amazon - they show the reality of signing players. Clubs do their best within the many constraints. 5) A high player turnover is not a good thing. You can’t build a team and culture if the personnel changes all the time. 6) Some players won’t want to sign for us, for whatever reason. 7) You can’t pack your squad with too many world class first teamers, because they won’t all be able to start. Top level players don’t want to come to Leicester to sit on the bench. That’s why our squad has to be a mix of top players, high potential players and backup players.
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    What I like about Thomas was his eye for a pass and intelligence on the ball, similar to Fuchs in some ways. When he's out of possession he's working hard and getting stuck in. Yes he's inexperienced, but there's lots of potential there. Chilwell's strength is he's quick and able covers a lot of ground and not get tired. But often lets us down with his end product. I would be surprised if anyone pays anywhere near £80 million, but if they do, sell.
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    People are so ****ing entitled. Complaining about the France quarantine, they should be thankful they've been given 24 hours to get home. They knew the risks when they decided to go abroad, heaven forbid people go 1 year without a holiday abroad. Twats.
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    Whilst I agree the fee is extortionate, I’m confused by this part of your post... I can’t imagine Susan Whelan would be in a job for much longer if she was signing off salaries that the club couldn’t afford. I’m fairly sure she and the owners have spent infinitely more time than any of us with the club accountants working out what we can pay players and what we can’t. We haven’t spent beyond our means since probably Sven was here, early 2000s before that, so it feels like you’re getting yourself wound up over nothing there.
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    Tbh the latter isn't so much a thing anymore and when you look at the background in terms of history, rightly or wrongly it's quite apparent why there was that religous divide in terms of catholics supporting Celtic and protestants supporting Rangers. For example Celtic were founded by an Irish priest as a mechanism to feed poor Irish immigrants in the east end of Glasgow whereas Rangers had the outright heinous and sectarian signing policy of only signing protestants until as late as 1989 so this was always going to make protestants gravitate towards supporting them. Obviously there's sectarian elements to it on both sides but when you look at the history it's quite apparent why religon used to anyway dictate who you supported. Before the mid 90's for example I doubt as a catholic you would have felt at all safe going to Ibrox to support Rangers, when Mo Johnston signed in 1989 there were people burning season tickets etc outside ibrox because of it for example. Not sure if your aware of the legendary quote of our greatest ever manager Jock Stein who himself was a protestant, he always said if Celtic had the chance of signing two equally good players and one was a catholic and one was a protestant he'd always sign the protestant as he knew Rangers would never sign the catholic and if he really wanted to he could go back and sign the catholic later.
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    I'm sorry to hear that man. The world is utterly upside-down right now - perhaps it has been for a long time, but now it just seems even more so. Your anger is valid and 100% justified. It would need a better mind than mine to say if you are depressed or not, but even if you just think you might be it might be a good idea to talk to someone else about it, if you can. FWIW your intellect and opinion are ones that I respect hugely - "all substance and no show", as Thatcher would have it. If you feel you need to talk about it more or just vent further, do go ahead and inbox if you like - at the very least, I can lend an ear.
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    Still regret chucking a used jonny in a rock pool after a shag on the beach at Skeggy many years ago
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    Numerous clubs that supposedly have a good atmosphere yet having been to them several times I’m yet to hear it: - Anfield - Selhurst Park - Goodison Park General rule of thumb based on experience for me is that the newest promoted sides have the best atmospheres. Heard good ones at Huddersfield, Sheffield United and Watford in recent years. But then also each year one side gets labelled by Sky as the “plucky underdogs whose home atmosphere and form could save them” so I’m also conflicted!
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    That’s Harry Kane on the left
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    Let’s try and sign the one not for sale
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    Most football pundits are terrible. There's the boring ones like Hoddle and Jenas, the latter of whom clearly hates Citeh, is a Tree and is about as wooden when he appears on telly. There's the reactionary gobshites like Savage and Sutton who the Beeb stick on 606 to provoke supporters into calling the show, otherwise they wouldn't have a show. There's the Sky lot who, as it's been said umpteen times before, clearly have their audience in mind. Carragher and Neville are knowledgeable enough and their bromance is fun, but they spend 90% of their airtime talking about Liverpool and Manchester United respectively. If I sat and listened to two old boys sitting in the corner of the Counting House at 8pm on a match day, fifteen pints in, trying to discuss the game they'd just witnessed at the KP, it'd probably make for more intelligent football chat than the nonsense you get from TalkSport. The list goes on... There's only one broadcast team I actually look forward to watching: Lineker, Shearer and Wrighty. Balanced punditry, laughs, a genuine knowledge of the game and they don't take themselves too seriously.
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    Look you clearly like Ben Chilwell, he might even be your current favourite Leicester player, however that doesn’t mean we won’t sell if the price is right. We have come on leaps and bounds as a club in quite a short space of time because over recent times we have sold one player a summer for big money. That’s the model at this current moment for the club, the only teams that don’t sell their best players are the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City and Man United. We are hoping to emulate the Borussia Dortmund model in the hopes of growing the club incrementally. That is the clubs position right now, the sooner all fans understand and respect that the better really.
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    Again all relative I look at mo Farah and ask myself “how” 😂 I find it hysterical watching the London marathon and seeing top athletes averaging 4:30 pace, and seeing kids not able to keep up whilst cycling alongside. We all lead different lives and stresses. Whether you run a 5 minute mile or 15 minute mile, your getting active and making some difference. the top amateur runners find time or have time to train at a level that gets them their PB’s.
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    And De Bruyne. Dye his hair brown and you'd see he's a passenger most of the time.
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    More importantly we need to secure Luke Thomas on a new contract and then decide whether to flog or keep Chilwell.
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    I've got a few of these. The idea that the club you support has any impact on a football opinion. If I was to say I thought Pogba was overrated, someone who supports Man Utd might say "that's rich coming from a Leicester fan" as if you're blind to any team considered better than the one you support. Similarly, when someone feels they have to state "I'm an Arsenal fan but..." when praising another club like they're offering a service by praising a team other than their own.
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    Disagree on chilwell, he is a world class talent, he's absolutely excellent on his day, his biggest problem is his decision making, something that can be improved on. Imo he has everything in his locker to be as good as robertson. He isnt the same as maguire where you can get an easy improvement.
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    Fair enough but I don't hate the player, nor do I hate the game. Although having said that, I do very much dislike VAR, diving, Penchester Utd, feigning injury, time wasting, poor referees, Sky's transfer window hyperbole, media big club bias, crap pundits and Tottenham Hotspur. Apart from these things and many more I still love the game.
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    With our preference for playing full backs high and overlapping, we would prefer to use inverted wingers to avoid the full back and winger taking each other’s space in the final third ....
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    Selby has problems when his positional game is off, means he breaks down a lot and this causes the frames to be scrappy. I wouldn't call him negative, he takes his time if a shot requires thought. He just bloody hard to beat and at the end of the day it's up to his opponent to beat him. Hope he bores Ronnie to the the point where he just walks out to be honest, greatest player ever but can't stand the bloke.
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    I actually couldn't believe my ears, I usually rate them on there but that's an outrageous claim and their reasoning was rubbish as well - because Barnes is good, which is fine, but are they forgetting we play with another? I liked the idea of sensible transfers but in all honesty I think they try and be a bit too clever. I listened to one last summer about Manchester United saying they should sign Ander Capa from Eibar. Manchester United with all of their pulling power should go for somebody that probably Bournemouth could attract? If I'm Man Utd I'm wanting us in for players like Carvajal, Ricardo, Kimmich etc... in that position not an Eibar right back who's had a decent season.
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    Managed my quickest ever 5k time on Thursday = 28m 11s Been steady progress on the treadmill over the past week or two: 37.59 (lots of walking in this one) 32.22 30.20 29.52 29.50 28.11 Probably hit my peak now but I'll plough on regardless.
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    I've never heard of, at least 8 out 10 of the people we're linked with. Most of this subsection seems to be hypothetical arguments about players we probably won't sign. I don't know why I bother reading it.
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    For the last 9 games of the season, every commentator said 'Kasper Schmeichel, who's distribution is normally so good' whenever he kicked the ball straight out for a throw in.
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    Anyone moaning about our kit needs to spare a thought for that Championship club up the road... Anyone
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    A harsh reality check for this young man as we use him as a smokescreen to sign a Burnley winger
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